Bailey and Uncle John

******Warning, this story contains scenes of love between an adult and his young nephew, as well as diaper love and urinary use. If none of this is what you care to read, then please leave now. If you do, then I hope that you enjoy this short story as much as I enjoyed writing it. As always, I wrote this for myself as a quick one day story to help kill some time, but I'm sharing it with you the readers. If you enjoyed the story, I would very much enjoy hearing from you. You may reach me if you so desire at, just remember, no flames please. Deeker, if you happen to read this, email me please.******

“Huh, whazza matter Bailey?” John muttered after having waken up to his twelve year old nephew shaking his shoulder and crying.

“I peed my bed, I'm really sorry.” Bailey stuttered and sobbed.

“Oh Bailey, that's okay, it was an accident.” John said softly, moving so that he could sit up.

“But, I'm a big boy, big boys don't pee the bed.” He sobbed out more, sounding a lot like a little boy at the moment from the shock.

“Hey there, of course you're a big boy. Come here, come give me a hug and we'll go get you all straightened out.” John said and pulled Bailey to him and hugged him, even going as far as to pull Bailey up onto his lap so that he could really hug the boy.

“Oh, now I've gotten you all wet.” Bailey said, realizing all of a sudden he was getting his uncle all wet, and the tears that had finally faded away started all over again.

“Hey buddy, no worries, what's a little pee between friends and family right. Now, it's four in the morning, what say we go get you all cleaned up and get you back into bed, okay.”


“We'll talk more about this in the morning too, okay.”

“Okay.” Bailey said dejectedly.

“Don't worry, it'll be okay. Come on, let's go get your bed taken care of and get you all cleaned up.” John said warmly.

Bailey led the way to the bedroom he was using and showed John the damage. The damage was total, the sheet was soaked nearly three quarters of it, and all the blankets had been wet in the onslaught as well. Now that John saw the bed, he took a closer look at Bailey and realized that the poor boy was wet from armpits to ankles as well.

“Wow, you really soaked it, didn't you? I don't think I'd ever wet the bed that bad.” John said in awe.

“I'm such a baby.” Bailey said, breaking out into a whole new round of tears.

“No you're not, and I don't want you saying that again. You're a young boy who's going through a whole hell of a lot of problems right now, and you'll be fine. Don't worry, we'll get you all taken care of tonight and we'll talk it over more in the morning.” John said firmly but warmly to ease the poor boys fears. John was only happy that he had thought to put a mattress protector on the bed, knowing how stressed out kids could wet.

“Thanks.” Bailey whispered.

The first thing that John did was help Bailey to strip naked, and then grabbed a wash cloth and helped wipe the poor boy down, and then he urged Bailey to just put a pair of underwear on so that in case he wet again, he would not get as much wet. Bailey only cried more at the prospect of wetting the bed more, but did as he was told after getting another reassuring hug from his loving uncle. He had been certain that John was going to get all mad at him, but instead he hugged him and made him feel all better. Together they then stripped the bedding off the bed and wiped off the mattress protector, and then remade the bed. John gave Bailey another hug and kiss goodnight and told him to go to sleep and to not worry about anything at all. A few seconds later, Bailey was fast asleep. John smiled and went and changed the pajamas that he had been wearing that Bailey had gotten wet, and then decided to change the diaper that he had been wearing, since it was getting a little full anyway. He had been thankful that Bailey had not felt it. Before too long, he was in bed himself and dozing back off.

“Mmm, good morning Bailey, how did you sleep?” John sighed when he opened his eyes to see Bailey standing above him, the sun was shining in, and it looked like it was already a nice day outside.

“I....I....I peed again.” Bailey stuttered.

“Oh Bailey, I'm sorry this is happening to you amongst everything else. Let's go get you all cleaned up, okay.” John said lovingly, and hugged Bailey to him again.

Bailey did not say anything, he just followed John back to his bedroom and helped to get cleaned up, but instead of using a cloth to clean up again, John urged him to go have a nice long hot bath. John let Bailey go while he finished the cleanup of all the bedding, that was once again nearly saturated. A few moments later he knocked on the bathroom door and asked if he could enter, and Bailey said he could.

“Are you feeling any better now handsome?” John asked softly.

“I've never wet the bed before, I don't like it, and I did it twice in one night.” Bailey said, sounding more than just a little depressed.

“It's okay, really it is, you'll be fine. You're just under a huge amount of stress right now, and you know it.”

“I know, the therapy guy at the hospital told me that all sorts of things would happen to me because of the shock.”

“Yes, and he was right. You don't see what you saw and not get affected by it.”

“I just can't get the sights out of my mind Uncle John, it's so horrible, every time I close my eyes, I see them dying all over again.”

“I know baby, I know, I wish I could take all that away from you and let you be the kid you're supposed to be without having those dreams, but I can't. Is it the same dream you had in the hospital though?”

“Yeah, no differences, I still see that man coming at them, and demanding their money, and then shooting them. And then he turns the gun on me and everything goes black and I wake up screaming or crying. Why'd he shoot us, daddy gave him everything they had?”

“They don't know, they can't even find who did it, and even though I hope they do and bring him to justice, I'm afraid it just doesn't fix what happened. He needs to be behind bars, of that there's little doubt, but no matter what they do, it'll never bring your parents back, and I miss them almost as much as you do. How does your stomach feel anyway?” John asked softly, the bullet had went in and only grazed vital organs and did no known damage, other then a flesh wound really, and that was already starting to heal, and the stitches would come out in a few days.

“Still tender. Is that the reason I'm peeing the bed you think?”

“No, at least not likely, the doctor said that you had no known internal injuries that they could see, and they tested your bladder as well, because the bullet had gotten pretty close to it, so I doubt it, it's more than likely just the shock that's causing that. You have another appointment today with the therapist to help get you healed up, and you should tell him about your bed wetting, so that he knows.”

“But, that'll be really embarrassing.” Bailey said aghast.

“No it won't, stuff like that happens to kids all the time after they've gone through any sort of trauma. He'll be able to help you out, lots better than I can.”

“But you're doing a good job. Do I get to stay living here with you, I really want to?”

“I'd like you to, but there was no will or anything, your parents didn't leave any information at all as to what was to happen to you or anything if something should happen to them. I imagine, that since I'm the only family left, that I'll be asked, but right now this is only temporary. If we both say that we want for you to stay with me, then they'll probably allow it, but there's problems with that too.”

“What kinda problems?” Bailey asked curiously.

“Well, I don't know how much you know about this or not, but do you know what the term gay is?”

“Sure, it's when two boys love each other and have sex together. Daddy told me all about it last year when I asked him why you had another guy living with you and staying in your bedroom and not a woman. He said you were gay, and that you loved men like he loves mommy.”

“Oh, so you know that I'm gay? That's good. Do you have any problems with that?”

“Course not. Daddy said that that's who you are and that there's no problem with it at all. Mommy says she loves her little gay baby brother to bits, and that no one who knows you could ever hate you because you're gay.” Bailey smiled, and then he realized how it had come out, and he looked sad again.

“That's good. I miss them too, I want you to remember them, always, but don't think about them sadly, they lived a great life, and they loved you a great deal. Now, as for the problems, I'm openly gay, which means many people know that fact. There's still those out there that dislike gays, and they have problems with single gay men raising children, so someone could cause us problems.”

“That's silly. I know you'd never hurt me, you love me and I love you. Mom and dad always left me here for the weekend when they wanted to go away, or even for that week last year when they went on vacation. I've always had a bedroom in your house, as if I lived here, and I almost did, so they obviously trusted you to raise me. Did you guys check their safe though, I know they musta had something done for me, I just know it?”

“No, I wasn't even aware that they had a safe.”

“They do, it's in their closet, in the wall behind moms dresses and stuff. I don't know the code though.”

“I'll make sure to let the lawyers know that, they'll get it all figured out.”

“Thanks. What do I do about wetting the bed though Uncle John, I don't like it?” Bailey asked in a small voice.

“Well, there's only two things we can do, well three really. First is protection, second is deal with wet beds, or three is hope it was only a one night thing.” John said softly.

“I don't wanna wear.....” Bailey started and then trailed off, not even having the courage to say what he knew he needed.

“It's okay Bailey, you don't have to say it, I know. It's scary. For now we'll just deal with things as they are and hope it doesn't happen again.” John said softly, he did not want to push Bailey in any way right now, he wanted the poor boy to stay as calm as humanly possible, he had gone through too much as it was.

Bailey was a bright blue eyed beautiful blond twelve year old boy, just about to start puberty, he had already started to grow some, but the major changes had yet to take place. The night that the three of them had been shot, they had just gone to a theatre production, they had had a great time, and were walking home, when they were mugged. Bailey watched as first his mom was shot to encourage his dad to give everything they had, and then he watched as the masked man shot his dad, and then he turned the gun on him, for no reason at all, his dad had given him everything he wanted, he just murdered them in cold blood. Bailey had lived, clearly, his parents had not, they died before making it to the hospital. Bailey had passed out and woke up five days later in the hospital with his loving uncle holding his hands, tears streaking down his face. The moment he had to tell his poor nephew that his parents were gone was the hardest of his entire life, but he just softly said I know, and cried. Together they cried for nearly three hours. Two days later the hospital disconnected Bailey from all the machines and hoses running out of him and deemed him fit enough to go live with his uncle for the time being. The only reason he had not peed the bed at the hospital was simply because they had had a catheter in him to prevent him getting too full and causing infection anywhere when they had not been certain where if any damage was hidden.

That day was a little more than a week ago now, and the two of them were slowly healing together. Bailey's stitches came out, and the doctors felt that he was as healed as he would ever be, so they were happy for that. The two of them had went to their therapy appointments every day, a few times together, because like Bailey, John had lost pretty much the rest of his family as well, and they were all that was left for each other. John had informed the lawyers working on the case of the hidden safe, and they had a professional locksmith trained in opening safes come in and open it, and thankfully, there was in fact a will that stated a lot. First and foremost was that John was to assume full parental responsibility of Bailey should anything ever happen to them. The house was to go to Bailey as well, in trust of John of course.

There were also no less than five bank accounts that were left to Bailey, with a monthly living allowance set up for the two of them to live on. With all the money they had saved and the life insurance policies that they had, the two of them would not have to worry about money, but John said he would go back to work in a month or so, just because he could not do nothing all day. He figured when Bailey went back to school for the new year would be soon enough for him too. There was also a lot of other things in the will for both of them, and they were as happy as possible that Bailey's parents had left a will at all, because it made life so much more simple. Social services was told to take a hike, they were no longer needed, the lawyers got everything all set up and they were allowed to now do what they wanted with the house and everything else. Both decided to only go in and get everything that they wanted or needed from the house, and then leave it for a little while until they were healed enough to go in and deal with all that.

Bailey had not stopped wetting the bed either. Every night he woke up at least once to get all cleaned up, and each and every night, he came to John and was hugged tenderly and told that it was alright, that he was not mad at all, and then went and helped Bailey to clean up. More than a few times he was also wet in the morning when he woke up as well. Bailey had also had four daytime accidents, and these embarrassed Bailey so much more, because he did not even know it was happening. John set up an appointment with Bailey's doctor to have some more tests run, and that appointment had been the day before.

“Come on Bailey, we have to hurry to make your appointment.” John urged.

“I don't want them to poke me any more, they really hurt me yesterday, and that tube up my dick was horrible.” Bailey said, almost in tears from the memory of the day before.

“I know, I had to have the same tests done when I was your age, and I didn't like it any more than you did, but I survived, just like you did. Today will only be them telling us what the results of the tests are though I'm sure, so there shouldn't be any more tests.”

“Are you sure?”

“Reasonably sure, yes, but even if they have to run another test, which would you rather, more tests or keeping on peeing your bed?” John asked softly.

“The tests.” Bailey sighed.

“That's what I thought. Now come on, we gotta hurry.”

They arrived to the doctors office a little while later, but only a few seconds late, and were called in pretty much right away. They were met by the doctor a few minutes after that.

“Good morning Bailey, John, I'm glad you could make it.” He smiled sadly to them, and John knew this was not going to be good, Bailey also saw it and started to cry.

“I take it from the look that it's not looking good! What's the problem, was something missed?”

“Afraid so, but it might not be all bad. There's a tiny bullet fragment that was missed. It was too small for the x-ray to pick up, and amongst everything else, sadly it was missed. We caught it on the cat scan tough, just barely, and I'm talking just barely. The piece appears to be about the same size as a grain of sand if our guesses are correct, and while we definitely need to go in and remove it, we don't know what damage it's caused. The fragment appears to be right in the main nerve bundle feeding your bladder Bailey, so what that means is that it's causing slight loss of control, as you've already realized. There's at least a fifty percent chance that we can repair the damage, but there's just as equal a chance that there's nothing we can do. If there's nothing we can do, then the worst case scenario is your control stays the same. There is however the risk that removing the fragment will cause further damage that we cannot repair. We don't see this as being a very high chance, but a chance none the less. I've already got you scheduled to go in for surgery tomorrow Bailey, I want to get you better as soon as possible.”

“You have to cut me open again?” Bailey said, starting to cry more, John just hugged him tight.

“Actually, that's the good news. We're gonna do it orthoscopically, so just one tiny little cut and we'll go in with a scope to do all the work. It'll be easier to see it that way, since the scope is so small, but magnifies everything and we just watch it on a screen, so it'll be a quick in and out operation, four hours max, and you can go home tomorrow night. I warn you though, there'll be at least two to three more days of peeing accidents as you heal, and until at least that many days have passed, we'll have no idea if it was successful or not, because there'll be some swelling in that area.”

“Oh. Then maybe I won't keep having accidents?” Bailey asked hopefully.

“That's the theory anyway. Just remember, if there's too much damage, we may not be able to fix it.”

“I know, just promise me that you'll do what you can though, please?” Bailey begged.

“I always do. Now John, as his legal guardian, I obviously have to have you sign the release waivers for everything so that we can do the procedure. As with all surgical procedures, they carry a certain amount of risk, so therefore I must go over them now with you, for that I'd like to ask you to leave us for a few moments Bailey?”

“No, Bailey needs to hear this as well, he's old enough and he's been through more than enough.” John said firmly.

“Okay. Well, the risks that I just mentioned of course are amongst the ones that I have to go over, but there are the other risks that in certain cases, people do not respond well for one reason or another and pass away. We'll only be using a local anesthetic, so we won't be putting Bailey under to do the operation, there's no point in adding that risk to the others already present in doing any operation. We'll give him something to calm him down of course, and even though there are some side effects, it's not normal, and with no known drug allergies, it's not deemed significant in this case. The rest is pretty much in the release waiver, and as soon as you sign it, then you need to be here for seven tomorrow morning.”

“Thanks doctor. I'm a firm believer that kids also need to be aware of the risks involved when it concerns them. Bailey's more than old enough to know and understand the risks, and knowing how he loves watching doctor type shows on TV, he probably knows those risks far more than most kids do. Unless I'm mistaken though, this is one of those cases where we really have to go in there to remove the fragment or it could eventually do more harm than going in and getting it could ever cause?”

“I believe that too, but most parents don't. As for your observation, you are certainly correct. It's almost mandatory for us to go in and get it, or Bailey's body could react to it very poorly and eventually it could kill him. That's of course a very rare thing, and we'd go in long before that could happen, but it can.”

“That's what I thought. Okay, here you go, unless you have any objections Bailey.” John said, signing the paper, and asking Bailey before he could pass the form over.

“No, let's do it.” Bailey said stoically.

The following morning Bailey went in, and three hours later the doctors came out to tell John that Bailey had fared very well through the procedure, but were saddened to tell John that they were unable to repair the damaged nerves any further, but they had not damaged anything more as they removed the fragment either, so hopefully the incidents would either lessen or only be a bed time issue. John went right in and told Bailey the news, and while he was happy that it was over with, he was saddened to learn that he might not gain control. They went home that afternoon and they tried to have a good night together, but Bailey was still a little depressed.

Five days later they were back to the doctors office after having gone the day before for more tests. Bailey was still peeing the bed every night, sometimes twice, and once even three times that he woke up, and he had had six daytime accidents as well. It was to the point that Bailey did not want to go out, just in case he had an accident. They arrived on time and a few minutes later the doctor was in to see them.

“Well Bailey, I'm afraid it doesn't look good. You have about the same control as prior to the surgery. We triple checked your scans, and we've confirmed there are no other fragments anywhere to be found. You've healed up more than enough now that the swelling cannot possibly be causing the problems, so it's as we feared, you've only got partial control.” The doctor informed Bailey sadly.

“Thanks Doctor, but what now?” Bailey asked, sounding more than a little heart broken.

“There's really only two options for your case, one is to wear protective undergarments, and the other is to have a catheter.”

“So, diapers or a tube stuck up my dick?” Bailey asked to confirm.

“That about sums it up. I'm going to suggest a catheter to start, for boys your age, most prefer that over the other option, due to how it makes them feel. It is however not a great option, because you have to make absolutely certain to keep yourself extremely clean and drink lots of water, or you could end up getting infections, and they're never fun. The problem though with the other is more an image problem, I'm sure I don't have to go over that with you.”

“Crap.” Bailey said, not liking either option all that much.

“I know Bailey, and I hate having to tell you this, especially after all you've been through lately, but that's the way it is. I know you'll survive it, you're strong, and you have a loving and understanding uncle to help you through with everything.” The doctor said softly.

“Is there anything else Doctor before we leave?” John asked.

“No, other than I'm going to grab a catheter and show you both how to do this, and I trust you have a change of clothes in that bag, because it appears that Bailey is wet.”

“Oh crap, I didn't even feel it.” Bailey said, breaking out into a whole new round of tears. John just grabbed him up tight and hugged him and soothed him while the doctor went to grab a catheter.

“Okay Bailey, go ahead and strip down and I'll teach you both how to do this. It's not hard at at all, but the first few times it's pretty uncomfortable.”

“I remember the tube coming out when I was released from the hospital, it was not nice, going in has to be worse.” Bailey said, cringing.

“Actually, it's easier going in sometimes than coming out, especially if it's been in you too long.”

“Oh.” Bailey said.

He quickly stripped out of his wet clothes and then laid back on the table where he was told to do so, and then the doctor went about teaching both of them how to do it. Bailey cringed a couple times and grunted a couple more, but once it was in, he was okay. The doctor taught them how to hook the leg bag up to Bailey's ankle, and then he passed John some wipes to clean Bailey up and help him to get dressed again.

“Well guys, I think that's about all for today. I want to see you in a week though to see how things are going. You'll need to pick up more catheters, because you can't reuse this one, and you'll want to have a few.”

“Thanks Doctor.” Both of them said.

As soon as Bailey was ready to go, they headed out and headed back home.

“How are you feeling Bailey?” John asked softly once they were situated on the couch, Bailey in his favorite position, which was of course sitting on John's lap and cuddling up to him.

“Like crap.” He answered honestly.

“I know how you feel, really I do. Here, hop up, I think it's about high time I told you something about me, and I need to show you something.” John said, knowing it was the right time.

“What?” Bailey asked as soon as he stood up.

John did not answer, just pulled off his shirt, removed his pants, and then pulled off his diaper shirt. It took a few seconds for it to register, but eventually Bailey did realize that he was seeing his uncle standing in front of him in only a diaper and socks.

“I know what you're thinking Bailey. You're trying to figure out why I'd be wearing a diaper. Remember when I told you at the hospital that I had gone through the same tests and I knew what you were going through? Well, I really did. You see, when I was eight I had a bad accident, I hit a tree at high speeds in the winter time and impaled myself on a branch. The branch pierced my bladder and tore out almost all the nerves. I almost didn't live, because I bled so much, but your mom called the ambulance as soon as she could and they made it to me in time to save me, but I was in the hospital for more than a month, and the end result was permanent irreparable damage. I was given the same choice as you were given today, catheters or diapers, and like you, I chose catheters at first. I lasted a whole week before I decided that diapers were better, it was the hardest decision of my life. Now, I'm not telling you now, nor would I ever tell you to wear diapers instead, I'm just trying to let you know that I know what you're going through better than anyone else. Your mom was going to tell you that I had to wear diapers, just in case you found out by accident, but I told her not to, that if it ever happened, that I'd explain it all.”

“Wow, how come you never told me though?”

“I don't let anyone know I wear diapers. While I'm no longer ashamed by it, I don't really want people to know it either. Until you moved in though, and whenever you weren't here, I usually walked around in just my diapers. Now that you know, I'm going to start doing that again, because it's more comfortable.”

“Oh. Why did you decide that you wanted diapers instead of catheters then?”

“I'm not gonna tell you that, you have to make that decision all on your own. Just let me know though if you want to try them and I'll go and buy you some, so that you know.”

“Thanks.” Bailey whispered.

“You're welcome Bailey. Now, how are you feeling today anyway? You didn't tell me this morning if you had the dream again.”

“I did, and I woke up crying again, which was the first time I woke up wet last night, but I'm doing okay I guess. My therapist is helping I think, because even though I still really miss them, it's not as bad as it was. The dream wasn't even as bad last night as they have been.”

“That's really good Bailey, I'm happy for you. I just still wish I could take all your bad dreams for you so that you could get a decent nights sleep.” John said warmly.

“I know, thanks. Can we cuddle back up again please?”

“Yes, of course. Are you sure you want to cuddle up to a diaper wearer though?”

“Of course, you're no different than you were five minutes ago, you're still my uncle and I still love you. I don't care if you have to wear diapers or whatever.”

“You're an amazing young man, you know that?” John smiled warmly.

“Thanks. I think you're amazing as well.” Bailey smiled softly as well.

They sat there for the next hour just talking and talking, cuddled up together. The next few days went by for the two of them, and before too long, Bailey got his first infection.

“Oh god it burns so bad.” Bailey cried when a shot of pain went through his entire stomach. Even his kidneys were killing him.

“I know Bailey. We'll need to clean you out real good, and get lots of water and green tea into you, it's what I found worked the best.”

“Is this because of the catheter?” He asked, gritting his teeth.

“More than likely yes. Some people seem to be able to wear one no problem and never have this happen. It still does every so often though, while others, like me, I got one right away. I lasted two days before I got my first one, and we got it pretty well cleared in a day just by flushing me out completely, and then two days later again. Another two days after that one cleared and it hit again. I never put another catheter in.”

“Fuck it, I can't take it Uncle John, get me some diapers please?” Bailey said, crying totally now. John was only mildly surprised by the strong language from the twelve year old, but he knew the pain and knew the anguish, so would say nothing about that one swear word, this time.

“I foresaw the day that this would come, so I took the liberty of getting you a pack for just in case. Go ahead and remove your catheter, and I'll be right back.” John said softly.

John brought the entire package out a few seconds after Bailey had removed the catheter and cleaned his penis up properly, and handed Bailey the entire package. Bailey just took the pack like John was passing him a bomb, and stared at it in disbelief. Slowly he ripped open the pack and removed one of the diapers, it was plain white, it was pretty thick, it was nice and soft, and it was identical except for size to the ones that John wore every day. Bailey just held in and looked at it for a few minutes, pondering the step he was about to take, and finally he handed the diaper over to John, who smiled warmly to Bailey.

“That's a good boy. Now lay back and I'll get you all fixed up. How does your bladder feel now that you don't have the catheter in?”

“Like it's still in there.”

“Does your bladder feel full?”

“I think so, but I don't really feel it so much any more remember.”

“I know, but at least you do feel it a bit, I don't at all. I've got some diuretics that I can give to you with a lot of water, they'll help you really flush out your system. That's usually all I have to do. I warn you though, I do still get the occasional bladder or kidney infection, it can't be helped, because our bladders aren't holding liquid in them, so they can sometimes get full of gunk, that's why it's so important to drink lots, to always keep a good flow. If you can still feel some of it, I suggest you at least try and hold it in for a bit, and then let it go, so that you can at least flush your bladder out a bit more than I can. I have to be extra careful though, because I have next to no feeling in my bladder, but I usually feel the infections coming on because it burns my penis really bad when I do pee. If you ever feel that, tell me. If your bladder or your kidneys burn again like they are now, tell me.”

“Don't worry, I'll definitely tell you. So, catheters are bad, but so are diapers? What am I supposed to do?”

“No, diapers are far better, because then you're not putting something inside you. I got three infections in a few days wearing a catheter, I've only had three infections in the last two years wearing diapers. Far less if I do say so myself, so I'd rather that. It also then has nothing to do with the catheter or the diapers, it's just my body not cleaning out properly.”

“Oh. This feels weird.” Bailey sighed as John finished taping him up into the nice thick diaper.

“That's how I felt for the first few days too, but it's not so bad once you get used to it. I actually sorta enjoy wearing them now, they're pretty convenient. At least I get to watch full movies and never have to get up to go to the bathroom.” John grinned.

“That's what I liked about the catheter too, but I guess the diapers will be the same. What if I pee too much though and start leaking?”

“Don't let yourself get that wet is all I have to say. Always know how much you have left before it starts leaking. While at home, don't wear any pants, so that I can also see, and I'll teach you exactly how long you can go before a change is needed. I've become a fair expert in diapers, and these are the best I've ever found, and I know exactly how far you can push them.” John said proudly, if one can be proud of knowing so much about diapers.

“I don't know if I can do that.”

“Well, I'm not giving you your pants back, so you'll get used to it, and don't sneak off to your room and put some on, or I'll take them all away for a week.”

“You wouldn't, what if we had to go shopping?”

“Try me and find out.” John grinned evilly, and Bailey was smart enough to not do so.

“Fine.” Bailey sighed.

“That's a good boy. Now, to the kitchen, I want you to get a really good drink, and I'll go get a pill for you to make you pee like you've never peed before.”

“Okay.” Bailey sighed again, but did as he was told.

For the rest of the day, they both had lots to drink, plenty of water, and John even made them a couple pots of green tea to help as well, and like John promised, Bailey was peeing like never before. Before the end of the night, they had both had to change their diapers four times, because John had taken one as well to flush his system out real well, since it had been too long since the last time for himself. They also played a lot of games together, talked a lot, and watched TV for a bit too. A couple hours before bed though John made sure to stop their liquid intake, to hopefully prevent either of them from leaking over night, although with him he knew it was usually useless, because he still peed a lot, but he hoped Bailey wold not, but he did too. They actually both laughed when they realized they were both soaked through.

“How are you feeling this morning? Any pain, and how about the diapers, how do they feel?” John asked the next morning to see how Bailey was coping.

“Better. It doesn't burn as much any more, but it's still a little sore. The diapers aren't too bad I guess, definitely easier than sticking a tube up my dick.” Bailey admitted.

“That's for sure. Are they comfortable, nice and warm, and do you like the way they feel, especially when wet?”

“I guess they're comfortable, they're really warm, and I guess they feel nice when they're wet. Why?”

“I just want to know how you feel, because it's important that you keep telling me your feelings, let me know these sorts of things, like our therapist said for us to do.”

“No, I meant why do you want to know if I like the way the diapers feel?” Bailey asked curiously.

“Well, because believe it or not, before too long, you're going to learn to really love them, and you'll love wearing them. You're not there yet, but soon you will be. I didn't figure it'd happen in only like twelve hours, but you're further along than I was by this amount of time.”

“Oh, why?”

“Because of how they feel mostly. They're just really comfortable. I suppose it's helping you to know that you aren't alone in this, that I know exactly what you're going through, and possibly a lot about how you feel. It took me a few weeks to come to the realization that I liked diapers, a few weeks more for love. You've already realized that you like diapers, maybe by tomorrow you'll learn to love them.” John smiled warmly.

“What difference does it make whether I like or love them, or even if I hate them? It doesn't much matter, because I'm gonna be in them for life, the doctor said so.”

“It makes a lot of difference to your happiness. How would you feel if you absolutely hated something, but had no choice but to do it every day no matter what? I'll tell you, you'd be miserable, and you know it. Diapers are weird though, at first you hate them, then you grow to appreciate them, and then like, and soon, before you know it, you love wearing them. They're not bad at all, so that's good. I actually have known quite a few guys now that just liked wearing diapers for fun, and I can see why they might like it.”

“Really!” Bailey asked in shock.

“Really. No, there are those out there that have no need at all yet love to wear diapers, and soon so will you, just like I did.”

“Yeah, but how do you know I will too, I might never love them you know, I could just stay appreciating them?”

“A gut feeling, you and I are a lot alike.”

“How so?”

“I don't think I should answer that one quite yet, not until you do so on your own first.” John said softly, not wanting to tell Bailey that he knew he was gay as well.

“What does that mean?” Bailey asked confusedly.

“Let's just say that I know you well enough to know something about you, something that maybe you don't even realize yet, or even if you're starting to suspect it, probably haven't admitted to yet.”

“Are you trying to tell me that you think I'm gay?” Bailey asked curiously.

“It doesn't really matter what I think, it's more a matter of what I suspect, but more importantly it's how you feel. What I suspect and or know doesn't make any difference really, it has to be you and you alone that makes that choice as to when you admit it if you feel that you are.”

“Oh, that's easy, I've thought I was gay for a couple years already. Even mom and dad knew about it.”

“Oh really, they did? I'm surprised they didn't ask me to talk to you about it.”

“No, they talked to me all about it, but then they said that I wasn't really gay yet, that I was just a boy, and that at my age it was really too soon to know for sure. But I still think I am, because my feelings haven't changed any at all, I still prefer looking at boys, and even though I have a few friends that are girls, I really prefer boys. I really love swim practice, because I get to see lots of naked boys.” Bailey giggled, he loved the freedom he and his uncle had together, to just talk like friends, even to be naked together.

“Oh, so you really love seeing me naked then too huh?” John laughed.

“Yeah, sorta.”

“Have you done anything with any of your friends yet?”

“A little. Just touching and once me and a friend sucked each other, that was pretty nice, but he never wanted to do it again, he said it didn't feel right, but it felt real right to me.”

“Yeah, I bet it did. I've suspected since you were six that you were gay to tell you the truth, so it's not surprise. Any time you want friends over here, you just make sure and ask and I'll allow it, and if you need privacy, just say so and I'll give you all the privacy you need. I trust your dad gave you the safe sex talk and you know all about everything you need to know?”

“Yeah, he did, but he said that because he wasn't at all gay, that he had no idea anything about what two boys might wish to get into, and said that if I had any questions about that, that I should ask you.”

“Are there any questions you'd like to ask now then?”

“Yeah, what all can two boys do together?” Bailey half blushed, half grinned.

“Well, you've already done a couple of things, sucking and stroking, but then there's all sorts of other things as well. First there's kissing and sucking on all sorts of other body parts, including your bum, but trust me, make sure you're good and clean for that, then there's fingering each others bums, that feels good, and is also necessary for the next step as well, and that's making love to each other. That involves preparing your partner real well with tongue and fingers and then slipping your hard little boy dick inside his bum, and then the rest your body will know what to do. I do however not suggest you do any of that for quite a while, and if and when you're ready, make sure to use lots of lube and always condoms, unless you can both be one hundred percent faithful to each other.”

“Oh wow.” Was all Bailey could think to say. To say his little penis was hard in his diaper would be an understatement.

“Yeah. Normally I wouldn't tell a boy your age all this, but you've already started, so you may as well know it all, and you do need to know it all as well, because to just force your dick up someones bum can really hurt him, and that's the last thing you want to do.”

“Oh. Um, how does it feel to be made love to?”

“Each person's different of course, some gay boys don't even like to receive, while others crave it like nothing else. I myself am what's called versatile, I love to give and to receive up the bum, and those are the types I prefer to be with. I love the feeling anal sex gives me, it feels so incredibly good, but even still, I've had a few painful times.”

“When was your first time?”

“Actually, I wasn't much younger than you are now, and it was with my babysitter. He was fourteen, almost fifteen, and I was eleven, just turned in fact, and I had the hots for him something fierce. I knew he liked me a lot as well, and one night as he was changing my diaper to get me ready for bed, I was so hard it was unbelievable. I just said suck it, and he did, he bent down and sucked me totally, I came like three times. As soon as he was finished sucking me, I told him to lay down and I sucked him too. I trust you know all about cum by now, I'm sure your dad must have told you what was to come soon enough, well, my first taste I was hooked. We actually stayed together as boyfriends for quite a few years after that, 'til he had to go to college in fact. After that I found a few boyfriends and we enjoyed everything together that he and I shared, he was the first to make love to me, and I him too.”

“Wow, sounds nice. How many boyfriends have you had then, and did any of them have problems with you being in diapers?” Bailey asked in awe.

“None of them had problems with me in diapers, a few joined me, including my first boyfriend, in fact last I talked to him, he was still enjoying diapers. I've only had like seven boyfriends since he left, and none of them lasted long, only a few months at most. I'm not all that old, I'm not that much older that you are really.”

“Yeah, I know, you're only twelve years older than me.”

“Exactly, almost exactly in fact. You were born only five days before my twelfth birthday. My parents were already into their thirties when they had your mom, and she was a surprise, they had been told they couldn't have children, and then just before she was finishing high school, I came along and surprised them yet again. My dad died when I was two, and then as you know, Grandma died only two years ago.”

“So, do you have a boyfriend right now then?”

“No, how about you?”

“No, I wish, but my mom and dad told me I wasn't old enough to think of that sorta stuff yet.”

“Ah, who cares about that, if you want a boyfriend, go for it, I won't stop you. All I ask is that you be careful, and remember, there's still those out there that don't like gays and treat us real bad.”

“Thanks. There is someone I would love to do everything with, but I don't think he'd like it too much.”

“Oh, is he cute?” John giggled.

“Yeah, really cute.” Bailey blushed cutely.

“Oh yeah, how old is he?”

“Older than me.” Was all Bailey said.

“Ah, like the older men do you?” John said cheekily, punching Bailey on the shoulder jokingly.

“Yeah.” Bailey blushed.

“How much older.”

“Enough that I know he'd think he'd get in trouble if we did anything.” Bailey said softly.

“Oh, then at least sixteen.”

“Yeah, something like that.”

“May I suggest you not seek a relationship with someone so much older than you, it's very hard on a relationship to have to hide it so much like that. It's already hard enough trying to hide being gay from those who shouldn't know, but to have a relationship that's illegal on top of that, it's even worse.” John warned softly.

“Yeah, I know.”

“What's his name?”

“I don't think I should say.”

“Like I'd be the first person to give you crap for that.” John pointed out.

“I know, and I know I can tell you anything, but I shouldn't tell you that.”

“Okay, if you want to talk more about this later, then by all means, ask away, you know I'll answer any question for you.”

“I know, thanks for being so understanding about everything.” Bailey smiled warmly and wrapped his loving uncle up in a nice tender hug.

“And thanks for just being the awesome boy you are. Now, we're both leaky and we need to change our diapers, so what say we get changed.”

“Okay, but I'm really hard.” Bailey blushed.

“Probably no more so than you are during most of your changes.” John laughed.

“Um, I probably am.” Bailey said softly.

“Well hop up and let me see this horrendous erection of yours that'll probably shred your soggy diaper before too long.” John laughed and picked Bailey up and threw him onto the bed for his diaper change.

John went and grabbed them some diapers and their wipes and cream, and then came back and removed Bailey's diaper. He was right though, with all the talk of sex, Bailey was even more hard than John had ever seen him before.

“Would you like to go to your bedroom for a few minutes to take care of that, it does look pretty painfully hard?” John asked softly.

“I think I better. Do you, you know have any, um slippery stuff?” Bailey blushed.

“Sure, would you like some lube to help make it feel better, or are you going to introduce your little baby bum hole to your fingers?” John asked brightly.

“Maybe both.” Bailey smiled shyly.

“Excellent. Well, here's your diaper and some wipes, take these and you can diaper yourself once you're done. There's an unopened jar of lube under the bathroom sink, it's called anal ease, just take that one and you can keep it in your bedroom for any time you wish to have some alone time. All I ask is that you keep your door closed, I don't want or need to see that, and I'll make sure and knock if ever your door's closed, and I ask that you do the same for me if my door's closed. You and I are a lot alike, and if my door's closed, you can almost be certain I'm doing the same thing.”

“Okay, thanks. I don't know if I can put my diaper on myself though.” Bailey blushed again.

“You helped me with mine and did a great job, so you should be fine. If you need help though, just come and ask.”

“Okay, thanks.” Bailey said again and headed out of the bedroom with his hot little three and a half inch erection leading the way.

Bailey went and found the jar of lube, and it was no small jar either, it was a pretty big one in fact. Bailey just grinned thinking that it was all his now to use as he desired. He then headed to his bedroom and closed the door behind himself. His bed was still wet, but because his diaper had contained most of it, the wetness was centralized only to the upper center portion of the bed, so he flipped his blankets up from the foot of the bed and laid down there. He opened the jar of lube and got some on his fingers and felt it. He loved the silky smooth feeling of the lube, and just knew he was going to be going through a lot of it from then on.

Bailey dipped two fingers back into the jar and brought them out, and as he did so, he raised his legs up and spread them out, until his knees were rested next to his ears, and then he went in search of the hot little hole he knew was buried inside his ass cleft. He had stroked his little boy lips as he stroked himself a few times, but never before had he had the intention of slipping anything inside, but he sure did now. He sighed as his lube coated fingers first stroked the outer lips, and he continued sighing as he petted his little asshole even more and more. With his other hand, he took hold of his pulsing little erection and started stroking it at the same pace as his other fingers were going.

It only took a few moments for Bailey to decide to slip his fingers inside himself, and he skipped just one finger and went straight to two, figuring that if he was going to do it, he was going to do it right. At first it was tight and he winced in pain, but slowly his fingers slipped all the way inside his hottest recesses. It had surprised Bailey that his fingers had gone in so easily, but as soon as they were in, he stopped and rested for a second, because it just felt so good. He had also stopped jacking off his hot little boner, but he was still holding it.

A few moments later Bailey started moving again, both his hands adopting the same slow pace, and Bailey was finding himself moaning and sighing like he had never done before. Sure he was somewhat used to jacking off, he had done it many times in the past six or eight months since he really started doing it, but this was the first intrusion into his hot little ass, and it felt amazing. The onslaught of Bailey's first orgasm of the morning came far too quickly for Bailey's taste, even if there was no taste as of yet, so he did not bother stopping, only rested for a few moments.

Removing his fingers from his asshole, Bailey dipped them back into the lube, this time adding a third finger, and then worked them towards his hole, to see if three made it even better yet, because two sure had been great. Slowly he slipped all three fingers deep inside himself, and with as relaxed and open as he had made himself, all three fingers slid in with ease. Bailey sighed deeply again and then started working even slower yet to make himself have those awesome feelings once again.

This orgasm took nearly twice as long, so almost five minutes this time, and still Bailey did not stop, he just removed his fingers and dipped them back in with another finger and brought them back to continue the fun. Bailey winced this time at having his fourth finger inside him, and this time it even stretched and hurt some, but he did not care about that, it just felt too good, and that was all that mattered. For nearly ten minutes Bailey laid there on his back, head between his knees as he finger fucked himself quite satisfactorily, all the while working his meat. His final orgasm of the morning came with a near scream, it was loud enough that even John heard it from the kitchen and had to laugh.

Bailey's entire body went limp with that one and his legs fell back to the bed, and for the next ten minutes Bailey laid there panting and gasping, enjoying the afterglow of the amazing sex he had just given to himself. Once he was able to, Bailey grabbed the diaper, wipes and cream and proceeded to clean and cream himself up properly, and then he diapered himself as well. He did not too bad a job with it, but his diaper would need to be repositioned correctly, and he could not seem to do it, so he climbed out of bed on still shaky legs and went in search of his uncle.

“Can you hep me get my diaper taped on properly, I can't get it right?” Bailey asked after finding John in the kitchen.

“Sure thing. It sounds as if you had a good time in your bedroom. It sure took you a while too. I played as well for a bit and had enough time to fire off a couple times and then come out and get started on breakfast.”

“Yeah, it was great. Thanks for the lube.” Bailey said as John came and repositioned the tapes on his diaper, so that it fit correctly.

“No prob, almost anything you need, just ask and I'll see what I can do. Did you finger your little bum, and if so, how did it feel?”

“It was incredible. I started with two, and after I had the feelings, I added another finger, and then after that I added another.” Bailey said with only a hint of a blush on his cheeks.

“You started with two and ended with four? My god boy, and here I thought I was bad. Does your bum hurt at all, because if that was your first time, that might have been too fast for you to have done that and you might have torn yourself a bit? You should always take it slow and easy with your bum, because doing things wrong or fast can cause a lot of pain.”

“No, a little tender, but not sore. My bladder and kidneys still hurt way more than my bum does.”

“Okay. I have some cream you can use if your bum burns a bit, and pooping might not be nice, but you'll get used to that.”

“Okay, I'll get that and put some on after breakfast then if I could.”

“Certainly.” John smiled and finished up the last few details of their breakfast, and then before too long, they were sitting down to eat.

“So, what are we doing today Uncle John?”

“No idea. We have appointments at the therapists this afternoon, but 'til then I don't know. I suppose we should go shopping and get some groceries and supplies, but we can do that after our appointments.”

“Do we really have to go?”

“Would you claim that you're better after seeing your parents killed and everything?” John asked softly.

“No, I don't think I ever will be.” Bailey admitted.

“While it may in fact be true that you just can't really heal from witnessing what you did, you will get better. Even you have to admit that the nightmares are getting better. You didn't even wake up once last night, and that's a first. The last few nights you've also only waken up once each, but normally it's two or three times. So it is helping, and as long as I think you need to, you'll continue going. Even I myself still need it, I almost lost everything that night, and you're all I have left, so I have to come to terms with it as well or I won't be able to care for you properly.” John said warmly.

“Okay, I guess you're right. I just wish the dreams would stop, that's the worst. I know they're gone, and I accept that, the doctor's helped me with that, but the dreams are still so bad.”

“I know, I wish I could take them all from you so that you didn't have to deal with them, but sadly I can't The doctor though can in a way, by helping you to deal with everything. He said you might only need a few more weeks intense therapy, and at most another two months, and then after that it'll only be once a month for the next little while. This week will probably be my last weekly visit, because I didn't have to go through all that you did, so it wasn't as hard on me. Granted, thinking I was going to lose even you after the crushing news that your mom and dad were so horribly killed, it almost tore me apart. At least after the first day the doctors were saying there was a better than ninety percent chance that you'd wake up in time, but that you had to heal some more in the head before you could do so.”

“My head wasn't hurt, only my stomach.”

“No, it wasn't hurt in the sense that you believe it to be, but the hurt you suffered there was every bit as bad as the hurt your stomach got, but takes far longer to heal. Your mind had shut down after seeing your parents shot, and when you were shot, that was it, you went into a shock induced coma so that your mind could heal. It'll take years more than likely for your mind to heal fully, whereas your stomach is pretty much all healed already.”

“Oh, I get it. I don't know if I want to go anywhere though wearing a diaper, it's too embarrassing.” Bailey said.

“Before I told you that I wore diapers, had you ever suspected that I did?”

“Um, no.” Bailey admitted.

“Okay, then why would you care, no one will notice on you any more than they do on me?” John asked softly.

“It's well, I don't, well I don't know.”

“You're scared, I know that, but eventually you're just gonna have to get used to it. While we're out though we'll go and buy you some diaper like shirts that'll hide your diapers better, so that no one will even see the band ever.”

“Okay.” Bailey said softly, knowing eventually he would have to get used to leaving the house in diapers.

“Good boy. Now, go get dressed and we'll go figure something out to do. Maybe we can go to the mall and go get you some new clothes and things. The cream for your bum is in the bathroom on the counter though, so grab it, you'll know which one it is, and put lots on.”

Bailey did not say anything, just headed to the bathroom to grab the cream and then to his bedroom to get dressed. He chose his baggiest pants and longest shirt, and considering it was summertime and it was quite warm out, this looked more suspicious than wearing shorts with a diaper bulge, but Bailey did not think so.

“The least you could have done was wear a short sleeved shirt instead of the sweatshirt. You're gonna roast out there if you wear all those heavy clothes. Now, I know you just picked the clothes that would best hide your diapers, but I'm sorry, I can't allow you to get heat stroke just because of your shame at having to wear diapers. Now go and at least put on a tee shirt, and try and find a less hot pair of pants as well.” John said firmly.

“Fine.” Bailey moped, but did go and do as he was told.

“There, that's much better, and much to your probable disagreement, you can't even tell that you're diapered, unless you know exactly what to look for, and even then, I can barely tell. You'll also be a lot cooler and won't be so uncomfortable. You have to remember that diapers can be very hot, so you need to keep your body as cool as possible while wearing them.”

“Remind me again why diapers are better than catheters?” Bailey sighed.

“How's your bladder infection coming along?” John just asked simply.

“Yeah, I know.” Bailey sighed.

They got ready to go and were gone a few minutes later. They headed to the mall together and when they got there, they went in and walked around for a bit. John took Bailey into all the clothing stores for boys, and picked out a few things. Then they headed into a store that carried dance supply clothing, and Bailey asked what they were there for.

“We're here to buy you your shirts that'll help hide what you're wearing.” John whispered softly to Bailey so as to not embarrass the poor boy.

“Huh, what do you mean, what could they have here to hide that?”

“You see these one piece dance body suits, they're exactly like a babies diaper shirts in many ways. Aren't they? Well, that's what I use, and so will you.”

“Oh.” Bailey blushed.

John helped Bailey to pick out a few in different colors and then they went and paid for those as well, after they paid, John urged Bailey to go in and put one on, just to be sure it fit properly, and for the other more important reason. After that they headed out and looked around the mall for a little longer, and then went and had lunch. They then headed to the doctors office for their appointments, and a couple hours later they were gone, both feeling a little drained. John was happy though to hear that his next appointment was going to be in one month now, while Bailey still had to come in once a week for the foreseeable future.

“Okay handsome, shopping and then home.”

“We've already been shopping.” Bailey pointed out.

“While that may in fact be true, you know what I meant, now come on, we're running low on food and supplies.” John laughed.

They headed out to the first place on the list, and it was the medical supply store. Bailey without even realizing what this store held inside went in with John. When he realized it, his entire body blushed, even Bailey's hands went more red.

“I wish you hadn't brought me here.” Bailey said dejectedly.

“You need to get used to this too I'm afraid, that's why I didn't tell you. You don't really need diapers yet, you've still got an almost full bag, but we're gonna get you another for spare, as well as you need some wipes and cream of your own.” John said softly.

Bailey did not say anything, just followed his uncle dutifully. John passed him his pack of diapers, and then a case of wipes. He then grabbed his own diapers and a case of diaper rash cream and led Bailey to the till to pay for it. Bailey had not stopped blushing the entire time, and had the woman had any doubts who the diapers were for at first, they were dashed when she saw Bailey. Thankfully she was professional enough to say nothing, which of course helped Bailey a great deal They then went and stored the diapers in the car and headed to the grocery store.

They went to the grocery store and got all the groceries that they would need for the next week or so, and then headed home. John pulled inside the garage and they both helped to offload all the supplies, and before too long, it was all put away and they were making dinner;

The next few days went by with nothing much happening for the two of them, other than they talked a lot, and they played quite a bit as well. Bailey really was starting to get better, he would never truly be healed from the ordeal he had went through, there really was not enough therapy in the world to fix what he saw, but at least his nightmares were lessening, and he was even acting happier now. One evening a few days later and Bailey had been playing on the computer and came across a story site that John apparently had used a lot, he was intrigued, so opened it up and started reading the first story he came across that sounded like it was good from the title. Good was an understatement Bailey figured, and every night from then on he went on the computer and read for a while. John never realized what it was that Bailey was doing, until one evening he happened to see that he was reading, so sneaking up behind the occupied boy, he looked to first see the website address, and he nearly choked, and then he started laughing.

“Oh crap, Uncle John, sorry, I shouldn't have snooped.” Bailey said, a few tears coming to his eyes.

“It's okay. I should have known you'd know how to go to websites from addresses, and check to see what I was looking at. It's me that should be sorry, you really shouldn't have seen that. How long have you been reading these stories now?” John asked, hugging Bailey tightly.

“Couple weeks now I guess.”

“And do you like them?”

“Oh yeah, they're awesome.”

“Glad you're enjoying them. I guess I may as well just leave it as it is then, there's no point in telling you no now, not after you've already read as much as you have I bet.”

“Uncle John, could you um, you know, buy me a dildo and a butt plug. They sound like they'd be a lot of fun?” Bailey asked with a rather large blush.

“No, I won't. However, with that being said, if someone were so inclined to do so, they might find a couple old ones that I used to use but are now too small for my tastes in the bottom drawer of my right side bed table. If however you chose to do so, I never told you anything about them, you found them and figured that with all the others they wouldn't be missed. Also, make sure and clean them well, both before and after use. If you want to prevent messes as well, make sure to clean yourself out real well before hand. There's an enema kit in the bathroom you can use any time you really want to play for a while. If needed, I can show you how that works.”

“Wicked, thanks. Can I really keep reading these stories though?”

“Sure, as long as you don't tell anyone about these sites, and I'd really rather you stayed away from chat sites and things like that. Otherwise, enjoy.” John smiled warmly to his little gay nephew.

“Thanks.” Bailey said, and then turned and continued reading where he had left off.

Half an hour later Bailey said he was getting tired and that he was going to go to bed, something that surprised John, he had never said he was going to bed himself, normally he had to be told, and then he realized that weariness had not driven Bailey to his bedroom, hormones had, and he laughed. A few minutes later John felt that that was a good idea as well, so locked up the house and went to his bedroom and checked the drawer where the toys had been, and all four of them were gone, John only smiled and figured another jar of lube might not be such a bad idea.

Bailey had went and grabbed the toys, and because he had went to the washroom not all that long before, he felt that he was as clean inside as he needed to be, at least all the stories seemed to say that anyway. As soon as he made it there, he grabbed his jar of lube and threw it on his bed, and then threw the toys on there and joined them less than a second later himself. He had taken only enough time to tear off his wet diaper, and his little erection was pulsing madly from reading the stories.

Bailey grabbed the smaller of the two dildos and got it lubed up nicely, and then lubed his little winking hole as well, and then slowly worked the fake dick inside him. It was smaller than his four fingers were, and after his first attempt, he almost always used four fingers, because they felt so good. The dildo though, while not nearly as big around, was longer so it went in further and really tickled spots inside Bailey that he had had no idea about before. Sure he knew about his prostate and had played with it more than a few times, but the dildo was hitting that and everything else good inside him, and it was incredible. Bailey came not even five minutes after starting, and he let the dildo slip from his ass as he came down.

Once down, Bailey grabbed the next larger dildo and slipped it in, grasping hold of his erection once again, and this time going fast and furious, really fucking himself good and hard. Bailey was grunting and moaning and sighing, it was really so very good, and he knew that if he could do it, he'd do this for hours, but knew that it could not happen. Not even five minutes later, once again he came and came hard.

“Wow, so good.” Bailey sighed as he came down and the dildo slipped back out again.

Instead of grabbing the smaller of the two butt plugs though, Bailey grabbed the larger one and lubed it up and slipped it in, and with a grunt and a pop, it slipped in and seated itself properly. Bailey then grabbed his diaper, wipes and cream and proceeded to diaper himself nice and thick. He had come a long way from that first self diapering, and now did it flawlessly every time. He sighed as he taped himself up, he really did love diapers now, a fact he had still not admitted to his uncle, even though he was pretty sure that John knew already. Bailey grabbed the toys and cleaned them up with a few wipes, and put them in his end table along with his lube, and then straightened out his bed so that he could go to bed.

“Did you have a good night after going to bed, and how did you sleep?” John asked the next morning.

“Oh yeah, I tried out the toys, they're awesome. Thanks so much. I slept so well too, I didn't even wake up once to a dream, it was so nice.” Bailey said effusively.

“I'm so happy to hear that. Did you try one of the butt plugs as well, and if so, do you like it?”

“Oh yeah, the bigger one, and I still have it in, it feels so nice.”

“Know how you feel. I almost always have a butt plug in me.”

“Really, you haven't any time I've ever helped you change a diaper.”

“Because I wouldn't have let you change me if I had one in. Now I probably won't care, either you or I if one of us is wearing one. I didn't want you to ask any questions you weren't ready for, but now you know and are ready for it.”

“Oh, okay thanks.” Bailey smiled.

“So, I've been noticing something lately. Is there something you care to tell me?”

“Like what, that I'm a gay baby boy who loves diapers?” Bailey asked coyly.

“Yeah, that's pretty much what I thought. I'm proud of you, you've come a long way since you got out of the hospital.”

“Thanks to you of course. Even the therapist hasn't helped me as much as you have I don't think. Anytime I feel sad or down, I know I can come and cuddle up to you and cry on your shoulder for as long as I need to, and you just keep hugging me. I love you very much Uncle John. Do you remember that day you asked me if I had a boyfriend and who was the one I was interested in?”

“Yeah, I remember.”

“I think you're ready to hear the answer now.”

“Oh really, then do tell please?” John smiled warmly.

“It's you that I want Uncle John, I want you to take me to your bedroom and make love to me all day long.”

“I was wondering when you were going to get the courage to say it. I knew what stories you were reading, I saw the address, and I know the gay adult youth section well, so I knew you knew my tastes as well. I won't say yes, and I won't say no, but we do have to talk.”

“I know.” Bailey said softly.

“I'm not going to insult your intelligence and tell you that what you want is wrong, or that you're not old enough to make the decision on your own, we both know it'd be a load of bullshit anyway. I'm not even gonna insult you and say you don't know what you're asking for, I have a feeling you know just as well as I do what I wanted when I was your age. Yes, I too wanted a man when I was a kid, but a hot teen worked well, in fact he was better in many ways. I am however gonna ask if you've thought this out completely and if you know exactly what you want and what it could cost us?”

“Thanks, I would have called you on it too had you said that, but yeah, I have thought it out completely. I've known I was gay for a while, and even before coming to live here with you, I always thought you were hot and I always dreamed about doing things with you. Every night when I jack off and finger myself, I dream it's you doing it. Every time I dream of something sexy, it's you doing it to me or me doing it to you. When I read a story, I fantasize that it's us in that story, and I've been dreaming about it for a while. As for what it could cost us, I know exactly the risks we'll be taking, I know that if we're ever caught that you'll go to jail and I might lose you too, and I'll be punished even more than you will be, and that's saying a lot. We both know better than most though that we have to live life now and not worry so much about what may come, because tomorrow is no guarantee, you helped me to see that.”

“Okay, I just wanted to make sure of what you wanted. It sounds like we're in the same boat though. Ever since you were eight, I've dreamed of getting to be your first, be your lover. I never dreamed in a million years though that you'd want me too, or that we'd ever get to share something so special, but I do have a few more things to say before you drag me to our bedroom. First is, we're uncle and nephew no matter what, I love you and you love me, because we're family. That will never change, no matter what. It also means that you still have to listen to me as if I were in charge, but we'll talk things over more, and of course on certain things I have to put my foot down on. Most importantly of all, but not last, is that we both must keep absolutely silent about our relationship, and I know you know the reason every bit as much as I do. There's also the fact that I will never ever start anything at all, no matter what. Until you're older, it has to be you that starts everything and sets the limits. Simply put, if you don't want it done to you, don't do it to me, if we're gonna do this, we're gonna do it as equals, what one does for the other must be done back. If you want to try something, but are afraid to try it first, talk it over with me and we'll see what we can do. Now, the hardest part I'm sure. As you get older, another boy may in fact catch your eye, and if that happens, I want you to forget about what we share and go after that boy with all your heart. While I'd miss what we're about to share, I know just as well as you do that you deserve someone more in your life. Family really should be there to cry on when needed, and family should really never be lovers as well, but in this case, I think that we can make an exception, only if you promise me that you won't let me be the one that holds you back from finding your soul mate if you so desire. If you can agree to all that, then take me to our bedroom and do what you wish.”

“Thanks, but before we go. For as long as I can remember, you're the one I've wanted. Sure, maybe when I'm older someone will come along, but I really doubt it. I've loved you in a special sort of way all my life, and that's not gonna change, ever. I know that I should look for someone other than you, when I'm older of course, but I doubt I will, why would I need to when the perfect person is sitting right here in front of me. Now, come on, let's go to our bedroom and you can show me how much you love me, and I'll show you how much I love you too.” Bailey said softly.

John did not say anything further, there were no need for words any more, they had said all that needed to be said, he just grabbed Bailey's hand and followed the young boy to their bedroom, and Bailey urged him onto the bed. John laid down on his back and waited for Bailey to decide how he wanted to start.

Bailey crawled onto the bed and on top of his uncle, and pressed their lips together. Other than kissing a friend once, to see what it was like, Bailey had never really kissed anyone before, but with the tutelage that he was getting from John was great, and John was only too willing to teach Bailey the fine art of kissing. Within a few minutes, they were kissing deeply and passionately, and they were both painfully hard inside their soggy diapers.

John could feel Bailey doing something, but he did not bother to open his eyes to see what it was, but soon he knew, because he felt Bailey poking a hole in the front of his diaper, and then quite painfully pulling his dick out the front. The next part did not come as any surprise either, he only heard Bailey grunt as he pulled out his butt plug, and then he scooted up just a little more, still not breaking their kiss once, and positioned himself properly until John's dick was pressed into his entrance.

With the amount of lube that Bailey had in him, and with as open as the butt plug had kept him, John slipped right inside, and they both sighed deeply. Bailey did not stop once the head of John's dick was seated firmly inside him, he just kept pushing down as they kissed, until he was as fully impaled by John's erection as he could be. They were both muttering and sighing as Bailey sunk down all the way, but still their kiss did not break once.

Once Bailey was as full as he could be, he started a gentle thrusting motion, really enjoying this a great deal. His fingers had felt good, the toys had felt great, but having his uncle buried deep inside his wanting ass was exquisite and better. Bailey started a slow gentle rocking motion, really taking his time, feeling all there was to feel, and quite often he would pull almost all the way off until John was about to slip out, and then he would slowly sit back down so that John was fully inside him again. Neither could hold on for long, it was so good, and as much as they wanted it to last for forever more, they were getting so close. They both held on for as long as they possibly could though, they were holding their breath, they were panting and shaking, yet they were still kissing, and then it hit, the biggest, the best, the single most powerful orgasm of either of their lives.

“Wow, I felt you shoot inside me, that was sooooooooo nice.” Bailey sighed out a few minutes later.

“I'll say. Never before have I made love to someone and felt so good in my entire life.” John sighed as well.

“And it's not over yet, you're still hard and I'm still horny.” Bailey grinned cheekily and reattached their lips and started riding John a little quicker this time, really going for it this time.

John only grunted and then sighed as Bailey started kissing him and riding him again. Never before had he been so hot, so ready to go a second time, and so quickly, well at least not in many years anyway. He was only too happy though to let Bailey ride him again, it just felt too good. They managed to last almost five minutes with the pace that Bailey was going, yet Bailey did not stop, he just kept right on going, John was nearly dying now, the sensations in his dick were just too much, yet he was still hard, and he was almost ready to throw Bailey off, but he did not want to either. For not even ten minutes they both lasted, and with that cum, John too was empty, he only fired just a tiny amount inside of Bailey, and Bailey smiled.

“Wow, now that's what I'm talking about.” Bailey sighed out, he had just rolled off of John and was laying on his back, staring at the ceiling, John though was doing the same, only he was staring blankly, he was still totally out of it.

“Uncle John, are you okay?” Bailey asked almost a minute later, growing concerned that John still had said nothing, he was only panting like he had just ran a marathon.

“Huh, oh what?” John managed to ask.

“You had me worried there, I thought I'd killed you for a minute there, but you were still breathing hard.”

“It almost feels like you did. Adults just can't normally go three times in a row like that, you really wore me out there. Last time I was able to do it three times in a row like that myself I think I was either thirteen or fourteen.”

“Sorry, I didn't mean to get carried away, it just felt so good.” Bailey said bashfully.

“That's okay. I'm worn out, my dick hurts like crazy, but I feel so good too, it's amazing.”

“That's good, but can I do you now?”

“Sure thing baby, as long as you don't expect me to ride you like you rode me, I just don't have the energy left to do that.”

“Okay, how would be best then?”

“Probably with me on my hands and knees, because even though you're quite the big boy for twelve, you're still not big enough for most other ways I'm afraid.”

“I know, but I was bigger than most of the boys in gym class last year.” Bailey said proudly.

“I'll just bet you were, now mount me big stud.” John said, getting into position.

“Crap, I think we're gonna have to remove our diapers.” Bailey said sadly, he had really wanted to make love to John through their diapers as well, but that would soon come that he was big enough to do so, so he was not all that worried.

“Yeah, I was sorta wondering if you'd be big enough to go through both of them as well. Oh well, at least we got to make love to you through them, which by the way no one else has ever let me try with them, but I always wanted to.” John smiled.

“Oh well, stay there, I'll take care of it.” Bailey sighed, but removed both their diapers quickly.

Once they were both totally naked, Bailey pulled out the butt plug lodged firmly in John's ass, then grabbed the lube and started fingering, just because he wanted to, and when he was ready, Bailey applied some to his own throbbing little erection and then lined up. He had to spread John's legs a little to lower his bum a bit, but not much, so when he was in position, he sank in and sighed deeply.

Bailey had not intended to slip his entire little bone right into John so fully, but he did, there was next to no resistance, so it went in real easy. Once there though, Bailey had to stop or start to cum right away again. After a few moments rest, Bailey started thrusting deeply into John, pulling until he was nearly all the way out, and then slipping all the way back in and doing so repeatedly.

Bailey was enjoying himself so much, he was being so vocal about how it felt, that John was actually worried the neighbors would hear them. Granted, he was not worried so much as to stop what Bailey was doing to him though, because it felt so good that he himself was being quite vocal. He always did enjoy getting fucked, and John had to admit that what Bailey was doing to him felt better than pretty much everyone else who had ever done the same thing to him. He was amazed that given Bailey's size, that he was feeling it as much as he was.

It was no surprise though that given the pace Bailey was going that he came almost right away, but given his age and sexual development, he did not even really notice so much and just kept right on going. John managed to hold off his orgasm, only because he was still quite worn out from the previous session, but he was enjoying this more than enough to have made his dick painfully hard as well, and John knew that in a few minutes he too would be cumming again.

Bailey had slowed down slightly after his first cum, and five minutes later when the pressure became too much once again, he came again, he was going the exact same speed. Once again, Bailey did not stop, he just slowed down slightly more, now going quite slow.

John was nearly going blind from holding his orgasm in, he wanted to try and make it one fantastic orgasm, and if he was lucky, Bailey would want to suck it down.

Bailey just kept right on going, once again acting as if he had not even noticed the amazing orgasm that John felt deep inside him. He was getting near to another great orgasm only a few minutes later again, and he could tell that John was getting seriously close once again as well, even though neither of them had touched his dick once, because Bailey could feel everything in John's ass, and he now knew the signs from feeling it in himself already countless times.

All of a sudden Bailey whimpered as one final cum ripped through him, he slammed forth so hard he actually knocked John off his hands and planted his face into the pillows, thus freeing Bailey's dick from the hottest wettest most wonderful place his dick had ever had the pleasure of being in. Realizing that John had still not cum, Bailey grabbed John's legs and twisted so as to roll John over, and John realized what Bailey wanted, so did as he non verbally requested and rolled onto his back.

As soon as John was on his back, Bailey dove in and sucked John right to the root, shocking John and even amazing Bailey himself, because he did not even gag. And then he started sucking his uncle like crazy, like a boy possessed, and only fifteen seconds later John grunted out one word that sounded like cum, and Bailey lifted off so that only the head of John's dick was in his mouth.

John started firing, and considering how much cum he had spewed earlier, even he was surprised that he had anything left at all. Bailey though was even more surprised by the amount that entered his mouth, but he did not lose one single delicious drop of the best tasting thing he figured he had ever tasted before. He had not had the pleasure of tasting cum before, but with that one taste, he was totally hooked and would crave it from then on.

As soon as John was drained and his dick started deflating, Bailey let him fall from his mouth and then crawled up his loving uncles body until they were face to face, and then he pressed their lips together and started kissing once again. The kiss lasted for roughly ten minutes before John pushed Bailey away slightly, and smiled brightly at him.

“Wow baby, that was incredible. I've never felt so good and so bad in my entire life. I don't think I've hurt this much since the accident that killed my bladder, but this also feels better than anything I've ever experienced in my life before.”

“Mmm, know how you feel.” Bailey sighed.

“I'm glad. We should get diapered baby, and then we need to get up and get some breakfast, because for some strange reason I'm really hungry now.”

“For sure, and I'm getting hungry as well.” Bailey smiled.

“You really do love your baby diapers now too, don't you?” John asked as he hobbled out of bed and grabbed their diapers.

“Yeah, I can't explain it, not sure I want to even if I could, but they're really nice, and they're so comfortable. Can you put my butt plug back inside me before you diaper me up please?”

“Sure, as long as you put mine back in as well.”

“Okay.” Bailey said brightly.

John came back to the bed and grabbed Bailey's butt plug, added some lube to it and stuffed it deep in his nephews still gaping and winking hole, Bailey only grunted lightly and then sighed. He then proceeded to apply a good thick coating of diaper rash cream to Bailey, and then pulled up and taped up a nice thick diaper. They then traded places and Bailey paid John back entirely. As soon as they were both ready, they headed out to the kitchen and made and ate a huge breakfast.

“So, how do you feel now baby?” John asked after breakfast.

“Incredible, almost like normal again. I know I'll always miss my parents and I'll remember them my entire life, but with you lovingly by my side, I can make it. If I can sleep with you as well, I bet I no longer have nightmares too. Having you make love to me was the best thing I'd ever experienced, and then making love to you was a very close second.”

“That's very good, and if sleeping with me helps keep the nightmares away, then so it shall be, but we always have to pretend that you sleep in your bedroom remember, you have to keep it up as if it were yours.”

“Oh, I know, don't worry.”

“You know I love you right?”

“Yeah, and you know I love you too right?”

“Yeah.” John smiled warmly.

From that day, they did sleep together every night, and they cuddled so nicely together. They made love to each other nearly daily, and not once did Bailey ever have another nightmare. Bailey also started cumming only a couple weeks after their first time, and John was only too happy to suck that very first load in, and then he shared it with Bailey in a nice cum kiss that Bailey appreciated almost as much. He saw his therapist only twice more, and he deemed Bailey as free as he could ever expect to be, and both Bailey and John were happy to hear it. After that day, they also learned a great deal more about each other and what they liked, and their love only deepened. Not once did Bailey ever look to another boy or man as he grew up into a fine looking man himself, he was in love only with John, and John's love for Bailey was mutual. Together they lived together there for many years more, deeply in love.