Alex and Shane


B. Clark

Chapter One

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Chapter One

Alex Fitzgerald was approaching Bradley International Airport, and his mind was racing, His was going to see his son, Shane, again. He had mixed feelings about this son he didn't even know, much less knew him.


It was just after World War Two, and he been transferred to England from France. Alex and Beth, Shane's mother, had met while he was stationed in England, at a USO dance where she had snuck in with some girlfriends, and she found Alex so irresistibly handsome. She was sixteen and he was eighteen, and they hit it off immediately, and he offered to drive her home. She refused of course, but she wanted to see him again, so she made plans to meet him that following day for a picnic. With it being a Sunday, he had it off, and he was smitten by her beauty and charm, he said yes. He drove them out into the countryside and found a lovely sight to picnic beside a stream. It was unusually hot for May, and Alex removed his shirt, he was a tall and well-built man, standing just over six feet four. His hair was auburn with wild streaks of blonde here and there, and his eyes were a soft green. Beth loved to hear his stories of growing up in New England, and loved to tell her all about how he would sail upon the waters off Cape Cod.


"Let's go swimming," Alex's suggested, as he pulled Beth up from the blanket she was sitting on.


"But I haven't got a swimsuit," she said to him, as she looks at the cool water of the stream. "If you promise not to look I'll go in from over there," and she pointed to a place just beyond some bushes.


"I promise, and I'll go in over here," and he walks off to another area, and she stands behind a tree staring, as he strips off his uniform.


She drools as he drops his pants, she looks at his muscular legs, and they have just a dusting of reddish hair on the lower half of them. Then he pushes down his boxers, and he gasps, when she sees his white cheeks facing towards her, and he hears her gasps and turns. His long, thick six-inch cock, is hanging down against his balls, and she steps from behind the tree and comes to him. She looks into his eyes, as he removes her dress from her small frame, and lets it drop to the ground. He pulls her to him and their mouths meet in sweet embrace, as their tongues dance in each other's mouths. His hand undoes her bra, and that to joins her dress upon the ground, as he slowly removes her panties. Therefore, after a whirlwind courtship, and an unplanned pregnancy, they got married. Shortly after, he was transferred back to the states, and it wasn't long after that she got homesick. Their marriage started to fall apart, and just after Shane turned one, she left to go back to England, and that was the last time he had seen his son. Now his son was coming to live with him, because his mother had been killed in a car accident, and he was the only family he had left. After months of paperwork with immigration and other government departments, his son was now finally allowed to come home.


He parked his 1963 Corvette in the parking lot, and hurried into the terminal, because he was running several minutes late. He found the gate that he had been told that his son's plane would arrive at, and the passengers were already getting off.


"What does he look like," he thought to himself, as he searched out the faces of the young children that came through the door. "Why didn't I insist on a picture," he thought again.


He watched for what seemed like hours, but was mere minutes, when a sandy haired boy, thin but tall comes walking through the door. He knew him instantly, for he was the image of his mother, right down to the dimples when he smiled.


"Shane," he calls out, the boy's face lights up, at the sound of his name, and he runs to his father's out stretched arms.


"Father," he said, as he cries into Alex's chest, and Alex holds his son tightly to him.


Once he calms his sons tears down, he pushes him out to arms length, and said,


"Let me look at you son," and turns him around. "You've grown a bit since I've last seen you."


"I have most certainly father," he said with a thick English accent, and Alex grins at the sound that takes his mind back. "Am I a bit of the disappointment for you father," he asked with such a serious look upon his face.


"Not at all son, in fact you are the best thing I have ever laid my eyes on," he told him, and Shane smiles wide, showing his dimples.


"Well let's go get your luggage, and then head home son, because we have so much to catch up on," Alex told him.


They are walking along, and most of the teens in the terminal, are staring and laughing at them. Alex can't figure out what is so funny, and then he finally figures it out.


"Son, do all of you young teens dress like that in England," he asked.


"Not really father, but at the boarding school I went to they do. I have several more outfits very similar to this one sir," he said.


"Well first thing tomorrow, we are going shopping to get you some new clothes. Because if we don't you'll be laughed right back to England," Alex said.


"Very well father, if you insist," he adds.


"I insist," he said with a face.


"I have got to get him to loosen up with his speech or he'll drive me crazy," he thinks to himself.


"So you just turned fifteen last month," Alex said, as he tries to make small talk.


"Yes sir, and quite knowledgeable in the duties of a gentleman sir," and Alex reaches his toleration point.


"Listen son, let's get some things straight right now ok," he said to him as they wait for the luggage to arrive.

"First off, I'm dad got it, not father or sir. So let's lose this formal speech you have going, this is America and kids your age don't talk like that," he told him.


"Very," he said and Alex gives him and eye.


"Can you just use the word ok instead of very well Shane?"


"But of course fa... I mean yeah dad."


They got his luggage and walked out to the car, and Alex couldn't get over how much Shane looked like his mom. He had the same soft curly blond hair, but on the longish side, with those radiant blue eyes, and of course those dimples. His build was athletic, maybe soccer or European football, he thought, and his ass were two melons that were definitely his best asset. He was definitely a Fitzgerald, because they all had that athletic ass going for them, and Alex had prided himself on keeping his buff figure all these years. Even at thirty-three, he still had his six-pack and rock hard pecks, and the girls went gaga over him at the beach. There were times that he even noticed some guys checking him out, and that gave him a bit of the turn on. They get to the car, and Shane's eyes light up, as he sees the car that his father drives.


"Wow dad, you drive a '63 Corvette," he said, dropping his bags, and he walks around the car, as he checks it out.

"This is so far out dad," he said.


"Far out where son, I thought I had gotten a very close parking place," he said, and his son laughs at how far behind the times he his.


"Far out like in groovy dad," Shane said.


"Oh, you mean cool son," he said, and Shane looks at him and laughs.


"Yes dad, like in cool. So when can I learn to drive this," he asked, and Alex holds up his hands.


"Not until you turn sixteen and a half son, and you get your learners permit," he told him.


"What, that is so not right dad; at home I had already begun driving lessons."


"Well you aren't there now, this is your home now son, and you still have to be sixteen and a half," he told him.

"But if you're good, I'll let you take me driving in the country sometime," he adds.


"Really dad," and he hugs him tight.


Alex and Shane drove home, and the car had been just the thing to break the ice between them. They talked about cars, and soon moved onto music, and Shane told him about a new group that was getting big in Europe.


"They are called the Beatles dad, and they are the grooviest you ever heard," he said, as he told him about the fab four.

"Their names are John, Paul, George and Ringo, and what a sound they have. It's nothing like the music that's being played now.


"Well they sound different son, and I personally like the Beach Boys, but Elvis Presley runs a close second to them," Alex told him. "I even like a lot of the Motown sound also."

"You're too funny dad," and he laughs. "I've heard of them, but the Beatles are much better dad, and I have their first album in my bag. It's called Please Please Me, and it was released this past March, on the twenty-second," he told his dad.


"Well when we get home, you'll have to play it for me son," he said.


The drive home is pleasant, as they discuss his trip over and his school, but it's when he turns to Alex's personal life that things get quiet.


"I'm single son, and I'm not seeing anyone," he said.


"Not even a girlfriend dad," he asked.


"No son, not since my last one left me for some other dude," he told him.


They pull into his driveway, and Shane looks in awe at the house, he notices how big it is.


"Wow dad, you must be rich, to have a house this size," he said, as they pull into the two car garage.


Inside the garage is a '57 Chevy Bel Aire looking as good as it did when it drove off the assembly line.


"Is that your car two dad," he asked, as he quickly gets out of the car.


"Yep, and someday it's going to be a real classic I hope."


Alex grabs the luggage, as Shane checks out the car, and he knows that the two of them will get along just fine. He settles him into a room just across from his own, and they sit in the den with a coke.


"So tell me son, do you play sports?"


"Soccer mostly, I'm a goalie and pretty good if I say so myself. Our school team was undefeated three years in a row," he told him with pride.


"Well I don't think that you'll find much of that over on this side of the pond. Here we play football and baseball mainly, but I haven't heard much of soccer in my travels."


They talked and were further acquainted, and Shane got around to his mother.


"I miss here dad so much," Shane said as the tears come to his eyes.

"It's like I can still hear her voice at times, I turn, and she's not there," and now he crying hard.


"You can cry son," and he holds his son, and he too feels the pain he's feeling.

"You know I never stopped loving your mom, but I guess we were just too young when we married," he told him.

"But in those days, when a girl got pregnant out of wedlock you got married right away, it was the proper thing to do. We thought we were in love, but she missed her family and she missed her beloved England."


"She talked about you all the time to me dad and she told me how handsome you were," he said, as he tilted his head upward, as he rested against his father's chest.

"You're still handsome, you know," and he smiles up at his dad.


"Thank you son and I knew you the instant you stepped into the terminal. You were the spitting image of your mother," he told him, as he ruffles his hair.

"You could stand a hair cut son," he mentions.


"I'm growing it out like the Beatles dad," and gets up and rushes off to his room.


A few moments later, he returns with their album, and he hands it to his dad.


"See dad, this is the group I was telling you about. This is John right here, and that is Paul," he said as he points to each of them.

"And these two are George and Ringo," he said.


"You want your hair like theirs," he asked looking at the Beatles hair-dos.


"Yeah dad, just like Paul's dad."


"Well why don't we put this on and listen to it," Alex said, getting up with the album in hand.


He walks over to the record player, and lifts to cover up. He turns on the power, before he puts the record on the spindle, and sets the dial to thirty-three and a third rpms and starts it. The record drops, and the arm moves over and gently sets down on the record. Alex sits back on the sofa, with Shane cuddling up to him as the music begins, and soon the singing starts...


Well, she was just 17,
you know what I mean,
and the way she looked was way beyond compare.
So how could I dance with another (ooh)
And I saw her standin' there.

Well she looked at me, and I, I could see
that before too long I'd fall in love with her.
She wouldn't dance with another (whooh)
and I saw her standin' there.

Well, my heart went "boom,"
When I crossed that room,
and I held her hand in mine...

Whoa, we danced through the night,
and we held each other tight,
and before too long I fell in love with her.
Now I'll never dance with another (whooh)
Since I saw her standing there

Well, my heart went "boom,"
When I crossed that room,
And I held her hand in mine...

Whoa, we danced through the night,
and we held each other tight,
and before too long I fell in love with her.
Now I'll never dance with another (whooh)
since I saw her standing there

"So what do you think dad, aren't they far out," he said to his dad.

"Yes son, they are really far out," Alex said, as he wondered what was happening to his music.

They finished listening to the album, and Alex opted on dinner out instead of cooking. He decides on a nice pizza parlor, on the south side of the city, which is known for its Italian heritage.

"Ah Signore Fitzgerald, how nice to see you again," Luigi said to Alex as they enter his restaurant.

"How are you my friend, I would like you to meet my son Shane," he said introducing Shane to the man.

"Č Alex cosė magro, penso che lei deva ingrassarlo su, sė"?

"Si, Signore," Alex told him, Shane looks at the two of them and said.

"I'm fine just the way I am sir, and I don't need to be fattened up as you say," and they look at him shocked.

"You speak Italian son," Alex asked.

"Yes, and I fluently speak French and Spanish," he told him.

Luigi shows them to their table, and Jovani is their waiter.

"Good evening, I'm Jovani, and I'll be serving you this evening," he said, as he shoots a perfect smile at the two guests.

He hands them their menus, and as he walks away. Shane gives him a special glance or two, and Alex is taken by the look. A few minutes later, he returns, and they had decided on the fettuccine Alfredo with shrimp. Alex is just about to order, when Shane speaks up instead, and he orders their dinner in perfect Italian, complete with a bottle of wine.

"Il Jovani, avremo l'Alfredo di fettuccine col gambero. E mio padre amerebbe una bottiglia del suo migliore vino, un vino bianco se lei per favore. Ringraziarla," and Alex stares at his son in shock, but Jovani smiles and gives Shane a wink as he leaves.

"What did you just say to that boy," Alex asked, as he watched Jovani walk away.

"I just ordered our fettuccine alfredo with shrimp, and told him to please bring you a bottle of his best white wine dad. I thought you spoke Italian," he asked.

"Not fluently like you do son, damn that was impressive."

"Jovani thought so dad," and he smiled.

They had a wonderful dinner, and Jovani made a habit of conversing with Shane in Italian all evening. Poor Alex felt so left out as the boys talked with one another whenever Jovani came over. When they were finished, Alex left a very generous tip and Jovani slipped a paper to Shane. Shane read it quickly and placed in his pocket before leaving.

"I was quite impressed son by your fluency in Italian tonight," Alex said, as he glanced over at his son.

"Thanks dad, and it was rude of us speak it in front of you also. Please forgive me dad," he asked, as he places his hand on Alex's thigh.

Alex glances down that his son's hand, the touch is warm, and it arouses him.

"What the fuck is wrong with me," he thinks to himself. "This is my son damn it, and for that matter a child. So why isn't he moving it from my leg, damn it," and as if Shane could hear his thoughts, he moved his hand away.


He can feel his groin stirring, it is bothering him, and he feels his cock growing rapidly. He glances over at his son, and he is looking out the window watching the scenery. He wiggled in his seat, as he tried to adjust his cock to get it to go down.

"What's wrong dad," Shane asked, and he glanced over at his dad.

"Nothing," he said quickly and loud, and he surprises Shane with the way he said it. "I have to use the bathroom son, I guess the Alfredo just went through me," he told him.

As soon as they pull into the garage, and he parks, he dashes into the house. He goes right to his bedroom and looks at the wet spot on his slacks.

"What the fuck is wrong with you man," he said to himself. "You're not gay, so why did Shane affect you this way?"

He changes his pants and underwear, and goes out to the den, and Shane is nowhere around. He goes back down to his room, and opens the door and freezes. There on his bed, is Shane with his headphones on listening to music as he jerks off his cock. He quickly, but quietly slips back out of the room, and closes the door behind him.

"His fucking cock is almost as big as mine," he said to himself, as he walks back to his bedroom. "That fucker had to be all of eight inches long, and as fat as my wrist."

He strips out of his clothes, and gets on his bed, as he starts to stroke his cock to hardness. He reaches over to his nightstand and grabs some gel, to lube up his cock. He is stroking his cock, with his eyes closed, as he holds a vision of his son beating off in his mind. He is really getting into it, when he gets a weird feeling that he isn't alone.

"Oh fuck Shane," he said, as he reaches for the towel that he keeps beside his bed, and covers himself.

"You should have knocked son before you entered," Alex said to him.

"Just like you should have, right dad," Shane said as he came over and sat on the bed naked.

"I didn't see you in the den son, so I went to your room to find you. I never expected to see you jerking off, or I would have knocked," he told him.

"Dad, we're both guys with needs, so what is the problem?" he asked, as he looked at his dad.

"I never finished so do you mind if I join you," and he climbed up beside his dad, naked as the day he was born.

"Son this isn't right, you're my son," Alex said, still covered.

"Dad you hardly know me, and until today we were total strangers to one another. So as far as I see it, it's like you picked me up in some park for a trick," he said.

"Is this something that you did at home in England son," he asked, shocked by their conversation.

"Not on a regular basis, but my friend Alfie showed me a place in the park where I could get my cock sucked whenever I was horny," Shane said.

"So come on dad, lose the towel and let's finish what we started," and Shane grabs the towel, and pulled it away from his dad.

Alex lays there watching his son stroking his hard cock, and he just can't get his back up. No matter how hard he tries, it just won't go up for him again. He is feeling that what his happening is wrong, even if he just met his son again. Shane looks at his dad's soft cock, and glances up at him and asked.

"What's the matter dad can't get it up? If I remember right, you had no problem in the car riding home earlier," he said, and Alex starts to blush, as his shame washes over him.

He moves to the edge of the bed and sits, as his tears runs down his face. His shame is tearing his heart apart, as Shane places his hand on his shoulder.

"Dad, I'm sorry for hurting you," he said, as he too sat beside him and laid his head on his shoulder.

"Do you want me to go back to my room," he asked, and Alex nods no.

"Dad I know that this is hard for you, with me just coming to stay, but I am alone and hurting also," he said, as he knelt in front of his dad.

He stares at his father's cock lying against his balls, and he leaned forward, taking it into his mouth. He ran his fingers through his soft curly pubic hair, as his mouth made love to the cock that made him.

"Son this is not right," Alex said, as he pushed his son off his cock, and he hurries into the bathroom.

"Go back to your room please," he said through the closed door.

"Dad, listen to me please," Shane, pleaded through the closed door, but Alex refused to open it. "There is nothing wrong with us wanting to show our love for each other dad, please open the door," he asked, as he leaned against the door and cried.

Alex unlocked the door, with Shane stepping away from it, as his dad opened it, and Alex starred through tear-filled eyes at his son. Shane wrapped his arms around this dad's waist, as Alex embraced him also.

"Please understand son, this kind of thing isn't acceptable here in America," he told him. "I know you are hurting and that you miss your mother, but this isn't the answer to how to deal with your pain," he said.

"I know that dad, I just want to show you how much I love father, and please dad, let me, if just this once, show you how much you really mean to me."

He took his father's hand, walked him to the bed, and gently pulled him onto it, with Shane lying beside him.

"Dad please, we both need to do this," he said, as he held his face in his hands.

He looked into his son's eyes, as his tears still flowed, he could see how much his son was reaching out to him. As he set aside his inhibitions, he leaned down, and pressed his mouth to Shane's, and Shane pressed his tongue to his father's lips. He opened his mouth, and accepted his tongue, and they dueled within each other's mouths. Alex pressed hard, his mouth against his son's, as his carnal instincts drove him into a kiss of passion and lust, and Shane clawed at his father's back, as his own lust empowered him. Shane ran his hands slowly up and down his father's back, as he dug his nails deep into his tanned skin, sending electrical charges coursing through Alex's body.

"Ahhhhh fuck son you're turning me on," he yelled, and then attacked his neck as a ravenous wolf attacks his prey.

Never has Alex felt such animal magnetism for another human being, as he had felt for his son, as they attacked each other's bodies. He bit and sucked his way down his son's young slender body until he reached his hard tender nubs. He looked at his erect nub as it sat on his golden, hairless chest, and with the same animal instinct, he savagely attacked it, biting it hard.

"Ooooh fuck yeah father, ravage them," Shane yells out, as he holds his father to his young pecks.

He bit them and sucked them until Shane could stand no more, but still he refused to move.

"Please dad stop, they're too sensitive," Shane cried out, but Alex continued his assault on Shane's sensitive nubs.

Shane tried as he could to push his dad away, but Alex held his hands tight in his own, as he continued to bite and suck until he had his son crying for mercy. He relinquished his attack and moved down his slender torso, until his reached his cute little naval.

"No dad, not my naval please," he begged as he covered it with his hands, but again Alex took them captive into his.

"Please don't dad I beg you," but Alex did not pay attention to his son's pleas as he ran his tongue around the tender naval, and elicited boisterous laughs from his son.

"Dad I beg you, please stop or I'll wet myself," he yelled, as he struggled to get free from his father's grip, but Alex continued to attack his ticklish naval.

He finally surrendered his naval, and nibbled his way to his cock. He licked his scant beginnings of a bush that surrounded his thin cock, that was now hard and stood six inches tall. He ran his tongue up the hard shaft, around the luscious corona, and back down the shaft once again. He gave his balls a thorough tongue bath, licking them and sucking them until he could take no more.

"Dad please, I can't take it any longer," Shane said with a weak voice, as Alex tortured his balls without mercy.

"I need to cum so bad dad, please," he moaned, but Alex kept up his torture of his boy, knowing he was making him his own.

"Anything dad, name it and it's your, just let me cum," he pleaded with his father.

"Anything son," Alex said, as he lifted off his balls.

"Yes sir, name it and I'll do it but just let me cum," he begged.

Alex moved up to his young boy cock, and he engulfed it with one gulp. Shane heaved up his up his sweet boy ass, plunging his cock down Alex's throat, and howled out his ecstasy as he was about to cum.

"Ooooooh... yeah dad... don't stop... I'm cummmming," and he shot his hot boy juice down his father's waiting throat.

He filled his father's mouth with his sweet elixir, as he pumped up into his father's mouth. Alex swallowed each tasty drop of his son's precious cum, and choked a few times on the volume of the offering. Once Shane had given him all he had to give, he dropped his cock from his, and crawled up him for a kiss. Savagely he attacked his mouth with his own, and they kissed furiously as Shane's sexual high slowly came down.

"Wow dad, that was fucking heavy man," he said to his dad, as Alex sat up between his son's legs.

He reached over his son's head, and grabbed the jar of Vaseline that sat on the headboard, and removed the lid from the jar.

"What are you doing dad," Shane asks looking at he jar of Vaseline.

"I'm going to fuck you son," he said.

"But dad, I've never been fucked before," Shane said, as panic now filled his eyes. "I want to just suck your cock and call it even, ok dad," he asked, as he pulled is legs together.

"You told me anything son, now spread `em," Alex said, and pushed his son's leg apart again.

He plunged his three fingers into the jar of ointment, and then placed his son's legs on his shoulder. He could feel Shane tense up, so he gave his ass a hard slap, and said,

"You can make it easy on yourself Shane, or hard. Either way son, my cock is going into that sweet ass of yours," Alex said.

"Don't forget, it was your idea to do this, and I didn't want to, but now it's my turn to get off," and he pushed his finger deep into his son's tight ass.

"Ooow that hurts dad," he cries out, as Alex moves his finger around inside his son's tight ass, until he found his sweet nut.

"Fuck dad what is that you hit," and he softly starts to moan now. "Yeah dad keep doing that," and his soft cock starts to grow.

Alex rubs his son love nut softly, as he slowly inserts another finger, and Shane tensed up as his finger entered.

"Relax son and enjoy," Alex tells him.

He works them around more quickly now, and pushed in the third, and Shane really protests now.

"Fuck stop dad I can't do this," he yelled, as Alex bent down and kissed his son violently, as he pulled his fingers from Shane's tortured ass.

He pushed his cock into the jar of ointment, and put the cock to Shane's ravaged boy pussy, with a firm but mighty shove, the cock's head slid in, and Shane's hips heaved up from the invasion.

"Mmmm," he cries out, with Alex's tongue buried is his mouth, and Alex slowly shoves his cock further in.

He continued to kiss the boy, as he violated his ass, and soon he had bottomed. He held still for several moments, as he kissed his son, and he felt his son's ass start to relax. He broke their kiss, and Shane's eyes were filled with tears, as Alex looked at him and said.

"The worst is over boy, now relax and enjoy," and he rose up and began to long fuck him.

He pulled his cock to just about out, and then shoved it forcefully in, as he stared into Shane's clouded eyes. Alex knew he was hurting his son, but he hated what they were doing, so he wanted him to hate it as well. He showed him no mercy; as he attacked his boy pussy, and he pushed his legs back further to get his cock in deeper.

"How's that feel my little cock slut," Alex asked, starring down into his son's eyes, as his son just lies there and cries.

"Be a man kid and take you old man's cock," he said, and he slapped the side of the kid's ass.

With each thrust he gave him, he slapped his ass harder, and soon Shane began to heave his ass to meet Alex's thrusts.

"Fuck me dad, deeper and harder," he crooned, as he grabbed his father's hips.

"Yeah dad, fuck you boy slut, fill me with the cum that made me," he yelled, as Alex pounded his son's ass without mercy.

"You want a fuck, slut, then take it," Alex said, as he pushed Shane's legs as far back as they would go, and slammed his cock in deep and stopped.

He ground his cock around in the boy's raw ass, and the two were moaning out there delights. Alex stopped several times, to hold back his own climax, and to further torment Shane's already tortured ass. After a good thirty minutes, he felt his son's ass start to contract, and he knew he was about to cum once again.

"Fuck me sir, fuck your little cum slut," he howled. "Permission to cum sir," he asked, and Alex knew that he had created something that even he didn't want, but he loved the way that he begged now to cum.

"Please sir, permission to cum," he asked once again, and he felt his ass, as it tightened around his cock.

"Permission granted you fucking cum slut," Alex said, and Shane exploded in the air.

He shot his cum all over his chest, and Alex pounded his sweet boy ass for all he was worth. He reached down with one hand, scooped up some of the cum, and fed it to Shane.

"Here slut, eat your cum," but Shane turned his head away. "I said eat my little cum bitch," and he slapped his face hard, and Shane opened his mouth and took the cum laden fingers into his mouth.

With tears in his eyes, he sucked ever drop of his cum from his fingers, as his father began to finish his riding his ass. He pounded his boy beyond his point to of tolerance, as he saw the pain that his cock was giving him. He felt the cum boil deep in his balls, and this time he let it rise.

"Ride my cock boy, I'm fucking cumming," he yelled out in ecstasy, as Shane grabbed Alex's hips and slammed up to meet his master's thrusts.

"Fuck me sir, fill me with your seed," he moans out as he held his master by the hips.

"That's it boy, ride that cock, show your master how much you love his cock," Alex said, as he shot his man juice deep into the boy.

He kept pounding his ass, as the cum had begun to leak out, and he rode his ass long after he stopped shooting. He finally pulled his cock from his son's ass and moved up to his face, grabbed his hair, lifted his head up, and forced his cock down his young throat.

"Clean your ass juice off my cock slut," he told him, as Shane sucked his dad's cock clean.

When it had gone soft, Alex got off the bed, and walked off to his bathroom.

"Go take a shower in your bathroom boy," he said, as he paused at the door, before he stepped into his own bathroom, closed the door, and cried.

This is a different kind of incest story, and I'm not sure what I even think of it. Let me know what you think, and if I should continue it or not at...