Becoming a boy 2

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That first day I was really scared. I mean, yeah, I can admit now that I wanted a man who would take the lead and tell me what to do, I had even started looking for that online. That is what got me in trouble. But, I had never, honestly, never imagined my Dad was the person who would be the man controlling me and making me his boy. When he finished fucking me that first day, I was really worn out. He told me to shower and he joined me there but I like went to bed early even though it was a weekend and only mid afternoon. He had worn me out physically and mentally I didn't really know what was going on other than he had said some wild stuff to me and I had said stuff back that I had never imagined saying.


It was amazing. I had never fucked anyone like I had just fucked my son. I was initially a bit hesitant to even admit that much to myself, but it was true. When I finished with Danny I had blown my load twice inside his hole. It had been very physical. I had pounded on him, driving deep and punishing him as I thought he needed and to make him realize I could give him what he thought he wanted. I had been reading his conversations with that online sleaze and I was mad. I had worn him out and myself in the process of his punishment. The wife wouldn't be getting any tonight, despite it being the weekend.

After I unloaded the second time I just lay on top of him, his legs wrapped around my back, my dick softening inside him, inside my son. My god, what was I doing? It had felt so good, but I was still not sure it was the right thing.

Danny was still holding on to my back and his tight hole was squeezing my cock, trying not to let it out. Then I noticed he was still whimpering. I pulled up to look at him. His eyes were filled with fear and with something else something deeper, a lust if I could read him right.

"Danny, everything I said and did just now, I meant very seriously, I NEVER want to see you online looking for sex again. You are not to use the computer for anything for the next 30 days period. If you are a, a..." could I say the word when I was no longer angry? "faggot, and you need a man to run your life, then I am the only one that is going to be doing that for now," I told him. "I raised you, I see now, to be this way, to be obedient, submissive, responding to a strong man's hand, it didn't turn out the way I planned but no kid of mine is going to be out submitting himself to other men like that, I won't allow it. You are mine, and I intend to keep it that way now, Danny. Do you understand me?"

He nodded, then flinched and added. "Sorry Sir, I forgot to answer for a moment. Yes, Sir. I understand that you are in charge. I...I want things to be that way. I didn't know I did until now, but I did. Thank you for making it clear to me. I promise to do my best to not disappoint you." Then he grabbed me and hid his face in my neck and held me tight. I hoped he meant it. I didn't want to punish him again, but this time I knew I would and I would not hesitate to be harsh on him, I knew he needed it.

"It's time to uh, get back to things, Danny. Let go of me and go on and shower, I will be in a few moments. I need to wrap up a couple things here," I said.

When he walked off toward the bathroom, I signed back on the computer and deleted the IM account that I had. I no longer wanted that ID around to tempt Danny or myself. I wasn't sure who that Wolf guy was, but I didn't need him around telling my kid how it was going to be. I could handle him now.

When I got to the bathroom Danny was in the shower. I stepped into it behind him. I don't think he was expecting me. I looked at Danny and was struck again by how much he resembled his mom. His straight shoulder length blonde hair, his blue eyes, and slim frame; the fact that he was more than half a foot shorter than me, all made him resemble her more than me. But it was my seed that had created him and that filled his ass now. As the shower was spraying Danny I pushed him forward, bending him over. I wanted to see his hole, see if I had torn it up at all. "Bend over", I told him, "I need to look to see if I did anything to you." Amazingly I didn't find anything damaging. No blood, no sign that I had hurt him visible, though I can say it sure looked more stretched out than when I had first looked at it an hour ago. The lips of his hole were puffy and pink. If I was going to do this, whatever this was, I was going to try and do it right. If he didn't want to be my son anymore, but my boy, my toy, then I was going to say what was on my mind.

"It looks more like a pussy now Danny. I stretched it out good. It might be a bit sore, but if I want it again, I'll take it. A man likes to fuck, Danny and if that hole is going to be used for fucking, I'm going to call it your pussy. Do you have a problem with that?"

I turned his head back to me. He looked at me, blushing, and shook his head no, while adding, "No, Sir, no problem."

"Good. " I looked again at his hole and ran my fingers over it. Something wasn't exactly right. "Another thing, boy. I like to see my pussy shaved. I expect you to start tonight. In fact, I want you to shave your legs, pits and that hole. Trim the rest of your pubes but you don't need to shave those, I'm not going to be looking at those all the time." Was that going to far? Why did I want to make him shave everything? To look more like his mother did 25 years ago? Better not think that way. "Now, finish cleaning me up, then take care of that shaving. I'm still mad about you being online and there is no reason for you to be out of your room until I say so."

"Yes, Sir. You are right. I...I'm sorry Daddy, really I am."

I wasn't going to get emotional, let him tug at my heart...yet. He needed to understand I was not joking.

"And you will show me that over the next month or so Danny, believe me."

With that he got back to cleaning me up. I didn't do anything else at that point. Just let him clean me and dry me and then I left him to follow up on his tasks.


I have my regular duties now. One of the things I said in my online profile that I created what seems ages ago now, I said I liked to cook. Dad suggested to Mom that since I was going to be at home this summer I could pay my way by cooking more. I think Mom was more than ready to give some of her duties in that area over to me. We kinda took turns cooking. Dad said I needed to learn how he wanted meals.  It was one of the first changes he made. As long as it was edible he seemed happy. He never complained about any of it to Mom or me at the table anyway. But there was the first time I cooked, he made it clear that he wasn't going to eat certain things. It had never occurred to me that was why we didn't eat some things at home. I mean, like asparagus, he hated it, and after I served it the first time, I learned not to again. I asked Mom after that if there were other things that Dad didn't eat. She gave me the list and said I could make that for her if he was on a business trip.

Dad also made me start shaving, and I'm not talking about my face. I wasn't all that hairy on my face and kept it clean shaven because I couldn't have grown a beard if I had to with the fine blond hairs scattered on my cheeks or chin. He made me shave everything, legs, arms, pits, even my, well he called it my pussy, but he meant my asshole area. I was kinda taken back by his demand, but I knew he was serious. He had never told me to do something that it wasn't expected for me to do, so I did it. If it was under my underwear then he said it could be kept trimmed but otherwise it was to be gone.


Danny came down to dinner that day and was very quiet at the meal. I tried to start conversation and get things to some sort of normal but it was clear that wasn't going to happen yet. I was going to have to speak to him and set some guidelines for our behavior, particularly around his mother. I may have just acquired a boy, but I wasn't giving up the kid's mom, I was just adding to what I already had. After dinner Jan went to watch the tube and I took Danny out to the garage to talk.

"First off you have to pull your self together so that you can deal with your mother," I told him. "Things have not changed. I'm married to her and she comes first for me. I'm not going to have you changing the way you behave or act towards her, do you understand? You are her son and she expects you to continue to act as you have toward her. You give any more silent treatment and she is going to think something is up with you. Act normally, as much as you can anyway."

"Yes, Sir."

"Good. Second if I am going to be in charge, the first rule you need to understand is that this place runs by what I say. Your mother has always deferred to me and I expect you to do the same. This isn't like you being my son and getting away with shit, now. You follow the same rules she follows. The only difference being I don't argue with you, you get punished. If you want to see what its like being under the control of a man, then that is what I am going to do, Danny.

"Yes, Sir. I, uhm I think I understand. I will get it together. I know I need a man, I did the wrong thing in looking for one online, I just didn't think it through and I, I didn't expect you to decide to be the man to be in charge." Danny looked at the floor and was shuffling his feet. "I didn't know you cared enough to take complete charge, I'm sorry, Sir."

Well, he kinda had me there. I hadn't thought about being in charge of him either until I was overcome by anger and the thought of Danny getting used by some jerk from the net.  It had never occurred to me to make my son a bitch, until he started exploring and well, anyway, what was done was done. He was mine now. "Danny, I'm your father. You have always been raised to do as I say and follow my rules. Didn't that show you that I cared enough to set those rules down in the first place?

"Yes, Sir. I see that now. I just didn't add up the pieces like that."

"You were doing too much thinking I guess, boy. I tried to get you to think on your own but that isn't what you wanted, now you will just follow my rules and see how you do for awhile."

He smiled and agreed with me.

I knocked him on the side of his head and then pulled him in for a hug. He was still my son, even if I was going to be treating him differently. I ran my hand along his head and felt his hair, so fine and blonde. "Another thing Danny, don't cut your hair here, at all, unless you ask permission first. I think I want you to grow it out longer."


I shaved my legs and pits and my hole area. I was smooth. I didn't know how often I would have to do it but I knew men didn't like their women to have stubble so I knew I would be doing it a lot, but had no idea if Dad wanted me to do it all the time. It was embarrassing but I finally asked Mom about shaving her legs and how often she had to do it. I said something about a girl on campus and the stubble and well, anyway I don't know if she bought it all but she told me Dad preferred her to shave her legs at least once a week, and she didn't think girls should go longer than that because of how it might feel to a man. Let me tell you I know I turned red asking her.

I was kind of hoping Dad would come and check it out right away but he didn't and a couple days went by before I really saw him other than at dinner. I stayed busy with the lawn, reading, doing things I knew were general house tasks. When I got up one morning, before I had even gotten to the kitchen for breakfast, Dad called me into his study. I hadn't known he was going to be home that day.

"Danny, get in here!"

"Yes, Sir," I replied. I think I smiled as I came into his office.

"Come over here and drop your shorts," he said. I only had on my gym shorts that I used instead of pajamas. "Let me see if you shaved."

I pulled my shorts down and was standing in nothing, there in front of him. I instantly got hard, not that he would notice, I thought to myself. I had learned the other day that I was barely half his size.

"Bend over. Let me see your pussy." It was an order not a request. I did so right away. He ran his hands up my legs and ass, When he got to my asshole, he ran his fingers around it and grunted.

"Stand up, lift your arms. Nice, very smooth. I like that Danny."

"Thank you, Sir. Uhm, how often do you want me to shave, Sir?" I asked just to check Mom's opinion.

"At least twice a week, boy, more often if need be. I hate hair stubble. I don't care if you hate shaving, I hate stubble worse. If you decide to get them waxed or something instead, that is up to you, but I want them smooth."

Ohmygod, waxed? That was something that girls did regularly. I would try shaving first. If I had to do waxing I wouldn't do it until I had tired of shaving I thought.

"Yes, Sir, I understand."

"Good. Now, Get on your knees." Daddy unzipped his pants and dropped them to the floor. He stood there in his boxers. I fell to my knees in front of him and looked up into his eyes. "Now start licking my cock through my boxers."

I immediately leapt to work as he told me to. I grabbed a hold of his legs and began tonguing where I thought his big cock was at. It began growing. Crap he was huge. How had I taken that the other day? He was tenting his boxers and had his eyes closed. I kept looking up to see if I was doing a good job, but he just kept them closed and was making some moaning noises. I took it to be a good sign. I was really getting into it. I was trying to fit the head in my mouth along with the cloth surrounding it. I did want to make him happy, to feel good.

"What do you want Danny? Tell me what it is you want."

"Ohhh, god, Sir. I want to suck your cock. Please? Please let me suck on it with out your boxers, please, Dad?"

"That's good, boy. I like to hear you beg for it. I like knowing you want your Man's cock. Go ahead and take it out."

I nearly ripped his shorts off trying to get his dick out and then I went right to work and started licking his cockhead. Then he smacked me and knocked me off it. I didn't know what I had done.

"I said take it out, not suck it, bitch," he told me. Oh god I was stupid, I wasn't paying any attention and got ahead of his directions.

"I'm sorry Sir, Sorry."

"Yeah, you are sorry, boy, but you need to learn. Now that I am taking control of your training you'll learn to do as I say when I say or you'll get whacked harder."

"Yes, Sir, I remember still from the other day," I said. He looked down at me and smiled like I had said something good. So I smiled back. I liked it when my Dad smiled like that at me.

"Now, ask me nicely if you can suck it. And pay attention, Danny."

"Ok. Please Sir, Please? May I suck your cock. I am so horny thinking about the other day and your big cock. May I please put it in my mouth and suck on it, now?" His smile got bigger so I must have said the right thing.

He nodded, "Yes, suck my cock, Danny."

This time I went down on his head and rolled my tongue around it, savoring the taste and smell of his big cock. I was amazed at the size. The other day I had not really had time to think about the size of the feel. Now I took a hold of the base of his cock and could barely make my fingers go around it. My hands looked small encircling his meat. I wanted to try and work all of his cock, he didn't seem to be in a big hurry today.

"That's it. work it baby." Dad's hand came down on my head. I looked up and he was looking back at me. He seemed fascinated watching me go up and down on his dick, getting it harder, and wetter so I could slide on it easily.  He wasn't looking at my eyes, but watching my mouth on his cock. His hand went to the back of my head and he wrapped his hand around my hair, removing it from around my face and pulled it tight. Then he seemed to pull my head back with my hair and then push forward on my head when he wanted me to take more. He was guiding me as I sucked on him, going at the pace he wanted. I was so excited. I could feel myself getting harder. Here I was, sucking my Dad's cock for reals and I had practically begged him to do it, ok, I had begged. I wanted it. I was turned on knowing he was in charge and that I was his boy.

"Come on, take it all, boy. You took it all the other day." Dad began pushing harder. I was trying to get it in but my throat was still a bit sore from his forcing it in the other day. I wanted it in too though, more than it hurt, so I kept trying and eventually I could feel my throat stretching. His pushing, not forcing, but pushing insistently, and my desire to feel his cock in my throat made it happen.

"Fuuucckkkk, uuhhhnngggg. Damn, Boy, that is good. I like your throat." I tried to look up but was buried in dad's pubes. I started gagging and pulled back, he let me pull back to get some air but then wanted me back down on it again, pushing my head forward. Once he had been in my throat he wanted back there too! I was so hot thinking about how good it must feel on Dad's cock. He was making noises like he was really enjoying it, and I felt good because of that.

"You're my cocksucker now, Danny. I broke you in a couple days ago, and now you want it again. You begged me today for this."

Dad was right. I had begged him. It sent chills down my spine thinking that he had found out everything about me and had decided to use it for his own pleasure. He had already started telling me how to behave for him, what to do, and I was loving it, and loving his cock. My Dad was taking charge and making me give him head!

"My son, the faggot cocksucker. If you weren't so good, that might bother me more."

He was picking up his pace. He didn't always go all the way back down my throat. He allowed me to practice it myself and to just bob up and down, swirl my tongue around his cockhead and run it underneath the shaft where he especially seemed to like it.


Fuck, he was good. He may not have sucked much cock, but he seemed to be good at it. When his throat stretched for my cock, it felt so damn good going in. I looked down at Danny. I had a hold of his hair, and his lips were wrapped around my meat at the base. His hands were bracing him against my legs. It almost could have been his mother, smooth skin now that it was shaved, the long blonde hair. If it weren't for that damn little dick sticking out in front, it would be hard to tell honestly. I would have to figure out how to hide that dick so I didn't have to see it. A jock strap would cover it easy, No...too butch. He wasn't going to be a guy in my mind. If I was going to be fucking a guy, he was going to look as much like a girl as I could get him to look. It was for me after all, not for him. He was the fag, and he wanted someone in charge so what the hell. It didn't hurt to make him do a few things to look how I wanted him to look. I pulled his face down on me until his nose was buried in my crotch, holding it there awhile.


I was choking and gagging. Dad was getting rougher. I reached up my hands to feel the hair on his chest and to rub my hands in it. He was so HOT! I looked up when I could to see him smiling at me and feel his power in them. He was letting me suck but it wasn't at my pace any more. He pulled out occasionally smacking my face with his club then placing it at my lips waiting for me to start again. I had never imagined that sucking cock was going to be so...well, I guess enjoyable. I mean, I knew I wanted to do it but I hadn't thought I would like it so much. I loved the feel of Dad's cock spreading my lips and moving over them. Running back my tongue and poking at my throat until it got its way and sunk deeper in me. I just knew this was what I was supposed to be doing.

Dad started moaning some. I saw his balls start pulling up and I knew he was getting close. He would bury it my throat and hold it deep, trying to stop I guess, then he would grab my hair and pull me off it and then we would repeat it. Finally he couldn't take anymore I guess, cuz I started tasting more precum and then, wow, He exploded as he was about to pull out of my mouth. I got a taste of his first shot then he just splattered my face all over. It went in my hair, on my nose and lips, and across my cheek. I must have looked like how a porn star looks at the cum shot.

I licked my lips and was trying to get it off my face so I could taste it. I felt bad that Dad had not let me take it all and get a tummy full. But he shook his dick off and was I guess trying to catch his breath. He smeared the cum around my face and then brought his cock to my lips. I opened them and he shoved back in, making me clean it off. He did this a couple times, letting his cock soften and cleaning my face. I loved the taste of his cum. It was the cum that made me, he had said so last time and now it made sense why I liked it, it was part of me already.

"What do you say, boy? I just fed you a load?"

"Uhhh, oh, Thank you Sir. Thank you SO much for that. I loved it."


I think I blushed. "Yes, Sir." I told him acknowledging the truth. I did love it. I guess I was a faggot now. I had wanted to suck him today and I did. Dad just pulled his pants on then and zipped up and left. He didn't say anything after that. I was kinda confused but also super hot. I went right back to my room and beat my little dick until I shot a huge load thinking about my Dad, the man running my life.


I didn't hang around after I blew. I wanted him to get used to that. I had no intention of getting him off, if I finished first. He wanted to be a fag, then it was fine by me but I wasn't going to go faggy on him, he could get over that right away.  Plus, I was having those thoughts again. Did I want to dress him up and make him look like a fag too? The answer was always the same. Yes, I did. I wanted to make my son look like a fag. Make him all girly, make him resemble his mother more than he already did. The little bitch brought this on himself, he could deal with it, if it meant him getting my cock.

When I finished up a couple hours work I told Danny to finish cleaning the house as he was doing, and I headed out to the Mall. Victoria's Secret seemed to be as good a place as any to start. I was looking around and the sales girl asked what I was looking for. I told her I was looking for thongs for my wife. Something of a surprise, but nothing too fancy, just everyday sort of things. She showed me some nice ones and asked my wife's size.

"She's petite," I told her. "Just 5'5" 130 pounds or so."

"Then these will fit," she told me. "There are also some frillier ones over here that you may be interested in." She headed toward a sales table. There were some ones a bit racier, more lace, less fabric, though they didn't have much fabric to begin with, I admit. I thought for a moment about his little cock and balls and then stopped. I was sure they would fit, and it would reduce the amount of viewing I would have to do of them if he had women's thongs. It might be tight for awhile on the kid but he'd adjust. I liked them. I picked up about 8 or ten pair and followed the salesgirl to the counter. She rang them up and that was that. New underwear for my fag.

When I got home it was quiet. Thank god Jan worked part time, otherwise I's never be able to carry on anything like this with Danny, I thought. Danny wasn't downstairs so he must be upstairs I figured. I found him in the bathroom cleaning the toilet.

"Nice, I'm glad you are busy. You need to stay busy in the home.," I reminded him. He blushed.

"Yes, Sir. I'm almost done."

I looked at the bathroom. It looked great to me, but I wasn't going to tell him he was done if he wasn't. "How soon you going be done?" He said another ten minutes. I told him to meet me in my office area after that. He got a big grin on his face and said he would.

When Danny came down to my office he was wearing his shorts and a t-shirt. He was in decent shape, just not good shape. It crossed my mind I might have to get him started on a workout routine. He wasn't going to get any taller but I could add some muscle to him. At least tone him up. Keep him looking slim and toned I thought.

"Clothes off, Now!" he hesitated, so I stood up and began moving towards him. He jumped to it. "Hand me your underwear when you get them off."

"Yes, Sir." He handed them over when he was done.

I walked back over to my desk and threw them in the wastebasket. When I turned around, Danny was gaping at the trash.

"Those are expensive. That's my Aussie bums." He started towards the wastebasket. I grabbed him and smacked him across the cheek. He looked stunned.

"I don't care what they cost. It isn't like you paid for them in the first place, fag." He turned red at that and had no comment to make. "If I recall you haven't had a job to pay for anything. If I want to throw them out I'll damn well throw them out. Got it?"

"But... yes, Sir," he sighed and slumped a bit. I smiled.

"I bought you some new ones. Since I pay for everything anyway, I figured I would buy you what I wanted you to wear from now on. They're in the bag over there. Go get them and try them on. Move," I swatted his ass to add emphasis. He jumped and headed over to the desk.

He tore into the sack and dumped the thongs on the desk. Then he slowly picked one up and looked at it then looked at me. Danny got very red in the face and looked up at me. He didn't say anything though. Just stood there a minute.

"What? You don't like them? I figured a fag like you would be happy over these. Plus I want to see what you look like in them. Put those on."


He bought me thongs. There were a lot of them, like more than a week's worth. All of them tiny things with just a string up the ass and barely enough room up front for well, my, dick and balls. I was embarrassed to try them on. I'd never had a thong on EVER.

"Dad, they make me look, gay," I tried to tell him.

"No, they make you look faggy," He said. He was right I think. I slipped one on and it barely fit. The string ran up my ass and the frilly lace triangle in the front was just enough to cover up stuff. I could feel myself turn red. I looked over at my Dad. He was grinning really big.

"Yeah, those are HOT," he said. "I like that ass in those. Come over here."

I walked over to where he was standing. He pushed on my shoulders and bent me over. He pulled at the string and moved it across my ass cheek, exposing my hole and running his finger along it.

"That's what I'm talking about. I want access to that pussy, all the time. With these things, uh thongs, I can get at it easy and you don't even have to take anything off. Nice. Your hole looks all tightened back up too, that's good"

I was just going to be embarrassed all day at this rate. My Dad was talking about my ass. I still couldn't get over the fact that he was in charge and going to make me wear these.

"Go get the rest of your underwear, now," he told me. "I'm tossing it out."

"B..but, what am I going to wear to like school and stuff," I wanted to know?

"You wear these, Danny. This is what you wear from now on.  You are a fag. My fag. I pay the bills, I take care of your needs and so you wear what I tell you to wear. Got it?"

I didn't know what to say. I mean, I guess I didn't think that he would really do this. I figured he would just have me suck him off or maybe fuck me every once in awhile. But now here he was telling me to throw out my clothes and wear some really GAY things because he wanted me in them. But, I knew better than to disagree with Dad. I had 19 years of learning that disagreeing with him got me nowhere.

"Yes, Sir." I trudged off to get my underwear. I opened my underwear drawer. I had some nice Calvins, some Aussie bums. Man, I was going to miss those. I couldn't give him everything. I hid a couple of the Calvins deep in back of the dresser and grabbed the rest. I went back downstairs. Dad took them out of my hands.

"You don't need these anymore." He went to the trash can and dumped them all in. Then he tied the bag off and told me to dump it in the bin in the garage.

"Dad...what, what if Mom comes home?"

"Tough, get going. The sooner you do it, the less chance there is that she sees you in the garage in your underwear."

MY underwear. OMG. These are my underwear now. That's all I really have. I was glad I had saved a couple pair of Calvins. I couldn't wear these things all the time. Could I? No way. This was wrong. I could already feel the string up my ass wiggling around as I walked. That just made me walk faster so I didn't get caught out there if Mom came back. When I got back to his office dad was still standing, leaning back on his desk.

"Try a couple more on. I want to see you in a few of them."

I took another pair and switched. They all were basically the same. Some were more lacey, others were more just cottony. It didn't matter at this point. They did nothing to cover my ass and barely covered what was in front.

"Turn around," Dad told me. I spun in a circle. "Nice. You have a nice ass, Danny. Don't know why I hadn't noticed it this way earlier." I blushed on that too. He seemed to know what would get me all embarrassed. "Leave that pair on. Get dressed and get back to whatever you were doing. I have work to get to...and make sure your dick stays covered in those, even when its hard like now."

Crap! I was in a blue cotton thong, no frills just basic but I had gotten hard hearing him talk about me and changing thongs for him. How humiliating. Maybe he was right to make me do this. Why did I get hard putting on thongs?


I went online and looked up a few things. Hell, I had never fucked any guy's ass and had never done what I was doing. But the guy Danny had talked to online said lots of guys like him were out there. I needed to learn a bit more before I went anywhere else. I needed to read about the sort of thing that would get me where I was wanting to go., now that I had decided what I was doing.

I spent a couple hours online looking at various sites and reading a bunch of stuff. Some of it crazy weird and some of it that made some sense given what I already knew about Danny from his conversations with that Wolf guy. If what I read was right, and it FELT right, then Danny needed punishment and humiliation pretty regular to make him realize I was in charge. Without someone in charge these guys seemed like they whined and complained, hooked up with any guy available to use them. But the men, they were out there really talking about what they needed to do to get a guy like Danny, a fag, to act right and behave.

Here I was sitting at home on a weekday afternoon reading this shit instead of doing my work, ignoring my business for my son. Well, okay for my fag. I had to stop thinking of him as my son, and reminded myself he was my fag now. I was done raising a son. I had done everything I could for him as a Dad and he had ended up a fag, so now, I had to take responsibility for that and treat him the way he wanted. I got some good ideas and closed down the computer after wiping my cache. Didn't need the wife or my other son, Chad seeing any of this. I didn't even want to think about that at this point. I was still dealing with the family, but I had decided this was worth the issues that came up because this had moved something in me that I hadn't felt in a long time, control; control and power over a guy. So intense and deep that it made it worth my time and trouble to check out what I could.


It was afternoon already. I had kept busy most of the day cleaning. I had hoped Dad called me down to his office again to well, to fuck me. Ok, I said it. I wanted to feel it again. But instead he had taken away all my underwear and given me thongs in place of them. He said they were what he wanted me wearing. They felt strange, but not horribly uncomfortable after awhile, just different. And I felt naked in my shorts really. I was going to have to not let them sag as much as I usually did or folks would see my thong. That was too much to think about I was getting hard again. That was the first day I cooked for Dad. Well, Mom too, but mostly for Dad. I thought about it and then went to find him. I wanted to ask if I could start doing some cooking.

"Dad, uhm, excuse me Sir, may I interrupt you?" he was at his computer looking at something, probably work related.

"What is it?"

"Is it okay if I cook dinner tonight?" I don't really know why I was asking. I guess I may have even gone back to his office to see if I could, well, flirt. I mean Mom wasn't home and all, and I don't know, my butt was like itching and stuff like I was wanting to get fucked. I didn't know it for sure then, but I do now. Anyway, He turned around and looked at me.

"Actually, Danny, I think that is a good idea. You need to step up and earn your keep around here. Your Mom works part time to pay for her fun stuff and she has been cooking for you a long time. I think maybe you do need to start doing that. When school starts up again in the fall, the two of you can arrange a schedule, but for the rest of summer, I think you will be doing all of the cooking. I like that, so yes, go start dinner, boy." He smiled then turned around back to his computer.

"Thanks, Sir." I stood there a moment to see if he was going to say anything else and disappointingly he didn't. I went off to the kitchen to start cooking. When Mom got back she was surprised. She was also happy. I whipped up some pork chops, potatoes, and some asparagus, plus a salad, nothing fancy, but I thought pretty good. But Dad didn't seem to like the asparagus. Didn't even take any off the serving plate. I made conversation with Mom but Dad seemed uninterested.

"Honey, that was very good," Mom told me. I felt some pride knowing I did well. But Dad ruined that.

"It was acceptable. It was good accept the asparagus. I don't eat asparagus," Dad said. "He needs to know what I won't eat, so he doesn't make it again," looking at Mom as if I weren't there.

"Yes, Dear. I'll give him the list. Are you going to be cooking regularly, Danny?"

"Yeah, I uhmm," I looked at Dad but he seemed uninterested in how I handled this. "I thought I could do that this summer while I'm home and have some time. If it is okay with you?"

"Okay? Well, yes, I would love a break. Isn't that great Chuck? Danny wants to do the cooking!" Mom sounded thrilled. Dad still was acting like he wasn't interested.

"Yeah, we'll see. If its good then I won't have a problem with it, but if he keeps up making things that I don't eat, then you can take over."

"Oh, Chuck, it will be fine. I'll tell him what not to make, give him your list. He just didn't know." Mom started to get up from the table. "Come on, Danny. We'll talk in the kitchen about your Dad's dislikes," she told me smiling.

"Then come out to the garage when you're done Danny. We need to talk."

"Yes, Dad," I let him know I heard him. I hoped I wasn't in trouble.

There were, it turned out several things that Dad wouldn't eat. It had never occurred to me that he didn't like those foods. I just figured Mom didn't like cooking them much. But she told me there were a few things she just made for herself when Dad was on business trips. She gave me a list, not long, but long enough that I would need to follow she said to keep Dad from getting worked up. She said he just felt in his house he didn't have to eat stuff he didn't like. It made sense when she said it. I realized I had screwed up. I'm sure that is what he was going to talk to me about. When I got to the garage he was messing around with the car he used as his toy.

"Danny, what did you learn tonight?"

"Uhm, that I need to ask you ahead of time what you wanted? I, I assumed anything would be okay," I hung my head.

"It is unacceptable to assume anything now, Danny. You need to KNOW what I want. If you are unsure, you ASK. Got it? I don't want any repeats of tonight's meal again. And this applies not just to food, but all areas now. Your goal is to make sure I am approving any and every thing you do. Your ass is mine more than ever now in this house."

"Yes, Sir," ohmygod he was mad. I should never have just started in on something without asking. I had a lot to learn. Maybe I should ask Mom about anything else Dad hates, I thought.

"This is what you asked for, don't forget it. You wanted someone in charge, now get with the program. You failed to ask about my preferences and I think you need to be punished for it."

Holy crap, he WAS serious. What was he going to do? "Are you going to spank me again," I wondered?

"No, your mother might hear me doing that, as much as I might like to, I need something else...


I was using this anger more as a way to show the fag that I was in control and he needed to run things by me in this house. I would have beat his ass normally but I didn't need the wife thinking I had gone back to tanning his backside at his age. She had made me stop that a few years back when the boys got to be teens. I walked over to where he stood. I was much taller than Danny and it showed when I stood next to him. I reached to his chest and surprised him by grabbing on to his nipples. He jumped and looked up at me with surprise on his face.

"Ow, ohhhh, owww"

"Quiet, boy, keep your voice low, and stand still or I'll really make this hurt."

I remembered then that Danny had one of his nipples pierced for that online sleaze. It made me aggravated he had so willingly done what that guy wanted. Another reason to give these nips a twist I thought. I increased the pressure some more. He whimpered and closed his eyes.

"Open your eyes. Open them! You look at me when I am talking to you." I wanted my message clear to him. I wanted him to understand that I knew him better than he realized and was going to take this arrangement exactly where he wanted it to go and where I was quickly learning I did too.

"I am in charge, Danny. You don't have a say anymore. I may ask for an opinion from you on occasion, but all decisions are mine. You belong to me. I am your Man now. You do as I say. You do what I want and live to serve me and MY needs."

"Yes, Sir," he barely whispered, whining as I alternated my squeezing and twisting his little nipples.

"Did you like getting your nipple pierced for that sleaze? Did you feel good doing that for him, you little slut?"

"Nnnnoooo. No Sir," He lied. I twisted sharply. "Ooohhhhhh, ow, ow ow, Yes, yes, Sir I did, I'm sorry. I didn't know you would be mad. I had no idea. I liked doing what he said. Please, please stop...stop twisting."

I let up a bit but kept up some pressure on them. "Then you'll love getting the other one done for me, Danny. I want you to go through the same thing for ME that you were willing to do for some stranger, Danny. I want you to do the same for your Daddy. You hear me?" I went back to squeezing his nipples hard. Finally his knees buckled and he sank to his knees, hoping to get away, but it didn't work

"Yes, yes, Daddy. I will do it, yes. I'll do it please, let go, please don't twist anymore. I'll get my other nipple pierced for you."

I let go of his nipples. "You look good down there, Danny. I'm beginning to like you on your knees." He looked up at me. His face was blank. "Get that done tomorrow. Come find me when you get back home, I'll be around." I left him there on his knees in the garage.


Fuck, Dad really twisted my nipples hard. They were going to be sore for a couple days on his twisting alone and now he was making me go get the other on pierced. That had hurt when I had that done and now it was going to hurt more after he had been twisting on it.

I got up from the floor of the garage. I had fallen to my knees the pain was so bad. He really knew how to make me hurt. That was when I noticed my dick was hard stretching my new thong out on front. You couldn't see it through the shorts I had on, but I could feel it now, that Dad was gone and not wasting my nipples. Fuck! I really was a faggot I got hard when he did that to me. I stayed hard now thinking about getting my nipple pierced for him. I would have done it anyway for him without his twisting on them but he wanted me to know he controlled me.

I was a bundle of nervous energy. So many things were happening. I wasn't the guy I was when I came home for the summer. Now I was my Dad's faggot. I had started off slowly enough and I thought I could handle it all but it had gotten out of hand real quick and now my Dad had control. It was exciting at the same time as scary. He was my Dad for god's sake. I figured I would find some local guy but not one who knew me so well or one that I lived with. I told myself this is what I wanted but this wasn't really how I had seen it happening. He got me so hard when he spanked me and I had cum, then he fucked me and I said all sorts of things to him, and...and I meant it. But on a day to day basis was being my Dad's faggot right? What if Mom found out? What if my brother found out? I was so hard thinking of all the possibilities, I came in no time at all thinking about my Dad and his power over me now.