Alex and Johnny-Part 2 "Fun in the Bathtub"
By Sean O'Malley

"And don't forget to give your brother his bath" my mom yelled back as she got in the car and she & dad drove off to their weekend away. I nodded and waved as I closed the door and turned around. Johnny was nowhere to be seen. A second later I heard the water running in the upstairs bathroom.

I entered the bathroom to find Johnny, buck-naked bent over the tub with a bottle of bubble bath. I noticed his little round ass sticking out and felt a stir in my shorts.

"I see your ready for your bath, huh little bud?"

He set the bottle of bubble bath on the ledge of the tub and turned around to face me.

"And you're coming in with me" he said with a cute little smirk.

"Me? You want me in the tub too?"

He answered by walking over to me and unbuttoning my shorts. His little hands carefully unzipped the zipper and pulled my shorts to the floor. It was more than a little erotic being undressed by little brother. He took his small hand and ran it over the bulge in my briefs.

"I like your pee-pee Alex. I like it a lot."

With that he grabbed my briefs and pulled them to the floor. My cock hung there half-hard and slightly wet. I grabbed my t-shirt and pulled it over my head. We both stood there naked looking at each other. Johnny's little cock had stiffened fully and was pointing up against his smooth stomach.

"Yay, bath time! We're gonna have fun Alex, I know it".

He reached over again showcasing his soft round ass as he turned off the water.

"You get in first" he seemingly commanded.

I obeyed and stepped into the warm bubbly water, taking a seat at the back of the tub my legs spread out in front of me. Johnny got in the tub after me and sat between my legs laying his back against my chest. I adjusted my cock so that it was against my stomach, between our bodies. Johnny's hands rested on my knees. I took my hands and ran them along the inner part of his smooth legs from his ankles to his crotch. His skin was perfectly soft and smooth like silk, the feel of which really turned me on. When my hands arrived at his little cock I took it in my fingers and gently massaged it. My cock, meanwhile, was fully erect throbbing between our bodies.

"That feels really good Alex. I like it when you play with my pee-pee."

I leaned over and kissed his head taking a moment to smell the boy scent of his hair.

"I'm glad you like it little bud. I like to make you feel good."

I took my other hand and began to gently massage his small tight ballsac feeling the two marbles inside. His cock was as hard as steel and pulsing in my fingers. In a few seconds he turned his head, rested his cheek on my chest and started to moan. His hands dug into my knees and his body began to quake. I sped up my hand on his cock and rubbed him into his first dry orgasm of the night.

After a minute or so I felt his grip on my knees loosen and his moaning subsided. His breathing, which had been at a frantic pace just seconds earlier, slowed back to normal. I looked down at him and saw the biggest smile come across his face.

Suddenly he jumped up and knelt between my legs swinging around to face me.

"That was fun Alex. See why I wanted you in the tub with me. I love playing with you."

He raised his head and pressed his lips to mine. His tongue stuck out and he parted my lips exploring my mouth. In the 3 months that we had been fooling around Johnny had become quite a good kisser. He pulled away and gave me his toothy little boy grin.

"Now it's your turn" he said glancing down at my much-in-need-of-help cock throbbing in the water.

He rested his hands on my thighs and lowered his head until his mouth just hovered over my cock. He stuck out his tongue and licked the pre-cum from the slit atop my cock head. I shuddered with delight. He looked up at me still smiling. He opened his lips and took the whole head of my cock into his warm wet mouth where he began to suck on it.

I ran my hands through his hair and down his back until they rested on the two perfect orbs of his boy ass. I grabbed at them feeling the flesh in my string hands. My fingers ran up and down the crevasse grazing his tight rosebud of a hole, teasing it. I looked down and saw Johnny still sucking my cock, I felt his tongue swirling around the swelled head. My gaze turned to the side where I spied a bar of soap in the holder. I grabbed it and worked up a lather in my hand, covering my fingers with the residue. I placed it back in the holder and returned my hand to Johnny's ass. My fingers soaped up the crack between the perfect orbs making it slick to the touch. I took my soapy middle finger and ran circles around his hole then, caught up in the moment, I took that finger and broke through the opening penetrating his tight ass hole for the first time.

Johnny's mouth froze on my cock. His whole body tensed up filled with new sensations. We stayed that way for a moment not knowing which way this would go. Then slowly Johnny lifted off my cock and let out a silent groan. His eyes opened and he looked me straight in the face. He seemed confused at first but then began to wiggle his ass, pushing it back further onto my finger until the rest of my hand rested on his soft supple ass. I wiggled my finger around inside him and this time let out a loud manly groan.

"Are you OK, little bud"

"Yeah", he responded breathlessly. "Don't stop."

I slowly withdrew my finger to the sound of Johnny's contented moans until I was nearly out then proceeded to push back in again. Johnny went back to sucking me off as I continued to finger fuck his cute tight ass. Every so often I'd pull out completely to give him a chance to recover then enter him again with renewed vigor drilling my finger deeper than before.

Johnny's mouth was really working my cock and I was gonna shoot any moment. My balls were getting tighter even in the warm water and my cock was swelling like never before. My finger was sliding in and out of his ass with incredible speed. Just as I felt I was about to come, I looked down and saw two small squirts come out of Johnny's cock. Seconds later I felt my warm milkshake coming up my long shaft and depositing itself in Johnny's waiting mouth. This milkshake seemed to be a bit much for him and I saw my cum coming out the sides of his mouth and dripping down his chin.

I left my finger inside of him as he collapsed onto my chest. His arms wrapped around me and grabbed tightly at my back. Slowly I slid out of him as my other hand stroked his damp blonde hair. He was breathing heavily again and I could feel his heart pounding against my body. I leaned over and kissed his cheek. He raised his head and looked at me somewhat sadly.

"I'm sorry I peed on you Alex."

"That wasn't pee little bud. You had your first real orgasm."

A huge smile came across his cum-covered face.

"I did? I came?"

"Yeah. Did you like it?"

"I loved it. I really liked your finger in my butt too. Can we do that again?"

"Of course little bud. Anything you want. You're a man now."

I looked down at his beaming face and gave him a quick kiss.

"Now let's get you cleaned up."