(Another Hardon Family 01)

by Marc Tremaine


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Hotline Report


Hank was not looking forward to ringing this doorbell. The one part of his job he really hated was having to interview children who were being sexually abused by their relatives. This time it was a report of a father having sex with his fourteen-year-old son, and it was the thirteen-year-old younger brother who had reported it! But there was something about the report that was a little strange, so Hank had arranged to meet the youngest boy when the rest of the family was away, to try to find out just what was going on. He was well aware that a false accusation of child molesting could destroy someone, so he didn't want to come charging in and maybe wreck the family.

He took a deep breath, and rang the bell. After a few moments, the door opened, and Hank's mouth nearly fell open, too. The youngster who greeted him was fucking gorgeous, and all he was wearing was a towel!

The boy, who had to be the younger brother, Jamie, was slender, with a soft golden tan, his body finely-muscled, with a few wisps of dark hair curling damply under his armpits. His whole body glistened with water, and his curly black hair was a dark rippling mass hanging down past his shoulders. The towel was almost glaringly white against both his tan and the hallway that seemed dark in contrast to the bright sunlight. Hank couldn't help but notice the hefty bulge in the front of the towel, either, like the kid had been jacking off in the shower before coming to answer the door.

"C'mon in, Mr. Mainwaring."

Something is definitely strange about this. Almost against his will, Hank entered the house, telling himself it was his duty to find out what was going on. Even if he was starting to get a hardon. And the hardon got a little worse because the boy hadn't opened the door very far, and in trying to get past him, the back of Hank's hand brushed lightly across the bulge in the towel. This was bullshit! He had no business getting turned on by a teenaged boy he was here to help just because the kid was half-naked...and gorgeous...and sporting a near hard young dick.

"In here." The boy gestured off to the right, and led Hank into the living room, leaving faint damp footprints on the shining hardwood floor.

"Look, uh, Jamie. Why don't I just wait outside until you've had a chance to finish your shower and get dressed?"

"That's okay. We'd better get started, you know, in case Dad and my brother come back."

"Yeah, well, okay." Hank took a deep breath, and looked around for a place to sit down, and open his briefcase. With the briefcase on his lap, or a pad to take notes, he wouldn't embarrass himself. Hank sat down on the sofa, and Jamie took the chair directly opposite him. Unfortunately for Hank's composure, the chair was a low one, with the seat angled slightly down and back so that when you sat down you naturally leaned back into the soft cushions. Jamie did just that, with his glistening legs spread wide and his feet flat on the floor. The result was that a healthy young prick and hefty balls that were clearly visible to Hank's gaze. Hank gulped slightly and tore his eyes away as the boy's prick twitched slightly.

"What do you want to know?"

"Well...uh...what happened? You called the hotline and said your father was...uh...having sexual relations with your brother."

"Yeah. I saw Dad fuckin' the shit outa Max in our bathroom."

"Bathroom? You mean where just anybody could walk in? Wasn't the door locked?"

"We don't lock the doors. I mean, it's just us three, and Dad always said we'd seen each other naked before, so it didn't matter if one of us saw somebody else pissin' or shittin' or something."

"So how did you find them?"

"It was last night. Kinda late. I was asleep, and I woke up with a hardon. I thought Max was in his bed asleep, too -- we sleep in the same bedroom. So I decided to go to the john to beat off in the stool. I was walkin' down the hallway when I noticed the bathroom door was just a little bit open, and there was light around it. And funny noises, kind of muffled. It was, you know, kind of weird, so I started gettin' soft, but in a way it was kind of exciting, you know, not knowin' what was going on. So I started playing with my prick, and it got hard again real fast."

Jamie paused and looked down at his crotch. Hank couldn't help doing the same.

Jamie laughed. "Shit, man, just like now."

The boy's hard dick stood erect under the towel, tenting it up toward the ceiling. Hank could see the boy's fat balls resting against the chair seat and the rigid shaft of the kid's prick rising straight up; the head of the dick was hidden by the towel. Hank forced his eyes up to the boy's face.

"What happened then?"

"Well, I sneaked up to the door and listened for a little bit. I knew it was my dad in there, `cause I recognized his voice, even though he was whispering and breathing kind of hard."

"What was he saying?"

The boy's voice became low and kind of growled as he quoted his father. "`Fuck you, you bitch slut whore; fuck you; fuck your slut ass; oh, yeah, baby, feel that big hard dick sliding in and out of your slimy butthole; yeah, bitch, squirm and moan and clamp those cheeks down hard. Make me feel that asscunt get tight.'"

Jamie shifted position and his dick jutted higher. There was a damp spot on the towel, now, right at the head of the boy's prick, and Hank didn't really think it was from the shower. It was just like the precum stain Hank was sure was on his slacks, fortunately hidden by the briefcase, but Hank could feel his own stiff meat down one leg in his boxer shorts, and he knew he was starting to leak precum.

"I thought, you know, Dad had sneaked one of his girlfriends in the house, and they were doin' somethin' kinky in the bathroom. I'd never thought about fuckin' ass before, so I thought it would be kind of a turnon to see my dad fucking some girl's butthole. I pushed open the door real slow, so maybe they wouldn't notice, but I sure the fuck wasn't ready for what I saw.

"Just when the door opened, Dad lifted his head from staring at the girl's back, and opened his eyes, and saw me standing there, and he just, like, froze. The girl was bent down over the stool, facin' toward the door, and she was real slender, with a little white butt, and Dad's dick was halfway in her hole when he saw me. Christ, that fucker is huge! I mean, man, my dad has got really big meat. He was holdin' on tight to her waist, and her hair was fallin' down over her face. I couldn't help myself. I was still holding my dick, and I just started pumping it. You know, what a fucking turnon, getting to watch your dad fuck some bitch up the ass.

"Dad just stared at my meat, and then he got this big grin on his face. `You want a blowjob, son?' he asked.

"Did I want a fucking blowjob? Shit, the only thing I'd ever done was cum with my hand, and here I was gonna get my dick sucked by one of dad's girlfriends. I thought about how Max was really going to be pissed when he woke up and found out what he missed. All I could do was nod, and step forward. And that's when it happened."

The boy stopped talking and licked his lips as if he was nervous...or horny...or both. Hank had been so mesmerized by the mental images that he hadn't noticed that Jamie was holding onto his prick through the towel and kind of squeezing it. Hank knew he should stop and get out of the house, but he couldn't. He had to ask what happened, although he was fairly sure he knew.

"Dad just said, "Okay, bitch, raise up and use those pussylips to suck your brother's dick!' Fuck! It wasn't some girlfriend, it was my own brother! Dad was fuckin' Max in the ass, and callin' him a cunt and a slut, and tellin' him to suck my dick! And Max, he braced his hands on the stool and lifted up his head and started to lick the head of my dick. Perverts, that's what they were. A couple of freak, sick perverts! That's what I said and I got out of there as fast as I could and slammed the door and ran into my room and locked the door. That's when I called the hotline."

The boy was unashamedly squeezing his meat, now. And that's when Hank realized what was wrong with the situation. Instead of being turned off by what had happened, last night was making the kid horny! And the kid was staring straight at Hank, with a kind of shiteating grin on his face.

"There's something more, isn't there, Jamie? If what your dad was doing was so sick, how come you're so hard right now?"

The boy just grinned wider. And then he tugged the towel so it fell open. Hank almost passed out with lust at the sight. He'd never tried to fuck with a young boy before, but Christ he was turned on like a hot stud boyfucker by the sight of this slender golden-bodied kid slowly beating off in front of him.

"Well, it turned out kind of different than I thought. After I made the call, I unlocked the door and got into bed, and pretended I was asleep. Max came in a few minutes later. Instead of just goin' to bed, or sayin' somethin', he turned on the light next to his bed, so I kinda peeked out through my eyelashes to see what was happening. He was standin' next to my bed beating his meat! His dick is bigger than mine, but not as big as Dad's, and he's got more hair around his prick and some on his chest, too. And all of a sudden my dick got hard again. Like now.

"`I know you're not asleep, Jamie,' Max whispered. `You still got a hardon.'"

" `Yeah, well, so what?' I whispered back. `I was just thinkin' about getting my dick sucked by some girl, like I thought Dad meant.'

"`Well, I got news for you. Guys do it a hell of a lot better.'

" `Bullshit. Guys don't suck guys, or...or get fucked, either.'

"`Then what the fuck do you think that was up my butthole? That's a fuckin' fantastic piece of stud meat, man. Best I've ever had. You oughta try it.'

"`You're outa your fuckin' skull, Max,' I told him. `That's sick, letting Dad put his prick in your butt.'

"`It ain't sick, baby brother, if it makes you cum like a sonofabitch. And Dad sure does. He's sucked my dick, too, and let me suck his.' Max moved closer and put his hand on the blanket and squeezed my dick a little. `C'mon, Jamie. Give it a try. Wouldn't you like to slide your meat down a nice hot throat, and pump those cocksucking lips until you shot a whole load of cum?'

"My dick was so hard right then, it was hurtin' -- and Max could see it and feel it. He was still pumping his meat, right in front of me, and then he pulled off the covers. He leaned over so his mouth was real close to my meat and told me to shut my eyes, that I could pretend he was a girl if I wanted to. So I did. Christ, I almost came when his mouth closed down on the head of my dick, and he started licking the tip. And then he reached down and started playing with my balls, and slid his mouth down so that every fuckin' bit of my prick was inside.'

The boy's chest was heaving and his hand was moving a little faster on his prick. "You ever had a blowjob, mister? Yeah, you probably have. Well, you know what it's like. It was fucking heaven. And then he told me to scoot over on the bed, closer to the edge. He was gonna get up on the bed a little with me, and to just keep my eyes shut. He still had his mouth all the way down on my prick and then he started sucking back and forth, and then he put his knee down next to my left arm.

"I was just layin' there, getting hornier by the second, starting to shove my prick up and down my own fuckin' brother's throat, when there was this kind of low grunt and moan from Max. I opened my eyes, and although I was expectin' to see Max's prick and balls hangin' low over my face, I sure didn't expect what I really saw."

Jamie paused, and smeared the precum leaking from his prickhead around the pisshole and then down his shaft, making sure Hank was watching closely. He was! Hank still had the briefcase on his lap, but his hand was underneath, squeezing his own rockhard dick. Jamie stood up and moved across the floor to straddle Hank's legs, but first he reached down and moved the briefcase away. Then he sat down on Hank's knees, opened the man's belt and top button, unzipped his pants and pulled out Hank's hard cock and big balls. Jamie stood up, and leaned forward, holding his cock and brushing it across Hank's lips.

"Want to know what I saw, stud?"

Hank could only nod helplessly, as the boy put his hands on the back of Hank's head and gently pulled forward so that in a moment Hank was gulping down all of the kid's meat. Hank knew he'd probably go to prison, but there was no way he could stop. The boy started facefucking Hank, who got his own large dick into one hand, while the other reached up to play with the boy's butt.

"Jesus, man, I saw my Dad's huge fuckin' meat slidin' right up my brother's butt again. And Max didn't lose his hard, either. He just kept right on sucking my meat while Dad's prick started shoving in and out of his butt. I had two sets of stud balls over my face, and a long fat stud brother prick just begging for my hands. Shit, that was better than any fuckin' fantasy about some broad.

"I was so turned on that when Dad and Max kind of moved around and Max's prick was so close to my mouth I could have stuck my tongue out and licked it -- I did. And Max just reached back with one hand and guided his big meat right into my throat, and fuck, it was like it belonged there. There we were, sucking each other's meat, and I kept my eyes open so I could see Dad fucking Max's shitter. And all of a sudden I couldn't take it any more, and I just started pumping a gutload of cum into Max's mouth without any warning, and he just fucking took it all, drinkin' it up."

Jamie was pumping Hank's throat a little harder now as he talked about his cum from the night before, but he wasn't getting ready to cum again. Not yet. He pulled his dick out of Hank's mouth suddenly and then backed up a little. He pulled Hank to his feet and yanked Hank's pants and underwear down around his ankles. Hank had a thick slab of rigid meat, a little over seven inches long and an inch-and-a-half or so wide, jutting straight out over heavy, hairy balls. Jamie stroked and played with the manmeat, smearing the dripping precum until Hank's dick was slick and slimy.

And then Jamie lay down on the floor, pulling Hank with him. Somewhat awkwardly, since his pants and underwear were still around his feet, Hank knelt down, and let Jamie guide his eager mouth back to the boy's spit-slimy prick. Hank couldn't believe he was actually going down on a young boy in the kid's own home, kneeling over the kid's rampant meat with his butt stuck in the air. But he was fucking loving every second of it. Until he felt a tongue lick his asshole.

Hank tried to jerk his head up, but Jamie held him in place. "Relax, man. It's my brother. I asked him to stick around, and maybe stick something else, too. You like the idea of having some boydick up your butt while you're sucking on hot stud boymeat?"

Hank could hardly believe his ears. But he definitely believed the hot experienced mouth getting his own experienced hole ready for fucking. And then there was the feel of a hard dickhead pushing at his butthole, and slender boyhands caressing his body and reaching underneath to play with his dick and balls, and Hank relaxed his ass so that the boy could shove his prick all the way in with one stroke. Hank was in fuck heaven.

He'd always loved three-ways, especially when it meant he was getting his own shitter pleasured by hard meat, and sucking off an equally hard prick. And the fact that he was having his first boymeat in his mouth and his first boyprick up his ass -- it was almost like his own fantasy trip with that stud he'd picked up, when he'd pretended the stud was his father fucking him. Jesus fucking Christ! Thirteen-year-old prick fucking his face; fourteen-year-old prick pounding his ass, his own hand eagerly pumping his rigid meat. Who the fuck cared if he shot a load on himself and his clothes. Hank moaned in animal ecstasy and got ready to blow a wad.

The deep bass voice asking what was going on scared the shit out of him.

Hank froze, but the boys didn't. The steady even pumping of the hot dick sliding in and out of his butt kept on, and so did the smooth slide of the boyprick into his throat.

"Hi, Dad!" Jamie smiled up at his father, who was already dropping his jeans down around his ankles. He was naked underneath, and his eight-inch cock was already surging to full staff as he dropped to his knees next to Hank and bent forward so his butt was in the air, too. Max pulled his dick out of Hank's tight shitter, moved over behind his father, and then thrust his slimy boyprick all the way into his father's fuckchute in one long hard stroke. He just grinned, while Jamie followed his brother's lead and switched to Hank's butt, so that Hank's hole was stuffed once again with boymeat.

The two men being buttfucked by young boys looked at each other with glazed, lust-filled eyes. And that's when Hank recognized his fuck-partner! It was the guy who had fucked him a couple of nights earlier, both of them acting out a fuck fantasy that Hank was the guy's young son. They started kissing, deep-tonguing each other while the boys on top stroked and stroked their hot buttholes.

After a couple of minutes, the boys' father shifted their positions so he and Hank were laying on their sides, facing each other, their clothes tangled around their feet, their butts stuffed with hot boyprick, their own pricks caught between their hairy bellies. The father reached out under the chair Jamie had been sitting in and pulled out a tube of lubricant. He squeezed a big load down on Hank's dick and his own and then they were squirming around, pressing their huge meat against each other's firm masculine bellies, their slick cocks and balls sliding over each other and heating up. The two men were kissing and writhing against each other, and the boys leaned over so they could kiss, too, while they started ramming their hot stud boypricks faster and faster up the tight man holes until suddenly the boys were blasting the stud holes full of cum, and that set the two men off, so they began blasting huge wads of cum between their bodies.

Once their cumloads were spent, the boys slowly pulled out of the men's shitters, and when the two adults relaxed on their backs, the boys swooped down and began sucking up the cum and lube. Of course, that was enough to get the men hard again.

The boys' father looked over at Hank. "Which one?"

Hank knew instantly what he meant. He picked Jamie, whose own prick had surged to full staff again. Jamie began lowering his tiny boybutt onto Hank's slimy prick, until he had just the head of the wide dick inside his hole. Jamie gasped! Hank's dick wasn't as long as his dad's, but it was wider and his tiny young hole was really getting stretched. But he fucking loved it! And so did Max, who was sliding his more experienced butt down his father's pole.

As the two men started pumping the incredibly tight buttholes of the young boys, Hank said, "I guess I'm gonna have to report that this was a false alarm. But this young boy is gonna need a lot of counseling, so I'm gonna have to keep on seeing him. With his father's permission, of course!"


" how to keep a couple of stud men fucked out of their minds."

The boys' father grinned his agreement, and then the two men clamped their hands around slender young waists and started ramming their hard meat up the young assholes, with long hard strokes. There was no question the boystuds could take it and loved every fucking minute of it, since they were beating off their own sticky, slimy cocks. Hank and his friendly fuck-daddy thrust harder and harder and then pulled the boys down on top of them, clamping their mouths down on the boys' mouths and deep-tonguing them just as huge manloads of hot cum blasted the boys' guts, while streams of boycum streaked out of horny young pricks and covered their bellies with a new load.

As they came down from the cum-high, the boys' father scooped up some of Max's still-warm cream and let Jamie lick it off his fingers. Hank was already scooping and sucking, too -- warm Jamie cum.

After kissing Max and easing his half-hard rod out of the boy's hole, Aaron looked at his sons, and at Hank. "You know, I think you three might like meeting my brother ... and his family."

The boys' eyes lit up. They'd never met their Uncle Ben, but if he was anything like their Dad ... .

Hank was thinking the same thing with a smile on his face, when he felt a cock-head brushing his lips. Naturally he opened his mouth ... and felt Aaron's long cock sliding down his throat just as Aaron's mouth engulfed Hank's prick. The boys, however, weren't going to be left out. Jamie raised Hank's legs and slid his eager boyprick into Hank's hole, and Max did the same thing with his dad. The two men started sucking each harder, watching the other man get fucked by slender boycock.

Hank decided he would have to call the office. To tell them this interview would be taking a lot longer than he thought. But not just yet. First he needed a mouthful of hot mancum, and sizzling boy gism up his hole.

There was no question he was going to get what he wanted.