Alex and Shane


B. Clark

Chapter Five

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Chapter four


"What is he doing," he thinks as he watches the man reaching for something.

"Fuck no...oh God no, not that," he says to himself as the man brings back a jar of Vaseline.

"Mmmmmmm," Shane murmurs through the underwear.

Dennis smiles as he smears his cock with the greasy ointment, covering the entire length of his cock. He grabs a huge glob and shoves it into Shane's tight boy pussy and Shane tenses at the touch. The man pulls his fingers out and looks at the cum that is on his fingers and says.

"So my little boy slut, someone else has been up your hot little pussy have they," and he lifts Shane's legs high into the air, positioning his large man cock to his boy pussy and with a mighty shove, he buries his cock to his balls.

Shane's eyes roll back into his head, and he passes out from the excruciating pain that runs through his young body, as the man rests balls deep in Shane's bleeding ass.

Chapter five

The dome light comes on, Dennis looks back at the door, Alex and a police officer is entering the cab through the two doors.

"Oh fuck," he says as he pulls his cock out of the passed out Shane's ass.

Alex looks at his boy tied and gagged on the bed, and tears fill his eyes as he strikes out at Dennis.

"Sir please, we'll take care of this," the officer says. "Would you please step outside, and let the ambulance attendants do their work," he says.

Alex steps outside with Kelly, and watches as the police take Dennis away in cuffs.

"Is Shane alright sir," Kelly asks and he sees how distraught his father is, and he holds him to him.

"He'll be fine dad," he says, as he calls him dad for the first time.

"I hope so son, he was unconscious and looked so frail tied up and gagged in there."

The ambulance attendants come out twenty minutes later, helping a very shaky Shane out of the truck with them.

"Dad," he yells, and Alex runs to his son, taking him into his arms hugging him tightly to him.

"I'm sorry dad really I am," he says crying, and he sees his brother standing across from him.

He motions for him to come over also, and Kelly walks over to the father and son hugging but stands back a bit.

"Bro will you forgive me for my rudeness," and Shane gives him a hug tight around his neck.

"Yeah bro, I forgive you, after all we're family right," Kelly says as he hugs his brother.

"We'd like to bring him to the hospital sir, his anus has been traumatized and a doctor should examine him," the attendant says to Alex.

"I'd rather he see his personal physician tomorrow if you think he can wait until then," Alex asks.

"Well I think he should be fine, but he really should be seen soon."

"Shane how about you let these men take you to the hospital and have a doctor examine you and check your back side out," Alex says, and Shane pulls him aside and whispers.

"Dad, I'm full of cum from earlier, yours and Glens," he says to his father.

"That was one thing that man said when he pulled his fingers out of my ass," Shane tells Alex.

"Well they can't prove it's ours, and besides, he was raping you so it's your word against his, and I'd feel better if you were looked at."


Shane is taken for the examination, and he is fine, just bruised so he is released.

"I cleaned his anus region of the man's semen sir," the doctor tells Alex.

"He was very lucky that more damage wasn't done to his young opening. He should be fine in a few days," and the doctor gives him stool softeners so he doesn't strain to move his bowels.

As they drive home, the three of them talk, and Shane is embarrassed by his behavior.

"Shane I know it is quite a shock to find out that you have a brother, especially after coming to live with your dad after losing your mom also," Kelly says.

"Also, why did you lose you too," Shane asks looking at his brother.

"Yes bro, last month to cancer and I miss her very much," Kelly says.

"That's an odd name for a guy, Kelly," Shane says as he notices how much he looks like his dad.

"Mom said she named me after Gene Kelly the actor," he tells him.

"Oh, I didn't mean to offend you Kelly," and he begins to cry. "I'm sorry, I guess I'm just overwhelmed by everything tonight," he says, and Kelly pulls him to his chest and lets him rest against him.

Alex watches his boys through the rear view mirror, and he smiles and wonders how this is going to change Shane and his sex life. Shane drifts off to sleep in his brother's arms, and not even realizing he's doing it, his hands gently massages Kelly's crotch as his hand lays on it. Kelly doesn't know what to do, he can hear the gentle snoring of his brother as he sleeps on his chest, but his hand is giving his cock such an arousing that the cock is pressing hard against his jeans fabric.

"Fuck kid, you are going to make me cum if you don't stop that," Kelly says to himself as Shane moves his hand softly over Kelly's cock.

He squirms in the backseat while he holds his brother, hoping that Shane will wake up. However, he doesn't, then his zipper is lowered, and Kelly's eyes go wide as he stares at his father's eyes in the rear view mirror.

"He isn't unzipping my pants is he," Kelly thinks as he feels warm fingers now touching his manhood.

"Oh fuck, he's fishing out my cock," he says and tries not to look down, because his dad keeps watching him for some reason.

Kelly moves against the back door, and Shane slides down now, level with his groin.

"Oh this is fucking great, now he's right at my cock level," Kelly says, and he can't help it and looks down and Shane is face down in his crotch.

"Oh my God if I move he'll get my cock in the mouth," he says again to himself.

He stays absolutely still hoping that Shane will either wake or not move further. He doesn't even seem to be breathing when he feels Shane's hands tugging his jeans down, he lifts a bit and the jeans and his underwear slide past his thighs. Before he can say or do a thing, Shane has his mouth buried on his brother's cock, down to where Shane's chin is resting on Kelly's balls.

"Oh," he shouts out, and Alex looks at him in the mirror.

"Everything alright son," Alex asks shooting him a look in the mirror. "Do you need me to stop son," he asks.

"No!" He shouts back quickly. "I'm fine, just that bump caught me off guard," he says.

"Ok son, enjoy the ride," he said, and he knew what his other son was up to.

Shane looks up at Kelly who is looking down at him in shock, as he tries to pull him off his cock. Shane sucks hard and fast on the cock, and Kelly gives up, leans back against the window, as he enjoys the blowjob his brother is giving him. Shane slows his sucking down to prolong the enjoyment and begins to suck Kelly's balls now.

"Mmmmm," Kelly moans, forgetting himself until Alex says,

"Did you say something Kelly," and his eyes snap open.

"No just thinking of something dad," and he tries to push his brother away again, and this time he's successful.

He quickly pulls his jeans up, and fixes himself. Shane sits up, angry with his brother, and sits on the opposite side of the seat.

"Everything alright boys," Alex asks noticing the sudden tension.

"Just fucking great dad," Shane snaps.

They get back home after a quiet ride, and Alex is exhausted from the events of the evening.

"Well boys, this guy is heading to bed," he says. "I have work in the morning, and you have school Shane," he adds.

"Kelly I think you can bunk in with your brother tonight, this way you two can get better acquainted. Tomorrow I'll see about getting another bedroom set for the third bedroom and move my office into the den," he says.

"I can sleep on the den sofa dad," Kelly says not wanting a repeat of the car.

"Nonsense Kelly, Shane has plenty of room in that queen size bed, and the two of you can get to know one another," he says.

"Now goodnight boys," and he gives them both a hug before heading off to his room.

"Well bro, I guess its you and me," Shane says as he grabs one of Kelly's suitcases.

"Lets go and I'll show you to our room," and Kelly reluctantly grabs the other and follows.

He follows Shane down the hall, and watches how feminine he walks.

"Damn this kid walks like a fucking girl, he'll have problems in school swinging his ass like that," Kelly thinks to himself.

"And stop staring at my ass," Shane says over his shoulder at Kelly, who turns red at being caught staring.

"You fucking wish I was staring," Kelly retorts.

Once in the room, Shane shows Kelly the bathroom, closet and where he can put his clothes until he has his own room.

"You can use the bathroom first Kelly, seeing how you're the guest," Shane says.

"Thanks bro," and he heads in with his toiletry bag.

Several minutes later, he comes out in just his boxers, and asks which side he can have on the bed.

"I like to sleep against the wall, so take this side," and Shane pats the side furthest from the wall.

Kelly climbs into bed as Shane goes into the bathroom. He is lying in bed with his arms crossed under his head, waiting for his brother and thinking. Shane exits the bathroom naked as the day he was born, and Kelly's mouth drops open from the surprise.

"You're not planning on sleeping like that are you," Kelly asks looking at his naked brother.

"Yeah why, do you have a problem with it," he asks.

"Ah... well I guess not," Kelly stammers.

"I didn't think so," and Shane comes over to the bed.

He climbs into bed, but he slides his naked body across Kelly's body, letting his cock rub against his brother's cock that is getting hard in his boxers.

"I see that you're glad to see me bro," Shane says as he pauses with his cock resting on top of Kelly's rising cock.

"Just get your fucking ass over on your own side bro," he says and pushes his off him.

"Oh sorry," Shane says, and slides back over on top of Kelly, as he reaches to turn off the light.

The room plunges into near darkness, as only the light from a streetlight illuminates the room. Shane pauses on top of Kelly and their eyes meet just briefly before Kelly reaches up and holds Shane's head in his hands.

"I've had it with your seduction bro," he says as his hands firmly hold each side of Shane's face.

"Ever since you got me in the back seat of the car tonight, you have been coming on to me. And besides that buster, when I arrived here earlier, I had the feeling I interrupted some sexual play between you and dad," he says.

"You're fucking imagining things bro, dad and I... why that would be incest," he says.

"What would give you an idea like that," he asks.

"I'm usually pretty good at reading signals and body language Shane, and you two sure were sending some pretty heavy language between each other," Kelly says as Shane slides back to his own side of the bed.

"Go to sleep and leave me alone ok," Shane, says rolling over towards the wall.

"Shane I'm sorry man, I know we got off on the wrong foot here this evening, but can't we start over," Kelly asks pushing over and snuggling up to Shane with his arm around him.

"No go away and leave me alone," he says and pushes back with his ass to push his brother away, and he feels Kelly's hard cock against him.

He turns quickly and faces his brother who is smiling at him.

"I'm sorry Shane, can't we start over...please," he asks.

"I guess," and Shane stares at his new brother.

The streetlight hits Kelly's body and face with just enough light, so that Shane could see his brother's wonderful naked, hairless torso that was wonderfully cut. He had six pack abs, a nicely defined chest, and arms shaped like a Michelangelo's David, and not an ounce of fat was on him, and oh yeah, green eyes like his dad. Kelly didn't say anything as he took his hand, grabbed Shane's chin, turned it toward him and slowly moved in until their lips barely touched. He then pulled away for a moment, looked into Shane's eyes and saw softness and approval in them. Kelly moved in again until his lips met Shane's again, but this time he pressed his mouth hard on his, and he opened his mouth to let Shane's tongue in. He took his brother into his arms, pulled him onto him, and they held each other tight, as their lips melted into each other, their tongues dancing around together inside each other's mouths in love's first kiss.

"Shane...I'm a virgin when it comes to this kind of sex, and for that matter sex period," Kelly says as they gasp for air from their first kiss.

"I'll be gentle my brother," and Shane kisses him softly.

"You're beautiful," Kelly said, and he couldn't take his eyes off Shane's face.

Shane smiled down at Kelly as he lowered himself on top of him, and their lips met once again. Shane didn't keep them their very long as he began kissing his way downward, licking his way across Kelly's hard cut body. He got to his nipple and his lips encircle it, as his tongue played with the tip of the nub.

"Oh fuck," Kelly said for this was the first time he had his nipples sucked, and the sensation was inconceivable.

He never knew his nipples could be that sensitive, and his breathing became arduous, as he held on to his brother's head as he made love to his sensitive nubs. While Shane's mouth worked on Kelly's nipple, his fingers were working on the other, squeezing the nub between his fingers trying to find Kelly's doorsill of pain. However, each time as Kelly's mouth opened, as if he was going to cry out, the pain felt was wonderful and he just wanted more.

"Oh fuck... yeah Shane... oh mercy," Kelly said quietly as his cock pulsated.

Shane stopped his attack on his nipples and moved down, running his tongue over Kelly's hard body following the valleys of his abs as they led him to the treasure trail. That lovely silken path of dark red hair, which coursed its way down to his pubic hairs, and Shane, took a deep breath inhaling his brother's soft musk. His tongue licking its way up Kelly's unyielding shaft, but his lips took over and latched onto his brother's cock, sliding down to his bush. Shane inhaled again, and then moved up and down coating Kelly's cock with his saliva, which made his movements move like moving on ice.

"Oh fuck, Shane you have me so close," Kelly whispered and Shane released his brother's cock from his mouth.

"Holy fuck that was great," Kelly said breathing hard. "I want to suck your cock Shane," Kelly says as he rolls over onto Shane.

"Fuck yeah bro," Shane says and his cock is pointing up in the air and was ready for Kelly. "

"Go for it bro," Shane says, "but be careful of your teeth," he says. "And don't take too much because my cock's pretty big and I don't want you to gag."

He put his mouth to Shane's cock, and repeated what Shane did to him, running his tongue around the head as his lips clamped around the head. He slowly slid his lips down Shane's cock, until it was pushing at the back of his throat and he thought he was going to gag. However, when he didn't gag, he continued sliding downward, until his nose was buried in Shane's pubic hair.

"Fucking A bro, you swallowed my cock on your first try," Shane, says as Kelly's mouth kept moving up and down on his cock.

Kelly loved the sensational feelings he was experiencing, from having a cock in his mouth. The sensations took over, and began sucking now more and moved feverously on Shane's cock.

"Stop Kelly, you have me close," Shane says, but Kelly keeps sucking his cock, like a kid unwilling to surrender his candy.

"I don't want to cum yet bro," and he literally pulls his cock from Kelly's mouth.

"Fuck bro you suck cock better than I do," Shane says, pulling his brother up to his mouth and they kiss.

Shane wraps his arms around Kelly as he lies on top of him and they kiss deep and long. Shane looks into his brother's eyes, nuzzles his neck before he whispers in his ear,

"I want to fuck you now bro," and Shane can feel Kelly stiffen, but he kissed his brother to lay aside his fears.

"Will it hurt much," Kelly asks, and Shane can see the fear in his eyes.

"Sometimes babe, but I'll go real easy on you," Shane says smiling and kissing him on the lips.

He moved way down to his cock and sucks it, and got him close to cumming again. He pushes up his legs, until Kelly's virgin rosebud was staring at him. Kelly was laying there quiet but Shane could tell he was holding his breath.

"Breathe," he says, and he could hear him exhale.

Shane ran his tongue in a circle around the outside of Kelly's sweet pink pucker, and gently nibbling on the outer edge.

"Son of a bitch Shane, what is that you're doing," doing Kelly howls loudly.

"Ssssssh you wanna wake dad," he says shushing his brother. "Haven't you ever been rimmed," he asks.

"No Shane, I told you I'm a virgin," Kelly says.

Shane continues to eat out his brother's virgin hole, and his ass is dancing all over the fucking bed. Shane is holding his brother by the hips as his tongue dances inside his pucker. Kelly grabs his cock and begins to jerk his cock fervently, as Shane ravages his pussy. Shane reaches up and pulls his hand off his cock, as he sits up between his spread legs.

"Ok bro now I'm going to get you ready," Shane says and he can see the worry and fear in his brothers face.

"I don't think I want to do this Shane," Kelly says as the sweat rolls from his brow.

"Just relax Kelly, I'm your brother and I wouldn't hurt you," Shane says and he bends down to kiss him.

"Ok," is all he says.

Shane reaches for the Vaseline, and he removes the lid. He takes out a big glob, and gently works it into his rosebud. Shane can feel the tension he has as he tries to slip a finger in. He bends down to kiss him, and while they are kissing, he slides his finger in. He works his finger around until he finds his prostate sending coos emitting from Kelly's mouth. Soon he has him moaning, and Shane slides a second one in and begins to work them around as he pushes in a third finger. After Shane had worked his brother's hole enough he pulled his fingers out.

"I'm gonna put my cock inside you now," Shane tells him, "just remember to relax, and to push out," and Kelly only nods ok.

"Here it goes," Shane says as he puts pressure on Kelly's hole.

At first, Kelly's pucker resists, but then Shane could feel Kelly's ass muscle pushing out, and his cock slide in.

"Ooooh fuck stop," Kelly yells, and Shane quickly covers his mouth with his own, as he tries to quiet him.

"I can't take the pain bro," Kelly says with tears in his eyes.

"The worst is over Kelly," Shane tells him, as he wipes the sweat from his brow.

"Once the initial head breaks through it's all downhill after that," Shane tells him.

"Ok Shane... go ahead," Kelly says and Shane kisses his brother again, with passion and emotion, and he slowly slides his cock in until he bottoms.

"You alright bro," Shane asks.

"Yes Shane and you can continue," he says looking at his brother.

"I'm in bro... all the way," Shane, says smiling.

"Fuck, this feels fantastic," and Kelly trembles as his senses are suddenly overwhelmed by this new sensation.

"Good because you are going to get the experience of a life time bro," Shane says and he begins to push in and out of Kelly's man pussy.

He was very close to his climax as he increased the force of his thrusts. Just having a virgin to fuck, and his brother at that made it sweeter and he knew how his dad had felt, when he had first had given himself to him.

"You ok?" Shane, asks as his rhythm takes over, and he can feel Kelly's edge quickly approaching.

"Fuck yeah... fuck me bro harder and deeper," he says, and his breathing is very hard and fast as he begins to jerk his cock to the rhythm that Shane is fucking him.

Shane pushes his hand away and moves his cock away from his sweet nut, and Kelly's edge subsides as Shane's builds. He pounds his brother's ass with the passion, fury and raw emotion that the two boys are feeling, and he feels himself slipping over the edge.

"Ooooh fuuuuuck!" Shane howls out, not caring now if his dad hears or not.

"I'm...cumming," and he shoots as surge of sweet cum deep into his brother's burning ass.

"Fuck me Shane... give me that fucking cum," Kelly wails, as he feels his brother's cum flood his burning love canal.

"Ooooooh ... shiiiiiit... yeah more... I'm cumming," and he too, now shoots his cum onto his chest.

Kelly is riding his brother's cock with violent thrusts up as Shane thrusts deep into Kelly's wanting ass, both boys surrendering their cum to one another, until they feel the ebbing of their sexual culmination, and with it the sweet afterglow. Shane slowly slides his cock from his brother's ass, and lies beside him.

"How was that bro," Shane asks as they both finally regain normal breathing.

"That was fucking far out man, like nothing I've ever experienced," Kelly says.

"Ah...Shane, I thought you closed our door," Kelly asks, noticing the bedroom door opened halfway.

Shane looks over at the door, and sees that it is slightly opened.

"I wonder how that got opened," he asks.

"I opened it when your howling and fucking kept me from sleeping," Alex says from a chair in the corner.

"Dad," Kelly yells in surprise as he grabs the sheet to cover his nakedness.

"There's no need to bother covering up now Kelly," Alex says, as he walks over to the bed, and he is as naked as the boys are.

"I've been sitting there watching you two fuck for ten minutes now," he tells him, and Kelly covers his face.

"Oh fuck dad, I'm so sorry," Kelly says, but Shane moves over to let his father climb in between them.

"Kelly look at me son," Alex says but his son refuses, because of his shame.

Shane pulls his dad into a kiss, and they kiss passionately with Alex lying on Shane. Kelly, noting the sudden silence, lowers the sheet to just past his eyes. He watches his dad and Shane kissing, and then he lowers the sheet. He slides over closer to them to watch them kiss, and Alex moves across Kelly's chest to his mouth. He presses his mouth to Kelly's, and Kelly opens his mouth to his tongue. Father and son kiss their first kiss in the lust of the moment, as Kelly wraps his arms around his dad. Alex slides over to where he is on top of Kelly, cock to cock, and mouth to mouth, and he breaks their kiss and says,

"Are you alright with this son," as he looks into Kelly's eyes.

"Yeah dad, I want your seed that made Shane and me in me," he says and smiles.

"Are you cool with this bro," Kelly asks looking over at Shane, who is lying on his side watching them.

"Yeah bro, this is going to be so fucking hot watching dad fuck you," he says. "Just remember relax bro and breathe," Shane says and laughs.

"I can take it from here bro," and he kisses Alex as he lifts his legs, wrapping them around his waist.

"Fuck your son," he whispers in his ear, and gently bites it.

Alex slides his cock into Kelly's cum lubed hole, as the cum from Shane allows it to slide in with ease as they kiss.

"Mmmm yeah dad, now fuck me like the man that you are," Kelly says, and Alex sees the fire that is now in his son's eyes.

"Why you fucking little whore, Shane has turned you into a fucking sex machine hasn't he," and Alex glances over at a smiling Shane.

"Yeah dad, now less talk and more fucking," he says, and Alex lifts up pulling his cock all the way out before slamming it back into Kelly's cum soaked ass.

"Yeah man, now fuck me like that and we're good to go dad," and Alex smiles at him.

"So you like it rough do you, then rough it is," as he slaps his son's ass hard several times.

Kelly emits screams and howls as Alex slaps his ass, as the two men fuck. Shane gets up and goes to his desk, and comes back with a set of nipple clamps. He fastens them to his brother's hard, erect nubs and he screams out in ecstasy.

"Fuck yeah... tighter... tighter...yeah bro tighter," he screams as Shane turns the knobs tighter, causing the clamps to squeeze harder on Kelly's tender nubs.

"Yeah... fuck yeah that's it," he wails.

Alex is pounding that boy's ass, as he slaps his ass with each thrust he gives him. Kelly reaches up and grabs Alex's nipples, twisting and pinching them unmercifully and sending his dad close to his edge.

"That's it Alex, fuck your son," Kelly yells as he stares at his dad in the eyes.

"You know you have wanted to fuck him since you saw him, now show him how a real man fucks, give me it," he screams and he grabs his dad by the hair, closing his fists pulling him down to him, and they kiss violently.

Alex bites Kelly's lower lip, pulling it out before letting it go, as Kelly holds him by his hair. They look like animals more than lovers do as they attack each other's mouths; all the while Alex thrusts his hips violently into his son's ass. He breaks the kiss, and Kelly slaps his face, hard enough to leave a mark, Alex looks at him and smiles, and then slaps him hard back. Shane beside them is jerking his cock, turned on by the scene he is watching.

"Fuck me you bastard, is that all you have," Kelly screams out in fury, shocking Shane.

"Is this the same timid brother I just lead through his first fuck," he says to himself.

"You want it whore, you got it slut," and Alex slaps his son's face several times hard, causing him to scream out in ecstasy for more.

"Yeah fucker... I'm cumming...hit me you fucking bastard," Kelly screams and Alex slaps his son hard across the face, and his son shoots his cum, hitting Alex's chest and his own.

"Fuck me Alex...pound my ass with all you got," he screams out as he almost bays as a wolf.

Alex is so turned on as he slams his cock hard and deep into his son's ass, shoving himself over the edge.

"Ride my cock slut, I'm cumming," and Alex shoves Kelly's legs higher into the air, as he shoves his cock deep into his pucker.

"Aaaaah Fuuuuuuuuck slut," and he shoots his cum into his son, as Kelly slaps his hard across the face.

"Rape my ass you fucker, fill my ass with your cum," he yells as he thrusts up with his ass meeting each violent thrust that Alex is giving him, as the two of them cum together.

"Oooooo... aaaaaaah... fuck bro I'm gonna cum," Shane yells as he strokes his cock faster, and he feels his cum rising from his balls.

"Shoot it on my face bro," Kelly yells, and Shane gets up quickly.

He kneels beside his brother jerking his cock violently now, and he feels the cum rising rapidly from his balls.

"Fuck bro... damn, fuck... aaaaaaah fuck," and he shoots his cum unto Kelly's face as Alex begins to slow down from his climax.

Alex buries his tongue deep into Shane's mouth, as Shane shoots his cum all over Kelly's face. Kelly has his mouth open as he tries to catch the cum in it, and then grabs his brother's cock and engulfs it, until his nose is buried his Shane's bush.

"Mmmm fuck dad he's good," Shane moans as Kelly finishes off the last of his cum, and drops his cock from his mouth.

Kelly pulls his dad up to him and takes his cock into his mouth, sucking off the cum that is on it. The three of them lie side by side, and bask in the sweet glow of their sexual ride.

"Kelly, you weren't any virgin," Shane says, once they all had calmed down.

"Because no virgin fucking does the shit that you did with dad and enjoys," he says and he notices that the tit clamps are still on him.

"And besides, virgins don't usually scream out for more, more, more of these," and Shane gives the clamps another twist.

"Owe stop bro, now that does hurt. In the throws of passion is one thing but afterwards these babies are quite sensitive," he says as he removes them.

"Now they'll be sensitive for days, and every time my shirts rub my nipples, I'll get turned on," he says.

"I have to try that," Shane says looking at the swollen red nubs.

"You already get turned on enough, you don't need stimulation," Alex says and they laugh.

"So Kelly, what's the story behind this violent sexual side of you," Alex asks, and tears come to his eyes.

To be continued:

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