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Ain't ok if he really want it?

By Chris Carr

Copyright  03/22/2005








Yeah, Myron's become damn good at this. Like it when he flicks his tongue up the underside of my shit. Makes my eyes just roll up into the top of my head. Yeah, he's good but it ain't his skills that's got me on the edge. No, his skills mostly sucks, making it harder to get there. It's... Myron...

He tried playing it off, like he'd never even think of doing something like that at first. But then that bulge kept growing beneath my robe and his mouth dropped open, which is just what I wanted it to do anyway.

Yo, I didn't even realize I could get into it with somebody so young, especially Myron. Until then, all he was good for was yapping at my heels and taking my shit. You know, a li'l pest that's always trying to impress you but ain't got enough balls to do something when you start clowning his ass.

Why is it, the young'uns always wants to tag along? Where y'all goin'? ...and... Can I go? Got tired of saying no. Damn, I said no until I was blue in the face but that didn't stop him. Seem like, every time I opened my door, there he was. Or else he was knocking on the door, wanting to "hang out".

"Why you let him bug you all the time?" My crew would protest. But my crew didn't know and what they didn't know, wouldn't hurt them.

First time he did it with somebody, he say, was with his buddy. He say they got to fooling `round in the bathroom. Was about three years between them and Myron was the youngest. So this twelve year old `friend' went to sucking on his dick. Myron say he didn't do it back but I don't believe him `cause I did, so I know he did. That's why people lie. Everybody lies. I know he did `cause he was doing something he'd done before when he started that licking.

When I opened my robe that first time, he just stared at it. Ain't said nothing, just stared. Then he just started licking on it, like he was licking a lollipop or something, all around the head, getting it all wet. I probably would've made him suck it but it felt too good, like when me and Kevin used to do it, behind the building.



You ever had a friend that you did everything with? I mean, a friend that's closer than yo' brother... yo' own flesh and blood? Me and Kevin would hook up on the way to school and then we'd be together until way past 10:00, 11:00, that night. We was in the same class together, played together at lunch and recess, even ate lunch together. Well... me, Kevin and my crew. But Kevin would be right next to me.

Did I know I was getting feelings for my ace-boon-coon? Ain't nobody `round us could tell so I think it kinda snuck up on us. You can't be together that much and not get feelings though. We spent the night together more than any brothers. Slept in the same bed and, at that age, didn't even think anything was funny `bout snuggling together. We did it for the warmth, mostly, but also `cause we was all we had.

When the older kid up the block used to beat my ass, Kevin wouldn't say nothing when I cried. Just kept talking `bout how we was gon' fuck that sucka up one day. And when Kevin's piece-a-shit dad would knock him senseless, I always let him spend the night.



Felt hella good when me and Kevin got to licking on each other's shit. Never did it in our house, in our rooms, or in our beds, though. Always in back of the building, in the stall with the trash bin. We even put a couple of old boxes we'd broke down on the ground so we could lay down. That way, I could lick on Kevin's cone while he licked on mine.

We couldn't squirt so, we could lick until we got tired. I knew every inch of Kevin's ever-hard pencil. The feel of it on my tongue, the smell, that funny taste from his piss slit. The way it was a lighter color above his circumcision scar but darker down around his balls and how it sounded in those quiet moments when my tongue would squish my spit around the head.

Sometimes, he'd get to trembling and I knew it was really feeling good `cause he'd mash his dick up on my tongue, extra hard. Then he'd lap at my bobbling wonder and I'd get to wiggling and shaking. It'd feel real raw after that and sometimes I'd have to push him away. But we didn't have nothing else to do so, after a few minutes, we'd start licking again and before we knew it, it was getting dark.

One time, Marshall, the older kid from up the block sucked my dick. That's when I learned how to put it in my mouth `cause he swallowed my entire dick and I almost passed out.



When I saw him walking towards me, I just about let loose in my pants `cause I was in the alley behind the building and nobody was around. He used to whale on me, just for the hell of it. Piece of shit, he'd say, over and over as he landed another lip splitting pop. Maybe I reminded him of somebody that used to beat him up. Or maybe he was just a piece of shit himself.

I was a small kid, kind of skinny, with puny arms, probably `cause I never had nothing to eat. I think it made me look weak, which everybody knows is a major reason to kick somebody's ass in the hood. I tried fighting back a few times but that just made him madder and he'd really lay into me then. Mostly, I tried covering my head and ducking but it didn't help much, Marshall stood head and shoulders over me and had hands like a lumberjack.

He started pushing me and I got that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach. Pushes me into that parking stall with the trash bin then he slams me against the wall behind it, so nobody could see us. I'm thinking this is the day I die and then he just stares at me in a funny way. Next thing I know, he's got his hand between my legs. Takes me a few minutes `cause I'm still expecting a beating but then it dawns on me, he's feeling me up!

Could've bought me for a nickel. I mean, he's got his hand all over my shit, like he's trying to feel how big it is. I didn't know it then but, it turns out, I happen to be rather blessed in the size department. Been my curse.

Marshall's staring me down so hard, I can't look him in the eye. All the while, he's measuring me, trying to see how big it is. Naturally, it started to get hard and he slipped his hand up and down it even more then. When he reached inside my pants to pull it out, I almost peed on him.

He takes a step back and looks down then he looks back up at me with this shocked look on his face. What's a little runt like you doing with something like that? His face is saying. He kept looking down at it, and then, he bends down and that's when everything got dark `cause my eyes just rolled up, into my head.

Marshall was slurping on that thing like it was the pump of life. I mean, I started trembling in two seconds flat, he was shellacking it so well. My hands were flat the wall, fingers spread in shock and my eyes finally opened to saucers as I stared at him polishing my knob. My only regret is that I didn't have a nice load of hot jizz to squirt down his throat.

He sure squirted though. All over my shoes, my pants... I was a mess. Should've seen him, panting through his nose, his throat working the head of my dick while his hand beat the living shit out of his dick... instead of me for a change. He was whipping his shit so fast, his hand became a blur, then he started puffing and blowing through his nose like a Brahma bull, but he never pulled off my dick. He was locked down on it like a Pit Bull on a tasty ankle.

When he let fly and that cum started leaping from the head of his dick, I was so paralyzed, I couldn't even get out the way. Fountains of cum were spewing from his dick but I just stood there, plastered against that wall, which is where he left me, shocked and scared out of my gourd. Especially since he'd promised to personally kill me if I ever told anyone.





Myron's got ears that look like they should be on the side of a pitcher. Handles, I call them. I like feeling on them while he works. He likes to look up at me, those soft eyes of his gazing into mine.

Damn, it's making me want to squirt and squirt bad! Ain't no way he hasn't done this before `cause he knows exactly where to put that tongue. Likes dragging it up the bottom, just below the head then lays it right down the groove of my slit. Soon as he glides his tongue between the slit, he goes below the head and starts up again. Oh shit... now he's licking around the head.

Really getting to me now. Is it his face, so young and so innocent? Or that flicking tongue of his that never quits? I like looking at him as the moment approaches. We become one, both of us staring, his efforts concentrated on the reward.

So hard, it hurts. He's flicking it extra hard. Head gets bigger and that clear stuff is leaking like a faucet.




That clear stuff used to gross me out. First time I saw it, I had to wipe it away. That boy from number 7 was a couple of years older than me and when we got dick to dick on the old boxes, that's when I saw it. You know, he looked amazed when he saw my shit. And he was older than me, but I must've been bigger.

He was kind of weird. A little on the chubby side and always munching on something. He never played with any of the other boys and when I caught him back there by the trash bin, he was rubbing himself through his pants.

He just about shit a brick when he saw me. Then he sees that lump in my pants and his eyes just locked on it. At first, we didn't know what to do but we both kept getting hotter and hotter and I just took a chance and started feeling him up like Marshall had did me. He looked down at his dick for a second or two but then he was staring at the lump in my pants again.

"Wanna do each other?" I whispered, a cold breeze whipping through the quiet stall. He didn't have a clue so I unfolded the boxes me and Kevin kept hid in a corner, then laid down on my side. He plopped down next to me, still lost and I had to show him which way to lay.

How is it, a kid two years older than me, knew less than I did about sex? When I pulled his hard piece out, he finally caught a clue and eagerly reached inside my pants for mine. But then I saw that clear stuff, clinging to the head of his dick and I got a little turned off.

What was that shit and why was it coming out of his dick? Was he sick? Would I catch it? But his dick was so hard, I couldn't resist the temptation so I wiped it away and stuck my tongue out.

We did the licky-licky, just like me and Kevin. I miss Kevin. He moved a few months back. It was real hot, licking a dick again, then I put it in my mouth like Marshall did and it started squirting.

The chubby boy is moaning and pushing his dick farther into my mouth but I hadn't planned on a mouth full of cum. Yeah, I'd seen that shit, popping out of Marshall's dick so I had an idea what it was but I didn't want it in my mouth, so I pulled off. Bad idea `cause, then it started spitting on my face!

I sat up, spitting and wiping, certain he'd just given me AIDS. But there's something about a dick popping out that white stuff that's just hot and, without thinking, I wrapped my hand around his dick to feel it squirt. It plopped a few more rounds out, which made chubby shriek and moan, then it started dribbling until it stopped. Big boy juice, I called it, wishing I could do it.






Only one big like mine is Myron's. I didn't know that at first `cause he didn't take it out. He was so busy licking on my piece, I couldn't think. Now that I know what it feels like when somebody sucks it, it's kind of weird licking can get me off. Like I said, I think it's just Myron.

He seems to like it so much. Watching him go at it makes me hot `cause, he doesn't look like the type that would do it. Once he gets started, he's like a thirsty dog at a full water bowl.

I like for him to get naked. Seeing his smooth body makes me hotter. Especially the way his dick gets hard and just stands up between his legs. I sit on the edge of the couch so my shit is right at his face. He sits on the floor, right in front of me, his legs folded beneath him. Then he reaches up and pulls my stiffy down until it reaches his tongue. After that, I go into heaven.

Kevin sort of sucked my dick but never got real good at it. And the boy from number 7 went to squirting so fast, he'd barely started licking before it was over. Myron is the best `cause we have the time to do it long as we want and he really likes it, even though he tries acting like he ain't interested.





He ditches school when he wants to do it, which is like almost every day. He knows exactly when moms leaves for work and he waits until she's long gone, then he sneaks up to the door and taps real soft, probably `cause he don't want his shit-for-nothing mom to hear him. I'm usually in my bathrobe and when I open the door, he shoots in like a cold rush of air. Then he hangs around, acting like he just dropped by to be dropping by but we both know what's up.

I crank it up some by sitting on the couch with my legs spread. I know he can see my shit `cause, I don't wear anything under there on purpose but he still acts like he could care less. Then he walks around, looking at stuff, all the while sneaking peeks beneath my robe. When he can't take it anymore, he kind of wanders over until he's right in front of me and then he sits down, right between my feet and acts like he's watching TV. But my dick is right at his ear and he can't concentrate `cause, he keeps looking up my robe. And that always makes me hard as a brick and then he just slips his hand up there, while he's still staring at the TV, then he starts taking his clothes off, `cause he knows I'm going to tell him to.

Pulls his shirt over his head, then he feels my shit some more. Then he slips his shoes off, then his socks, then his pants and all the while, it's like the monkey with his hand trapped in the box `cause he won't let the banana go `cause he keeps reaching up my robe every few seconds.



That's what he did this morning. Round `bout ten something, I got to feeling real horny and my heart's racing `cause I'm hoping he might stop by, then I heard that light tapping.

Think maybe it's a family thing? The big dicks and wanting to play with them all the time?

He didn't waste a lot of time wandering around like he usually does. He must've been real horny too. When he got naked, he went to town.





Oh shit, it's `bout to happen. He's been licking real good since the last commercial and I can't take it anymore. Oh Myron...

You supposed to be doing this with your nephew? Am I bad? Ain't it ok if he really want it? And we ain't that many years apart. He should start squirting soon... real soon. I can't help it...Myron's licking so good and that face is so cute.  Oh shit . . .