Ash and Dad - Continues

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     Ash -

Ash and Dad - Chapter 5

     It had been so long since our trip to the cliff top!  That crisp fall evening was forever imprinted in my mind; I don't think anything would ever surpass it.   As happens in real life though, everyday events took over.  Yard cleanup, school projects, girl and boy scouts, work..the family rushed headlong through fall.  Next thing I knew it was Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Christmas, and the New Year.  I saw Dad often but the only "private" moments between us were a hug or a discreet touch.   I was longing for more intimate contact but just couldn't see where or when it could possibly occur.

     I was sitting at my desk on a gray, cold, snowy day in Feb wondering when Dad and I would ever have a private moment again.  Picking up the phone I pressed speed dial for Mom and Dad.   I knew that Dad would be home alone.  It was Wednesday, the day my mother always volunteered at one of the local nursing homes.   I was sure that even with the weather she'd be there.  Her dedication to the folks in the home was remarkable.   In nice weather Dad would have been on the golf course but I was pretty certain that today he'd be sitting in the den, either working on a jigsaw puzzle or reading.

     Between the weather and the current flu bug going around, work was pretty sparsely covered today.   The offices on either side of mine were empty and most of my employees were either home with sick kids or heading out to lunch.   I pushed my office door almost closed and picked up the phone.

     "Dad? Hi, its me, what you up to?"

     "Usual stuff for a crappy day, finishing up the latest Dave Robicheaux novel from James Lee Burke, it's pretty good, gritty.   He really gets you to picture the settings and relationships in his stories."

     "Yeah, Dad, I really like his books.  I'm glad you turned me on to them.  Is Mom home?"

     Dad laughed, "You know better than that!  The roads weren't completely impassable so she's doing her volunteer thing today."

     I laughed!  I knew exactly what he meant.  Come hell or high water Mom was there for her friends at the home.

     "So listen, Dad, I had a little 'encounter' a few days ago that I want to tell you about"

     "Oh yeah, what type of encounter?"

     I could tell I'd piqued his interest!

     "Well I know I've told you about the guy in California that I have started exchanging email with.   We started out talking about wine, mostly me asking him for suggestions, but we've continued to email.   Somewhere along the line we talked a bit about out sexual orientation and he told me he's BI and married.  Sound familiar?"

     I could hear the chuckle on the other end of the line. "Yeah well!!   There seems to be a bunch of that going around, doesn't there?"

     Dad was laughing and I joined him.

     "Yeah well, it does seem to happen.   Anyway...  After a few more emails I fessed up to having the same background.  We emailed some more and we've actually talked on the phone once or twice.   Seems like a real nice guy!"

     "He was on the east coast for a meeting last week.   I got a call on Tuesday.  He wanted to ask if I could possibly meet him at the airport.  His flights had been rearranged and he was coming through town.   I was practically drooling on the phone when I told him I'd love to meet him in person. Sooooo, two hours later on my lunch break I was waiting for him to come off the plane."

     "Was that the smart thing to do" Dad asked.

     I could hear the worry in his voice, wondering what I'd gotten myself into.

     "It may not have been the smartest thing I could do but I didn't see how meeting a guy in the airport could be too bad."

     I laughed..  "It's not like we'd be rutting at the gate or anything."

     Dad laughed, "I guess not."

     "Anyway, he'd described himself for me and about noon this nice looking 50ish guy with grey speckled black hair, a goatee, earring, about 6 feet tall walks off the plane. Now, I hadn't told him about myself.."

     I could hear Dad laughing out loud.

     "Thought you'd surprise him, right?"

     "Well...  when he was telling me about himself I just couldn't help it.  You should have seen the look on his face when I walked up and he realized who I was.   We were almost doing the Lucille Ball, Harpo Marx 'mirror image' skit.   The look on his face was priceless.   We ended up shaking hands, laughing and then in a big hug.  It was like we were long lost brothers.   I found out that he'd only had his ear pierced for 2 years, just like me.  He had it done for his 50th birthday.   We were even both wearing leather bomber jackets."

     Dad was still laughing but I heard him say "Everybody's supposed to have a twin; you just seem to have met yours."

     I joined him in laughing and agreed.

     "Anyway,  this was last week on one of those days we got where the temperature hit 50.   I'd stopped and picked up some sandwiches, snacks and drinks for lunch.   I led Patrick, that's this guy's name by the way, to the parking deck.   I had parked on the top level figuring that in the sun we'd be plenty warm, and comfortable in the van for a picnic lunch.   We climbed in to the back captain's chairs left the door open and chowed down."

     "I couldn't believe how much we had in common.   We like the same things, enjoy cross country skiing, same movies, it was strange.   We laughed and joked and had a great time.   At one point airport security drove by but we just waved.  The waved back and kept going."

     "What was really strange was talking about our backgrounds growing up and discovering our sexuality.   Realizing that we were attracted to men and women, experimenting with both, finally getting married.   It was so refreshing to talk to someone else like me."

     Dad was oddly silent right now and I wondered what he was thinking.

     "I'm glad you had that talk with him.   I think you'll realize after a while that there are a lot more guys out there that go both ways.   It's just a shame that our society pushes us to choose instead of letting us lead open, understanding lives"

     "Yeah, Patrick and I talked about that too.   How we all feel pressure to choose one way or the other and can't just let things happen in a natural way."

     "Someday" Dad said, "Someday!"

     "Anyway, Patrick was sitting near the door on the van and we'd both finished eating.  I was a bit surprised when he reached back and closed the door.  Next thing I know he's leaned across, placed his hand on the back of my neck and is pulling me forward.   Our lips met...I could feel his tongue tracing my lips, seeking entrance."

     "I was terrified, what was I doing?   I was happily married...I'd only ever had jerked off with a couple guys in high school and then the times with you,  and we were in a van,  in a parking lot....  in broad daylight!!"

     "Dad, I suddenly realized I'd never been so excited in my whole life!"

     "Patrick pressed his tongue between my lips and traced my teeth before pushing further and dueling with my own tongue. I went rock hard and dripping in about 2 seconds flat"

     I could hear Dad's breathing on the other end of the phone. My plan was working.   Easing my zipper down and slipping my hand inside I groped my growing erection.

     "It was so hot being in that position!  My cock was throbbing while this guy I had just met probed my mouth with his tongue, his hand moved to my chest seeking out a nipple to squeeze."

     "God, Dad, I'm boned up just talking about, I've got my hand in my pants, groping my hot hard 6 inches.  How about you? Don't tell me your 7" throbber isn't hard.   I can see it.pointing up toward your left hip...straining at your briefs...uncomfortable...starting to leak...come on Dad...give it a squeeze...feel it throb.  Now ease that zipper down and reach in...feel your hard cock straining against the cotton of those briefs...squeeze it again and milk that fuck juice out...get those shorts wet!!  I want them...when we're through here I want that underwear!"

     I could hear Dad breathing heavily, almost panting and I could imagine him in his recliner in the den, head thrown back, receiver resting on his shoulder, hand shoved in his pants.  It made me harder thinking about it.

     "Patrick found my nipple and latched on with his hand, squeezing it just hard enough to make me arch my back but not enough to be painful."

     "Yeah Dad...pinching my nipple right now just like Patrick did to me, making cock lube wet my shorts...right here at my desk."

     "As I arched my back, I ended up grinding my throbbing cock right into Patrick's equally hard member.  I could tell by the feel that he was bigger than me and I couldn't help myself from moving my hands down to find out.   I gripped his cock with both hands, outlining it in his pants, amazed at its hardness and size.   This monster put my 6 inches to shame, it had to be 8 inches and it was thick."

     "Dad, you wouldn't believe it...I know it was trapped in his pants but I don't think I could have put my hand around it.   It seemed huge!   I could feel it throbbing and wondered if Patrick would pump out as much cock juice as you do.   I bet your pumping pretty good now aren't you...getting those shorts wetter...stroke it Dad...rub it up...squeeze the head through those wet out more juice!   Now,bring those fingers up to your mouth and lick your juice off of them...tastes good doesn't it? Eat it all up!"

     I could hear Dad taking short, sharp breaths.

     "Come on it good? Tell me..does your juice taste good?"

     "God, know it does.   But not as good as yours.   Not as good as straight from the source."

     "I'm leaking for you my hand in my pants...rubbing me off...juicing my shorts...lots of juice for you.  Imaging you're here...your lips wrapped around my hot cockhead sipping my nectar right from the source"

     Dad moaned and the pace of his panting picked up.

     "You know what we did next Dad? You want to hear what Patrick did to me while I had his cock in my hands?"

     "OH Ash...come on...tell me...make me hotter!"

     "Patrick reached down and unzipped my pants.  Right there in the van in the parking garage, Dad!  His hands seemed so hot.  He stroked my rod a couple times before unzipping his own pants and taking out his beautiful cock.   I was right; it was at least 8 inches, and thick.   Leaning forward he pushed his rod through my zipper and slid right through the fly of my boxers and alongside my cock.   Talk about HOT.  I couldn't believe the feel as he leaned in closer and ground his groin into mine."

     My hand was working my cock more quickly and I could hear Dad panting on the phone.   I saw a shadow pass by my office door but they kept going.  I laughed wondering what they would have thought if they knew what was going on.

     "Dad...Patrick started to hump his groin into me.  His throbbing rod next to mine.  I was moving toward a cum shot that would saturate my groin.   My wet cock next to his...sliding in our combined juices.   Three more pumps and grinds and I could feel myself moving over the top..UNGH..UNGH.God it back arched and I ground my cock harder against him as the cum rocketed from my slit...two, three more...Patrick ground against me and I felt him spray huge amounts of juice to join mine.  He was panting and groaning and grinding all at the same time"

     >From the phone I heard a muffled scream from Dad..

     "Come on Dad...give it up...stroke that cock...squeeze that meat...juice those shorts Dad...I want them...I want you to save them so I can suck your juice from them!"

     I heard Dad exhale deeply and groan and knew that his orgasm was winding down.   I relaxed a bit and squeezed my own cock only to realize that during the fracas I'd cum in my pants.   Thank God today I was wearing briefs that would contain what appeared to be a massive load.   Drawing my hand from my pants, I inspected my fingers before licking off what juice had leaked through my underwear.

     "Dad? You still there?"

     "Yeah, son.  I'm here.  I'm a mess but I'm here."

     I laughed, and could hear him chuckle at the other end of the line.

     "Yeah well, at least you can clean yourself up.   I'm here in my office wearing briefs now loaded with cum.   Guess I'll have to hit the men's room and do what I can.  I can always spill some coffee on myself!"

     I could hear Dad's hearty laugh and almost see the twinkle in his eye when he told me.

     "Nobody to blame but yourself...and this Patrick guy.   I take it you didn't get caught by security?"

     "No" I laughed!!   "He wiped himself down with a tissue from the car, kissed me good bye and then had to rush for his plane.   I, however, was left with a mess.   I had cum oozing down my thigh onto my balls and into my boxers were soaked and it was starting to show on my pants.   I just grabbed some tissues and shoved them in to stop the stain from getting any more noticeable, climbed into the drivers seat and headed back to work!

     Dad laughed!  " I'm glad you didn't get in any trouble with airport security, be more careful next time...if there is a next time!"

     "I will Dad, I will" I assured him.

     "Well Dad...I guess I better get cleaned up.  I'm gonna have to keep a change of clothes here if I keep this up."

     "Bye Dad, Love you" "Bye son, love you too.  Be careful".

     Rising from my desk and heading for the men's room, I wondering when I'd next be able to really touch my Dad.   As satisfying and exciting as this had been I longed to feel his warmth.

More to come?.......Thanks again for your patience.  Comments welcome!!    Ash