Alex and Johnny-Part 5 "Scotty"
By Sean O'Malley

Scotty was a pretty boy. If you passed him on the street you'd give him a second look even if you weren't into guys, he was that pretty. Scotty was also one of the students from the local High School that I tutored each week. He was my Wednesday appointment. He was a junior at Purcell High and the captain of the varsity soccer team. He had that toned kind of body without an ounce of fat, just firm muscle beneath soft fuzzy skin. His hair was long and brown and got in his eyes all the time so that he was always pushing it back behind his ears. Nothing had ever happened between us in the six months I had been tutoring him--not that I didn't want something to happen it just never came up and I tried to remain professional. All that changed on the day that my mom had to work late and Johnny was left home alone.

On that Wednesday I was in class enduring another long boring lecture. Once class was over I'd have 30 minutes to get home in time to meet Scotty for our Calculus tutoring session--plenty of time on a normal day. The bell rang and I was making my way out of the lecture hall when I heard the professor calling my name. I turned around and saw him motioning for me to come down to the stage. I went down and he explained that he needed to see me in his office in about 5 minutes to discuss something with me. I looked at my watch--it would be cutting it close but I figured Scotty would wait for me.

Meanwhile back at our house Scotty was pulling up on his bike--he was about an hour early. Johnny was inside, alone, playing with his Nintendo. The doorbell rang and Johnny paused his game and went to the door.

"Oh hey Scotty. Alex isn't home yet but you can come in if you want."

"Sure Johnny thanks."

Scotty came in and put down his heavy backpack. Today he had just come from soccer practice and he still had on his shiny blue uniform. Johnny closed the door behind him. Scotty had seen Johnny numerous times and the two of them were kind of like friends. Johnny led him into the den at the back of the house.

"I was just playing Mario. You wanna play with me?"

Scotty said "sure" and sat down on the couch next to Johnny. He picked up the other controller and the two of them played Super Mario Brothers for about the next 10 minutes.

"That was fun Scotty. You wanna watch cartoons now?"

Scotty nodded "OK" and sat back on the couch. Johnny grabbed the remote and put on Cartoon Network. He dropped it on the table and jumped up on the couch. He then laid down and rested his head in Scotty's lap. This was a position the two had assumed many times before while watching TV and waiting for me to show up.

After a few minutes of laying like this Johnny sat up and said:

"Gee Scotty your lap is really hard today."

Scotty laughed a bit.

"That's because I still have my cup on from practice today."

"What's a cup?" Johnny asked scrunching up his face.

"It's what you wear to protect your privates."

Johnny thought for a second.

"Can I see it?" he asked very intrigued.

Scotty gave the question some thought. "I guess so little man."

Scotty stood up and pulled his soccer shorts down to the floor. He pulled up his long jersey and exposed his shiny white cup for the boy.

Johnny looked at it. "Wow that's cool."

Johnny walked over to Scotty and placed his small hand on the smooth plastic surface. He ran it over the entire surface.

"Wow your pee-pee is really hairy!" His small fingers strayed from the cup and ran over the top of Scotty's pubes.

"OK I think that's enough Johnny." He went to pull up his shorts when Johnny said:

"Can I try it on?"

"My cup?"

"Yeah. Can I try it on my pee-pee to see how it feels?"

Scotty again gave the question some thought and then said: "OK, sure."

He stepped put of his shorts and threw them on the couch. He hooked his fingers under the straps of his cup and pulled it down. When Johnny's eyes made contact with the teenager's flacid cock, they grew very big. Scotty stepped out of his cup and placed it on the couch. He then put his shorts back on covering up his cock much to Johnny's chagrin.

"You gotta take off your shorts first little man" Scotty said snapping Johnny out of his trance.

Johnny dropped his shorts to the floor and stepped out of them. He was wildly erect.

"Boy little man you are throwing some serious wood there" Scotty said with a smile. "Here try this on"

He handed Johnny the cup. The boy put his legs through the straps and pulled it up but it was way to big for his small waist. Johnny just let it drop to the floor.

"Can I see your pee-pee again" Johnny asked sheepishly.

"You wanna see my cock?" Scotty pondered the situation. "Well, I'm seeing yours I guess you can see mine."

He grabbed the waistband of his shorts and dropped them to the floor again. His cock was still hanging tight against his low hanging balls.

"Well, little man. You like what you see?" he asked as he shot a smile at Johnny.

The boy seemed to be in a trance. Scotty waved his hand in front of Johnny's eyes to snap him out of it. Johnny just smiled his big boyish smile and walked over to Scotty. He reached out his small soft hand and placed it on Scotty's flacid cock. He began rubbing it--begging it to grow. In a matter of seconds Johnny felt it start to harden under his hand. It grew harder and longer and started to stand up as Scotty, hands on his hips, softly moaned.

In about a minute it was at its full 7 inches and pointing straight up at Scotty's chin. Johnny wrapped his hand around it and started to manipulate it like the pro that he was. With his spare hand he cupped the teenager's low balls and rolled them softly like two large marbles.

"Oh you've got great hands little man" was all Scotty could get out in his gravel and spit voice. He took one hand off of his hip and placed it on Johnny's head, petting his silky blond hair.

Johnny saw the first drop of pre-cum coming out of Scotty's throbbing cock and dove at it with his tongue, licking the drop and the whole underside of the head. Scotty let out a loud gasp and looked down at the kid working him over.

"Do you like to suck on cocks too Johnny?" Scotty asked.

"Yeah" Johnny replied breathlessly.


Scotty moved over to the couch and sat down. Johnny knew just what to do and kneeled between Scotty's legs. Scotty pushed down on his cock angling it right at Johnny's little mouth. Johnny moved onto it immediately taking the purple head into his mouth, swirling his tongue around it and sucking on it like a blow-pop.

"Oh kid you are good" Scotty said as he watched Johnny work. "Where did you get these skills?"

Johnny pulled off of the cock. "Alex taught me how to do it." And he returned to sucking Scotty off.

Right about this time I came I the back door. The house was quiet so I headed back to the den where I knew Johnny would be playing games. As I rounded the corner I heard low sighs, manly sounds not video game sounds. I entered the room and there I saw my beloved little Johnny going down on my student. I admit I was very turned on at the sight. Scotty opened his eyes and saw me standing there.

"You're the best tutor ever, man" he said with a rapturous smile on his cute face. "You have taught this kid well"

Johnny pulled off of Scotty and turned around to see me. His cute little face was covered in spit and pre-cum and he looked very sexy to me.

"Hi Alex. Wanna join us?" he said with an impish grin.

"You know I do little bud."

I dropped my bag to the floor and pulled off my shorts. My cock was already half-hard from watching the two of them go at it. I dropped down on the coouch next to Scotty and mussed his hair with my hand.

"We'll study after this" I said commandingly.

Scotty just smiled and pulled Johnny back onto his cock with one hand while he grabbed my cock with the other. It swelled quickly in his grasp and he started to jack me off. Johnny pulled off of Scotty and quickly took my cock into his mouth and throat. I turned my head and Scotty and I started to kiss lightly as Johnny took turns sucking on our dripping members.

The kid loved cock that was for sure. He gave us each his personal attention sucking and swirling and licking our cocks and balls. Half way through Scotty took off his jersey and exposed his toned and tanned torso. My hands wandered around his body feeling the tight muscle covered by sweaty fuzzy flesh. Fresh from practice his body had that strong scent of a jock that can drive you crazy. Johnny loved it and buried his nose more than once in Scotty's pubes.

Scotty was first to cum. Johnny had his cock deep in his throat when the jock's balls broke forth and shot their heavy load down the kid's throat. Like a trooper, Johnny swallowed every drop and kept sucking long after the cumming had stopped. When Scotty first started to cum his tongue was licking mine in my mouth. His loud squeal was muffled in my mouth. I grabbed his nipples and gave them a good twist as he came. His whole body tensed up and muscles upon muscles became visible. It was a thing of beauty.

A few minutes later I came. Again Johnny had my cock deep in his throat as his tongue and lips worked my long shaft. Scotty and I were still making out as I shot my load into Johnny's stomach. He got every bit of cum without wasting any. I had my hand on his head as he swallowed each shot feeling his soft baby-fine hair. When he pulled off he had a big smile on his shiny face.

"I did two all by myself" he said proudly.

Scotty and I looked at each other and smirked. I ran my hand through his hair and then placed my finger on his chin bringing his gaze to meet mine.

"You are the best little boy! You know that don't you?" I said.

He nodded.

"Get up here" I commanded.

He jumped up on my lap. His cock was so hard it was practically stone.

"It's your turn now"

I knew it wasn't going to take much to pop the kid this time.

"You wanna do it Scotty?"

He smiled and reached over and took Johnny's cock into his hand. He started to jack it off and Johnny started to moan. I leaned in and kissed Johnny hard on the mouth shoving my tongue past his soft red lips. About 10 seconds later I felt a few spirts of liquid on my pubes. Johnny's body quaked for a short while and then he calmed down. We continued to kiss as Scotty milked the last few drops from Johnny's ever-hard cock.