Adventures of Corey


This is a fantasy relationship of love and understanding between human males. If you should find the idea of incestuous love offensive, or if you are under legal age in your state or country, please leave now. Otherwise, read this fantasy story and enjoy. All of the people in my stories are now 18 or older but do relate back to a younger age when this story is being told. 

Story by Richard Barber, at 

Part 09, Caught by Ranger

Ride to Lover's Lane 

Corey left for home soon afterwards and the Coach stayed around to catch up on some paper work. Coach knew he had to be cautious but the man lust had overcome him with Corey. Corey was such a hot desirable number with such charisma. He was already looking forward to next Wednesday when they had made plans to get together again for a good fuck session. 

Corey started home but noticed Coach Bill's car parked outside the Gym. As he walked by it, he noticed Bill sitting in the front seat of his car. He blinked his headlights at Corey and motioned him to come over to the car.  

"Hey Corey. Do you need a ride home? I was in the neighborhood and saw you were working late. Are you okay? I understand you were missing for a while but I guess Coach Swan found you in the other team's locker room. I know some of those dudes and they can be kind of rough at times. Come on. Hop in and I will give you a lift." Coach Attwood said as he leaned over and opened the door for me. 

I got in the car and welcomed the ride home. I was rather worn out from an exhausting but pleasant day of sex with the other basketball team, and then Coach Swan. I was surprised that my ass wasn't a bit sore but perhaps it was getting calloused with all the fucking I had received since I started to get fucked. I was still a cocksucker at heart and loved the feel of a dick pulsating in my mouth and the cum shooting out of the penis and into my mouth. I still loved the taste of a good man's cock. 

I sat back to enjoy the ride home and noticed Coach Bill would occasionally rub his dick or scratch his balls. Then I could see in the dim car lights that he was getting a hard on. So, this straight man liked to get his cock sucked huh? I liked Bill. He was a hot looking man and any cocksucker would be happy to service his big cock. I moved closer to Bill and placed my hand on his sweat pants to feel his hard cock. 

"You want to suck my cock again? I shouldn't be doing this, you know. I am getting married this year, but I do like the way you suck me off. I know this quiet place up on the hillside where we can park and do it there." Bill said as he drove up the hill to a quiet place so he could park the car while I blew him.  

Bill parked the car in a well known `lovers point' that overlooked part of the city. He seemed in a hurry and as soon as we parked, he turned off the lights and got out of the car. He had a small car with bucket seats, which was not good for front seat sex. He told me to come around to the other side and he would open his door, sit on the seat while I got on the ground between his legs.

We got into position and he quickly pulled off his pants, leaned back in the car while I got on my knees to blow him. He was sure hot tonight. His dick always seemed hard so I didn't have any trouble getting him ready. I nuzzled down between his legs, licked on his balls, and inhaled his body's musty smell. His cock was already oozing out pre-cum from an anticipated blowjob. I knew now, I had this dude hooked. He loved my blowjobs and I was pleased. Bill had such a beautiful well-developed cock and I enjoyed sucking on him. I played around with him and got him ready to cum then I would back off and let him cool off again while I nuzzled again on his low hanging balls. My nose was down around his balls and my hand slid under them so I could feel his warm moist asshole. One finger was now moving in slowly as I licked on his balls. He lifted his legs, placed them on the inside of the car door ceiling and gave me full access to his asshole. I immediately went for his asshole and started tongue fucking his warm hole.


Bill was jacking on his cock as I licked and made love to his tight virgin asshole. I knew any minute he was going to shoot and I wanted to take his load, so I went back to his cock. He moaned out loudly and shouted out. "Oh fuck. I'm cumming, Take me quickly. Oh, fuck. That is so good." He continued to talk and sigh out as he shot his tremendous load into my cocksucking mouth. He shot at least 6 to 8 squirts of his sperm. I went all the way down to let him empty every drop of his sweet-salty man juices into my mouth and down my gullet. This time he seemed a bit wilder, jerked, and squirmed as though he really needed to cum. I had just blown him yesterday so I knew he hadn't been neglected by me. I loved it again and looked forward to sucking him again. He had one of those dicks that just fit right into my mouth. Now that he had experienced my tongue fucking in his sweet asshole, I knew he would want more of that next time. 

Bill was relaxing and enjoying my continuous sucking of his semi-soft cock and I continued to enjoy his cock. We both were startled when a flashlight suddenly appeared and was directed on my face and Bill's cock. Bill immediately sat up and accidentally slid off the seat and onto the dirt with me. Then we heard this voice.

"Well, well. What do we have here, a couple of fags sucking cock? Ok you queers, get up and lean against the car. I am the police and you two fags are in lots of trouble here." A deep roughed voice snarled out.



"Oh my god!" Bill cried out in fear." I'm not a fag and we were just sitting here talking. "

"Oh sure. This kid had his mouth around your dick. How can he talk when he's got his mouth over your cock? Now get up, face the car, and put your hands on top. Leave your pants down. I'd like to inspect your little buns there faggot. Maybe we might just get us some ass tonight." He said to the other officer standing next to him. 

Two park Rangers that patrolled the area were accosting us. The one that did all the talking was a tall man about 45 and the other one was a bit younger. My eyes had adjusted in the streetlights and I could now see them more clearly. They both wore those large rimmed brown hats and brown Ranger uniforms with high calf length boots.  

I was nervous about this situation, but Bill was about to have a breakdown. His reputation was now ruined. His marriage was out the window and he was caught with a fag boy while getting his cock sucked on city property. He began to plead with the officers but they seemed to enjoy his fear. I knew I had to do something before this really got out of hand. The Rangers had us in sexual activity in a city park and that was going to be a bad rap.  

One Ranger was feeling us up and down and squeezed Bill's bare ass. Bill jumped but did nothing to provoke them. One of the Rangers then said.  

"Perhaps we should do a body search to see if he has any drugs. What do you say Punk. You want us to do a body search and look up that pretty ass of yours?" 

"No sir. We have no drugs here. We were just relaxing and enjoying the night air." Bill said in a shaky voice.  

I knew I had to do something and do it quickly so I turned my head slightly to talk to the Ranger in charge.  

"Sir. May I talk to you privately? I have something to say." I said. 

"Okay faggot, but this had better be good. We have other things to do besides mess around with you two cocksuckers. Step over here but make it quick." 

"Sir. This was entirely my fault. I was hitchhiking and this man gave me a lift. I started rubbing his dick and he got hard and horny. I told him I would suck him off and told him to drive up here where it was quiet. I didn't know this was state property. I don't want to ruin this man cause he's straight and just wanted his cock sucked like any man. I'm the fag here, not him. Please don't mess with him, and let him go. I will suck you two Officers off if you will be so kind. I am a good cocksucker and know you would like it. What do you say sir? Please." I continued to plead with the Ranger.  

I saw a small smile come over his face. He nodded to his buddy and told him to let Coach Bill go, put his clothes back on, and get back into the car and get the fuck out of here. Stay away from here or he was going to be booked he next time. Bill looked over at me, and I motioned him to go while he could. He put the car in gear and headed out leaving me with the two Forest Rangers.  

I thought to myself. Here is another nice mess I have gotten myself into. The one Ranger looked at me and said for me to get out of the area too. I looked back at him and said. 

"Sir, I was serious. I will suck your cocks for letting that guy go." 

"Fuck, John. Did you hear this fag? He still wants to give us some head. What do you say? Should we take him up on it? I could use some good head. My old lady won't suck my cock no matter what I do. " The Ranger said.  

"I don't see what harm it would do, Jack. I never had a male cocksucker give me a blowjob before but heard it's good coming from another man. Sure, why not? Let's take him to the guardhouse though. I don't want to be interrupted by the other Rangers. Do you think we can get our nuts off before our reliefs come?  

"Okay Punk, get in the patrol car over there. I not going to cuff you so don't try anything funny. Ya hear me?" Jack said as he guided me to the car.  

He pushed me into the back seat, locked the door and he and the other Ranger, John, got into the car. We headed up the road to their Ranger Station on top of the hill. It was not too far, from where I was picked up and soon we arrived at a small cabin. I was directed inside and they went for some coffee and offered me some. I thought these guys might be okay. I sat there enviously looking at first one thing then another until John walked over to me now sitting on the couch. 

"Ok, punk. Let's see what you can do with this one." He said as he took off his gun belt and holster and laid them on the nearby table, and then unbuckled his large black belt and unzipped his pants.  

He waited to see what my reaction would be. I reached up and put my finger in the opening of his boxers to search for his cock. His black pubic hair protruded from the opening. I tugged at his pants to pull them down over his hips. He stopped for a minute, looked back at Jack and said.


"Hey. This dude is serious. He is willing to suck my cock but I don't feel comfortable standing here in this room. I will take him to the dressing room and let him swing on my cock back there. Get up and go through that door." He said to me.  

He then followed directly behind me and guided me into a locker and dressing room used by the Rangers. Against one wall was a row of lockers, in the center of the room was a long bench about nine feet long. An opening to the back was the showers and toilet and a cot rested against the other wall.

"Sit on the cot while I take off my pants" he said.  

I did as he instructed while he removed his boots. I offered to help him and he nodded it was okay. I straddled his legs one at a time as he placed his foot against my ass as I pulled off first one boot then the other. When I turned around, he stood and pulled his cock from under his white boxer shorts. 

I got to my knees in front of this tall 6 foot 8 inches of solid hot looking stud. He started taking off his shirt as I dropped to my knees before him and pulled his boxer shorts over his round firm hips. His semi-hard cock rubbed against the lining of his shorts as it popped out. His cock was about 7 inches soft, had a nice covering of foreskin over a tulip shaped cock head. I touched my tongue to his cock head to taste a sweet clear pearl of pre-cum. The cock gradually started peaking from the foreskin, as he got hard, I stuck my tongue under the skin to taste his cock spunk. He let out a deep sigh and said. 

"Oh fucken yeah. This is going to be good." He said.  

I could taste his dried cum from an earlier masturbation. The odor of man musk filled my nose. I held onto his man shaft with one hand and caressed his big low hanging balls with the other. My tongue rapidly encircled his cock head cleaning the spunk from his cock. He shoved my head down on his cock and gave out a moan. He became hard very fast, and I did my best to keep him from cumming too quickly. I continued until I got this hunk to the point of cumming. I only worked on him a few more minutes, before I tasted the beginning of his orgasm. Then he let loose with a big load of sperm lining my throat with delicious man juices. He went wild and pumped load after load of his cum into my welcome mouth. Some of his cum dripped from the corners of my mouth and onto my hand. I gasped for air, then took him deep down my throat and swallowed every bit of his cock while he continued to unload in my mouth.  

There was no doubt that he enjoyed my cocksucking. I was tearing at my eyes from the gagging I had experienced. He leaned forward as I licked and cleaned his soft cock to savor every drop of his juices. Man, I love to suck cock. The door opened and the other Ranger stood there taking out his cock.

"My god, John, I thought you were dieing. I could hear you moaning and groaning clear out front. That must have been some blowjob. Shit man, you have made me so hot hearing you moan; I am ready to pop my nuts. Move over so he can take my load."  

The other Ranger didn't even bother to take down his pants but quickly pushed my head to his cock and face fucked me. I tried to pull back but he kept fucking my face and within a few deep strokes of his cock, he came.  

"Awwwww yeah. That's it cocksucker. Take my load, take it. Oh yeah. Unnnn " he continued talking until he was finished. Then he pulled out, wiped his wet cock on my face and went over to the sink to wash off his cock.  

John began to laugh. "You fucken asshole. Why did you have to come so quickly? This cocksucker knows how to make a man feel good. I want to pop my nuts again before the other guys come in. I think my brother and that other dude with him would like to get their nut off too. We have a truly devoted cocksucker here. Jack. I want you to relax and now that you have cooled off, let him suck you off right. Watch the front door again while I get off again then you come back and appreciate a good blowjob. You are such an asshole, Jack." Then John laughed again, looked down at his cocksucker, and patted me on the head.  

"You have a sweet mouth their boy. What is your name anyway?" John asked me.  

"My name is Corey." I told him. `And I am your cocksucker, Sir. I am here to serve you and the other men, if they will honor me. I am not only a good cocksucker, but I have a tight fuckable ass. I will be your pussy boy for the night if you wish." I continued to say to this hot Ranger stud. 

I surprised myself at what I had just said, but I thought while I was here, I might as well enjoy a few more good cocks to suck or to fuck my ass. 

Ranger John looked at me in wonderment and surprise. He had never had someone so willing to suck his cock before. He usually had to beg his wife to suck him. This was a real treat for him and the more he thought about it, the more he liked the idea of having this young good-looking punk cocksucker to make him feel like a real man stud.  

Ranger John told Corey to take his clothes off and get ready for more action. He knew his brother and the other Ranger would be there to relieve him and Jack, but now he had an excuse to stick around and try out this pussy boy's ass. He had never fucked another man or boy before. but knew his brother Mark, had fucked one of the neighbor boys when they were in college together. They had talked about it before, and Mark tried to convince him to fuck this boy but John had been getting some good pussy at the time and couldn't be bothered. He had to admit he had thought about it a few times and wondered how good it could be. He tried several times to fuck his wife's asshole but she would never let him near her ass. Now his thoughts were on the boy at the Ranger Station, and it excited him.  

Soon Jack came back into the room and saw Corey lying naked on the bed. He looked at John and then backs to Corey. Jack took off his pants, went over to Corey, and rubbed his ass as Corey sat up in bed and put his mouth around Jack's cock once more. This time Jack was going to take his time and not be so forceful as before. Corey gently sucked on his cock and made him feel so good. He let Corey work his cock up and down and even enjoyed his balls being sucked. After a nice long blowjob, Jack emptied his sweet load into Corey's mouth and it was nice.  

John sat watching Jack get sucked off for the second time. John knew he could get off again but he wanted to wait and try to fuck Corey's ass. It looked so firm and yet sexy.

There was some commotion in the other room and John heard the voices of his Brother, Mark, who had only been a Ranger for a couple of years. As soon as Mark came into the locker room with the other Ranger Mat, he was shocked to see John sitting on the bench naked and working his hard cock.  

"What the fuck is this. Did you bring your little brother some pussy boy to use? Man, you did. How,,,where...what is going on?" He stammered.  

Soon John explained to his brother Mark and Mat about how he and Jack had found Corey sucking off another guy in lover's lane and how Corey gave us his body to use for the night if we would let the other guy go. It didn't take much encouragement for Mark to take off his clothes, go to Corey, and see what fun he could have tonight.

Mark was a handsome young stud about 30 that loved sex any way he could get it. He had several girls and a couple gays that were keeping him sexually happy. He was going to enjoy Corey. He crawled between Corey's legs and examined the sweet hole that was presented before him. He pumped on his cock for a few minutes then spit on his cock and started to put his cock right into his hole. Corey relaxed and took Mark's 8 inches of cock with one lunge. He paused only for a few seconds then started to pump Corey's ass. It felt so good to him. This boy was hot and really turned him on. He didn't care if his brother and the other two Rangers watched him fuck this boy's ass. John had seen him fuck girls before so what was the difference. To Mark, a fuck is a fuck; girl or boy, as long as it felt good and he could get his nut. He knew he was a sex hound but it didn't bother him in the least. He knew he had no morals when it came to sex.  

Mark continued to fuck Corey in every position he could maneuver his flexible body. Corey had to admit to himself that this Ranger was a wild fuck and hit spots that Corey never knew had been untouched. Mark fucked him for about 30 minutes before he came and then it was even wilder than Corey thought it would be.  

"Come on big brother. Get some sweet ass, now that I have broken him in. Mingle your cum with mine and breed him." Mark said as he pulled his cock out of Corey and guided his brother to the bed to use Corey.  

John was so horny watching his little brother fuck Corey that he immediately put his cock into Corey's tight ass. It surprised him at how tight he was and how great it felt. John continued to fuck until he could not hold out any longer, and then he shot the biggest load he had ever felt.  

After John pulled out, Ranger Mat jumped in like he had done this many times before. He knew it was good because of the reaction from his other two buddy Rangers. Soon he was moaning, groaning, and shooting his load deep into Corey. By this time, Mike was horny again so he took his turn fucking Corey. It would be his 3rd time tonight that he shot his load, but the idea of fucking this hot boy caused him to dump another load into the sweet ass.  

This continued until the early morning when all four of the Rangers were exhausted and had used Corey so much that they couldn't cum any more. Corey had cum several times himself, and soon passed out as Mark was fucking him once more. When he woke, he heard the showers running and the men talking to each other. Soon Ranger John sat on the edge of Corey's bed with some aspirin and a cup of coffee.  

"Hey there young man. Are you ready for me to take you home, or are you ready for a few more rounds?" He asked Corey jokingly.  

Corey looked up with his handsome boyish face and said. "Sure, I'm ready to take on the next crew." Then he smiled as John shook his head in disbelief.  

Ranger John took Corey to his home but told Corey to call him anytime at the Ranger Station and spend another night with them. He gave Corey a loving hit on the shoulder, as Corey went into his house no worse than before. He knew it had been a wonderful day at school with the basketball team, with coach Bill, Coach Swan and then the 4-hunky Rangers at the Ranger station.  

He had to clean up because his brothers were having a few guys over this afternoon to watch the football game and he knew he would have to be ready to entertain a few of the boys. He finished his shower and crawled into bed with his dad.

His dad was an early riser and was always ready to fuck Corey each morning before he went off to work. It wasn't long before his dad, Victor was making love to Corey's perfect ass and began to place his 11 inches of cock into his warm body. His dad loved fucking him and could always make Corey shoot off a load or two while he would get off. Even though Corey had cum several times in the past 24 hours, he would probably cum again as his dad fucked him. Soon they were in a deep embrace and the sound of moans were heard as Victor had his morning orgasm.  

On the telephone table Corey found a message from Mike, the center on the Trojans basketball team. This was the visiting team that had gang banged him the night before in the locker-room at school. He gave them such a good time that they wanted Corey to go with the team to their game next weekend. Corey knew he was to be their mascot and could suck off some of the guys on the bus, both to and from the game. It would be an over night stay and he was to stay at the motel with the team and entertain them with all night sex. Mike's team always took their large bus on the `out of town games. They had a large area at the back of the bus, like a large bed, where Corey would get his ass fucked to and from the game if he so desired. How could he possibly turn this down? He was looking forward to next weekend.

Story by Richard Barber at