Alex and Shane


B. Clark

Chapter Seven

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Chapter Six


"That was the best fucking sex I have ever had man," he says, as he runs his fingers through Shane's soft hair.
"I've fucked some pretty hot babes, but your ass is so much better than any of their pussies man," he says as he kisses his lips softly again.
"You fucking kiss better than they do, can we hook up again man, like after school," Ethan asks as he glides his hand along Shane's body following it with his eyes.
"Sure Ethan and I can show you another way of fucking," he says, as he thinks about getting the jock stoned and fucking his ass next time.
"Far out man," he says, as he pulls Shane to him, and they lock their mouths together one last time before getting dressed and heading in to class.

Chapter Seven


The boys head into school, and as they check their schedules, the see that it's time for their English class, and Ethan makes a face, because he hates this class.

"I hate English, this has got to be my worst subject," he says.

"Not mine, so I can tutor you in if you want," Shane says as the boys find their way down the hall.

"That would be cool man, and then we could fuck after," Ethan says as he gave Shane a slight jab in the side and smiles.

"I think I created a monster with you," Shanes says as he jabs him back.

"I've got to piss," Shane says as the pushes the door open to the boy's room and the two enter the bathroom.

They stand at the urinals both pissing, and looking at each other's cocks, when Shane here someone go shhhh. He looks at Ethan and motions to him to be quiet by putting his finger to his lips, and once finished pissing he bends to look under the stalls. He sees a pair of shoes with jeans bunched up around them, and he motions to Ethan that someone is in there. He quietly walks over to the stall next to the occupied one, enters and stands on the toilet. He stands up to look over the top of the stall, and on the other side, he sees two boys having sex. One is also standing on toilet, as the other one sucks his cock, and when he turns his head, he is eye to eye with Shane.

"Oh fuck Cory," the kid being sucked says and he loses his balance and steps into the toilet bowl.

"A fucking damn kid just peaked over the top and caught us," the kid said as the door flies open and two jocks step out.

The one with the wet foot grabs Shane by the shirt and shoves him against the wall, as the other one grabs Ethan.

"You always look over at guys in the next stall faggot," he says with his face inches away from Shanes.

"Well I wasn't the one getting a blowjob now was I," Shane asks, and the jock shoves him down to the floor.

"No you weren't I was, and you rudely interrupted a very good one at that," he said.

"Well Derek, what do you say we make these two finish what you started," he says to his jock friend.

"That sounds good Shawn, and I could really use a good blowjob too," he says.

"Did you hear that boys, my friend Derek here is horny and so am I," Shawn says, "So guess who gets the pleasure of sucking our big cocks," he asks smiling down at the boys.

"Ah...we do," Shane stammers looking up at Shawn.

"That's right handsome, and just because you're so smart, I'm going to let you choice just who's cock you want," he says as they both undo their pants and push them down along with their boxers.

"Fuck Shane, you can take Shawn's, that monster would choke me to death," he says as he moves to his knees in front of Derek, and takes his cock into his mouth.

"Well I guess you are the lucky one that gets to suck my cock stud muffin," Shawn says moving his cock towards his face.

"Not in the open Shawn, let's go back into a stall," Shane says as he feels his ass twitching to get another fucking.

"Smart kid," he says pulling up his pants and following him into a stall, as the other two stay where they were next to the urinals.

Once inside the stall, Shane undoes Shawn's pants, and along with his shorts, pushes them down to the floor. He undoes his own, shoves them down also, and takes a seat on the toilet. He runs his hand under the boy's balls, grasping them firmly into his hand, as he swallows his cock down his throat burying his nose in the jock's trimmed bush.

"Fuck kid you sure can suck cock," Shawn says as he grabs his head, and starts to fuck his mouth fast and hard, cramming his cock down his throat.

Shane pulls off his cock, as he looks up at him he says,

"Are you going to let me give you the blowjob of a lifetime or are you going to just fuck my face?" he asks.

"Sorry kid, I didn't know you were so into sucking cock," and he let go of Shane's head.

"Go ahead make my day," he says and Shane moves back onto his throbbing cock.

Shane slowly slides down the cock, until his nose is once again smelling the sweet scent of this jocks musk. As he slides gracefully back up he thinks, six, no wait seven inches, and he runs his tongue all around the sensitive head. His hand is fondling the boy's balls, as the other hand plays with his ass crevice. He runs his finger slowly down the valley until he feels the sweet pucker at the end.

"Don't get any ideas about shoving your finger in there," Shawn says as he feels Shane playing with his pucker.

"That's a one way street boy, and out is the only way it knows," as Shane slowly runs his finger gently around it.

"They all think that but we'll see," he thinks to himself as he keeps sucking and lightly chewing on the boy's cock.

He pulls his mouth off the jock's cock, and Shawn is not to happy about that.

"What the fuck man," he asks. "I was so into what you were doing," he says.

"I need a break man," he says. "Hey Ethan how about we take these jocks out to your whore house on wheels," Shane suggests. "This way we can all relax and smoke a bowl before we drink their cum."

"That's cool," he says and the jocks agree, and the four boys sneak out to the van.

"I have some really cool shit in my locker," Shawn says, "We'll meet you at his van," he tells us.

On the way out to the van, Shane instructs Ethan just what to do with the jocks, so that they can end up fucking them. He loves the idea, and listens carefully to Shane's instructions, and they are both naked when Shawn and Derek arrive.

"Wow talk about eager beavers," Shawn says as he and Derek climb into the van.

Shane and Ethan undress the two jocks, as Shawn gets the pot ready. They sit on the bed, as he rolls a fat bone, and fires it up once it is rolled.

"This is pure Acapulco Gold," Shawn says holding in a lung full of smoke and passing it to Shane, who takes a draw before handing it to Ethan.

"Open up Derek," and he inverts the joint in his mouth, and puts his mouth to Derek's as he blows the smoke into his mouth, pressing his mouth tight to his.

Once he breaks, he hands it back to Shane, who does the same but only without the joint. Open up Shawn, and Shane takes a wicked draw, and places his mouth over Shawn's. He lets the smoke drift in along with his tongue, and he dances with Shawn's until he catches on.

"What the fuck man, that's not how you do it," he says, as he wipes his mouth with the back of his hand.

"That's a fucking kiss man, and I don't kiss dudes," he says giving Shane a strange look.

They finish the joint, and the four are totally fried, as the jocks lie back waiting for their blowjobs. Shane and Ethan get between the jocks spread legs, and give each other a wink, before they go down on the boy's waiting cocks. They are both sucking their cocks hard and fast, as the try to get the stoned boy's cocks hard again. Shane fondles Shawn's balls as he sucks his cock back to firmness, and has the boy moaning softly. He runs his tongue along Shawn's long protruding vein, and he nibbles gently on the head, bringing Shawn closer to his edge.

"Fuck man, you got me dancing on the edge," and Shane pulls off causing him to crow out in anger.

"What the fuck did you stop for," he yells, as Shane takes his balls one at a time into his mouth. He rolls them around, causing him to moan again, as he feels his balls slowly pulling up. He lifts up Shawn's legs, and runs his tongue to that area just behind his balls, and Shawn goes wild in ecstasy.

"Fuck kid what are you doing to me," he howls as he now pulls his legs back for Shane to get more access to whatever he's doing. Shane runs his tongue all around his sweet pucker, and he can tell that Shawn is in his hands. He pushes his tongue deep into his rosebud, and Shawn crows out in delight as Shane fucks the young jock's ass with his tongue.

"Ooooh... fuuuuuck... yeaaaaah," he croons as Shane slowly fucks and rims his ass.

Derek is also in fucking heaven as Ethan rims his ass, and already he has two fingers in his ass. Shane slowly eases a finger into his Shawn's ass, and he tenses some once he feels it enter. Shane finds Shawn's prostate, and begins to rub it gently, and he gets just the result he wanted.

"Ooooooh... fuuuuuck ...yeaaaaah don't... stop please don't stop," he moans out softly, barely able to speak and Shane puts another finger in.

He rolls his fingers around, as he prepares the young jocks ass for the fucking he'll soon be getting, and he glances over at Ethan who is now sucking Derek's cock as his fingers furiously fuck the young boy's ass.

"Ooooooh... fuuuuuck... me... please," Derek begs, and Ethan quickly slides his cock into his ready ass.

"Ooooooh... fuuuuuck ... I... can't," he screams out in pain, but Ethan kisses him as he continues to slide his cock in.

"What the fuck Derek, you're letting him fuck you," Shawn says, and Shane rubs his prostate harder, causing him to drop over the edge.

"Fuuuuuck... cuuuuuuumming," and Shane pounces on his cock as he shoves two more fingers in his ass.

He sucks the jocks cock as he shoots his cum into his mouth, and Shane is fucking his ass with his four fingers. As the boy starts to surrender, the last of his sweet cum, Shane spits his cum from his mouth in his hand and rubs it on his cock. Shawn is laying there with his legs still on Shane's shoulders, as Shane pushes his cock deep into the jock's pussy.

"What the fuck you doing man, stop... don't... that fucking kills," he stammers out as Shane bottoms in his ass.

"Time to repay the favor sweetie," Shane says as he pulls out some and shoves his cock back in.

"Oh fuck Shawn this is fucking far out," Derek says as he thrusts up to meet Ethan's thrusts, as the two boys draw close to their edge.

"Relax and enjoy it Shawn," he tells his friend.

Shane is sliding in and out of Shawn's ass now, as looks into the jocks eyes. He stares intently at the boy under him and soon Shawn surrenders to the delight he is feeling. He shoves his ass up as Shane fucks him hard and deep, his cock rubbing his prostate each time, bringing him close to another edge.

"Fuck me Shane... harder man... deeper," he yells as he grabs Shane's hips, pulling him into him as he rocks his own hips.

He feels his climax building, and now Derek and Ethan are watching them, having finished their lovemaking.

"Fuck me Shane, I'm cumming," and then Derek drops down on Shawn's cock, drinking his cum as he shoots his cum down his throat.

"Mmmmm," Derek moans as he sucks hard and fast on his cock.

"Fuuuuuuuuck...cummmming," Shane yells out as he blasts his cum deep into his jock's ass.

They are heaving and thrusting as Shane shoots his cum deep into his ass surrendering all he has, to the jock that just thirty minutes ago wouldn't let a finger in his ass. Once Shane is spent, he collapses on Shawn, pressing his mouth to his. Shane presses his tongue to Shawn's lips, and he opens, letting his tongue in. The two boys kiss, their tongues dueling for dominance as their afterglow carries them away.

"That was pretty sneaky Shane, what you did," Shawn says with Shane's cock still in his ass.

"I gotta admit, I like that full feeling your cock has," and Shane gives it another push in. "Yeah man, got another fuck in you kid," he asks.

"I always have a fuck in my balls for you jocks," he says as he begins to move his cock in and out of Shawn's ass slowly.

"Hey Derek, wanna try my ass," Ethan asks pulling the handsome boy on top of him.

"Fuck yeah man," and he slides his cum covered cock into Ethan's ass.



Kelly was lounging around the house, enjoying the fact that he now knew his true dad and he had a brother. He was still feeling the glow of the sex that the three of them had last night, when the doorbell rang. He was wearing a skimpy pair of shorts that belonged to Shane, and he had found them on the floor in his room. Instead of unpacking his own things, he had thrown them on instead, and he liked the way that it highlighted his cock.

"Hello," Kelly says opening the door, to see a handsome young cop standing there.

"I was looking for an Alex Fitzgerald," he says and glances down as Kelly's shorts.

"Would you mind coming in, the air is cold and as you can see, I'm not really dressed to be standing in the open air?" Kelly says and the officer steps in.

"I'm Kelly Fitzgerald, his oldest son," Kelly says and he gives the officer a quick going over with his eyes.

"I'm sorry... Officer Jeff Goodwin," he says and Kelly offers him a seat.

"Is there something that I can help you with," and Kelly is thinking like off with your uniform.

"I just needed his signature on this complaint against the truck driver that attacked you," he says.

"No Jeff, that was my brother Shane that was attacked," Kelly told him, he sits in a chair opposite Jeff, and as soon as he sat, his cock's head slid out of the bottom of his shorts.

Jeff's eyes went right to Kelly's cock and Kelly didn't bother to move, he loved the way he was making the young officer uncomfortable. He talks to a moment, and then leans back letting more of his cock slide out. Kelly soon saw the affect he had on Jeff, and he squirms a bit to let a bit more show.

"Can I get you something to drink," Kelly asks, and Jeff is still looking at his cock.

"Ah...a cock... I mean a coke would be good," he says, blushing from the slip of his words.

Kelly gets up, pushing his ass forward, allowing most of his young cock to slide out almost completely.

"Oh my God Jeff, I'm sorry for this," and he slowly repositions his cock.

"Ah... no problem... and it might be the shorts that you are wearing," he says.

"It could be, they're my brothers, my luggage was lost by the airlines," he says, lying to the officer to cover the fact he was wearing his brother's clothes.

"I had that happen once, and it can be quite a hassle," Jeff says.

"Come in the kitchen with me and I'll give you that cock, oh sorry the coke, silly me," he says, and Jeff gets up, and he has quite the wet spot were his hard cock is now pressing against his pants.

"I do hope I was the cause of that," Kelly says pointing down to the wet spot and Jeff blushes.

"You know fucking well that you caused it, what with your cock hanging out teasing me," and he takes the boy in his arms and pulls him to him.

"I could arrest you for what you did in there," he says.

"So cuff me officer, and have your way with me," Kelly says and wraps his arms around him.

"Are you going to kiss me or just look at me," he asks, and Jeff presses his mouth to his forcefully as he shoves his tongue deep into Kelly's mouth.

Kelly's hands go down to his crotch, and he rubs the hard on that is pressing, straining against the officers pants. He fumbles with the zipper, but Jeff steps back and undoes his service belt first. Once undone he pulls Kelly back into his embrace and they kiss savagely as their animal instincts kick in. Jeff quickly strips down and shoves Kelly to his knees.

"Suck my cock bitch," Jeff says as he holds a fist full of Kelly's hair.

Kelly loves the masterful treatment that he is getting, and he attacks Jeff's eight-inch cock with the raw savagery of a lion attacking its prey.

"You like cock don't you bitch," as he grabs a second handful of hair, and he forcefully fucks his mouth. "Eat my cock slut, show me how much you want it," he shouts and Kelly starts sucking harder on his cock. "Where's your room slut," Jeff asks and Kelly stands.

"This way master," he says and Jeff loves the innuendo.

Jeff grabs is service belt and follows Kelly to his room and once inside he orders Kelly on the bed. He handcuffs him to the headboard and then stands back to admire his slave.

"Now you are at my mercy slave," he says getting on the bed between Kelly's legs.

"Have you way with me master," he says and Jeff slaps his face hard.

"Did I say that you could speak," Jeff asks and Kelly shakes his head no.

Jeff sees the Vaseline that Kelly and Shane had used the night before sitting on the bed stand, and he grabs it. He grabs a big glob and works it into Kelly's pussy, and he rubs it all over his cock.

"Now slave you are going to get the fuck of a lifetime," Jeff says as he shoves his entire cock into Kelly's ass.

"Fucking-A man, that fucking hurts," Kelly yells out in pain and Jeff slaps him once again across the face.

"Did I tell you to speak... did I," he yells, and Kelly shakes his head again no, as his eyes fill with tears. "I didn't think so bitch," and he reaches down and forcefully grabs his nipples, giving them a severe twist.

"Mmmmm," Kelly moans out as the pain makes his cock stand, and Jeff twists them harder, pulling them out as if trying to pull them off his chest.

"You like that slave don't you," and Kelly nods his head yes.

Jeff aggressively fucks his hot ass and Kelly looks up at him as Jeff slaps Kelly's ass hard. Each time he thrusts in with his cock, he slaps his ass, and Kelly's cock is throbbing in the air. He reaches down, grabs onto his nipples again, and twists them painfully hard, making Kelly scream out in pain.

"Am I hurting you slave," he asks and Kelly shakes his head no. "You want me to do it harder," and Kelly nods yes and Jeff twists them harder, causing Kelly to scream louder.

Jeff releases on of his nipples and begins to slap Kelly's ass brutally hard. He thrusts his cock in fast and deep as he twists and slaps. Kelly's eyes are welled up now and the pain is surging through his body.

"Shall I stop slave," Jeff asks and slaps Kelly's face on each cheek.

"No master, I am but your lowly slave to use," Kelly says and receives another two slaps to his face.

"I didn't think so slave," and Jeff releases his grip on Kelly's nipple as he pulls his cock out of his ass.

He walks on his knees up towards Kelly's face and hits his face with his thick cock.

"Open up slave," and Kelly opens his mouth and Jeff shoves his cock into it, until his pubes are surrounding Kelly's nose.

He grabs two fists full of Kelly's hair and forcefully fucks his mouth. Kelly gags several times and Jeff slaps his face each time he gags.

"You're my cock slave, so don't gag," he orders as he pounds his face with great force.

Kelly accepts the brutal force that Jeff's cock is giving him and his balls begin to churn. He can feel his semen boiling within them as Jeff fucks his mouth. Jeff's cock begins to swell in Kelly's throat and Kelly knows that he's ready to cum.

"I'm cumming slave," and he shoots his sweet cum down Kelly's throat just as Kelly's cock explodes in a massive eruption of cum. "Swallow my sweet juices," he orders as he forces his cock down Kelly's throat, and his balls are resting against his chin.

Both guys are shooting their cum and Kelly is in heaven as he shoots his cum and receives Jeff's cum. Once they are both spent, Jeff gets off Kelly and undoes the cuffs. He lies down beside Kelly and takes him in his arms.

"Fuck that was one hot sex session," Jeff, says as he kisses Kelly hard and lustfully.

"Damn Jeff I haven't cum like that in years," Kelly says and they cuddle in their afterglow.


"Alex have you got a minute," Mark Hanson, his partner asks as he sticks his head in the doorway of Alex's office.

"Sure Mark what's up," he asks looking up at Mark.

"Well I'm in a pickle here," he says. "Denise and I had a family emergency out of state, and we have no one for Shawn. Would you mind keeping him for us until Sunday," he asks.

"How old is he, Mark?" Alex asks.

"Sixteen and he's really a nice kid but a bit of the jock," Mark says. "As long as he's fed and has a place to sleep you won't know he's around," he adds.

"Yeah buddy, I'll take him for you," Alex says.

"Thanks bud and I owe you one," he says. "I'll bring him over after he gets out of school, so you don't have to pick him up,"

"That's good Mark, and Shane will be happy to have another teen around this weekend."

The day progresses and Mark knocks on Alex's door around three-thirty.

"Alex have you got a minute to meet my son Shawn," Mark asks and brings his son into Alex's office. "Shawn this is Mr. Fitzgerald," he says and Shawn shakes Alex's extended hand.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Shawn, and please, call me Alex," he says. "I think that you and my son Shane will get along great," he says to him, and his face lights up.

"You're Shane's dad, I just met him this week at school," he says. "He's a great kid," he adds, remembering their fuck session together.

"Well I'm about finished here, so if you'll give me a minute to straighten up, we'll head get going."

Shawn says his goodbyes to his dad, while Alex closes up his office. Alex emerges from his office and says goodbye to Mark.

"Don't worry a bit about Shawn, Mark," he says. "He's in good hands with us bud, so go and take care of what you need to," he says and throws his arm around Shawn's shoulder. "Are you ready kid," and they leave the office.

They drive home and they talk about different things until Alex remembers that Kelly is now in the guest room.

"Shit, I forgot that my son Kelly is in the guest room, Shawn," he says to him. "I hope you don't mind doubling up with Shane," he asks.

"Fuck no," and he remembers he's not with his friends. "I'm sorry Alex for swearing, but I really don't mind at all," he says turning red.

"Don't worry about the language Shawn, the fuck word flies around my house quite frequently," he says as he gives the boy's thigh a squeeze.

His hand is hot on Shawn's leg, and it causes Shawn to get hard as Alex rests his hand a bit longer on the boy's thigh. Alex is quite aware of Shawn's erection but lets it slide.

"I am willing to bet that Shane's balls deep in his ass before they are in bed twenty minutes," Alex thinks to himself as he gives the boy a good look.

"He's probably five-five and going about one-sixty," he thinks. "And that fucking blonde hair and blue-green eyes must drive the gays crazy at school. And wow, what a fucking body this kid has, pure muscles for a sixteen year old," he thinks and his own cock begins to stir.

They are driving by a park, and Alex remembers that the public restroom is notorious for gay activity.

"I need to find a bathroom quickly, Shawn," Alex says seeing just what he'll say.

"There's a public restroom in that park, Alex," he says pointing to the park.

"Do you mind if we stop, because I'm not going to make it home," he says turning into the park. "I might be a while," he says making sure that Shawn knows he is free to snoop around.

Alex parks the car and hurries into the restroom. Shawn waits a moment before he gets out and heads into the restroom. He looks around the restroom and see's that they are the only two inside it, and takes the middle stall. He undoes his pants and along with his jock strap, pushes them down to his ankles. He is sitting on the toilet, and he begins to stroke his young cock. Alex is in the next stall, so Shawn maneuvers himself so Alex can't see his face. Alex rubs his finger through the glory hole, and Shawn stands up, placing his cock through the hole. Alex pulls it through a bit more before taking it into his mouth. He runs his tongue around the boy's cockhead and he hears Shawn moan on the other side of the wall. He runs his lips down the shaft, and slowly drags his lips back up as he applies pressure to the boy's cock. He quickens his pace, and soon he can feel the cock swell.

"Cumming," Shawn moans out, and shoots his cum into Alex's mouth.

Shawn is pumping his cock into the hole and Alex swallows each drop of cum that Shawn gives him. Once he surrenders, the last of his cum, Shawn pulls his cock back through the hole, and he hurries to get back to the car. Alex waits a few minutes before he also comes back.

"Sorry to keep you waiting Shawn," he says getting back in the car.

"No problem Alex, I was just dosing off a bit. Practice was hard today," he says and notices, along with Alex, a wet spot on his pants.

"Maybe you need to use the restroom also," he says and points to the wet spot.

"Ah... I just dropped some of the water I was drinking," and he holds up his water bottle.

"Oh right, but it looks like you were excited and started to leak," Alex muses with the boy.

"Yeah it does, and I'll change once I get to your house," he tells him.

Alex lets the subject drop, and resumes his ride back to the house. Once he arrives home, Alex notices that the spot has dried. They walk into the house, and find Shane and Kelly fucking in the family room. Shawn freezes as he sees his fuck buddy from earlier balls deep in his brother's ass.

"It's that Shane's brother," he whispers to Alex.

"Yeah why, haven't you ever fucked a relative Shawn?" Alex asks. "Besides, from the way you fucked my mouth back at the restroom, I would expect that you were gay," he says shocking the boy.

"Oh... you knew that was me," he says turning red with embarrassment for lying.

"So why not strip and join them," Alex says as he removes his shirt. "You owe me a favor," he says as he undoes his pants.

"Dad, oh my God Shawn," Shane says once he notices his friend with his dad. "What the fuck are you doing here," he asks as he pulls his cock from Kelly's ass.

"Hey bro, I was just about to cum," he shouts, jerking his cock to climax.

To be continued... maybe.

Let me know if you are tired yet of our boy's exploits or if I should continue at and thank you, Bernie.