Becoming a Boy 18

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Oohhhh fuck, my head hurt. I woke up to all this noise going on in the room. I didn't want to open my eyes but questions were being asked. It was Donor

"Dude! I figured you would be long gone by now. It's nearly noon," he stated. My head throbbed hearing him talk. I remembered that he had not been in the room when I got back last night. "How late were you out? Where'd you go anyway?"

I pried open my eyes. The sun was streaming in the window making my eyes hurt too. "We're heading to the gym," he added. You coming with us?" he nodded toward the door and Ian was standing there with a big shit-eating grin on his face.

"Uuuuggghhh," was all that emerged from my mouth at first. Just making that sound made me aware that my whole neck and throat were sore. Not painful like my headache, but sore like I had exercised my neck. It dawned on me that it was exactly what I had done, or rather Ian had done. I could feel my face blush and I know he saw it from the doorway.

"It looks like Timmy has a hangover. Must have had a good night after we lost track of him," Ian announced. He called me Timmy. I remembered he had decided that was what he would call me, but I didn't remember it was to be all the time.

Donor laughed. "Couldn't have been as good as my night, or yours. We got laid. Looks like he just got drunk," he explained. They both laughed loudly. It was a sound that reverberated in my brain. I couldn't argue. It was clear I was hung-over.

"I take your moaning to mean you aren't coming?" Ian asked. I looked over again to where he was standing. Donor continued throwing stuff around looking for whatever gym crap he couldn't find.

"No," I croaked out. "Go ahead without me." He smiled but Donor continued laughing.

"The least you can do since you aren't going to get any exercise is to clean this room up," Ian stated. My eyes wandered around the room. Sure it was a sty, but it wasn't my stuff that was strewn all over. I looked back at Ian. He grabbed his crotch and I could see the outline of a half engorged dick. "It will be good for you to at least get up and moving around," he continued talking while scratching his dick for me to see. "The more you move around, the more alcohol you'll process, the less your head will hurt," he pronounced as if he knew the cure for my pounding head.

"Fat chance," Donor said. He seemed finally to have found everything he needed. Maybe I could go back to sleep if they left. "He'll still be asleep when we get back."

"Nah," Ian said. "He knows I'm right. He'll get up and do something if he knows what's good for him."

What did that mean? Once they had cleared out I decided I might as well get up. I had stuff to do; homework, laundry, the list could go on. I popped a couple ibuprofens on my way to the shower. Maybe that would ease my headache, then some greasy eggs and bacon to ease my stomach.

After I ate I felt better. My head and stomach anyway. My throat still hurt. I couldn't stop thinking about how I had sucked Ian's cock again last night. Not just like when we were with a chick, but by myself, just him and me. I was drunk but I remembered doing it. I remembered him telling me to call him Sir, but all the rest was kinda blurry. But the soreness in my throat was not, nor was the hard on in my jeans as I thought about sucking his cock.

When I got back to my room I started picking up stuff. I put my things away and then began on Donor's stuff. I didn't go through his stuff, I just stacked it up in piles and tossed his laundry into piles. Those clothes that looked clean went in one pile and the ones that didn't went into another pile. Some didn't need to be checked, you could smell the sweat on some of his things and I tossed those immediately into a pile I figured needed washing. When I finished I sat down at my computer to check what might be due for homework come Monday.

When I opened my email thought is when more memories came flooding back. There were several emails from Ian. All had a picture attached and each picture showed my face and his big cock. It was just what I needed to jog my memory. In one shot his big cock was covering my face. It was longer than my head. Another showed my head titled back and his cock fully down my throat. You couldn't see my eyes in amost of the shots but I knew it was me and most anyone else at the house or on campus would have no trouble knowing it was me. Ian wasn't really in any of the pics except his cock. I got the point of the pics pretty quick. He had them and he wanted me to know it. He had the evidence that I was just what he said I was last night, a cocksucker. I remembered it all now. It seemed each position he had me in last night had a picture. I didn't remember him using his phone, but then again my face was covered in a lot of the pics with his cock. In others my eyes were closed. It made me think back to how much I wanted his cock and how great it felt to be sucking on it. Even I could see that I was enjoying it. I realized my hand was feeling my sore neck and I knew exactly why it was sore from seeing some of the pics.

I shut my computer down, homework didn't seem so important any more. All this stuff inside me was suddenly right in my brain. All the years I had stared at dick in the locker room or at the pool. All the wrestling around with my buddies, just so I could feel their muscles or get a chance to grab their crotch became evidence against me. The chicks I had screwed trying to show people I was a man were nothing at this point. Finally, I had sucked cock and it seemed now that this was what I had wanted all along. I had let Ian talk me into to it just a few weeks ago and now he had pictures of me giving him a blowjob. I was okay with it all. I HAD wanted to suck his cock. I HAD begged him to let me do it. He had done nothing but take what he wanted and what I offered. Why did it bug me so much then? I guess because I knew he wanted more, but I just didn't know what he wanted. Why take the pictures? Why show them to me? Whatever he had planned I was sure I would find out soon enough. I lay back on my bed and fell asleep.

I was dreaming. I was at my parent's house. The cat was up in my face, sticking its' paws on my mouth trying to wake me up. I dreamt I was pushing the cat away, but there it was again putting its face up to my face.  I moved my hand to swat it away but it didn't feel like a cat. Slowly I woke up, and realized it wasn't the cat. I wasn't dreaming though either. There was Ian standing over me and his cock was hard and brushing up against my lips.


There he was, right where we left him. Although the room was cleaner and he was dressed. Looked like he had taken a shower and cleaned up the room. I shook my head actually. Donor hadn't even hassled Tim that much about the room. Just was talking about the mess and yet he cleaned it right up. This was going to be easier than I imagined. He already took basic suggestions as order. Clean the room, It would easier if you had no body hair, you need to practice sucking cock. He was a natural bitch boy it seemed to me, the way he took direction and suggestion.

I knew Donor was out. He had headed from the gym to the girl's place where he was last night. It must have been good if he was heading back already. So after I had cracked open the door and saw Tim asleep I walked in and closed the door behind me. I walked over to Tim's bed and stood there a minute or two considering my options. I pulled out my dick and started rubbing it on his lips. He reached up and brushed it away but I just put it back and rubbed it there again. He was stirring and my dick was hard. The thought of training this swim stud to be my personal fag was hot. He had begged for cock last night and today was going to learn more about what that meant.

He brushed away my dick again then when I put it right back, his eyes fluttered and opened. He jumped a bit and rolled away.

"What are you doing?"

"Hey, Timmy, time to wake up. I'm horny and you need to suck some dick." I grinned.

"Uhm, but where's Donor? What if someone comes in?" He glanced around.

I stood up on his bed and moved toward him. I reached out and grabbed his hair and pulled him toward me. "Come on, boy. Open up." I brushed.

"Ow. Stop," he complained. I released his hair smacked the back of his head and grabbed a fistful of hair again before he could move. "My throat is sore," he whined.

"Then you need to keep practicing," I told him. "I'm here to make sure those muscles keep getting worked out. Then it won't be sore." His lips stayed closed but I was using my other hand to rub my cock around his pie hole, smacking his lips, rubbing them. "Open up," I demanded.

"Wait, mmmmppphhhh," his words were lost on me because as soon as he opened to speak to shoved the head of dick in.

"There ya go. Start working it." I pushed more in and he tried to pull back. I just wrapped both hands around his head and held him still. "I'm sure glad you finally admitted last night that you needed to suck cock," I said. "I'm going to enjoy having a cocksucker in the same house when I want one, and believe me, I'm horny a lot, Timmy." He looked up at me. "That right, eyes up here."

Looking at Tim on his knees on the bed was a huge rush.  Here was a swim team stud sucking cock. I guess it made no difference. I enjoyed getting sucked my girls, girly boys, and guys. A mouth was truly a mouth.  I needed to thank Danny next time I saw him. I liked fucking Danny's mouth and some of those other fags out at the farm but getting a stud like Tim to suck made me feel great. I wondered how long it would be before he got used to it enough that he came to me seeking to suck my dick.

"Come on, swallow my dick. Stop fucking around," I told him. I stared down at him and pulled his head hard but his throat was squeezed tight it seemed. "I said open that throat, Timmy.  You told me you wanted it last night. Show me how much."

I kept the pressure on with my hands pulling him forward and my dick pushing at the back of his mouth. He continued staring at me and I let him know through my staring that I wasn't going anywhere. After a few seconds of pressure that seemed to last forever, Tim closed his eyes briefly and I felt his throat open a little. Between shoving my cock forward and pulling his head down on my dick I felt my cock begin to move and then slide on into his throat. He opened his eyes and I could see them watering. The fact I knew it hurt some was a huge turn on for me.  At the same time it was a huge rush watching and feeling him give in and accept the fact I was going to get the sucking I wanted.

"That's good, boy," I let him know. "It won't hurt if you keep practicing so that's what we are going to do for a while," I explained. Water ran down his cheeks from his eyes. I knew it wasn't tears from crying, just the stretching of his throat, but damn I loved knowing I caused it. I knew I was a bit of a sadist at times, but I also now knew that Timmy was learning he could be a masochist.

He reached his hand up to touch his throat. I didn't stop him. I did wonder if he was reaching to complain about his sore throat or to feel what it looked like as I slid my cock in and out of it. He was groaning some so it must have been the latter.

"You like those pics I sent you?" I asked him suddenly remembering the pics I had emailed earlier.

He shook his head no, then seemed to change his mind and nodded yes. I laughed.

"I had to take some. Just in case you had forgotten what you were doing last night," I explained. "Their just for me to see. I don't plan to share them, but I do plan to keep them. It gets me horny seeing a stud like you with your throat full of my cock. Plus, I figured you would get off looking at them."

I pulled back and let me breathe a little. No sense in making him pass out. I wanted him to enjoy this as much as I was. I moved one of my hands down to his chest. He was wearing standard weekend frat clothes, shorts and an untucked t-shirt. I grabbed one of his nipples and twisted it. He groaned. His hands reached around and grabbed my ass. He pulled me deeper. Fuck, he did seem to love this. He was a ready made faggot for me to fuck.

"See, I just twist your nips a little and you are moaning like a whore, Timmy. You probably are hard now too." He reached down to feel his dick. I was about to slap him but he moved his hand back to my ass before I could catch him. He nodded his head. He had to check to see if he was hard. He didn't even seem to want to touch it. That was a lot different than Danny. Well, at least before Dad locked it down. I nearly laughed. Maybe Tim came too soon if he touched it, who knew. I would learn though, I wanted to get to know Tim better, so I could figure out everything that made him tick.

"You'll be doing this all the time now, Timmy. If I have a girl doing this, then maybe I can find someone else to keep you in practice. I'm sure some of the guys will appreciate a service like this" He gagged on that down stroke and coughed up my cock, strings of phlegm stretching between my cock and his mouth.

"But, that isn't what I wanted," he stated. "II just wanted to see what it was like to suck yours," he confessed blushing as he said it. I admit, when Tim said that I was pumped. He knew somehow that I loved hearing that this was about me, my cock, not about dick in general. Didn't matter, I thought to myself. He would get over it. I just could tell he was going to be a real cockhound within a couple of weeks, the way he handled mine and let me use his mouth.

"Well, what did you learn?" I asked. "What was it like?" He just stared up at me for what seemed a long time. He seemed to be looking for something to say. He started blushing.

"It was kinda hot. I..I think I liked it."

"That's it? You THINK you liked it? Dude you creamed your shorts while you fuckin' deep throated me," I reminded him.  That idea only made him blush more.

"I did? I guess I forgot about that. I was pretty drunk."

"What else," I asked smacking his face with my dick.

"Uhmm, it was pretty cool that I was able to deep throat you. I like took more of it than Tressa did."

"Good boy," I encouraged. "Yeah, you rocked. You're taking it all again now too." He grinned. "You have a talent for cocksucking obviously."

"You think?"

"Yeah, not many can do it, I told you that before. You should be proud of yourself. You said you wanted to do it."

"I know," he admitted." I guess I've been thinking about doing something like that for awhile, but no one forced the issue before," he added his eyes losing contact with mine.

I took my cock and moved it under his chin pushing his head to tilt up. "Eyes up here," I said again. "How many girls you fucked?"

"A few. Maybe 67?" he stated questioningly.

"And so how was it different?" I wondered.

He had to think again. "Well, I was the one taking the cock." I laughed. "I mean, when I was with a girl, she was the one who was sucking cock, obviously. And I was the one trying to get off. I wasn't thinking about that last night. I remember being at the bar and thinking I wanted to suck your dick and it made me mad that the chick there was going to do it, so" he trailed off. "It just felt different."

"Yeah, remember that," I said. "Now get back to work, I want to get off."

"But what about Donor?" he asked, looking up again. "What about everyone else in the house? What if someone hears us or finds out?"

"What should I care?" I asked him.

"But, this makes me gay, this means we're gay. I have to think about all that stuff being on the swim team, being in the frat. I don't think I want everybody to know that"

I looked down at Tim on the bed, kneeling and looking up at me. "Do you see me down on MY knees sucking cock?

"No," he replied.

I smacked his face with my cock, and grabbed his hair, pulling his head back. "No, what?" I watched him squirm as I held his head back but I needed to make the point.

"Uh, No, SIR."

"Good boy, Timmy. You did remember some things from last night." I loosened my grip. "I don't suck cock, Timmy. In fact your dick is not something that interests me at all. So if you are having little fantasies about me giving you a blow job, just forget about it."

He just looked at me. Didn't say anything.

"I don't think of you as gay. I think of you as a cocksucker, as a faggot," I told him. He cringed some as I used the words. "I think of myself as a Man and a Man wants to get off, to get his dick sucked and to fuck nice warm holes.  Whoever I am fucking or whoever is sucking my dick is going to be focused on me. They want my dick, then they do as I say, you got it?"

"Yes, Sir."

"You aren't gay Timmy. You're a guy who likes to suck cock. So to me that means we can work well together, if you do what I say. You understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Good, now that's enough sweet talk about all this. Get back to work on my dick." I released his hair and he did open up and start sucking again. He followed orders well. I wanted to add one more thing to the discussion since he couldn't talk back at the moment. "I'm not afraid of someone finding out you like sucking my cock, Timmy. You should be proud of the fact you can handle it. Learn to be proud being my faggot, Timmy, I'm don't even think of you as being gay." I put my hand back on his head and forced him down all the way again on my dick.