Becoming a Boy 19

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I was filing my nails again. I had managed to crack one shoveling the shit out of one of the pigpens.  I hated it when that happened. It was tough to keep them looking nice when you did manual labor, ugh. I tried to keep them squared off so that it was easy to give them a French tip polish if I needed to, though that didn't happen very often. I knew my daddy liked that and some of the other fags here said most men liked that style. At least I had time to focus on them some days. It was tough trying to think about yourself on the Farm. Some days I was so busy that I didn't have time to do anything but shower and try to stay presentable. Not that it slowed some of the men from stopping by and demanding some service. Since they often smelled like the farm, I guess it didn't matter that I did too. Most days I got to work in the house but everyone had to share chores at the farm.

Really I was just filling time before someone came by. It happened nearly ever day. One of the Men on the farm, or Mr. Johnson himself, stopped by to empty their always full balls in my mouth or my cunt, as most of them called it. I had been here over a month and I guess I liked it okay. I missed Daddy. I guess I still didn't really understand why he had brought me here. He said it was for the best, that I needed to learn things and I needed to someone to keep an eye on me, but I still thought that would be him. From the minute he first discovered me playing with porn on the computer and spanked me until I got here, I wanted nothing more than to make him happy. I didn't understand how me being here would make him happy.

I had done what he wanted, I had shown Ian how good it could feel to get his cock sucked and fuck me. God, I had really been a whore for Ian's dick, just like with Daddy. But now, I was here at the farm and a lot of different men were using me to get off. Plus, I couldn't get off anymore. I just stayed horny. All of them knew that I was not allowed to cum, couldn't get hard. If my dicklet tried to get hard, it hurt like hell, pulling and stretching my piercings. It wasn't what I wanted. How come I couldn't get what I wanted? I knew I was feeling sorry for myself but it didn't make it any different right now. I had an itch that I couldn't scratch. When one of the men showed up I was more than happy to open my mouth to suck his cock or turn up my asscunt to him and let him pound me. I kept thinking it would let me cum but I only ever got hornier a couple hours after they left. Then there were those damn milkings nearly every week. Mr. Johnson sticking his fat finger in my hole and rubbing my P-spot until my little dick dribbled goo. Then he was done. Why could Daddy fuck me and make me cum like he had done but all I seemed able to do with Mr. Johnson or the guys on the farm was dribble and not really enjoy the whole thing nearly as much as enjoying being with Daddy. If I could just cum I am sure I would feel better.


I slid up behind Jan as she was cooking dinner. I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her in tight to my in a deep hug. I leaned forward and livked lightly at her neck.

"Mmmmmm, that's nice Chuck,' she cooed. I stepped forward further so she could me my hard cock through our clothes. I dropped my hands and reached up under the skirt she had on, running my hand along her ass crack and then reaching my finger forward to her slit. "CHUCK,  I'm trying to cook your dinner," she exclaimed.

"Yeah, and I'm trying to distract you," I replied.

"You distracted me this morning too," she noted. She wasn't stopping me, she knew better than to do that. She always put out when I wanted over the years, but I was catching her drift. I had been hornier than I had been in years since Danny had left. Hell, Danny was who had really jump-started my sex life again. I had realized that shortly after I had taken him to the farm. It wasn't like I had ever stopped loving Jan or that we had stopped having sex. I had just let myself slip into married life and here I was in my 40s and learning how horny I could be all over again. Now that the person who had absorbed all of that newfound extra energy was gone, Jan was the recipient of all my attention, and I expected her to be as re-energized and enthusiastic as I was. But she didn't have the same reasons I did. She wasn't aware of what had started me going again. Maybe she was BORED with me constantly using her. It was something that I hadn't thought about until just now.

"Well, I'm going to distract you some more," I let her know. I slipped a finger toward her pussy and rubbed her clit. I could feel it start to respond to my touch.

"Ooohhhhhh, Chuck. You are going to make me ruin dinner," she said as her head fell against my shoulder.

"I guess I can risk that," I let her know. "You just keep cooking." I moved my hand back up to the waistband of her panties and gave them a quick yank, pulling them down her thighs. She jumped a bit. I reached lower and grabbed the hemline of her skirt and flipped it up. Now I could see her round ass just fine. I undid my own belt and let my pants fall to the kitchen floor, then let my boxers fall to my ankles also. I started rubbing my cock along her backside. I wasn't going in for her ass here though, I wanted that pussy.

I reached in and separated her pussy lips slightly and slip my finger inside. She was already wet. Damn. I loved how she always seemed hot for my cock. She was so well trained. Like Danny had become over a short time. I didn't wait long. I was just checking really. I moved the head of my cock towards her pussy. She arched back from the counter, giving me better access and the head of my dick slid right in. Jan let out a little moan as she did every time I got my cock in her. She really was a slut for taking my dick. I wondered briefly what it would be like to see her on camera, to step back and watch as she took a fuck from me. It made my dick pulse thinking it might be fun to record us sometime and watch it. It crossed my mind that maybe it would be fun to see her from the angle of a camera, see my cock penetrating her and listen and watch her body from angles I had no ability to see normally.

I was horny. I was hungry. This wasn't a long fuck. I wanted to get off and I wanted to eat. Who said marriage was a bad thing? As long as the two people agreed to the rules then there was no reason it wouldn't be good for everyone. Those rules had changed though when I started fucking Danny. I had kept a secret from Jan and been fucking my wife and daughter╔son╔whatever, they both had pussies. Thoughts tumbled randomly around my brain as my cock was cushioned inside Jan, heating up, the friction teasing it until release came. There was nothing as nice as having more than one immediate available option for fucking. I was back to one option now. Maybe I needed to change that. I didn't want to have to drive out to the farm all the time. I needed another option here. Jan would need to adjust to that, but how? All the thinking had distracted me and before I knew it, I was filling her up with my load, thrusting deep and letting my seed empty into her. She was moaning and just holding on to the counter. I finished, pulled out, then bent down and pulled up her panties. I stuffed my slowly deflating cock back in my pants and zipped up.

"Come on, I told her. Turn the gas off and leave that. Let's go out to eat tonight."

"Chuck! I can't go out now. We just had sex and you came inside me. It might leak out. I will smell like sex in the restaurant," she mentioned.

I took her hand in mine. "Yeah, just like when we were younger," I told her. "You keep that load in there Jan, don't let it out. So what if you smell like sex? We're married; you ought to smell like sex and me. Let the other girls be jealous of what you got." She blushed bright red, something I hadn't seen for some time on her. She looked like Danny now. I smiled back at her. "Come on." She turned the gas off, relaxed, and came along with me as I pulled her by the hand, and headed toward the garage.


I held his head tight and kept my cock buried in his throat pussy. It was incredible how I could feel his throat moving around on my cock. The stretching sensation as I moved to the back of his throat, then the relaxation as it moved deeper, then the contractions of this throat pussy spasming around my dick. Tim struggled against my hands but not a lot. I kept my cock down his throat for several seconds at a time before pulling back. His throat would relax as I pulled back and I could see the throat slime on my cock, and running off his lips and chin.

He kept his hands on my thighs. I was going to move them but maybe he needed it for balance as I jerked his head back and forth. I wasn't against him touching me but I didn't want him dictating the pace of my fuck. It was a huge rush to see an athletic stud like Tim on his knees with his lips spread wide around my dick. I wanted to push it as far as I could. See what else I could get him to do. Not right away. As much as I wanted to just flip him over and ram his virgin hole open, I wanted him to be the one to beg me for it, just as he had last night when he wanted to suck me off. I thought about all of the playing with his mind over the next couple weeks that it might take to get him to that point. It made me smile already knowing he was so suggestible to my words. He really seemed to want and need to affirmations I gave him, even though they all had more to do with my pleasure and control than they did with his own.

"You love that cock, don't you Timmy?" He didn't say anything or even nod. "I'm speaking to you, boy. I expect some acknowledgement when I ask a question," I made myself clearer. He looked up at me. I repeated myself. "You love my cock, don't you, Timmy?" He looked at me sort of quizzically, as if he didn't know what I was asking or he hadn't thought of it in those terms.

I pulled his hand from my thigh. "Go on, touch yourself. Feel your dick. We already know its hard" He moved his hand down to his crotch. I watched as he gently felt through his pants. He left his other hand on my thigh and I continued moving my cock in and out of his mouth. "Just nod if your dick is hard, Timmy." He nodded.

"This gets you excited. If you didn't enjoy it, you wouldn't be hard. You ever remember being hard like that over something you didn't like?" He stared at me but eventually shook his head no. He never took my cock out of his mouth.

"Go ahead Timmy. I want you to unzip your pants and pull your dick out. But once it's out, I don't want you to touch it at all. Do you understand me? This isn't about your dick." He nodded yes again. He did exactly as I told him to do. I was blown away as he followed directions and pulled his dick out. He was hard as a rock. He had to work at it to get it out, using two hands to adjust his underwear and get his dick and balls hanging out of his pants. Eventually he moved his hands back up to my thighs.

"Now, let's just focus on what we are doing," I started to tell him. "It's feels good Timmy. I really like the way you suck my cock. I like the way my cock looks and feels going into your mouth." I was slowly slid my cock forward and back on his lips and across his tongue. "Your mouth is so wet and warm." My hand remained on his head, moving his head back and forth and using it to thrust my hips forward. "It's so fucking hot watching you there on your knees, taking my dick. I like seeing my buddy appreciating my big dick." I smiled at him. He was looking up but I got no message from his face, other than he was listening.

"Yeah, that's nice Timmy. You are a swim stud but you love sucking cock. A few weeks ago we were tag teaming a chick but now, you're the one on your knees sucking dick." I wanted him to think this all through right here, right now. "And you're good at it. You like it and you're good at it." I thrust forward and buried my cock in his throat and let out a long sigh. Fuck it felt silky and warm.  I pulled back as soon as I heard him start to gag.

 "I know you like it, Timmy because your dick is raging hard. You took it out of your pants; you know how hard it is. I know you like it because you blew your load last night while you blew me." All six inches of his dick was sticking straight out. He had more dick than Danny, but nothing like mine. It was nice knowing my swim stud was enjoying this face fuck as much as me. I watched his dick ooze out some precum as I spoke to him. "You feel that buddy. You're so hot you are leaking. You are going to have a mess to clean up off that carpet."

"Run your tongue around under my dick head, boy. Yeahhhhhh. That's it. That's a sensitive spot, Timmy. Right there, feel that? Damn that feels good when you do that. Remember that spot. I want you to remember that for the next time." His eyes were still looking at me. "Oh, yeah. This is too good to not get more. I like your mouth. I like the way you make my cock feel Timmy." He blushed but he didn't stop. I was thrusting and he was rolling and flipping his tongue around my cockhead.

"Just close your eyes, Timmy. Listen to me." I moaned and he closed his eyes. I wanted to make sure he knew I was enjoying this. And I wanted to make him cum, but only by listening to me and feeling my cock inside his mouth. I wanted him to hear how it felt to me, so he understood.

"I like being in charge, Timmy. I enjoy having someone kneeling like this in front of me. I like having someone around that is willing to suck my cock as often as I want. You're good looking. You can get girls but here you are in your room putting out for me. I think that is hot." I just was moving my cock back and forth, not bottoming out in his throat, but getting into the back where I felt his throat cunt ready to open if I wanted it.

"yeeaaahhhh, I love watching your mouth open up and wrapping around my cock. I know my cock is big but you can take it all, Timmy, You don't know how great a cocksucker you are, yet. You'll learn." I thought I heard him moan a little but I wasn't sure. I thought I would mention it anyway. "Yeah, I heard that. You like the idea of more of my dick, I know. No worry there, Timmy," I told him as I worked back further and slid into his throat. "Fuuucckkkk, that feels so tight around my cock." I moved my hand to his throat so I could feel it go in and out. Tim gagged slightly each time but no big yacks. I had no interest in him puking on me. 

"Oh, shit, boy your throat is so hot. You feel that in there. Put your hand up there." I took his hand off my leg and put it up on his neck. "You keep it there till I say." I thrust forward again so Tim could feel my cock entering his throat, making it expand and release as I pulled back. Now I clearly heard him moan as I worked in and down till my nuts were on his chin. "Yeah, feels good doesn't it, feels fucking great, to me, Timmy. Feel that fat cock going in and out?" He nodded and moaned again. "fuuuuck me Timmy, moan again. That feels so damn good." He moaned again and damn if I thought to myself how I really liked his talent.

"Feel that Timmy, Think about what that feels like inside your tight throat. Remember how you were moaning around my cock and how much I liked it. Remember how you loved holding your neck and feeling my cock moving inside you, like it is now." I had fucked my brother just a couple months ago. The first fag I had used. I remember thinking how he looked just like a girl and how it had gotten me so hard. Now, I admitted to myself it wasn't so much the fact Danny looked like a girl, it was the talent he had, the talent this swim stud Tim also had. I liked getting off. I liked my cock feeling good, and I liked how a cocksucker wanted to feel it inside him. It honestly didn't make a difference to me now. I had face-fucked girls, guys, and something in between. Damn if all of it didn't feel good on my cock and even better knowing I was in control of getting my rocks off. No waiting around trying to get some action.

I pulled back out of his throat. "Put your hands behind your back," I told him. I'm going to fuck your face awhile. Think about all the sensations, Timmy. Think about what I say and how your body feels when I am talking." He had been looking at me but moved his hands behind his back and closed his eyes again. I just slowly moved my cock back and forth in his mouth. He suctioned on it like he had been made to do this. Like he knew this was what he had been meant to do..

"Oh, fuck, that feels so good Timmy.  You know already what you are doing.  You know what feels good to me." He responded by running his tongue under my dick. He found that spot again that I had told him about earlier. "Yeah, YEAH! That's what I'm talking about. Good fag," I let him know I appreciated his effort. I pulled my dick out of his mouth and heard the loud pop as the cork left the wine bottle. I smacked his lips and cheeks with my big dick.  "Such nice lips. So pretty."

Tim stuck out his tongue and his mouth hung open. It was a position I had seen Danny in before, wanting my cock back in her mouth. I was torn between really working Tim over like I could do with Danny, or letting him learn slowly. I decided slow was probably better. I had to maintain my own control to get all I wanted out of him. "What a great mouth." I slid back in and he clamped back on as if it were his mother's teat. "Damn you have suction. It has to be the swimming, all that breathing work. I love it." I had both hands on his head now, pumping his face. I watched his dick bob around in the background, assuring me that he was enjoying this too.

"So nice to have a stud sucking my cock, Timmy; so great to see you enjoying it. I told you that you wanted it, I just needed to make you see the truth." I loved gripping his head and thrusting in and out. "Your mouth is too hot, Timmy. I can feel my nuts starting to pull up tight. You keep working it like this and I am going to feed you my first load of the day." That seemed to motivate him. He started bobbing on my dick faster than I was thrusting. Slowly I let go and watched him twist and turn his head, working up and down my pole. "Look at you, boy. FUUCCKKK, you are moving. Your mouth is so warm; your tongue so silky."

"Come on, work that dick, Timmy. That's it. mmmmmmmMMM, damn you are getting me close, boy." I wanted to see if I could get Tim to cum again. I wanted him to associate his cumming with sucking on my dick. I wanted to make sure he knew his pleasure was directly related to my own. "Okay, Timmy. I about ready to cum. You╔keep going╔.mmmmm. Your dick looks damn hard too, boy.  You're leaking a lot of goo," I motioned to him and another glop fell off the end of his little dick.

"I want you to cum too Timmy. I want you cumming as I fill up your mouth," I said watching him suck me. You better be ready, boy. I'm close and I'm not going to wait on you. You cum when I tell you, Timmy. MMMMMmmmmMMM, fuck, I'm so close, boy. Just one thing left to do," I started to explain. He was moving up and down real fast and suctioning like a Hoover. I reached out and grabbed his nipples through his shirt, finding them pretty easily from the outline of his pecs. His eyes popped open.

"Don't slow down, I'm gonna blow. Cum for me Timmy. DO IT NOW!" I demanded. I only needed to say it once and pinch another time or two on his tits.  His dick spurted out a long line of cum. He moaned and I pushed forward burying my cock deep and felt my own dick erupt.

"FUUCCCKKK, YEAHHH. Fuck╔.oh damn. Feels so fucking GOOD, boy. Feels so good in your throat and watching you cum on demand." I let go of his nipples and wrapped my arms around his head pulling down tight to get all the way back. I could feel him swallowing on my cock at the same time I could feel it pulsing down there pumping a big load into him.

Eventually my breathing slowed down a bit and I let his head go. He pulled back quick and gasped for air. He was breathing heavy too. "That was fucking hot, Timmy." I gently patted his cheek with the palm of my hand. "I needed to unload. Guess you did too, boy." He blushed a bit but didn't say anything.

"What do you say, Timmy?"

"Wow," was all he said. I spatted his face a little harder; he looked up at me. "Uhhh.thank you , Sir?

"That's right," I told him. "Now clean me up. I gotta head out." He leaned forward and licked up all the slime and cum his throat had left on my dick. "You need to clean up the mess you made on the carpet too. Be here later when I get back," I finished my instructions and turned to leave. "You really ARE a good cocksucker, Timmy."



Sam the guy who maintained a lot of the pigpens was hammering away at my pussy. He slapped my ass hard a couple times.

"Ohh, god, yes," I cried out. I was sure I would have a handprint there from him. "Fuck me, yesss, I want it so bad." I did too. I wanted him to scratch that itch. I wanted to cum.

"Nice pussy, boy. So warm and wet." He was quieter than a lot of the men here. I didn't care honestly; I just wanted to get off. I mean I wanted to get their cock in me but I wanted to cum too. They got to cum all the time.

He reached around and grabbed my nipples, twisting them firmly. "mmmmm, yes, please, please play with my titties," I begged. I had adopted all the femme words for my body parts when a man was around. I wasn't sure why exactly. I knew that they were nipples, but somehow it seemed right. "oh godddd, that feels so good." His big hands and thick fingers were rolling my nubs around and pinching hard.

He pulled me up towards him, off my hands and knees. I arched my back and felt his chest warm against my back. I twisted around to kiss him. I felt his beard stubble across my lips and how sensitive my skin was to his roughness. I felt slutty letting every man on the farm use me, but this was what Daddy had wanted and ok, yeah it felt good when they were doing it but I still wanted to cum.

His pounding took a slightly slower but deeper thrust. He had a nice cock.; thick and long enough for my needs I thought. So why couldn't I cum? "Plow me, Sir. Seed my pussy with your load."

"Bout to do just that, bitch. You sure are a hungry slut," he commented. He would be hungry too I thought if he hadn't cum in at least a month. His one hand was on my shoulder, holding me to him, the other on my chest. He was biting at my neck and thrusting up into me and I felt his cock expand slightly. Then I could feel the explosion of his load into my cunt. That clenching and releasing of his cock muscles and the feeling of being coated inside with his seed. Goddamn it. I wasn't going to cum.

He finished emptying his balls and slid out of my pussy. I fell forward onto the bed exhausted as he backed up and released his hold on me. "I will be back soon for more of that," he stated. "But I have to make sure the boys are getting the work done." He told me. Who cared? I wanted to cum. Why couldn't he stay long enough to make me cum? I heard the door shut behind him as he left. I pounded my hand on the bed.

I needed to cum! I could barely remember when exactly that had happened. I remembered the day of course, it was the day I last saw Daddy and he and the other guys had fisted me and it ended with Daddy dumping his load inside me and I came, not like if my penis was hard but it was real close. It felt the same only instead of spraying my load it just sort of oozed out and left me feeling so warm and fulfilled inside somewhere. But WAY better than getting a milking from Mr. Johnson, which just left me wanting to get fucked. These fucks from the men felt good but they didn't provide relief at all long term.

If I could just get the damn rings unhooked I could just cum one time and then it would be okay again.  I wondered where I could do that? I knew where tools were kept and I thought I could probably find something to get the ring unhooked for just a quick jacking, then get it back on. I didn't think it would be a problem. I don't know why I waited so long. Daddy said he did this because I belonged to him, but where was he? Why wasn't I living with him if I was his fag? Ugh, I couldn't take this crap any more. I needed to cum! I could wait forever for Daddy and he might not come back, I was beginning to think.

When I asked Stacy about not cumming for a long time he looked at me like he didn't understand what I was asking. "You get used to it," he answered. "I cum all the time." I couldn't even imagine what Bailey felt like, but he too said "I cum all the time. You need to stop worrying about it and remember how much you love getting fucked." Of course I loved getting fucked but I wanted to cum. No one could tell me how to cum. They only said forget about your dick. Well how did they forget about it? Even though I was locked down and it hurt when it even started to get hard, I still thought about it.

I was going to unlock these damn things and cum. I deserved to cum too. When I got out to the tool shed area no one else was there. I walked around the area first to get an idea if I was alone or not. I definitely didn't want to be caught by anyone. I looked around and found some kind of screwdriver. I don't know what kind, I could never remember the different kind no matter how many times I had to help Daddy with some project. I used to think he made me help him to punish me but I think now he was just trying to make me a man. It was too big to fit into the tiny hole that seemed to lock the ring. Each ring seemed to be locked through some kind of screw. I kept digging in drawers looking for something that would fit in the tiny hole and unscrew the segment that held the ring on.

I was scared I was going to get caught but I was also horny as hell. I hadn't come in weeks and if I didn't do something I was going to go crazy. My dick was trying to get hard now even as I searched for something, anything, to get it loose. FINALLY, I found a small screwdriver in one of the drawers. I didn't think it was going to work. I mean, I was bent over looking at my dick and balls and trying to see where to fit the screwdriver and trying to be quiet and still listen for any sounds. It was nerve wracking but I got it to work! I got the screwdriver in there and it just seemed to come undone. I looked around again and didn't see anybody. Nearly as soon as I had the thing off my dick was in my hands and getting hard.

I knew that what I was doing was against the rules. Obviously Daddy had wanted me locked down but he also wasn't here to know how much it drove me crazy. How I wanted to scream for release. I didn't care that the ring was in my dick still. I set the piece that came off down next to the screwdriver on the bench and went to work on my dick. It almost didn't want to get hard. It had been so long it seemed to me, and I was nervous. That must have been it, because it didn't seem to want to be hard at first. Then it started feeling good to be rubbing it and feeling it and then I got hard and whoa, it felt so good to be holding my dick. Okay, the men called  it my clit, but it wasn't locked down now, so I could call it my dick.

But it didn't seem like a dick at all really. Compared to all the cocks I had been sucking or wrapping my hands around at the farm it was small. Not like their dicks at all. I was kinda wondering if maybe it didn't matter that it was locked down. It hardly counted for a dick in comparison, but thinking those things seemed to be what got me harder. Crap, why was I thinking about all this. I just needed to cum so bad. It was amazing to feel my dick hard again. I was pumping it and I was getting feelings in it that I had almost forgotten about. Feelings that made me think about Ian or Daddy fucking me and how good it felt to be hard and..and oh, fuck, oh goddddd╔before I knew it I was squirting my first load in god knows how long. Oh, fuck it felt soooo good. I shot a lot too. All over the ground in front of me until I was a little scared about how much was coming out. It felt sooo good too. I tried to be quiet. I think I was anyway. I don't remember making noise but I wasn't sure once I was done and my dick stopped shooting. I licked cum off my fingers and tried to clean up my dick by wiping it on my shirt.

It was still half hard and now I had to get the ring back in place. I got the one end on and lined it up but the screwdriver wasn't working. I was all bent over again trying to get it in place and thinking I needed to hurry. Why had I gone and done that. Now my dick was still half hard and I couldn't force it down and still get that piece back on. I had just about got it and I heard noises. I yanked up my pants and stuffed the screwdriver and piece of ring in the pocket. I took off running before I even looked to see who it was. I didn't want to know.

When I got back to the bunkhouse, I went to my room almost out of breath from running. What had I been thinking? Why did I go and cum? I immediately went back to fiddling with the ring and after what seemed like half an hour but was probably only two or three minutes I got the ring to lock somehow. I had a feeling the screwdriver wasn't the right tool for this but I didn't really know for sure, and frankly I didn't worry about it because it had worked. I had gotten off and no one knew any different. But I knew. It had felt so good when I did it, but now I felt bad, like I had done something terrible. All I had done was cum, why did I feel so bad about it now?



Crap! I needed to clean up quick. God knew when Donor would be back and I didn't want him to find me here on my knees with my dick hanging out and who knew what on my face. Ian said he didn't care if someone found out but I cared. I didn't really think I wanted anyone knowing I was sucking Ian's dick. Not to mention I needed to clean the carpet up where I shot my load.

My throat was still sore, only now it was more stretched out than last night. My head didn't hurt anymore but it was filled with tons of thoughts that made it seem like it was going to explode. I had let Ian have control over me. I was╔ I don't know, somehow intimidated by him. No, that wasn't right. He didn't scare me, it was something else. I just knew that when I was down on my knees in front of him I felt vulnerable, if that makes sense. It was an incredible turn on to be there in front of him and listen to him talk nasty and dirty to me. I don't know why it was, but it was. Obviously. That just reminded me I needed to clean up the carpet where I had shot all over it.

I was sure that Donor or who knows who from previous tenants of the frat house had probably spilled their load on the old carpet but I didn't need Donor stepping in a fresh patch of my cum when he came back. I took a washrag and scrubbed up my load. Ian was a real stud, he had a huge cock, and I must really like sucking it because I had shot my load with him just telling me to cum. It was like on demand. I had never experienced anything like that before. I thought he was joking that I would cum when he said, but I had. I hadn't even thought I was close but he just said cum, and I did. I could feel my face turning red just thinking about it again. I had wanted to suck him last night and now from everything he said he planned on having me do it whenever he wanted. He said he didn't think I was gay, but he knew I was a cocksucker. I didn't know what he meant I guess. It was hard for me to think of myself as those words that Ian had been calling me; faggot, cocksucker, bitch, and Timmy. I hated being called Timmy. No one but my mother had ever called me that.

But hearing Ian say all that shit to me and make me participate in his fantasy had been fucking hot. He showed me it was hot. Okay, I admit that. Everything had been hot. Feeling his cock in my mouth, hearing how much he liked it when I did different things, feeling my throat stretch out as he made me choke on his cock, made me deep throat him. Holy cow, I still didn't fully know how I had managed that. Then having him tell me how good I was at it. I don't know why, but that really set me off, hearing that he liked it and that I was good at it. I was one sick puppy, I decided.

How could I do all those things and not be gay? I had screwed girls so did that mean I was bi? I wasn't sure what Ian meant by calling me a faggot. I didn't act or think like a faggot that I could see. Faggots were, well, I don't know what they are, but it wasn't a word I associated with me. I wasn't sure I liked being called a faggot. I wasn't sure now that I wanted to be sucking Ian's dick all the time either. Somehow I had gotten myself into this I would need to get myself out of it.