Alex and Shane


B. Clark

Chapter Six

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Chapter five

"Kelly, you weren't any virgin," Shane says, once they all had calmed down.

"Because no virgin fucking does the shit that you did with dad and enjoys," he says and he notices that the tit clamps are still on him.

"And besides, virgins don't usually scream out for more, more, more of these," and Shane gives the clamps another twist.

"Owe stop bro, now that does hurt. In the throws of passion is one thing but afterwards these babies are quite sensitive," he says as he removes them.

"Now they'll be sensitive for days, and every time my shirts rub my nipples, I'll get turned on," he says.

"I have to try that," Shane says looking at the swollen red nubs.

"You already get turned on enough, you don't need stimulation," Alex says and they laugh.

"So Kelly, what's the story behind this violent sexual side of you," Alex asks, and tears come to his eyes.

Chapter six

Kelly takes a deep breath before he begins to tell them his story.

"Well no, I'm not a virgin dad, Shane I just pretended to be to throw you off," he says looking at his dad and brother.

"The truth is... my stepdad Don, was fucking me for years, and man the sex we had was hot," he says with a look that shows he reminiscing about his past.

"So where's Don now," Alex asks.

"He kinda went loopy after mom died, and is in a rest home back in California. He introduced to rough sex when mom became sick. I heard them talking one night as I lay in bed, and they thought that I was asleep," Kelly says.

"Therefore, mom couldn't make the stairs anymore and needed constant medical care, so she insisted on going into a convalescent home. Dad, he was the only one I knew until you dad. Well dad just withdrew, and it bothered me, that a man so handsome and young should just waste away like this. It was one month after mom had gone into the home; I decided to try to cheer him up. I walked into his room to talk to him, and he was asleep on top of his bed decked out in this leather outfit. His body looked gorgeous in all that leather, and he wore some pants that allowed for his cock and balls to be exposed, as well as his ass I later would find out. He wore a leather jacket that had chains draped all across his chest and these nipple clamps with chains dangling from his nubs. I stood there mesmerized by his appearance, when his eyes suddenly opened."

"Kelly...what are you doing in here," he said to me, shocked to see me standing there.

"Ah... dad...I," but I couldn't say a word Kelly says.

"He got up from the bed, and my eyes were glued to his cock, and he knew I was entranced by what I was seeing. You like this boy, he shook his cock at me, and all I could do was nod yes. He reached into his leather jacket and brought out a dog collar and he put it around my neck and locked it in place."

"You are mine now boy," was all he said to me.

I went along with him because I was afraid but at the same time excited, and I could feel my cock getting hard

"You will refer to me as Master and no longer dad," he told me, and pushed me down to my knees.

"Yes Master."  I found myself saying and looking up at him as he looked down at me.

"Bow before your master," he ordered me, and as I bowed, all of a sudden I felt his whip come down hard across my ass. 

I cried out from the pain and he struck my ass again, and this time I held my tongue.

"Now that's a good slave he said to me, and he grabbed me by the hair, as he pulled me up to stand. He fastened some clamps to my nubs that were attached by very long chains to his nubs, and commanded me to suck his cock. I knelt down a gradually took his cock into my mouth, and he forcefully shoved it down my throat, causing me to gag. He slaps me hard across the face, once on each cheek, and then shoves his cock down my throat again."


"Oh my God son, no one should have to endure such treatment," Alex says, Shane looks at him, and Alex lowers his head in guilt.


"Oh I didn't mind dad, I rather liked it, and to tell you the truth, it turned me on being his slave."


"Fuck yeah, but not the whipping shit, that part I don't like," Shane says.


"Well after several minutes of forcefully fucking my mouth, and orders me to the bed and after carefully arranging the chains gets me on all fours. He throws a jar of ointment at me and orders me to ready my ass for fucking. I had never been fucked and I told him so. Again, the whip for speaking out of turn, and he just that once prepared my ass. He comes up behind me, puts his cock, and its got to be eight or so inches long to my ass, and with a great shove he bottoms in me. I scream out in agony and excruciating pain, as he rhythmically begins to fuck me furiously now. My tears are flowing like a river as he is pounding my ass without mercy, and he reaches under me and turns the clamps another turn. I knew better then to beg for mercy, as I endured his violent attack to my body, but somehow I began to enjoy the fuck he was giving me. I started to thrust back to meet his thrusts and he would slap my ass each time he would propel into me. I felt a stirring deep in my balls, as he propelled his cock like a rocket into my ravaged ass, and it started rising, as he slammed harder into me.


"I'm cumming master," I wailed out in extreme ecstasy, and he started slapping my ass with his riding crop as I shot.


"Shot after shot propel out my cock and onto the bed, as he slapped my ass whip and pounded my inner sanctum with his cock.


"Take my cum you cum slave," he roars out with authority and slams my ass so hard that I could feel his cock in my deep recesses.


He shoots his hot semen and I can feel his throbbing cock as it shoots, filling me with his man cum, as he coated my inner walls. I am thrusting my ass up hard and fast to meet my master's thrusts, hoping to please him, as I finally wane from my own climax. Once his culmination is finished, he pulls from my ass, orders me to turn, and shoves his cock into my mouth, ordering me to clean his cock of my ass juices. I want to gag from the taste, but I knew better, and I suck his cock until he pulls it from my mouth. He releases the clamps, collar, and then orders me to leave his sight. I go back to my own bathroom and clean myself. So that dad, Shane is how I actually lost my virginity," Kelly says.


"Do you really like it that rough bro," Shane asks.


"Not as humiliating as he did it, but damn dad you sure were hot," he says.


"Well hot or not, I have work tomorrow and Shane you have school," Alex, says. "So goodnight boys, and welcome to the family son," and Alex gives Kelly a passionate kiss.


"Thanks dad," he says as he cuddles up to Shane.



The next morning Giovanni stops to pick up Shane for school, eager to share his news. Alex tells Kelly that he's at work until six, and Shane will be home around three. Alex leaves, followed by Shane shortly after, and the two boys can't wait to share their news.


"I want to tell what happened last night after I left your house," Giovanni says. "My brother took me out to our lake house and we fucked most of the night," he tells Shane.


"You and Stefano fucked, are you serious Gio," he asks.


"Serious as a heart attack, and it seems he's had this fucking love interest for me for quite a while Shane," he says like a schoolchild in love for the first time.

"So tell, who was that hunk in the boxers I saw when I picked you up this morning," Giovanni asks.


"My new brother that dad fathered before he got shipped over to England and fathered me," Shane says.

"And let me tell you, he is one hot fuck in bed and knows his way around in the sheets."


"Did he fuck you Shane?" he asks.


"No because... oh I didn't tell you about my rape by this trucker dude either," and Giovanni looks at him in shock.


"Fuck guy, you were damn busy since I left you last night."


They finish their stories about the previous evening and arrive a Richmond High School. Shane looks at the hotties that are walking in, and his cock is already stirring.


"Well buddy, I guess I'll see you at lunch," Giovanni says as the boy's part ways at the school office.


Shane enters the already crowded office, and he waits his turn to talk to the secretary.


"Hey you new too," this handsome boy asks standing next to Shane.


"Yeah, just transferred from London England," Shane says.


"The names Ethan, Ethan Riesinger, and I just transferred from Ohio, myself," he says. "Hot accent by the way," and he realizes that it sounds gay after he says it.


"Who's next," the secretary asks, and Shane steps up to the counter.


"I am ma'am," he says, remembering to use his manors.


"Well now manors, and what a charming accent," she says. "And very handsome to boot," and Shane smiles at her and he blushes because of her compliment.


He hands her his school records from his previous school, and she looks them over, raising an eyebrow occasionally.


"You are an extremely bright young man for your age," she says, and then she calls a young man over to the counter.


"Mr. Coughlin, could you come over here please," and the young man comes over to see what the secretary would like.

"Would you please review this young man's records, he needs to be assigned a grade," she says.


"Wells lets see...ah yes, he's fifteen, ninth grade," Mr. Coughlin says to her.


"Steve ah sorry... Mr. Coughlin, please look at his transcript, she says to him.


He skims over Shane's transcript and his eyes widen as he quickly reviews the boy's grades.


"Please come with me," he says and Shane follows him to his office.


"Wow, what a tight sweet ass he has," Shane thinks as he follows him to his office, and he stops and turns, giving Shane a shot at his crotch.


"Damn that man is packing in the cock department also," he thinks to himself, as he stares at his crotch.


"Is something wrong with my slacks," he asks looking down at his slacks, and notices how his cock is nicely outlined along his left leg and blushes.


"No sir seems just fine to me," Shane says smiling.


Shane and Mr. Coughlin review his transcript and Steve is very impressed.


"Well I can see that you were very advanced at your school in England compared to the states, so until we can set up some standardized tests, I can't see why you can't be placed as a tenth grader. Although your grades show you higher, I worry about your age. You aren't ready mentally to move up to a higher age group," he says.


"What if I test higher sir, you can't possibly hold me back because of rubbish as age," Shane says.


"Age is not rubbish young man, and I'll have you to remember your place," he says to Shane.


"I know my place and I'm entitled to an education and I shall fight this sir. So if you would set up those test as soon as possible and I'll let them tell me what grade I'm to be placed in, as well as you sir."


"You are an incorrigible young man aren't you," he says.


"I was raised to stand up for my rights sir, and you seem hell bent on denying me them," Shane says standing up and leaning over the desk towards Mr. Coughlin.


"You will sit down young man or I will have you in detention," he says.


"Sir I wish to call my father, for this is not right what you are doing," Shane says turning to leave the room.


Mr. Coughlin grabs Shane's arm, twisting it severely, and Shane screams out in pain.


"Ooooh my fucking arm," Shane cries out in pain dropping to the floor.

"Oh my God Shane, I'm so sorry," Mr. Coughlin, says kneeling beside him.

"Let me get the school nurse," he says rushing from the office.


A few moments later he's back with the nurse, she looks at his arms and sees the bruise.


"How on earth did he ever get a bruise like this," she asks looking up at him.


"I..." but Shane cuts him off.


"I fell getting up and slammed against the desk," Shane says looking at the counselor.


"Well I think you might want to put an ice pack on that and I'll get that for you," and she left to get an ice pack.


"Why did you lie Shane," the counselor asks.


"Oh you'll see as soon as she is done with me," he says and she returns with the ice pack.


Shane is sitting on the sofa and she sits the ice on his arm.


"Just keep that there for until it goes warm and you should be fine young man. You may be sore but I can't see any real damage," she tells him.


"Thank you ma'am," and she smiles as she leaves. "Ah...

Steve, you may want to lock that door," Shane says smiling at him.


He walks over to the door and locks it, wondering just what Shane has up his sleeve.


"I don't know where you get off calling me by my first name kid, but...," he says walking over to in front of Shane, but again Shane cuts him off.


"I don't think you are in a position to be telling me what to do Steve, seeing how you forcibly manhandled me," Shane says.

"When my father hears how you touched me and caused me injury, I don't think your job is going to be to secure, now do you?" he asks.


"Why you little blackmailer," he says stepping closer, and now his crotch is within Shane's reach.

"So what's your price kid," he asks, and Shane reaches out gliding his hand over Steve's crotch.


"I think we can find something to sooth the savage beast in me," Shane says unzipping Steve's pants.


"Shane don't, I'll go to prison for this," he says holding his hands on his pants. "You're just a kid and I'm an adult, think what you're doing," he asks.


"Oh I have been thinking about what I want to be doing with your cock Steve, now drop `em," and Steve releases his grip letting his slacks fall to the floor.


He stands there with his white fitted boxers hugging his frame, and the piss slit slightly opened. His blond pubic hairs are sticking out of the hole, as Shane motions his closer. He steps forward reluctantly, and Shane buries his face in his shorts, sniffing the scent of this man that is standing before him. What amazing legs this man has, lightly tanned with a thin coat of soft, blonde fluffy hair, so defined with smooth curving thighs and such muscular calves that Shane knew he worked out. Shane stands up and lifts his polo shirt above his head and off, and then tosses it to the sofa. Steve stood there motionless; fear had overtaken him as Shane runs his hands all over his hard body.


"Please Shane, we...I can't be doing this," he says trembling with fear, as he sees in his mind the police taking him away in cuffs.

"I'm sorry for hurting you, and you can be placed in any grade you wish," he says as Shane pushes him down to his knees.

"No... don't... I beg you," he cries as he stares up at Shane.


"Any grade Steve, even as a senior," Shane asks.


"Yes Shane, even as a senior," he says as the tears flow steadily down his face.

"Shane I'm married with a baby daughter, this would destroy my family," and Shane's heart goes out to him.


"Ok Steve...gets up and get dressed," he says, he gets up, and dresses faster than superman can leap the tallest building.


"Thank you Shane, I promise I won't go back on my word," he says as he fastens his pants after tucking in his shirt.

"So you want to be a senior," Steve asks.


"Yeah, and you know I can do academically," Shane says.


"After today, I'll never doubt that you can do anything," he says as he starts for the door.


"No Steve wait," Shane says, and Steve turns, "before you unlock the door, I want a kiss," he says as he puts his arms around the young counselor.

"And I want to feel through that kiss, just how thankful you are for what I have done," he says.


Steve looks intently into Shane's eyes, draw a deep breath, and gives Shane a kiss that is tender and passion filled that has Shane wishing that this man were gay. Shane opens his mouth, as Steve gives him his tongue, and Steve pulls Shane close, feeling the hardness of Steve's cock rubbing against his own.


"Steve you're hard," Shane says after Steve breaks their kiss and he turns from Shane.


"Please just wait outside for me Shane, while I complete your schedule," he says as he unlocks the door and opens it.


Shane goes out into the office and takes a seat beside Ethan, who is also waiting.


"You still waiting too, I see," Shane says to Ethan as he sits in the chair beside the hunky boy.


The secretary calls Ethan over to the desk, to ask him another question, and Shane sits there staring at the boy's firm ass. Even in jeans, he can tell that the kid must have strong muscular legs, because with a round firm ass like that only hard muscles could support that. He also like the fact that Ethan was growing his hair long, as his favorite group, the Beatles, wore their hair. He had wavy brown hair that just fell on his shoulders, and bounced when he walked, giving him a sexiness. The way he tossed his head, left to right, to move his hair from his face accented his soft features also. His eyes were a deep brown, woody and sensuous when they looked at you. He nose was long, but narrow and his jaw line gothic almost like a Roman God in appearance. All this boy lacked was the ring of laurel leafs around his head to complete the picture.


"Shane... are you alright," Steve asks rousing Shane from his daydream.


"Huh... oh yes sir, sorry I was just thinking of someone... err... something," he says.


Steve glances over at Ethan standing at the counter, and he gives Shane a look who just shrugs his shoulders and smiles.


"What can I say sir," and he smiles.


"Here's your schedule Shane and I hope that neither of us is making a mistake here," he says and Shane notices that Steve's shirt is un-tuck.


"Wet spot eh," and Steve blushes, as Shane smiles then turns away.


"Thanks ma'am," Ethan says as Shane walks up to him to say goodbye.


"Finally, I have my fucking schedule," Ethan says as the boys walk from the office.

"I need a smoke... wanna smoke?" he asks and Shane looks at the handsome jock and smiles.


"Fuck yeah, but being a jock you smoke," he asks Ethan.


"Yeah pot man, can't do this fucking scene straight," he says smiling at Shane.


"That's cool Ethan, but where," he asks as the boys exit the building.


"My van, I have this panel van that was my old man's work van. He gave me it when he bought a new one. Wait to you see how I fixed it up man, it's so fucking far out," he says, as they walk out to the parking lot.

"So what grade did that give you," he asks as the approach the parking lot for students.


"Senior class man, `cause my grades were so fucking high," he says.


"Are you fucking pulling my leg," he asks Shane, stopping to look at him.


"I'm fucking serious man, I'm way above their learning curve here in the states and I threaten to sue the school board if they didn't place me correctly."


"That's so heavy man, I'm a senior so we might have a lot of classes together also," he says. "Let me see your schedule Shane," and he hands his schedule to Ethan who compares it to his and smiles.

"Fuck man, other than advanced mathematics, we have the same classes together," he says handing his back his schedule.

"Well here she is man, my little whore house on wheels," he says as he unlocks the back door and opens it.

"Get in buddy," and he gives Shane's ass a slap as he gets in the van, something that Shane makes a mental note of as he enters the van.


Once in the van, Ethan closes it, and he locks the door. He climbs over Shane, reaching for a panel and flips a switch that turns on lights inside the van. There's a huge bed at the back of the van and the walls are paneled with carpeting, orange shag that runs down and covers the floor as well as the ceiling.


"Fuck Ethan, I feel like I'm inside of an orange or tangerine," Shane says.


"Yeah man, ain't it far out," he says packing a bowl.


They both sit on the edge of the bed, as he fires up the bowl and take a big draw off it before he passes it to me. Shane takes it from him and draws in a large lung full, hold it, and then slowly let it out.


"Here try this, open your mouth when I take a draw and inhale when I put my mouth to yours," he says, and just the chance of our mouths touching has Shane's cock getting ideas.


He takes another draw, presses his mouth to Shanes, and blows in the smoke as Shane inhales it. He has his hand on the back of Shane's head holding him steady, as their mouths meet. What Shane didn't expect, was because he had done this before at school in England with his friends, was Ethan's tongue invading his mouth. Ethan shoved his tongue into Shane's mouth, as he held his mouth to Shanes. Shane gladly accepted it, and dueled with his tongue for dominance, but he finally had to break the kiss because the smoke was beginning to choke him.


"Fucking cool huh," he asks as Shane coughs and chokes, and he rubs his back softly.

"You alright Shane," and Shane looks at him as a wonderful haze envelopes my brain.


"Can we do that again Ethan, but this time without the smoke," he asks.


Ethan and Shane take one last draw off the bowl, which is now spent, and he sits in an ashtray. He places his hand to the back of Shane's neck, pulling him to his mouth, and he presses his mouth hard to his mouth, letting his tongue wait now for Shanes to come to him and it does. They kiss passionately as he lays Shane back onto the bed, half-laying on top of him. Shane wraps his arms around him, pulling him fully on top of him, and their mouths are locked together passionately as the drug works its magic.


"Have you ever fucked stoned," Ethan asks staring down at Shane, who is running his fingers through the gorgeous jocks hair.


"No but something tells me that we are about to," he says causing a smile to cross Ethan's face.


"I was so hoping you'd say that man," and he sits up and pulls his shirt off over his head.


He stood up and removed his jeans, and was commando underneath. Shane gazed at his smooth muscled back and body standing in front of him, and he thought, here was the epitome of a Roman God in all its glory. Ethan has a powerful looking body and he had a very hot looking cock. He stood there in front of Shane almost tempting him to worship him as the Roman God that Shane found him to be. Ethan's skin was naturally tanned and smooth with a lovely treasure trail and pubic bush, curly and tightly bunched around the base of the nicest fuck stick. Ethan's upper body was tan and smooth with not a lot of body hair except for the pubic area and his underarms. His nipples were pronounced little nubs that stood out about half an inch on his dominant pecs, and very erect. However, what really had and held Shane's attention was the Ethan's six-inch soft cut cock with its pink head. It lay there commanding attention for all that admired it, and Shane surely was admiring this thing of beauty. He reaches out to Ethan, pulling him closer to him, and he slowly envelopes the cock that he was admiring.

"Ooooooh ... sweeeeet... fucking suck that cock," Ethan says as Shane wraps his lips around his cock at the base, and slowly drags his lips up the cock's hard shaft giving Ethan wild pangs of delight.

Ethan was moaning and groaning with desire as Shane's wet mouth services his cock and he could taste some of the sweet precum seeping from Ethan's luscious cockhead. Shane sucked that cock, driven by the high he was experiencing and the desire to give this boy the best sex he had ever had.

"You gonna undress man," Ethan asks and Shane stands, holding his arms up before Ethan.

Ethan pulls his shirt over his head and tosses to the floor with his; he unfastens Shane's jeans, and pushes them down to floor letting Shane step out of them. While he is still knelt down, he grabs the waistband of Shane's boxers, and pulls them down and off. He stares at Shane's hard cock that is dripping and needing attention, and he sucks the head softly to drink in the sweet elixir leaking from the piss slit, before he lays him back down on the bed. He crawls up Shane's sleek body and the two boys kiss in the rapture of the moment. Ethan fondled his erect nipples with his fingers until he leaned down and began kissing the nubs one at a time, as he listened to Shane moan and groan from the pleasure he was giving him. The buds on his chest were hard, as Ethan suckled on his nipples for what seemed like hours, taking breaks to his nose to his armpits. I would lick his armpits and smell the raw sex oozing from every pore of them. Ethan loved the smell of raw sex as he now moved down the front of Shane's naked body, kissing and licking as he traveled down towards the prize he sought. Finally, there it was again, the treasure, eight inches of rock hard cock, as he kissed the head of it and then enveloped the pink knob a few times before his nose became rooted in his crotch. He was sniffing his silky boy bush, seeking the musky aroma of a boy like himself. All the while Ethan was sucking Shane's cock; Shane wanted to impale his throbbing ass on Ethan's hard cock. He couldn't wait much longer much longer, because his ass was twitching and throbbing with anticipation. He was ready to let his new friend fuck his asshole, to gobble up Ethan's dripping fuck stick.

He was ready, ready for Ethan to fuck him and fuck him hard he thought.

"Fuck me man, I need that cock of yours deep inside me Ethan," he moans out, unable to wait any longer.

"I've never fucked a dude before," he confesses softly, and looks down at Shane, ashamed to admit it.

"Don't worry handsome, it's no different that fucking a girl," he says, "accept were you stick your cock," he adds.

"Hold onto the base of your cock to steady it and help guide it into me," Shane tells him as he rubs some spit on his cock.

Shane could tell Ethan was nervous so he pulls him down for a kiss, and as they are kissing, he rolls them over with Shane now on top of Ethan. Shane rises up positioning himself so his ass was directly above Ethan's hard cock. He prepared to lower his anxious ass onto it and as he felt the hot head of Ethan's cock, he began to push down on it. He gasps with pain, as the cock head slipped into his recently tortured ass, and he had to stop for a minute to catch my breath as he waited for the pain to subside. It took but a few seconds, because of the high he was still experiencing, to let his ass expand and contract. He worked slowly as he let his boy pussy gobble up the rest of Ethan's fuck stick. His ass was on fire with desire for Ethan's cock, and pain from last night's rape, so he waited before sliding the rest of the way down on his fat cock. His hands gently massaged Ethan's pecks, tweaking his hard, erect nubs, as he finally slid the rest of his cock into his ass.

"You feel so fucking good inside me Ethan," Shane says, as he rolls his ass around feeling his soft curls tickling his ass.

"Your ass is fucking hot and tight man," he says as his hands hold Shane's hips.

"Fuck me whenever you're ready handsome," Shane tells him, as he bends over and kisses the handsome jock.

He bites on Ethan's lower lip as they kiss, still pinching his nubs softly as he reveled in the sensations that he felt from the cock that was buried deep inside him. He started slowly gliding up and down on the boy's joystick, watching his face, as he saw the pleasure showing on it, and soon he was bouncing up and down pumping his pole as if he was riding a pogo stick. He was no longer in pain, and his own cock bounced before Ethan's eyes, so he reached out and grabbed the cock into his hand. He began stroking Shane's cock to the same rhythm that Shane was riding his cock to, and Shane began to feel his sperm churn deep in his balls.

"Aaaaaaah... fuuuuuck... cumming," he whimpers out shoots his hot cum all over Ethan's face and chest, as he speedily rides his cock.

"Fuuuuuck... can't... hold... cumming too," and he thrusts his ass up hard, shoving his cock deep into Shane's ass, as he pushes down on his cock, shooting for the first time in a dude's ass.

The two boys were climaxing together, as they experienced the fullness of gay sex, slowly drifting into that realm where they could bask in the sweet glow of their high and love's afterglow as they surrendered the last of their boy juices. Shane lifts off Ethan's softening cock, and he collapses beside him on the bed. Ethan turns as Shane does, their lips meeting in the sweet bliss of love's kiss.

"That was the best fucking sex I have ever had man," he says, as he runs his fingers through Shane's soft hair.

"I've fucked some pretty hot babes, but your ass is so much better than any of their pussies man," he says as he kisses his lips softly again.

"You fucking kiss better than they do, can we hook up again man, like after school," Ethan asks as he glides his hand along Shane's body following it with his eyes.

"Sure Ethan and I can show you another way of fucking," he says, as he thinks about getting the jock stoned and fucking his ass next time.

"Far out man," he says, as he pulls Shane to him, and they lock their mouths together one last time before getting dressed and heading in to class.

To be continued:

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