All Anal for Issac, a story by Josh Terrence


Author's note: This short story depicts sexual acts between males of various ages. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of any age, why are you here? If you are not a legal adult or if this content is illegal in your locale, leave now.

This story is a work of pure fiction. The taboo acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. All Characters in this story are portrayed by actors 18 years of age or older. This disclaimer applies to all installments of this story, past and present.

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Chapter Two -

With the house all to myself, I turned the big screen on and streamed porn from my tablet while I sat cross-legged on the hideaway and considered the anal sex I had been craving and receiving over the past week. It's not that I'm normally a saint, or that my desire to have my bottom serviced hadn't existed before. In fact, if anything, I'm probably a more experienced bottom than the twinks I was watching on the TV. I've been having anal sex since I turned 10, and before that I was an already out and proud gay boy at home and in some circles at school.

It's just that lately I can't seem to get enough cock in a day to tamp down my craving for it. When I'm not riding my dad's trophy at home, I'm usually making a pass at a teacher at school or one of our neighbors. I've bent over for so many different men over the years that I decided to stop keeping count when I was 11 and just enjoy myself. Dad teases me about my proclivity for riding man cocks by calling me his little size queen, but I know he's only doing it in fun.

When it comes to boys, I'm not very picky at all. For the most part, I'll bend over or pull my knees to my chest for any cutie with a hard cock. At school I'm known for my love of anal sex anywhere I can get it. I've taken it up the butt in the boy's bathroom, in the boy's locker room, behind buildings and even in some much riskier places.

Like the time I got laid by three boys in the back of the school bus when I was 12. We had a substitute driver that day and the kids were rowdy before we even pulled away from the school. While they were throwing paper and spit wads, she was looking everywhere but the last bench, where I had pulled my pants down and put my rear end in the air for anyone to use. Three really cute 13 year olds took turns drilling my hole while I grinned over my shoulder and shivered with delight, then I pulled my pants up and sat still like a good boy. When we got to my stop the bus driver thanked me for behaving myself. With a cum laden boy pussy and a sharp stink rolling off of me, I smiled and nodded, then I winked at the three cuties who serviced my bottom before un-boarding.

And then there was the time in sixth grade when I ate a boy's ass in homeroom. Our teacher had a stack of papers to grade and announced that we had a free period to study or do homework from another class. I was sitting next to a cute boy named Conner and I dared him to let me lick his butthole out. A few of the boys sitting around us dared him to let me do it too. With a cute smile and a nod, he bravely unbuttoned his trousers, then he stood up and pretended to rummage through his backpack while I squatted behind him and feasted greedily for as long as he would let me.

As thoughts of the many cocks I had to choose from ran through my mind, a heavy knock at the door snapped me back into the moment. I looked down at my crotch and realized that my boy boner was fully transparent through the white pouch of my undies. I figured that there was nothing to do about it at that point, so I closed my porn and got up from the couch to open the door.

I have to admit that a soft moan escaped my lips when I set my eyes on the sculpted Adonis standing on the front porch. He was about 25 or 26 years old with blonde curls and luscious red lips. He was wearing a pair of gray sweatpants and a dark blue tee shirt that showed off his pecks and his trim waistline. I couldn't help but ogle him, even as he stood staring at me, waiting for me to let him in.

I'm sorry, am I at the right address?” he asked, and I just nodded.

Are you the maintenance man?” I asked, and he nodded with an amused smile.

You must be Isaac,” he said, and I nodded again. “My name is Bill. Your dad asked me to stop by for a service call.”

With that, I stepped to the side and he came inside. I closed the door and turned to face him, realizing that he stood well over 6 feet and weighed a healthy 190 pounds. In contrast, I'm barely 5'1” and weigh in at a whopping 85 pounds. And I carry about 7 or 8 pounds of that in my bubble butt.

Do you need to bring your toolbox in?” I asked him, wondering if he would need to go back out to his truck for anything.

Actually, I think I have the only tool I'm going to need, buddy,” he assured me, then he reached down and straightened out his growing bulge. I let loose with a breathy moan when I realized what he was saying, and then it dawned on me why he was here. I bit my lower lip and looked up to meet his gaze. When I nodded in agreement with him, he asked, “Would you like to check my tool bag and see for yourself before I get to work?”

I nodded again, and without another word, he grabbed the waistband of his sweatpants and pulled it out so that I could lean in and look at what he was packing. As soon as I set my sights on what I can only describe as a bonafide python, my boy pussy began to ache and I started panting over and over again.

I take it this is the right tool for the job,” he said with an almost self assured smile, and I nodded furiously while at the same time, practically ripping my underwear off of my hips and stepping out of them so I could scramble back onto the hideaway and present my horny rear end for service.

I didn't bother climbing any further than the very edge of the mattress, letting my feet hang off of the side while I made sure that my bottom was pointing upward. He looked so nonchalant as he stepped up to my bubble butt and used his thumbs to part my cheeks. The urgency that I felt at the moment was almost overwhelming me as Bill placed the head of his 11 inch monster up to my rosebud and surveyed the size difference.

But at that moment, my soon to be top found himself reeling in disbelief. Because what he wasn't expecting at that moment was for my boy pussy to do what it does naturally when presented with a cock. I knew from the stunned look of surprise on his face that he had no idea how to deal with a true bottom boy like me. Because when Bill placed the seemingly oversized head of his trophy up against my taut, 13 year old boy sphincter, the first thing he noticed was the disproportionate size difference. He may have been thinking that there was no way it would fit. Or maybe that he would have to work hard to get it past my anal ring.

Instead, what Bill learned is that my boy butt is always hungry. That it needs to be fed with cocks, and that over the years, it's been filled with hard, hot dicks of all sizes. Most of all, what Bill found out is that there's a craving so powerful inside of my horny rear end that as soon as a cock is in its general vicinity, my anal ring expands on pure instinct. When that happens, the lips of my pucker open wide and the biggest dicks are pulled in with unrelenting suction.

Which is why he couldn't put up even a modicum of resistance when my back door opened up and drew his full length inside. I moaned hotly as his hot dick filled my needy bottom, especially as the bulbous head bullied its way along the hot, moist lining. When I felt his neatly trimmed pubic bush scrub my crack, the glands in my boy pussy secreted a torrent of ass juice and I sighed with relief. I looked over my shoulder at him and churned my hips a little so I could translate my desire to him, then I flexed my anal muscles around his prick while he watched with disbelieving eyes.

Holy crap, kid, I can't believe you just took my dick like that,” he exclaimed, and I simply batted my eyes and bunched my fists around the sheets as he began to thrust.

He started slowly at first, giving me a cautious look as he ran his full length back and forth a few times. Wanting him to know that I was interested in deep, forceful strokes, I moaned softly and ground my bottom back against his sword. Between my legs, my own little prick was like a statue, rock hard and sticking straight out from my body while precum continued to run from the end. Taking the hint that I wanted to be plowed with his big dick, Bill placed his hands on my hips and took a nice, forceful hold, then he picked up the tempo.

Is that better, buddy?” he asked, and I nodded over my shoulder with a needy whimper. “Do you want it a little harder?”

Uh huh,” I moaned softly, nodding my head at the same time.

Slowly but surely, he increased his tempo again, and I loved it. I could feel his rigid prick, so unrelenting and once again authoritative as it exerted its dominance over my boy pussy. The flared glans of his cock were so massive that every time he pulled back, my bottom surged with ass juice. When he pushed back in, all of that ass juice was forced into the deepest pocket of my boy pussy, along with the impressive volume of precum that he was producing. I could hear the suction of his glans forcing their way along the moist walls of my boy pussy as he moved in and out and realized that my bottom was starting to queef. Too filled with bliss to care, I simply let his rod work like a jackhammer while the sounds of loud farts rang out.

The moment that he hit his stride, I knew it right away. I knew it because there was a chaotic frenzy of pleasure that originated in my bottom but ripped across my groin with a flash, then spread quickly down all of my extremities. My hair was standing up on its own and my fingers and toes were curling involuntarily. My hard boy cock was twitching and dancing and my legs were quivering. At the same time, I began experiencing continuous contractions in my boy butt that ran up and down, pressing against the full length of Bill's hot prick. Out of the blue, the contractions started happening even deeper than the tip of Bill's hot prick, and I found myself with the sudden realization that he had kicked up a tornado in my boy pussy that I'd only experienced a few times in my life.

It was as if someone had doused my boy cunt with gasoline and then lit a match. It seemed like there was no starting point and no ending place. Just a constant series of pleasure filled eruptions that rocked me to my absolute core and pulled a moan out of me that was longer, louder and more guttural than any moan I'd ever let loose with. There was no doubt in my mind that I had reached the absolute pinnacle of pussy boy ecstasy, and that I may never find it this way again. Every nerve ending in my body was ablaze with gay ecstasy, and with every deep thrust that he fed me, it seemed like Bill was throwing more gas on the fire for good measure.

By this point, I'd completely lost track of time, my surroundings and myself in general. I could hear my moans ringing out, completely uninterrupted, but I was powerless to stop them. Bill had taken over and my queefing boy pussy was in the midst of a full scale meltdown that I didn't have the ability, or the inclination, to gain control over. Right then and there I realized that the best part of my life were the cocks that filled my rear end on a daily basis. Not the toys and gadgets that my dad bought for me, or the gay porn that I loved to watch. It wasn't the food in our house, or even our house at all. It was the hot dicks that slid up my butt and took me to paradise day after day.

At that moment I knew that nothing else mattered, so I simply let it all go and luxuriated in the hard prick that was having its way in my boy pussy. As I accepted each and every decadent inch, I found myself opening my eyes to the meaning in my life. As my suddenly satisfied rear end opened and closed around the pleasure stick that was running back and forth along its walls with surgical precision, I knew that I was experiencing first hand the very essence of indulgence.

Bill's cock was running strong when out of the blue, I heard him speak to me.

Where do you want my load, kid?” he asked, but I couldn't answer him. I was still moaning with depravity and had put forth a lot of effort just to weakly point with my forefinger to my noisy bottom, then he asked, “Do you want it in your ass?”

I summoned the strength to nod my answer, then he picked up the pace again and I found myself drowning in the waters of another anal orgasm. Right at the height of my own ecstasy, Bill slid his rod all the way up my butt and shot an incredible load into it. The emission itself was enough to make me quake with unchecked pleasure, mainly because it felt like a blast from a water hose as it blew from the end of his trophy. But the load was so hot and thick that my boy pussy began to draw it in, taking it to its deepest pockets so it could be retained. At the same time, his semen had cooling properties that worked like salve as it was absorbed by my overheated membranes.

I looked over my shoulder at Bill with eyes that were still half closed while I struggled to regain my focus. He was still holding onto my hips while his cock throbbed in my sated rear end. When he spotted me smiling over my shoulder at him, he gave me an amused smile and said, “Your old man really hit the nail on the head, kid. He said you loved it in the ass, and boy was he right.”

I simply moaned with satisfaction and nodded in the affirmative while he rubbed the small of my back and went on.

Your dad tells me that you only like anal,” he mentioned, and I nodded again. “You don't suck dick, kid?”

I shook my head no, eliciting another amused chuckle from him as he wrapped his hand around the base of his prick and began his withdrawal from my well seeded bottom.

You don't know what you're missing out on, but to each his own,” he said, then his glans popped out and I immediately collapsed on the hideaway and laid on my side, too pooped to sit up. I watched while he put his dick away and read a text on his phone that I never heard come across. “Listen, kid, my brother's running about 20 minutes late but he's on his way. Do you think you can hold on long enough for that?”

Yeah,” I panted, finally finding my voice. “Bill?”

Yeah, buddy?”

Thank you for servicing my bottom for me.”

For a cutie like you, anytime, kid,” he said, and I felt a stir in my boypussy.

Do you mean that?” I asked, and he nodded. “Can I see you everyday?”

That's up to your old man, buddy,” he told me, and I nodded obediently. “I'd love to come by and drop a load in you every day, but you gotta clear it with your dad.”

He'll say yes,” I assured him, then I let loose with a deep sigh of contentment while my virile top winked at me and made his way to the door.


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