Alex and Johnny
By Sean O'Malley

Alex was just about to fall asleep when he heard the pitter patter of small feet coming down the hallway toward his bedroom. The noise stopped, then a few seconds later he heard a quiet knock on his door.

"Alex. Are you awake?" the small voice from outside the door said.

He raised his head and looked at the clock. 1:30.

"Sure come on in Johnny".

The door opened and his little brother walked into his bedroom. Alex leaned over and turned on his bedside light.

"I gotta ask you a question Alex."

"Sure. Shoot little bud."

Little bud had been his nickname for his smaller brother since he was born. Johnny had been quite a surprise to the family being born 10 years after Alex.

The little boy walked close to Alex's bed. Hr grabbed the waistband of his Spongebob sleep pants and pulled them down.

"Look Alex. I woke up and my pee-pee was all hard and pointy like this. I think something is wrong. Am I gonna be OK?"

Alex looked at his little brother and let out a soft chuckle. He sat up in his bed and looked at the small boy.

"You're gonna be just fine little bud. You're just turning into a man. And from the looks of it a pretty big man."

He reached over and tousled the blond hair on Johnny's soft head.

"Does your pee-pee get like this too Alex?"

"Pretty much all the time."

"What am I supposed to do with it?"

"Well, usually you touch it for awhile and it feels really good then it goes down. Don't you ever touch yourself like that little bud?"

"I never have before."

"Come over here."

Alex swung his legs over the side of the bed and motioned for his little brother to come stand between them. The boy walked over and stood in front of his big brother. Alex reached down and grabbed Johnny's hard boner between his thumb and forefinger and began to massage the skin up and down over the ruby colored head. The boy began to swoon and Alex had to catch him placing his free hand on the boy's waist. After a minute he stopped and looked into the young boy's closed eyes. Slowly, the eyes opened.

"That felt really good Alex. I mean REALLY good."

"Didn't I tell ya? That's what you do when you get a boner. And eventually you have an orgasm."

"What's an orgasm?"

"That's when the good feeling gets even better and your boner shoots out some liquid. Like a warm milkshake."

"It shoots a milkshake?"

"Like a milkshake, but kind of salty."

"Does yours do that Alex?"

"Yeah it does."

"Can I see?"

"Sure little bud. Anything for you."

Alex grabbed the top of his boxers and shoved them over his muscular thighs down to the ground where he kicked them across the room. His own cock lay there half hard--he was more than a little turned on watching his little brother swoon. He wrapped his fist around his quickly expanding member and brought it to its' full eight inches. Johnny's eyes widened at the sight of such a huge cock.

"See little bud, it's just like yours."

"It's so big Alex. I can't believe it. Can I...can I touch it?"

"It's all yours."

Alex leaned back and rested on his elbows as Johnny reached out and wrapped his small hand around the throbbing boner. The feel of this soft, small hand grabbing at his cock caused Alex to throw his head back and sigh loudly. Johnny stopped.

"Are you OK, Alex?"

"I'm great little bud. Keep touching me like that."

Johnny's hand returned to his brother's cock and he ran it up and down the long fat shaft feeling its' might. His small hand could barely make it all the way around. His other hand made its' way to his own hard little cock, which at this point was aching to be touched. He felt something stirring up inside of him that he hadn't felt before--all he knew was that he liked it.

Alex brought his head back up to look at his little brother who was fixated on the big boner in front of him. He watched as the young boy ran his hands all over both of their cocks. Then out of nowhere, Alex sat up and took Johnny's head I his hands. He leaned in and placed a long wet kiss on the young boy's mouth. As he pulled away he saw Johnny smiling at him--he smiled back.

"You want me to show you another way to make it feel good little bud?"

"Yeah Alex. Please."

Alex stood up and grabbed his little brother around the waist and hoisted him up onto his bed and laid him down. He grabbed the Spongebob pants and pulled them off tossing them on the floor. He admired his little brother's naked body laying on his bed--so soft and fresh looking. His little penis was still rockhard and aching to be given some attention.

Alex got up on the bed and knelt on either side of Johnny. He dipped his hips causing his boner to rub up against Johnny's little cock. He softly massaged the younger boy's penis with his own before he leaned in, licked his lips and planted another deep kiss on the boy. He leaned back slightly and starting kissing down Johnny's body taking time to suck on his small nipples and smell his boyish armpits. He then took his tongue and ran it down his chest and over his tight stomach until the tip rested on the ruby red head of his small penis. He wrapped his lips around the head and sucked it into his mouth. Johnny let out a loud gasp followed by a long sigh.

Alex held the head in his mouth for a minute before he took the entire shaft, wrapping his tongue around it as he went. Johnny let out another loud gasp as Alex's mouth reached the base of his cock. The boys hands grabbed his big brother's head and held just like that for awhile as wave after wave of passion flooded over his small body.

As the feeling subsided Johnny loosened his grasp and started to run his fingers through Alex's shaggy brown hair. Alex slowly pulled off of his little bud's engorged member and let it drop back onto his stomach. He stuck out his tongue and ran it down the underside of Johnny's cock trailing down to his tight little ball sac which he took into his mouth and massaged with this tongue.

"How does that feel little bud?" (as if he didn't already know.)

Johnny could barely form any words. He could just smile and nod. Alex smiled back at him then devoured his small rock-hard cock again and started to move his lips up and down the shaft. Johnny started to squirm on the bed. He placed his hands over his mouth to keep from screaming and waking their parents in the next room. Alex began to move faster and faster. Johnny's little body began to quake his head tossing from side to side. Alex kept up the speed making sure to give attention to the flared head. Johnny grabbed at Alex's hair again and this time pulled on it, his body shaking uncontrollably. He did this for about 30 seconds before he slowly calmed down. Alex began to move slower now, taking the small cock from his mouth and gently licking the tight ball sac. Johnny's grip on Alex's hair lessened and he started to run his finger though his brother's hair again. Slowly his eyes opened and he looked down at his big brother.

"Where's the salty milkshake?"

Alex put his head down and laughed a little.

"You're not old enough for that just yet little bud. Did you enjoy yourself?"

"Yeah Alex. That was incredible! Is it your turn now? I wanna taste that milkshake"

Alex thought about this for a minute. His cock was raging hard and he could use a release.

"How can I say no to that face?"

Alex stood up and lay down on the bed next to his little brother. His cock was pointing straight at the ceiling and dripping pre-cum something firece.

"OK little bud, sit on my stomach and you can watch me make that milkshake for you."

Johnny jumped up, his own cock still hard, and sat on his big brother's stomach with a clear view of the older boy's throbbing cock. Alex ran his hands down Johnny's back and cupped his small ass letting one finger pass between the cheeks and rub against his small hole. His hands then wrapped around the boy and ran over his smooth legs before resting on his warm crotch.

"Come on Alex. I wanna see your cock explode."

"OK little bud. Just be patient."

Alex rested his left hand on Johnny's thigh and wrapped his right hand around his own cock. Slowly he began to work the long shaft pulling the skin up to the purple head and then back down. His free hand gently stroked the boys leg from his knee to his crotch. He was surprised how turned on he was by touching his little brother's crotch and having his ass right in his face--but at this point he wasn't in a questioning mood, he was lost in the moment.

He gradually increased the speed of his jacking off much to the pleasure of his little brother whose eyes were fixed on his big brother's penis waiting for it to "explode". After a few moments, Alex stopped manipulating his cock and grabbed Johnny around the waist. He lifted the boy up and placed him down on his face giving his tongue access to the soft tight rosebud of his little brother's ass. His hands returned to his cock and he started to jack off more seriously as he plunged his tongue into his little brother's waiting hole.

Alex's cock swelled to an even larger size as he worked it up and down. Johnny sat mesmerized as he watched his big brother jack off and felt his own ass being eaten out. He started to bounce on Alex's face as he grew more and more excited. Alex could feel his big load building in his balls and knew that he was close--very close to spraying his cum all over his little brother. He sunk his tongue into his little brother's asshole and started to squirm around as his cock "exploded" and shot stream after long stream of cum all over Johnny's chest and face and stomach. Just as Johnny thought it was over and he leaned in and got one last shot squarely on his nose and mouth.

Johnny stuck out his tongue and lapped up the sweet-salty milkshake from his lips. He sat there puzzled for a moment then squealed with delight.

"It's good Alex. It's really good."

He started to rub it off his chest and stomach and then lick his hand savoring the goodness. As a bonus treat he leaned over and took the cum soaked head of Alex's cock into his mouth. Alex let out a loud gasp as the small soft lips enveloped his sensitive cock head.

Johnny sat up and turned around to face Alex, his still hard pee-pee just inches from Alex's lips.

"That was fun Alex. Can you do it again?"

Alex leaned forward and kissed Johnny's little cock.

"For you little bud...anything."