Becoming a Boy 17

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Holy cow! I had just sucked Ian off in an alley in town. I didn't feel so drunk anymore. I started to wipe some of the extra cum off my face that Ian hadn't wiped into my mouth with his dick. I got my hand up toward my face but Ian smacked it down. "Leave it there," was all he said.

"But what if someone sees it? Like when we get back to the house?"

"You'll think of something, besides, it will probably be dry by then," he said as if it didn't matter at all. I did NOT need my frat brothers seeing the remains of Ian's load on my face.

"Damn, you were good, buddy," Ian said. He was back to talking, not whispering. He whacked me on the back. I kinda grinned and looked over at him. I really didn't know what to say. I had this feeling in my stomach of nervousness still but I was kinda proud too. He thought I sucked cock well. What a crazy thought to be having. I had always cared what other guys thought about me, but I hadn't really put it into place with what I had just done. I wanted them to like me, and sure I had done stupid stuff with guys in high school and as a freshman here but now, now was a different place and time. I had sucked cock because I wanted Ian to like me, because he had said to do it and I was drunk enough to want to do it for him and didn't want some chick doing it for him. A thousand thoughts were running through my head. The primary one being that I was indeed a cocksucker, at least in his mind, Ian had said so. Still, I didn't really want a bunch of folks knowing I had just done that. Why didn't it bother Ian at all?


I was doing the dishes in kitchen again. It was amazing how many pots, pans, and of course plates and glasses a farm crew could mess up. At least today I had some help. One of the other boys here. He said his name was Bailey. He didn't look like most of the other guys. He had short hair. It was cute, don't get me wrong, but there were a couple boys here who had short hair. It wasn't like a buzz cut, just short. He had red hair and longer bangs that he flipped with a quick shake of his head from time to time. He was taller than me and seemed to be in good shape. He had a way about him that said he was a fag like me, even though he looked more like a guy from a distance.

"I really liked meeting your brother the other day, Danny," he said.

I grinned. So Bailey was the one I heard moaning in the room later with Ian. I wondered whom he had been fucking. It made me a bit sad too because I wished Ian was around to fuck me regularly like he had over the summer. Even though I knew the answer to my question, I asked it anyway. "Did he fuck you, Bailey?"

Bailey smiled. "Yeah, ohmygod. He has such a great cock. He really knows how to fuck."

"I know, right? He's got a big cock╔did you take all of it?" I could imagine as much noise as he was making that Ian was trying to stuff all of his cock into Bailey and it wouldn't fit.

"Has he fucked you, too?" Bailey asked. "Oh man, I wish I had a brother to do that with me." I laughed.

"Yes, he has fucked me, and had me suck him off too."

"Yeah, Jerry and I gave him a blow job, but then Jerry took off. He had chores to do. Then I took Ian to my room and he fucked me. In both holes," Bailey said.

"You mean in your throat and uhm, ass?" I blushed a bit. I was still getting used to talking all the time about sex with people I didn't really know. Bailey giggled.

"I thought you already knew," he said.

"Knew what?" I had no idea what he was talking about.

"Well, yes, I mean, yes Ian fucked my throat, but that was with Jerry. In my room he fucked me in both my other holes." I must have looked puzzled because Bailey looked around the kitchen area. When he seemed satisfied no one else was there, he used the dishtowel to dry his hands, then he pulled his shorts down and then his thong too. I gasped and you know, covered my mouth with my hand. He didn't have a dick he had a pussy. It made my dick kind of try to get hard.

"Holy cow!" I exclaimed. I was shocked. He quickly pulled his thong and shorts back up and went back to work, while he giggled.

"Surprise! That's what I thought you already knew. No one told you about me?"

"Oh my gosh, no! I didn't know. I mean, you don't have a dick," I said then realizing how dumb it sounded to say that seeing how he already knew he didn't. I blushed.

He laughed again. "No, I don't. I have a pussy. Ian fucked me in my pussy AND in my boicunt. And yes, I took all of it in both. God it was great!"

"But╔but what happened? I mean, what happened to your dick? I mean╔well did you ever have one?" I was confused, and I am sure he was enjoying my reaction. I could see it on his face.

"Yes, of course I had one. I'm a boy. That was a few years ago though. I've had a pussy for a while now."

Then he went back to doing dishes and started telling me his story. I just shut up and listened while we worked.


"Ok, I'll tell you the whole thing," I said to him. "But just no questions until I am done, ok?" I didn't want to answer a bunch of stuff that would be in the story anyway. I had to tell this story so much in my life that, really, it was silly to answer all the questions all the time. Plus, we had work to get done here. I wasn't going to get in trouble over stopping work all the time for details over it.

"Okay," Danny said. "No questions, I promise." He was still looking at me, at my crotch, even though I had pulled my pants up.

"So, I grew up mostly at my grandma's house. My dad was always in the military and my mom was always either travelling to see him or working different jobs. Sometimes she stayed where he was stationed and sometimes in the city where I lived. She would stay at grandma's house too when she was living with me. She said it gave me a stable place to grow up. I think mostly it was because she and dad didn't want to deal with me too much. Anyway, it was fun, like anyone's growing up I guess. Grandma was nice and did all the things I needed her to do, you know show me how to cook, clean, take care of myself, all that parental stuff."

"I pretty much knew growing up that I liked men from way back. I didn't always know what to call it, but I always remember liking to look at my Dad or his friends in the military, or grandma's guy friends. I never met my grandpa, he had already died by the time I remember anything. Grandma never got remarried but there were men around the house, husbands of her friends, cousins and folks that would be there helping her with things around the house that she couldn't do. Plus of course when I went to school there were all sorts of men there, from teachers to other students."

"Of course school is where I learned to first suck cock too. I was in middle school. It just happened, with a friend I had over. We were you know, playing in the neighborhood, going to the pool and stuff, hanging out. It just happened on one of his sleepovers. Somehow, he convinced me to give him a blowjob. I mean, it wasn't a tough job of convincing. I had wanted to do it for a while, so when he suggested the idea I was up for it. It wasn't really a big thing when I did it. It was cool. I liked it and so did he, so we kept doing it."

Danny was listening and nothing I had said so far seemed to bother him so that was cool. I continued.

"I don't know why but all we did was that I sucked his cock. He never wanted or suggested that he suck my cock or that he fuck me. It was just me sucking his cock. I mean I could feel myself hard and all, but I never played with it. I just played with his cock. I just LOVED how his cock worked and how I could get him to shoot a load with my mouth and tongue." I would jack off later to it, but while I was sucking him I just didn't do it."

"Then I guess he got bored or whatever. He started going out with this girl from school and I didn't see much of him. But of course he spread word that I was, well, you know, that I would suck cock. Other people would ask me about it at school, some would make fun of me, everything you could imagine, but I sucked a lot of guy's cocks in middle school. Then I met a guy who didn't want me to suck his cock. I learned how closeted someone could be when I met him. He wanted to suck my cock. All he said when we first met was "Are you gay?" It was like it kinda dawned on me that maybe other guys liked sucking cock too. I had never met anyone who wanted to suck my dick or wanted to trade blowjobs, but then I did after a couple years of being the school fag."

"So, guess what?" I asked Danny. He continued with the dishes for a few seconds then looked up.

"Oh, sorry, I didn't want to interrupt," Danny said innocently. I giggled at him. He hadn't said anything so far.

"Just checking," I said to him. "So, he sucked me and you know, I really didn't get into it at all. I mean, I thought I would and he wanted to do it so bad so I said ok, but when he was doing it, it wasn't the same as when I sucked a cock. It was distracting and he was really focused on how big it was." I blushed. I could never tell the story without blushing or being embarrassed. "What, why are you looking at me like that?" I asked Danny.

"So you had a big dick? What was that like?" he wondered.

"Well, I didn't like it," I told him. "After that word got around I had a big one and other guys decided they wanted to suck me, or worse, they wanted me to fuck them. I had not even been fucked at this point. High school was just starting and now I had guys and even girls showing up wanting to know if what they heard was true. It was honestly pretty embarrassing. Everyone wanted to see the fag with the big cock."

"Ok," Danny interrupted, "now I have a question. How big was your dick?"

"It was almost 9 inches," I told him. I blushed. I know he saw me turning red.

"Wow╔so you WERE big╔but you didn't want to use it?"

"NO! That was the problem. I didn't WANT to fuck anybody, and it was NEVER my first choice to have anyone give me a blowjob." I was thinking now about this again. It was always clear when I told the story why I did what I did. I think it helped me as much as it helped other guys to hear me tell the story. "Ugh, just thinking about all the different guys and girls that had some reason they wanted to suck my cock, but most of it was because they wanted to see a big dick and see if they could suck it. Most of them couldn't get half of it in their mouths. The girls were worst. They would get all squeamish and I would end up having to wash their damn lipstick off my penis. I just didn't fantasize about it at all. I fantasized about sucking other guys or you know, getting fucked by them."

"Did you try doing want they wanted?" Danny asked. "Did you ever, you know, ever fuck a girl or a guy?"

"Yes, I tried fucking both. I thought it was what I was supposed to do. They all made it seem like having a big dick was supposed to make me want to fuck them. With girls I could barely stay hard. With the guys it was just wrong. I just wasn't interested. It didn't matter that my thing was bigger than their cock, I just wanted to get fucked by them, or to suck them off. Eventually word got around that even though I was, you know, easy, my big dick was useless. Some of them started calling me that, useless. It kind of became my nickname for a while."

I hated that nickname then. I knew I wasn't useless, but at the same time I knew what they meant about my dick, it was pretty useless when it came to using it for fucking. Plus, the more dick I sucked the less interested I was in having someone suck mine. It wasn't the same in my mind.

"That's just mean, I mean calling you names and all" Danny added.

"Well, I hated it, but it was true about my dick. It was useless when it came to me using it, like they wanted me too. Anyway, then I met this guy in my school. He played on the basketball team. He had a big dick too. He had heard of course that I would suck cock, and he found me one day and I started sucking his. Soon I was sucking him regularly, two or three times a week he would have me giving him blow jobs. He wasn't like a lot of the other guys; he was different. He never said anything about me to anyone, as far as I know. At least nothing got back to me about anything we did and no one ever said anything out loud about it. Somehow he kept it quiet. I liked him a lot. He was the first guy who treated me nicely about it all. He called me his girl and when he told me he wanted to fuck me, I let him. He was the first guy to do that. He told me ahead of time that he planned on doing it, so I, well you know, I looked up how to clean myself up and all to be ready for him. I wanted it to be nice for him. He was real gentle the first time, but honestly it was great, I didn't have any problems taking his cock, it never hurt, and it felt fantastic, just like I had dreamed about it feeling."

"Wow," Danny said. He looked amazed when I said it never hurt. "My first time hurt some, but I loved it by the time we finished," he told me.

 "He treated me like his secret girlfriend. He was all man. He never sucked me off and never let me get near his butt except for me to lick it. He always talked to me like I was his girl, calling my butt his pussy, playing with my nipples calling them my titties. I would jack off all the time after he left, but I never jacked off like I see guys do online, I was always just rubbing the tip of my dick and playing with the foreskin. It was enough to do that to get me to cum. I also got to where I would cum when he fucked me. I would orgasm and just ooze cum when he would really fuck me good or hit my spots right. He was great. He seemed to really like that he could get me to do that a lot. He watched me jack off one time. He actually held me and watched as I played with the tip of my dick and came. He played with my nipples and watched. It was hot."

"After a couple months of this he told me that he didn't want me sucking other guys off anymore. He said he knew I had been doing that, but now he wanted me to belong to just him. He said he didn't want his girl being a whore and I needed to stop. So I stopped."

"So he set rules?"

"Of course. There are always rules with a Man. He is going to make things work the way he wants."

"Ok, I kinda thought so, I mean, I have been learning that."

"Some guys made fun of me after that and he knew it. It was because I used to blow them. A couple of them kept bugging me to give them blow jobs but they gave up after I said no a few times. Maybe he said something, I don't know. I never saw him say anything but the kids left me alone after while, like they knew something was different. He was a couple years older than me in school, I was just a freshman, he was a junior when we met. Things got better for a couple years after he made me his╔well, after he made me his girlfriend."

"That's so cool," Danny smiled at me. "I wish I had found a boyfriend in high school. I was kinda slow about figuring out what I wanted."

"We spent most of our time together just by ourselves. He didn't really want to be seen in public much with me. He wanted people to think he had a real girl as a girlfriend I think. He would speak about me as his girlfriend, you know, he would tell stories about a girlfriend with his friends, but he wouldn't go out with me or go to like the school dances with me. They thought he had a girlfriend from some other town I guess. But he treated me real well. He was good for me, but he graduated and left town on a scholarship. We stayed in touch for a while but he became famous and well, he changed a lot. I think he has a real girlfriend now, I don't really know."

"But I learned a lot. I learned I like having a boyfriend better than being slutty. I learned that I didn't need to use my dick to get off, but that I wanted a man to fuck me to get off. He was always so horny," I giggled at the thought of it. "We fucked so much I didn't even really jack off hardly at all. I got used to cumming when he would fuck me. I got so used to taking his cock and the feelings inside me were so big, so fantastic that I would just get this orgasm feeling deep inside me and I would cum and wouldn't even be hard at all. When he left town it took me a couple months to figure out why I was so horny and that I hadn't cum at all since he left. I finally got brave enough to go to a sex store and buy a big dildo. Once I did that I worked out how to fuck myself so that I could cum and it was similar to how he used to get me to cum. I would play with my nipples and ride that dildo until I oozed a load out and got some relief."

"I need to learn that," Danny told me. "My dick is locked down and I can't cum, I can't get hard at all. It's tough right now because I was used to being hard all the time when╔when my Daddy or Ian would fuck me."

"I bet," I replied. "You can do it though." I laughed out loud. "Believe me, with all the fucking you will get here, eventually you will start cumming because you need to, then you will just get used to it happening and then you will NEED to get fucked to get that release."

"I hope so," he said. "Daddy told me he didn't want me playing with it at all and when I did, this is what happened." He looked sad, like he still missed it. I didn't really get it because I had never really missed playing with my penis. It wasn't even really ever in my mind the last few years, even before I had been pussyfied.

"Don't worry about it," I told him. "It will happen."

"So, you still haven't said what happened to your dick."

"Oh yeah, well I told you not to ask questions," I laughed. "It's a long story. Ok, give me some of those pots and pans, I'll finish telling while we finish this stuff up."

"So, like I was saying, I didn't really use my dick after that even for jacking off. I just preferred to feel a cock in me when I wanted to cum. Even though I wanted a boyfriend, I would sometimes just go online and find someone to fuck me. I was 17 and I knew I wanted a man and so I just looked on all the websites that are out there and I would find someone about my age at times who could fill that need. But after my boyfriend I did feel kinda slutty when I did it, like I shouldn't be just out there doing it with different guys, and sometimes even though they would say they were men and only wanted to top, they wanted me to do stuff, or they wanted to suck me off and it really turned me off. I confirmed real quick that that wasn't for me. I didn't care about using that penis at all and that I didn't want to be with someone who wanted that from me."

"Wow," Danny started to say something but then clapped his hand over his mouth, laughing. "Sorry, I'll shut up," he giggled. I liked him. He was cute. I thought he would be just fine here and we could be friends when I came to stay on my vacations.

"I ended up meeting my husband, my man, at a job and not online. I started working at a company as a mailroom person in high school. I would deliver mail to all of the offices for this company in the morning and pick up stuff from them to mail. It was a job I got through my high school. I knew I didn't want to go to college so I took classes for learning to do secretarial stuff to get a job, and I got placed there at his company. I would work in the morning and take regular classes in the afternoon. I guess he noticed me right away. That's what he told me anyway. I just was learning where all these people were and making sure I got stuff sorted right and took it all to the right people. I was still learning all of that when he started flirting with me. I guess he had been flirting for a while but I didn't notice. It didn't occur to me that he would be interested. I mean, he was older than me by a lot. Well, it doesn't seem like a lot now, but I was 17 and he was 38. It seemed like a big difference then."

"Eventually I caught on to his flirting. He started putting notes in the stuff I would pick up from his office area. He always seemed to be there when I dropped off the mail. I don't understand how, but he said he just knew that I would say yes if he asked me out. One day he just stood up from his desk, came over to where I was placing the mail, put his hand on my ass and said "I bet that ass looks even better bare than it does in those tight pants, baby." I know that I probably jumped and blushed but from the first date, everything was perfect. He took the lead and behaved just like a Man, just like I wanted. He never once touched my dick that first night but he fucked me long and hard when we got back to his place. He must have cum two or three times and I came too and I just knew that he was the one I wanted. He made me feel soooo good and I loved the feeling again of having a man fuck me and my body responding the way it always did when I was enjoying the sex. I put away the dildo and haven't used it since."

"When I graduated high school I moved in with him. My parents didn't care. I think they were happy to see me happy. I was VERY happy. He was always very open about everything. He introduced himself to my grandma; told her he knew there is an age difference but that he loved me and was a traditional man. He would take care of me and make me his wife. She knew I liked guys. I had someone who wanted me, who understood me, and he never wanted me to be anything that I wasn't. Don't get me wrong; I had a lot to learn about satisfying a man. I had to learn to keep things the way he wanted. I made a lot of mistakes and I got spankings when I didn't follow his rules. But he loves me and he never stopped making love to me."

Sometime after I moved in he began telling me how useless my dick was. It was just something he would tease me about, to make sure I knew my place. I mean obviously I peed with it and I did cum but you know, like I said I never used it for fucking and masturbating was NEVER as much fun as having real sex, so I just never did that."

"I had already realized it of course. At first it bugged me but then I realized he was right, from his viewpoint it was useless. Him saying so was just helping me see the truth of it. I didn't use my dick like a man, so it made me think about a lot of things. Was I a man? If not, what was I? If my dick was useless, what good was it doing me, or him? How could I make it useful and still be a submissive bottom boy?  I mean, that was how I saw myself then. So I started looking stuff up on the internet and talking more to my man about all of this. I began to see that really I was a big fag. I was a guy, but a fag. I learned the difference. I just didn't think like a man at all, I began to see how different I was from my man. I needed direction, needed to have things repeated to me all the time so I could get it right. Needed to hear from my man regularly that I was doing the right thing, being what he wanted me to be."

"Me too," Danny added. "I love knowing I got something right. Sometimes my Daddy or Ian say something and it makes sense all of a sudden, like I should have known it all my life, but I just hadn't thought of it."

"I know right?" I laughed. "We just don't get it sometimes and need to hear what is real, what is right for us from someone regularly to understand it." Danny nodded in agreement.

"He would laugh at me as I talked about it with him because he just figured I knew all of this, but I didn't. I was just by nature the way he knew me to be. I was submissive to him and it hadn't been a choice at all to me to submit to him when I first met him. So one day he told me he wanted me to think about making my dick useful to him. At first I was really freaked out because I thought he was saying he wanted me hard all of a sudden, that he wanted to suck me off or worse, have me fuck him or something like that. I was really upset until he explained he had other things in mind.

I mean, I had this big penis that pretty much just flopped around all the time when we had sex, I never got hard like a man or used it regularly except to pee. When I did cum it was a body orgasm, and my penis would dribble and ooze my load. He said he wanted to have me pussyfied. He told me and showed me online how doctors could do a surgery to rearrange my parts into something useful for him, to turn my dick inside out. They could move my testicles up inside me and turn my penis inside out and put it inside me and use the extra skin from my sack to create pussy lips. I couldn't believe it at first but the minute he said that was what he wanted I knew I wanted it too."

"No way!" Danny exclaimed. "I don't think I could do that. I like my dick╔I mean I used to like it. Now it doesn't do anything." He sounded kinda sad about it. "Don't you miss it? I mean you can never cum anymore."

"No silly, when a man fucks my pussy, it gets all hot and I ooze just like I did before when it was on the outside, only now it is inside. I still cum too, the doctor didn't disconnect anything, just rearranged it, and I feel so much better since he did. I just feel like this is the way I was meant to be. It gave my man another hole to fuck me in. He said it was the best gift I could ever give him. I don't miss it at all. It made it more useful for me and my man," I told him.


I wanted to get back to the frat house. I wanted more face from Tim while he wasn't fighting me at all. I wanted to make sure he knew that my cock was going to be important for him for a long time to come.

I clapped him on the back. "Damn you were good, buddy," I told him. I wanted him to know he did a good job. He would need to hear that a lot as he got started. He looked a little sheepish, grinning but his head turned toward the ground. He looked good with my load drying on his face still. If no one sees it at the house tonight, they would soon enough. I would make sure of it. Timmy was going to get known as the house cocksucker. He just wasn't aware of that yet.

"So, I was good, huh?" he asked.

"I just said so," I answered. "You need to practice more but yeah, for your first time, you hardly scraped your teeth on my dick at all."


"Well, yeah. How else do you think you are going to get better? You want to get better don't you?"

"Uhm, I guess, I mean, I hadn't really thought that far ahead. I was just thinking about now, when I was doing it," he admitted. "I didn't think about it long term. I was just thinking about the one time." Geez, Tim was fixated on the cock. Not a bad thing at all, but he would need to learn that this was a long-term fixation, not a one time thing.

"Oh, don't give me that," I looked at him as we rounded the corner toward the house. "You're telling me you have been thinking about my cock but not what it meant if you sucked it?"

"I guess."

"Well, I can tell you what it means. It means that now that you've done it, in fact you've done it twice now, that as far as I'm concerned you are going to do it again. You'll be sucking my cock again and again, as often as I want until I tell you otherwise. Why would I let you stop now? I've been looking for a regular cocksucker and now, I have one." He just looked at me kind of blankly.

"But I'm not even sure that I want that," he replied. "I'm not sure if I'm even gay."

"Oh hell, I could care less if you are gay," I said. "Look, you've proven you are a cocksucker, and a pretty good one for no experience, so I'm going to use you for face and you'll get to suck my dick. Seems fair since you like it so much." I was going to have to break it down for him. "Look, you sucked it one time and after that one time you told me you were dreaming about it. Just think how you'll feel after this time. You'll be craving it, I know that's how it works, remember how Tressa wanted it again? You think she's the only person who's come back wanting more? So I don't care what you call yourself; straight, bi, or gay, you're a cocksucker to me." Tim looked like he was trying to wrap his brain around all of that information. Luckily we had reached the house and went inside. I put my hand on his shoulder and directed him upstairs to my room. He was still drunk enough he didn't put up any fuss and since we didn't run into anyone, nothing interrupted his drunken thinking.

Once we got to my room, I used my hand on his shoulder to push him down on his knees. He didn't struggle, but once he was down there he looked up at me. "Again?" he asked like it was a question.

"Duh," was my response. "Keep practicing."

"What if someone hears?"

"Keep it quiet and don't gag on it. This isn't about what you want any more. You said back at the bar you wanted it and you would finish what you started. Don't be a bitch and back out now."

"I don't know, Ian."

"What don't you know, Timmy? I'm telling you, don't think about it. Just do what you wanted to do, what you like to do, what you dreamed about doing, and what I like you doing."

"Like to do? How can you know that I like it?" he asked.

"Well for one thing, you didn't stop me from pushing you onto your knees just now. Secondly, I can see that your own dick is hard, so I know you liked it, or like the fact that you are down there staring at my crotch. Now ask me nicely and I'll let you practice some more."

He thought for a moment, while reaching to touch the crotch of his pants, as if confirming for himself what I was telling him, yeah he was hard. I watched his drunken brain thinking about it all, the slow machinations as everything I said was sinking in somewhere in there.

He looked up at me again. "May I please practice sucking on your cock, Ian?"

"That's pretty good, Timmy. I like that. Except the part about you calling me Ian. See when we are alone together from now on, I'm going to call you Timmy, because it sounds like a little boy, and frankly, from now on I'll be thinking of you as someone littler than me, someone who is learning something the way a boy does, so Timmy is better. AND," I added, "since you are down on your knees and begging to suck my cock, you are going to call me Sir, when we are alone together. I mean, what kind of guy begs to suck dick like you just did? You need to start thinking about me as the Man, someone you, a boy, respects so Sir seems good to me. Make sense?"

"You want me to call you Sir? But we're friends, I don't know, dude." he stated.

"What did you call me, in fact what did you call all of the brothers here when you were pledging?

"Sir." He answered.

"And why did you do that, Timmy?"

"Well, because all the brothers were in charge of us pledges. We had to respect them while they taught us what it meant to be a brother."

"Exactly," I explained to him. "Now you are learning how to be a cocksucker. You begged to be able to do it and now I am going to accept you at your word and give you training in that just as I gave you training when you were becoming a pledge, Timmy. So out of respect, I expect your obedience and for you to follow my directions. Remember, you begged to do this. It's the least you can do to show that respect for allowing me to let you practice becoming a better cocksucker, just as it was the least you could do while we trained you to be a respectful frat brother. Does that make sense?"

"I guess," he answered. "If you explain it like that."

"You guess what?"

"I guess so╔Sir?" he answered, the inflection rising at the end to check if he was correct.

I rubbed his head with my hand, I thought he might fall over at one point, being so drunk. "Good boy, Timmy. So ask me that first question of yours but, this time properly."

"Uhm╔oh, ok I get it. May I please practice sucking on your cock, Sir?"

Damn, he took to this like it was made for him. I wondered if he had just been waiting for someone like me to come around and let him do this. I unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans and let them slide to the floor. I stepped out of them and kicked them away. I was tenting my boxers and Tim was staring at them. I pulled them down too and just stood there with my cock sticking straight out and my balls dangling down.

"So, yes, you may practice sucking cock, Timmy. You can see I'm hard and need to empty my balls again."

He reached out his hand and wrapped it around my cock, pulling me toward his face. I stepped forward and his tongue shot out immediately. As he guided my dickhead into his mouth I actually heard him sigh. "Yeah, see? Feels good already, getting my cock back in your mouth."

"mmmmpphhmmm," he said, which I took to mean as yes.

"You know Timmy, You're really good at this." I wanted to talk to him in a very positive way about this stuff. I wanted this stud to get used to servicing me. He seemed to be pretty obedient or at least suggestible, so I wanted to encourage that part. I knew he was drunk, but that had allowed him to open up and beg for it, so I took it as a good thing. I wanted a fag that knew what he was doing and one that would follow directions as second nature. His eyes looked up at me as he was working his tongue around my head and bobbing up and down. "Come on, you already know how to do it, swallow it all, boy." I placed my hand on his head and began pushing again. "Open wide, Timmy, remember to breathe through your nose, I love feeling it slide all the way in. That feels so good when you do that"

"Aaahhhhggggg," He gagged at bit. I figured there was going to be some of that for a while. I didn't mind it actually. Kinda nice to know my cock caused some gagging, but I wanted to get him eventually to where most of the time my cock would slide straight in, no forcing it, as Danny could do, so I could really throat fuck him.

I couldn't believe how hot this was. The alley was one thing, but here seeing him in my room with the lights on and Tim on his knees swallowing my cock was freaking hot. He had his hands on his knees and was focusing on swallowing. The looks on his face as I moved his head back and forth on my dick were great. He got this all scrunched up, eyes-closed face as my cock would move forward and bump into the back of his throat, then there would be a release of the tension as I pushed past and he would glance up with his eyes as I sank it in all the way. Then as I pulled back he would get this look of relief sorta that my cock was out of his throat and I could hear him breathe before I repeated it. The next thrust I left my cock in. he had gotten used to the back and forth, now I was just going to leave it in for a while. Once it was down I pulled hard on his head and kept it pushed all the down, his lips in my pubes and up against my nuts.

"Stick your tongue out," I ordered. He struggled and made a bunch of mouth-full, grunting sounds. "DO IT," I said louder. I could feel his throat swallow, the muscles clenching and relaxing a couple times. That feeling of throat massage nearly brought me off. I'm sure he milked a big load of pre-cum out doing that. Then finally his tongue came out of his mouth somehow. "Now lick my nuts," I said. He did what I asked as best he could. I was pretty sure his lips had never been this stretched before, or his throat, but he seemed willing to give everything I said to do a try. "Yeah! Fuck that feels good, Timmy. I think you were born to do this." His face was getting a bit red so I backed up off him and he let out a big gasp and drew a large breath. Throat slime was strung from my cock to his mouth. He wiped his lips on his sleeve and looked up at me.

"You're doing great buddy." This got him to grin a little.

"It's so fuckin big, Ian," he said. I grabbed his hair by the top of his head and pulled his head up so he had to look at me.

"What did we just talk about, boy?"

"Ohh, uhh, It's so fuckin big, Sir?"

"Don't say it with the sound of a question, dickhead, say it properly."

"It's so fuckin BIG, Sir!" he finally got it right.

"That's right, Timmy. Good boy." I released his hair and rubbed his head. "You're doing well though." That got a little red-faced grin out of him. "Stand up," I told him. "Get that shirt off."

He got to his feet and pulled his shirt off. Man he did have a nice build. Not as muscular as me of course, but he was a swimmer, nothing excess here. His skin looked a little spotty though, kind of red in spots.

"What's going on with your skin?" I asked. He really blushed then.

"Uhm. Well, you said that you thought I looked better hairless and so, well, I decided to start going to a laser hair removal place," he explained. "When I go it can leave some spots a little red, from where the hair thingie gets burned away. It goes away after a couple days."

Fucking A, nice, I thought. The boy already was doing what I suggested; I didn't even have to repeat my instructions. Tim was into doing what he was told even if he wasn't fully aware he wanted it or that he was doing it. "What made you decide to do that?

Again he blushed some. "Well, you had mentioned it and it made some sense what you said. It will be real convenient when it's done. I won't need to be shaving all the time during the season and I already keep it off most of the time now. Why deal with the hassle if I can just get rid of it?"

"Damn, I'm real happy with that, Timmy. How much you getting rid of?

"Everything that would cause drag in the water; legs, arms, chest. I just decided to get it done"

"Pits too?"

Yes╔Sir," he answered.

"I'm glad you listen to me. It's nice to know someone is paying attention to what I say. Keep paying attention to what I tell you and you'll soon be sucking cock like a pro, and looking and feeling better too," I let him know.

"You think?"

"Oh, yeah. Stick with the core routine we worked on and you'll get some better definition. Stick with the cocksucking practice and you'll have a throat made for a man's dick." That made him really blush. "Drop the pants then get over on the bed. Lay with your head hanging off the edge. I want to try to different position," I told him. "No leave your underwear on," I added as he started removing them. I had no reason to want to see his dick, I could see everything that I needed to know with them on, he was hard and enjoying this.


I took my pants off. I almost fell over trying to stand on one leg and pull them off. I left my briefs on for some reason. I guess I was still drunk. But in some ways I didn't feel drunk at all. I felt really aware and at full attention. I was listening to Ian and everything he said. It was a shock to hear he had been paying attention to me and noticing things. He was saying how he liked what I had been doing. I got on his bed and lay on my back with my head hanging off it.

"Yeah, that's good. Now open your mouth. This gives me direct access to your throat. Won't cause you to gag as much."

Ian walked over to the bed and stood over me. He really looked big from this angle, his full frame standing over me. I was staring up at his huge cock. Above that I could see his hairy abs and rock hard chest, then on up to his face. He was grinning, staring down at me. He put his legs on either side of my head. He didn't say anything but just pointed his cock toward my throat and leaned into it. I could feel the head of it passing over my tongue then down and into my throat. There was barely a hitch there as his dick slid on in and then his nuts were smacking in my face, sitting right on my eyes actually.

"Oh, hell yeah. That is nice, Timmy," he said. I wasn't sure about the whole Timmy and Sir thing. I had done that during pledging and it made me think about all sorts of stuff, calling the brothers Sir. At the same time I didn't mind being Timmy, I guess. My dad used to use that name and it was sorta nice to hear a guy calling me that again. Timmy, I was Timmy and Ian was Sir. He was teaching me stuff, like pledge week.

His cock slammed into my throat and he left it there. When I didn't think he was ever going to let me breathe he pulled back and he was smiling big. My throat was stretched open now. Laying this way I guess was a good idea. I had never considered this position before. Not that any of the girls I had been with but a couple wanted to suck dick tat all, let alone suggested doing it this way. Ian had obviously done this before. I wondered how much experience he had. With his dick being as big as it was, I guessed he had a lot, sure more experience than me. He could show me a lot if I just paid attention. Suddenly he smacked my face with his hand.

"Your teeth just scraped my dick," he announced plainly. "Stop it." I just looked at him up there above me. "You weren't paying attention were you? What were you thinking about?"

Jeezus I had let my brain wander off from what I was doing into some other territory. "Uhh, I was thinking about how much I could learn from you, Sir."

He thought about it for a second, it must have been a good answer. "I don't mind you thinking that, Timmy. I CAN teach you a lot," he smiled at my answer, "but you need to pay attention. I don't like my dick scraped with your teeth. Focus on my dick when it is given to you. Pay attention to what you are doing with it and leave your brain blank of anything but making me happy while you have my dick inside you."

"Ok, Ian, I mean Sir. Pay attention to your dick," I repeated back to him. I could do that. Or I thought I could.

"We'll try again."

He put his cock on my lips and moved it forward. I stuck my tongue out and was running it around the head then on the underside like he had said to do. There was a lot to remember. I did need to focus. Fuck. Here I was drunk, laying on my frat brother's bed, sucking his cock, the biggest cock I had ever seen, trying to focus on what I was doing and listening to his instructions. I had not imagined doing this in college. Well, a couple years ago I was imagining have my dick sucked in college, but me sucking cock hadn't been in the equation at the time. Now it was and I was trying to get it right.

"Better. Just think about my cock and what you can be doing to make it feel good," Ian repeated. I was, I was. I was thinking dick a lot lately and now it was here buried in my face. He moaned as he sunk his cock deep and I could feel it hit the back of my throat then slip pretty easy on into my gullet. I could feel it stretch my throat and ok, it felt good. Like my dream, it felt good filling my throat and I could tell he liked it by his moaning. I had to pay attention to that because I couldn't really see his face much, my eyes were covered up by his nuts and of course his body as he hovered over me in this position.

He was moving back and forth in my face. I was trying to pay attention, to hear what he said and do what he had already told me to do. Keep my teeth off his cock, run my tongue around it, keep my throat relaxed, swallow down on his dick when he had it buried deep. There were a lot of things to keep track of. My hands, I needed to do something with my hands. I reached up and ran them over Ian sides, then ran one over his chest. I ran the other around back and held onto his ass. I was drunk but I was being wild too, trying to get more of his cock inside me.

"Yeah, that's it, Timmy. Pull that cock into your throat. That's fuckin' hot! You really want that big dick. I knew when I caught you staring so much this is what you needed."

Maybe I had stared too much. I hadn't thought it was so obvious. But after seeing it the first time, ok, I admit I had been curious to see it again. And yeah, after some dreams I wanted to suck it again. He had such an attitude. He was soo hot and seeing him here with me and making me want that cock. I knew I was drunk and I knew I had gone and begged for it earlier, but I had no idea at the time just how great it would feel listening to him talk and feeling his cock making me gag and lodging itself deep in my throat. Somewhere I knew I might regret this in the morning but my drunk brain decisions were speeding way ahead of my usual sensible brain decisions.

"That's so fuckin hot," he said again. "I love seeing that throat goo hanging from your lips. I love listening to you gag on my meat. I can't believe you just started suckin dick, Timmy." He was working up to cum. His nuts were tightening like mine did when I was going to cum. They continued banging my face but just were tighter. My hands were still on his ass or running around his chest. I couldn't believe I was letting my buddy do this and I couldn't believe how great it was feeling. Every time he said something I could feel how it made me hard. And the feelings in my throat were keeping me that way. I could recognize it, I just didn't understand it all, all my drunkenness and all the action were clouding my brain but my dick was still hard.

"Fuck, yeah. Using your throat, making you my cocksucker, Timmy. You may not know it yet, but you'll be back, probably even tomorrow, back wanting more of my cock. You'll learn," Ian was really talking now. I don't know why but everything he said was super hot to me. It was making me hornier, I could feel my dick throb each time he said something. And it combined with his cock in my mouth to really get me going. "Yeah, you are my faggot now, Timmy. I needed a regular cocksucker and you'll do fine."

My brain and dick throbbed listening to him talk like a freak. Why was this so damn hot? Was I a faggot like he said? What made that so hot? Why was my dick reacting this way?

"I'm gonna blow my load down your throat, Timmy. Gonna feed you what you want. A nice big load of my seed. Once you get enough of that flowing inside you, you'll want more. Want it all the time. Your throat is so tight, and so warm. I am gonna blow any minute. I know you want that. I can see your dick hard as a rock in those briefs, Timmy."

Fuck I did want it. I wanted to have him get off. He was right again. I wanted to feel his cock shoot, to taste that load again.

"I broke this throat in tonight, Timmy. Took it and made it mine." His hands were on my chest. He was supporting himself there, thrusting in and out. When I could see his face, it was one of concentration and pleasure. He looked like he was enjoying it and that seemed important. "My mouth, my throat, my cocksucker╔.shit this feels good, boy."

Fuck, his talking was sending me over the edge. I could feel my own nuts tightening up. I grabbed on to Ian's back as he kept pumping and thrusting. My dick was straining and throbbing and as he called me his cocksucker, well that was it. I started emptying my load into my briefs. Fuck me, I hadn't even jacked my dick or gone near to touching it.

"Shit, oh fuck yeeeah. Look at that, fuck Timmy, you are cumming! You love this shit as much as I do. I can feel your throat grabbing my cock I can feel your moaning on my dick╔gonna dump it now╔gonna fuckin CUM."

Ian roared. I swear he did. Everyone in the house knew he was noisy when he came. Everyone knew what was going on in his room when we heard it. Now it was me in here, in his room making him cum. I just kept emptying my own load and Ian started filling my throat. He jammed his cock all the way in and honest, I could feel it throbbing, pumping squirt after squirt right straight into my stomach.

"UUhhhggghhhhh, fuck. Take it, faggot. You wanted it. You loved it so much you blew your own load. Mmmmmppphh." He shuddered. He stopped his thrusting and just left his cock inside, emptying into me. I was wondering if I would get to breathe again when he finally pulled out, throat slime and cum sticking to his dick. Ian's breathing was ragged too, like he had worked up a sweat feeding me his dick. I just started licking up all the stuff on his cock. It was still sitting on my face and I just stuck out my tongue.

"Yeah, clean it up. Get all that shit off there, Timmy. Then get out. I'm done for the night."

That was it. I was done too. I was drunk, tired and my throat was wasted. I slurped on his dick until he was happy then he barked at me to get my clothes together. I started to put them on but he told me no.

"Just get that stuff and go to your room," he said

"But what if someone sees me leave? My underwear are all soaked with cum," I tried to get him to understand.

"Not my problem," he declared. Then what he said next freaked me out some. "Might as well get used to it, you'll be in here a lot now, and they'll figure out you're my cocksucker."

I took my stuff and used it to cover up my crotch, then I checked the hall but Ian pushed me out before I could see if anyone was around. As he closed the door, I ran to my room before anyone could see.