Ash and Dad - Continues

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 We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.
                                           - Oscar Wilde

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Ash and Dad - Chapter 4

     Dad stared skeptically up at the cliff. I don't think he was at all sure he wanted to see my "special place." Not if it meant the climb he was looking at. I stifled a laugh and pointed off to the left where the trail started.

     "Relax Dad, I'm not getting out the pitons and ropes. The trail up is in good shape and an easy climb, and it's only about of a mile to the top." I laughed, "Hey, if it was easy it wouldn't be special!"

     Dad, still with the "look" on his face, let out a tense laugh and smiled.

     "That's easy for you to say, you're in shape. What about your old man? Exercise for me is walking from the car into the house."

     I smiled at him and grabbed his upper arm. It was solid. I knew he worked out and tried to stay in shape.

     "Cut the crap, Dad. I know you lift some weights, swim and spend time on the treadmill and bike. Climbing the trail shouldn't be much of a challenge, and I'm sure it won't kill you. Now let's go!"

     As Dad started off, I shoved two light jackets in my pack, hefted it onto my back and followed close behind. On the way over we'd stopped at one of the local, "semi-fast" food joints and gotten some grilled chicken, rolls and a couple side salads. That along with the bottle of chardonnay from the liquor store, some water, and a blanket would allow us to have a pretty nice dinner. With luck the sunset would be great, and the moon would rise on a crystal clear night. Dad didn't know it, I'm sure, but the moon was full tonight. Night at the top, with a full moon shining on the river below, would be spectacular!!

     As we climbed the trail, I had occasion to closely observe what I decided must be one of Dad's better features, his ass. He'd put on a pair of 501's which hugged his butt nicely, accenting its firmness. The jeans were tight at the waist and snug on his butt, and as he walked the material would creep into the crack of his ass, separating and defining. At the bottom of his cheeks, they hugged his legs, and I could observe the muscles of his thighs flexing under the material as he walked.

     I had almost run my nose into his ass before I realized he'd stopped to catch his breath. Straightening up I caught him gazing at me with a questioning look on his face. Reaching up I ran my hand in a circular motion over his ass before stopping to give it a gentle caress.

     "Sorry Pop, I guess I was a little preoccupied," I said.

     A smile crossed his face as he realized what I was saying. Then, almost as if a shadow from the trees had obscured him partially in darkness, his look faded to one of apprehension. In a very controlled, factual manner, he stated

     "I've never been fucked before."

     Sensing this could be a frightening moment for him, I moved a step closer and wrapped him in an embrace.

     "Dad, nothing's going to happen that you don't want to happen!" I stated, "I promise that any time you're uncomfortable with what's happening, all you have to do is say so and we'll stop. Love between two people should never be uncomfortable or painful or forced. My only wish is to become closer to you, to allow ourselves to grow closer. We have time. Whatever happens between us will happen when it's meant to be."

     I could feel Dad exhale the breath he'd been holding. His body relaxed, and he wrapped his arms around me.

     "I knew that" Dad stated, "but it's nice to hear you say it. This whole thing scares me. I've suppressed these feelings for so long, you're going to have to teach me, show me, help me, to get this right."

     "Dad, there's no "right," no "wrong," just two people expressing love. Whatever we wish to do or explore is up to us."

     That said, I swatted him on the ass, and told him to get a move on.

     "You've tricked me into enough of a rest, let's get to the top"

     As we climbed higher, I reflected on the fact that even my wife had never been to this place. I'd held it for myself for years. It felt right, good, to finally share it. Sharing it with Dad seemed to make it extra special.

     Rounding the last switchback, the trail flattened out and traveled for 100 yards to the edge of the cliff. As we approached and were able to look over at the river and valley below, Dad stopped and stared.

     "What's that?" I asked. Dad had said something I couldn't hear.

     "I didn't know that this place existed, and so close to home! The view is beautiful." He was almost whispering, as if speaking out loud would somehow disturb the moment.

     "Yeah, it is pretty nice isn't it?" I said. "Anybody that hikes this trail knows it's here, and it's pretty busy sometimes on weekends. Most people won't bother with the climb from this end, and to come from the north is about 6 miles, so it's usually quiet."

     There were numerous large rocks, interspersed with lots of open space, that provided any number of spots to spread a blanket, but my favorite spot, a large flat boulder, was off to the right. I gave Dad's arm a nudge and led him over to my spot. The rock was large enough and flat, so it provided ample space to spread the blanket out. Lowering my pack to the ground and retrieving the blanket, I started to open it up, when Dad stepped in to help. After getting it down and anchored with some rocks, we sat down to enjoy the view.

     A bit later Dad broke the silence.

     "You know that I've always loved your Mother, don't you? From the moment I met her, I knew we were to be together."

     As I started to respond, Dad placed his fingers gently on my lips to silence me and continued.

     "She's always known about my gay leanings. I was up front with her about them shortly after we started dating. I told her about my background, my experimentation in high school and college, both gay and straight. She accepted what I told her at face value, and we continued to date. When we talked about marriage, we talked again about my background. I assured her that I was making my choice freely, that I did love her and wanted to spend my life with her. I also told her that, while my gay urges wouldn't go away, I would be faithful to her. Until last night I had willingly kept that vow! That bothers me! I have never cheated on your mother, I love her deeply! How do I reconcile the fact that making love to you this morning was so wonderful? How do I learn to live with what we've done? I know that I can't live without you any longer, so how do we not hurt our loved ones?"

     Dad was silent for a bit, and I lay back, gazing at the sky and wondering how to respond. This was new territory for me too. Until last night I'd never thought my Dad might have felt this way, might have had the same urges as me, might be harboring a gay streak. We were more alike that I'd ever realized. I found my mind wandering to genetics. Was this some wayward gene we shared? Dad sighed and lay back beside me. Moving close to him, I snuggled up to his right side. Propped up on my elbow, I let my right hand move to his chest and gently stroked him. He was tense, and after a few minutes I could feel him succumb to the contact. His body shifted and melted closer to me, and his chest relaxed under my hand. I shifted to increase our contact and moved my hand up to stroke his face, really feeling it for the first time. I traced his hairline, then let my fingers move to his ear, running around its surface. He stifled a giggle as I moved down his neck and then back to his face. I traced his lips, then nose and eyes before cradling his head and raising it so that I could run my tongue in the ear closest to me. Licking it gently, running into his ear canal, tasting its slightly bitter flavor before withdrawing to lightly trace the curve of his ear with the tip of my tongue.

     "I told you that Deby knows of my gay leanings. We discussed it at length when we dated and before we married. We've had a pretty good 17 years together, but I still think that deep inside she wonders if I'm going to find a guy and leave her. I try to reassure her every chance I get that she's it for me. It leaves a void in my life! I haven't had many really close male friends. Guess I've been afraid of getting too close for fear other feelings will surface. I think we can give each other something that's been missing from our lives for a long time. Maybe our being closer, loving more, will help us love our families more. With you I think I can express my love for another man knowing that I haven't gone looking, haven't cheapened my relationship with her by cruising bars looking for a quickie. Our love, father and son, is natural, its physical expression just another level."

     I kissed Dad on the cheek and gave him a squeeze, then rested back down beside him. We just stared off into space for a while before I nudged Dad and asked him if he was hungry. Smiling broadly at me he replied

     "After the activities of the last 18 hours I'm famished." With a wink and a smile he asked, "What did you have in mind?"

     I laughed, got up and pulled him into a sitting position. "Not that!" Grabbing my pack, I handed him the wine to open while I started laying out dinner. Chicken, potato salad, rolls and some wine later, we were both stuffed and mellow. The sun was quickly setting on this fall day as we finished cleaning up our mess and stuffed the trash back in my pack. I shook the blanket to clear it of any remnants of dinner before spreading it back out on the rock.

     I motioned for Dad to lie down, placed the pack where we could use it as a pillow, then joined him on the blanket. I had chosen this blanket because of its size and proceeded to pull it over us from my side, covering us both. Over the course of the next 45 minutes or so we both dozed off and on as the sun moved lower in the sky. Dad elbowed me awake and pointed to the western sky. The sun was ablaze on the horizon, just beginning to dip out of sight, and the sky was streaked with orange, pink, purple and blue -- vibrant colors that changed with each passing moment. We watched the contrails from a high flying jet, a brilliant streak of white climbing to the heavens. The colors seemed to reach a brilliant peak before beginning to merge, then fading as the sun disappeared from sight.

     By this time Dad was lying on his left side with me spooned up behind him, my arm draped over his chest. I had been idly stroking him as we watched God's "movie." He laid his head back closer to me and whispered in my ear.

     "Son, please make this special moment complete, fuck me!"

     "No Dad, I'll make love to you, but I won't just fuck you"

     With that statement made, I reached for his nearest nipple with my right hand while maneuvering my left arm underneath him. Pulling him to me, I started to stroke his abs with my left hand while running my tongue around the outer edges of his ear. Dad still tasted slightly sweaty from our climb up the cliff, but it was a taste that went directly to my cock. Thankfully, I was pointed up in my jeans, so my expanding manhood had room to grow. Hunching my rapidly expanding cock into Dad's denim-covered butt, I probed his ear deeper with my tongue before moving to lightly lick his neck. From shoulder to ear I gently licked and sucked, causing Dad to shiver and moan.

     "Oh yeah, right good."

     Dad was more vocal than I expected, which turned me on even more

     Shifting myself slightly lower, I started to work on opening his jeans. This task proved more daunting that expected, and I was soon growling with frustrating.

     "Damn 501's! Look great on but I want them off of you, and I can't get the stupid buttons undone."

     Dad started to giggle, partially from my frustration at his jeans and partially from my hands tickling his abdomen. His laughter was infectious, and soon we were both laughing. Throwing the blanket off and rolling him onto his back, I knelt at his side and finally managed to get his jeans unbuttoned. Quickly removing his shoes, I pulled the jeans off his legs and sat up to admire his packed briefs. Stark white in the light of the rising moon, I could see that Dad was hard, and it looked like there was a small wet spot at the tip of his cock. This was quickly confirmed as I leaned down and sucked on his cock through the cotton. Dads flavor was strong as I sucked it from the cotton, and I milked his cock from balls to tip with my hand to get all I could.

     Still sucking on his cock through the briefs, I moved my hand lower. Forcing his legs apart, I pressed the cotton of his briefs tightly into his asscrack, working to find his anal opening. Dad's intake of breath when I touched his most private spot let me know that I was on target. Continuing to rub and stroke his hot hole, I pressed the briefs tightly along his whole ass crack, soaking them with the unique "Dad" scent emanating there. These were briefs whose scent would remind me of Dad for a long time.

     Moaning and writhing in pleasure, Dad gasped, "Son...y y you have to stop! I I I'm g gonna cum!!"

     Quickly slowing down to let Dad back off from the edge, I licked and sucked my way from his cock to his nipples, moving his shirt out of the way as I progressed. While continuing to stroke his asshole, I next attacked his neck. Licking, kissing, and sucking until he was again writhing in pleasure.

     Backing off completely this time, I moved between his legs. Looking at him lying there, briefs wet, shirt shoved up, head thrown to one side, chest rising and falling as he tried to catch his breath, I was astounded at how sexy he looked. Starting at his knees, I ran my hands up his thighs to the waistband of his briefs and drew them down, helping Dad shift his legs higher, to allow them to come off. Smiling at Dad, I made a point of pressing the briefs to my nose and breathing his scent, my cock throbbing and leaking appreciatively.

     Starting at his right knee, I ran my tongue up his inner thigh to his groin, then up to the right along the juncture of thigh and hip. "Oh that," Dad said as his ass rose from the rock in response to this stimulus. Repeating it in reverse, I moved to duplicate the movement on the left. Shifting back to the right, I repeated the movement from knee to groin, but this time went for his balls, slurping each one individually into my mouth, wetting it well, soaking it in spit. Moving up to his cock, I slurped and licked the precum oozing from the tip, licked his abs clean, and then went back to his balls. This time, opening wide, I managed to get both balls into my mouth. Working his balls over as best I could with my mouth stuffed, I started to let saliva drip down his crack. Gathering this lubricant with my fingers, I started to work on Dad's now bare asshole.

     Feeling Dad tense his ass, I stopped, rose up, and positioned myself so that I was over him in a push-up position. Looking directly into his eyes I asked him if he was all right with this.

     "Son, I've never been so all right in my life. I can't believe how you're making me feel. I'm trying hard to relax; I really do want this to happen."

     In the dim moonlight, I could see in his eyes that he was telling me the truth. I leaned in and whispered in his ear.

     "Don't try so hard, just let it happen, and remember, just say stop, and I will. This is for you. If anything makes you uncomfortable just say so!"

     I kissed Dad, a slow, lingering kiss, massaging his tongue with my own, licking his lips, nibbling, before descending once again to his cock. It had lost some of its hardness while we had been otherwise occupied, but in no time my sucking the juices from the tip had him hard as a rock.

     >From my position between Dad's legs I hooked his knees with my hands and raised his legs up, bending him back, bringing his ass into view in the moonlight. I could just see the light dusting of hair on his ass, but couldn't tell if his hole was wreathed in hair or not. It didn't matter, I was on autopilot. Leaning in, I licked Dad from tailbone to balls, eliciting a groan of appreciation. After several more long swipes, I centered my tongue on his hole, let spit fill the slight indentation, and proceeded to gently probe. Pushing lightly with my tongue, I brought both hands into play, prying Dad's ass apart to give me better access. Working round and round his hole, once in a while swiping his crack from stem to stern, I could soon feel him loosening up. Sitting back on my heels, I let a stream of saliva drop onto Dad's crack, massaging it in with my thumbs, before locking my mouth back on his hole. More pressure from my tongue and I soon breached his defenses and had my tongue deep in his ass.

     Rimming Dad was a first for me. I had been uncertain about doing it at first, but it was a natural progression of our love making. I found nothing repulsive or offensive about my father's asshole. I found myself marveling at the tastes and textures. Musky, warm, sweaty, salty, spicy, a multitude of flavors assaulted my senses as my tongue probed as deeply as possible. Just slightly hairy on the outside, with some rougher skin around the edges, Dad's hole was soft, hot and silky on the inside. I could feel the rhythmic pulsing of his hole on my sensitive tongue, and I tried to match that rhythm with my pushing and probing, depositing as much lubricating saliva as possible in his love hole.

     Dad was squirming and moaning, and with my hands I confirmed that his meat was throbbing and hard. Moving my index finger to where my mouth joined Dad's ass, I got it thoroughly wet before starting to press it in. My finger slid into Dad much easier than I thought it would, and I was soon licking the outside of Dad's hole as my finger stroked in and out. Withdrawing my finger completely drew a moan from Dad, and his throaty whisper of "put it back in, I love the feeling" let me know that he was enjoying himself. Some more spit for lube, and two fingers were probing his hole. Drooling more and more lube onto his hole, I soon added finger number three. Figuring that three was more than enough, since I wasn't that big around, I withdrew my fingers from the sopping wet hole before me.

     I moved up over Dad and kissed him, letting him taste the flavor of his ass on my tongue, before urging him onto his left side. Lubing my cock with spit, I moved in behind him, cocked his right leg up to open his ass for me, and placed my cockhead gently at his hole. I could feel the heat of our contact as I applied gentle pressure. "Dad, relax your muscles, press out a bit. I'm not going anywhere, I want you to relax and settle back onto my cock. Take it as fast or slow as you need to."

     Dad relaxed some at that point, and I could feel my cock start to part the ring of muscle guarding his ass. I urged Dad to take it easy, relax, but he didn't back off, and before long I heard him gasped as my cock slipped through his sphincter. As Dad paused for a moment, I gently rocked back and forth, massaging his muscle with my hardness. Once again I could feel Dad relax and push back, sinking me balls deep in one slow, easy movement. Reaching over Dad's hip, I found that his cock had lost some of its hardness. Grasping the base of his cock and his balls, I massaged his whole package, and got him hard again before changing my grip to just his cock.

     Small movements on my part soon had Dad moaning and gasping. "I never knew it could be like this. The feelings are unbelievable. If I'd known how intense this could be I would have played with my ass long ago." I picked up speed a bit with my hand and cock, and began shifting to find his prostate. If he thought it was good now, how much better could I make it? "AARRRGGGHHHHH!" came from Dad. "Must have found it," I thought, grinning. I continued to probe his button on each stroke and gently began to match that rhythm on his cock. "There, there...oh oh...ahhh" Dad's moans were rising in volume and intensity, and I could feel his hole spasming around my cock as we both now rushed to completion. Two more strokes on his cock had Dad pulsing out cum onto the rock in front of him.

     "AH...OH...GOD...THERE...RIGHT THERE... UNGH..UNGH..UNGH." Five spurts of cum from Dad and his pulsing hole brought me off. Burying myself as deeply as possible, my cock shot like I hadn't cum in weeks. Three, four, five, spurts, I gave a small stroke with each,which seemed to elicit another gasp from Dad.

     As we came down from our high, I heard Dad. "Damn, son," he managed to say between deep breaths. "I haven't cum like that in years, if ever. Was it that good for you this morning?" "You bet!" I responded. "I've always loved playing with my ass and have several toys that I use, but after this morning nothing but real cock will satisfy me. The heat, the smoothness, having someone that close, can't compare to rubber." "Well," Dad laughed, "I'll be happy to help you out, if you'll help me out!!" "Deal" I responded.

     When my softening cock slipped from Dad's butt, he gave a little moan and melted back to me as if trying to get it back. I pulled him close, nestling my cock to his ass, and reached back to pull the blanket over our damp bodies. Pulling the pack close so we could rest our heads, I kissed his ear and whispered "I love you Dad." With bright stars and the full moon above, and lights from the valley twinkling below, we drifted off to sleep, complete in the knowledge that our physical love would continue.

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