Ash and Dad - Chapter 2

    The following fictional story deals with sex among males and family members. If you are offended by such material, are too young, or reside in an area where it is not allowed, depart. Though not observed in this story, care enough about yourself and humankind to practice safe sex.

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    The original "full" dedication for this story can be found in chapter 1. I'd like to thank everyone who sent emails about the story. Especially Jeff, a special guy who's taken on a "son" of his own. His real life story is a great inspiration. He's given me permission to reprint a portion of his email

>From Jeff:

"I met my first friend through an email address he had left scribbled on a wall one day! I am not in the habit of contacting everyone who leaves email addresses on walls. However, for some reason, I was drawn to this address and I felt the need to correspond with the person. He turned out to be a 28 yr old man who lived about 1000 miles away from where I live, he was very reluctant to reveal much about who he was, yet somewhere within him, I recognised there was a lot of deep seated hurt, anger and frustration.

Well to cut a long story short, it took me nearly a year to break down the barriers he had put in place and for him to give me his real name, real address, and to trust me enough to tell me about his life. He had grown up as a boy very close to where I live. In fact we were within 10 miles of each other when he was a boy! He had an abusive childhood as his father had a mean temper and would lash out and beat the kids physically all the time. My friend tried running away from home a number of times and eventually left home at the age of 16 just to get away!

He became a Game Ranger doing anti-poaching operations and as he is an exceptional horseman, this helped him. He became a nomad for the next 12 years of his life, he used his pay to learn how to fly a Glider Plane. He was a life guard for a time, he crewed on board a yacht, he taught himself rock climbing, he decided that he enjoyed filming and he taught himself how to use a digital movie camera. He decided to make a documentary and had some sponsors providing money and equipment. When the sponsors pulled out, he took the initiative, and wrote the script, directed, shot the movie himself, got someone to hold a microphone, afterwards, he digitally edited and mixed the sound and did the voice over recording himself, because he had no money left. Then he tried to sell his movie, and suddenly his world came crashing down no-one wanted to show his movie. He eventually stopped his movie making and moved onto a farm and started training horses. His Father was never there for him as a child, he never experienced a "normal" childhood, every time he tried something, society and people in general proved to be untrustworthy, made promises but never kept them, generally he was an emotionally battered and bruised child in an adults body!

I believe I was lead to him. I am not 100% sure why, but I believe I was lead to break down the barriers he had erected around him. I was the person sent to him to show him that not all society is untrustworthy! That people can keep promises. That someone can be there for you when you are down in the dumps and need a shoulder to cry on. I have become the Dad he never had when he needs me to be one, I am the brother he turns to when he needs one, and I am the friend that he can laugh and joke with when he needs to. The great part as well, I have been involved in the Television Industry for the past 30 years and I was able to fix some of the technical problems he had with his Documentaries and I have succeeded in getting both documentaries broadcast on Satellite TV. Whats even better is that I did not call in favours or ask for any special treatment, for these programmes, I just gave them to the right people who saw the merits of what he had done and recognised the talent behind it. So his movies were shown through his own talent not through any strings that I pulled!

I guess I found my adoptive son!"

   Thanks Jeff for sharing a piece of your life with me and letting me share it with others.

   Thanks Dad and my brothers, Clay and Tim, for all your support in my writing this little fantasy. Love you all!

Ash -

Ash and Dad - Chapter 2

   What had I done? Last night I'd sucked my Dad off after watching a movie. I'd cum into his briefs, which were stuffed inside my own. Then we'd fallen asleep together on his bed. Oh, don't get me wrong, I wasn't upset over sucking Dad off last night, making love to him, sleeping with him. I was pissed because I'd fallen asleep wearing cummy shorts. My first movement of the day caused hairs to pull and skin to protest as the cum gluing my cock to the cotton gave way. At least I hope it was cum giving way and not flesh. Oh well, last night was worth a little pain! I gently rolled over and got up, pulled the light blanket from the bottom of the bed up over Dad and went into the bathroom. Hopefully the shorts would soften up and come off easily in the shower.

   I climbed into the shower, started the water, and adjusted the temperature. Not too hot to start, I always like to increase the temp gradually until it's steamy. Before I stepped into the spray I let loose with my first morning piss. Soaking the briefs I had on, the hot piss cascaded through the cotton and down my legs. Why waste water flushing the toilet? Plenty of water here in the shower to wash it all away, and it always felt so sensuous soaking my balls and running down my legs. What would Dad think of this?

   Stepping under the spray, I started to remove the cotton clinging to my groin. Now soaking wet, it peeled away easily, revealing the crusty remains of last night's fun. I hadn't realized just how much I'd cum. No wonder I practically passed out spooned up to Dad. As I washed away the remnants of last night's play, I thought back and realized that I'd have to handle this right or things could go very badly with Dad. Considering the possibilities I found myself rubbing and stroking my 6 inch hardon. Having other plans now, I released my grip and washed my hair. Bending over, I ran my hands over my taut butt, needing to make sure things were extra clean. Soaping my crack, I stroked my hole with a slick index finger before beginning to slowly push inside.

   I'd always loved playing with my ass. Straight guys that haven't played there will never know the pleasure that small opening can bring. As I progressed to two fingers, I knew just what Dad's wake up call was going to be. Rinsing thoroughly, I enjoyed the hot cascade of water before shutting it off and toweling dry.

   Checking the cabinet, I found some KY and wondered momentarily about it being there. Squeezing out a generous amount I squatted down to lube my hole. Slowly running my fingers around, I pressed gently, round and round, pressing harder with each rotation. Soon my finger was centered on my hole, pressing in to the first knuckle. I breathed deeply, relaxed, and let my finger slip in fully. In and out, I progressed from one to two, then three fingers, adding lube as I went. Now sure that I was well lubed, after all, Dad was bigger than my dildo, I wiped my hands, breathed deeply, and crept back to bed.

   Crawling into bed in front of Dad, I spooned my back to his front, his cock nestling comfortably in the crack of my ass. He wasn't hard yet, so I just relaxed and let my breathing and heart rate settle down. No need to rush. Dad's breathing was deep and steady, so I figured he was still fast asleep. It was time to see if I could get him to rise to the occasion. I shifted myself back tighter to his chest and reached behind to reposition his 7 " cock. Dad was a little shorter than me, so I had to move down a little in the bed. Gently I started rocking my ass, massaging his cock with my cheeks.

    Things responded just as they should. Dad may be on the high side of 50, but he's a hot little fucker and takes pretty good care of himself. If the porn in the house is any indicator, he hasn't forgotten that his plumbing needs use to stay in working order. As he got harder I realized that I had misjudged, and I gently shifted a bit higher. This thing was bigger than I thought. Would I be able to take it without waking Dad? With his cock head positioned properly, I started to relax back onto him. My lube job had been a good one, and his manhood pierced my backdoor easily. I released my breath with a sigh of pleasure as 3 inches of Dad slowly buried itself inside me. I'd never had real flesh and blood up there, and my dildo paled in comparison. Both hard and soft, his cock was soooo hot, and I'd swear I could feel the blood pulsing through the part of his manhood lodged in me.

    Dad stirred and brought his arm over to my chest, but his breathing quickly settled back into its deep, steady rhythm. Pushing back gently, I took what remained of his cock. I could have driven nails with my own, and I was leaking like a faucet, something that is unusual for me. I moved Dad`s hand down to one nipple, and he instinctively started to palm it as I started a steady squeezing rhythm with my ass. Soon Dad picked up the pace on his own.

    I was broken from the trance his fucking had placed me in by his startled cry when he awoke. Quickly reaching behind myself I pulled his groin to my ass with one hand while grabbing his hand and arm with the other.

   "Dad," I said sharply, "It's all right! I've wanted this for a long time."

   "But it's wrong" he pleaded, sounding as if he was on the verge of tears.

   "Why," I asked. "Do you love me?"

   "Yes" he whispered.

   "Do you think that I love you?"

   Once again, a barely audible "yes".

   "Are we both old enough, make that mature enough, to choose to do this?"


   "Are we going to hurt each other?"

   His "no" was almost a squeak.

   "Then you have to realize this is something that I've thought about for years. This was just the right time for it to happen. I love you with my heart and soul, and just because we have sex doesn't mean that anything will change. It just means that we are enlightened enough, free enough, mature enough, to express our love in new ways."

    All this time I'd been gently squeezing Dad`s cock with my ass, and it was still mostly hard. Now I started moving my hips so that I was stroking him gently, and he responded as I'd hoped. He groaned, hardened and started to once again stroke into my ass. As his pace increased, his massage of my nut had me on the edge. As I grunted and begged him bring me off, he laughed, withdrew, and said "not yet my son, my lover. Daddy still remembers some tricks about making love."

    Rolling me onto my back, Dad moved his mouth to my balls and laved them with spit. I groaned loudly, my cock getting ready to spew. Pulling back Dad moved to that crease where groin meets leg, lightly running his tongue from my balls to my hip. My body rose from the mattress, aaaarrrrrrgggghhhhhh!!!! That's one of my most sensitive spots. Continuing up my side to my nipple, Dad flicked it with his tongue before taking a long lion-like lick, then gently sucked it into his mouth. Sucking and tonguing for a moment, he replaced his mouth with fingers to pinch and squeeze as he moved his mouth to the other side. This continued for several minutes and had the desired effect of keeping me hot but letting my cock cool somewhat.

    Dad had me so distracted that I didn't realize what he was up to until his thumb plunged up my ass. My body arched in pleasure, and Dad moved to plunge his mouth down on my cock, gagging a bit but taking most of it. Two hard sucks had me ready to jet gallons of cum, but he wasn't done yet. He withdrew, letting my cock slap noisily back to my stomach and moved between my legs. With a mind of their own my legs drew back to my chest to open my ass for him. Placing his hands on my feet, he drew his hand down my legs and thighs until they were supporting my butt. Palming my cheeks apart, he held me there and shifted until his cockhead touched my ass. I could feel the heat and pulsations from it and begged him to ram it home. He wouldn't do it. Instead he slowly, gently, like a hot knife through butter, pushed in to the hilt. My back arched as he grazed my prostate, and my balls started to draw up in preparation for the grand finale.

    Dad started a slow, steady rhythm, adjusting his angle to hit my nut on every stroke. As his pace increased, my back arched, I held my breath, and I came so hard that the first jet went into my hair. I swallowed the second as it landed in my open, gasping, mouth, tasting myself as I'd done so many times before. Opening my eyes I saw Dad, a glazed look in his eye. My pulsations had him ready to explode. As my third jet exploded from my cockslit, Dad plunged deep, uttered a hoarse cry, and came, buried so deep I should have been able to taste it.

    He pulled out, raking his cum from my hole and plunged deep again, and again. With his cum running down onto my back and thighs and his hot wetness in my ass, Dad collapsed on me, buried to the hilt, his cock soaking my ass. Moments later he lifted up, moved my leg across his chest and down, so that he could lay behind me but remain imbedded. Wrapping his arms around me, his mouth near my ear, he whispered, "I love you son", before we both drifted off to sleep.

   Talking about these wondrous events would wait!

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