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A Story by Outlaw

Note: Found this story while cleaning the hard drive and thought, instead of deleting it, I'd rather post it... So, here's another short story, written about 3 years back. Hope you all like it. Would love to hear from you.

   And The Woods Stood Silent...

"Ooooooh...." the boy wailed, his eyes shut tight against the surprising pain radiating from between his splayed thighs.

"Ugh..." grunted the man with the effort of penetration, the sweat dripping from his forehead to fall in drops on the spasming boy below.

He had never, in his long years of introducing young boys to the joys of male-male sex, encountered such a small opening, so tight a hole... shifting slightly, he brought his knees forward and pushing down on the smooth thighs, he steadied his hips, summoning up all his strength... and then with a hoarse roar slammed in!

The boy's mouth flew open in a silent scream, his eyes opening wide, the luscious lips stretched over even teeth... His nails digging into the strong, flexing arms of the man now devirginating him...

And then he let out a heartrending scream, the tears of the sudden, excruciating pain leaking out from the corner of his now tightly clenched eyes, to roll down the side of his flushed teen face... and his head rolled from side to side on the sweat drenched back seat of the old car, the legs first stiffening and then spasming over the man's broad shoulders in the desperate agony of defloration...

He felt his stomach convulse, the dry retch wracking his slender form... and as his throat muscle stretched wide, his tight ass mouth too parted in reflex, aiding the marauding invader to plunge deeper into his churning bottom...

Gasping for air as it got pushed out of his rapidly pumping lungs, by the huge flesh pole now ripping into him, Greg bit down on his reddened upper lip, stifling the maddening cry that struggled to escape, a cry of want... a cry for more... He was like a bitch in heat, ready for the ride, ready to be torn apart, ready to accept the man-seed into his belly.

The car rocked and swayed, the suspension squeaking, as if with joy, at the furious hunching...


With his near translucent complexion, dirty blond hair and awesome green eyes Greg was an incredibly handsome young man, deliciously so. Tall and slender with rippling teen muscles, he was temptation, walking on two legs... Already extremely shy and quiet, his awkward squirming, in the face of even the minutest attention, and his adolescent charm made him all the more desirable...

He was, it could be said, the living wet dream of every man!

And he had a secret, a secret deep within his heart... a desire that he was desperate to make come true but equally scared of... He was gay and had known it since that summer three years back when he had chanced upon two older guys from his neighborhood deep in the woods... doing things that had set his mind and soul on fire, leaving him gasping for days together, the scene playing and replaying in his fevered mind as he tossed and turned all night, his balls pumped dry of all semen... gasping to try it out someday... And as he grew older and then went to high school, it was even more acute... the gym... the locker room... the sweaty basketball and football teams, the jocks swaggering out of the showers... and he had become even more desperate... but... but... he just couldn't go out and do it... and he hated himself for it!


But the past wasn't what was on his mind now... it was the roar of maddening pleasure that was surging in his young body... pleasure that made his heart slam with fury... made his flopping young dick to stiffen again, bloated from within as the large cock head of the grunting man hit and rubbed over his bulging prostate gland... making the cock leak pre-cum like a faulty faucet.

His mouth remained open as a continuous moan bubbled out of his gulping throat... urging the man to greater effort... His whole body had gone slack as it lay on the seat of the car, the legs a dead weight on the hunched shoulders... but the arms, his smooth arms were flailing wildly - grabbing the window one moment and then the flexing arms of the man... and then the hollowing butt cheeks as it pumped the rampant cock deeper and deeper into him...

The man fucked with a power and fury that was impossible for him to imagine... now lying over him, covering him, the hot mouth sucking on his tender boy tits, right and left... and right again... licking the tingling tip, biting the sensitive nub... then licking into his sweaty armpits, tugging at the hair there with his teeth... and then back to his mouth, biting his lips, inserting the tongue deep...

Greg just groaned and let himself be fucked like the slut he was... the slut he had wanted to be all his teen life...

The smell, of sweat and sex... the sight of the strong shoulders before his fluttering eyes... the feel of the flexing muscles as his hands roamed the back and hips of the older man... and the sound, sound of the fucking, that lurid squishy sound of the thick cock sliding in and out of his tight, now grotesquely stretched ass slit, sound of the obscenities that the man whispered into his ears... It was all driving him crazed... and he slammed back at the rutting man... for the first time in his young life mouthing the F word... urging the man to FUCK him!

He felt the first twitch... and then the strong pulse and even without having to touch himself he convulsed and came! His buzzing cock spewing thick boy cum all over their heaving body as it lay sandwiched between the two belly.

He cried out and went limp, all strength suck out from him, as if his very life force had been pumped out of his body along with the boy juice, by his puking penis!

But the man hadn't finished yet... he was in fact just beginning and as the boy came he went crazy... slamming with a greater fury... crushing his pubes in the valley of the smooth boy ass repeatedly, grinding it in, rotating before pulling back completely, making Greg gasp with each withdrawal, howling as the large head popped out... before plunging in again, ripping into the churning cauldron of boy flesh to sink in to the very base...

The boy didn't worry any more, he was totally insensitive by now... in another plane, gone beyond the normal existence of consciousness... but his cock was reawakening again, brought back to rigid life by the constant rubbing of the bloated gland... throbbing with a new life, the balls once more preparing to roll up and expel it's liquid treasure...

And this time as he was tugged back into reality with the bursting of his balls, he heard the man curse and shove in, holding still as his ass shook and flexed, sending his seed deep into the belly of the bitch boy that he was mating... He felt the heat enter and then flood him, fill him, take away some of the burning pain in his ravaged ass with its soothing effluence.

They lay panting for a long while and then he stirred, softly squeezing his exhausted ass... and both grunted with surprise at the rigid phallus that was still lodge deep within.

It surprised the boy with the realization, that even after cumming, the man hadn't lost his erection... and it surprised the man, because it had been a very long while since he had retained his rigidity even after such a massive ejaculation!

He fucked the willing and whimpering boy twice more, before finally pulling out of the snug hole to sit back, exhausted.

Greg too had blown his seed four times now and couldn't even find the strength to get up.


Putting on the shoes, Greg slowly, almost painfully, limped out of the car... and as he walked out of the woods into the blazing afternoon sun, blinking against the glare, he felt his ass twitch and another pulse of the molten love ooze out.

His heart fluttered and he felt flushed with excitement as he turned towards the mall, deciding on getting a coke and still his nerves before he returned to the motel and his mother. And as he entered, it seemed that all eyes were on him, staring... knowing! And it made him feel extremely embarrassed. He blushed furiously as he went over to the vending machine, head hung low. He could have sworn that every man, every woman and every youth in that hall knew where he had been... what he had just done!!!

With shaking finger he picked up the can and slowly walked out, his gait a bit awkward now, the legs a bit parted, the knees slightly bent...

He slowly walked down the nearly deserted street, his legs trembling, the liquid load leaking out of his twitching anus, coating his full cheeks, wetting the thin cotton of his briefs with the sticky discharge of the man's seed as it sloshed in his rectum...

And as he turned into the drive of the small motel, he felt his ass give a violent twitch and his stomach turn... he paused, totally horrified... and as the cramps subsided he quickly went over to far side of the building, where their room was and knocked.

"Where have you been?" asked his mother the moment he entered the cheap motel room.

"Um, ah... told you, I was going to the Mall..."

"Like father, like son... He doesn't answer the phone and you, you just vanish!" she shouted at him.

"Sorry Mama..." he said softly as he quickly entered the bathroom, he needed to take a quick shower, before his mother could smell the sex on him. And he needed to take a crap too, for his ass felt like it was on fire, the tummy rumbling with an urgency that made his knee shake, the ass mouth opening and shutting at free will... threatening to let loose whatever there may be in the ravaged colon.

Later, as he let the cool water wash over him... soothe the still flushed skin... the scene floated before his eyes... the rocking of the car... the heavy grunts... and the incredible pleasure that the ripping cock had given him... and especially the smell, the smell of sex, strong and intoxicating!

His ass slit was still swollen and hurt like a million dollar each time he slid his fingers in the deep cleft and touched the tender mouth... But his cock told a different story... engorged once more, it throbbed and flexed for attention... and as the fingers took it in a loving grip, the tip pulsed and let out a string of clear liquid, flushing the narrow passage clean in preparation of the life-generating semen that would burst forth soon...

It spurted out in a massive explosion, his knees buckling... and as he slumped against the tiled wall and let out a grunt, he heard his mother's voice...

"How much longer... get out fast, I've spoken to him, finally, and we must be there in half an hour!" she called out, exasperated.

Again washing himself he started to think, think of why he was there... in that strange town so far away from home...

*** *** ***

He had always missed his father... dreaming of things they could do together, dreaming of what it felt like to HAVE a father... He didn't remember anything about the man. And seeing all the kids around him, with their fathers made the desire even more acute, more intense. It didn't make him jealous... it just made him sad.

His mother never really spoke anything bad about him, in fact she hardly spoke about him... He had just walked away, she had told Greg.

John had been a very loving, very caring person... Had pursued her through high school and then married her immediately after graduation. Within a year Greg had been born and then... things started to change... He seemed distant, disturbed, distracted... the fervor suddenly missing...

He started staying away often, refusing an explanation... and then he just vanished one day when he, Greg, was just a year and a half old!

He called about a month later... telling her that he still loved her but couldn't be with her anymore. His lawyer would get in touch... She could keep the house and half his bank account... Also, he would provide for his son, the money being transferred into her account each month.

She cried, totally at loss as to what could so suddenly have happened, gone wrong... He begged... and finally they agreed.

He never again spoke to her or met the child that he had sired, vanishing into the vast milieu of humanity.

Two very quick and equally short marriages and two stepfathers that he didn't even remember the names of, followed and then she just gave up.

But with each passing year Greg's need for a father increased... and the desire to know the man who had fathered him... Why did he leave him? Why was Greg abandoned? He wanted to find out, find out from the man himself. He also had a faint hope... maybe, once he had met Greg, he would come back... be his father again!

He had been insistent... he was sixteen now and old enough to demand and see to it that it got done. She had as usual smiled and tried to procrastinate... but he would have none of it. So finally she had contacted John's old lawyer and got hold of his number.

"Yes, he wants to meet you and I think it's a very just demand..." she had said into the phone.

"Yes... absolutely..."

"Uh-huh... yes, this weekend, we'll be there," she finally said as she noted down the address.

He was very excited... all sorts of thoughts running through his mind.... about things to say... about things to do during those two short days...

Should he hug him? Would he return Greg's hug? Or... maybe... he should act hurt and withdrawn... let him make the first move? God, he was so excited, he could hardly sleep that night!


It was a quaint little house at the end of town, just on the edge of the woods that skirted around the small town.

Getting out of the car he felt his heart beat faster... expectant, yet nervous... he would finally see his dad... how would the man react? Would he be happy to see his long lost son? Would he, Greg, fit into the picture of a son that his father might have... would he like Greg, would he love him?

And as his mother climbed the short steps he suddenly stopped, pulling back... he was very excited but something made him to pause.... maybe it was the hurt of having being abandoned as a child... maybe he wanted, expected, his father to come down those steps to greet him, take him in...

"What are you doing there?" his mother said, turning back, "Get up here!"

And like always, he slowly climbed the steps onto the veranda... but stood to a side, away from the door, away from the line of vision of the person who would answer... Maybe desiring a 'grand entry' before his father got to see him...

His mother rang the doorbell and stood back.

A short while later it opened to reveal a tall, handsome man in his late thirties.

"Hello, John." said his mother.

"Why, hello Maria," the man replied, extending his arms, as they pecked at each other...

"This is your son John..." Maria said, taking Greg's arm and pulling him forward, "And Greg, this is your father."

The man and the boy just stared... their jaws dropping open as they saw each other, hardly believing their eyes... They had just, in the past hour, been in each other's arms, fucking up hell's own fury... and they were father and son!

"What's the matter... say hello..." Maria urged, not understanding the look on either face...

And the woods stood silent...

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