All Anal for Issac, a story by Josh Terrence


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This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter One -

At 5:55am I was laying on the hideaway in the living room, watching gay porn on my tablet with nothing on but my white briefs. I know that seems like an awful early hour for a kid who just turned 13 to be up and Adam, especially on a Saturday. But lately I've been making it a habit to be the first one in the house to wake up.

I had just finished watching a short clip of two college twinks who were really cute. The smaller of the two, a brown eyed, moppy haired brunette had taken the very impressive cock of his classmate on the hood of a car. Both of them were moaning in ecstasy, and watching them fuck had my already hard wiener tingling in my white undies. When the clip ended, the two cuties were in the middle of a sweet French kiss, and their tongues were dancing visibly for the camera.

Deciding to give into my desires, I played a longer clip this time with the same theme. Only this time, the twinks were in a backyard and there was a grill smoking in the background. In no time flat, the two were out of their clothes and in full coitus at the picnic table. Watching the hard, moist prick of a well endowed top invade the impossibly tight looking hole of the willing bottom made my whole body burn with unchecked passion. In the meanwhile, my hardon oozed with precum that soaked the pouch of my undies.

Five minutes into the clip I heard an alarm clock go off and I knew that my dad would be downstairs soon. That also meant that if I didn't want him to see me watching gay porn, I needed to stop the clip, and soon. But as I laid there, mesmerized with the action that was playing out in front of me, I decided to let the clip run a little longer. I could hear him upstairs, stopping to use the bathroom before going back to his room to make his bed. When I heard his footsteps moving toward the staircase, I rolled onto my side so that my back would be turned to him and my tablet would be concealed, then I muted the volume so that the moans of the two cuties wouldn't expose my naughty behavior.

I listened as he walked down the stairs, hearing him get closer and closer to the bottom until I knew he was in the living room. Acutely aware that he was looking my way, I curled my legs so that my knees were tucked into my chest and my underwear clad bubble butt was pointing in his direction. Taking my invitation for what it was, he walked over to the hideaway and gave my rear end a firm squeeze, then he climbed in and spooned up to my backside.

Good morning buddy,” he said softly in my ear, then he wrapped his arms around my torso and peeked over my shoulder at the clip I was watching.

Without taking my eyes away from my tablet, I nuzzled my soft cheek into his face, which was covered in morning stubble, and moaned softly, “Good morning daddy.”

What are you watching, babe?” he asked, letting his fingertips run up and down my torso and giving my nipples soft, intermittent pinches.

Gay sex movies,” I said breathlessly. “I had gay dreams again last night, daddy.”

Oh yeah?” he said with a proud inflection, and I nodded slowly as I watched the action unfold on the screen. “You've been having gay dreams all week, babe.”

I know,” I sighed dreamily. “But the gay dreams I had last night were the best.”

With that, he planted a wet kiss on my cheek while his hands roamed further down to the waistband of my undies. I responded by turning my head just enough so that I could pucker my lips while still staying focused on the clip, and was rewarded with a deep, tongue filled kiss that made me shiver. While my tongue was dancing with my dad's, he slid his hands through the waistband of my briefs and into their seat so he could get two handfuls of my plump buns.

I could feel electricity running through my young body as soon as his fingertips pressed into the fleshy mounds, then he began to knead my buns and our kiss grew more passionate. I could feel both of my butt cheeks being stirred over and over again so that they were being pulled apart, then pushed into each other forcefully. My crevice was opening and closing with the luscious manipulation, stretching my pucker in the process and getting it hot and moist. At the same time, the sharp aroma of my desire began to dance around both of us, telling me that my boypussy was ready for anything.

When my dad broke our kiss, I smiled at him and turned my full attention back to my tablet. He was still kneading my boy buns and I was loving it, especially when he licked behind my ear and blew into it. When he was finished tonguing my ear, he kissed his way down my neck, focusing on the nape while the tip of his nose teased my messy head of brown hair. After covering the nape of my neck in wet kisses, he began to kiss his way down my spine, slowly but surely, planting a kiss on each one of my vertebrae as he worked his way south.

At the small of my back, I felt his stubbled chin scrub my skin just above my blue striped waistband and grinned. He seemed to increase the force of his kneading, and I could feel his thumbs pressing against the outer edge of my pucker, which was being stretched and teased so perfectly. Seconds later, he stopped kneading just long enough to slide my undies off of my hips and down to the very tops of my thighs, then he resumed his kneading and I moaned with approval. I could feel his breath filling my crack and fluttering against my brown eye, then he pushed my buns open and his tongue invaded my crevice.

I started panting right away as the powerful sizzle of anal pleasures rolled through me. I was still watching the clip, and it felt like I was experiencing every sensation that the bottom in the video was enjoying. For three straight minutes, my dad's tongue worked skillfully in my crack, making me moan with desire. At some point, he used his right hand to split my leg and gain easier access, which only added to my bliss. My hard boy cock was pressed so hard into my pubic bone that precum was pouring down the front of it and matting my tiny patch of pubes.

Finally, he abandoned his rim job and kissed his way back up my spine until he had his chin resting atop my shoulder and he could see the screen of my tablet. As soon as I sensed him there, I puckered up and accepted another deep French kiss while his big boner began poking me in the butt. His right hand was still holding my leg in the air and I was ready for penetration, but he used a few moments to playfully tease me by running his glans across my pucker while he kissed me up. Finally, after a full minute of this, he pressed his tip to my hole and it blossomed for him. I could feel the muscles in my rear end working on instinct, doing what comes natural to a horny 13 year old boy who wants to get himself laid.

As soon as he felt my entrance bloom, he pushed in and I sighed into his mouth with relief. I luxuriated in the thrill of having my hole filled up with his entire length and thickness, then he increased the force of our kiss while he rested inside of me. In the midst of our romantic moment, I felt him begin to thrust and sighed again, letting him control the tempo of our ride while I turned my attention back to the clip on my tablet. The bottom on the screen looked like he was enjoying his ride as much as I was enjoying mine, and he was beckoning his top to drive in harder. Wanting my dad to know that I was in the mood for a forceful lay, I reached back with my hand and pushed on his buns as he drove in.

Getting the message that I was in the mood to be motor boated, he broke our kiss and focused on the task at hand. Soon, his prick was working like a machine in my box, giving me the hard rooting that I needed so badly. Not wanting him to stop anytime soon, I let loose with the occasional soft moan or needy whimper, not wanting to distract him while he was administering such a skillful service at my back door. That was the reason I was up so early in the first place, and the reason I had been up so early every other morning, too.

Of course, dad already knew that I would be up when his alarm went off at 6am. He knew that I wanted to put out for him in the worst way, and that my desires were strictly anal. On Monday morning he came into my room to wake me up for school, only to find me in the doggy style position, naked from the waist down and rubbing my aching boy pussy. After having my bottom seeded, I followed him to the shower and bent over for another round of gay sex before breakfast.

On Tuesday I didn't even give him time to make it to my room, instead heading him off in the bathroom while he was trying to finish his morning pee. Unable to wait to get him back to one of our rooms, I bent over in front of the bathroom sink and demanded that he service my rear end on the spot. Later that morning, while we were clearing the breakfast dishes, I felt an unbearable sizzle in my boy pussy and dropped trow for a rim job and a fudge packing that I just couldn't do without. Later we got in the shower and I coaxed a final ride on his cock before we had to be out the door.

On Wednesday he turned the tables on me by waking me up an hour early with a deep rim job, then pulling me up at the hips and plowing my horny bottom while I shivered with passion. At the breakfast table, he made use of my bare bottom by bending me over before we sat down to our meal and screwing a hot load into it. When we finished breakfast, he dined at my back door for an extended period, then we took our shower and he gave me a good rooting that kept me satisfied for the time being.

When Thursday morning rolled around he was too pooped from all of the action to wake up early, so I took the initiative and hurried down the hall to his room and got into bed with him. Dad likes to sleep on his tummy, so I simply crawled between his thighs and parted his buns so I could treat myself to giving him a morning rim job. When he finally came around, I waited for him to roll over, then I climbed onto his prick and took a much needed ride. After having my hole seeded, I made out with him until his alarm went off, then he put me on my back and did me in the missionary position. After a second seeding, we went downstairs to make breakfast and I made another pass at him. For my efforts I was treated to a long, pleasurable rim job and a deep dicking that I took while I held onto the counter top.

By the end of the week it wasn't a question that I would be up and in the mood for anal sex, so on Thursday night dad put me in his bed and drilled my boy pussy until I was satisfied enough to fall asleep. I woke dad up at 2am with a deep rim job that I was hoping would earn me some maintenance at my back door, and I ended up getting exactly what I was after. After putting me back down with a skillful lay, dad went back to sleep, giving his balls time to recover. Two hours later I was up again and feeling anxious for more cock in my rear end. Dad groaned a little when he felt my tongue working against his stink button, but soon the sensation had its intended effect and I found myself on my hands and knees getting plowed from behind while I held onto the sheets.

When he pulled out of me, he buried his face in my rump and ate me out, then he lined his dripping rod back up and treated me to an extended rear end service that sated me long enough for us to get some sleep until his alarm went off. While we were making breakfast, I took the opportunity to entice him with my plump bottom by folding my arms and bending over at the kitchen table so that it was pointing in his direction. He responded by sliding his rod back in and treating me to a hot session of gay sex that went on for ten straight minutes. When he nutted in my bottom, I moaned with satisfaction and he pulled out of me, then we carried on with our meal. He took the time to pump another load into my hungry rear end while we were in the shower, then we got dressed and got out the door.

Of course, we had sex plenty of times in between those mornings. In fact, we had a lot of sex, all of it anal, and all over the house. Every day, as soon as dad would walk through the door, I would be waiting for him with no pants on. All I had to do was give him a hopeful smile and a needy whimper, and he would immediately unbuckle his belt and treat me to a deep fudge packing by the front door.

He serviced me in the garage on Monday night when I wandered out there with nothing but a tee shirt on while he was changing his oil. It was chilly out and I knew that he had the garage door closed, so I dropped my undies in the living room and sought out his cock. After a pleasure filled lay in front of his work bench, he pulled out and playfully swatted my well service bottom, then he sent me back inside.

On Tuesday he was in the laundry room when I sauntered in with no clothes on at all. Putting on a little show for him, I hung my horny bottom out and let it sway from side to side in a sensual manner. For my efforts I enjoyed a marathon ass eating that had my toes curling the whole time, then he lined up to my easy access hole and slid his pole all the way in. Later that night, I curled up beside him on the couch and “accidentally” showed him that I was watching gay porn on my tablet. Getting the hint, he fished his cock out of his boxers and lifted me into his lap. When his length pushed through my anal ring, I sighed with relief and enjoyed a slow ride that lasted until it was time for bed.

On Wednesday we made supper together and I once again threw myself at him. After I took a long dicking by the stove, he went back to making supper while I basked in the afterglow. When dinner was on the table and steam was rolling off of our plates, we went to the bathroom to wash our hands and I eagerly put out for him again. During supper I let him know that my rear end was still horny. When we were finished eating he pulled the hideaway out and hammered my boy pussy in more positions than I can recall, leaving me sated enough to go to bed.

On Thursday afternoon, after he had already serviced my rear end by the front door, I followed him upstairs and demanded another lay. He responded by taking me to my room and tonguing my hot to trot hole while I squirmed and whimpered, then he treated me to a satisfying round of anal sex that put me to sleep at its conclusion. When I woke up, he was in the backyard working in his shed, so I hurried to join him. As soon as he saw my rigid boy cock and caught a whiff of the desire that was rolling off of my boy pussy, he got hard and I got myself laid again. At the dinner table I straddled his lap and treated myself to a cock ride while we French kissed.

Knowing that I was in an insatiable mood for anal sex, dad made it a point to be home when I got off of the school bus on Friday. As soon as I saw his truck in the driveway I hurried inside and dropped my pants so I could bend over right away. I had my jeans and undies bunched around my ankles and my backpack hanging off of my shoulders while I held onto the armrest of our love seat and accepted a wet ass eating that felt so good. When it was over, dad lined his long, thick pole up to my butthole and gave me what I needed. Feeling his powerful manhood running deep in my boy pussy was nothing but a pleasure for me, the way it always is, and I felt compelled to push back with my hips so I could meet his forward thrusts.

When my bottom was seeded, he helped me out of my backpack and pulled my pants and undies back up for me, then he sat at the table with me while I did my homework. Each time I would finish my homework for a different subject, I was treated to a deep kiss and a short rim job that served as my incentive to work for the next one. When my homework was finished, he bent me over at the table and treated me to an extended rear end service that brought the bottom boy out of me even more than usual. After supper, dad put me on the counter in the doggy style position and dined at my back door again, then he turned me over and picked my legs up so he could hammer my horny boy pussy into complete surrender.

Later that night, I found myself longing for another round of gay sex and quickly sought dad out. In less than a minute, he had me on my back on the hideaway, taking it missionary and kissing him passionately while I moaned softly into his mouth. My little boner was throbbing and dancing while precum practically streamed into my pubic patch while his man cock plumbed deep in my boy box. My head was spinning and my vision started to get spotty. I could feel my rear end flexing and contracting over and over again with the same time and rhythm as his inward thrusts. Out of nowhere, I let loose with a long, guttural moan and I realized that dad had once again brought the pussy boy out of me with ease.

After treating me to a deep dicking that lit my boy pussy on fire several times in a row, dad pushed his rod all the way up my butt and seeded me while we kissed deeply. I could feel my box filling up with his seed while his man rod flexed with authority against its trembling walls. I was breathless with the sinful pleasure that I had coursing through my little body when we locked eyes. I had my arms wrapped loosely around his strong neck and our tongues were still dancing, so I sighed into his mouth and smiled to let him know that I was totally sated. I saw his eyes shine bright with affection, then he began thrusting his hips again and it started all over again.

Less than a minute later, I felt my boy pussy quake with the first of several atomic explosions. Once the chaos of that first eruption abated, I tried to settle in for a nice ride but my boy pussy betrayed me and a fire spread through my whole body that I couldn't get control over. Realizing that I was fighting a losing battle, I accepted my fate and plunged head first into the flames of gay ecstasy while my legs shook uncontrollably on dad's shoulders. Fifteen minutes later, dad bred my boy hole for the final time, then he pulled out of me and held me close while I basked in the afterglow. My rear end had been thoroughly serviced and I was a satisfied bottom boy for the time being. My young boner was still pressed tight against my pubic bone and there was a constant stream of precum running out of it, but my boy pussy was in a state of absolute satiation.

I saw that dad was asleep, and I was pooped, too. Planting a grateful kiss on his lips, I drifted off to sleep in dad's arms and slept through the night for the first time in days.

The cool morning air was fluttering across the sizzling hot lips of my boy snatch as dad drove in over and over. His tempo seemed to match the thrusts of the action between the two twinks on my tablet, and I could feel the pleasure swelling inside of me like a balloon. My hard boy cock was starting to move around on its own and a long strand of precum was hanging off the end and swinging back and forth with the momentum of my ride. At the same time, my rear end was constricting over and over again around dad's dick, creating a luscious friction that intensified with each thrust he fed me.

And just like that, I felt my boy pussy catch fire and I responded by letting go of a loud, guttural moan that seemed to come out of nowhere.

Is my horny boy okay?” dad asked, and I nodded in the affirmative as he slowed the tempo of his thrusts and increased the force, letting me know that he was close. “Are you ready for daddy's load?”

Yes,” I hissed, wanting him to breed me more than anything at the moment. Just as I had hoped, he fed me ten more thrusts, then he slid his pipe all the way up my butt and squirted a high pressure load of cum that coated the walls of my boy box so perfectly. When his load was received, he fed me strokes of hard dick for another full minute, massaging his spunk into the walls of my satisfied chute while I sighed with relief. When he pulled out of me we shared an affectionate smile and a long, tongue filled kiss.

I love you, buddy,” he told me, patting my satisfied bottom as he moved to get up.

I love you too, daddy,” I declared with a starry eyed smile, watching as he got up and made his way to the kitchen.

Ten minutes later the clip was over and I was horny for more anal sex. So getting up from the hideaway, I wandered into the kitchen with my undies still bunched around the tops of my thighs and approached my dad, who was sitting at the kitchen table with his coffee and a piece of toast.

Is that all you're going to eat this morning?” I asked with a suggestive tone in my still groggy voice, then I turned and pointed my derriere in his direction. I smiled over my shoulder when he ran his palm over my right butt cheek, then I wiggled my bottom and he chuckled.

Are you offering daddy something tastier?” he asked, and I nodded hastily while he took the last gulp from his cup of coffee and set his cup down.

I watched as he used both hands to grab my waist and lift me up to the table top, where he put me on my hands and knees with my rear end right in front of his face. He used his strong fingertips to pry my buns apart, then he dug in, eager for a feast at my always welcoming back door. I felt him use two fingers to prime the outer lips of my chute, getting it hot and moist while he coaxed more flavor from it, then he dug back in with his tongue and my eyes rolled back in my head.

Less than a minute later, his chair shot back and he was standing up, placing his cock at my entrance and pushing it in with a groan. As soon as his pubic bush smashed into my crevice, he took hold of my shoulders and began feeding me deep thrusts of cock that had me whimpering with need. The briny aroma of my boy pussy was dancing around our faces again while he treated me to another rear end service, and I knew that this ride was going to be memorable for us both. It didn't take long for my messy hair to stand up and goosebumps to erupt all over my skin while precum dripped from the end of my tingling boy boner and landed on the table.

In the middle of our coitus, I let loose with a long, guttural moan that signaled the onset of my anal rapture, and he responded by aiming at my joy button and hammering it with deliberate thrusts. Moments later, I felt a powerful shudder roll through me and I let go of another long moan of ecstasy as my body melted down for a second time. My third and final visit to the isle of anal relief happened while he was preparing to breed me. Knowing that I'm a total cum slut, he called out that his load was forthcoming and I felt my boy snatch erupt with gay ecstasy while my boy sized boner pointed at the table top and drooled with precum.

While my final call of pleasure was ringing out, dad plunged his rod deep in my bottom with as much force as he could, over and over again while I experienced my peak. When he knew that he had serviced my rear end to completion, he gave himself the moment and buried his rod all the way up my butt. With my rear end contracting over and over again around his full length, he let loose with a thick load of cum that put the cherry on top of my fudge packing. With his load now received, I took nothing but pleasure in feeling him stay buried to the hilt up my butt while he gently rubbed my back with his palms and talked to me in a soothing voice.

Did my boy get all of it?” he asked, and I nodded happily. “You've been in the mood for it all week, haven't you babe?”

I nodded again, then I purposely tightened my rectal muscles around his prick and said, “I wish you didn't have to work today, daddy.”

I wish I didn't have to work today, too, Isaac,” he assured me. “I only have to go for a few hours, buddy. Do you think you can hang on while I'm gone?”

I shook my head no and relaxed the grip that my butthole had on his rod. Then, hoping to make him jealous I said, “I might have to call a cute boy with a big boner and have him come service me while you're at work.”

Would you like to have a cute boy over this morning, son?” dad asked, and I nodded. His only response was to smile and wink at me, then he slowly withdrew his cock. Before we went upstairs for a shower, he pried my buns apart and ate at my back door for a while. By the time he was finished rimming me, I was hot for another round of sex and his boner was standing at full mast again, so we hurried upstairs and I got myself laid one more time before he had to leave.

When I got out of the shower my face was glowing with satisfaction and so was my boy pussy. I wandered downstairs and got comfy on the hideaway so I could think about which boy I wanted to put out for. Truthfully, I wanted to put out for multiple boys, and a few men, too. But I usually only put out like that at school, or during school breaks like Christmas, Spring and Summer. I love putting out for dad the most, so my evenings and weekends are devoted to his cock.

When dad came downstairs, he was on his cell phone.

I'm walking out the door in about five minutes,” he said, then he nodded to himself. “That sounds good.”

With that, dad ended the call and sat on the edge of the hideaway. He rubbed my bare chest and caressed my smiling face with a gentle touch, then he leaned down and helped me sit up. He wrapped my small frame up in a warm hug, then he puckered up and treated me to a long makeout session. For three full minutes our tongues danced while my head swam, then he broke our kiss and told me what my chores were for the day.

Before you have a boy over, I want you to make sure that you load the dishwasher, son,” he started, and I groaned in protest even as I nodded in agreement. “Also, a couple of maintenance men are going to drop by today. The first one should be here in about an hour. I want you to let them in and they'll know exactly what to do, okay?”

Does that mean I have to put sweats on?” I asked, and he leaned down and kissed my forehead.

What you had on this morning when I came downstairs is fine, son,” he told me, ruffling my still damp hair with a smile. “Now how about another kiss before I go?”

With that, I melted into his embrace and we fell into another tongue filled kiss that lasted until he got up and left for work.


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