Becoming a Boy 21

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Billy and Jan seemed to get along just fine. Even better was the fact that the laundry got done and I got a good home cooked meal out of the deal. I know Jan was caught off guard a bit and I was okay with that. Billy though handled it well and reassured her.

"You were quick on your feet there, Billy, when Jan got home. I appreciate you creating a story for a maid company," I told him as I drove out to Johnson's farm.

"Oh, its not a story, Mr. McNeil. I do all those tasks I mentioned, and Mr. Johnson does sort of run a maid companyÉwell at least sometimes. It's why I had the apron." He looked over at me as he spoke. "I hope I did okay with laundry and helping Mrs. McNeil in the kitchen."

"I'm sure you did fine," I answered. "She will let me know otherwise if you didn't." He did smile a bit when I said that.

"You seem very quiet, Billy."

"Yes, Sir. I don't say much," he replied after a moment. "If there isn't anything to say then I just am quiet."

I wondered what Johnson had mentioned about his last placement not going so well. I had some concerns that perhaps he might not be the best fit for Jan if he caused problems. "So tell me about the last place you worked Billy. Johnson said it ended recently."

I looked over and he turned his head to look out the car window. "Yeah. It was okay, but it ended." He didn't say any more. Okay, so I needed to ask a few more questions.

"Yes, I got that from Johnson, boy. So tell me more about it so I can know more about you and whether I think you will be helpful at my home."

His head turned back towards me. "Oh, yes, Sir. Sorry, I didn't think of it that way." He paused again as if he were looking for the right words. "I worked at a big house with a good man and his family. I did most of the work there. I cleaned all the time, did the lawn and such. His wife cooked mostly but she didn't do anything else. They had a couple small kids."

`Yes, go on," I said when he paused.

"I don't think his wife liked me much, Mr. McNeil. I thought I was doing okay but she complained about me and so I think that was why it ended. I was quiet. "I tried not to be too faggy. I didn't talk to her a whole lot. It was okay. I liked them."

"That's it?" I asked. "No more to say?"

"Well, I'm not real comfortable talking about other people, Sir. It doesn't seem right to me. They treated me well. I justÉI just wasn't sure why it ended. I did everything he asked me to do."

This was going to be a slow go I could tell. "I'm not unfamiliar with Johnson's farm, Billy. I know more than cleaning and farming goes on. I'm assuming that you provided other services besides cleaning," I told him. He blushed a little and fiddled with his hair around his ears, looking out the window again. "I'm assuming that you were also putting out for this man," I spoke directly about what I figured was going on.

"Yes, Sir."

"So, didn't he like that? Didn't you like that?"

"Oh, yes, that was good too. I liked it just fine. He was okay. I meanÉ"

"Go on. I want you to tell me the truth, Billy. I need to know everything that happened so I can feel comfortable with you around the house. I have no idea what happened or why you aren't there anymore," I tried to be reassuring but getting information from a fag could be as difficult as prying it from Jan I knew. Like a girl, they always wanted you to guess what was going no. A man was supposed to be able to tell everything about them or know all their emotions just from looking at them. I would never get that part about women. I knew I needed to try to listen more, but it could get frustrating guessing all the time.

"Well, he was okay. Not the best sex ever, but the cleaning part was good. He was always happy with how I performed. I really like to please a man and do what he says to do. I like being of service andÉwell I like providing service," he finished the thought. He paused a moment then continued. "She was not aware that he used me that way. I don't think he told her that I provided other services for him. So we had to be very discreet, and I had to be as quiet as possible about what went on. It wasn't too tough. She was out a lot and the kids were at day care when she wasn't around. I really didn't know too much about what she did all day for most of the time I was there."

"How long were you there, Billy?"

"Almost a year, Mr. McNeil. I had a room off the garage entrance. It was all mine."

"Go on, I have a feeling there's more."

"Yes, Sir." He waited and stared out the window some more. "I like pleasing people. IÉI have a hard time saying no when someone says to do something."

After a long pause he sighed. "Well, that is an admirable quality in a boy, Billy. I am sure you made this guy happy, but it still doesn't tell me what happened," I know I sounded stern, I wanted to get at the issue here.

"It wasn't him, Mr. McNeil, it was her. One day she was home and he was gone. She started in telling me to do stuff. Things I did anyway, scrub the floor, wash the windows, but she had me doing them in shorts and that was it. She started in watching me, then she was touching me. Then she was ordering me to help her change into her swimsuit, and well I just kept doing everything she told me to do."

I could see where this was going. I hadn't considered that the kid was bi, but I guess it was possible. "Are you saying what I think you are saying, boy? You followed her orders and she had sex with you?" he sighed again.

"Yes, Mr. McNeil. She started telling me to do things like eat her out, to finger her pussy, lick her nipples." He blushed a bit as he described it. "I just kept doing what she told me to do and well, she told me to fuck her so I did."

"Did you enjoy that?" I asked. I was fascinated by this point. I wondered what that would be like if Billy fucked Jan, but I had a hard time seeing him do it.

"It was fine," he said. No more explanation, that was it.

"Uhmmm, ok, well let me ask again Billy, did you enjoy it? Did you bring her to orgasm? Did you cum?"

"Oh yeah, She was really enjoying it I guess. She was moaning and stuff and she said she had a couple orgasms afterwards. I came. It was different from guys, but yeah, I came."

He sounded very distant when he talked about the sex, as if it didn't make all that much difference to him, or that he didn't really like it. I was really confused about that. Everyone I knew loved to get off. Danny, Ian, Jan, even the other people I had screwed around with before marriage or lately. But he sounded like he didn't get into it at all.

"You don't seem very sure about all that, Billy. Like you don't enjoy sex."

"It was okay. I don't know, maybe I'm strange," he said. "I like it when the other person is happy with the sex, but sex isn't all that and a bag of chips for me. I really like to serve the other person's needs. I like cleaning windows and hearing that it was a good job and the man likes how bright and clean they are. I like scrubbing the floor and knowing the woman is happy with it. That stuff makes me feel really good about myself. Sex is just one thing where I can please the person. Anyway, after that day, she didn't do that again and it was only a couple weeks later I was gone. I think she was ashamed she had had sex with me. It didn't end up making her happy so she complained about me to her husband. I didn't tell him about the sex, just like I didn't tell her that I had sex with him. I wanted to stay but I think it was a bad setup. I don't know what I was supposed to do different. It was confusing. I tried to please them both and do what they wanted, butÉ" he stopped talking.

"But it didn't work out," I finally finished his thought.

"Right," he said.

I was fascinated with his story really. I hadn't met anyone who had said that sex was just another activity. It was always great for me. Jan and Danny always said it was great for them too.

"Thank you for explaining everything Billy," I told him. We were nearly at the farm.

"Are you gonna let me come back, Mr. McNeil? I don't want to have sex with your wife or anything," he was suddenly frantic sounding. I laughed.

"Yeah, Jan was happy with your help, I like having the stuff done, so yeah, boy, I want you to come back. I don't imagine Jan will be making advances on you. I keep her plenty happy" I told him. "But you let me know if she does," I added. "I'm guessing you aren't her type. You are about the same age as our boys and, no offense meant, Billy, but you look a bit gay to me. She knows what fags look like. Our youngest son is a fag, he is staying out here at the farm," I informed him. "So I don't imagine she will be bothering you in that way. She will be plenty happy with you doing chores, not putting out for her."

He had a smile on his face. Thanks, Mr. McNeil. I really enjoyed doing the work, and hearing now that you are pleased. I can do a lot more stuff helping out too."

"I'm sure you can, boy. I have plenty to keep you busy at home in a lot of ways." He blushed a bit again.

"So why does your son stay out here, Mr. McNeil?"

Now it was my turn to pause and think. I had made Billy be honest I should be up front with him too I figured. "Well, he needed to learn that I wasn't the only man in the world to be his protector. He is a good boy, well a good fag, a good girl, and I love him but I don't want him to grow up and be"É I paused trying to think of what I wanted to say. "I didn't want him as my lover. The last few months, well, I made him into a lover, but it really isn't what a guy like me wants from his sonÉhis girl. He's really more girl than boy, Billy, and I've come to think of him in those terms. I want my girl to grow up, find a good man and get married, settle down. It's what Danny really wants. He doesn't see it that way right now, but its what I've come to realize, and so I am putting a little separation between us right now. My wife doesn't know any of this boy, so I expect you to stay quiet for the moment about any of it."

"Yes, Sir of course. I can be discrete."

"Yeah, I guess you can." He seemed to be honest, so I was opening up some, despite the fact he was a stranger really. "Danny needs a good man, one that can be open and treat him right for what he wants. I just can't do that right now, and I don't think I can do that with my son, while still maintaining my marriage" I confessed. "My first priority is always Jan." I stopped talking then. I think I had told him enough.

 "Didn't you like the sex?" he asked. Smart ass kid. I had half a mind to reach over and smack him.

"Hell yeah, I liked the sex. The kid can take a real pounding and worships me, and my cock. Really reminds me of my wife at that age in a lot of ways. Danny's really good. But, I travel a lot and to really train her how she wants to be used, to teach her the submission, I admit I am not the person to do it. I travel for work a lot, which gives her too much free time. She is truly a horny girl, excuse me for saying so but that doesn't sound like you. She needs the sex, to get physically used more by a man than I can hope to do at the moment. I just felt that in the long run, getting her trained and weaned off my cock was what is best. I want to see her happy with a good husband. She needs a man that can watch her closely enough and use her well so that she remains his. I know it is best for him."

Thinking about all of it and hearing myself talk made me want to add some more. "I need to figure out how to be honest with myself and my wife, Billy. I learned that from Danny too. I am happiest when I am getting plenty of sex and when I am in charge at my home. I need to get the wife to see my expectations for her have changed and that I intend to fuck more than just her going forward from here. I can't go back to before I learned that Danny was a fag. It changed me. I learned I could fuck for my own pleasure again. I learned I can do things with a person during sex that make me feel great but I want Jan to know that and understand it. I married her a long time ago and wouldn't change it for anything, so I really need to focus on Jan, focus on training her so that I'm honest with her and up front, so that she knows the changes and deals with them. Danny needs a full time Man, and I need to be up front and honest with myself about that."

"Wow," was all he said.

"Yeah, sorry I dropped that all on you Billy. I hadn't meant to share all that. Your story helped me see that I need to be more honest with myself as well as my wife"

"It's okay Mr. McNeil. I won't repeat it to anyone."

I put the car in park and we got out of the car. Unlike other times when I had shown up, Stacy was not around to run out and greet me. Just as well. "Get yourself some transportation Billy. I'll talk with Johnson about some way to get you a scooter or something so you don't have to find a ride all the time. You work out with Jan which days are good."

"Yes, Sir, Mr. McNeil. Thanks so much." He held out his hand and we shook then headed inside. He had a key so we walked right in.

"I'll find Mr. Johnson, Sir," he said without any further conversation.

"Thank you, Billy."

A few minutes passed long enough for me to realize the kid was right. I don't listen to a lot of people but hearing myself dump some stuff on him and listening to his story about the last place he worked had done it for me. I needed to talk honestly with Danny.

"Chuck, How's it going?" Johnson asked, extending his hand to shake.

"Good. It's going real well," I told him. "That's a fine kid you got there in Billy," I let him know. "Jan was real pleased with his work. I'd like him to keep coming back," I told him.

"Yeah? You get to make use of his real talents?" Johnson queried with a big shit eating grin on his face.

I smiled in return. "No, not yet. I'm sure I will but honestly the main thing for the moment is to get my damn house cleaned and the other chores done regularly. I'll be working on Jan before I get to Billy I imagine. She needs as much dick as these boys do." He laughed.

"Lucky man. Got a wife AND a fag son and still looking for a house boy," Johnson teased.

"Well the fag son is more like a daughter I think," I confessed to Johnson. "As much as I enjoy giving her cock, the more I do it the more I have come to realize she's like a daughter and a good man's focus ought to be on marrying her off, not keeping her around to dip my stick in." I told him.

"Huh, well, I hadn't really thought about it that way," Johnson seemed confused for once. Nice to know he didn't think of everything.

"Don't get me wrong," I told him. "I'm going to give her a poke here this evening," I grinned at him. "But long term, I need to think about finding her a good man to keep her safe and protected. That's what a father wants for his girl, and though at the moment Danny is totally focused on me, I want to get that moving towards focus on another man. To see her focused on getting a husband."

"Well, we do that all the time," Johnson said. "I can work at that no problem, Chuck. I can tell you that Danny is one fine fag, and will be in high demand if we advertise her availability."

"What are you saying?"

"Well, let's just say I know markets that are interested in fags just as I know markets that are interested in pigs, Chuck. Danny would bring a high bride price or dowry from an interested man."

I thought about that for a moment. "I'm not talking about selling her Johnson," I told him somewhat bluntly. "I am not going to sell my fag son off to some nut job like the guy online that he already met."

"Noooo, no, I don't mean that at all, Chuck. I mean there are men out there looking for boy-wives, and as in past times, they will gladly pay a parent a bride price for the honor of marrying their daughter. These men are strictly honorable and you would get to meet them of course because they would need to seek permission to marry your daughter."

I know I looked as confused as I ever did when Johnson talked new things to me. It bugged me that he could always catch me off guard on some of this stuff. I never would get the hang of it all it seemed. He continued explaining.

"Some cultures revere the boy-wife. It is perfectly normal for them to have a boy-wife if they want one. In some places the boy-wife is the only wife, in others they are part of a harem of girls and women that the man controls. It's perfectly natural, and the man keeps all the women happy. His family would also meet Danny and have to accept him as suiting their son, or in the case of an older individual the other wives would meet Danny and be sure he is good enough for their family."

"Huh," was my only response. It hadn't occurred to me that this sort of thing would still be going on.

"This isn't the sort of thing I would do lightly, Chuck. I don't run a slave market for these boys. I'm serious about trying to put them in a home if they need one. One that they can stay in for a long time."

"What happened with Billy then," I asked.  I knew the answer already but wanted to hear Johnson's take since he was talking about these homes and I didn't want Danny into a situation like mine or like the one Billy had described. "You said that his situation hadn't worked out."

"Well, that one Billy arranged himself. He met a man at a job we had set up for him here locally. The man sweet-talked him and Billy fell into his control. Then when he saw the home situation wasn't quite like the man described it didn't go so well. If I were doing the match making, I would have screened that guy out because the wife and family didn't know about the man's activities. I admit, I let Billy go too soon for that. Plus Billy himself didn't help the situation. The kid is a real servant, more than most. Doesn't seem all that interested in sex, just the serving part."

At least the stories matched up. I wasn't going to share all that Billy had told me. "Let me think on it a bit Johnson. I want to be sure. I may need convincing that this is right."

"No problems, Chuck. So, you want to see the boy? You know your way to the bunkhouse?"

"Just point it out again and I'll head back there. I want to surprise her," I told him.

He walked me to a back door of the house and pointed to the building. "Go ahead and start looking around Johnson," I told him, but I may change my mind based on what you show me." I told him as I started walking.

"No problem, Chuck. I'll put feelers out there."


I was reading when there was a knock on the door. "Come in," I said loudly. But no one came in. I didn't move and a few seconds later there was a knock again. It made me wonder because usually the men here just came in the room if they wanted sex. It wasn't like there were locks on the door. I got up and headed to the door. When I opened it I was shocked!

"Daddy!!" It was daddy. He came to get me just like I knew he would eventually.

"Hey baby," he told me. He gave me a big hug and picked me off my feet. I could feel my heart pounding a mile a minute. I was SOOO happy to see him. Once he put me back down I continued to wrap my arms around him and not let go.

"Okay, okay," he said. "Let's go sit down. I know you're happy to see me," he chuckled. It was so great Daddy came to get me. I didn't want to let go. He pried my arms from around him and took my hand. We walked over to my bed and he sat down. I didn't want to let go of him. He managed to close the door though and I was happy about that. I didn't want to share Daddy with anyone, especially Stacy right now.

"Let me put my things together and we can go," I told him.

"Go? No, we're not going anywhere," he said.

"But I thought you came to take me home," I answered. I wanted to go home. I didn't want to stay here anymore.

"Danny, we talked about this. You knew you were going to be here awhile."

"But its already been awhile," I whined.

"It's only been a few weeks, Danny."

"But I want to be back home with you," I got on my knees in front of him. I would beg, that always made him happy. "Please, can't I go home now. I've learned a lot," I told him. He ran his hand up the side of my face and ruffled my hair like he use to do over the summer.

"I know you do, baby. This is tough for you. I understand it a lot more than you think. I changed how things were at home and you grew to really like it."

"Yes, Sir," I nodded. "I DO love it Daddy. That's why I want to go back home with you and be good to you."

"Awww, you are such a good girl, Danny." Just hearing him say that made my heart swell with pride. I briefly thought about what I had done and what Stacy had made me do, but I pushed that to the back of my brain, I didn't want to think about that right now. I just wanted to figure a way to get Daddy to take me home. "But right now, this is what is best for both of us."

"What do you mean? I'm not with you. That's what would be best for us. So you could watch over me andÉand you make me behave andÉ and do what we used to do all the time."

"Well, Danny. Some of those things you mention are some of the reasons you are here," he said.

"I don't understand, what are you talking about?"

"Danny, who am I?" he asked.

"You're my Daddy."

That's right. And who are you"" he asked.

"I'm...I'm your good girl."

"That's right Danny. I think of you now as my girl. Not my son. Not my boy, but my girl." I looked at him quizzically I know, I could feel my own puzzlement. Where was he going? "Nearly 20 years ago your mother and I created you one night while we made love. We thought we had a little boy when you were born, but now I know we had a little girly-boy instead." I blushed as he started telling me this. "Although it took a long time for me, Danny, I learned that. I tried raising you as I thought you needed raising, as if you were a boy. I really needed to be listening to you and raising you to be my daughter the whole time. You pushed some things in me this past year that I hadn't ever thought about, that I have never done before, once I learned you were really more of a girl, what with your need to obey me, and your need to please me. You needed someone to set a lot of control over you, and bring out the best in you. My control and your submission were very natural between us. It reminds me a great deal of your mother and why I married her. She is much the same as you Danny. I know you came from my cock and my seed but honestly your genetics are probably more of your mother's than either of us realize."

"I still don't get it Daddy. Don't you like that?" Why was he telling me all this? Why didn't he want me to go home?

"Oh, I do love it baby. You are beautiful and I think I did a good job showing you these things after I listened and learned all about you. But the truth remains that I love your mother very much, and I would never trade what I have with her for anything. I need to be honest with your mother about my new needs Danny. I enjoyed the sex with you, with a faggot" I know I started tearing up. I couldn't help it. I could feel the water in my eyes getting ready to run down my cheek. "No, crying, baby," he told me in his stern voice. "Just listen. You are my girl, my daughter. What is the most important day between a father and his girl?"

I didn't know what he was talking about. I didn't understand. I wanted to go home and be his good girl and do what he told me to do. "I..I don't know, I can't think right now. I'm confused."

"The most important day for a man and his daughter is her wedding, Danny. It's when he knows she is all grown up and a Man has found her and taken her under his care and her father gives her away at the wedding. It's the most sacred day I can think of between a man and his daughter. Knowing that he approves of his girl growing up and moving on." I started shaking my head. I didn't want to get married to anyone else. I wanted to belong with Daddy.

"I'm already married to your mother Danny. Here in my heart I know now that when it comes to that type of commitment, she is the one for me. I learned that I can share my cock and share my sex with others and that doesn't affect my love for her at all. I need to be Man enough to discuss this with your mother and somehow show her the way I intend to be moving forward. She will always be my wife but I am going to also have others from now on to meet needs she doesn't have the ability to meet. I also have come to the conclusion that what WE need to be focusing on is finding you a man. One who can love you as much as I do, and be the person who will care for you in the future, just as much as I do now."

"But I don't wantÉ" He cut me off, covering my mouth with his hand.

"You aren't making that decision Danny. You don't fully understand and know yet what you want. That is why you are here. For Johnson and I to help you learn more about what you want. I know what is best for you. As your father, I understand far better than you. I know you accept that don't you?"

I couldn't speak so I nodded. I didn't want to hear this; I didn't want to learn this lesson. I just wanted to go home with Daddy. Tears came rolling out of my eyes anyway. Even though he said no tears.

"DannyÉdon't cry. This isn't any easier when you cry," he stated. He got up and went to my desk and got me some tissues from the box there. He handed me one and sat down on my bed again. I wiped my eyes and blew my nose.

"I have never told your mother anything about what we have done and that will always remain our secret unless I tell you otherwise. I couldn't break her heart that way and I know that. I easily started using you for sex in part because you look so much like her, and act so much like her. And god knows, you love it as much as she does. It was something you needed to learn was one of your best qualities; to take a cock and pleasure it. But as I have learned all about this stuff along with you, I have decided that my real desire now is to see you with a man who can treat you as well as I have treated your mother over the years. I've enjoyed making use of your body, but I really want to see a man, some one who will be your husband, to find and discover you the way I did."

Oh my god. Daddy wanted me to find a husband, someone like him. It was like a dream, only my personal nightmare. No more sex with Daddy. Who has these conversations with their daddy? "ButÉbut we could talk to MomÉ"

"NO," he spoke sharply. He covered my mouth again. "You listen to me, baby girl. We will not inform your mother about this until I am ready to do so. ANY disobedience about THAT issue will only hurt you in the long run. I am VERY serious about that. I think you understand that and I can tell you I mean that very thing, Danny. If that ever occurs, it will be at my decision, and not yours. Anytime before that and you will never see either your mother or I again."

I started shaking at the thought of NEVER seeing Daddy again. "No, I won't. I promise. I will always want to see you, please. I promise never to do that." He couldn't mean that. I knew I didn't want to push that and find out either.

"I believe you Danny. I've told you a lot tonight. I just want you to think about these things for a while. We'll talk more about this as things happen in the future. But understand I am VERY serious about this. You are here to learn to respond to a Man as your mother responds to me. You are learning submission and obedience to Johnson and the Men here on the Farm. I was hesitant at first letting someone else use you the way I have but I see now, that it's best for you. You need to have some fun and learn what makes different Men tick."

I must have looked like a mess. I hadn't gotten dressed up for Daddy at all. My eyes were full of tears and my nose had been running. I was reeling from this talk.

"Now," he said, "how have I taught you to show your acceptance of my control and pleasure towards me?" I looked up at him. Maybe he was going to make love to me after all. Maybe he didn't mean he would stop all sex. I wanted to feel him in me so bad, despite cumming before I was allowed, despite what Stacy did.

"ByÉby pleasing your cock?" I sniffled.

"That's right. I didn't say we couldn't have sex, Danny, just that you weren't coming home and the goal is to find you a husband. I know you need my cock for the time being. Besides, seeing you down there vulnerable and obedient gets me damn hard," There he said it. We COULD have sex. I barely let him finish when I started pulling at his slack's zipper, nearly ripping them down his legs.

"Whoa slow down, baby. There's no hurry. I'm not going anywhere until I have worn you out." Oh crap, that made my oversized nipples swell up at attention and my little locked down dicklet strain at the piercings. I moaned but managed to slow down, taking Daddy's shoes and socks off first, and then removing his pants. Then I stood up and helped him out of his shirt too. He was so beautiful, so manly. If he found me someone like him, maybe I could get married.

I then went to work on Daddy's cock. I couldn't help it. I wanted it in my mouth, down my throat and everywhere else he wanted to put it. I got it wet first licking it up and down. He was so big, I had forgotten after seeing the men on the Farm how big daddy's cock really was.

"That's it Danny. Get it all slick so it slides in easier." Daddy put his hand on the back of my head and started to push. I knew I was going to have to swallow it all on the first go. Somehow I didn't think he would give me a break. I placed my hands on the back of his legs and began moving forward. I felt the knob of his cock head hitting the back of my throat. I made the swallowing reflexes work properly and I could feel his dick expanding my throat. "Shit, you are amazing. The only one who comes close is your mother, and she can't swallow like you.

I could feel my head swell with pride and my nipples get harder. It was so hot to hear Daddy compare me to Mom. If she could give good head, so could I, I was just like her, Daddy had said it. Why couldn't Daddy just see that I could stay with him and be just like Mom? I felt his cock bottom out in my throat and his hand push my head all the way down to until my face was mashed up against his hairy crotch. I sniffed and smelled the aroma that turned me on more than anything. I couldn't stop myself I moved one hand up to feel my throat. I just had to feel it there inside me. Kind of reassuring myself I could do it.

Daddy moved my hand back to his leg and put his own hand on my throat. "Feels good there doesn't it, baby?" I moaned in acknowledgment. He finally loosened his grip on my head and I pulled off his cock and gasped. Oh, that made me all excited, feeling his control over my movements and even my breathing. I could feel my boycunt twitch in anticipation. Soon he would be inside my hole and fucking wildly, I hoped. His dick brought tears to my eyes from the gagging and the lack of air but I still loved it more than anything. More than anything I wanted to please Daddy.

"Hands behind your back Danny. Just use your mouth, tongue and throat. There's no need to keep your hands on my dick." I had moved a hand up to wrap around his cock without thinking. Now I moved both behind my back and held them there. He put his hand on my head and grasped my hair. "I'll move your head where I want it. You just keep working your tongue and lips and throat." So that was the way it went. Daddy moved my head around using my hair as his handle. For a few strokes he would just keep me on the upper portion of his cock, then he would pull me all the way down the full length of it until my chin was resting on his fuzzy balls. I couldn't help it at times but the size made me gag. I never came close to puking but it did make his cock all slimy and much easier to swallow the next time he pulled me all the way down.

"You love my cock, don't you baby?" Daddy asked. I nodded enthusiastically. I did. He had the best cock in the world.  Daddy pulled it out all the way and smacked my face with it. My throat slime splattered all over my face and hair. His dick was big and so hard it stung as he used it as a club on my face. I kept my mouth open because I knew he would stop hitting me with it and shove it all the way in at any moment. He was getting warmed up and I needed to be ready. I already knew my throat would be sore later. Daddy was really using my head hard today. But if I did everything he wanted maybe he could see that I would be really good and I could be with him a long time, just like Mom.

"Lick my nuts, Danny. Suck `em in your mouth and work that tongue on them real good. You know how I like it." I did too. I took one at a time and lapped at them. I rolled my tongue around his hairy sack and sucked it into my mouth, bathing it all over.  Then I did the same with the other. I knew too that he would want them both in my mouth at the same time. I had to be gentle but I knew it was his expectation. It I was too rough he would smack me, but I had to get both of them in at once. I got all of them wet and then started to suck both at once. My lips had to stretch. Daddy's nuts were big. Like his dick, his nuts were as large as any I had seen.  And were more than a mouthful.

"You're so good with those lips, Danny. Stretch wide and you can fit them in." I felt so proud when he was pleased. I heard a slight wet pop as they both entered my mouth and then I started rolling my tongue around on them. Daddy moaned in pleasure, so I continued doing this until he pulled my head back. His nuts slid out and he rammed his cock in one motion down my throat. I felt the large head of his dick slam past my tongue and into my throat. "Good boy, Danny." The shock of it being shoved so hard took me by surprise but his gentle words made it okay.

Other cocks entered my throat all the time, but none made me work as hard as Daddy's cock.

"Fuck, baby. I have so much juice stored up for you, I don't know where to dump it," he informed me. He started doing thrusts into my throat. He let me breathe on occasion but it was really about his cock. I was drooling slime out of the corners of my mouth as he pumped in and out. His cockhead ran over the opening to my throat and I could feel it bumping and stretching it each time. His grasp on my hair got tighter nd I noticed his nuts were climbing up in the sack, tighter on my chin as he pumped. I kept gasping each time he let me breathe and trying to get air through my nose. He was going to cum and I had to be ready to receive it.

"YEAH! Take it. First feeding for you in a long time baby." Daddy roared and I am sure if no one had been listening before, they would be now, as Daddy announced his baby makers leaving his dick and entering my tummy. "FUCK, YEAH." I felt Daddy's cock pulsing. His fist had grabbed as tight as possible and I could swear some of my hair might be pulled out. He had me shoved all the way into his crotch and was grinding my face there as his cock throbbed six or seven times spilling seed inside me. I never even got to taste it.

When he let go finally of my hair I fell back gasping for breath. Daddy didn't wait for me to get my breath back though. He just pulled me up onto the bed and flipped me over. He yanked off my shirt and pushed my legs up in the air.

"Look at the pussy," he said to no one but himself. "I swear you get wet thinking about dick." I didn't want to say it was only his cock that got me wet. I would be lying but his cock did get me more wet than the others I was pretty sure. I heard Daddy clear his throat and then he spit on my hole. He just pointed his cock at it and rubbed the spit around then shoved his dick inside me with one long slow thrust. I let out a moan that probably sounded like a female cat getting fucked by some old tom.

"Yeah, I love hearing that," Daddy encouraged me. "You been waiting for just the right cock, haven't you?"

"Oh god, yes, Daddy. You know I love yours best."

"I know it, girl. You love dick in your cunt more than anything." Oh god, he was right, I did. It felt good getting filled up completely with his cock. I squirmed on the bed, trying to find the right fit for it all. I hadn't had him inside me in what seemed like ages and I knew there was room for it but it was a bit uncomfortable going in all at once.

"Look at those teats!" he exclaimed. He took his hands off my legs and I let them fall on his shoulders. He reached out and took hold of my nipples. "They just keep getting bigger, don't they baby?"

"Oh, oh god! Oh , Daddy." He was twisting and pulling on them.

"Answer me, baby. You been pumping them regularly still?"

"Yeesssssss, oh god yes. I keepÉkeep working on them, Sirrrrrr." I wanted to take his hands off them he was pulling and twisting so roughly.

He let go of them long enough to bend forward, folding me in half and his lips reached out to suckle on my left nipple. He slurped at it then nibbled it and took it between his lips mashing it tight there. It was almost like he was trying to get milk from it. Then he moved to my right nipple and did the same. "MMMmmmmm, oh god," I kept moaning as he licked and chewed on my nips.

"Those are nice, boy. I like to see those big bitch nips on you. That is going to be something a man will like. It gives him something to play with and suck on. You are doing well, baby on getting those in shape." He ground his cock deep and was bumping around inside me as he spoke. I stared at his eyes and nodded. I knew to keep focused on Daddy's eyes. He was serious about finding another man for me. I really didn't want to think about it. I wanted to focus on his dick in me. It felt right, why did I need to think about some other guy?

"Fuck, I love those. Always have liked nice big nips. Your mother has great big ones you know," he stated. "Once she finished with you nursing, her nipples never did go back to being as small as they had been before she had kids. I want you to keep pumping those. I'm going to make sure Johnson gets you some bigger cups to work with, stretch out those areolas a bit too."

Daddy slowed to a pace that made me feel the full length and thickness of his dick. He stared down at me and used his strokes to begin setting me off. I kept my eyes on him and only after a few moments did I realize that I was making sounds. I was moaning in a high-pitched voice. Squealing even might have been better. I noticed my hands were grasping the sheets on my bed and I was holding on. I looked at my legs on Daddies shoulders and my toes were scrunched tight. I could feel tingles on each stroke of Daddy's cock that sent waves of pleasure throughout my body.

"You don't even get hard any more, do you?" Daddy spoke. I glanced down to my locked up penis. I let go of the sheets I had been holding tights and moved my hand over to feel my clit. There it was. From the look on Daddy's face I knew he didn't care if I was touching it right now. It wasn't even hard. It just was there. Attached to my taint by the rings that kept it from flopping around. There was no way I was going to tell Daddy that I had cum earlier today. He was right though; I didn't even feel it semi-hard. All this time with Daddy and I didn't think about it until he mentioned it. When Stacey had made me cum for him it had taken a while for me to get hard. Once I had done that it wasn't long before I came, but getting it hard had taken time.

"No Daddy, I barely get hard at all anymore," I told him honestly. "Sometimes I think about it, but it is locked up so I guess I just got used to not being able to." I used to get hard all the time and now I didn't. Wow, what a thought. It dawned on me that even though I wasn't hard at all, I was feeling everything. Daddy's cock was setting off feelings in my body that felt like I was hard, sorta. I could feel him inside me, feel the length and thickness opening me up. Even just thinking about it as it was happening made me realize how fantastic it felt to be fucked like this by him and I moaned.

"Ohhhhhh, Daddy. It feels so good. Please fuck me for a long time. I love getting your cock in me. IÉI don't need to be hard." There I said it, it popped out of my mouth.

"Of course not, you little faggot," Daddy replied. "I told you that it was best to just lock it up. Your body adjusted and now it isn't even important. Your mind and body are reacting like a woman's body, baby. You are getting to feel like the girl you have always been." Daddy rolled on to his side and lifted my leg. His dick never left my boycunt. His arms were wrapped around me and I kept my leg up so he could watch his cock going in and out. "I love knowing this was the right decision, Danny. I knew you needed to focus on your brain and your holes."

"Oh, god. It feels so good." I could see my toes curled and feel the pleasure he was giving me from his cock. "You were right," I told him. "I don't need it hard. I just need a cock to feel good." Taking his cock, any cock I thought, inside me; in my throat, in my cunt. I let go a little and began moaning each time he thrust in, breathing when he pulled back. I paid attention to my ass muscles and was squeezing his cock as he pulled back and releasing them, letting him slide deep as he pumped forward. I listened as the moans escaped my lips. It didn't seem to be anything I could stop doing. They just emerged from deep inside me, where Daddy's cock explored.

"Mmmmmmm, I love your cock," I purred.

"I love your cunt, Danny. You know just what to do with it."

Just hearing Daddy talk about me that way sent a warm feeling through my body that seemed to start there where his cock was. I could feel my hips moving and twisting. I started this gyrating that somehow just felt like I needed to do, some sort of bed dancing that was spreading from my ass and hips then taking up my back and legs. It was a circling motion that got me moving in motion with his thrusts.

Daddy flipped me over onto my knees and he smacked my ass hard. The sound surprised me. "Keep doing that you little faggot." I picked back up, backing up on Daddy's cock undulating like a snake or something, humping his dick and generating that intense pleasure I felt moving on it. I was getting warm all over. I looked back and Daddy hands were behind his head and his beautiful chest was displayed completely. He just was there on his knees, stretched back with those furry pecs displayed, and his cock half sunk inside me. His eyes were closed and he was moaning deeply. I kept shimmying back and forth, taking it all and then backing off. Then he opened his eyes looked at me and brought one hand down hard on my ass.

"My turn, baby. He snatched my hair and pulled me back so I was kneeling too. His arms came around and enveloped me. I was so small compared to him. His hairy body felt good on my bare skin. His cock slid deep and stayed there. He just held me. Rubbing my nipples, his cock deep, kissing my neck so gently. But I was full of energy and I couldn't just not move. I started inching my way back and forth on his pole. I was barely even realizing that I was doing it until I was squirming and then bouncing on it, trying to get the feeling of it going in and out, back and forth. I wanted that friction, it felt so good.

"Little slut," Daddy said, stirring me from my focus. I turned to look at him and he pulled my hair forcing my head back. He planted his lips on mine and shoved his tongue in my mouth. It didn't stop my bouncing. I was trying as best I could to keep his cock moving inside me. He pulled his tongue out and stared at me with a big smile on his face. "You just love cock."

"Yeessssss, oh god, I do, Daddy," I admitted. His big hand reached around and fit right over my locked clit.

"Not even a stirring in this, Danny. You are learning better control all of the time." I didn't say anything. I focused on Daddy's cock, trying not to think of earlier and how Stacy had fucked me or how I had caused that by playing with myself .

"It's hard, Daddy. Not playing with it."

"When you get those urges, boy, you go find a man here. Tell them you need cock now. You go beg. Don't lay around here all the time waiting for them to come to you, baby. You hear me?"

Daddy was whispering in my ear. His hand clamped over my crotch, his cock in my boicunt. "Yes, Sir." Why hadn't I been doing that? I guess it hadn't occurred to me. The men came here when they wanted to fuck. I guess I thought that was the way it worked. I could go find them when I needed it. "Ok, Daddy, I can do that."

"Good boy. Don't be afraid to find some dick, don't be afraid to be yourself, to ask, to beg, to hump crazy on a dick. You're a faggot, Danny. You get off filling your cunt with men's cocks. Remember that."

"Oohhhhh, fuck, yes, Sir. I love your cock."

"You love all cock, baby. Don't forget that." Daddy's hand clamped tighter on my clit. I started pushing back. It was already buried deep but I wanted to feel it moving in me.

"That's it. Try getting that deeper. I stretched that hole and made it ready to take anything. Show me how open and deep it is."

"Lay on your back," I told Daddy.

He moved around and his dick never left me empty. I was straddling him now, riding on top on Daddy. I looked at his chest and my hands went there immediately. All that fur on those broad pecs. Then I started sliding up and down on him, using my hands on his chest to balance myself. I started bouncing up and down. My legs were strained but, Daddy wanted it deep and I knew that this was the way to get it inside as far as I could.

"That's it, boy. Sit down on it all the way." I did and I could feel him deep in me. Then Daddy put his hands on my hips and pulled me up off him. Then he pushed me back down. Soon he was pulling and pushing me hard on his dick. His hips or legs not moving but his arms flexing and shoving me around on top of him.

"Oh fuck, that feels good, you little whore," he said. "Ride it. Bounce up and down." I did. I tried to pull up as far as I could but he was already pulling me back down on his cock as soon as I was trying to push up and pull back from it. His cock was so long it never really got more than half way out of me before he was pulling me back down slamming me on to his hips. He was really getting into it. I could hear myself moaning and whimpering as his huge dick really pounded me.

"mmmmmmm, oh, oh god. It's so deep. It is poking so far," I was whining. It just encouraged Daddy to shove harder.

"I am going to flood your guts, baby. You want that load?"

"Goooddddddd, yes." I told him. I could feel a feeling inside me. I didn't know at first what it was. I just thought it was the cock in me pounding on my p-spot, rubbing it the right way, but I was losing sense of my legs from squatting over Daddy for so long and so I leaned back on his thighs and kept bouncing, easing the strain on my legs. The feeling kept up though. I was still bouncing on Daddy's cock, but now my back was arched away from him as I held myself up with my arms on his thighs. I looked down and saw his dick sliding in and out. He was staring at me. Watching his cock slice into me and then he looked up at my face. He grabbed my chest and wrapped his hands around my pecs as if they were breasts. His eyes dropped back to his dick.

It dawned on me that what I felt was less important than what he was feeling. The look on his face was ecstasy. He was getting off. His dick felt good to him and he was going to empty his load deep in me, and it caused some reaction for me. Realizing that I was providing him with that needed release. He liked what he saw from me. He liked my cunt taking all of his cock. This warm feeling inside me spread through my cunt and into my legs. They started shaking from the strain I had put into this fuck, but I kept bouncing. This feeling was different than other times I had been fucked and I knew why. I was going to cum. It wasn't like when I had a stiff little dick and the warmth and energy was focused there. It wasn't even the same as when I was on Doc's table and came from my pussy being stretched open. This was from the fuck, from the ability to create that look in a man's face like Daddy's right now. One of power and control and energy, and I wanted that male energy flowing into me too.

If possible I increased the frantic pace of my bouncing. "Give it to me," I said to Daddy. "Give me that load. I want to feel you cum inside me." I was making all sorts of other noises too. I could hear myself. It hurt some, how deep he went but the sensations were also driving me to do this. I couldn't stop until he was done. My nipples were firm and hard, Daddy played with them. My little nuts were pulled way deep inside me. My clenching and unclenching had pulled them up further than usual. I was amazed at the ability to feel everything down there, in and around my hole. The heat, the tension, the "oh, god, oh fuck," I moaned. "Oh Daddy, I'm cumminnnnggggg," I told him. I looked down and my little dick wasn't leaking anymore, but there was a load running out of my clit and onto Daddy's cock and into my hole.  I was spilling a load, it was oozing out of my limp, locked dick and sliding down onto Daddy's cock. I could see it getting shoved back up in me from his cock and I let go. All control passed from me.

My hole became a sloppy mess. I could hear big sloppy, slurping sounds as his dick pounded into me. Daddy roared and then I felt his heat leaving his cock and filling me. His cum, his load, I could feel it shooting in me. I stopped bouncing and collapsed. He was the only one holding me up now. My legs were exhausted. His hands held my chest and upper body from flopping off him, and his cock warmed me from the inside as a feeling of satisfaction and good filled me. It wasn't like Doc's table where I could barely remember the feeling. This I would carry with me.

Daddy shot several spasms of cum into me. I felt his energy deep in me, and my body radiated heat from my hole, from my own orgasm. I felt so relaxed and at ease. Daddy let go of me and I fell back onto his legs. He shifted around, moving me off him and onto the bed. He curled up behind me and slow fucked me for awhile, his dick moving slightly. Each movement made me feel that heat inside me, and I shuddered at times from the intense sensitivity my whole body felt from this.

I know Daddy came again after a bit. It wasn't the rough, usual fuck from him. He was gentle and persistent. He told me stuff, that I mostly didn't remember. Just that he loved me and wanted to get off again. That it was about his cock and his load. My mind was elsewhere. In the feeling of knowing I could cum from him fucking me, that the feeling was so intense, and that I knew he would use me until he was done. I didn't even get up and hold on to him when he left. I was exhausted. He had worn me out like never before. He just pulled his cock out and I cleaned him up without even getting up off the bed. Somehow he just knew to leave me there and go. I didn't cry, I was too happy to have served his dick and learned I could really get off on it too.