Becoming a boy 1


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I logged onto the computer and pulled together some nice photos I had taken a few weeks earlier. I wasn't really sure what I was looking for but I knew that I was ready to find a man. I had spent a year in college and was home for the summer. College had only confirmed for me that I was gay. I had come out to my parents and they were really okay, with it. They just wanted to see me happy and to do well in school. They had raised me to work hard, study hard, and follow the rules. I told them that I had not had any sex yet, so they didn't worry about me getting all crazy sleeping around the town. My Dad was a little unsure at first, but had not said anything negative to me and had encouraged me to date both guys and girls since I was a virgin. He said he had raised me right, so he was sure I would know how to handle whatever came at me.

I had dated girls in high school but I knew that wasn't for me. I had watched the other guys in school more than I ever watched the girls. I wanted to start dating guys. I really wanted to find someone athletic and handsome, broad shoulders and hairy, a complete opposite to me of course. I had inherited my mom's family genes; small, thin, and nearly hairless. The guys in the dorm joked about it, calling me a Chihuahua, but it was true. I idolized several of the guys on the floor but knew they were out of my league. I thought maybe online I could find someone interested in me.

On one of the boards I was looking at they had a lot of local guys. I was adding my photos just finishing my profile. They showed off my young, smooth, naked body. I had seen from reading other profiles, that guy's my age and size were really popular so I hoped I could find someone too. Some of the things these guys were interested in really turned me on, so I thought I would list them too. I had fantasized about these big guys all the time, but at 5'5" and 120 pounds, I didn't think much about ever getting lucky with one. I was always a little hesitant and unsure around these type of guys, but I was always trying hard to get them to like me. Heck. I was always helping the guys in the dorm out with one thing or another to get their attention. So even though they called me Chihuahua, I enjoyed the attention. I was used to feeling small. Even Dad had picked on me at home about always being a boy and not getting tall enough to be a man. Well, if I could get one of these guys as my boyfriend then he could see I was a man.

   My profile highlights:

   * Name - chihuahua

   * Gender - Male

   * Orientation - gay

   * Age – 19

   * Height - 5' 5"

   * Weight - 120 lbs

   * Hair – Blonde

   * Body hair – smooth, some hair at my crotch and my pits

   * Dick size – 5 inches hard, cut.

   * Eye color - blue

   * Hair style - spiked/teased

   * No body art/tattoos

   * No piercings

   * Ethnic/Cultural identity - White

   * Cooking - I like to prepare large meals, cook for myself, etc.

   * Hobbies - Computers, Programming

   * Interests - 19 yr old virgin, looking to learn about sex from a handsome, well built guy in the area. I'm in college, hard working, intelligent. Looking for a self-assured man who wants to have a guy that idolizes him. I will learn from you while you get to teach me about gay life. Inexperienced but open to exploring all of my sexuality.

That seemed like a good start to me so I posted it and went off to mow the lawn like Dad had told me to do before he left for work. When I came back afterwards I already had a response to my profile.

Hello Chihuahua. That is a good name for you. I like the pics. So just what do you want to learn about? I need a boy like you around to take care of my needs and do some chores too. I'm not interested in being anything but a top so don't bother me if you think you will have an option of being anything but a boy bottom for me. Think you might still be interested? I expect a lot out of a boy. E-mail me back.


It was signed "Tophung4u". I looked at his profile and pictures. He was 6'2", and 200 pounds. He was all muscle and had a nice amount of hair on his chest and legs. He also had a private picture he had opened for me to see. He had a big dick. Of course, when you have a 5 incher like me anything seems big, but he said his was 8 inches so that was over half again as big as me, and it looked kinda thick too. The profile said he was 25, so he wasn't much older than me, and it listed his IM ID.


I had a few minutes late one evening to check my e-mail so I took advantage of it. Between work trips, home, wife, kids... you get the idea, I was busy and didn't get to catch up with friends who were online or relatives e-mail. I went into the den and signed on and set about reading.

Shortly after I had started, the instant message software popped up. It was an ID I didn't recognize; Topdom4boi. I ignored it figuring it was someone who had messaged by mistake, but the damn sound kept going off every time a new message came in, so I clicked the screen to see what was going on and was pretty surprised by what I read.

"Hey Chihuahua. What are you doing boy?"

"hey, answer me bitch"

"don't try pulling this shit boy. You better answer if you know what is good for you."

"I know you are there faggot, answer me NOW!!"

I typed back, "Whoever you are, you got the wrong person buddy. Now go away." I closed the IM window.

It popped back up. "Bitch, don't think I'm stupid. You got the same ID you've had the whole last month, talking with me."

"Look," I started typing back, "this is my ID and I've not been around in the last month to use this ID, jerk, so back off and go away."  I thought about blocking the ID but figured the guy would disappear this time. I looked up at the top to confirm what I said and saw that actually I was wrong. Someone HAD signed on when I was gone. I guess someone had been using the computer for fun.

"Hey, don't think I won't find you again, boy. I know your name and your address, remember? Can't hide from your master, boy. Come on, Danny boy, can't hide at 253 Annenburg Drive all your life. Stop pretending your puny ass is more of a man than you really are."

This last statement made set me off because Danny was my younger son, and that WAS my address. How did this creep know that?  So I kept the window open and responded again. "Hey, I don't know how you got my address, but I am not Danny. Danny is my son. What's going on here?"

"Right bitch, prove to me that you aren't Danny. Boys like you try to get away all the time and always come crawling back to me. You know that you can't get by without me telling you what to do."

I thought about that for a moment. How could I prove I wasn't Danny? Wait a minute I thought, I can turn the damn camera on and show him who I am. When I got the cam going and sent a message, Mr. Topdom4boi accepted the feed.

"Whoa, hey sorry dude, guess you were right, apologies. I'll clear out. Forget everything I was talking about"

"Wait a minute. Are you telling me Danny was using this computer for the last month while I've been on business, and what was all this stuff about faggots and masters?" this guy wasn't getting away without an explanation if I could help it. Danny needed to remember to sign off my system in the future so weirdoes like this wouldn't be IMing anyone using the family computer.

"Nothing, sorry, just having a little fun is all. Your kid was using this ID for chatting, and he contacted me."

It made me mad that Danny had been using my computer for chatting with this guy who obviously was into some kinky things. I didn't need the family computer used for stuff like that. Last time I set the computer to remember passwords. Danny probably didn't even know it was set that way, I thought to myself. But still, this guy was calling my kid all sorts of names. "Fun?, I responded, "you're telling me that my kid likes to have you calling him all these names? What kinda fun is that?" My curiosity was getting the better of me now, even though I really didn't need to know what Danny was doing online. Sure Danny was a small kid. Damn if he hadn't gotten my wife's genes instead of mine, like his older brother had done. Where his brother Ian and I stood around 6' 2" and 220 pounds, Danny was 5' 5" and 125 if he was lucky. Both my eldest son and I were big muscular guys with a good amount of hair on our bodies. Danny was about as hairless a kid as I had ever seen and never looked his 19 years of age. This guy better not be hurting the kid.

"Hey, mister, your kid is the one who came to me looking for this. It really isn't any of your business anyhow. I shouldn't be telling you about your kid's activities. We were just having a good time chatting."

"Hey, don't tell me what is my business, this is my computer and you are the one talking crap to me, remember?" I hated smart asses more than anything. "what are you talking about anyhow? I know he's gay, so that isn't going to bother me" Danny had come out this past year, his freshman year at college. His grades had slipped and I was pretty mad, spending money on an education is one thing, but spending it on a kid that is failing is another. I had threatened to tan his hide if he didn't pick up the grades. His mother and I had always raised the kids to work hard and respect authority, so grades like this were unacceptable, he knew that. So that was when Danny decided to stop fooling around and admitted he was having trouble because he was gay and was trying to come to terms with that and didn't want to hide it all the time from us anymore. Well, I hadn't really dealt with gays before, other than a fruit or two in the Army that had tried coming on to me, but my wife understood and made me see that I was being a little harsh on the kid. After I calmed down about the grades I could see the kid was relieved to have it out, so I let him alone. His grades had picked the second semester so I figured everything was good to go. I had read a lot about gays since Danny had come out but had not heard anything about wanting to be called names. "But I think I have a right to know about whatever it is since

you were talking to me so rudely. Besides that he's still my kid and maybe I should know what he's doing."

"I don't know Mister, seems kinda funny me telling you about your kid."

"The names Chuck," I told him. I really wanted to know more about this and figure out what Danny was up to online. I wanted to hear from this guy so I could try to understand Danny better. "I just want to try and understand what's going on. I'm not really up on this gay stuff, I've been with my wife for 25 years and this is new to me. It would be a big help to me if you could tell me more."

"Chuck, I don't think you want to hear about it," this guy said. "It really isn't what you probably think of as being gay. Hey I really shouldn't say anything"

"Nope, too late for that, you already started...I don't have your name...Just so I understand my kid better, you know?" I wanted to know more after this guy had berated Danny so much to start this whole conversation.

Sorry dude, but gay ain't got nothing to do with it. You can call me Wolf, that's what I go by online. Your kid is a fag. There is a difference between being gay and being a fag.  Have you seen his profile? Maybe that would explain some stuff."

"What profile? What do you mean? He has a online profile about this?" I was getting more confused by the minute and didn't know where this conversation was going. Mainly because I didn't understand what the guy was talking about differences in gays and fags. I thought fag was a slur.

"Look, maybe I need to shut up and go," this guy posted.

"No, no I want to see it, buddy." I wasn't going to let him get away that easy. Then he posted a website to me. One I had never seen before. I won't show you my kids full profile, but I can say that the website was something I hadn't imagined Danny being on. There was his picture, with my messaging ID listed next to it. Then the description of what he was looking for was what really hit me like a baseball bat upside my head.

   * Name – danny, or you can call me chihuahua

   * Gender - Male

   * Orientation - gay

   * Age – 19

   * Height - 5' 5"

   * Weight - 125 lbs

   * Hair – Blonde

   * Body hair – smooth, some hair at my crotch and my pits

   * Dick size – 4.5 inches hard, cut.

   * Eye color - blue

   * Hair style – long, surfer style

   * No body art/tattoos

   * One piercing, left nipple

   * Ethnic/Cultural identity - White

   * Hobbies – I like to prepare large meals, cook for friends, etc. providing other services to men as well.

   * Interests - 19 yr old virgin, looking to learn about sex from a handsome, well built guy in the area. I'm in college, hard working, intelligent. Looking for a man that knows what he wants. I am a fag that needs to be used well. I was raised with discipline and obedience so I can follow your orders. If I don't obey you are free to punish me however you see fit, Sir. I know that I am just a boy but I know that I need supervision and control from you. You need to teach me how to suck cock and take your big dick up my ass. I was made to be used by a muscular stud so get in touch, please.

I couldn't believe it. Here was my own flesh and blood begging for stuff on the ‘Net. Asking for guys to "use" him and to "punish" him. Here I thought the kid was a man. A small guy but a man nonetheless. I couldn't have been more wrong. I was so mad at him right then I could have beat him senseless. It was a good thing he was already asleep or I might have done just that. I mean, what kind of way is this to go about finding a boyfriend? I thought that he just wanted to meet someone like know what I mean, The other thing that crossed my mind was that I was as hard as a rock, reading about my kid begging for sex. I don't know why but it got me hard. I hadn't thought about sex with a guy since I was a teenager, and was so horny I would have fucked anything. But after I got married the sex was great and those things had slipped my mind completely. I have never done anything with a guy before and didn't think about that stuff, but reading his post and thinking about his smooth, small, frame, I got hard. From Danny, my god what was I thinking. Sure he looked a lot like his mother at that age, but...


I read his message again and realized I was hard as a rock. I knew I had to message him, so I signed on and then sent a friend request with a note. He was just like the guys in the dorm but a little older. I really wanted to see him in person. Maybe have a date.

"Hi, this is Chihuahua, will you add me?" After a brief pause I was added and the IM screen opened up.

"Hey boy! What are you up to? Get my message?"

"Yes", I responded. "I got your note. You are really handsome. Do you want to go out sometime?"

"First off, if we go out, will depend on me. I don't just take out anybody, boy. I want to get to know you and see just how much you want to be with me before I decide to go out with you. Got it?"

"Okay, I guess that makes sense. We can talk and see if we get along." If he wanted to chat first that was ok, I could show him I was smart and could have fun too. I wanted to make sure he liked me.

His next message arrived. "We'll get along just fine if you understand that I am the top guy in any relationship, friends or otherwise. You will be my boy. Do you understand what I am saying? "

"I guess so. You want to be in charge of what happens."

"Yeah, I'm in charge, but I will also be dictating what you will or will not be doing if you want to hang with me. I am for obvious reasons, a dominant guy, just look at my pics. I have muscles, good looks, and I'm smart, boy. You're small and puny and clearly will be submissive to me. You're not nearly the man I am boy, that has got to be clear from the start. Got it?"

I was a little taken back by his directness, but he was not saying anything that I had not heard before. I mean the guys in school were always making fun of me for my size and telling me I was a boy. And of course my Dad was always making sure I knew he was in charge. This guy was doing the same, but he was gay so maybe if I did what he said we could get together and maybe even have sex. "Yes, I understand, I need to do what you say. What is your name?"

"That's right boy, and we start now. From now on you call me Sir or, Mr. Wolf, when you speak to me. Do you understand? I am to be addressed as Sir when ever we are together. I don't care if you are with friends when you see me or your parents, you call me Sir. It is a way for you to express your respect and to keep it clear in your mind that I am in charge, got it?"

Sir? I had to call him Sir. I don't know why but that seemed okay to me, and as I said it I felt myself getting hard again. "Yes, Sir, I understand."

"Good boy. Now tell me more about yourself. Tell me about what you are looking for from a man."

I told Mr. Wolf, that I was young but I knew what I hoped to find. I told him what I liked in a guy and that I just wanted someone to show me the ropes and teach me about being gay. He asked me about my family and how I was raised. He seemed happy that I knew how to respect authority, and he said he really liked my pictures. He had me turn on the camera and we chatted via the cam for awhile. He seemed like a great guy. He was like the guys at the dorm, friendly, a real hunk, and he knew what he wanted. I wasn't sure about all his questions about sex, I told him I was a virgin, maybe he was just seeing if I was telling the truth, but I answered them. He was sitting there shirtless, and I kept thinking he had such a great chest, it was distracting. Then he switched his camera to look at his dick! He was naked talking to me, I couldn't believe it! My god his dick seemed big and it was hard.

"You like what you see boy," he asked? "I got enough for you? I want you to take your clothes off now and show me what you got."

"But I'm in my family den," I told him, "I can't."

"Listen boy, we already established, I'm in charge. You do what I tell you to do. If you want some of this you follow directions, do it NOW!"

"okay, I'm sorry Sir," I told him. I did want to see more. I got up and closed the den door. No one was home but I didn't want anyone coming in either, if I was going to have to get naked here. "okay", I typed, "here goes." I pulled off all my clothes and stood there. Of course I was hard as a rock doing this for a guy this hot that I had never met. I adjusted the camera and stood there.

"Turn around, boy, show me that ass."

I spun around and paused, looking back at the screen to make sure the camera was covering what I wanted it to cover.

"Good boy. Now let's see if you are lying or not. Go get a ruler or tape measure, I want to see just how long that dick of your really is", he said. "lay the ruler on top of your dick, no cheating by measuring underneath, boy."

I dug around in the desk and found a ruler. I turned the camera down on my dick and held it to the ruler. It measured 4 and one half inches. "I didn't know you measured from here, I measured underneath," I replied. He had made it seem like I had cheated about my size on my profile.

"Little faggot, you did lie. You aren't even 5 inches like you said. Damn you are a little boy. Too bad you lied though. You know you are going to have to accept some punishment for this."

"Punishment, what do you mean?" I didn't know where this was going, but I knew from my dad that punishment meant my tail getting beaten or manual labor.

"Well, you can't be lying, boy, if you expect to get the kind of guy you say you want in your profile. You need to tell the truth to get a man. We're going to have to change your profile, as your punishment."

That didn't seem so bad, I thought. I went into my profile and changed my dick size like he had said. "Okay Sir, I changed my profile to be truthful, I'm sorry I didn't mean to lie."

"Doesn't matter does it boy," he told me. It sounded like my dad talking; he was always going on about misleading people. "You still stretched the truth shall we say. But that isn't all you lied about, now is it?"

I was confused. "What do you mean, everything else is true, I swear it is, Sir," I pleaded.

"I like that pleading boy, but let's face facts here. You are online because you want a man. You want a big guy that knows he is in charge and knows you are just his boy. You may try to sound innocent but we both know from what you said that you love it when guys pick on you, and you love it when they tell you what to do. You told me about your buddies at the dorm, the only thing that is different here is I know what you need, this cock, right here." He moved the cam back to his hard cock.

I was caught off guard, I paused, too long I guess.

"See, no answer, must be true, boy. You're just a little fag, looking to get some of this big dick. So like I told you to start, I'm in charge and we do it my way, if you want it."

I did want it, seeing him there on cam, and reading his words, I knew it was true. I put up with all those guys at the dorm or in high school just to be with them. Now someone was offering what I really wanted, but I had to follow his rules to get it. "Yes, Sir," I told him, "you are right, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to lie, I just hadn't heard it put like that before."

"Well, you need to be told, fag, just what the truth is. Now we got to change you profile to let folks know what is really going on."

"But what if someone sees it?" I couldn't let someone from school or someone that knew me see that profile.

"Too bad, boy. You should have thought that through before you started. Of course, it is your choice, you can always go away and pretend this conversation never happened. But we both know that isn't what you really want."

He had me. It wasn't what I wanted. Not really. Not after hearing him tell me so clearly what I had only been thinking about in the back of my mind for so long. I wanted him to use me he was right, I had wanted it from my buddies, but it hadn't happened, they had their girlfriends, now I wanted what he was offering. Who would see this really anyway but someone like him that I wanted to meet. "Yes, Sir. I'll change it however you want. What should it say?"

"Good boy, now you are catching on. Obviously you need to change your dick size and admit how small it is. Then you need to change the profile a bit and admit what you really want. You want a man to use you, to take you and fill your holes with dick. You need to admit you want to follow orders. Do it, now boy, I'll wait."

I went back to my profile section and made some changes. I couldn't believe I was doing it, I got hard of course while I was making the changes, admitting what I really wanted. I had not thought about things the way he was talking to me but they made sense when he said it. "There it is Sir. I think I did what you told me to do."

"Don't think, boy, you aren't here to think. I do the thinking, you are there to do what I tell you, that doesn't require thinking, does it?"

"No, Sir. You are right, it doesn't," I told him. It was true, if he told me what to do I didn't need to think about it. It was kinda like my dad telling me what to do for the day when I was in high school, or the guys at the dorm telling me to do their homework and I didn't think about it. But this was better, ‘cause he said he wanted me.

"One other thing, fag. You don't have any jewelry on. All fags wear jewelry. I want you to go get your ears pierced. I like boys with jewelry."

Omigod, I couldn't do that, my parents would have a fit if they saw my ears pierced. "Please, Sir, can't I do something else? I would be in so much trouble if I did that. They hate guys with earrings, please.

"You beg well, boy" he told me, I like that. I'll tell you what. You don't want your ears pierced then I want you to go get your left nipple pierced for me. I want you to SHOW me that you aren't just playing online, boy. I'm tired of fags that are here teasing. You go get your nipple pierced and prove it to me on cam tomorrow. Then we can talk again. Until then I'm outta here." And he signed off.

Shit oh shit, I gotta go get my nipple pierced. Where would I do that in town? I ran to look for the phone book.


"Check out the message archive, dude, then tell me your kid didn't ask for me to mess with him." I had forgotten about the IM going, what with reading Danny's profile. I looked to see if my IM had been set to maintain an archive. It had and I read through some of Danny's conversation with the guy. After the first one I stopped. I needed to think things through. My kid seemed to want nothing more than do everything this guy said. He even had told him to go get a nipple piercing. He did that? I had to ask before I read any more


"Did you...I mean, did you ever meet up with him? I want to know."

"No way mister, the kid hardly looked 18. I wasn't going to meet up with him until I was sure he was of age. I was just playing with him online, to see if he was serious. He talked about it but I wasn't going to do that until he showed me more that he wasn't playing. I was gonna get to it eventually, after I was sure he was old enough, but nothing yet, he's still a virgin as far as I know, dude. But I got to tell you, your kid is hot. A lot of guys wouldn't be as nice as me."

"Did he really go get a piercing? Like you told him to?" I was getting more curious about just how low Danny was sinking to meet with this guy. I was also fascinated that Danny would just do what this guy told him to.

"Oh hell yeah, I'm telling you Chuck, your kid is desperate for dick. He'll do whatever I tell him to if he thinks he's going to get some dick. Then once he has it, he'll be hooked for a long time with his attitude.  I don't mean to be rude to you or anything; it's just the way it is. That's the difference in gay and fag. Gay just means he has sex with guys. A fag is someone that needs to be obedient to a real man, doesn't matter whether he's str8 or gay, he needs to know who's in charge and needs to be put to use "

I couldn't believe what this guy was telling me, but as I read on through their IM exchanges, it became clearer that he was right and Danny was behaving like a little slut with this guy. Begging for attention, doing whatever the guy told him to do. I had never thought about this stuff, but here I was having to deal with it from my son. I thought back to the way I had raised him to listen to me and the punishments I had given when he had not listened.

"Well, Danny is going to learn a lesson. He has no business using the family computer for this kind of shit. He is going to get a good lecture and maybe worse if I have anything to say about this." One thing for sure I wasn't telling his mother. This kid needed some old fashioned punishment and I was the one to give it to him. None of her sensitivity stuff for this. He hadn't gotten big enough for me to remind him who paid the bills. Plus, he needed to learn to behave when it came to stuff that other people used. I didn't want my wife reading this stuff. I would kill her.

"Listen, buddy," I said to the guy, "you got the kid in trouble. That ought to make your night knowing he gets punished for this. Just assume if I see him online with you again he will get it worse the second time."

"Hey sorry to be the one telling you all this, but you asked," Wolf said.

"Not a problem," I replied. "You actually helped me to get to know him better. I appreciate you being up front."

"Sure thing, guy. Do me a favor though and mention we talked when he gets in trouble. Would love to see his reaction."

I didn't laugh but I wanted to, this guy had a perverse sense of humor, even if he was into kinky things. I finished reading all of their exchanges. It was tough at first but I wanted to read it all. I needed to know how far this had gone. I was alternating between being mad at Danny for using the family computer and the den for this kind of stuff, and being driven horny listening to this guy dominating another adult man like that. My cock stayed hard the whole time. When I finished, I signed out for the evening. My wife had been asleep for awhile and so I went to the bathroom and blew a big load in my hand just thinking about the scenario. I started jacking, thinking about dominating someone like that. My wife wasn't into that sort of scene. Hey, don't get me wrong, sex with her was still good after all this time, but hey, I can still have fantasies. It just hadn't ever occurred to me that guys did that sort of thing.  I had pictures of some guy begging at my feet and me telling him all sorts of humiliating things and having him service my cock. Problem was, when I was finishing, it wasn't just some nameless guy I was picturing, it was my son, Danny that was in my mind, on his knees, in front of me. The thought that it was my own kid just made it so much crazier, I blasted my load before I knew it. I couldn't believe I had just cum thinking about my own kid. What was I doing?



My dick was hard when I got up as usual. I couldn't touch it though because Mr Wolf had said not to until I chatted with him online again. I was trying to follow his orders but it was hard, I mean difficult, you know what I mean. I might have a small dick, I thought, but it still needs attention. I looked in the bathroom mirror and gave it a tug or two and played with my new nipple ring. It only drove me more crazy playing with it like that. I had to stop or I would cum and I knew I would never be able to look Mr Wolf in the eye on cam and tell him a lie. He always knew when I was lying somehow. Just like my Dad did. I had done everything Mr Wolf had said so I was hoping he would agree to meet soon. I knew I could do what he wanted if given the chance.

After my shower (cold of course) I headed downstairs for breakfast. I had slept late since I wasn't doing anything. I saw my Dad in the den on the way to the kitchen. He must have come in late from his trip last night. I hollered at him, and he hollered it was about time I got my lazy ass up out of bed. We both laughed and I got down to getting something to eat.

When I finished I put my dishes in the dishwasher and was getting ready to get busy, when my Dad called me to come to the den. I figured he wanted me to mow the lawn. I had kinda been ignoring it while he was gone and Mr Wolf had been keeping my attention instead.

"Yeah dad? What's up? Did you want me to mow the lawn?"

"Well, now that you mention it, you have ignored it pretty well while I was gone, Danny. Do I need to be here constantly to remind you of your chores?"

Uh oh, I thought, he doesn't sound all that happy. I better get right to it. "Sorry, Dad. I just got busy with the guys and hanging out. (sorta true, right?) "I'll go get started." I started to turn around and head off to the garage but he stopped me.

"Not yet, Danny. I have something else we need to talk about first."

Geez, there was that serious tone again. Something must be ticking him off. I couldn't think of anything else I had done.

"Danny, I want to talk about your use of this computer."

"Uhm, ok, Dad," I hesitated. I hadn't done anything I could think of to it. I used it, but I had made sure I put it back the way I found it, I was sure.

"This is the family's computer, Danny. It is available for anyone to use. That means your mother, your brother or I, in addition to you, can use it."

"Yes, Sir." I knew he was serious from the tone of his voice. I figured I should agree with him wherever this was going.

"That means that using this computer to look for sex or find boyfriends is off limits, do you understand that?

Crap, how did he know I was using the computer for that, I thought. I know my eyes probably dropped to the floor, they always do when he starts lecturing. "Yes, I understand," I said trying to look up again. "I won't do that, Dad."

"Is that all you have to say, Danny?"

Shit, shit, shit, somehow he thinks he knows something...what do I do..."Yes, that's all, I won't use it for that. Thanks for letting me know, Sir."

He looked away briefly with that disappointed look he always gets when he believes I did something wrong. I'm 19 years old, for god's sakes, my mind was running a mile a minute. What does he want me to say?

"I'm surprised you can't admit that you have already used the computer for those things Danny. I gave you your chance. Don't think I didn't find out. You're no good at hiding your lies, boy."

I knew it, he found out, oh god, what did he see, I thought I got rid of all the pictures from the temp files. I cleared the cache. He never, hardly ever, called me boy any more, not for a couple years anyway. I knew I was in trouble. "I'm sorry, Sir, I'm sorry" I tried to apologize so he would know I meant it, but he was standing up as I was saying it and coming to where I was standing. Did I mention my Dad is a big guy. He is like 6'2" or so and real big, he goes to the gym all the time to stay in shape. I'm more like my mom's side of the family, short. 5'5". I had to look up at him when he got over to where I was. I know I was shaking like a leaf. "It won't happen again, I promise."

"What won't happen, Danny, what were you doing?"

I shoulda kept my mouth shut. "uhm, I was looking at pictures down here on the net, the connection is faster than my computer, I'm sorry, I thought I erased them all. I didn't mean to leave any there," I said. I meant it too. Was I ever going to be sorry.

"well, that wasn't what I was talking about Danny, but that is good to know too. You know I don't like pornography on this computer. You've heard me tell your brother about that." He had a look on his face like he knew a secret. "I was talking to a friend of yours last night Danny. He says he name is Wolf. Said to tell you hi."

My face fell. I know my jaw probably fell open. I was in more trouble than I thought. Somehow, Dad had found out about my secret.


The look on Danny's face said it all. He had that look of a deer caught in the headlights. He stuttered and was looking up at me like I had just punched him in the gut. Not a bad verbal punch I guess, was my thought.

"I'm..I'm..." he couldn't even complete a sentence.

"Danny, I want you to know I am disgusted that you would leave that stuff on the family computer. What if your mother saw that? She wouldn't know what to think. Hell, I didn't know what to think at first when that man IM'd me last night" I was breathing down his neck by this time, he was shaking looking up at me as I towered over him. "But he told me and I read for myself what a little slut you are, boy." I paused to think about what I would say next. Danny just stood there looking terrified. "I raised you to be a man, boy. To learn obedience to me and your mother, so you could be a good example to our family. I taught you hard work so you could earn a living as a man when you grew up. But I learn last night that all you've been learning at college is to make yourself available to any man that gives you an order. Isn't that right?" I was shouting by now I had worked up my anger so much again.

"But, I...I mean, I didn't...Sir...

"Stop trying to come up with a reason Danny. Your friend told me all about your reasons. I read them myself. Believe me that is the last time I ever set the computer to store an archive of IM messages. Your friend tells me that the word for you is a faggot. Is that right? Because I didn't raise you to be just anybody's faggot Danny. That wasn't what I was teaching. I don't give a rat's ass if you were gay, boy. I figured you'd go off and find another nice gay guy and be happy. But you have to make yourself into a little fag that will do whatever some guy tells you to do."

With that I grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head while he stood there. He moved his hand to cover himself, but I pulled his wrist away, like it was a girl's wrist. He was so small compared to me. There it was, his nipple ring, just like Wolf said.

"I see that at least you can follow directions, even if they are given by some two bit online man," I told him. I took hold of his ear and I pulled him back over to my desk and chair. "Now I am going to give you something to think about boy, so this won't EVER happen again. Drop your pants, and your drawers and bend over my knee."

He hesitated, I could feel his fear, and I don't have to tell you after last night it made me feel powerful. It also started getting me hard, but I was too focused on my anger at the time to really notice.

"But Dad, Sir. Please, you don't have to spank me, please I won't do it again."

I'm not always proud of everything I do, but I didn't want to hear his voice. I slapped him across the face and he shut up. His cheek reddened slightly. "Your begging isn't going to help Danny, it just makes it worse, Do you think I want to listen to you whine when you know you not only used the computer for pornography, but you lied about it. Then you had the nerve to go online and place an ad to be someone's bitch for your personal thrills."

Danny looked stunned. He looked ready to cry, but he was silent at least. He was also pulling down his pants, knowing this was coming one way or the other.

"That's right, you know this is coming whether you want it or not, and you know you deserve it for this behavior." When he stepped out of his clothes I saw his little dick was hard. I had forgotten that this sort of thing would also turn him on, if everything I had read last night were true. I figured by the time I was through I would have knocked some sense into him. I also was surprised to find his dick was as small as Wolf said, I was double his size if those measurements I saw were true. What was I thinking? I needed to get on with this punishment.

As Danny bent over my knee, I pushed him down forcefully. I proceeded to give him sharp blows on his right cheek, until it became bright red. He was squirming constantly but I was holding him as still as I could with my hand around the back of his neck. Of course he started crying and pleading, he always did.

"Daddy, please that's enough, I won't do it again, please Sir." His bawling must have started after ten or twelve smacks of my hand. He never could handle much of this treatment, but I was so mad I just kept going. I didn't want to hear excuses and I didn't want to think of my son pimping himself out on the net like a common slut. "Please, it hurts, I'll be good, I promise," he wailed

"Damn right you will. You ever do this again and you will get worse than this, you here me?" I moved over to his left cheek and began making that redder than the other half of his ass. He stopped begging after awhile, which I was thankful for, but I guess I had reached a rhythm of some type and kinda zoned out. I kept thinking, my kid will not be out on the net being a fag, over and over to myself as I struck his ass. I may have even said it a few times as I continued going back and forth on his cheeks. Then I noticed that he was moving as I did this, He was humping my leg, like a badly trained dog. All of a sudden he let loose with a moan that shook me out of my meditative state. I stopped working over his ass, and what I saw shocked me. His little dick was shooting a big load of cum all over the floor! Right between my legs as I paddled his ass!! I pulled back, I was now the one stunned too much to talk at first.

Before I knew what to say, he had finished shooting. I let him go and he almost immediately stood up and stayed there. I know I sounded funny then. All I could do was mumble for him to go get something to clean up that mess he made. When he finished I told him to go off to his room and not come back until dinner time. It was then that I noticed again that I had a raging hard on. This whole event had gotten me harder than I had been with my wife in years. I quickly went off upstairs and relieved myself in the master bathroom. It was one of the most vivid hand jobs I had ever given myself and I didn't know what to think. It took all of about 30 seconds of thinking about what happened and I blew all ove. I didn't know what I was doing or where it was going next.


I cried, I know I cried a long time. I was so embarrassed by the whole thing. My behavior on the computer was wrong I know, but then I had to go and cum when Dad was punishing me. Oh god, I knew I was in even more trouble for that, I just knew it. What was I thinking? I was getting punished by my Dad. He was beating the hell out of my ass and then I don't know, it just started getting to me. I kinda forgot the pain after awhile and I started moving against his leg. My dick was so hard and he was spanking so hard and then, then I just, I don't know. All I could think was that he was a big guy holding me down and punishing me. I got carried away with out thinking. It was my Dad, I shot my load when my Dad was punishing me. That isn't supposed to happen.

But when dinner time came and I went down after my Mom called me, it was like nothing had happened. Mom was all smiling and talking about her day at work. Dad was trying to be interested, but he was distracted I think. But it seemed he hadn't told her, yet anyway. I didn't say much except to say yes Sir or yes Ma'am when a question was asked.

When dinner was over I got up and immediately cleaned up the dishes off the table and the cooking pans in the kitchen. No way was I gonna push my Dad at this moment. I wanted to just forget the whole thing ever happened. As far as I was concerned it was done. I wasn't going online again, and would never think about that submission stuff if I was lucky. If I was really lucky he would never mention it again and I could just forget the whole thing. I would just go back to school in the fall and then get a job next summer, something at college and not have to come back.


Danny went upstairs and I didn't see him again until dinner. Jan cooked a great dinner and Danny came down when she called. I noticed he sat slowly, I imagine his ass still hurt from earlier in the day. I listened to Jan talk about her day but really I was distracted. I didn't realize how distracted until Danny got up and cleared away he dishes. Then he cleaned up the kitchen too. I watched as he moved between the dining room and the kitchen. He was my son but I had stirrings now of another kind.

He looked so much like his mother when she was younger. They had the same build, the same blond hair. In fact Danny's hair was getting longer than Jan's recently. Plus he had her creamy skin. God what was I thinking. It was the dinner table. Shit I was still worked up over this morning's punishment. But damn it, I was not going to have my son out on the net begging some jackass for what I could give him here at home. There, I said it. If he needed more training then I would give it to him. I don't think I had thought through everything at that point, but I knew it would be a cold day in hell before I was going to let some net sleaze take what I had raised and use it.


A week had gone by since my Dad had taken it out on my ass. We had chatted a little when Mom was around since then but had pretty much left whatever happened alone. He didn't seem anymore interested in talking about what happened than I did. I sometimes wondered if Dad was watching me more closely now, but I just figured it was because he felt he needed to follow up on my staying out of trouble. I would have too if Wolf had not found me.

I got a text message from him later that next week. He said hey and what's up? I ignored the message but he sent another and then another. Then he called, I answered my phone without really looking at who was calling. He wanted me to go online again. I told him I couldn't do it. I had gotten in trouble with my Dad and he would beat the shit out of me again if I was online with him.

"Sir, I can't go online, my Dad will go ballistic. You don't know him," I pleaded.

Hey, boy, don't be stupid. Of course I know your old man, I talked with him, remember?"

Shit, that was right, that started the whole mess. "Then you know that he was seriously angry. I had a hard time sitting down for a week, Mr. Wolf."

He just laughed back at me for a moment. "I was hoping to hear that. Teach you right not to go against your Daddy, boy. Just like you should know better than to go against me. Don't forget I know where you live. You gave me that address weeks ago, boy. Here take a look at this."

Then I received another txt message this had a photo of his cock. I had forgotten about how big he was.

"That's what you really want isn't boy. You don't want your daddy finding out something, then you need to chat with me. Otherwise maybe your Daddy will hear about me talking to you whether its true or not, boy. So get online, Now faggot!"

What could I do, on the one hand I could get in trouble with my Dad, on the other Mr Wolf said he would tell my Dad I had talked to him even if I hadn't. I went upstairs to my computer, and signed on.

"Good fag, now put your camera on. I want to see that boy body. Show me that nipple ring boy that you had done just for me."

"Yes, Sir." I took off my shirt. He smiled real big. It made me feel that warm feeling again that I had been getting when I had first been in contact with him. Mr. Wolf had me perform for him that afternoon. I had to play with myself, and he made me beg him not to tell my Dad what we were doing. I should have known better than to do it, but I couldn't help it. I wanted to know what it was like to serve a big man like this. I really did, so I just forgot that my Dad always finds out about stuff. I have never been good at keeping things from him. What ever I did he always found out.


So after a week I had begun to think that maybe Danny had heeded the advice I gave him during his punishment. I couldn't have been more wrong. I came home one day and saw on my computer that "I" had signed on again to the IM again, when I had not been using it. It could only mean one thing; that Danny had been back talking to his online friend. I can't tell you how mad it made me. Something changed then in me. I took that next step I guess people take when they feel they threatened. This guy was threatening what I had. I had raised Danny from the day he was born. I had paid for everything throughout his childhood up until today when he was in college. But it aggravated me that he looked elsewhere now for that dominant figure. The man he felt he needed to run his life still. He didn't see that in me any more and it upset me more than I first let on. I had not EVER been interested in gay guys, but this was somehow different. This was taking care of my own, and keeping what was mine from getting hurt by someone else. If my boy needed a dominant man in his life then I was going to be that man. Labels no longer entered my mind, just actions that I needed to take.

When the weekend arrived and my wife went off with her girlfriends, it was the first time since I had learned of Danny's most recent behavior that I was alone with him. I knew what had to be done but I was nervous. I knew I couldn't show that to him, so I poured myself a drink, something to relax me so I could do what I knew in my mind needed to be done. I just needed to face the facts and do it. I hadn't figured it would be so easy, but when I got up to Danny's room, there he was, naked and camming with that Wolf character. I pushed Danny's door all the way open and stormed up to him.

I reached Danny before he knew what was going on. I turned him around and slapped him across the face backhand. "So you thought you could just do what I told you not to?" What are you trying to pull boy. You are in my house and you follow my rules when you are here. I told you not to put yourself out on the net for two bit sluts to see. Yet you did what?"

"I did it anyway, Sir" he meekly replied.

"Yes, you did it anyway, boy. Well let me tell you I have spent too many years raising you, teaching you right from wrong, teaching you to obey your father, teaching you to be a man. But you just toss it all out and want to put yourself out there for use to anyone. Well, I won't have it, you little faggot. Now turn that damn cam off for good."

Danny jumped to shut down the computer and rubbed his check where I had struck him. When he finished I grabbed Danny by the scruff of his neck and I forced him down on his knees. Is this what you want you little faggot? You want to suck a man's dick?" Danny looked at me like I was crazy. Maybe I was, but I wasn't going to let my boy be used after I had spent all this time and money raising him. If he was going to be someone's faggot, then he was going to be MY faggot. "Tell me?"

"No, Sir," he squeaked. But I didn't listen to him now. I just went ahead and rubbed his face into my crotch. "Well you sure seem like you wanted some of that Wolf character, boy. Is this too much of a man for you? Get a good sniff Danny boy, because you're gonna get some of this real soon."

I kept one hand on the back of his head and I started pulling my zipper down with the other. Danny was fighting but hell, how much fight can a guy like him put out. I mean I outweighed him by 100 pounds and I was 9 inches taller. He was just a small boy so I knew I would not have a problem keeping him where I decided I wanted him.

"No...please...stop Sir, stop, please" He was begging and for some reason I liked that.

"Keep it up boy, you can't tell me you don't want dick because I can see you online begging for it, so beg for mine now!"

No, please, Dad, please Sir I don't want this."

I had both my hands on his head again and I was forcing him down onto my cock. He was struggling but he wasn't getting up off his knees, so I knew he was really wanting a taste of his old man's cock. He wouldn't open up immediately so I took one hand and plugged his nose. Eventually when he did open his mouth I shoved my dick inside.

Uhhhhh, no,uhghhh He was gagging and coughing, choking on my cock.

"Shut up Danny. You wanted a cock, now you got one. Start sucking." His eyes had a look of terror on them. I don't think he had ever thought it would come down to this. Me protecting my property from some online guy trying to take over what I had raised. He was trembling all over as I held his head and began forcing my dick into his mouth. I pulled back a little then moved forward a little more, each time. Eventually I felt the back of his throat with the head of my dick. "Come on bitch open that throat up. I know you can do it. All fags have a throat designed for a cock I hear. You want Daddy's cock in there I know you do."

Danny tried shaking his head no, and I just looked at him in the eyes until he had do drop his stare to the cock working its way into his throat. I had never felt anything like this before with my wife. She was a woman and I always had to treat her gently. Danny was a boy who was made for taking cock, and I was going to be as rough as I wanted to be.


Omigod, here comes Dad, I thought to myself, just before he got to my desk and backhanded me across the face. It stung like hell. I jumped to shut down the computer like he said. I was freaking because he was soooo mad and Mr. Wolf had seen him on cam hit me. It seemed silly, but a guy I was talking to about treating me rough had seen me get treated rough and I was worried about what he thought. Stupid, huh, but I never did think things through all the time.

Dad grabbed me and pushed me down on my knees. I don't remember much I was so scared, but I know I said I didn't want what was happening to me. Really it didn't take all that much time, because when I had breathed enough to stop freaking out my Dad's cock was buried in my throat, stretching it all out of shape. He was being so rough and he was so damn hard. I had never seen my Dad's cock hard before. It must have been double the size of mine, and it was going in and out of my throat. Omigod that thought scared me too. What was happening? Dad was straight, he and Mom were married but here I was sucking his dick, he must be real mad at me.

I was shaking my head no, It couldn't be happening. Dad shouldn't be doing this, but at the same time I was sucking dick, something I had wanted to do for a long time but had never had the chance. Dad had his hands fully clutching my head and grabbing my hair. He pulled and pushed with a force I hadn't seen in him and it hurt. I know what came out of my mouth were whimpers but in my brain I was hoping he would keep going.


I finally got my cock completely down Danny's throat and fuck it felt good. His mother could never take my cock deep throat and here was my son taking it all on his first try. My sub-conscious just took over from here and I began talking and acting like I had never done before. I seemed overtaken by my sudden urge to use my son, hell I didn't care whether it was my son or not, I just seemed to think of this person as someone to fuck, something to use to get off.

"That's it, you like swallowing your old man whole don't you, Danny? Fuck your throat is gonna be stretched to fit my dick after this. This ain't no small dick boy, you said you needed a man I can't believe you forgot that you already had a man in your life. What the hell were you thinking offering your ass to some man on the net?" I was working up a good steam, fucking Danny's face but the mere mention of his ass, made me suddenly think of other areas of his body. I had never fucked a man's ass, but I sure had tried to get women to take my dick there before. After a lot of struggle his mother had done it a couple times but it was not something she liked at all. But I didn't have to think about that now, this faggot, my son, wanted to get cock up his.

"Stand up, boy!" I shouted when I pulled my dick out of Danny's mouth. Saliva hung from my cock towards his mouth in a long strand. I pulled Danny over to his bed and pushed him face down onto the mattress. I held his hands over his head, easily grasping his two think wrists in my one large hand and holding them. With my feet, I spread his legs as he started squirming and struggling. He knew what was coming.

"Please, no Sir, please don't hurt me. You are raping me, please stop Dad, stop!!"

I ignored his cries and moved my cock with my left hand towards his tight hole. I knew he was still a virgin by how tight that pucker was. I spit some more onto my hand and rubbed it around Danny's hole opening it up until it took one of my fingers. I moved the finger back and forth in his hole and he shut up. Started squirming even I'd say.

"No, don't please Dad, it's me Danny, I can't take that big dick, Sir, don't fuck me please!!" His whimpering only drove me on.

"You should have thought of that before you started begging Danny. You begged that online trash for his cock, aren't you gonna beg me for this now?" I sneered at him as I started pushing slowly forward into his hole. He seemed to be fighting me each step of the way. "Danny, we both know you want cock now, don't hide it. It was just me that took awhile to figure out that you needed a man's dick to run your life. You made that abundantly clear in your online actions and you willingness to disobey me. So now you aren't getting the chance to say no, boy. You come across as a little teasing bitch, you want dick, you don't want dick, you want to obey some trash online, but you don't want to obey me. Well no faggot son of mine is going to be a teasing bitch." Where did that come from? Danny stopped talking after that, maybe I had given him something to think about, but as I listened I could hear him starting to cry, starting to bawl, and when he did, he loosened up enough to let me slip my head past his tight ass ring into his cunt.  


When my Dad started fucking me I thought I would die. I tried stopping him, but he was pushing so hard, and it hurt so much. He was going to rape me. I was yelling for him to stop but no one could hear me with the windows all shut because of the air conditioning. I did want him to stop too, I didn't want this, but he told me what he thought of me being online and what a tease I was claiming I wanted it from some stranger. He said that He could give me what I wanted. Once he got his head inside me, I stop fighting and waited for the inevitable, the fucking. I was feeling so humiliated. My own father was telling me what a fag I was and how he would use me rather than let some guy online do it. Then as Daddy started slowly fucking me and getting more and more of his dick inside me I started to realize he was right. I needed a strong man, I knew that. I wanted someone to use me, I already knew that too, and he had been here all along and I respected him and loved him more than anyone. He always was a real man and not like me at all, and as he began pulling out and moving deeper in me I started to face up to reality and knew that I needed my Daddy to fuck me.


I had called Danny's ass a cunt, I was carried away with the power and drive to fuck my own son. His hole was the tightest thing I had ever fucked and I was ever so slowly sinking into his hole until I could get ball deep.

"Shit Danny, your cunt is tighter than a drum. Open up and let me in. You need this. You need it as much as I want to give it to you now." I confessed it to him. I was taking his virginity and I loved it. "Little bitch, open up, I am gonna show you who is still your boss. You are gonna be mine for your whole life boy, now that I know you need this cock."

Danny whimpered again, but he was giving in finally, listening to me. He started backing up as I was pushing in, arching his back so his tight little ass looked so round and full. Made me think again of his mother when she was young. Then it came to me. I created this boy with my seed and now I was gonna feed that seed to him, creating him again, the way I wanted him to be. "I'm gonna fuck you hard boy. I am gonna teach you a lesson, one you'll re-learn a lot now. I am in charge and will always be in charge of you. You were created by this cock, and now you are going to worship this cock."

Danny began muttering as I really began pulling out slowly and pushing in all the way. "I can't hear you boy. What are you saying?"

"Please Daddy, please, I need you so much Sir. I..I..I want you to fuck me Sir. I want you to always be in charge."

I reached around Danny and took him in my arms and brought his back to my broad chest. I stuck my fingers in his mouth and whispered in his ear. "You are now mine boy, more than ever. Your obedience to me starts over today." I reached down to feel his dick. It was hard as a rock and as big as 4 and a half inches can get, lol. "Your little dick tells me you love this Danny. You like getting fucked by the cock that made you."

"Ughhhhmmmmm, yes Sir, I love you. I'll always need you, Daddy."

"Good boy. You don't ever go online again looking for sex unless I tell you to, do you understand?"


I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back further. I pulled my cock out of his hole and kept it out while I emphasized my point. "You want this cock back in there bitch?"

""Yes Daddy, put it back, please."

"Then you answer me when I speak to you. You never ignore me again, boy."

"Yes Sir. I will never look for sex on the net. Please give it to me Sir. Please put your cock back Daddy."

I aimed my cock and shove hard into him pushing him back onto the bed. I got up onto my hands like I was going to do push ups and I started pumping Danny's ass for everything I had. He was moaning like crazy and loving it as much as I was. I was raping my son, and I was having the best sex I had ever had, and it was with a guy. Well, it was with Danny and the online guy was right, Danny wasn't a man, he was a faggot, He needed to be treated rough and used for a man's pleasure. I understood everything now, better than I did even thinking ahead of time about it all.

I pulled out and flipped Danny over onto his back, pulled his ass to the edge of the bed and threw his legs onto my shoulders. He looked me in the eyes and we looked into a gaze that didn't break the rest of the time I was inside him. "I want you to keep looking at me Danny. Tell me again, who you belong to now."

He stared at me beginning to see I was completely serious and his life would not be the same as it had been. "I..I belong to you Sir."

"That's right Danny, you don't belong to yourself any longer you couldn't handle it and you needed a man to run your life. You aren't a man Danny and that is why you need me, because I am and I care about you Danny.

"Yes Sir. I needed someone to tell me what to do, bad."

"I see that now boy, and I will do that. You'll be my faggot now Danny. My faggot, for my pleasure. Let me hear you say it Danny." He looked at me, and frepeated what I wanted to hear him say.

"I am your faggot, Sir. I am here to please you." That was all it really took. With a loud groan that started deep in my gut, I could feel my seed beginning to move up and out of my cock. Danny could feel it too. He clamped down hard with his boy pussy and held me deep inside him. He began spraying his chest with his own load, and I began unloading my seed, the seed that had made him in the first place, back inside him. It seemed fitting and it was the hottest orgasm I have ever or will ever feel. I got lightheaded. I spasmed, my body shook, but mostly I buried myself into my son's ass and unloaded, spurt after spurt I could feel entering him, enough that some of it started backing up and leaving his hole. I caught some of it with my fingers and fed it back to Danny. He eagerly slurped it up off my fingers.

I collapsed on top of Danny and we held each other for a good long while before I sat up and slowly started moving my cock inside him again. I wasn't done yet, but our relationship had changed and we both understood where it was going. It was not something I had seriously ever thought about until it happened, but now I realize I had raised Danny to be this way and it is only fitting he belongs to me now.


I am the happiest guy ever. I have found exactly what I was looking for all along and it was right here beside me and I didn't know it. My Dad loves me a lot but he also is very strict with me now. He knows I need to please him and he knows he can use me for his pleasure when ever he wants. We are only just learning everything there is to know about each other but it has been a couple months now and I know what I will be doing for a long time. I haven't been online since that day that Daddy fucked me the first time and I did not return to school this fall but transferred to the local college so I could stay here at home. Mom is not so sure what made me change schools but she seems happy knowing I am here and doing well.