All Anal for Issac, a story by Josh Terrence


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Chapter Three -

After Bill left I laid still for about 10 minutes and basked in the afterglow of such an amazing round of sex. Knowing now that the maintenance men that dad had arranged to come over were for my pleasure, I felt a strong sizzle of desire run through me and contemplated my next visitor. I thought about the talented top who had just left me and wondered to myself just how good his brother would be. As my imagination ran wild with the possibilities, my boy boner twitched a few times while a strong set of shivers took control of my rear end.

When I finally got up from the hideaway, I fetched my boy briefs from the floor and held them up for inspection. They still looked clean, but there were a few traces of cum and ass juice in the seat. Holding them to my nose, I took a deep sniff and shuddered as the unmistakable aroma of gay romance drifted into my nostrils. Feeling naughty, I slipped them back on, pulling them up over my still satisfied bubble butt and sauntering around the living room as if I were putting on a sexy show. I placed my right hand on my hip and let my bottom switch from side to side as I trollopped around the house, occasionally stopping to give my booty a firm smack to make it jiggle.

Next I went upstairs and rummaged through my dresser, looking for something tighter to wear. I wanted to make sure that my soon to be top could see right away that I was a total slut for cock, and that he would find my rear end irresistible. So I went into my second drawer and found my favorite pair of cutoff jean shorts.

My dad took a pair of scissors and tailored them for me when I was still 10 years old, and right away they were my favorites. They're nice and snug around my waist and loose in the crotch so that my boy boner never rubs against the denim. Dad cut the legs nice and short, and almost half the seat is missing so that my buns are always exposed. At the seam, he left just enough denim for the seat to ride all the way into my deep crevice like a g-string and scrub my pucker while I walk. Every time I put them on, I feel so sexy that I naturally let my bottom swing gayly from side to side.

Of course, it seems like I never have them on very long, because almost as soon as I pull them up, I catch the eye of a cute boy or a sexy man and they come back down. The very first time I wore them, I didn't make it out the door before dad had me writhing in ecstasy with a rim job. When his feast was over, I was mounted from behind and he screwed a sizzling load into my derriere that only made me hotter to get outside and show off my naughty new outfit. With my rear end still sizzling, I hurried down the road to see a few of my regulars, anxious to get my tail worked out by all of them.

One time when I was 11, I slipped into them and got out the door, only to catch the eye of a cute 17 year old who I promptly invited back to my room for a good time. That same year over spring break, dad took me to a pride parade and let me wear my cutoffs. I started scoring right away, first with a cute boy around my age who I made out with on a blanket, which ultimately led to us slipping away to the first outhouse we could find so I could put out for him. A few hot older guys got their rocks off up my butt, and I was able to give as many rim jobs as I wanted.

I wore my cutoffs at my twelfth birthday party, which paid dividends for me in the form of repeat cock rides that I took anywhere I could. I took a cute 8th grader up to my room before the other guests arrived and dined at his back door until my tongue was too fatigued, then I opened my legs and got laid. Later in the day I was back at it, sneaking away with various boys and dropping my cutoffs so that I could present my rear end for their use. When the festivities were over and all of my guests were gone, I made sure that I slipped back into my cutoffs and gave dad an eyeful. After that, I unwrapped his package and took a cock ride fitting for a birthday boy.

Over the years my cutoffs have only grown tighter, but dad always finds a way to let them out so that I can fit into them. I always tell him to leave the seat alone, and just let the crotch and the waist out. I love how it feels to have that strip of denim rubbing against my horny hole. It gets me even hotter for anal intercourse than I already am, and I'm always in the mood for anal intercourse.

It's been that way for years. I didn't have my first real intercourse until I was 10 years old, but I was partaking in the pleasures of anal sex way before that. It was common knowledge that I was gay by the time I turned eight, and dad was so proud of me. I had posters of the cutest boys in my room already, and even though I played with action figures, I was more interested in their sculpted bodies, their handsome faces and their perfectly formed butts than the guns, planes and cars that they came with.

Shortly after my eighth birthday, dad walked in on me in my bedroom shoving a magic wand up my butt and realized that the dam was about to burst open. So he lovingly talked to me about special feelings in my bottom, and asked how having things inside of it made me feel. I admitted that I loved putting things up my butt and pushing them out. I even admitted in a shy voice that pooping made me feel special, and it still does. Dad put me in his lap and told me how proud he was of me, then he asked if I had any questions.

In a matter of weeks, dad treated me to my first French kiss, and soon it became a routine for us to makeout each morning and every night. Not long after that, dad gave me my very first rim job and I knew that I was hooked on anal sex. I instantly became curious about not just receiving rim jobs, but giving them too, and dad let me explore his butthole with my tongue whenever I wanted to. Soon, it was a daily routine for me to approach him from behind and tug his boxers down so that I could indulge in a delicious feast. I found myself looking forward to the moments that I could bury my small face in dad's meaty, sweat filled crevice and tongue his pucker while I drew in luscious whiffs of his ass.

In the midst of my blooming desire for all things anal, dad began introducing me to his fingers every night before bed. I loved having his digits stimulating my small boy hole while his tongue dominated mine. We started watching gay porn together and that was when I knew that I wanted him to make love to me the way it happened in the movies. Dad begged off for a year and a half, though, and it was a little frustrating. I thought I was ready long before my ninth birthday, but he said that he wanted it to be a special moment for me. Instead of the deflowering that I was hoping for, dad bought me my very own collection of dildos when I turned nine, and I put them to use right away. In a matter of a few weeks, I had abandoned the smaller dildos and would only ride the longer, thicker stallions in my collection.

Early in the morning on my tenth birthday, dad came to my room and woke me up with a deep rim job. When he flipped me over, he told me that he loved me more than anyone or anything, and promised to always love me. Then, while stars danced around my messy head, he picked my legs up and slid his long, thick cock up my butt for the very first time. As soon as he was inside of me, he asked me to tell him how I felt, and I declared that I was in love with him. We locked lips and he began a slow, sensual dance in my boy pussy that set the tone for my sexual appetite every day since.

Thinking back on all of the gay sex I've had, I slipped into my cutoffs and sauntered down the stairs just in time for a loud knock at the door to come. Wanting to set the mood early, I let my hips sway as I walked to the door, then I opened it up and let loose with a horny moan when I set my eyes on the absolute cutie standing on the porch. He gave me a stunned look, and I knew that my sexy attire had caught him off guard a little. He was a lot younger than Bill, probably no more than 18 or 19 years old, and he was super sexy. He was wearing blue jeans and a red hoodie that accentuated his short blonde hair and his moist red lips. Wanting to move things along, I used a thick, sexy lisp to tell him, “You're really sexy.”

Um, thanks,” he said with a note of hesitation in his voice, then he looked down at a piece of paper that he was carrying. I noticed that he had some sort of magazine in his other hand and figured that he had brought along a gay porn magazine for us to enjoy. I stepped to the side and invited him in, and as soon as he stepped through the door, I closed it and locked it.

I looked up at him, gauging his height to be about 5'8” or maybe a little shorter. He looked a little stocky, but not fat at all. His complexion was clear and the skin on his adorable face looked almost baby soft. I looked down at the crotch of his jeans and noticed a bulge growing, then I licked my lips and asked him, “What's your name?”

It's Andy,” he said, still giving me an unsure look.

I'm Isaac,” I told him, lisping as thickly as I could, then I turned and hung my horny bottom out. As soon as he noticed that my cutoffs were riding up my crack, his eyes got big and he started panting. I trained my eyes on the growing bulge in his pants and licked my lips, then I told him, “I'm glad you like it, cutie. I really like what I see, too.”

Are... are you gay?” he asked, and I nodded with hungry eyes as I sized his bulge up.

Running my palms all over my buns and giving them a firm squeeze with my fingertips, I lisped, “I'm gay, and I'm really horny right now.”

Holy crap,” he practically whispered, then I made my move, letting my bottom switch shamelessly from side to side as I walked to the hideaway and crawled in on my hands and knees. The denim strip of my cutoffs was riding especially tight against my pucker, so when I started rolling my bubble butt around for my newest conquest, the friction created a strong sensation that ran through my whole body. I looked over my shoulder and saw that his expression was one of shock and uncertainty, so I turned over and sat on the edge of the mattress, then I patted the spot next to me for him to take a seat.

As soon as he acquiesced, I told him, “You can take your pants off if you want.”

Would you like that?” he asked, his voice shaky as he looked down at me with uncertain eyes. I nodded, then I looked down at his crotch and moaned.

Do you kiss boys?” I asked softly, and he shrugged while he looked away. Wanting to ease his mind, I told him, “I kiss boys all the time.”

You... you do?” he asked, and I nodded with a smile. “Do you want to kiss me?”

I nodded again, and he blushed, setting his paper and the magazine down beside him. I was wondering if my dad sent him because I said I wanted to have a boy over. He was definitely a cute boy, and I loved how shy he was being even though he'd been all but recruited by my dad to have sex with me.

Putting all of that aside, I puckered my lips and leaned in, placing my lips to his. When I felt his lips pucker, I let mine part and slid my tongue into his mouth with another soft moan. When he reciprocated, I wrapped my arms around his shoulders and we made out for a full minute. When we broke our kiss, he bit his lower lip and smiled at me, but I was all business. I returned his smile as I got up from my spot on the hideaway and unbuttoned my cutoffs, letting them fall to the floor and exposing my boy boner, which had been raging from the moment I opened my eyes that morning. I batted my eyes and motioned to his crotch, and he swallowed hard as he nodded his approval.

With a tinge of naughty anticipation that made my heart skip a beat, I moved to unbutton his jeans and saw that he was wearing a pair of plain tidy whities, just like I wear every day. I pulled the waistband of his briefs out and his boner sprang free, causing me to moan out loud while he leaned back and rested on his palms. His boner was so cute, almost twice as big as my three incher but with a thin ring of pubic hair that surrounded its modest thickness at the base. It looked like it had been dripping with precum all morning long, and I couldn't wait to take it for a spin.

Not wanting to wait another minute, I crawled back into the hideaway and curled up at his side, then I initiated another French kiss with him. Soon, our tongues were dancing freely and I was getting hotter and hotter, so I took the initiative again and crawled on top of him so I could straddle his crotch while we kissed. Hooking my forearms under his shoulders, I encouraged him to sit up straight so we could keep our delicious kiss in tact while I lowered my bottom until his rod was lined up to my entrance. Then, with one easy push, I accepted all six inches with a horny moan that filled both of our mouths.

I began a slow, sensual ride from the start and he immediately began panting from the pleasure. I was filled with nothing but bliss as his teen rod tore across my prostate over and over again, prompting me to keep the momentum going. Less than a minute into my joy ride, his panting started to grow frantic and he was blowing hard breaths into my mouth and through his nose. He let go of a series of strong moans and broke our kiss, then he threw his head back and I felt him nut in my bottom.

Not wanting him to feel bad for shooting so fast, I smiled affectionately and engaged him in a soft tongue filled kiss while he rested inside of me. When we broke our kiss, I asked him, “Did it feel good?”

Oh my God, I've never done that before,” he exclaimed, then he took a few deep breaths. “Your ass is so tight.”

Your dick feels really good inside of me, too,” I lisped, hoping to initiate round two. “We can go again if you want to.”

Okay,” he quickly agreed, then we locked lips and I took another ride on his hot cock.

It felt so good to have his rod running along the walls of my just seeded rear end. His prick was massaging his cum load into the moist lining of my boy pussy, getting me hotter and hotter the longer our ride went on. About three minutes into our ride, I could feel the pangs of an approaching anal orgasm starting to materialize and responded by tightening up around his cock. This had the duel effect of enhancing my pleasure while at the same time, hastening his own arrival to the finish line. I was deep in the throes of gay ecstasy when his cock started to swell in my boy pussy, and just as my own pleasure was at its peak, he squirted a second load that felt just as hot and forceful as his first.

While he was unloading inside of my climaxing rear end, I was moaning gutturally with the relief of a true bottom boy. Realizing that we'd just enjoyed a mutual climax, I made another pass at him by planting yet another kiss on his mouth and rolling us over so that he was resting between my opened legs. Unfortunately his balls were spent, and he seemed to be anxious to get moving, so I laid still and watched him pull his pants back up. Curiously, I picked up the magazine that he brought with him and realized that it wasn't a porno rag at all. It was a catalogue with steaks and pork chops and other cuts of meat. Looking at the piece of paper he had brought in, I realized that it was an order form.

Wow, thanks Isaac,” the cutie said when it began to dawn on me that this wasn't Bill's brother at all. “I've always heard of things like this happening to guys on their sales calls but this is the first time it's ever happened to me.”

Feeling a horny stir roll through my sexed up body, I smiled up at him and lisped, “I'm glad it happened, Andy. I hope you come back over so it happens again.”

With that, I scribbled my cell phone number on his order form and told him to call or text me anytime, then I donned my cutoffs and walked him to the door. We shared a final kiss by the door, then he was gone and I sighed with contentment.

Oh yeah, you're a sexy little guy, aren't you?” Seth told me, running his hands all over my buns while I rolled my bottom around for him and moaned like a whore. “Those slutty shorts you have on look like they're riding all the way up your ass.”

Before I had the chance to say anything, he used his strong hands to part my buns and look for himself. I saw his eyes light up when he realized that the thin strip of denim was rubbing continuously against my horny boy hole. At the same time, his dripping pole jumped and flexed with authority, making me shiver with passion. He slipped his middle finger behind the denim strip and gave my hole a firm, circular rub while I panted with need. Out of nowhere, my anal ring opened up on its own and his finger was swallowed all the way to the last knuckle. As the luscious feeling of penetration washed over me, I responded by grinding my hips forcefully in an effort to feel it stirring inside of me.

You're hot for a finger fuck, aren't you?” he said, and I nodded urgently. The spicy, salty aroma of hot butthole was permeating the air around us and I could feel my boy pussy juicing hard in anticipation of a cock ride.

I'm hot for a lot more than your finger,” I whimpered, feeling him twist his finger from side to side while I continued to grind myself against it.

Damn, buddy, you're on fire for it,” he exclaimed, and I nodded urgently. “I thought my brother would have doused those flames earlier, but I guess there's still work to do.”

There's a whole bunch of work to do,” I whimpered, then I looked over my shoulder and set my eyes on his massive erection. “I need a lot of service in my boy pussy.”

Five minutes earlier, I let Seth in after almost a full minute of ogling him at the front door. It looked like he had a jumbo sized banana in his red sweat pants from the jump, and I was hot and horny to get to the main event. He dropped his drawers and took a seat on the hideaway while my horny rear end juiced with desire at the site of his stallion. I was anxious to drop my cutoffs and climb on, but then I felt him pinch my exposed butt cheek and a naughty thrill ran through me. So instead of getting undressed right away, I put on a slutty performance for him. Acting on pure instinct, I let my ass swing gayly in my cutoffs while I lisped every sultry sentence, and I found myself getting hot and bothered. He was enjoying the show too, and let me carry on while he continued to grope my horny bottom.

Now that I had his thick digit up my butt, I wanted to enjoy the moment as much as I could. His twisting and my grinding were working in concert to bring the true bottom boy out of me, and I was hoping that he would use his cock to take control over my needy boy pussy. So I didn't protest at all when, with his finger still lodge deep in my bottom and turning from side to side, he used his other hand to caress my cheek and beckon me closer. As soon as I settled my ass against his thigh, he cupped my chin and treated me to a deep French kiss that gave me chills of delight. I felt my body being dipped back and realized that he was laying me down on the hideaway, then he removed his finger and unbuttoned my cutoffs.

I picked my midsection up and let him slide them down, watching as he smiled at my tiny boy boner, which was pressed flat against my pubic bone the way it had been all morning. When my shorts were off, he resumed our kiss, treating me to his full tongue while he reached down and grabbed two handfuls of my bubble butt and lifted it from the mattress. I responded by picking my legs up and locking my ankles around his waist, encouraging him to fill my needy hole with his full length. I could feel my crevice filling up with the heat that was pouring off of his cock while copious amounts of precum dripped into it and coated my pucker.

I felt a tinge of relief run through me when his cock made contact with the moist outer ring of my boy pussy and my hole bloomed like a rose. As his soon as his crown touched down, my hot and horny pucker grabbed it just below the glans and his entire length was swallowed in one fluid motion. I responded with a deep sigh and a soft moan, loving how it felt to be filled with his impressive manhood while his tongue stirred in my mouth in a clockwise motion. Eager for him to take full control, I wrapped my arms around his neck and let them hang loosely while he took his time and rested inside of me.

Between my legs, my rigid boy cock felt like it had electricity running through it and my small, hairless nuts were pulled tight to my body. I could feel the unforgiving stiffness of his man cock as it raged inside of me, and I knew that he was about to conquer my boy pussy like a true stud. Just knowing that it was about to happen sent a powerful throb up and down my body and I could hear my moans growing more and more frantic. I could feel his massive nut sack resting against my buns, warm, hairy and filled with potent man spunk that I was longing to be bred with. It felt like I was on the brink of anal release just from having him rest inside of me, and I knew that I was being topped by a real man this time.

He seemed to intensify the force and momentum of our kiss, then much to my delight, he drew his length all the way back until just the tip was still submerged, then he thrusted forward and a powerful sensation ripped through me. When he was buried to the hilt, he did it all over again, and then again and again. Soon, he settled into a delectable rhythm that had me seeing nothing but stars for the duration of our intercourse. I had a sinful brand of pleasure running through my entire body, emanating in my quaking boy pussy and running out to all of my limbs, then to my fingers and toes. At the same time, my mouth was filled with stiff, delicious tongue and the ends of our noses were brushing lightly against each other.

Almost as soon as he found his stride, I experienced a powerful anal orgasm that made me dig my ankles into his waist while my toes curled so hard that the joints in my feet cracked loudly. At the same time, I let go of my signature moan and gave into my rapture. My hard boy rod was practically on fire, twitching and moving around on its own while my boy pussy surged with ass juice. I was still in the throes of gay ecstasy when I felt him reach back and grab both of my legs, then he unwound them from his waist and broke our kiss.

I was watching him with spotty vision as he placed my ankles on top of his shoulders, then he leaned back down and planted another deep kiss on my lips as he resumed his thrusting. Out of nowhere, I felt the flames of rapture consume my body again as he ran his cock even deeper inside of me. Realizing that he was once again making me orgasm anally, I settled in for a luscious ride that I hoped wouldn't end anytime soon. My feet were rocking back and forth with the motion of his thrusting while my bottom accepted his deep strokes over and over again. When I heard a loud series of queefs erupting from my back door, I only moaned louder and even more gutturally than before.

I thought I could feel Seth picking up the pace of his thrusting, but I paid it no mind at all. Instead, I continued to luxuriate in the deep tissue massage that I was being treated to by the stud who had taken full control of my boy pussy. So when he fed me a final series of strokes and buried his rod, I gave into the moment by enjoying the strong torrent of hot sperm that flooded my bottom. And just like with his brother, almost all of it ran into the deepest, darkest recesses of my love tunnel and was absorbed by the cum hungry membranes that reside there. I could feel it puddling up, then it sank and a cooling sensation set in just below my abdomen. We kissed deeply for another full minute while he rested inside of me, then he broke our kiss and we shared a warm smile.

You're a horny little sex pot, aren't you?” he noted, and I blushed through a shy smile. “You have an amazingly tight ass, kid.”

Thanks,” I said, still catching my breath. “You still feel really good inside of me.”

I think I could slide my dick up your ass and keep it there all day if I didn't think your old man would protest,” he said, and I shuddered at the thought.

I'd love it if you did me up the butt all day,” I admitted, then I smiled sweetly up at him.

You love it in the ass, huh kid?” he observed, and I nodded. “You don't give blow jobs?”

I shook my head no and said, “I like to give rim jobs.”

Fancy that,” he said, almost shrugging as he reached down to caress my face. “So you're only into anal?”

Yeah, I love it,” I admitted, then I bit my lower lip and moaned softly while his cock flexed against the walls of my boy pussy. “Seth?”

Yes, kiddo?” he said in a gentle tone.

I'm in the mood to get laid again,” I admitted in a small voice, looking up at his face for a reaction. “Will you service me up the butt some more?”

Sure thing, buddy,” he smiled, then he leaned down and planted another deep kiss on my mouth that set the mood for another round of anal sex with my new stud.


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