Becoming a Boy 22

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Let's see, I got the beer kegs with Donor's help. Got them set up at the sorority, helped the girls get the decorations all ready. Thank god I did all that last night. I looked in the mirror, and checked out the shave I just finished. I looked quickly in the mirror at my pits and my chest. I really didn't have much hair there. The appointments I had been going to were really working. No more body shaving for me at all during swim season it seemed. Although that was going to be easier I was beginning to wonder if getting rid of it had been shortsighted. I mean I wouldn't need to be shaving forever, just till I was done with swimming. Ian had been right though, that laser hair removal was easy.

Today I could figure out what the hell to wear to the Halloween party. I still didn't have an outfit. What the hell was I supposed to wear? Everyone had either got a date or was purposefully avoiding a date, but they had found something to do for an outfit. I had spent all my time worrying about getting all the damn decorations and then setting it all up with the girls instead of a costume. They kept me busy and I hadn't studied much or done anything vaguely social except help them with stuff for the past week. I was too scared to screw something up to just say no. I felt like I wanted to get it right, for the party, for the girls, for the fraternity. I had gotten the responsibility before and I wanted to do a good job.

I was heading back to my room when Tim came out of his room and headed to the bathroom. We both were just dressed in a towel around out waist. When I saw him coming, I looked over his body until his eyes caught mine and then I dropped my staring eyes and looked at the floor.

"Looking good, Timmy." I glanced up He had stopped walking and he was smiling. I loved hearing those words even if it was a little embarrassing. I was happy he was noticing me. But also I hated hearing it because I hadn't seen him for days. I had no idea what he had been up to while I had been prepping the sorority for the party. I mean, I could guess. A couple times the necktie was around his doorknob; otherwise it was just what the guys told me. I didn't ask a lot, or I tried not to ask. I didn't want to be asking but I wanted to know. Ugh, I was acting all goofy and I knew it. Why did I let this shit happen? It was like in high school. I had said I wouldn't do it again in college. Get all weak kneed and stupid because some guy wasÉwell, because some guy had some sort ofÉI don't know what they had, but some guys had this ability to make me feel like I needed to do what they said to do. I wanted to do what he said to please him, I liked hanging around him and doing stuff with him. I had been a nuisance back home, my friend Jake had said so. It didn't stop us being friends. I just had to watch myself so it wasn't like obvious I was hanging onto Ian's every word. That was what got Jake worked up, too much attention.

"Thanks, Ian," I mumbled.

"You have a busy day ahead for yourself," he announced.

"Well, I finished the decorating stuff last night. Everything should be ready to go. I don't have much going on, except finding a costume." I said.

"Exactly. I have a costume and it involves you, so get ready. We'll head out shortly." He looked around and no one else was in the common area. He pulled off his towel and his cock flopped around, hanging there, it looked half hard. I couldn't help but stare at it. "Yeah. You don't need to say anything," he said softly. "Staring says enough." He turned and went off to the showers. I slowly turned and went back to my room to get ready.

I had to face facts. The last week or so had been rough. I thought about Ian `s dick all the time. Even now, the first thing I wanted to see was his big cock. I thought about him calling me a faggot and a cocksucker, and I got hard thinking about it. I had to jack off sometimes thinking about being on my knees and calling him Sir. I didn't WANT to be a cocksucker or a faggot but I knew how my body had responded to him and his attitude, and when I just saw him now I nearly made my own towel fall off because I got hard just being around him. He was like a god. He had such a great body and well, I don't know exactly, some kind of confidant attitude. He just told me to do stuff and I wanted to do it. It was like Mom just giving me things to do and I knew I had to do them. Somehow I knew if I didn't do what Ian said I would regret it, like as a kid I regretted not doing what Mom said, one way or another. I didn't want Ian slugging me again, I knew that much. He could easily take me down. Following his directions was easy and it would be less rough on me, I knew it. Like doing what Coach said at practice or doing what Mom said at home. I wanted to be my own person, be an individual, to not fumble around doing what he told me to do, throwing a boner when he looked at me, spoke to me.

Thing was, I wanted to be an adult and not be following directions all the time. At the same time, I knew that I had been way too interested in looking at guy's dicks all the time and now I had sucked one and so, well, it just seemed like if I didn't do this now, I would go and fuck it up and not see what happens. I knew I wanted to be an adult and make my own decisions but Tim had so far been telling me what to do. I could make my decisions I could do what I wanted. MY dick was telling me I wanted to do what Tim was saying so that he would let me suck HIS dick again. It wasn't like I would always be doing this. It was a thing for a while. I could say no at some point. I figured I was going to get married and make babes with some chick eventually, why couldn't I just do this now and see what it was about?

I grabbed some jeans and a t-shirt, threw a hoodie on and some vans on my feet. I was doing some reading when Ian came by my room. I looked up as he entered and he had a huge grin on his face again.

"You ready to go?" Ian asked.

"Yeah, sure." I told him. "What costumes you got in mind?" I wondered.

He grinned even bigger. "I'm going as Lawrence of Arabia."

"How is that how has that got anything to do with Hollywood?" I asked. "The sorority set the theme as Hollywood couples."

"You never watch Laurence of Arabia? It's a Hollywood movie," he said.

"I guess so," I replied. "I think I saw my Dad watching it once on tv."

"So, that's who I am going as. I have an Arabic outfit, long white robe, sword on my belt, sandals, headgear, all that stuff. A wild, good-looking, English guy hanging out in Arabia.

"So am I supposed to be some guy that goes on these adventures with Laurence of Arabia?" I wondered aloud. He just laughed loudly.

We got in his car and started driving. Next thing I knew my head was being smacked hard, and bent forward causing the seat belt to snap taught with the sudden movement. I hadn't been paying attention and he had whacked me on the back of my head.

"Ow, shit, that hurt." I muttered.

"We talked about the rules, Timmy."

Oh shit. Here we go. I was going to have to call him Sir. I had forgotten. "Ok, ok, Sir, I'm sorry, but that hurt." I hated forgetting stuff. It was the details that could get you in trouble.

"I know it hurt, bitch, I meant it to sting. You need to remember the rules. I'm the man and you are not. I'm in charge. You do as I say."

"Right, Sir," I replied rubbing the back of my head. If he was the man, what did that make me? The cocksucker I guess, like he had been telling me.

"We are going to have some fun today, Timmy. We are going to get you all ready for tonight's party."

Suddenly I wasn't so sure I would be ready for it.  I had no idea what he had in mind. "Aren't you taking your new girlfriend to the party?" I asked him, adding "Sir?" at the end.

"Oh, hell no," he replied. "I'm going to have fun, see what else is out there. See what kind of fun we can make at the party. I'm not married to her or anything. We aren't even dating. Shit, I've only been fucking her a week," he added.

"Oh," was all I could add to the discussion. I thought about it for a minute or two. He didn't think that a week of fucking her was serious at all. I kinda thought that if you were screwing a girl regular like that it was a serious thing.  When I had been lucky enough to screw a girl it had been seriousÉwell except for the Tressa thingÉwith Ian. The other girls I had screwed I had dated for at least a while. There was too much to think about. Girls, guys, Ian, doing the right thing, calling him Sir, all of those thoughts were flooding my brain. We pulled up along side a strip mall and Ian shut the car off. I got overwhelmed sometimes thinking about stuff I knew that. Sometimes it was nice to not think about stuff, ugh.

"Ok, we're here," he announced. I shook myself out of my daydreaming. Sure enough there was a huge Halloween store where some other place used to be. Seemed like it was a temporary sort of store with a banner instead of the usual sign on the building.

"So, what exactly am I going to be, Sir?" I asked.

"Come on, Timmy, I'll show you."

He headed up to the door and inside. I followed him. The place was huge. Stuff all over; costumes, make-up, twinkly lights in orange and purple, candy. Everything I could imagine needing for this one-day holiday. As we wandered towards an area that said Adult Costumes on a bright orange banner, I noticed someone coming towards us.




"May I help you gentlemen?" Said a guy sort of dressed like a vampire. His hair was slicked back, he had on the black cape. He had a huge smile that showed that his canine teeth were longer and sharper than his others. I wondered briefly how he had done that. It looked realistic. I thought for a moment maybe I needed to go as a movie vampire and Timmy as a victim but then decided to stick with the idea I already had. He looked vaguely familiar but I wrote it off to watching too many horror movies.

"I'm looking for costumes with an Arabian flavor," I said. Like Laurence of Arabia stuff."

"Sure, he said. "Follow me." He led the way over to a display rack filled with any number of themed clothes and stuff to go with them. "Like this?" He pointed out a copy of the costume I had already purchased.

"No what I need is someone who would be with Laurence of Arabia," I told the sales guy.

"Well, mostly this," he continued. "The other guys, in the movie at least, mostly wore these robes."

"No, I wasn't thinking about the guys. This party is themed for Hollywood couples. Laurence of Arabia must have had some women with him, some Arabic women around. I had to read his book for a class I took."

"Actually he didn't have women around," the sales guy told me. "He was kinda known for his observations of men more than women. Maybe you need to be a terrorist with a fully covered woman instead, like in a burqa."

That was actually more what I was thinking about. Covering up Timmy totally, or just leaving his eyes uncovered. I had plans for him all dressed up like that. "Are there examples in movies?" I wondered.

"I'm sure there must be," he said. "There have been tons of terrorist movies and Osama bin Laden movies." He walked over to a different area. "Here are the ones we have, plain back or Afghani blue."

"What do you think, Timmy?" He looked pained as I called him Timmy. I knew it must be hitting some spot in his psyche. Poor guy. He was not saying anything about it, but it looked like it was making him think about it.

"You want me to wear this to the party?" Tim asked. "You want me to go as a woman?"

I laughed. "I'm going as an Arabic guy. I want you to go as part of my harem."

"Oh, that's hot" the sales guy said. Tim looked at him like he was crazy. Made me want to laugh. Sharing stuff like that could get him all worked up, so noted.

"But people will know I'm inside that thing. They will see me dressed up as a girl," he whined. If I had been alone with him I might have smacked him, but we were in public, so I let it slide.

"NO one is going to know it is you," I tried to sound reassuring. "It looks like a sack. How are they going to tell?"

"When I talk they are going to know. I had to plan this party and they will know my voice."

"That's where you are wrong, Tim. You are not talking tonight. A man from Arabia doesn't need to hear his woman. The more silent you are the better. If you don't say a word, they won't even know it's a guy in there." He looked at me like I was crazy, but he didn't say anything. He had gotten enough sense in him to not disagree with me, so I had to give him his props for staying quiet. I reached over and pulled out a couple. I held them up to his body, just to see if it was the right size. I pulled a couple more out until I found a couple that looked right. "Here, try these on. See if they cover you up. Oh, and start practicing silence, so we can see if anyone can tell you are a guy." I couldn't help but laugh. Tim blushed but didn't say anything.

"The changing room is over here," said the sales guy. I followed and looked back to make sure Tim was coming too. He saw me look and started following after our eyes met. It was hot thinking he would do this. I could already tell he was agreeing. He wanted dick, but I don't think he saw all of the other things he wanted quite yet. This was going to be great.

We got to the dressing room area and Tim looked at me, but when I didn't say anything he headed inside. The sales guy stood there watching.

"So, you don't remember me, do you?" he asked.

I looked at him again. I knew he seemed familiar but I wasn't placing him at all. Maybe a class we had together sometime? "Nope, sorry," I told him. "Can't place you anywhere." He looked around but no one was near us at the moment.

"We met in the library bathroom," he said quietly.

That's when it fell into place where I had seen him. On his knees sucking my cock. I grinned thinking about it, or the coincidence that while I was here embarrassing Tim, this guy had been in the same place as Tim, on his knees in front of me.

"Oh, yeah," I continued smiling.

"Don't worry," he continued. "My name is Jimmy. I won't tell your boyfriend." He looked at me with a smirk of conspiracy.

"Not my boyfriend," I made clear. "Frat brother."

"Really, wow. You think he will wear it?"

"If he wants to get the same thing you wanted," I told him, rubbing my crotch briefly. His eyes looked down and he blushed some.

"Does he?" the guy asked.

"You're awfully nosy," I told him. He looked away.

"Sorry, none of my business," he said.

"No, it's not," I told him. "But you can make it some of your business if you want to go along with this." He looked back towards me quizzically.

"What do you mean?"

This could be cool, I figured. Get this cocksucker to dress up too and join Tim as one of my girls. I could have a lot of fun with two fags dressed up as girls tonight. The possibilities for fun doubled in my mind.

"It's an open party," I said. "You can always be part of my harem. Help the inexperienced girls out" I looked at him and made sure he knew what I meant. He looked embarrassed. He could provide some reassurance to Tim. He was an experienced cocksucker. He made a habit of sucking cock.

"That's hot," he said again. "I can do that. Where is it at?"

I gave him the information as Tim was coming out of the dressing room.

"I'm not sure I have this right," he said. All you could see was the blue outfit. There was a small knitted portion on his face that you could barely see the outline of his eyes. He must have been seeing that knitted pattern as he looked out through it. Kinda hot, I thought to myself. "Besides," he continued, "I don't have a girl's figure. They will know I'm a guy in here."

"Hey, remember to practice silence," I told him. "I can decide whether it looks right on you or not. Besides, you didn't come up with any costume ideas. What are you going to do at the last minute? You needed someone to come up with an idea for you." Tim was going to need to learn my thoughts were going to be the ones he needed to think about, not his own. The sales guy went over and pulled on the various pieces until it all settled into basically a lumpy, saggy, dress. There was the dress part underneath and a huge dress like piece that included the head covering and draped down to at least his knees that covered him completely. "What do you think, Jimmy?"

"Well, he's right. There isn't any form really to begin with, but you can tell there aren't any boobs," he added quietly. "Plus, the women generally wear only sandals with these things. They will see his feet and he probably has hair there. They won't see his hands if he keeps them under this long top piece or uses gloves," he explained showing how it could be used to conceal any form whatever.

"Do you think that anyone could tell from the face part?" Jimmy looked close at Tim. He stared into the knitted fabric.

"No, I don't think so."

"What about if he wanted to eat or drink?"

"I guess you could just cut a slot for the mouth," Jimmy responded. It isn't like it is some expensive piece of clothing. It's just cheap cotton."

"Good point. Remember to do that on the other one too," I told him. He glanced over at me, but neither he nor Tim said anything.

"I still think he needs boobs," Jimmy said, squeezing at Tim where they would be if he were a girl. He jumped back as Jimmy pushed at his chest. It made me laugh.

"I'm guessing you can set him up with something that will feel like he has reasonably realistic boobs."

That made sales boy smile. "Yeah, we got some of that stuff too," he said.

"Go change back, Timmy. We will go find the rest of your costume." I couldn't read his face, hell I couldn't even see it. He only stood for a second and turned and went back into the changing room. I wondered what was running through his head, but the details were unimportant, he did as I said and didn't speak.

"If you show up tonight, boy," I started talking to Jimmy, "you better be as convincing as he is,' I thumbed toward Tim. "No facial hair, shaved smooth as you can get it; feet too, if yours are hairy. You might be serving as entertainment for some frat brothers," I revealed my plan to Jimmy.

"Omigod. Really? You think they would do that?"

"If I tell them you two are girls, and I treat you like girls, and you guys are slightly convincing looking, and they are drunk, then they won't hesitate to line up for a blow job from someone they think is a girl," I told him. "Show me what you have for completing the look, and I will expect you to have the same thing on when you show up tonight." I did my best to sound convincing. I couldn't guarantee the guys would be interested, but I had a feeling a welcome blow job from a shapeless mouth might get a few semi-drunk guys going. I wasn't convinced he would show, but he did hang out in bathrooms, sucking dick, so the thought of it might be enough to get him to be there too.

He grabbed some long blue gloves that matched the burqa. "These will cover his hands just in case," he said. We went over a couple of aisles and he found a set of silicone boobs of some kind, and a bra he said would work. "It adjusts all around so it fits a lot of sizes," he explained.

"You seem to know a lot about his sort of thing," I said.

He blushed. "Its what the cross dressers who come in here buy," he explained. "They say it's an easy bra to use when they don't have to show off their body. I think it is mostly Velcro so it adjusts easy.  Make the bra tight so the silicone tits don't move around. Exactly how far are you going to make him go," he asked.


"Well, like I said. His feet will be showing in sandals. Assuming he gets rid of any hair there, they will still look like guys feet."

"Are you going to suggest something?" I asked.

He grabbed a bottle of nail polish off a shelf as we went past heading back to the dressing room area. "Make him paint his toenails. If the guys are drunk, they won't look at the feet as much if they see the painted nails. Since his hair on his head is not super short he can get away without a wig, because I know if you pull this thing off, those guys will be holding onto his head, even if it is covered up."

I laughed. He was already thinking about it seriously, as I had done during the week. Tim was going to be very uncomfortable tonight, but sales boy might let him relax some if he sees him getting away with it too. "Will you be painting your toenails too, Jimmy?" I goosed him as we were walking. He jumped but kept moving.

"Of course. The last thing I want is to get caught at a frat house dressed as a girl looking to suck dick," he said. "I won't say a thing once I am in the door. I hope you are easy to find there."

"How many folks you figure are going to be dressed in burqas tonight?" I laughed at him.

"A few maybe. We've sold a lot, but mostly to people older than you guys," he answered. "Can you tell me I'll be safe if I show up.

"If you act like a woman in a burqa, no one is going to go through me to try anything on you unless I say so," I told him.

"Will I get to suck your cock?" he asked looking at me.

"You might, if you're well behaved. Just make sure you have that mouth slit cut open and no beard stubble." I was amazed that he was interested. Fags were still a little confusing to me.  Who knew one blowjob and the fag was stuck on you in their mind? "You liked it that much the time in the bathroom?"

"Yeah, I liked it." He looked around to see who was in listening range. "I'll go get my face waxed," he said.

"Good idea. I hadn't thought of that," I told him. Face wax? I didn't even know guys did that.

"Well, I have and your buddy better, if you seriously think some guy won't feel stubble on his cock or balls, even if we are covered up in those outfits."

Fucking hot! Not only was I going to have Tim dressed up as my woman, but this sales fag too. Plus, he was giving me advice to get Tim looking or feeling more like my property for the night. Nice. It looked like was going to get some of the guys there at the party tonight a good blow job. Both of these two were good at it, so I had no problem seeing some of the guys in my frat or any other frat guys getting off using a warm, wet, mouth on one of them. I would just need to keep an eye on things so no one got too grabby or wanted anything more than to use their mouth. It was hilarious. If I could share my amusement with any of my buddies I would have, but to get away with the scenario required me to keep as quiet about it as Tim and Jimmy did tonight. Most of those guys wouldn't want a fag sucking their dick. However, wet mouth in a blue sack, who is a girl in their mind? That could happen.




I couldn't believe Ian, telling me to keep quiet while he and that sales guy talked about me. Then that guy wanted to feel my chest and talked about making me have boobs for the night. I had never done anything like dressing up and didn't understand why I should start it tonight. I took off the burqa and rolled it up. If I had a better idea for a costume I wouldn't think of doing this. I needed to go look around and see what else was in this store.

When I got out of the dressing room I couldn't see Ian or that sales guy. I started looking around for other options, but whatever I looked at I couldn't tie to Hollywood couples. There were pirates but I didn't want to be Johnny Depp and who would I get to go with me? Ian had obviously been thinking about what he was going to be for the party and decided it for me too. Could I convince Ian to do some other costume? How did I get myself into this all of a sudden? I knew the answer to that one, it was Ian's cock. Maybe it was Ian, I was just really attracted to the way he took charge of things and acted as if everyone would do as he wanted. Fuck I was confused. What kind of mess was I? I'm a guy. I'm a frat member. I'm a student here looking to move on to a life and a family. What the fuck was I doing thinking about Ian and his cock? This stuff had to stop before it got out of control. I should have been thinking about a costume LONG before now and I wouldn't be here in this situation, but I was focusing on getting the party set-up all correct the way the girls wanted it. Now I was going to end up being Ian's girl for the night if I wore this stuff. Why did I find that appealing?

"Hey Timmy," I heard Ian's voice, calling me from somewhere in the store. "We're over here." Ian must have seen me looking around the aisles. What the fuck was I going to do?

Ian handed me a bunch of stuff; silicone boobs, a bra, nail polish. "Whoa, wait a minute," I started to protest. "I don't think I can do this. I don't want to be a harem girl for the night. How can I go a night without talking? I helped plan the party."

"Silence is golden Timmy," Ian looked stern smacked my ass and started heading toward the front of the store. I could feel the heat in my face. The sales guy giggled as he did it. "Stay in character for your performance tonight," he said as he walked off smirking.

"I didn't even agree to this," I said, ignoring him telling me to be quiet, and trying to ignore the sales vampire. I started following him so I could tell him what I thought of the idea. Why did he go and slap my ass just now? How embarrassing. What did the sales guy think? I thought he would only do something like that when other people weren't around. What if the guy figured out that I was sucking Ian's cock? How would he know that? Maybe I was protesting too much. Maybe I needed to shut up like Ian implied. What did he want me to do?

"IanÉIan," I called to him in a loud whisper buy he ignored me as I was running to catch up. Once I got up to him I continued talking, "I don't think I can go dressed as a girl tonight."

"Sure you can, Timmy," was all I got in response.

"I would be uncomfortable. I haven't ever done this."

He stopped in the aisle and looked at me. "It isn't that tough, Tim," he said. "You're completely covered, head to toe. No one will know it's a guy under there. I have it under control. You'll be fine. No one is going to know its you, if you think like a girl and act like a girl under there and do as I tell you, follow the instructions I give you." His eyes were serious. His tone was serious. My own eyes dropped to staring at the floor. I couldn't look him in the eye. "Do you hear me?" he asked. "Do you understand what I am saying?" He paused. "Answer me," he said directly.

"Yes Sir," was all I could say. I don't know why, but that was my response. It fell from my lips before I could stop my brain from putting it out there. He had thought it all out. I hadn't thought about costumes enough. I was unprepared and he had already decided this.

"Good boy," he replied and for whatever reason that made me feel okay at that moment. Like this was decided right there and somehow I had done what he wanted me to do. It made me feel a little better for some reason.

"Let's go check out. We have things to do to get you ready," he smiled as I looked up at him. Fuck me, I was going to go to the Halloween party I helped plan as a woman in a burqa. I had said yes for some reason I didn't really understand.

I was kinda bothered checking out. How often do two guys buy silicone boobs and nail polish not to mention what is essentially a dress and not be embarrassed? It didn't seem to bother Ian at all. The cashier never said a thing, maybe because it was Halloween time. Maybe it wouldn't be a problem me getting all dressed up. I could have a few beers maybe and be relaxed enough to not let it bother me. As long as I kept my trap shut and didn't say anything. Wait a minute; these things didn't have a mouth on them. I guess in that part of the world women weren't meant to be heard. The burqa had that weird, knitted-looking space in the headpiece for people to hear a woman speak, but not see her mouth Just like me tonight, seen but not heard, no focus on what came out of the mouth.


Tim was reacting just as I had hoped. Once he saw what I had planned for a costume he whined for a bit but he quickly gave in. He even acknowledged me as Sir, however quietly, there in the store. At least unconsciously he knew how to respond. He was easy to convince once I took a certain tone of voice, a certain direct stance on what I wanted. I knew the years of swimming had an effect on him. I wondered if he had been brought up in a strict home, like mine where you were expected to answer the way adults wanted you to answer.

I still wasn't sure if he was reacting to me as his friend placing a demand on him or as a natural reaction to me as the guy who was feeding him my dick. I decided it didn't really matter right then. He was following and I was leading, the natural order of things, as I had been learning. I was stoked! I had not only Tim, but Jimmy showing up tonight if I read the sales fag right. This would be a great time if I had two burqa-covered bitches serving up blowjobs for the party.  That would stoke my ego and get me some points with a lot of guys. The thought of that possibility made my cock harden in my pants. I was going to get more than a few stud points around town with this scene if I could get the fags to keep their mouths shut except when they sucked cock. I was riding a wave of testosterone.


"What?!? I don't want to paint my toenails."

Ian smacked me across the face hard. "I don't care what you want at the moment," he told me. "I already told you that this is the best way to insure that someone doesn't figure out it's you, Timmy. You agreed that you were going to dress up like I suggested. I know best, Timmy. I know what guys are like. If they see you standing next to me, sure they might think you are a tall girl, but if your toenails are all is showing in the sandals, in the outfit, they are NOT going to be paying any attention to them. They are going to assume you are a girl, which is the point of this costume," he told me again.

He seemed so certain, so reasonable. How was I going to argue with him? It made it tough for me. I had no idea what the normal reaction of guys was to tall women, to women in a burqa. How did he know this shit? It never crossed my mind to think of things the way he seemed to think of them.

"What happens if I say something?" I asked.

"You don't. The point of women in burqas is to NOT say anything. You are encountering men you don't know, who are not your relatives. You shouldn't be around by yourself in public where Men can encounter you. I am going to be near you the whole party. If you leave my side, I will come looking for you, but as I already told you, you have no reason to leave my side."

He made it sound so easy. Don't leave his side. I knew that I would get bored or distracted standing next to him the whole night. How could I stay quiet the whole night? I had helped plan this thing. Yet somehow I knew he was right. Stick by him, and it would be okay. It was making my dick kinda hard thinking about it. I might get to suck his cock if I did this costume thing his way.

"Okay, okay," I told him, "I get itÉSir."  He reached out and took a hold of my foot. He reached for the nail polish and I was shaking. I was going to let him paint my toenails. I was WAY not ready to have some guy do this but it was Ian and I settled down as he started in. It made me feel a bit less stressed having him do it. No way I could hold my hands still enough to do this on my own. It was sorta freaky at first. I was no way a queer guy, but having him take my foot and paint my toenails made me feel like some kind of ÉI don't knowÉsome kind of special person. He had picked up a dark red sort of maroon polish, and he seemed to know what he was doing.


The whole scene was much hotter than I had anticipated. I wanted to not get worked up about it, to let Tim feel as if this was sort of natural that he plays the role of a girl tonight to me in his costume. I had painted some girls toenails of course. Girls got off on this sort of thing, letting their guys do the work for them. Tim was extending his leg with his foot in my hands as I took the nail polish and began to apply the stuff to his toes. I was really enjoying it. He was submitting to my wishes for his costume. He was actually letting me put polish on his toenails. He was much easier to convince than I had figured. It just reassured me he really needed a strong, dominant guy to run his life

It wasn't that I wanted a sissy sort of boy for anything, but the whole idea that he would let me do this is what got me horny. His foot in my hands and his submission was really working me over. It was a good thing that I had already thought about what I wanted him to go through tonight that kept me from fucking his face right at that moment. I wanted to use him as a complete slut, with other guys taking their turns on his face. He seemed to have no clue and I wasn't going to say a thing to him about it. Who would say a thing to a faceless, shapeless, warm, wet mouth tonight? I was sure that I could pull off the whole setup. I wouldn't normally do this sort of thing, degrade a guy or a girl like I was considering doing with Tim, but I wanted him to get a lesson in following directions. I wanted him to experience being a slut, under my direction. I wanted to see if I could get him to behave like a slut if I wanted him to be that way.


I was completely frozen letting Ian paint my toenails. Who knew? I never thought about this before, but it was completely sexy, having him do it. Holy shit! I was getting hard as he took each toe and put nail polish on them. I was not a girl, I was a guy, I kept telling myself. He had already pulled the stubble off my face with some kinda hair removal wax. I thought it would hurt like hell but it hadn't really hurt at all. Some kinda stuff I had never seen before. My face was smooth as a baby's ass. This was not exciting. This was not happening, I kept telling myself that, but I was totally turned on having him paint my toenails and dress me up. What kind of freak was I? What was I thinking when I agreed to this?

"You are going to be totally unrecognizable," he said. "No one will know you are a guy. I can see it totally working," he continued. The excitement in his voice was palpable. If it made him excited maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing, if it made him enjoy the party. He brushed polish on my little toe first, then moved on to the next one. He had found these things, I'm sure they had a name but I had no clue what they were called, that separated my toes so that the polish would dry. He had very steady hands and there wasn't a mistake in the way he applied the polish. I felt a bit silly as he did it. My leg stretched out, in his lap and my foot extended. We sat on the sofa in his room.

"This is weird," I said.

"Do you want someone recognizing you?"

"No, of course not," I replied. He had finished one foot. I looked at it as he picked up the other one and started doing those toes. I was turning my foot all about looking at it. It WAS weird seeing it like that. No way was I leaving this stuff on any longer than I needed to do. Crap! He didn't get any polish remover. "How do I get this stuff off?"

Ian laughed. "Okay, so I forgot about that. We can get some polish remover at the sorority later."

I was pretty sure he was right, but it wasn't the answer I wanted.

"I don't think I make a good girl," I stated. "It doesn't look good." I wanted him to know I did not want to be a girl.

"I think it looks fine," Ian responded. "It isn't like you have to keep it on. It's just to make the costume believable." Ian finished the other foot, doing my big toe last. "Let those dry. Don't touch it at all for a while. I'm gonna go grab a beer, you want one?" he asked.

"Yeah, that sounds good. WAIT," I said loudly. "Don't leave. What if someone comes in while you are downstairs?"

"They won't. I put a necktie on the doorknob."

"WHAT?" I couldn't believe it. He had put out the sign that he was busy fucking, go away on the door and I was in here with him. "What if someone hears me in here?"

"You worry too much, Timmy," he said with a huge grin on his face. "Sooner or later people are going to figure out you like dick." I just looked at him. My mouth was probably open. "No one is coming in here. They have enough respect for me to leave me alone when that tie is on the doorknob. It could mean I'm studying or whatever. It doesn't always mean sex. You gotta get over your fear of people knowing you're a fag, Timmy."

With that he left the room, closing the door quietly behind him, leaving me to stew on his words. A fag! It was like getting slapped. What could I say though? Here I was going to dress up as his harem girl and my toenails were painted. I looked at the rest of the outfit sitting there knowing I would have some bra on with fake tits and that whole burqa and no one would probably figure out it was me. Only Ian and me would know. I had to be quiet, had to shut up and follow him around all night. If I did all of that I might be able to suck his cock. That was the goal right? Choosing to suck his cock in exchange for completing his costume idea. I chose to do this because I wanted to suck his cock again. I wanted to do that, so I guess I could live with the outfit. Who would figure it out anyway, right?


Holy crap. Other than the fact I knew it was Tim, I would never have guessed it once he was all dressed up in his outfit. From the flip flops on his feet to his head all covered. Good thing I was taller than him, lol. He was a tall girl, he must be around 6 feet, but it made sense considering my height. I laughed. I couldn't help it.

He went over to the mirror in the bathroom. He didn't say anything. Once he got the thing on he went quiet. Which was good. Trying to keep him that way would be his issue. Frankly I didn't care too much if someone figured out, but I did want him to suck some random guy's cock tonight, so that would only happen if he kept his trap shut. I had no intention of letting Tim go wild, I knew I wanted to keep him around and train his brain to respond to me. He looked down at his feet. He reached up with his gloved hands and felt for the fake boobs in his bra he was wearing underneath all of that.

"I know you are going to be hot in that thing. Make sure I get you plenty to drink tonight," I told him. "Happy I cut a hole for your mouth?"

He nodded but didn't say anything. "Your feet look fine," I told him for reassurance. "You ready to go?" He just stood there in the mirror looking, then turn to the side checking again, turning to the front. He moved in close to the mirror checking the knit fabric area where you could eyes and nose if you looked close enough.

I had to admit to myself this was pretty damn hot. I went over to the mirror and stood next to him. I hadn't shaved for a few days, so face looked all rough and hairy, I had a turban loosely covering my head. Then I had the white shirt sorta robe and a grey/brown vest over that. I was carrying a plastic fake machine gun of some kind and a plastic knife on a belt around my waist. Then there were my flip flops. I thought the outfit did nothing for me as far as making me look good, but together, I thought it was fucking hot; me a guy from a culture/group that treated women as property, and my woman next to me. If I were the guy in some dusty, back town of a land where you lived like that what would I do with my woman if we were headed out into the town at night. So I did it, I reached out and took his glove-covered hand in mine. His head jerked to look at me. "Don't sweat it, Timmy, you'll be fine. You belong to me for the night, I won't let you out of my sight. You behave and you'll get what you want." He didn't say anything and followed as I led him out of my room, out of the house, and to the party.


I was lightheaded. Ian was leading me around by the hand. He said I belonged to him tonight. Holy crap. What did that mean? I guess it was good him taing me by the hand because I was no way used to being covered head to toe and I wasn't used to trying to see out of one of these things. I was glad this was a costume and not required wear in this country. How did those women get around at night? I guess they didn't. That was the point. Keep the woman at home at night. Big bad guys might want to abduct her. I almost laughed, but realized I was the woman in question tonight, and I wasn't sure I needed to think about being led around like this all my life.

When we had been standing in front of the mirror I was kinda freaked out. I thought it looked pretty good, but I was way scared of the fact you couldn't tell I was a guy. Anyone could be inside this thing next to Ian. I felt sort of helpless. The whole point was to carry off the costume well. So Ian could look good. I was like an attachment to his costume. It didn't matter who was inside it. I was supposed to feel helpless I guess. No talking, no mingling with the other guys. Not that I wanted anyone to figure this out.

"This is going to be fucking great," he nearly shouted. "I bet I win best costume. As long as you keep your trap shut we should do okay. Stay in character and I bet we win. There will be too many zombies and vampires to choose from. Plus some folks will find us scary. Man, this is great."

He was honestly excited about this. I was just nervous, but seeing him excited was fun because I was the reason he was excited.

"If you have any problems with anyone tonight, about anything just grab on to my hand, got it?" He looked to check my acceptance. I nodded. "Good boy," he added. Shit, I gotta remember not to say that. Good girl. I'm pleased you are getting into this."

Girl? I wasn't sure if I was getting into it or not. I was fucking freaking on the inside. He was going to be calling me a girl all night. I hadn't thought about that part. Sure, I had figured he was right, no one would get it and if they did would just laugh it off, but I was doing it because I wanted to suck Ian's cock. I wasn't doing it because I thought it was a joke, or I was getting into it. I didn't want to be his girl. What did I want?

Once we got near the house the sidewalks got more filled with people. "Just stay behind me," Ian indicated. "But close by. Don't need you getting lost out here." He laughed.

How humiliating. I could just imagine getting lost and trying to figure out my way. I would have to wander around either fully dressed like this, or remove the head part, still have on a dress and let everyone see me. Even being Halloween didn't make that appealing. This was like being a little kid again. Not wanting to get separated too far from Mom for fear of something happening. Maybe that was why he had me calling him Sir, Ian saw me as a kid or something. Did that make him my Dad in his eyes? I would try to stay near him, I didn't want to think about getting separated from him right now.

When we got to the house, thank god there was plenty going on. There were people all over the place. It looked like a standard sorority party getting going. People were in the front courtyard talking and drinking. People were in the house doing the same thing. We headed into the house and I stuck close to Ian. I did not want to be forced to explain my costume. I wanted that to come from Ian, not me. I needed to be quiet and be the part of the costume he had chosen.

Ian started right in talking with folks. Some I knew, some I didn't. I am sure if this thing hadn't been covering my face people would have seen me staring with bug eyes. It was really a different place to be at. Inside this covering, trying to think like a woman, a quiet dominated woman.


The party was going great. I stationed us by one of the interior doorways and we stood there. People came by and talked with me. I wanted to be near a spot where people came and went, so that plenty would get a chance to see us. I wanted Tim to get adjusted to saying as little as possible in situations like this, to look to me for words and guidance. It was incredibly hot to know he was freaking out inside that outfit and in his brain. It gave me such a rush of power and control that my dick had been hard since he had gotten all dressed. But no one would see that either since I was wearing pretty baggy clothing myself. Plenty of room for my cock to throb and no one would notice.

"I'm going to go get some drinks. You want something?" I asked. He looked up. I couldn't see much of his eyes at all, but his nod indicated he needed something. I figured I would get him something to sip on, not a beer, to butch. Something with vodka, strong enough to calm his frayed nerves and get him loosened up a bit. "I'll come back here. Don't move and don't talk." I patted him on the ass as I headed to the makeshift bar Tim had probably helped set up.

What made this so damn hot was that Tim was doing this because I had said it was what I wanted. I wasn't sure yet that he even knew that. If I wanted him on an exercise plan, he started it; if I wanted him hairless, he started shaving; if I wanted him dressed up as a girl, okay, a formless, shapeless girl from somewhere, he did it. It got me real fucking hard and made my mind wander to all sorts of things I could to do with him. He might not know how fucking hard it made me but he'd find out soon enough. I glanced down to see if anyone could see through my outfit how stiff my cock was. Looked fine to me. Thanks god these guys wore robes and not khakis. That made me crack a smile at the thought.

When I got back there were two women in burqas standing next to each other. Damn HOT! That Jimmy kid must have decided to follow up on my suggestion and show up for the party. Frankly, I couldn't tell them apart. They were almost the same height. I knew Tim was in better shape, the other cocksucker was skinnier but I couldn't tell from all the clothing they both had on. I figured Tim needed to understand that he wouldn't ever be the only cocksucker in my life, he may as well get used to that fact now. He wouldn't say a thing dressed like this, he would have to accept it.

I looked down and saw four feet sticking out of the burqas. Hell, the kid had even used the same color nail polish, I had used on Tim. At least I could tell the difference now. I knew Tim's feet from putting the polish on earlier. I cracked a big smile. Tim was a bit taller, than Jimmy. Both were shorter than me though so I didn't figure anyone would guess they were guys. Jimmy was a bit more fem in his movements, just standing there looking at Tim. Wish I knew what Tim was thinking, see his face.