Ash and Dad - Continues

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Ash and Dad - Chapter 6

     I was waiting for him when he came home tonight. I'd gotten off from work a bit early to surprise him.  I parked the car on the street behind Dad's house,   came through the neighbor's yard and squeezed through the bushes,   to enter from the back. Now I was standing here behind the door from the garage. I could hear him approach; he dropped his key and swore "Damn".  Peeking through the curtain,   I saw him stoop to pick it up,   his khaki's drawing taut on his ass, creeping into his crack.  My cock gave a little lurch and I quickly pulled back before he could see me. I did note that he was carrying nothing but his briefcase,   good,   nothing to get in the way. I hope Dad's up for a little play! As he closed the door behind himself,   I grabbed his arms from behind and pushed him forward into the wall.  He wasn't expecting anything and before he realized what was happening I had his jacket pulled down,   pinning his arms at his sides.

     "Just relax and you might enjoy yourself",   I whispered in his ear.  He relaxed somewhat when he recognized my voice but then renewed his struggle,   warming to the game.

     Pressing myself to his back I reached around and groped his crotch.  Not on the rise yet. I could feel his substantial cock and balls nestled in whatever briefs he was wearing. He always wore briefs,   usually black or grey.

     "LET ME GO" he shouted as he struggled.

     Anticipating this,   I pulled the red thong from my pocket. I'd worn it for several days before saving it for this special occasion. When he opened his mouth to speak again I filled it with the thong,   tangy with my essence.  His mouth and jaw worked to try and spit it out,   but all he managed to do was soak it with his saliva,   helping to bring my flavor to his taste buds.

     As his struggles subsided somewhat,   I reached for his belt, loosened it,   unhooked and unzipped his pants and let them drop to his feet.  Moving one hand back to caress his ass I whispered in his ear again,

     "Stop struggling,   it's going to happen,   if you relax you won't get hurt!"

     He seemed to stop and think,   and I used this opportunity to move my other hand to his ass and grabbing his briefs with both hands,   ripped an opening in the seat.  When he realized what was happening,   his struggles intensified,   but I moved back in and pushed him into the wall again,   pinning him in place.

     Releasing my hard cock from the shorts I was wearing,   I nudged it through the tear in the briefs and started to rub up and down his asscrack.  My precum flowed freely,   coating his cheeks and providing the needed lube for me to start working my cock head deeper into the recess.  As I probed for his hole,   he wiggled as much as possible to avoid my cock.

     I smiled to myself because he didn't realize that his movements actually helped my cock move forward between his cheeks.  Feeling his hot rosebud on my cockhead,   I pressed forward,   setting my cock solidly in place.

     "Go on" I whispered,   "you know you want it.  Just relax and settle back on it....let it in"

     I could feel his body relax as he accepted the inevitable, his hole opening and allowing my cock entrance.  Seizing the opportunity I continued to slide in until my pubes were pressed up to his briefs.  Pulling back,   I started right into a pumping rhythm meant to bring me off quickly. Reaching back to his cock,   I grasped it through his briefs and began to work it in time with my thrusts.  His cock hardened quickly,   and I could tell his balls were drawing up for his coming explosion.  I was almost there,   his tight ass made more so by the fact that we were standing and I was stroking through his clenched cheeks.

     "Come on man,   drop that load,   cream those shorts! Use those muscles,   squeeze me,   let me feel that ass stroke my cock, let me feel you cum!"

     With a scream muffled by the thong in his mouth he came! One,   two,   three shots of cum,   soaking his shorts,   the massage his ass gave my cock bringing me off as the fourth spurt came from his cock.


     I shot a huge load into his ass,   my still hard cock sliding on my own cum as I continued to stroke into him.

     I awoke with a start,   sitting upright in bed,   panting as I realized I had just shot a huge load into my boxers. "God what a vivid dream" I thought to myself.  Sagging back onto the pillow I slowly caught my breath. Staring at the ceiling I pondered my dream. Hot hard mansex,   that's what I dreamed about anymore.

     Glancing over at my wife I saw she was still sleeping peacefully. Smiling I reached over to gently stroke her cheek.  She awoke enough to smile and kiss my hand before rolling over and going back to sleep.

     A cloud crept over my thoughts,   and I quietly slipped from bed.  Padding into the bathroom,   I ditched the boxers, cleaned up and relieved myself before heading to the kitchen for a glass of milk.   Milk in hand I snagged a banana from the counter,   peeled it and went to stand by the sliding door to the deck.  I watched absently mindedly as the breeze gently moved the trees,   causing the shadows on the deck to move hypnotically.  It was when I realized that I was sucking and tonguing the banana that I finally broke from my trance.

     "'ve got it bad Ash" I said to myself. "Where do you go from here? How weird is it that you've got the hots for your father? Do you love your wife,   kids?"

     The answer was yes! I delighted in the kids,   enjoyed watching them grow and change,   was trying to bring them up without the prejudices so often found.  I wanted them to be open and accepting,   to make judgements based on their own thoughts and feelings and not on a predetermined societal basis.

     Deby..what about Deby? I'd known from our second date that things were special between us.  We really did "click"! We enjoyed the same things,   came from similar backgrounds,   we even liked each others' parents. No "in-laws from hell here"! Now after 16 years of marriage we were comfortable. Not in a boring,   tired sort of way,   but in a more intimate, close way. We didn't strive for the excitement and variety of our first years together.  Now,   especially with the kids keeping us busy,   we reveled in the quiet,   peaceful moments we could find together. Whether watching a movie or grocery shopping,   our times alone were always filled with the small touches and kisses that let us know that the spark was still there.  In bed we'd finally hit our stride.  With more practice and experience,   I could make her moan and gasp for more,   and most times I could deliver.  I only had problems after a long day.  If I was tired things sometimes didn't work the way they were supposed to.  Not that my tongue had ever failed me.  When Deby and I made love I was 100 percent with her,   I wasn't wishing she had a cock,   so what's going on?

     I do love my wife! So here I am,   3:00 am,   standing in the kitchen naked except for my robe and I've come full circle. If I love my wife,   then why do I still have my occasional, hell.sometimes frequent,   cravings for man. The longing to feel stubble against my cheek,   hairy nipples,   a firm ass, a hard cock,   muscles to caress? And why was the object of that craving my father?

     I crawled back into bed and,   conflicting emotions somewhat under control,   I finally fell back to sleep.

     The next morning on my way to work I phoned Dad and asked him to meet me for lunch.  I just wanted to talk to him,   try and figure some things out.  He arrived about 11:45,   paper bag in hand.

     "I thought we'd just head for the park,   it's such a nice day. I stopped and picked up two Italian cold cut subs,   some chips and water for us,   oh and of course Berger cookies!"

     "Berger cookies..haven't had that much chocolate in at least a week!" I laughed,   "Sounds good to me,   I'll drive,   lets go."

     On the short drive to the local state park I wondered just how I should approach what I wanted to talk to Dad about, but he beat me to the punch!

     "Ash,   son,   I've been wanting to talk to you.  I've had some really conflicting emotions about our few little trysts,   and I just need to run some things by you.  I have a feeling since you said you wanted to talk that you've been feeling much the same way!"

     "Yeah, hit the nail right on the proverbial head" I said with a laugh. "I've been having trouble reconciling the fact that I love Deby and the kids,   but have enjoyed the hell outta our sex.  I told you before that I've always had fantasies about men and I had a few experiences when I was in school,   but until that night with you I had never been with a man since I got married."

     Dad just smiled and nodded as I pulled into a parking space.

     "How about that table over there?" he said pointing. "It's nice and sunny and isolated enough for our talk."

     Sitting down and getting things out we started in on our sandwiches,   both of us eating quietly for a few minutes. Dad finally broke the silence.

     "Ash,   I want you to know that I've been completely faithful to your mother since we were married,   but I was,   am,   just like you. I had a few male relationships when I was younger, but when I met your mother I knew that she was for me.  I've looked at men and wondered how they'd be in bed but never acted on those thoughts.  When you sucked me off that first time,   I knew that we were opening dangerous territory.  But I felt safe doing it with you,   for whatever reason,   it didn't seem like cheating,   and I could feel that you were living the same things I had gone through in my life. In all my thinking since then and my wanderings around the web, I've come to realize that there are a lot of men like us. I've even emailed and chatted with a few.  The one thing that I get from a lot of these guys is that they have,   or have had,   a good stable heterosexual relationship,   but there was always a longing for male companions."

     "So Dad,   what have they done,   how have they lived their lives,   what makes me this way?" I asked.

     "Son.I think the primary idea that you need to accept is that very few things are absolute.  On a scale of 1 to 10 with homosexual being 1 and heterosexual being 10 what are the chances that everyone is going to fall at either end of the scale?"

     I laughed a bit,   "not too good I suppose" I said.

     He looked me in the eye and nodded,   "Damn right,   just check out the people in the stands next time you're at a ball game,   or the patrons at the movie. How many varieties are there? The problem isn't that you feel the longing,   bunches of us feel the longing. The problem is that society tells us that you have to be one or the other. In matters of sex there's no middle ground.  With society's views on homosexuality I think most of us head for the 10 end of the scale when we choose,   and make no mistake.we all made a choice.  I chose your mother 45 years ago and I would chose her again today." Dad chuckled,   "Believe it or not we have a pretty active sex life!!"

     "WHOA.we don't need to go there" I laughed.

     "Well I'm not providing details,   but it's the truth,   I do enjoy sex with your mother,   and I don't think that would be true if I was 100% gay. I made my choice,   so did you."

     "So what your saying,   Dad,   is that BI isn't so out of the ordinary. There's a lot more 4's and 5's and 6's than there are pure 1's and 10's on that scale."

     "Yep.and we've all made a choice.  The question then becomes just how you live with that choice."

     "Well Dad,   up until a little while ago I thought I was living pretty well with my decisions. Now I'm not sure! I mean.I'm not out cruising for guys.but I seem to have this thing for you,   and oddly enough I don't feel like I'm cheating on Deby. As a matter of fact,   on several occasions our love making has been more intense because of our getting together!"

     Dad laughed,   " turn.we don't need to go there"

     Laughing with him I realized that this was the most we'd talked in quite a while.

     Dad continued,   "Well I think with you it's probably pretty much like it is with me. Your family,   what we're doing doesn't feel wrong because there is love underlying our relationship.  You're not cruising bars or the internet picking up men. Your loving physically someone you love emotionally.  It's an extension of something that already exists.  Don't over analyze it. Just go with it. It's not like we're going to be jumping each other everyday."

     Looking into his eyes,   I realized that my Dad,   who'd always been there when I needed him was there again. His gentle wisdom was working to make me realize that I wasn't weird, that there were a lot of guys out there like me,   and that even though we would continue to make love physically it wouldn't get out of hand.

     "Thanks Pop,   Love you!"

     "Love you too,   Ash,   you're fine,   don't worry!

     THE END

This is the end of this story. I have several ideas for other stories running around in this usually empty head, so if you watch you may find some other stories by Asher in the future. I hope you've all enjoyed reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it. Love to all! Ash -