Alex and Shane


B. Clark

Chapter Three

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Chapter Two


"You did good boy," he gasps out to Giovanni, and pulls his softening cock from his ass.


He stands and turns Giovanni to him, and he tenderly kisses him, pushing his tongue deep into his mouth. They duel for dominance, but Giovanni quickly surrenders, and yields to Alex's tongue. Shane stands there watching his dad and friend kissing, so he joins them, as his love for his dad, lust for his friend enthralls him, and the three of them kiss, lovers until the end.


Chapter Three


The three of them collapse on the bed, exhausted from their sex.

"That was the best fucking sex I have ever had sir," Giovanni says, as he turns, placing his arm across Alex's chest and kisses him.

Shane stares at Giovanni' white ass laying against his dad, as they kiss, and his cock starts to stir. He gets up from the side of his dad, and move over to where Giovanni is laying. He spreads his legs as he looks down at the two of them kissing, and he can see his dad's cum leaking out of Giovanni' ass. He places his cock to the boy's cum lubed pussy, and with a firm shove, it bottoms.

"Mmmm... yeah... more cock," Giovanni, moans as he pushes his ass up to meet Shane's cock.

"Fuck me man, mix your cum with you dads," he says, as Shane begins to fuck his tender boy pussy.

Shane is fucking Giovanni' ass, as Giovanni moves around some to get at Alex's now rising cock. He tastes the remnants of his ass juices on it, as he sucks it into his mouth. Alex, holds the boys head, as he gently guides it as it moves up and down on his cock, and Shane leans forward, so that he can kiss his dad. Their mouths meet, as Shane fucks his friend's ass, taking his time so he can enjoy his ride. Never in his young life had he ever dreamed of having this kind of love with his dad and friends.

"Come on Shane, fuck me deeper man," Giovanni says, as he rouses Shane from his thoughts.

Shane places his hands on the boy's shoulders, and begins to shove his cock in hard and deep.

"There you cum slut how's that for fucking," Shane says, as he pounds his friend's ass now.

"Yeah man... fuck me... that's it... yeah... I'm cumming," Giovanni cries out, as Shane reaches around him, and grabs the boy's cock and jerks him.

"Yeah Shane... jerk me... fuck yeah... aaaah fuuuuuck," and he shoots one, two, three ropes of cum onto the bed, as Shane jerks his cock as fast as he's fucking him.

He shoots his cum and it pushes Shane over his edge and he is swelling in Giovanni' hot boy pussy.

"Aaaah shit here it comes man," and he buries his cock deep into that boys pussy, as he fills him with his sweet cum.

"That's it son, give his ass your sweet boy cum," Alex says, as his own cock starts to swell, and he pushes Giovanni' mouth down on his cock just as he explodes, feeding him his man cum.

"Eat my cum boy," he says, as he thrusts his ass up into the air, forcing his cock deeper into Giovanni' throat, depositing his hot seed into it.

Alex and Shane feed Giovanni their cum until they are spent and collapse on the bed, exhausted from the sex they have had.

"I haven't got another ounce of cum in me dad," Shane gasps out as Giovanni crawls up for a kiss from Alex.

"I think our little Adonis here has one more round in him," Alex says, smiling at the boy who is now sitting between his legs.

"So name your poison boy, just how would you care to make your deposit?" Alex asks, and Giovanni lifts Alex's legs.

"So you think yourself man enough to fill my ass do you," he asks looking down at a very erect Giovanni.

"Yes sir, I have eight friends here that say I am more than man enough," he responds back, as he shoves his cock into Alex's man pussy.

"Aaaaah fuck boy you could have used some lube," Alex says, as the pain course through him.

Shane moves up to his dad, and begins to kiss him, as he helps him to relax from the assault, and soon his ass relaxes its muscles around Giovanni' cock. Giovanni pulls his cock out and shoves it back in like a stallion mounting a mare. Alex lets out a groan, as the intensity builds from the assault that Giovanni' cock is giving his ass, as he searches for a rhythm to fuck. It doesn't take long, and Alex and Giovanni are rocking and rolling as one.

"Fuck me boy, give me that cock, hard and deep," Alex croons, as Giovanni intensifies his rhythm.

He pounds Alex's ass so hard that the bed is slamming the wall. Shane maneuvers himself so that he has a leg on either side of his dad's arms now. He lifts up, grabs his cock, and shoves it into his father's open mouth. He grabs the headboard and begins to fuck his father's mouth, with the same rhythm that Giovanni is fucking his dad's ass. Alex holds his son's hips, as he shoves his young cock in and out of his abused mouth.

"Mmmmm," he moans, as Shane continues to force fuck his dad's mouth, and now he can feel his cum begin to rise from his balls.

"Yeah dad, feel my cock swelling," he says. "Ooooooh fuck dad take my cum," and he shoves his cock hard into his throat, causing his dad to choke, and the muscles tighten around his young cock.

He shoots a couple of small shots of cum, and then he oozes out the last of him cum. He doesn't have much, because of all the sex he has had today. He pulls off and his dad draws in a deep breath of air, because Shane's cock had restricted him from breathing.

"Fuck son you damn near suffocated me," he says, as he feels Giovanni' cock start to swell.

"Here goes mount Vesuvius," Alex howls, as Giovanni' face scrunches up and he pulls his cock from Alex's ass.

He jerks it fast and hard, shooting his cum all over Alex's cock and balls, his fist is a blur, as he shoots his boy cream until he has none left to shoot.

"Come on man," he says to Shane, and the two of them begin to lick and suck the cum off Alex's cock and balls, until Alex is totally cum free.

"That was fucking far out boys," Alex says, and the three of them burst out laughing.

"Let's go shower, and I'll treat you both to a pizza," Alex says, as the boys race him to the bathroom.

Alex takes Shane's shower, and lets the boys use his shower, because he hasn't the stamina to go another round of sex with them. He just finishes drying off when the boys come charging into the bathroom.

"We thought you were going to join us dad," Shane says, as he grabs his dad's cock.

"You just leave that alone son, I haven't the energy to fuck or suck another cock for at least two more hours," he says, and he moves out of the bathroom and down the hall to his room, followed by the boys.

"What, can't a guy get dressed without you two watching him," Alex asks, as he rummages through his bureau drawers.

"Where are all my boxers," he asks, as he pulls each of his drawers open, and searches.

"Come on dad, we're hungry," Shane whines, as he shoots an evil grin to Giovanni.

"I can't believe I am out of clean boxers," he says.

"So go commando sir," Giovanni says smiling at him. "I think that is so fucking hot on a man with a cock like yours."

"What, are you crazy, what if I had to go to the hospital?" he asks.

"Like doctors and nurses have never seen a cock before dad," Shane asks, so Alex slips on a pair of Levi 501 jeans, with a white muscle shirt, and is good to go.

"Damn sir, you are fucking hot looking," Giovanni says as he adjusts Alex's cock to give it maximum exposure.

"Now that is how to give it that needed oomph," he says.

Alex looks in his full-length mirror and he likes what he sees, and so do the boys.

"Damn dad, just wait and see what you attract," Shane says.

"Well lets go eat, I think we need something in our stomachs beside cum boys," and they race to the car.

They drive down to the local A&W drive in because no one really wanted pizza. When they got there, Giovanni told Alex to drive over and park along the fence instead of the main parking area.

"Why hear Giovanni, this is so out of the way," he asks, as he backs his car into a parking spot.

"This is Brad's section, he's the quarterback for our school football team Shane," he says.

A few moments after they park, Brad comes roller-skating over to their car.

"Hey Gio," he says and he looks at Shane and smiles.

"Hey Brad, this is Shane and his dad Alex. Shane is from England and will be starting school here on Monday," he tells the handsome quarterback.

Brad is quite the hunk, six-two and 185. He has brown hair worn long now like the Beatles, and eyes the color of amber, with the cutest dimples you ever saw, the showed when he smiled. He is built solid, all muscle from working out hard. His shoulders are broad, and his torso runs down to a slender waist, with a tiny bubble but.

"Nice to meet you Shane, sir," he says. "I'm a senior so what grade are you going to be in," he asks.

"Just a freshman, so I guess you won't be bothering with a lowly kid like me," Shane says with a heavy British accent.

"Nah man, I'm not like the other seniors, and that is a cute accent you have," and he glances down at Shane's crotch.

Shane notices the glance, and it gives his cock a stir, which causes it to grow. Brad gives it one more quick glance and he turns red as he notices the boy's erection. Alex glances over to see just what has Brad blushing and he smiles as he glances back at Brad's own erection starting to grow. Brad's eyes are glued to Shane's crotch as Alex decides to get bold. He reaches out and lightly grazes the boy's cock that is pressing against the fabric of his jeans, and Brad jumps, loosing his balance. Thankfully the top is down on the car, and he falls right over Alex's car door, face first into his crotch. He quickly regains his balance, and now he is several shades of red brighter and most apologetic as he looks down at Alex's erection in his jeans.

"I'm so sorry sir, I have never had that happen before," Brad says, glowing red with embarrassment.

"Well look at what you have done Brad," and Alex points to his erection that is straining to get free from those jeans.

"I think he should have to take care of it sir," Giovanni says, and Brad looks at him with fear in his eyes.

"I wouldn't do that to him," Alex says, spoiling the boy's hopes.

Brad takes their orders, and puts it in, as Giovanni and Shane devise a plan.

"Shane, did you see how he was staring at your crotch," Giovanni asks.

"Yeah, and he wanted me big time, and would have said something if you hadn't touched him dad," Shane says rather disappointed.

"There's a time and place and this is neither," Alex says.

"Well do you know that they have no public restrooms Shane," Giovanni says, but it goes right over Shane's head.

"Yeah so, I don't have to go anyways," he says.

"That's not the point man, so what if you did, have ole Brad where you can go," Giovanni says smiling as Brad heads over with the drinks.

"Boy you are devious," Alex says and just smiles as Brad fastens the tray to the side of his window.

"Brad can I ask you where the restrooms are," Shane asks.

"Ah...we don't have any public ones, they are out of order." He says giving a glance at the boy's crotch.

"Then were are we suppose to go man, `cause I really need to go," and he grabs himself.

"If you come with me, I'll show you where I go," Brad says, and Shane quickly gets out of the car.

"Dad please stay here with Giovanni, and let me have this one for myself," he whispers, and Alex nods his approval as Shane walks away.

Shane is in heaven, as he watches the ass of the handsome quarterback, as he skates towards the woods. They move into the woods about twenty feet so that they are no longer seen from the drive-in.

"This is about as out of the way as you can get," Brad says looking around.

"Is it safe from being seen out here," Shane asks, looking around, and he sees that Brad is unzipping his jeans.

"Yep, I go here all the time when I have to go," he says, as he takes out his cock, and releases his piss on the ground.

His cock is around five or six inches soft and cut, and fat, as Shane watches the boy piss. He undoes his own jeans and takes out his cock, and begins to piss against a tree. Once he finishes, he shakes it a few times, but decides to jerk it off instead of putting it away. He looks over at Brad, and he is doing the same to his own cock, which has grown to a fat seven inches now. Brad's eyes are closed as he strokes his cock, and he is leaning against a tree. Shane walks over to the boy, kneels down in front of him, and takes his cock into his hot mouth.

"I was hoping you would do that," Brad says, as he places his hands on Shane's head.

"Mmmm," Shane purrs as he moves quickly on the young boys cock.

"Do you fuck Shane?" Brad asks, and Shane just nods yes, never missing a glide as he sucks on Brad's cock.

"Stand up then, and let me fuck your hot ass," he says,

Shane stands up and Brad undoes his pants, pulling them around his cock that is sticking out of his underwear. He pushes them down to the ground, as Shane braces himself against the tree. Brad spits in his hand, and rubs it into Shane's ass, then spits again, rubbing it on his own cock. He pushes his cock down some to position it to Shane's well used pussy, and gives it a shove in until he bottoms.

"Fuck Brad, did you have to be so fucking rough," Shane asks, as the pain of the assault overtakes his senses.

Brad lays across his back, and gently nibbles his ear.

"I'm sorry man, but your ass is so fucking inviting I just slid right in," he says, as he starts to pull his cock out, and glides it back in, only this time more gently.

"Never mind being gentle now stud, just fuck me so we can get going before dad comes looking for me," Shane tells him.

Brad straightens up and places his hands on Shane's hips, and begins to drill his ass for all he's worth, as Shane shoves his ass back to meet every thrust that the boy gives him. He pounds in hard and deep, and grinds his cock around every so often, trying to make this fuck last, but he has Shane walking a close line on the edge of his climax.

"Oooooh fuck... yeah... Brad... just like that," Shane, says as Brad grinds his cock around in his young boy pussy, rubbing his love nut deep inside.

"Fuck me, I'm cumming... yeah... harder man... deeper," he howls, and Brad grabs his shoulders now, and slams his cock deeper and harder into his tight hot ass.

Brad feels Shane's ass constrict with each shot his cock makes, as Shane shoots out his sweet boy cum, and that is all he needs to push him over his own edge.

"aaaaggggh fucking shit man... take it," and he shoves his cock into Shane's ass in violently hard and stops, and then he shoots, one, two, three and four hot shots of his hot cum into Shane's sweet boy pussy, and he lays across Shane's back as his groin pumps cum into Shane's ass.

"Damn your pussy is fucking hot Shane," he says, as he continues to fuck his ass even though his cum has long since stopped.

"You can sure fuck Brad, I have not had a fuck like that in ages," he lied, to make the hot stud feel like a king, and Shane turns to kiss him, but Shane pushes away and says,

"Hey man, it's one thing to fuck a fag, but I don't kiss them," he says, as he pulls up his pants.

Shane stands there horrified by the words that Brad just said, and tears rush to his eyes, as he bends to pull up his own pants.

"I hope you didn't think I was into you or something?" Brad says, as he turns, and there is Alex and Giovanni standing there.

"Ah... we were just heading back sir, were we Shane," Brad says, as he acts as if everything was just fine.

"I think you owe my son an apology," Alex says standing before the boy with his hands on his hips.

"For what sir, I really don't know what you're talking about," and he tries to side step around him, but Alex moves with him, and blocks his way.

"For calling him a fag is what, and treating him like some common street whore," Alex says looking the boy in the eye.

"Ah... sir, in case you haven't noticed, your son is a fag," Brad says, and Alex grabs him by the shirt.

"Well then so am I Brad, and guess what, I'm going to teach your ass what you just taught my son's ass," and Brad went white with fear.

"I'll have you arrested for rape of a minor," he shouts in defiance, as he challenges Alex's authority.

"Not if I fuck your ass Brad," Giovanni says as he steps forward, and he jumps the boy.

Giovanni holds Brad around the arms, as Shane undoes Brad's pants, and Brad begins to yell, so Alex pulls his handkerchief from his pocket and stuffs it in Brad's mouth.

Alex holds Brad to him, as Giovanni pulls down his pants, and strokes his cock to get it hard. Then Shane looks at Brad, who has tears flowing from his eyes now, and says.

"Dad let him go, this isn't right, and this isn't going to change how he feels about me anyways," and Alex releases his grip on the boy.

"Your lucky that my son is more of a man than you'll ever be, now pull up your pants and get the fuck out of here," Alex says, as he takes his son, putting his arm around him, and leads him out of the woods.

Once back at their car, Alex tosses the tray with their food on it over on to the grass, and he gets into the car, starts it, and they drive away. As they are leaving the area, he sees Brad coming out of the wooded area, and he just shakes his head as he drives away.

"Come on boys, let's go over to Al's on Williston Road, and we'll have some burgers and fries," Alex says looking into the rear view mirror.

"Sure dad, but I'm not all that hungry," Shane says, as Giovanni pulls his friend to him, and he holds him in his arms to comfort him.

"Brad's a user at school, and most of the kids know it, and the only ones that hang with him are his jock friends from the team," Giovanni tells Shane.

"Well by the time Monday rolls around, most of the school should know that the kid from England is a queer," Shane says, and he turns his face into Giovanni chest and cries.

Alex stops at Al's, and grabs some burger and fries to go along with drinks, and they take it home to eat it. They are just about done when the doorbell rings.

"I'll get it dad," Shane says, who is already up, and is shocked when he opens the door.

"Brad, what... how did you find my house," Shane asks.

"Can I come in, I really would like to talk to you please," he asks, and Alex enters the room.

"You have a lot of balls coming here," he says, but Shane holds his hand up to stop his dad.

"Dad he came to talk to me, so would you please leave us," Shane asks.

"I'll be in the den if you need me son," he says, and points his finger at Brad.

Shane offers Brad a seat on the sofa, and he sits down beside him, as Giovanni enters the room and says.

"I'll be with your dad if you need me buddy," and leaves.

"Shane... what I said earlier was very wrong," he begins, and he takes a deep breath before he continues. "It was cruel and well I am no different than what I accused you of being," and he begins to cry hard as he finally lets out his most guarded secret.

"Brad, you're gay," Shane asks, as he places his hands on Brad's hands.

"Yes, and I've lived in fear that someone at school would find out," he says.

"I have mistreated, taunted and even outed anyone I thought was gay at school, so that it would take any possible light off me," he tells Shane.

"But why not just stay in the closet, why hurt and out others Brad," Shane asks.

"Because I was afraid that someone would find out about me and my lover," and he froze, as if he hadn't wanted to even tell Shane about it.

"Forget I said that Shane ok," but Shane looks deep into his eyes, and says.

"Brad, if you took the trouble and time to find me and come here, then why don't we both lay our cards on the table," he says.

"I have my uncle waiting for me in the car," he says,

"Have him come in and wait if you want, that way we can talk," Shane offers.

"Oh no... ah... I don't think he would do that," Brad says quickly.

"Brad, why the sudden change of attitude," Shane asks.

"When I saw your dad defend you and willing to risk prison to rape me, but you were gracious to forgive, well it got me thinking," he says to Shane.

"I know this is none of my business, but are you and your dad... well are you...well never mind, as I said, it's none of my business," and he can't finish his question.

"Are we what Brad, lovers," Shane asks, and Brad looks at him and nods yes.

"Yes Brad, we're lovers, and from your reaction earlier, I would say that you and your uncle are also," Shane says.

"Yeah, but please don't ever tell, my dad would kill his brother if he knew that we were lovers."

"Listen Brad, I wouldn't say a word no more than you would about my dad and I now would you," and Brad nod no.

"So go get your uncle and I'll get my dad."

Brad goes out to the car, while Shane goes to get his dad, and both boys explain about the other. When Brad and his uncle come back inside, Alex and Shane are waiting for them, in the living room for them.

"Hi I'm Alex Fitzgerald, this is my son Shane, and this is his friend Giovanni," Alex says, as he extends his hand to the uncle.

"Glen Thorpe, and of course you know Bradford here," he says, as he shakes Alex's hand.

"Glen you know I use Brad," he says giving his uncle a look.

"Sorry bud," he says.

"So Shane tells me you two are lovers as Shane and I are," Alex says, bringing the subject out to the forefront.

"Yes Alex we are, and my brother would kill me if he knew that we were sexually active together," Glen says, as he pulls his nephew to him.

"How'd you two get started," Alex asks, but Glen gives Giovanni a look.

"Oh he's fine, I have fucked his ass so much today I'm surprise he can sit," and Giovanni blushes.

"He's waiting for his brother to pick him up, he has to work tonight," Alex tells Glen.

"Well it started like you read in the stories online, by accident, but in our case it did. Three years ago when Brad was thirteen and I was sixteen, yeah I'm a change in life baby for my parents, and he and I were at summer camp together. We shared the same cabin being relatives, and since our names were close to the end of the alphabet, it was just the two of us in the last cabin, with our cabin master. He was twenty-five and had his own room and we shared our room, but we also had to share this old bed. Well being old enough to stay out with the older kids, I was off one night, and Brad here has to stay back at the cabin with old Tom. Why don't you tell them how Tom came to be your fuck buddy Brad," he says.

"Well as he said, he got to hang out with the older kids, and I was alone back with Tom at the cabin, and we were sitting in his room watching a TV show," he starts out telling us.

"We are sitting on his bed, leaning against the wall, and he has his arm around my shoulder with me just resting against his chest. It was all harmless and all, until his hand started to play with my little nipple, oh yeah it was very humid that night, so we were sitting in just our underwear also. Well as I said, he started playing with my nipple, running his finger softly around it, and every so often, he would pinch it lightly. I would let out a little mmmm, and he would ask me if I liked what he was doing, and it felt good so of course I said yes. Therefore, he told me to sit between his legs, so I did, and he started to play with both of my nipples now, as I rested, my head back against his chest. It went on for about ten minutes, they started to get very sensitive, and I told him that they kinda felt funny and wanted him to stop. So he started rubbing my stomach very soft like, back and forth, from side to side. But each time he moved side to side, his hand move further down my stomach until it was touching the top of my underwear. I didn't pay much attention until his hand slid under the waistband, and soon he was rubbing my cock. Again I let out a mmmm and he asked me if that made me feel good, and I told him it did but his hand hurt because it made my underwear to tight. Therefore, he told me to stand up and take them off, and I said that I could get caught and get in trouble. He said that he would also, so that way he would not be alone, and we both stood up and removed our underwear. He sits me back down between his legs, and is rubbing his fingers through my soft hair that is just starting to grow, and he looks over my shoulder and says.

"You have a big cock for a thirteen year old," and of course that made me feel proud.

"He grabs my cock and wraps his hand firmly around it, then begins to jerk it up and down. He does this for quite a few minutes, again I let out a real loud mmmm, and he asks if I'd like to feel something even better. So being no fool, I said sure, and he gets up, and lays me down, as he pushes my legs apart and kneels between them. He bends down and puts his mouth over my cock, taking the whole thing into it, right down to my balls. My ass just about came off that bed, and I shoot some stuff out of my cock, cum which I found out later it was called, and howled like no tomorrow. He sucked on my cock until it went soft. Then he lifted my legs, and ran his tongue down to my ass, and that was when he grossed me out for a bit. He began to lick my hole, and push his tongue deep inside me, and fuck that sure felt good. He had me wiggling all over the place, and even when he put his finger in me I was dancing. Then two fingers were in and I started to calm down, but the third, and I was a hurting puppy, until he hit what he called my love nut inside my ass. Well my cock stood up again and I was almost ready to pee I thought, as he wiggled those fingers around. Then he spit in his hand, and rubbed it on his cock, and then he looked at me and said.

"Now this is going to hurt some, but I'll find that sweet love nut real quick with it. So just relax and don't scream to loud because we don't want the other campers to come investigating," he tells me, and he pulls his fingers out, and shoves his cock in my hole. Well let me tell you, I screamed so fucking loud, that he put a pillow over my face, and he held there, until I went quiet. I was gasping for air when he removed that pillow, and he was fucking me like there was no tomorrow. I mean he was slamming his man cock deep into my ass, and my head was hitting the wall, because he was shoving into me so hard. I get feeling him hit my love nut each time he shoved his cock into my tight ass, no wait, he called it my boy pussy."

"You got such a tight hot boy pussy, he'd say to me."

"Well all that rubbing on my love nut got my own cock feeling real funny and suddenly it started shooting out cum all by itself, without even touching it. Each time that I would shoot my boy juice he called it, I would feel my ass tighten around his cock, then I felt his man cock swell really big, and he shoves it in me real deep and freezes, then he hollers out,"

"God damn kid your boy pussy has me cumming," and I feel his cock jumping in my ass and this hot stuff filling me.

"He just keeps on pushing in faster and deeper as if he wants to come out my mouth, and then he falls down on me, and kisses me. He shoves his tongue into my mouth, and moves it all around, as he pulls his cock out of my ass. He tells me I can't tell anyone what we just did, and as he is holding me, I see my uncle looking in the window at us."

"Later in bed Brad told me all about what happened. I told him how I heard him scream, and came running, thinking that he got hurt, and when I heard they noises of bed springs I knew what was happening. So I went around to the backside of the cabin, and peaked in through the window, that was when I saw Tom fucking my nephew."

"So when did you two get started," Alex asks.

To be continued:

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