Alex and Shane


B. Clark

Chapter Two

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A special note here, Jovani was mistakenly misspelled. It should have been, and from now on will be Giovanni.

Chapter One

When it had gone soft, Alex got off the bed, and walked off to his bathroom.


"Go take a shower in your bathroom boy," he said, as he paused at the door, before he stepped into his own bathroom, closed the door, and cried.

Chapter Two

He cried for several minutes, before he got control over his senses, and he got into the shower to clean himself.

"How could I have done such an unspeakable thing to Shane?" he wondered, as the water cascaded down his body.

He stood beneath the soft spray and the door to the shower opened, and Shane stepped in with him. Not a word was spoken, as Shane took the soap, and began to wash his father's back.

His son stops "Son, we..." but him quickly.

"Shhhh," is all Shane said, as he continued to wash his father's back.

He washed down to his ass, and softly ran his fingers down the valley of his cheeks, as he grazed the virgin pucker hidden deep within.

"Mmmm," Alex moaned, as Shane gently pushed his finger into his ass, and pulled it out and continued to wash down his legs. "Turn around sir," Shane said, and Alex slowly turns, as the tears are now rolling down his face.

He looked down at his son, and he couldn't take it one more minute, so he grabs him from the floor.

"I'm so sorry son, please forgive me," he pleads as he holds him close to him. "I didn't mean to ever hurt you Shane, never ever should I have done that to you," and he cries uncontrollably as he holds him. "I just wanted you to hate having sex with me, and never wanted to have it again, am I making any sense here," he asked.

"You did hurt me dad, very badly, but I eventually thought that was how you liked your sex, so I gave into it. Nevertheless, I want to do it with you dad. I've never had a dad around, and I want to give you my love, because I'm gay dad," he told him. "Of course I forgive you dad, because I love you," and he pulled his father to him, and kissed him.

Alex kissed his son tenderly, as the water cascaded over the two of them, and they cling to one another tightly.

"Come on dad. Let's go to bed, it's getting late," and Shane reaches over and shuts off the water.

He dries his father off as Alex dries him also, and they walk hand in hand back to Alex's bedroom.

"Will you sleep with me son," Alex asks, as he pulls his son to him.

"Yes dad, there is no other place I would want to sleep."

They climb into bed, and Alex pulls his son to him, as he wraps his arms tightly around him.

"I love you Shane, and I'm glad that you are here with me," he says as he kisses the back of his head. "Tomorrow we'll talk about our feelings and what should and should not be as father and son," he says.

"If you wish, but I love you father," and looks back over his shoulder, as his heart fills up with love, and they fall asleep.

The next morning Alex woke, he could feel the warmth of his son's body, next to him, and with that, all the horrid thoughts of last evening came flooding back. He clung tightly to his son, as if holding him tightly could erase what he had done.

"I should never have done those things with him - no father does those things to their sons," he thought. "Why then am I having these cravings for him? I've never been gay or desired sex with a man, much less children. But I do want him, I want him more than the very air I breathe," he thinks, as he runs his hand slowly over Shane's soft chest and stomach.

His hand feels the velvety softness of Shane's young skin as it travels slowly down his young body towards his cock. Then he feels the slight growth of pubic hair that Shane has at the base of his young cock, and he runs his hand gently over it, letting it brush the very tips of his fingers. Just that simple feeling has his own cock beginning to stir, as he now moves his hand to Shane's beautiful boy cock. He takes it his hand, it's already hard, so he slowly glides it up and down, and Shane nestles back more against Alex's stiffening cock, as he comes awake.

"Mmmm morning dad," Shane says, as he turns his head towards his dad and smiles. "I like waking up like this, nestled in your arms," he says, and he wiggles his ass even more against the hard cock that is pressed against his ass.

"Good morning son, are you sure that you're all right with this," Alex asks, as he gently rubs his son's small set of balls.

Shane turns around in his dad's arms; look's deep into his eyes, then with all the sensitivity of someone three times his age he says.

"Dad, Mum gave me a picture of you a while ago, and I realized that it was when you were younger. But when she gave me that picture she never knew several things about me or what that picture could or would possibly do to me," and he pauses, just for a moment, as he kisses the tip of his dad's nose, and then continues. "Dad, mum never knew I was gay, she died before I had a chance to tell her. I don't think that it would have mattered to her, but if she did know, she never let on."

"Well mothers do have a way of picking up on their son's sexuality Shane, so she just might have been waiting for you to tell her," Alex adds.

"True father, sorry I mean dad. In any event, she gave me your picture, well several really, and they were of you in your uniform, civilian clothes I think she called them at the time, and the one I most liked, a swim suit."

"I remember that one; it was taken down at Brighten. Your mother was so adamant about taking pictures."

"Well you had one, a plain white suit, and you had just walked out of the water," Shane says, and Alex notices that Shane's breathing is getting excited. "I fell in love with you dad, through that picture. I memorized every square inch of you," he says. "Your eyes, hair, smile and yes dad, even your cock," he says.

"I wasn't naked in that picture son, you said it your self, I was wearing a swimsuit," Alex says, holding his son slightly away from him, as he gave him a precarious look.

"I know you were dad, but it was white, and you had just walked from the water," Shane says smiling. "Your cock showed as if you was naked dad," and he got up, darting from the room.

Moments later Shane was back, and in his hand, he held a photo, the exact photo he had been talking about. He hands it to his father, and sure enough, there he is smiling, at eighteen, wet with the water glistening with the sunlight, as it illuminated his cock through the wet fabric. It hung down his left leg, and you could see the complete form of Alex's cock and the wet pubic hair that surrounded it.

"See what I'm talking about dad," and Shane lays his small finger along side the cock in the picture. "She gave me this picture two months before she was killed dad," and you could see how much his heart missed her as his eyes clouded over.

"She was a very loving and caring women Shane, and I just wish we could have lasted together, if even for your sake," he says, kissing his son's forehead.

"Well dad, being gay, you were sort of a poster boy for me. I fell in love with you, and I wanted you so much that I was wanking off each night looking at that photo of you."

"Damn son, I had no idea you felt that way about me," as he hugs his son to him, their cocks meet, and grinds his cock into his Shane's cock. "I'd like to try this again son, but only this time, not as violent as we did last night," he says.

"I'd like that dad," and he wraps his arms around Alex's neck, and he coaxes his dad to move on top of him. "Make love to me dad, I want you to love me as your equal Alex," and Alex is turned on at the sound of his son calling him by his first name.

He attacks his neck, but with the sensitivity of a lover now, as he sucks hard on it, and leaves a mark.

"Now your mine," he says to Shane, as he runs his fingers gently over the hicky he just left on his son's neck. "I've left my claim on you son," he tells him, as he kisses him hard and long, filling his mouth with his tongue.

He kisses his son down to his shoulders, and raises his arms, running his tongue over the soft hair of his pits. He drinks in the sweet boy scent of his son, as he courses his way to his small nubs, as they sit rising from his creamy chest. His skin is pure and creamy vanilla, and he gently nibbles on the tender nubs, causing Shane to moan in utter delight.

"Yeah dad, that's so fucking far out," he moans as he runs his slender boy fingers through his father's hair, and moves him over to his other nub, wishing for the same delights on it.

Alex loves the taste of his boy, which is beneath him, as he runs his tongue around his sweet nub, and he still has the taste of the soap from the shower of the night before. He licks his way down to his ticklish naval, only this time he avoids the urge to torture his naval. He follows the faint hint of this treasure trail, as it leads him down to his young cock, its standing there waiting to be worshiped, so Alex engulfs it in his mouth.

"Ooooh fuck Alex, suck my cock please," he howls holding his dad's head down against his pubes.

Alex drinks in the intoxicating scent of his boy's soft pubes, as they tickle his nose. He flexes his throat muscles to give his son's cock maximum pleasure.

"Stop sir, I'm going to cum and I don't want to yet," Shane says, so Alex pulls off his son's cock and crawls up his slender body to kiss him.

"I love you Shane, I love you more than I love myself," and he presses his mouth to Shane's, shoving his tongue deep into his mouth.

Shane holds his dad tightly to him, wrapping his arms around his neck, and his fingers gently run through Alex's hair.

"Mmmm," Shane purrs, as they kiss, and he lifts his legs, wrapping them around his dad's waist.

"Are you sure Shane, we don't have to fuck if you don't want to," Alex says once they break their kiss.

"I don't want you to fuck me dad, I want Alex to make love to his lover," Shane says reaching over his head for the Vaseline from the night before, and he hands it to his lover.

Alex sits up, and he sets the Vaseline aside as he lifts his son's legs and moves down to suck his small balls into his hot mouth.

"Oh fuck Alex, you are so turning me on," Shane says, as his little ass squirms beneath Alex.

Alex gently rolls Shane's balls around in his mouth, and soon he feels them tighten up, he drops them quickly, because he knows his son is close, and he wants to postpone his climax, so that he can enjoy the pleasure he's giving him. He puts his hands on each of Shane's thighs, and pushes them higher back, as he runs his tongue down to his tender boy pussy that is waiting for him. He runs his tongue all around his sweet boy pussy and Shane is squirming all over the bed. He shoves his tongue deep into his pucker, and Shane shoves his ass up, to get more of his tongue in him.

"Yeah Alex, eat your sweet boy's pussy," he howls as he grabs a fist full of hair, and gently pulls it.

The passion is building in both of them, as Alex attacks his son's rosebud, with lust and fury. He lifts off his pucker, inserts his three fingers into the jar of Vaseline, and inserts one of his fingers, deep into Shane's wanting ass, and Shane coos as he anticipates his fathers cock that will soon replace his fingers.

"Get your boy ready Alex, prepare his pussy to accept your cock," he demands, more than asks.

It's when Alex adds a second finger in to join the first, that he finds Shane's sweet nut and begins his gentle massage, which brings him quickly to his edge. He can feel his ass contract around his fingers, so he backs off his nut, keeping him just dancing on the edge of his climax, as he pushes in a third finger.

"You tease me sir, please sir, I want to cum," Shane pleads, and Alex again starts to massage his sweet nut.

It doesn't take him long, and he again contracts around his fingers, but Alex once again backs off, as he toys with his son's emotions.

"Permission denied," he simply says, as he watches his son squirm in frustration beneath him.

He continues for several minutes, bringing him close to the edge, and then backing off as he denies him permission to cum. Then when he feels he has him properly prepared to accept his cock, he takes him to the edge, and Shane again asks.

"Sir, please I beg you, permission to cum," he pleads, and the sweat is rolling down his face, as the young boy works hard to hold back his climax.

"Permission..." and Alex pauses for a moment, as he gazes into his son's eyes, and then he says, "Granted."

Alex engulfs Shane's throbbing cock, just as it explodes, sending a volume of sweet boy cum deep down Alex's waiting throat. Shane thrusts his ass up and down rapidly, with Alex's fingers still fucking his young ass, he fucks his father's mouth, and fills it with his boy sperm.

"Yeah Alex suck your lover's cock... eat his luscious sperm," he screams as he feeds him the essence of his balls.

He feeds him all he has, as he fucks his dad's mouth, and Alex takes every drop, swallowing it as fast as it is given. When Shane has no more to give, he continues to suck his young cock, until Shane cries out to stop, because it's too sensitive.

"That was so fucking heavy Alex," Shane says, as he lays there enjoying the afterglow of his climax.

"Make love to me now," and Alex pulls his fingers from his ass, and he rubs Vaseline on the entire length of his cock.

He places his cock to the entrance of his boy's tender pussy, and he bends down to kiss the sweet boy laying there. As their mouths and tongues meet, he gently glides his hard cock inside his son's waiting ass, not stopping until he has bottomed. He can feel him tense up, as he constricts around his cock, but he soon relaxes as they kiss.

"Are you all right Shane," he asks, looking deep into his eyes,

"Yes Alex, make love to me, please," and he pulls him to him in a kiss.

Alex slowly starts to withdraw, then pushes back in, and repeats this until Shane is meeting his thrusts with his own. He rises up and begins to find a rhythm that will have them fucking in harmony, and soon they are moving as one. He holds his legs by their calves, as he thrusts his cock in deep and fast, and Shane is holding him by the hips.

"Yeah man, fuck me, give me that cock harder and deeper," he yells, as he pulls him by the hips to urge him on.

Alex pounds his son's ass now like a stallion, giving him the fullness of his large fat cock deep into his sweet boy pussy. He shoves it in hard and fast and watches Shane's cock, as it bounces around to the rhythm of their fucking. Shane grabs his own cock, and begins to beat it off, and soon he is shooting again. His hot boy cum is shooting all over his creamy chest and stomach, as his young boy pussy constricts around Alex's hard cock. This is all Alex needs to fall over his own edge, and he feels his balls pull up, as his cum rapidly moves up his cock.

"Ride your lover's cock boy, I'm cumming," he demands, as his rhythm takes over and he shoots.

He thrusts hard and deep into Shane's willing ass, filling it with his cum.

"Aaaaah fuck boy your pussy is so hot and tight," he howls as he pounds his son's ass, unable to control his climax.

He rams his man cock deeper and faster into his son, until he finally has nothing left to give him. He collapses on Shane, and wraps his face in his hands, as he kisses him hard and lustfully.

"I'm so fucking in love with you Shane," and he kisses him again even more forcefully.

"Now that is what I call making love dad," Shane says as Alex starts to pull his cock from his ass, but Shane stops him. "No dad, leave it please. I like the fullness of your cock in me," he says.

"If this is so wrong son, then how come it feels so right," Alex asks, as he looks into his son's beautiful eyes. "I never looked at young boys, or for that matter male's period, in a sexual way. But fuck son, you have me wanting your ass morning, noon and night," and he kisses him hard again.

"Well dad, I have always desired sex with boys, well with you really. I made it my goal to meet you and seduce you dad," Shane tells him, and Alex looks at him surprised by this news.

"Yeah dad, when I first saw that picture of you, I told myself that I was going to find a way to meet you and eventually seduce you into my bed," and he gives Alex that seductive look.

"Why you little vixen, you had this all planned didn't you," Alex asks.

"Yeah dad, right down to the wine last night to loosen you up," he says. "I just never counted on it really affecting you as it did, and you reacting like you did. You really scared me there, and for a while I thought that you might actually harm me."

"Oh my God son, I would never, could never harm you like that," and he holds him tightly to him. "I love you, and I know that we just met physically, but I have always loved you son. You've received my cards, and letters through the years didn't you, although I couldn't understand why I never received any in return."

"No dad, I never got your letters or cards until after mum died. You see dad, for some reason she kept them from me, because I think she was afraid I might want to come and live with you instead of her."

"Well you're here now, aren't you son," as his now soft cock slips from Shane's ass. "What say we get showered and go to breakfast," and they got up, and headed into the bathroom.

They showered together, neither of them bothered to fool around, because they were hungry after their sex. They drive to a local restaurant, and had just ordered their breakfasts, when Giovanni and his dad came in.

"Dad, there's Giovanni, from the restaurant last night," Shane says to his dad.

Alex's waves to them, and motions them over to his table. "Why don't you join us, the place is crowded, and it took us almost forty minutes to get a table," Alex says.

"You don't mind my friend?" he asks, as Alex's calls his waiter over. "They'll be joining us for breakfast, so if you could please bring them a menu," he asks.

They talk amongst themselves, and the boys are whispering, and Alex keeps an eye on them as he talks.

"We'll be right back dad," Shane says, and he and Giovanni get up and leave.

After ten minutes, Alex is concerned about where the boys are, so he excuses himself to us the bathroom. He asks his waiter where the bathroom is, and once he finds it, he is surprised at what he sees.

"I think this is not something that should be done in public restroom boys," Alex says as he catches Giovanni sucking Shane's cock.

Giovanni is petrified with fear, as Alex stands there, staring at them, and he turns red from the shame that he is feeling.

"I'm sorry sir, but this just happened, it was my fault and nothing that Shane did," and I give Shane a look that says not to say a word.

"Well I think we need to discuss this young man, so I leave it up to you where you would like to have that discussion. We can have it back at our table or you can come back to my house after breakfast, and we'll discuss it there," Alex tells him, glancing at Shane, and already Shane knows what is up his dad's sleeve.

"Oh God no sir, not at the table, my dad would kill me if he knew I was gay and doing this with his friend's son. Please sir, I'll come over to your house, but please don't say a word to my dad, I beg you," the young boy pleads.

"Ok, I won't say a word then, but I leave it up to the two of you just how you'll come over," he says. "Now let's get back to the table, our breakfast is waiting."

Giovanni leads the way out, with Shane in tow, and Shane looks at his dad and mouths thank you. Once at the table, they enjoy their breakfast, and after they finish their breakfast, along with a fine cup of espresso, Giovanni says.

"Dad, Shane asked me if I could come over for the day to show him around the area," Giovanni says to his dad.

"That's a nice son, you helping my friend's son getting his baring in his new country. Si and have a good time," he says.

They say goodbye to Giovanni' dad, and he rides back to Shane's house with them, but all the way, he is very quiet and nervous.

"Am I in very much trouble Shane," he whispers glancing at Alex driving, and Alex is watching him in the rear view mirror.

"Well, he was very pissed off at us back in the men's room," Shane says, as he tried hard not to laugh. "But I wouldn't get him any more pissed off if I were you," Shane adds, just loud enough for his dad to hear.

Once they arrive home, they walk directly into the den, and Alex sits down on his favorite chair. The two boys sit together across from him on the sofa, and Giovanni is very nervous as Alex just stares at him with a serious glare in his eyes.

"Sir, I'm really sorry..." but Alex holds up his hand, cutting him off.

"Did I tell you to talk young man?" Alex asks, Giovanni nods no, and he glances at Shane for direction. "So why are you looking at my son, and just how old are you?" he asks.

"I'm sixteen sir," he says quietly, with his head looking down at the floor.

"Come over here and look at me directly in the eyes when I speak to you young man," and Giovanni stands, and moves to stand in front of Alex now. "So do you think that your father would approve of what you did with my son, Giovanni?" Alex asks and the tears roll down Giovanni' face.

"No sir," he says, barely audible to the human ear.

"I didn't hear you young man, speak up," Alex says, as he too now stands facing the boy.

"No sir," he says more loudly.

"That's better. So from what I viewed earlier, I would say that you like to suck cock Giovanni," and the boy turns red. "Am I right or am I mistaken here," Alex asks.

"You are right sir, but I..." and again Alex just holds up his hand.

"So could I be right to assume that you are a faggot young man," and Giovanni is squirming now as he stands before Alex.

"I prefer to be called gay sir," he says looking down towards the floor again.

"LOOK AT ME WHEN I SPEAK," Alex shouts, and Giovanni shoots his eyes directly back to his. "So would you, being gay, want to suck my cock," Alex asks, and Giovanni glances at Shane who shrugs his shoulders, and then back to Alex and says, "If you don't mind sir," and he drops to his knees.

"I don't mind kid, so you have my permission to go for my cock," and Giovanni reaches up and undoes Alex's pants.

Once they are undone, they fall to the floor, and Giovanni helps him out of each leg. He reaches back up, placing his fingers under the waistband of his boxers; he pulls them down, and helps him remove them also. Shane has his own pants and underwear off, and is stroking his cock, as he watches his friend service his dad. Giovanni looks up at Alex, takes in a deep breath, and then wraps his beautiful lips around the head of his cock. He sucks his cock as his tongues works it way around the base of the head, and Alex weaves his fingers through this Italian Adonis' hair, as he pushes the boy down further on his hard shaft. He starts to gag, as it hits the back of his throat, but the kid swallows, and it slides down with ease.

"You are doing just fine, Giovanni," and Alex motions for Shane to join them, and he removes his pants and underwear before coming over to join them.

Giovanni looks up with concern, as he notices Shane now standing beside them, and Alex uses his hand to guide Giovanni over to Shane's cock. He engulfs the boy's cock right down to his pubes, and slowly moves masterfully back up it, as he runs his tongue along the vein on the underside of it.

"Fuck Jo, you sure can suck cock," Shane says, as he grabs the boy's head, and begins to fuck his mouth forcefully.

"Slow down son, he's not an animal, so don't treat him like one," Alex says as he gets behind Shane, spreading his luscious cheeks, and buries his face deep into his ass.

He plunges his tongue deep into his rosebud, and Shane moans out in ecstasy. Giovanni fondles his balls and soon the boy is at his edge and cooing like a dove.

"Ooooh fuck man I'm cumming," and he shoots his sweet cum, deep into Giovanni' anxious hot mouth.

"Yeah man, suck my sweet cock," he says, as he pumps his boy cock in and out of Giovanni' mouth, and Giovanni swallows every drop that he is given until the boy goes soft.

"That was fucking heavy man, watching your dad eat your ass out while I blew you," Giovanni says.

"You two fuck around together?" he asks, as Alex stands up holding his son to him, and they both smile down at Giovanni, and nod yes.

"Now I dare say it's my turn to get off," Alex says as he helps Giovanni from the floor.

"I'd love to finish blowing you sir," he says, with a smile so wide.

"Well how about we move this to my bedroom and get you naked also," and they walk off to the bedroom.

Alex and Shane work together, as they undress Giovanni, and Shane quickly kneels down, at the sight of his uncut cock hanging down and takes it in his mouth. It's a soft six inches, the foreskin hangs over the head quite a bit, and Shane grabs the skin in his teeth, gently nibbling on it. Giovanni' cock quickly starts to grow from the sensuous sensations Shane is giving him, as the purplish head starts to appear, and Shane gently pulls back the loose skin revealing the head hiding inside. Alex kneels behind Giovanni, spreading the boy's ass cheeks, he dives for he luscious pink pucker waiting deep within. He runs his wet tongue around the hidden prize, causing shivers to run down Giovanni' spine, as he pushes his tongue deep into his sweet pucker.

"Holy shit that's hot," he crows, as bends over to give Alex better access to his boy pussy, and Shane stands up to feed Giovanni his cock once again.

Shane walks backwards towards the bed with his cock in Giovanni' mouth, and lies down on the side, letting his legs hang over, as Giovanni sucks his cock hard and fast. Shane reaches for the Vaseline, and hands it to his dad, as Giovanni, who hasn't a clue, as to what the other two are doing, continues to suck Shane's cock. Alex dips his fingers into the ointment, and inserts one into the young boy's ass.

"Mmmm," he moans as he sucks hard and fast on Shane's cock.

Alex adds a second and a third, and Giovanni tenses some, but Shane holds him to his cock. Alex searches out his sweet nut inside his ass and massages it, and soon Giovanni is cooing as a dove. With his free hand he rubs the ointment on his cock, careful to completely cover it, which when covered, removes his fingers from the boy's ass, and pushes his cock all the way in.

"Aaaaah fuuuuuck don't, sir" he screams out, as he stands up in pain, as Alex bottoms in his ass, and Alex stops to let the pain subside.

Shane stands up, and gently kisses his friend, letting his tongue duel with Giovanni', and soon the pain and tightness passes. Alex holds the boy by the hips and he pulls out and gently pushes back in. He bends the boy back over, and he resumes sucking on Shane's waning cock. However, he gives it his loving attention; and once again has Shane's cock standing hard. Alex is fucking the boy's ass fast and deep, as he finds the rhythm that has them moving in harmony. Giovanni is moving his ass up to meet each of Alex's thrusts, as Shane is quickly moving to his edge.

"Suck my cock man, I'm cumming," Shane yells out, as he shoots his cum out into his friend's hot mouth for a second time.

Giovanni sucks his cock deep down his throat and milk's it with his throat muscles.

"Holy fuck Giovanni, that's fucking far out man," Shane crows as he lays there shooting the rest of his boy cream.

Alex is watching his son's climax over Giovanni' shoulder, as he pounds the boy pussy for all he's worth. He moves his hands to Giovanni' shoulders, and crams his cock deeper into his hot ass.

"Fuck my ass man, give my ass your hot hard cock," Giovanni screams, as he strokes his own cock now.

Shane gets up from the bed, drops to his knees in front of Giovanni, and swallows his cock down his throat. The intensity of their sex is building, as Alex and Giovanni fuck hard and fervently now, their rhythm taking over as they build to their mutual climax.

"Take it Shane, I'm going to cum," Giovanni screams out, as his ecstasy rises up and he shoots his cum into Shane's waiting mouth.

Shane takes his cum and can barely swallow it fast enough, for it's too much for him to take. It's running down his chin, as Giovanni shoots rope after rope of thick boy cum into Shane's hot mouth. It is all Alex needs to push him over his own edge, as he feels his cock start to swell.

"Yeah ... I'm fucking cumming ... ooooh ... yeahhhh," and he explodes in Giovanni' hot ass, one, two, three shots of hot man cum he shoots. His grip on Giovanni' shoulder is so hard as he pounds that boy's ass, he's afraid that he is going to leave marks. Four, five, six and seven more shots, fuck, he has never shot like this before. Finally, the ooze, as his cock just oozes out the last of his cum, and he falls down on Giovanni's back.

"You did good boy," he gasps out to Giovanni, and pulls his softening cock from his ass.

He stands and turns Giovanni to him, and he tenderly kisses him, pushing his tongue deep into his mouth. They duel for dominance, but Giovanni quickly surrenders, and yields to Alex's tongue. Shane stands there watching his dad and friend kissing, so he joins them, as his love for his dad, and lust for his friend enthralls him, and the three of them kiss, lovers until the end.

To be continued:

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