Becoming a Boy 20

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Why did I feel guilty about cumming? All I did was beat off, but now here it was just a couple hours later and I was feeling bad about it. Daddy didn't want me cumming like I just did. He wanted me to learn to cum like a girl, in response to his cock, or I guess any cock. That was why he had locked me down. I shouldn't have cum, I felt like I had really let him down, even if he didn't know about it. I couldn't tell him either or else I would get a spanking or something. I would have to try to keep it to myself. Start over on the training. Start over getting used to not playing with it. Why did I go and play with it? Ugh, why did I feel so confused between the two choices? Cum? Not cum? Why couldn't I just not play with it. I just got SOOO horny.

There was a knock on the door, and Stacy let himself in. I rolled over on the bed and looked at him as he came in the room. He was grinning.

"You having fun today?" he asked.

"I guess," I replied. "Same stuff as everyday," I told him. I wanted to sound bored. "Do the work, keep busy. Service someone."

"Yeah, some days can get kinda boring," he said. "Its why I try to figure out new stuff to do all the time. Keeps things more interesting."

"Like what?" I wondered. "How can it be new if you already know how to do all the chores or that one of the men likes their cock sucked in some way? Being with my Daddy was more fun. I wish I knew why he put me out here, I just wanted to stay at home." I whined.

"He put you out here because he was tired of you," Stacy said. I looked up at him immediately. I think my mouth was hanging open. "Oh, don't look like you hadn't already thought it," Stacy added. "Men get bored with the same pussy all the time. He probably decided he already used yours up and sent you off here so he could look for something else."

I reacted quickly. I wasn't going to let Stacy talk about Daddy that way. He would never get tired of me. He had said I was going to be his boy from now on. I swung my arm out to try to smack Stacy across the face. He just reached up and blocked my arm. I started to swing the other one but he grabbed it and twisted my arm until it hurt. He was stronger than he looked.

"I wouldn't do that, bitch," he spoke sternly at me. "I know more about all of this place and your Daddy than you think I do. Don't you know I am the favorite around here? Who do you think Mr. Johnson tells things to? It isn't you short termers."

I thought about that. I wondered if he knew I had beat off. What if he was the person I had heard out by the shed? I still struggled. I wasn't going to let him talk that way about me. I swung again trying to hurt him. I couldn't reach very well since he had my one arm in his grasp.

"Oww, that hurts," I told him. "Stop it." He continued to wrestle me until I was on the ground. His knee was placed on my back, one of my hands under his knee and he held my other hand away from my body.

 "I also know that you have been jacking off," he said. "You KNOW that is against the rules for you. I should report you to Mr. Johnson."

"Why are you doing this?" I asked him. "I thought you were my friend?"

"I am your friend," he said. "And if you want to stay my friend you'll do what I say now. Otherwise, I have to go tell Johnson about what a bad boy you've been," he mocked me. "You do as I want, and you can play with your little dick. I even have the right key to get those rings off correctly," he told me. "You fuck up those rings with the wrong tool and Johnson and your Daddy will find out just how bad you've been."

I couldn't believe what a bitch Stacy really was. This was all about him, and making me do something for him. He had been so nice to me till now. "What makes you think I won't go tell Mr. Johnson what you are doing to me?"

"You are too scared," Stacy told me. "You won't go do something that will get you in trouble too. Your precious Daddy would be out here in a flash to punish you anyway, or he already told Johnson what to do. Besides, who do you think Johnson trusts more? He lets me decide on punishments when I catch people breaking the rules. I've been here longer than all of you fags combined."

"What do you mean, all of you fags?" I asked. "You're a fag too." I knew Stacy was a fag. He had told me so when I first met him, I thought. I knew he had been to the hotel that one night Daddy was testing my obedience. I knew he put out for the men on the farm the same as I did.

"I'm not the same as you," he spat out. "I'm here because I live here.  I can do things you can't. I get to fuck you just the way the Men do if I want," he announced. "Especially when you screw up like you just did earlier. Johnson lets me. For you though, I am going to be nice, if you want. I'm not going to tell Johnson you screwed up. I'll even let you out of those rings sometimes, if you do what I want." He emphasized my current spot on the floor by twisting the arm he had in his hand.

Stacy was right. Daddy would be out here as soon as he heard what I had done. I was almost sure of it. I knew he would beat my ass or worse. I shuddered to think what else he might do if he found out I had cum, which he had especially forbidden. I knew I was supposed to stay locked down. "What do you want?" I asked. "Just let me go."

"Are you going to do as I tell you, Danny? Otherwise, I'll tell Johnson what you did. He knows I don't lie to him. I can be nice to you, Danny. I can let you keep cumming, no one will know but me."

Why did I always seem to end up in some kind of trouble like this. If I just followed orders this would never happen. I was always doing something that put me into trouble. I just couldn't seem to obey. Why was I so stupid to never obey what I was told to do or not do? Stacy said he would let me keep cumming though only if I do what he says. I hated not being able to cum. I hated not obeying Daddy but he wasn't around to make it easier for me. I knew I shouldn't be cumming but Stacy said I could if I just did what he said and he was right, if I told Johnson, I just get myself a punishment and Stacy would enjoy that too. I stopped struggling.

"Fine," I told him. "What do you want me to do?" I asked.

"What do you think? I want to get off. You're going to suck me off. Maybe I'll fuck you if you do it well," he told me. As if this was an enticement. "I'm guessing you must have a pretty good pussy from the size of your Daddy's cock," he grinned as he said it.

"What?!? How do you know what size of cock my Daddy has?" I wondered.

"You aren't the only boy your Daddy is fucking, Danny. He fucks whomever he wants. 10 minutes after he dropped you off here he was inside my ass, since your cunt was off limits. You think your pussy is so good that it's the only one he wants? All I had to do was offer it up, and he was on top of me in no time. He said it was the best pussy he's had"

I didn't know what to think. I thought Daddy would only fuck me. Well and Mom of course, I knew that. I hadn't thought about him fucking other guys, other fags. It nearly brought me to tears, hearing Stacy describe it that way. Why would Daddy tell him something like that? He told me I was his boy, that he loved fucking me. Why would he go and fuck Stacy? "ThatÉThat's notÉnot true," I stuttered. I thought I might cry. "He said he loved me and I was his boy."

"Oh, don't start crying," he told me. "You believe all that stuff men tell you? You think you have the only hole in town to use? Grow up. Once a Man figures out there is plenty of pussy to go around do you really think you are going to be the only one he uses? Please, bitch." Stacy laughed at me. "You really are na•ve, Danny. This isn't about love this is about control. You may love your Daddy but he controls you. You know its true. You need the control or you wouldn't have given it up to him. Now, I have control over you. I have the ability to unlock that little dick. I can let you jack yourself off, let you cum, but before I do that, I want to make sure its worth it to me. Open your mouth so I can stick my cock in there."

I didn't know what to think. I was scared a little of Stacy, mostly by what he said. Was all of that true? Did Daddy just fuck me because I was a hole to use? How many other people did he fuck? I thought I was the only boy he had made love to. Why would he tell me the stuff he had if he was just using me for sex? Would he tell Johnson to get me into trouble? I was confused. I wanted to hate Stacy but maybe he was telling me the truth. Plus, he said I could cum if I did what he wanted, if I had sex with him.

Maybe Stacy was right and he COULD do what he wanted around here, I should do as he says and suck him off. Maybe he was making this up and he wanted to see what he could make me do. I didn't know. I knew I was supposed to obey Daddy and when I didn't I ended up here at the farm. The only thing I WASN'T supposed to do was cum and I had just done that earlier today. Now I wasn't sure. If I came again, would I feel as guilty as I did earlier? If I didn't do what Stacy said he might tell on me and then I would be in real trouble. Why couldn't Daddy be here now to tell me what to do? I decided that even if Stacy was making all of this up, I should suck him off. Let him tell me what to do. I didn't think I would be in any more trouble if I did than what would happen if I didn't do it. I just didn't know any more what the right decision was.

I just stopped struggling. I opened my mouth. Stacy stopped holding my arm and then rolled me over. He moved up and sat on my chest. He pulled down his shorts and pulled out his dick. He stuck it in my mouth and I started sucking.


I had a meeting later that evening at the sorority for the Halloween party, which was just a couple weeks off. Thank god they were planning all the "marketing" as they called it. All I really had to do was get a list of frat emails to them so they could send out more invites with the details. And buy beer of course. I would have to talk to Ian about that. He would get it, no problem of course. I just needed to ask. That is what sucked about being 20 at the frat, not being able to get my own booze.

I wondered who Ian was bringing to the party. I was sure he'd have a date already. I had not gotten one yet and had no idea at the moment who I was going to invite. Just sitting here listening to the sorority sisters talk about their plans was boring. I was always bored at these meetings but somehow I had gotten stuck with this duty. My mind wandered back to earlier today. That wasn't where I wanted it to go, but fuck it has its own reasoning of late. I could hear the girls talking about their dates and what Hollywood `star" they were going to dress up as and I was drifting out of the conversation not paying much attention, thinking about Ian's dick.

Fuck me! Why was I thinking about dick? I had already sucked the damn thing several times in the last two days, what was I doing? Ok, ok, I mean I KNOW he is freaking HOT. Ok, I get why girls see him as sexy. I admit that. He is tall, handsome, muscled to no end. I love how his chest has just he right amount of hair all over it and how it forms a trail down those hard absÉWait a minute. I can't believe my mind was going that direction.

Yeah, yeah. I looked at guys. I admired guys, but all of a sudden thinking about Ian has me dangling over a cliff and all I am thinking about seems to me what a girl would think about. Chest, big arms, huge cock. Fuck, there is that cock again. I had swallowed it all. It must have been as long as my head and it was all the way in my throat. I could feel my own dick getting hard again thinking about it. I was so screwed up. What had gone on since school started that I had let him get into my head this way?

I was straight. Well, mostly straight. I was not going to just become his faggot, as he kept calling me, and suck his cock every time he said so. That was fucked up. Ok, I could see that he was well, you know, really sexy and all, but still no way. There were WAY to many guys around the house and I didn't need word getting out that I was swinging on Ian's cock. Maybe I could do it, you know, just a little once every couple weeks or something, so he wouldn't get pissed at me. What was I thinking? Why would I even think like that? I had lived 20 years without sucking a cock, I sure as hell could live through this year not sucking hisÉagain.

MaybeÉhe was so damn strong. I bet he could force me to suck him if he got the mind to do that. Why did my brain work like this? Clearly he hadn't needed to force me so far, all he had to do was sweet talk me, and I gave it up like a girl would. Something about him made me want to do what he said. I knew I tended to do what friends told me to do anyway. I knew that got me into situations before that had caused problems.

"TIM! HELLO? Kristen to Tim! Pay attention!" One of the sorority sisters was yelling at me. "We need you to pay attention or you won't know all the details," she stated

"Yeah, sorry. Was uhhhmm, you know, thinking about this test I have coming up," I made an excuse. I was sure I was blushing I could feel the heat in my face.

"Are you sure you know what we are doing?" she asked.

"Yeah, yeah," I told her. She made me repeat it back to her like I was a kid. But I got the majority of it right. I could handle getting the beer, wine and alcohol. She was getting the mixers, and of course all of the decorations. Seemed like us guys always picked up the cost of the booze. I was happy to leave their house and get back to mine. I wondered if Ian was back yet from wherever he went.


My lucky day. I had barely gotten out of the house and my phone was ringing. I saw it was an unknown number but thought what the hell I'll answer it.

"Hello? Yeah, this is Ian. Who's this?"

It was that chick from the bar last night. The one who pushed Tim over the edge. Nice! Calling me already.

"How you doin?" I asked. "You were kinda out of it last night."

She had seemed nice enough last night, but kinda dumb too. Not that it was a bad thing. Could have been all the alcohol, I figured. I didn't care as long as she was going to put out at some point.

"Say, I'm just going to grab some thing to eat at Junior's Diner. You want to meet up?" She was more than happy to see me. I'm telling you, the charm is working again. I had enough of the dry spell. Now I was going to have two people swinging on my dick today.


Ian's door was closed. I wondered if he was in there. He had told me to be here when he got back but I hadn't been around because I had nearly forgot that damn meeting about the party. I paused at his door and wondered if I should knock.

"Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod," some girl was saying. She wasn't exactly screaming it but you could hear her through the door.

"I knew you would like that," I hear Ian tell her. "Just relax."

Then I notice the necktie hung around his doorknob. The universal guy sign for "Fuck off, I'm getting some." I wondered if Ian had tied one on MY door when I wasn't paying attention when I was sucking his cock. Shit, I hope not. Wait a minute, I hope he did. Crap, either way, I hope no one heard me moaning like she was doing. I didn't want any one walking in on me doing it, but the same time I didn't want the attention of the guys knowing to stay away from the room but hearing Ian in there in my room having sex.

Fuck, why was I thinking about this. I couldn't believe he was fucking some chick just a couple hours after I had given him a blowjob. A good one too from everything he told me. One half of me was thinking "great, now I don't have to blow him again." The other half of me was thinking, "that bitch is having sex with Ian."

Donor was walking up the stairs and saw me. "Yeah he's been going at it the last half hour with her. I wouldn't interrupt, ya know what I mean?"

"Yeah, I hear ya," I answered. "I needed to ask about getting booze for the Halloween party with the sorority," telling him why I was hanging around Ian's door.

"Oh yeah, no problem. I can contribute to that," he said. "Hell I can buy now too."

That's right Donor was over 21. Why hadn't I thought about that. Duh. "Cool. That would be great Donor. I would appreciate it. The chicks are pushing to make sure we have plenty."

"Noooo problem. I want them drunk as much as they want to get drunk," he laughed. "Best way to guarantee we get something that night." We bumped fists laughing.

Donor pointed his thumb over his shoulder toward Ian's room. "But if my name were Ian McNeil it doesn't matter if they get drunk or not. He gets more action than any of us put together." He grinned like he was telling me some secret I didn't already know. "Dude has it going on," he added.

"I guess," I told him. "I hadn't really noticed." I didn't really want to be discussing Ian's sex habits. I already knew how the chicks fell on their knees in front of him. Fuck, I had become one of the chicks, I mean people, on their knees. I wondered briefly if the brothers knew he let guys suck him off too.

"You feeling better tonight?" he asked.

"Yeah, WAY better. I was hurting this morning." We both laughed at that.

"I could tell."

By the time we got back to our room, we were yacking back and forth about shit that took my mind off Ian. Well mostly anyway. I still wondered who the bitch was in his room.

"Are you taking any one in particular to the dance?" I asked.

"Nah. I know the girls have some Hollywood couples theme. I figured I would go as James Bond and tell everyone I am looking for my Pussy Galore or Holly Goodhead." We both burst out laughing at that.

"Hell, that will be great, Donor. I need to come up with something like that. I don't plan on taking anyone. Not really looking for a permanent date and I HATE thinking just cause I took a girl to a dance she is going to expect more of it."

"You and me both, dude," he said high fiving me. "I do NOT need a chick tying me down just as I am ready to finish up all of this school shit. I want to be able to go where I can get some money and not have to include some girl in on my decisions at this point," he explained his thinking.

I could see his point. I wondered if Ian had the same view.

I needed some time to NOT think about Ian




Ugh! I headed for the bathroom. I wanted the taste of Stacy out of my mouth. Sure I love cock but his was not all that big and I kind of felt gross sucking his dick. But I hadn't known what else to do right then. There were so many thoughts running through my brain at the time I just did what seemed the best thing at the time, which was blow him like he said.

It definitely made me realize that Stacy was just out for himself and would do whatever he could to get what he wanted. I knew I was going to have to try paying more attention to everything here so I could figure out what to do.

Even though he had said he would unlock me, he hadn't done that. I was okay with that actually because I was already feeling WAY too guilty about that to begin with and didn't need to jack off again so soon.

I heard noises coming from one of the other rooms.

"That's it, yeah, fuck my coon pussy, you big hairy cracker." That was definitely Jerry. I hadn't heard him talking like that before but he was the only black kid here that I knew about.

"Come on you hairy beast, fuck me hard." It made me laugh. He must have been putting out for Mr. Sasquatch. I heard some slaps to what I assumed was Jerry's ass.

"Told you before, you little fucker, not to call me a beast," I heard the recognizable voice growl.

"You love it as much as you love this black cherry pussy," Jerry told him. I almost laughed. It was pretty funny listening to them talk to each other.

When I got to the bathroom one of the showers was running. I was brushing my teeth when Bailey came around the corner from the showers with a towel around his waist. It was amazing that he looked like a normal guy like that. Not the least femme at all, but I knew now that the towel covered a real pussy and not a dick.

"Hey, Danny, how's it going."

"Meh, it's okay," I said unenthusiastically. It dawned on me that I could ask Bailey more about Stacy.

"Are you adjusting to everything?" he asked.

I nodded and but kept brushing. After I finished I answered him. "Yeah, just now getting to know people a little. What do you know about Stacy?"

"Stacy? Why?" he asked back.

"Oh, just curious. He seems to be more important than the rest of us. I wondered if he was."

"Yeah, he gets a few more privileges than most of us," Bailey admitted. "But it isn't like he doesn't do the same stuff too," he added. "I don't hang out with him much though. He is a real pain at times and wellÉ" he stopped.

"Well what?"

"Well, he can get into trouble too. He pushes Johnson sometimes and I've seen him get punished before for trying to get away with stuff he isn't supposed to be doing."

"Oh. Ok." I thought about that. I didn't know what it meant but I didn't want to seem too nosy. "I don't want to be in trouble," I added quickly. I didn't want Bailey thinking I was doing anything bad. "Maybe I shouldn't hang out with him too much."

"Just don't let him get something on you," Bailey warned me. "He will use it for his advantage. I've seen him do it with other boys here." Bailey finished drying and wandered off.

Okay, well, I guess it wasn't as friendly and nice here all the time as I had first thought. I needed to pay more attention I decided. Other people knew Stacy wasn't completely cool too.

As I wandered back to my room I saw Bailey listening at Jerry's door. His hand was over his mouth and he seemed to be trying to keep from laughing. I had to grin when I saw him. He smiled and stuck his index finger in the curled fingers of his other hand, showing me that they were still fucking. I smiled back and nodded.

He came over to where my room was at. "Jerry has a filthy mouth when he gets fucked," he told me. "He loves to get Mr. Sasquatch worked up and for Jerry that seems easy to do. It get's him a rougher fuck" We laughed and then parted each of us going to our rooms.




"Chuck!" Jan was shouting from the kitchen. "I'm heading to work. I will try to get to the laundry tonight. Love you honey," she continued as I heard the door shut behind her.

I was a bit tired of this. I didn't want to stop her from working but I didn't want her to stop with the chores either. There was no way I was doing laundry or cooking, and frankly, I no longer had an interest in the yard. I had business to work on, and my free time was just that. I wasn't going to be doing chores. I had never been a "honey-do" guy.  Jan knew it. She asked once and if I felt like it, I did it. If I didn't then eventually I would hire someone to do it, or get the boys to handle it. It was a bit out of control all of a sudden with her working and the kids gone again. I briefly thought about maybe I had been too permissive in letting her work outside the home but I couldn't very well change that now. I enjoyed the padding it gave to the house budget and frankly I enjoyed the time away from her. It had come in handy as I explored other avenues this summer. Working at home was a pleasure and I realized I didn't need her around ALL the time. But I needed these damn chores done too. I rang Johnson up as soon as I decided that a houseboy was the quickest solution.

"Johnson," I said as he picked up the phone and said Hello. "Chuck, McNeil here. Yeah, doing good, but getting too busy to keep the place up. What with both boys gone now I'm realizing everything they had been doing around the house."

Johnson laughed. He said he knew that two boys, even a fag, got lots of chores done when they were motivated.

"So, to get to the point," I told him. "The wife and I are thinking we could use a houseboy around the place a few days a week."

He laughed again. He mentioned that he bet there would be more than chores involved. I don't know why but Johnson still made me a bit uncomfortable with the constant talking as if he knew something I didn't. I was his equal and he knew it, but he seemed to always know what I was thinking.

"Yeah, yeah, I told him. Seriously, do you have a boy that can do work around the house. I'll pay the kid something, I just don't have the time to do it between work and the stuff I want to be doing, like screwing Jan."

He said he would give me a call later and tell me who was coming over. He had a new kid that had just gotten there and might be able to use a few days of work to keep him busy. It sounded good to me. We talked a bit more but finished up the business end and set up a golf outing the following week. He said he would call the other pair of the usual golf foursome.

When Johnson called back later that day he told me a boy named Billy would be dropped off later. Stacy would bring him by. Billy had been at the farm before but his placement, as Johnson called it, hadn't gone so well. I wasn't really sure what that meant in detail, but Johnson said the kid could handle the chores I wanted done, though he might need an ass beating to stay motivated. He laughed as he said it. I admit it made my cock stir a little to think of giving some kid a good spanking. I knew Danny liked it and fuck it, so did I.

It was about 4 before I saw a car pull up in the drive. I saw Stacy get out of the car, his brown wavy hair spilling down off his head past his shoulders. Damn, that one was a fine looking little faggot. I had forgotten how much I had enjoyed laying my cock into her pussy. But the kid who got out of the passenger seat was no slouch either. Tall, maybe over 6 foot, thin, with the straightest dark brown, nearly black, hair I had seen in a while. It was like an old fashioned 60s chick, straight as if he had ironed it out that morning, and it was nearly to his ass. His jeans were low on his hips and he didn't have much of an ass as skinny as he was, but what was there looked good in those low-slung jeans. He had a pretty face too, big pouty lips, eyebrows that he had trimmed clearly but not plucked, pale skin set off his dark hair. He looked up at the house and brushed his hair over one of his ears. Okay, maybe I would have a hard time keeping my hands off her if she stayed around a while. Good thing I was going for only a couple days a week of chores and not keeping her around full time.

When the doorbell rang I paused and waited a bit before answering. No need to rush, they weren't going anywhere. Plus, I didn't want to seem like I was in a hurry to see them either. I was actually kinda excited about this. It seemed like a safer way to get my rocks off with a fag than having Danny around. Not that I didn't love the little fag but he needed to finish his training and I wasn't so sure that I was the Man for him long term.

"Hi Mr. McNeil," Stacy said as I opened the door.

"Hey boy, how are you doing?" Stacy smiled a little crooked smile. She had a glint in her eye.

"Mr. McNeil, this is Billy. Billy, this is Mr. McNeil," Stacy handled the introductions.

"Hi, Sir," the boy spoke in a soft voice. "Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you too, Billy. Come on in and I can show you what I have in mind for stuff you can do." I looked at Stacy and he seemed to be hanging there for an invite too. "Did you want to come in too Stacy?"

"Well, only for a couple minutes," he said. "Then I should get back to the Farm."

I started out in the laundry area. Explaining what I expected for washing clothes, ironing, putting them away. I went to the bedrooms to show Billy where he could find dirty clothes, and put back the clean ones. Then I showed him where the cleaning supplies were at and the various rooms he would be expected to clean.

`I'm guessing since Stacy brought you out here, Billy, that you don't have your own car?" I asked.

"No Sir, not yet," he replied.

 "Mr. Johnson said he can stay tonight and I can pick him up tomorrow if you want," Stacy offered.

"Well, that's nice of Johnson, Stacy. Maybe I will bring him back later this evening after he meets the wife."

"OhÉwell ok," Stacy replied. "Then, is there anything I can help with too today?" she spoke slowly making sure I caught her drift. It wasn't tough since he reached out his hand and ran his finger along my arm.

I looked directly into her eyes and made myself clear. "No, Stacy, I won't be needing anything from you today." I had already used her holes I thought. Why go back there if Johnson is going to send over a new fag. Plus, I frankly didn't care for this bit of coyness in front of this other boy. Stacy was being a bit too friendly, like a street corner hooker, not a trained fag.

"Is this Ian's room?" Stacy asked as we passed Ian's bedroom door. She wandered in on her own and started looking around. "Wow, he has a lot of sports trophies."

I wasn't even sure how Stacy had met Ian, or even if she had, but she certainly was taking in all she could here, looking around closely at it all. "He is so handsome," Stacy declared. "Looks so much like you Mr. McNeil," he looked toward me again.

"I appreciate all the flattery Stacy, but honestly, this is about chores for me. My wife," I emphasized to her "needs these things taken care of and I don't have the time for them. If Johnson felt you could handle them, I am sure he wouldn't have sent Billy over." That seemed to make her unhappy. I could see the change in her facial muscles slightly at my comment. There was something about Stacy that I just didn't like today. Ready to jump into the sack and insert herself here into my house.

"I'm just trying to be helpful, Mr. McNeil," she pouted while playing with her hair. It wasn't that she wasn't damn gorgeous I thought, but if I needed a regular faggot right now, I'd just go get Danny back. It was damn nice having Danny around for his pussy, but I had a wife. I needed to work on her more and not get tied down to meeting the other girl's demands. I realized this now. Get my own wife in line first, then we'll see about a regular fag to keep around.

"Well, Stacy, thank you. You have been more than helpful bringing the houseboy here. Now just get on back to the Farm," I told her and slapped her hard on the ass as I spun her towards the door.

"Ooowwww," she squealed, but took the hint and began moving towards the front door.

"Tell Johnson I will bring Billy back later after he's met Jan and gone over everything, Stacy. Can you remember that?"

"Yes, Mr. McNeil, I can remember that," I heard her tone take a slightly sing-song sound I took to mean she didn't like being told no.

"Don't get an attitude with me Stacy. I'm well aware of how to handle you," I reminded her. She didn't say anything as she opened the door then left the house, closing the door behinds her.

That just left Billy and I standing there in the entry area. "Okay then, Billy. I am not much of a laundry person. Jan will be here shortly. Why don't you see if you can start by sorting all of those clothes and see what you can make of it.  Once she is here she may want to show you the kitchen and where things are there. I have absolutely no idea where she keeps most stuff in that room."

He smiled briefly and didn't look me directly in the eyes. "Yes, Sir. I'll start with the laundry," he replied and turned to head in that direction. I noticed his ass again. Although it was certainly pert, he seemed to have a build like a stick, no curvature whatsoever. If he were in my full control I would need to get him started on some type of exercise routine. That was an interesting thought, but one I put aside quickly. Getting Jan back under firmer control was my main priority.

It was only a few minutes before Jan showed up. Early for her.

"Hi honey," I heard her call from the kitchen.

"I'm in the office," I hollered back. She appeared a few seconds later and came over. I gave her a peck on the cheek and felt up her butt as she leaned over my desk for the kiss.

"Chuck! I just got home."

"Yeah, no time like the present," I told her. "I've got a surprise. Come on, let me show you." I took her hand, got up from my desk, and we wandered over to where the laundry room is. Billy was in there putting a load in the wash as we entered. He had put on an apron I hadn't seen earlier. It read Johnson's Maid Service over the left corner below his shoulder. I almost burst out laughing.

"Jan, this is Billy. Billy, this is my wife."

"Hi, Mrs. McNeil," he said sticking out his hand. They shook. He went back to stuffing clothes in the washer.

"I called a couple services today and Johnson's sent Billy over just a few minutes ago. He's going to come by 2-3 times a week to help with cleaning, laundry, even cooking I guess. Whatever he can to help you out"

"What? Chuck, oh I feel so bad. I should be doing this. You didn't need to get a maid," she sounded surprised and a bit hurt almost. "I've just been so busy and tired lately."

"Don't worry , Jan. That's why I called Johnson's. The ratings were good and Billy says he can handle the stuff I outlined for him, including the lawn." We hadn't talked about all of it yet, but hopefully the kid played along.

"That's right Mrs. McNeil. We do all sorts of things. We are trained to handle most interior and exterior jobs that you could want done," he told her with a smile. "Our training is very thorough."

"Well, I'm just surprised. IÉI didn't mean you couldn't handle things, uhmmmÉ.Bobby," she said.

"It's Billy, Ma'am."

"Oh, right, I'm terrible remembering names. I'll try to remember."

"No problem, Mrs. McNeil. Did you have some tasks in the kitchen I can help with once I get this load going?"

"Oh, uhm, sure. I'll be in the kitchen when you are ready."

We turned and walked out of the room. It was nice to hear Billy taking a little direction on his tasks.

"Chuck, did you tell him how to separate things? He seemed to know what to do."

"No, dear. I didn't tell him a thing except that it was the laundry and I didn't know much about it, but he seemed to know what to do. He got right to going through the pile."

"Well, okay. We can see how it goes. I'm just surprised is all. I will talk to him more in the kitchen, just to give him more instructions and stuff. Is he staying long tonight?"

"No," I told her. They just wanted to get him out here because I said there was a lot to do and he was available right away. He seemed pleasant enough so I let him get started just before you got home."

"It's a bit strange a maid so late in the day, but it so nice of you Chuck. I, well, Thank you honey." She gave me a big kiss on the lips and proceeded to give a little giggle. "Oh gosh, this is going to make it so much easier here. She hurried on off to change in to her post work clothing in the bedroom.

A few minutes later I heard Jan and Billy chatting in the kitchen. I was hoping it was a good sign to be able to get her time more open and get me a little more control over that time.