Alex's Grandpa 2

Of course my little soccer player hadn't told me the playing time for Saturday so I arrived at 9.30, as the week before only to be told upon enquiring, that the Under 14s didn't play till 11.30.

I had gone to the shopping centre where we first met on that Thursday evening but I didn't see him anywhere. I had gone back to the seat where he had accosted me previously, but no sighting of my little soccer boy.

Of course my time wasn't wasted as I surveyed the passing parade of youth. Some had stunning looks but I felt that their personalities couldn't match up to my new friend.

Funnily, I was very sad when I finally opened my front door. I had really missed my boy. I was in two minds about going to the Marshall Field on the Saturday, but finally I agreed with myself that I would be there for him.

I stood around watching several other soccer matches. One was for real littlies, obviously under 10 and with very little idea of the game. It was really more interesting to watch the antics of the frustrated and volatile parents. They were urging the tiny tots along with a fury that would have angered me if I had been on the receiving end.

Another game was for those over 14, and some of the young men here had very well developed physics. Their legs were thicker and the general body development was exciting to see. They also had a much wider knowledge of the rules and tactics of the game, so it was much better watching. It was interesting to note the language coming from the mouths of these youngsters too. It was only surpassed by their fathers, and some mothers.

"Shit son, don't let the bastard get away with that. Kick him in the arse." I started to laugh. It really was a comedy.

Finally about 11.20 I noticed some of the boys from Alex's team arriving. Some had parents with them, and didn't seem to be at all pleased with their situation.

I turned quickly when I heard the voice I was expecting.

"You came. You came. Wow, that's terrific," said that angelic face.

"I said I would be here for you. Didn't you believe me?" I answered.

"No, its great. It's just that I couldn't get to the Mall on Thursday to tell you the time. When did you get here."

It was almost a plaintiff cry, rather than a statement.

I went to hug him but felt I shouldn't.

"Oh, it was ok. I got here about 9.30 and have had some fun watching other games," I replied in a sift caring voice.

"Oh, shit. I really sorry. You must be frozen. It's fucking cold today," came the forlorn reply.

"It will be ok. We can get a warm drink afterwards." I replied just as the coach came up to greet us.

"Glad you could come today. The team needs some encouragement. This is our toughest match of the round."

He looked at me with a puzzling face. I could tell he enjoyed the coaching, but the frustration of failure to win was gnawing away at his enthusiasm.

I was about to offer some advice, but restrained myself. It was his team and he was the coach.

Alex skipped away into the dressing room under the small grandstand, and came out in his football gear. His boot laces were a mess so I bent down and tied then correctly and tighter.

He kissed me on the cheek when my face came up.

"How should I play this week," he inquired.

"Just the same as last week, but let me suggest that you should attack from the whistle and try and score as soon as possible. That really demoralises the other team."

"Or makes them mad," came an immediate reply.

"just try your best. That's all anyone would want you to do," I added with some encouragement in my voice.

"I will. I will," and he was gone to join the team on the field. I watched as Alex chatted to all of them. I wondered what my little stiff cocked friend was saying.

The referee blew his whistle to start the game and instantly Alex worked away with the ball, passing and passing to one of the other players and within the opening minute he had breached their goal. He must have jumped six feet in the air.

It was obvious that the other team had been caught off guard, and their faces showed how they felt.

I then realised that it must have been Peter, the boy with the bigger cock and who was able to cum, that had joined with Alex for the move. My mind wondered how big his cock was and whether it was circumcised or left natural. I wondered also how many pubic hairs he had sprouted.

I looked up again just in time to see Alex and Peter make almost the same move as previously, but this time it was blocked.

The play worked back and forth throughout the half, without another goal being scored.

When the teams came off, Alex came running up to me. He almost kissed me as he said into my ear that my idea had worked. I suggested that he try the same move again in the opening minute of the second half. Then he dragged peter up to meet me.

"Hey, this is Peter," he introduced me to this bigger boy. My eyes immediately dropped to his shorts and I was sure I could see the outline of a large boy cock on the silk.

He looked at me and smiled. I broke up with delight.

"Your move worked grandad. Great eh," he suggested.

"Do it again as soon as you can in the next half," I proffered, as the pair of them skipped and clattered away into the change room with the coach.

That opening minute was almost a complete replay of the first, and 'my' Alex fired the ball straight passed the goalkeeper into the net. There was a tremendous roar from everyone watching. I even allowed a cheer to be released from my normally quiet lips. Alex looked at me and punched the air.

The opposition team where devastated. They just about gave up there and then. It was so amusing to watch the antics of the opposing team's coach and some of the parents. I was warmed by the laughing inside myself.

With five minutes remaining Alex looked across at me and then nudged Peter. I saw what he was doing and quickly they again set up their move and sure enough there was a resultant goal.

I have never seen such beaming faces on a group of boys. They where laughing and jumping and fisting the air as they came off the field at the end of the game. Alex raced up to me and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek. Peter came over too and he hugged me, almost kissed me and then said how great it was to win and beat these other 'fuckers'.

The pair of them raced off into the change room as the coach approached me.

He had tears in his eyes.

"I never thought we could beat that team, let alone win with three to nil. You have done wonders for these boys. How can I thank you."

"I have received my thanks many times today," I replied.

"Just to see those happy boys is all the reward I need," I continued.

The coach sat down beside me, grabbed my hand and just looked at me.

"Would you like to come on board with me and help train and coach the team," he asked, looking at me with a pleading face.

"I'm not sure I could devote the time," I lied.

Yes in my own mind I would have loved at that moment to have been involved with those boys, but I felt I had my friend in Alex and that one boy with a permanent stiff cock was enough to cope with.

Looking at the coach I did promise to be at each game in future and to encourage the boys.

Alex and Peter now emerged from the lower grandstand. They both raced up to where I was sitting with their coach.

"Come on. Will you shout us a hot chocolate grandpa," Alex chided.

"Can I come with you?" asked Peter.

"Yes, of course. Come on then. We have something to celebrate."

Our handsome teen waiter at the coffee shop seemed stunned when he saw both Peter and Alex. There was no doubt that Peter had a big cock for his age as it was very apparent, bulging out the front of his filthy football shorts. I noticed that he stared at the boys lower areas. When he looked up and noted that I had seen his interest, he half smiled. Then he pushed his lips together and poked his wet tongue through in a representation of a kiss. I winked back at him.

When I paid for our celebration drinks and eats I allowed my fingers to push hard into his open palm as I passed the money over. He looked at me and smiled. I knew then that he was gay, or at least had a keen interest in young boys and what their bodies looked like naked.

Quietly Alex asked me if Peter could come and have a bath at my house. I hesitated, as I was unsure of what could result. Alex looked at me with a longing face, so I agreed with his suggestion.

As soon as we were at my house, and Alex had shown Peter my little Alfa in the garage, they came with me into the kitchen.

Alex rushed down to the bathroom and I heard him start the water running. He came out wearing only his shorts. Peter went back in with him.

Alex shouted out, "come on grandpa. You've got to wash us."

What an invitation, so I hurried down my hall to the open bathroom door. The pair of them were in the bathtub. I could see Alex thin stiff cock. Then I looked and there was Peter naked. His physical development was advanced for his age. His chest was gaining definition and his little nipples were full and pointing out. Then my eyes dropped to his tummy and below. Yes, as Alex had stated last week, he had hairs, in fact quite a bush, but what really made my heart race and my cock inflate was his cock. There standing stiff from his crotch was almost six inches of delightful thick boy cock. He also was circumcised and his knob was much bigger than even my own.

Alex had the face washer in his hand and the soap.

"Come on wash us. We are really dirty today."

I grabbed the washer and soap and lathered it up to a frothy mass. I started on Alex chest and moved down just grazing the head of his cock. Then I did the same to Peter and his cock jumped when I casually brushed its bloated knob. Alex moved forward and grabbed the soap. He lathered his hands and moved over to grab Peter's cock. He started to masturbate him as I washed his pronounced chest. Peter lay back in the tub, pushing his cock up. I then noticed his large balls. Alex fingered under them almost to his arsehole.

"Turn over Peter," Alex commanded, and the boy rolled over in the water. His back and arse was a delight to see. I started to wash his back and then down to his twin globes and into his crack. He pushed his arse up to meet my hand, opening his crack so I could see his hole. I applied more soap and a finger to it and he pushed back more. My finger now pushed against his hole and slid in as he squirmed under me. Alex smiled as he watched what I was doing. He splashed me. Peter turned his head and smiled, then turned back over facing upwards. His cock was pulsing and Alex grabbed it and jerked him.

I then washed his tummy and cock and chest again. The washer now transferred to Alex and I washed him all over, and his back and legs. I cannot remember how long it took, but I do remember that my own cock was pulsing and dribbling out great globs of pre-cum.

I rinsed the boys off, checking that they were clean and then pulled the plug. I grabbed two towels from the rack and dried off both boys, making sure they were dry in their crack and cock and balls. Both remained very stiff.

However, instead of dressing they both rushed into my bedroom and through themselves onto my bed.

What a sight.

I think you can guess what happens next.

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