Becoming a Boy 23

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Stacey put the last twist of the screw back into my locking rings. He had found me in my room and taken me off to a quiet part of the farm and unlocked me. It had taken a while for me to get hard. It had only been a couple days since Daddy had fucked me so good. I hadn't even barely said goodbye to him because I had been so worn out and it had felt so great. The little wad I shot just now hardly compared to the experience with Daddy.

"There, you are all set and locked back up," he announced. "Feel better?"

"No," I answered straight away. "I don't feel better. It feels wrong. I should be saving this up for when a man is using me. My little bit of cum isn't worth it. I don't need to cum like this anymore"

"Do you really believe that, Danny?" Stacey looked at me. "Please, bitch. You should cum when you want to. Why should your old man decide when that is, when he isn't even here? Why should Johnson decide it is okay to milk you if he wants to get his rocks off?"

"Well, because they are Men," I told him. They can tell when I need to cum, and it really feels so good when I cum when they are fucking me."

"Of course that feels good, but there is no reason you can't control when you cum yourself," he told me. "For now, I am going to unlock you regularly so you can cum, otherwise you will get too horny, believe me."

"But Daddy says I shouldn't be cumming at all."

"Yeah, and you broke that rule yourselfÉor did you forget that already?"

He was right. I was the one who had been driven to distraction with being locked down. I had jimmied the rings that kept me locked and jacked off. Now I was beginning to think he was just trying to use that knowledge for something, but I couldn't figure out what.

"It had been a long time then," I said trying to make an excuse. "I really HAD to cum, it felt like I was going to burst if I didn't. Today it's only been a couple days. I hardly felt horny at all. Maybe Daddy and Mr. Johnson are right that we don't need to cum as often as they do," I tried to sound convincing for myself as much as for Stacey.

"They are old men. They forget what it's like for us young guys. If you keep your mouth shut you'll get to cum when you want," was all the response he gave me.



Oh my god! There was another person dressed just like me at the party. I spotted her when Ian went to get drinks. She spotted me too. I could see her looking around the room and house and then when she saw me, she headed straight for me. Who the hell was it? Why was she coming this way? Whoever it was leaned over and pretended to give me a kiss on the cheek when she got there.

"How's it going so far?" a guy whispered into my ear. Holy crap. Another guy dressed up as a woman underneath all that blue cloth. I honestly couldn't tell it was a guy when I saw her. The costume looked great. I jerked my head around as I heard him speak. He had balls, talking here, at the party I thought to myself. Should I say anything? Ian had said not to speak. "Who are you?" came out of my mouth quicker than I had anticipated.

"It's Jimmy. I'm the sales guy from the Halloween store. Ian told me to be here too, dressed the same way that he was going to dress you up. How did I do?"

I looked him over and he looked like me. He looked like a woman in a burqa. Maybe I looked passable too. I sure couldn't tell that he was a guy. His toenails were painted and he was wearing flip-flops. He had cut a hole for his mouth too. "You look like a woman," I whispered quietly.

"Well, so do you, honey," was his response. "If we are lucky, it will get us some cock to suck on tonight."

What?!? I didn't plan on sucking cock here tonight. Not at the party I had helped plan. I wasn't out for doing that. Okay, I wanted to suck Ian's cock I could admit that. I can't believe I was thinking that.  I just stared at this Jimmy guy, who looked like a girl. Actually, I thought he just was shaped like a girl in a mess of clothes, I mean, now that I knew, I could see most anyone in there being anything. Suck cock?? Ian hadn't said anything about that to me. Other than the fact I was dressed as a woman, why did this Jimmy guy assume I would suck cock?

"What are you talking about? Why would I suck someone's cock?" I told the other woman who looked like me, only maybe a bit shorter.

"Please, don't try fooling me or anyone else. I've seen you with your man. You followed him around like a puppy in the store. You did everything he told you to do while you were there. You are under that man's spell. Plus, I know EXACTLY," he emphasized in a louder whisper, "what you are doing. I've sucked him off too, you know. He's got the biggest dick I've ever seen. There's no reason to be ashamed of sucking that man." he said. "Here he comes now, so I am going to shut up like a good woman in a burqa."

I had no idea what to think, let alone to say. Ian let this guy suck him off? How many guys had sucked Ian's cock? Was I just one of a bunch of guys that he let do that? Then I started thinking of other stuff. Was I that obvious to everybody? If this guy could see me following Ian around and doing what he said to do, did everyone know already that I was sucking Ian's cock?

"I thought I saw you come in," Ian said looking at Jimmy. He laughed at his own statement. "Of course its hard to miss a girl in a burqa." I know I blushed underneath my own outfit. Ian held three drinks in his hands. He must have seen Jimmy wander over here. That meant he had been watching while I stood here. I found that vaguely reassuring he hadn't let me out of his sight. He held a drink out to me first, then the other to Jimmy. He moved in between Jimmy and I and stood there. "Drink slowly, girls. I don't want you drunk, tonight," he added with a wink.

I couldn't believe he was calling us girls. I mean okay, yes, for the moment that was the point, but I wasn't a girl. I was going to say something but then realized that I shouldn't be saying anything. Too many people were around. I wondered if he really thought of me that way? I wasn't a girl. It made me mad to think about it. I took a big sip of my drink. WOW it was strong. No wonder Ian said to go slow. I tried to stand around and look at people without staring. It was next to impossible to look like a guy I finally decided. I had essentially a sack like dress, long gloves to match, painted toenails, and fake boobs just in case someone decided to squeeze them. I tried looking over at Jimmy but he was staring off at something. I couldn't tell since I couldn't see his face and eyes at all, even with the relatively more open, knitted eye area. I decided no one else could see what I was looking at and just stared for a while.

Finally someone came by and started talking to Ian. Some guy dressed as some kind of outdoor adventurer like person, maybe Indiana Jones?

"S'up Ian?"

"Hey, Doug. Or is it Indiana tonight?" Ian smiled; damn he was handsome, even dressed up like an Afghan guy.  Whoever Doug was, he smiled back.

"And guessing by the ladies next to you, you must be an Afghan terrorist," he said. "I bet those burqas were tough to find," Doug stated, staring at Jimmy, who dropped his face toward the ground.

"Not really," Ian answered. "I just took them out shopping and we found them on the other side of town."

"Nice." This Doug guy leaned in closer to me to stare through my vision area and I dropped my eyes toward the ground, echoing Jimmy's move. "Damn can't see anything in there. How'd he convince you to cover up everything? Doesn't that bother you?" He addressed the question to us "girls."

"Come on now Doug. You should know the rules. Don't be staring or flirting with my wives. They belong to me. I'll have to behead you or something drastic if you do anything to dishonor them." Ian grinned as big as Cheshire cat when he finished saying that. Doug backed off with a little smile on his face, taking the teasing.

"No problem, man. I'll figure out who's in there eventually. That's part of the party games," he replied. They chatted a bit then he moved off. Ian stayed right where he was so Jimmy and I did too.

"That went well," Ian mused. "This should be interesting. Just keep up that demure attitude, don't let them figure out who you are."

Other people stopped by to talk. I lost track. Since I couldn't say anything, it didn't seem to matter much what the guys were saying. I wanted to talk to Jimmy, who was still on the other side of Ian. I don't know why I wanted to talk to him really. I didn't know him and what could I possibly say? Most of the time I was ignored, well Jimmy and I both were ignored. The guys stopped and talked to Ian. Some of the guys would smile at us, but not say anything directly. It was if I had disappeared in this situation. Did all women disappear in the midst of their man or was it the outfits that caused the men to ignore us?

Finally, some of the guys that started coming by were ones I at least could recognize. Then once they got there of course, I realized I couldn't say anything and stay in costume. I didn't want them to recognize me but I wanted to talk, to hang out.  My drink was gone and I wanted another. I couldn't just go over and ask for one, or I would be breaking Ian's rule about talking or being one of his wives for the night. I was torn between not talking, as Ian wanted and just going and getting a drink, which I wanted. After what seemed like an eternity his drink was empty too.

"Another drink, girls?" Both Jimmy and I nodded. "Follow me this time, we need to circulate some, and its more crowded. I don't want to leave you by yourselves," he said. When he started heading to the bar area, we got behind him and followed. Some people stared; I dropped my head some and kept an eye on Ian in front of me. I definitely was uncomfortable in people staring at me, when I was dressed as a woman. I didn't want the attention. I was a guy and being stared at like this, even if they didn't know me was making me uncomfortable.

"Dude!" I knew the voice. It was my roommate, Donor. Fuck. He looked pretty well dressed. It dawned on me he had said he was coming as James Bond. He had the suit part down, though he was a stockier version of Bond. I smiled a little at that thought. "Look at you," he said to Ian. "And the chicks with you. What a great idea. Why didn't I think of that?"

"Not as smart as me?" Ian replied with a question. They bumped fists while Jimmy and I hung around watching them talk.

"So who's inside there?" Donor asked Ian. He even pointed at us, but didn't speak to us.

"Oh, a couple of the wives. I can't keep them all at home. They demand to go out sometimes." Both Ian and Donor laughed at that. I didn't think it was ALL that funny. I just wanted another drink. Finally.

"Well, they don't say much," Donor added.

"They know better than to speak to strange men."

"HA! Bet that doesn't last long. No offense, ladies, but not talking for an evening is going to be tough," Donor had turned to us at the last comment. "Haven't run across too many people who can spend a whole evening drinking and NOT talking."

Neither of us said anything back to him. Donor kept staring at us, I dropped my head but Jimmy looked away. Before I knew it Donor had reached out a hand and grabbed my ass. I jumped a little. I wasn't used to a man grabbing my ass in public, let alone the guy I shared a room with at the frat.

"Nice ass under all that," he announced.

"Dude, seriously?" Ian started saying, "don't touch my women. I'll have to cut off your hand or something. They belong to me. My property. You ask first before touching any merchandise."

"Ohhhh, yeah, sooooo sorry, Ian." He said mockingly. "I forgot that you keep them as property, even if it is for one night." They both laughed again.

I couldn't believe that Ian and Donor just talked about me, about us, as a piece of furniture or something, but I knew not to say anything. I had no interest in having him figure out it was me. I just didn't think I would deal with that very well, or deal with Donor figuring it out.

"I don't know, they might decide this is the life for them. They might WANT to belong to me after this. Staying quiet, following me around, doing what I tell them to do," Ian high-fived Donor.

Listening and watching them made me think of times when I had already done what Ian wanted me to do, what he directed me to do. I could feel my dick starting to harden at the thought. Fuck, what was wrong with me. I was trying to make changes based on what appealed to Ian. I mean, sure, it wasn't like I didn't already do most of the stuff he has suggested. I already worked out, just not with focused routines on certain areas as much. I already removed most body hair before he suggested going to a laser removal salon. The BIG change was I was sucking his cock and letting him direct that when he wanted it. I was getting hard though listening to Ian talk about me doing what he said to do. Why did that make me hard? I was really confused, dressed as a girl, horned up thinking about doing what Ian told me to do, boned thinking about sucking his cock, and bothered a bit that Ian had other guys and girls he let suck him. I really needed to see a therapist or something I was beginning to think. I didn't think my behavior was really on the normal scale lately. Besides that, my roommate was feeling my ass and referring to me as a girl.

"You seen Tim yet," Donor asked Ian.

"Nope, not a peep. Wonder where he is?"

"or who he is," Donor added, "tonight,"

"True. He could be anywhere." They laughed.

"He'll be here, if he can pull himself away from the mirror," Donor said.  Okay, now they had my attention. They were talking about me and I was standing right next to them. Ian had a wicked grin on his face.  He was definitely enjoying this.

Ian laughed. "What do you mean?"

"Hell, he spends more time looking at himself in the mirror than some of the women I know," Donor glanced over at us.  "I know he is on the swim team, but he is always checking to see if he has any body hair anywhere. And he must be on some new swim team exercise program lately. He is always off at the gym and when he is in the room he is doing different exercises. Dude is serious about whatever program he is on."

Crap, I hadn't really thought Donor was paying attention, but I guess he was. I wondered if guys talked like this about other guys all the time?

"Huh, you think his training doing him any good," Ian asked him.

"I don't know. It's not like I'm paying that much attention, but when I do he is always doing squats and stuff or checking himself out in our mirror, ya start wondering."

"What do you mean?

"You know what I'm talking about. I'm starting to think he's gay or something. The way he carries on with keeping the hair off, staring at himself. I don't know. Maybe I'm wrong, just a hunch."

I couldn't believe Donor. He could tell something was going on, and here he was telling Ian about it. Ian had a big shit-eating grin on his face. He was laughing at Donor tell him about me. I could feel my face turn red under this garment. I glanced over at Jimmy and he was looking at me too. He knew they were talking about me. Somehow I could feel him smiling too under his burqa.

"You think?" Ian said. "Huh, I wouldn't have guessed, but I always wondered about those swimmers. They parade around in their speedos, all shaved, barely anything on.  Seems like a team a gay guy would be on, all that flesh to stare at."

Donor and Ian laughed. "I'm not turning my back on him, he might be staring at my ass," Donor added.

Seriously? He thought I was interested in him? I mean he wasn't ugly but he wasn't Ian. Wait a minute, I don't need to be thinking like that. I'm not gay, sure, I guess I could be considered bi, I got that now, but its not like I'm chasing everything around with a cock. I wasn't going to fuck a guy anyway. You fucked girls, not guys. My brain raced trying to think through what I was doing, what Ian was doing to me, what Donor was saying.

"Somehow, I don't imagine you have anything to worry about," Ian laughed at Donor.

"Wait a second, I have a decent ass," Donor shot back at Ian, then laughed at himself.

"I just don't think he's gay," Ian replied. "Even if he is, the way you describe him, he might be the one wanting to get fucked. Maybe you need to wave your cock around a little, Donor. See what happens." They laughed again.

I couldn't believe what Ian just said. I couldn't say anything or I would blow my costume and no way did I want anyone here to know it was me. Fuckin A, I had my toenails polished, I had a bra and fake tits on underneath this outfit. Ian was pushing it. I know he was doing this so I could hear it. I tried to imagine a place where the men talked about their women or guys like this in front of other people. Donor didn't know who we were from Adam, or Eve. It was like he was ignoring the fact we were here. On top of that I was hearing what someone else thought of me, someone who wouldn't normally share that sort of stuff with me. Donor was wondering if I was gay, why I was acting the way I did.

"I'm not that desperate," Donor said laughing. He looked over at me, staring intently. "Besides, she can probably provide some relief for me if I need it." He said it in a cocky way, as if he was the most eligible bachelor in the world. "The name is Bond," he said, "James Bond. The pleasure will be all yours later." I could feel myself blush. To have Donor picking me out, even under the burqa and saying the pleasure would be mine. It was like he suddenly became much hotter, assuming I would to pleased to be with him. Just the way he said it and assumed I would be happy to be with him.

"You keep your hands to yourself, Bond," Ian told him. "I already told you those are my wives."

"I can tell from the way she looks over here that she thinks I'm hot," Donor continued. "Even underneath all that outfit, I can tell you she thinks I'm something special, she wants me." They both laughed.

Donor was well on his way to drunk, was my guess. Still, it was shocking to me how easily transparent I was in life. I thought I was hiding things about myself. Hearing Donor intimate I was gay, hearing Jimmy say he could see how I acted around Ian, I was beginning to see that I didn't hide things as well as I thought I did. Then hearing him refer to me as a girl and that he thought I was interested in him. How could he see anything? Was I giving off some sign of interest to Donor? I reached almost instinctively for my crotch just to reassure myself, but luckily my dick was tucked to the side, not straight out in front of me, but it was hard as a rock. Listening to them talk about me as some sort of sex machine. He saw me as a girl! As if I would put out for him. As if I wanted to get fucked. I was pissed a bit at Ian but also was boned up and it scared me to think about it all. I was mad at Donor too for talking about me, gossiping about stuff he didn't know anything about. Men were pigs.

"I'm out. Catcha later, Ian. My drink is empty." Donor headed away. Ian burst out laughing.

"That was fuckin hilarious," Ian declared to no one, since we couldn't speak back to him. "He thinks Tim is gay, AND he thinks you, my woman, want him tonight. It's great. Couldn't have had a better laugh. These costumes are great! Learning anything, dear?" Ian called me "dear" and that was what I heard. I think my cock oozed a bit after I heard him say it. Fuck I was messed up. I was his girl for the night, and people accepted that, even if it was a costume. Plus people could see I reacted to Ian as if I were his girl. AND all of that, knowing it and having it spread there in front of me was making me hard and confused.

I knew not to say anything. Ian would drop me with a punch probably if I did. I had to just stay confused under this outfit and accept the conversations that I heard. Ian turned to Jimmy.

"I'm sorry babe, Donor didn't seem to find you as attractive as your co-wife. We'll have to find you someone else to hook-up with later." Jimmy nodded her head and reached for Ian's arm, sliding his arm through Ian's. What a slut, I thought. Sucks cocks on campus and then comes to this party looking for more. Fuck me; I thought some more about it. I suck cocks in alleys and came here looking for more of that same cock from Ian. I was in way over my head. I suddenly knew it. I let myself get talked into this by Ian. I was always doing things because a buddy was telling me to do it. Maybe I enjoyed doing what someone said to do, maybe that made me something besides a guy in Ian's book. A cocksucker? A girl? Fuck, I was more confused than before the party. I glanced at the floor, I didn't feel like looking at Ian, at Jimmy, at the people around me. When I looked down I saw my feet. My toenails painted a maroon shade. I thought first that it was a nice pedicure and then thought to myself, I'm a girl tonight. A girl horned up for a man, who was enjoying this party a lot. That was how a good friend saw me, which was how Jimmy saw me. How did Ian see me? I didn't feel like a girl, but I suddenly didn't feel very much like a guy either.


It was hilarious. I was still laughing to myself. Donor said a lot. I couldn't have hoped for as much from anyone. He thought Tim might be gay. He was making passes at Tim as a girl. Donor told him he had a nice ass, must have freaked him out. That meant the costume was working. If Donor didn't know who was in the burqa, no one else would either. I wondered what Tim was thinking, but then started laughing again. He must be going through some mental gymnastics after all that information. I wanted to laugh out loud.

Jimmy was holding onto me as a wife might. "Come on girls," I said loudly to be heard over the party. "We need a drink." I checked to be sure Tim was following. He was, head down submissively I thought, but following nonetheless. A good boy. I needed to tell him that somehow. The night was going well.

"IAN!" a girl was hollering from somewhere. I scanned the room. It was Tressa I thought. She had a blond guy with her, she was dragging him behind her, tall and muscled. She wasn't really made up too much, looked like she was heading to work in an office. The guy was dressed in jeans and a checked flannel shirt. I wasn't sure who they were supposed to be, and didn't recognize the guy. "Hey Ian, this is Andrew." We shook hands; Tressa hugged me. "I'm Margaret." I must have looked blankly at her.

"Dummy, from the movie The Proposal, you know, Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds?"

"Oohhh, got it." I smiled. "Nice."

"Yeah, ok, so I am learning it isn't the best costume idea. I work with what I have," she said. "It was nice running into you a few weeks ago," she smiled and winked. I don't think Andrew or whatever his real name was, saw it. "Your costume is interesting," she stated. "Two wives? Are there any others around? That could be a crowd in a bedroom." She winked and smiled again. She gave the "girls" a once over and turned her attention back to me.

I had to laugh. I wasn't sure if she wanted more dick, or was just teasing. I don't think her current guy had a clue as to her teasing. "No, two wives is more than enough right now," I told her. "I have to get them trained properly before I get any more."

"Pig," she told me, but she meant it nicely.

"Yeah. It's true."

"So who are the lucky ladies?"

"You know I can't give that information out Tressa. It's Halloween. They could be anyone in there."

"You ARE a pig," she restated. "Do you ever settle for just one at a time?"

Ouch, maybe she was playing harder than I thought. "Where's your coffee Margaret? You seem to need something to settle your temper."

"My stomach has been a little upset lately, not sure I want to be drinking," she said," besides Andrew doesn't drink much. He's a good guy." The guy smiled at her politely.

"Well, I just wanted to say, hi. I have other people to see. Catch up with you later?" she asked.

"Sure, sounds good."

"Oh, tell that friend of yours, what's his name, I said hello."

I thought for a moment, she must mean Tim. "Oh, you mean Tim? The guy we spent time talking with when I saw you at the last party?"

She looked at me directly for a moment before answering. "Yeah, I thought it was Kim, but probably Tim, I forgot. AnywayÉ" she looked at my wives. "Keep an eye on your husband, ladies. His eyes wander. You might lose him, he strays off a lot."

Jimmy nodded at her, Tim just dropped his eyes to the ground. She headed off, just like in that movie, dragging her assistant along behind her.

I knew it was another blow to Tim's ego. She couldn't remember his name, but she knew mine. And she seemed to have no clue they were guys posing as my wives.; very nice.

Finally we got to one of the bar areas. The guy behind it was busy but we eventually got to the front of the line. "Same thing as before?" he asked.

"Yep. Three vodka tonics, two of them specials," I told him. It meant the girls got the specials, a bit of prime Everclear, that wonderful pure grain alcohol. The "girls" hadn't noticed, but they would be feeling no pain in a bit. Mine had regular vodka, and less than their drinks.

"Everyone is still standing," he mentioned nonchalantly.

I laughed. "Yeah, but they might be kneeling soon." That got me a smack on the arm from Jimmy and a smile from the bartender. I didn't know him he must be from another frat.

"I guess that would be a way to keep them quiet," he replied as he finished the drinks and I handed them to the "girls".

"I think they know to stay quiet," I replied. "They have been practicing for a while. I don't require a lot of conversation. They both know what they need to do to keep me happy." Jimmy nodded right away. Tim was just sort of looking away, sipping his drink. I nudged him. "Haven't you been practicing your quietness, my sweet wife of the oasis?" I added for emphasis. Tim nodded and didn't respond at all verbally.


Crap I had zoned out. No one knew I was a guy under here. Tressa didn't notice or even know my name for sure. Donor didn't notice. The bartender didn't notice. And I just nodded when Ian prodded me to respond to something he said. I nodded. He called me his "sweet wife of the oasis". I just nodded. Not being able to be seen or heard was sure a hell of a way to learn things.

Whatever he said, all I could do was nod and stay quiet. That was it. I was being obedient. Ian had gotten me to a place where I could see how others viewed me, and to a place where I didn't control anything, if I wanted to remain anonymous. I would be doing exactly as he said. I couldn't get out of this anyway that I could see unless I leave and just walk home. And what would that solve? I wouldn't be near Ian, I wouldn't get an opportunity to suck his cock, which I knew was really the point of me doing any of this. I did want his cock again. So that meant doing things his way, and here I am dressed in a burqa, people talking about me, and no one knowing I am here.

I wanted Ian's cock. I would do stuff I never did before in my life to suck it again. My own frat buddy Donor was wondering if I was gay, he thought I was acting gay. What was gay acting like? Did I act like Jimmy? Based on tonight I knew that answer, yes. I looked like his slightly taller twin inside these identical costumes, our toenails painted. If that was gay I was acting gay tonight. Crap, thinking back to earlier when Ian had painted my toenails and I watched him doing it. It had made my dick uncomfortably hard. If I had even brushed it with my hand I would have spotted my underwear, leaked some cum. I know that. That is pretty gay, letting your friend paint your toenails so that you could dress up the way he wanted you to dress for a party.

I knew I was getting a little drunk. The drinks were strong, but I had no say in that. No say whatsoever. I had agreed to this and here I was. Same as when I got drunk at the bar and said I would be a cocksucker for Ian. Here I was unable talk or do something that I might want to do, like ask Donor more about why he thought I was gay. I was doing only what he Ian wanted me to do. I got a little light-headed at the thought and stumbled over my own feet. Someone grabbed my elbow and said, "Take it easy, ma'am, don't drink to much tonight." I almost replied `Thanks, dude', but caught myself before my voice would have given me away. It was some guy dressed as a cowboy. It looked like some western prostitute was by his side. Maybe a Gunsmoke costume, I figured. I guessed that he figured I was another woman, hanging with her man tonight. I gulped the last of my drink and tossed the cup in a trash can.

I wasn't sure where Ian was leading us, but I was following. It was making sense to me more. I was doing what he wanted and I had no idea what it would be next, but it didn't seem to matter now, I was going to do it. Just so I could get more cock from him, just so I could be with him, just so I could have someone telling me what to do next. What a realization! I was doing these things because he told me to do them. Thoughts swirled in my head. Just what did he have planned? How well did I know Ian? I was learning new stuff all the time. What exactly did he have in mind?

We were headed outside. First we stepped onto a large desk at the back of the house, then into the yard. Lots of trees and bushes surrounded the property, and people were scattered around the yard, which was bigger than most sororities. I wonder who did all the work on it? We stopped and I heard Ian talking all of a sudden.

"Well, well, look at all of the stuff goin on out here," he said to us I guessed, as no one else was nearby. "Looks like this is the make out room."

I looked closer and realized he was right. People in costumes were making out against trees, sitting on benches on the deck, laying in the grass swapping kisses. It was amazingly quieter than inside, though a few conversations were going on.

"Come on, girls. Let's go see what we can see," he told us. I was a girl for all intents and purposes tonight, so Ian calling me that made me a bit hard. There was a guy dressed as a vampire licking and kissing on the neck of someone in a white dress. It looked like a girl, but who knew? I looked like a girl tonight. Maybe it made her hot thinking the vampire might actually bite. There was Bonnie and Clyde, their toy guns laying next to them on the grass as they embraced against a tree, his hand behind her neck, her arms around his waist. "Well now, that looks like fun," Ian said. "Kissing your girlfriend like that."

He grabbed me by the hand, pulled me toward him and before I knew what he was doing, he had the back of my neck with his hand and he was kissing me. I don't just mean a peck on my lips, either. His tongue went right forward through the veil and parted my lips before I knew it and then he was sucking and chewing on my lips, tonguing me. At first my reaction was `what the hell?' people will be watching. What are you doing. I struggled against him, but he was much stronger than me. I'm not weak, but Ian has such a strong upper body and he had his hand on my neck and was wrapping his other hand around on my ass, kneading it, squeezing it. I thought back to when he kissed me while we were double teaming Tressa. I thought of how hot that scene had been and how relaxed I was feeling under his spell, or the alcohol. After a moment I stopped struggling. This was what I wanted. I then reacted like a girl, I guess. I moved my arms around his waist like the couple against the tree. I pulled him into me. Fuck what others saw. They saw a girl being ravished by a guy. I sucked on his tongue, I let out a little gasp at first, when he bit on my lip, but then found myself kissing back as aggressively as he was kissing me. Holy cow, I was kissing Ian at a freaking sorority party! Then he stopped and grabbed Jimmy and did the same to him; so much for feeling special. I looked around to see if anyone was watching. No one seemed to be paying attention.

"Damn you girls are good kissers," Ian grinned big after he had finished swapping spit with Jimmy. "I wonder what else you are good at."

I could feel the heat on my face. Neither of us said anything. We just looked at Ian to see what might be next. It was the alcohol, and a bit of my desire, I know, to take advantage of the situation as I saw it happening. I wanted Ian to know I enjoyed it, fuck whatever was going on in my head, who cared if others saw tonight? I was dressed head to toe in a sack, that made me look like a girl to other folks here. I already knew that. I moved in closer to him. I went back in for a kiss, something I had never done with Ian when I was dressed as a guy, well, I mean when it was a normal day.  When I moved towards him he seemed a bit shocked but didn't back away. I put my gloved hand on his crotch and rubbed. I felt his lips on mine. He again put his hand behind my head. He rubbed my neck and I rubbed his groin. I could feel his cock expanding; that big piece of Ian that I knew so well from sucking it. I wanted him to know I wanted it again, that I wanted to suck him.

"That's it," he told me. "I knew you had it in you to be my girl tonight."

Somehow those words made me feel good. I nodded back at him, not being able to say anything. I wanted another drink so I didn't lose my courage. I mimed another drink, to see if he would get the message.

"Another drink? Already? I thought maybe you had enough. No? You are shaking your head. Is that stuff giving you courage?"

I nodded yes.

He looked over at Jimmy who was still drinking his last one. "Okay", Ian said. Do NOT leave this spot. I will be back in a minute. I don't think my other wife needs another. Jimmy shook his head no. "I'm only doing this because I like how this is headed, and you don't need to lose that feeling," he told me. "I like you being slutty like this."

"Don't get too drunk," jimmy whispered to me after Ian left.  "You don't want to slip up and make any mistakes dressed like a Afghan woman."

"I'll be fine," I snapped at him.

"See you are already talking too loud," he replied.

He was right, I had said that too loud. I needed to watch it. I looked around to see if anyone had heard me or was close by. "Sorry, I screwed up. I forgot for a moment.  I just want to do what he says."

"You are WAY stuck on him, I can see that." Jimmy said. "He is not the settling down type, honey. You better be careful. Us gay boys can get hurt by Men like him."

"I don't even know if I am gay or not," I whispered to him. "I just know I feel like I need to do what he says. When he speaks to me or tells me things all I can think of is to do whatever it is." I was just telling him stuff I had barely said to myself, and sure hadn't verbalized to Ian.

"Oh goddess, you ARE a mess," he said waving his arm around. "You have it BAD for him. He isn't any good. He is just out for his own pleasure and amusement, girl. You need to know that," he whispered close to my ear. "I'm here to have FUN, not worry about him.

"Shut up," I whispered back. "He is really a great guy. I feel like I HAVE to do what he says. I always have felt I need to do what certain guys tell me. I don't understand it. I'm just beginning to think it through. I just need to do this. I can't screw up this chance. He is such a great guy and I just feel like this is what I need to do."

Jimmy just shook his head and wiggled a finger at me. "You are SO in trouble, I'm telling you. Sucking a guy's cock is one thing, being his bitch is another. You are in LOVE with that man and you don't even know it. Doing whatever he tells you to do because you FEEL like you need to do it. You damn well better be sure about it all, if you are going down that road. You will end up a mess if he takes you down that road and isn't interested in you hanging around him all the time."

Why did I feel so ignorant? Why did he think I was being crazy in what I was doing? Did I LOVE Ian? Is that what it meant when you did everything a guy wanted and hoped they liked having you around? I wasn't sure I loved him, but I did want to do whatever it took to suck that cock again.

"What do you mean a mess?" I wondered.

"I mean, sister, that you love that guy. He will take advantage of it because he can see it. "

"Stop calling me girl and sister," I whispered. "I'm a guy like you." Jimmy just looked me up and down.

"You may be a jock under that outfit, but tonight, you are a girl," he said quietly. "You need to remember that because I know tonight you are going to suck some cock. His and probably some other guys here at this party. They think you are a girl, so you better act like it. No grabbing your cock, no talking or making a sound," he said. "I know that is what I am going to do. I am NOT going to get exposed here. If you want to learn something about yourself, then you will stay quiet and do what they expect you to do."

"You think we are going to have to suck other people's cock?"

"I know we are," he said. If you REALLY want to do whatever he says, and I am guessing you do the way you are dressed up, then it goes with the territory. He is going to enjoy sharing you around with his buddies. That's how guys like him are. You might have been his buddy once, but its clear to me, and so it must be to him that you are his cocksucker now. Learn to enjoy it."

Ian was headed back so I couldn't say anything else. I wanted to tell Jimmy I was a guy, but some of what he said made sense. I WAS a girl tonight. I HAD got the costume, dressed up, let him paint my toenails, it all for Ian. Was the other stuff true too? Did he just see me as his cocksucker now? Not as his friend? I was somewhere I wasn't sure I needed to be.

"Here's your drink, girl." I took the cup from Ian.  I lowered my head. I felt embarrassed in front of him when he said it. He moved closer to me. "Good girl, I like the way you are behaving,' he whispered in my ear. "You gonna be a good girl tonight and do what I want you to do? he asked." I thought about the question. I took a sip of my drink and kept my head down. I wanted to do what he wanted. I just didn't know what all it would be. ""You know, you seem to like to do what I tell you to do." Ian's hand went to my chin and he turned my face upwards. "You know you like doing what I say." I nodded yes to him.  "You know by now I like when you do what I tell you do to." I nodded again. I knew he understood now. I knew I had said more by just nodding than I had told him in the last few weeks. "You will do whatever I want tonight, won't you?" I nodded again. I would do what he wanted, whatever it is. He liked me doing what he said. He knew I liked doing those things. "You're a good girl tonight, Timmy. You may be a guy under there, but tonight, you are going to be a good girl." He said using my real name for the first time since I put on this outfit.

I was so fucking hard. Hearing Ian talk to me like that. Agreeing to do what he wanted. I knew it meant sucking cock, Jimmy had said so, but it didn't matter. What mattered was that Ian liked me when I followed directions. What mattered was I liked it and knew it. He knew it. I could feel my dick throbbing, probably leaking. Ian liked giving orders and he understood I liked following them. I was a guy, but I was giving up control so Ian could have it.  Did that make me gay? A girl? I was lightheaded. The wave of release that came over me was huge. I felt suddenly free of something. A weight of not telling myself I liked to take orders from guys? Admitting I enjoyed following directions?

Ian took my arm and moved me into a shadowy area of the yard. We were somewhat behind a big tree. He put his hand on my shoulder and began pushing down on it. Pushing me down onto my knees. I was so lightheaded I dropped quickly. I was kneeling in front of him. Ian rubbed his crotch. The thought of getting to suck his cock was overwhelming to me. The idea that he knew now just how much I wanted to follow his directions was even more what was making me light headed.

"This cock is what you want isn't?" I nodded again as I looked up at him. "Go ahead, show me, since you can't speak, what it is you want."

I reached my hand nervously up to his crotch. There were people all over the place at the party. Not many were near here but they all could come by and watch. All the girls I had planned the party with, Donor, Tressa. Everyone could know if Ian decided to unmask me. The danger made my adrenalin surge. I could feel my heart pounding. I was looking up at Ian and he was smiling. I started to feel the heat of his cock as I neared it and when I reached out to rub it through his pants, I felt the energy transfer to me. I wanted it, wanted to feel it in my throat.

"Lift my robe," was all he said. So I did. I followed his order.  I reached and lifted his robe; he had boxers on underneath. "Take it out," he told me. I reached inside the fly of his boxers and grabbed his cock. He was already hard. I looked up at Ian. He was smiling big and looked real happy. That settled my nerves some and I guess you could say I relaxed. It was strange. Hear I was off in a corner of a yard in a public area, with people around. You could hear sounds, but they were immediately around me, but I felt ok, mostly. I felt that if this was what he wanted, and then it was what I wanted to do also.

"Go on. You know what to do now," He said. I continued looking at him. "Go on." I had already told him I would do this. The urge to do what he said was no longer just a desire it was reality. I seemed to need to do what he said. I wanted to suck his cock, here in public, but it was more to do with doing what he told me to do.

I stuck my tongue out and licked the head. His cock jumped in my hand. Ian sighed audibly.  "Fuck that is nice," he said to no one. "Stand over here next to me," he told Jimmy. I had lost track of where he was, but I had Ian's cock to pay attention to. "That will block some of this. Let me know if anyone is coming over, girl," he instructed.

I sniffed at his crotch too. I wanted to smell him. I knew the smell, I had been thinking about it since the last time. I continued licking at his cock, all around the head, under the foreskin. I knew the smell of his cock was related to the foreskin. The smell was stronger there. I didn't know why, really, I was cut, but I knew the smell was good, to me. I licked under the skin, pulling back the skin to expose the full head. I knew it was big, but I knew he wanted it in my throat again, where he had stuck it before. Hell, I wanted it in my throat again. The feeling of him stretching my throat out, and the feeling of him hard inside me was overwhelming. I could admit it. I wanted his cock buried in my throat.

Ian placed his hand on my head and left it there. He didn't push or grab, just set it there. "That's it. Start bobbing up and down." I did as he said, working my mouth up and down on his cock. The length and thickness was still amazing to me. It was what drove me to him, I thought to myself, right? This example of Ian's maleness it was so big and heavy in my hand, in my mouth.  I tried not to think about the fact I was on my knees in public, dressed as a woman, sucking his cock.

That was when he moved his hand to the back of my head. I knew what was coming next. I opened wide and he pulled me down on his cock. I gagged a little but didn't choke. I was impaled all the way to his balls in a flash. I heard him sigh out loud. I looked up to see his face and his eyes were closed momentarily. He opened them and looked back at me.

"That is such a fucking hot picture, girl. You are a woman tonight, receiving the biggest gift you will ever get," he stated. Right, I was a woman no one knew the difference. Already I had been called out as a girl a couple times. I kept bobbing on his cock, Ian's hand guiding my head up and down. I didn't care what anyone saw, I just wanted to suck his cock well, to do what he wanted. I knew I was hard, I could feel my dick stick and throbbing. Given past times like this I was probably leaking a load of pre-cum out of it. I just hope I wouldn't less a stain on my robe, and give everything away.

"Keep it up, girl. So fucking hot. I love that you are doing this here in the open. I love that you will do what I tell you to do. Gotta be humiliating, down there on your kneesÉ" at this point Jimmy giggled. Not loudly, just a small giggle. I glanced up at Ian  and watched as he smacked Jimmy on the head, causing him to take a step or two forward. "Shut up bitch," he told him. "Next will be you on your knees. I'm just waiting for someone to come by and see what's going on."

Jimmy said nothing back. He had already screwed up making noise. He went back to looking for others and that someone was getting close. I saw Jimmy reach out and pull at Ian's arm. "Someone's coming," he whispered.

Ian turned around to look. He looked back down at me. "You keep sucking, bitch," he whispered harshly. "Don't you dare stop, I don't care what you think or what you may feel. I am enjoying this and I want to show off my girls to whoever comes by here. Understood?" I pulled back on his dick long enough to nod silently. Fuck someone was going to come over and watch me. Watch me be a cocksucking faggot. Only they didn't know I was a guy. I could feel my heart pounding. I was sweating I swear, but even that wouldn't show most likely in this get-up. I was doomed if I continued, and certainly doomed if I stopped at this point.

"S'up," some male voice said. "Looked like something interesting over here," he slurred slightly. Thank god he had been drinking too. "Whoa!" His voice was freaking loud in my ears. Probably everyone could hear him, I figured. Now who else would come by. "Damn! Now why didn't I get invited earlier?"

"Didn't know anyone else would be interested," Ian stated. "You want my other wife to give you some of the same?" he motioned at Jimmy.

"Fuck yeah," the guy said. I couldn't tell who it was and I was guessing Ian didn't know because he didn't use a name at all. "Fuck, this is going to be great. I haven't gotten a good blow in a couple weeks."

"Tell me about it. Good thing I brought both the bitches tonight," Ian told him. They both laughed a little too loud for me. I couldn't believe Ian was going to make us both put on a show here in the sorority lawn. I would be shaking with fear, but my attention was totally on his dick and not losing pace with his hand pulling my head into him. I was using my hands now to grasp his big legs and balance myself. It was all happening so fast. I had only been on my knees for a few seconds it seemed to me. I knew I didn't want to gag, or make any sounds. I was truly scared shitless that any sound would give away my being a guy.

I heard a zipper being pulled down and I vaguely saw Jimmy getting on her knees. "Shit, I can't believe my luck," the guy said. "I came out here to look for a place to piss and found the blow job corner." He and Ian laughed again. "Come on little momma, take my dick and make me happy," he told Jimmy. "Aw yeah. Oh fuck, this one is talented," he kept talking. Did all guys talk shit when they were getting off? I had no idea, but Ian did and now this guy was talking too. Maybe it was a guy thing. How come I didn't know about it?

"Yeah, that one is good," Ian confirmed. "She can suck like a hoover," he old the guy.

"No shit. I can tell," he stated. "I'm Mark, by the way. Thanks for the girl," he said to Ian holding his hand up for a high five.

"Ian, and no problem," was Ian's response. I heard their hands smack together. "Just remember they are both mine. No rough shit and she will treat your dick just fine."

"Fuck, I am happy to just get the blow job. Hadn't thought about anything else," he laughed in return.

I began to return my focus to Ian. I was really working on his cock hard. Running my mouth up and down the full length, my head bouncing off his crotch and pulling back before sliding back down the length of it. On occasion I had to force myself back off his dick to breathe. I tried to do it like a girl. I can't imagine I was successful. I'm a guy. But I did want to be sucking it. I ran my tongue underneath the head as he passed its length over my tongue and into my throat.

"You got a tough life Ian," Mark said. "Trying to choose which girl to give you head." He laughed and I could feel Ian laughing too. "How do you keep them both happy? Don't they get jealous?"

"Nah, they get along just fine. They know if I don't feed them a load myself, someone else will," he said. I wanted to take some offense at his remark, but I wasn't going to argue at this point. I could even feel myself blush. How humiliating to be talked about, talked to like I wasn't there. Did women really put up with this?

"Fuuuuck, Been so long, I'm going to blow soon," Mark stated.

I guess Ian didn't want to be second in anything. He grabbed my head and started to really plow my face. It was hard to keep up and I was sure I was gasping for air too loudly, or too manly sounding. Nothing seemed to slow him down though. He began his pumping and he didn't stop until I began to feel his balls tighten up on my chin on the down thrusts. His cock swelled in my throat stretching it to my limits and then, then I got my reward. He pulled back to where his cockhead was just at the back of my throat and he started shooting.

"Fuck, fuck, so good," he moaned. "That's it, girl. Swallow it all." I could feel his body jerking back and forth. He was grabbing my hood and more deeply my hair. He was actually being pretty quiet given the amount of noise I knew he could make. His cock jerking around in my mouth for the first couple shots then he buried it deep again for the rest. I could feel it spasming deep inside me, emptying its load. I felt a pride knowing I had gotten him off. I was so totally nervous about it all, I don't think I came, but I sure could feel my heart pounding and my hands shaking around his legs. "Holy fuck, that was good, baby. So happy you came with me tonight," he told me rubbing my head covering. He looked around and pulled his dick out of my mouth just as Mark started getting louder.

"Yeah, yeah, that's it. Going to cum. Gonna fill your mouth if you don't pull off." Of course Jimmy did no such thing. He just drove deeper onto the guy's cock and sucked harder. "Oh yeah, oh yeah, take it. Take it aaalllll." The guy reached up, placed his hands on Jimmy's head, and you could see his eyes close and his body jerk as he emptied his nuts into the woman who looked just like me, kneeling there next to me. "Fuuucccckkkkk," he said loudly. "Fucking good job."

Ian had left his cock in my mouth. I had continued licking up his load from all over it, cleaning it up. He was letting me lick all over and it was covered in slime and cum from my throat.  Ian was still hard. Soon after he shot Mark stuffed his slowly drooping dick back into his pants and smacked Ian another high five. "Five star service my friend," he told Ian. I will put the word out if you want. Free blowjobs back here in the corner of the yard."

Ian grinned. "Of course," he said. "That's why they are here. Take all comers, so to speak. But be discrete," he added. "No need to get everyone back here. Might piss off a lot of girlfriends." They both laughed, high fived again, and Mark went his way to piss before I saw him head into the house.

"That was good, fags," Ian whispered loud enough for us both to hear. "You better do that for the next guys who stop by too." I looked over at Jimmy and we nodded. At least I wasn't doing this alone was the thought that crossed my mind. Ian pulled out, took a step to his left and slipped his dick into Jimmy's mouth. My mouth felt empty after his invasion. He had hardly fucked my throat and he was done. I looked at Jimmy trying to take all of Ian's cock. I felt a bit jealous that now he was sucking it. Ian just took his cock and did whatever he wanted. I wanted to say no, bring it back to me, but I couldn't say anything.

Soon though I heard saw someone else headed this way; another cowboy from the crowd. He was looking around and walked up next to Ian. "Holy crap," he said. Mark wasn't lying." He didn't waste any time talking after that. I looked at Ian but he was just grinning this big grin.

"Go on," Ian told the guy. "Feed her. That's why I brought them. They need it."

"Don't need to tell me twice," the guy said. He was already unbuckling and unzipping his pants. He pulled out a dick of average size. At least compared to Ian it wasn't huge. He stepped up in front of me and waved it around. Tonight I was going to be a slut for Ian. I was doing this because he wanted me to do it. I was nervous as hell, but I could tell my dick was hard too. I leaned forward and took a tentative lick at this guy's cock. He moaned slightly. "Come on, open up, all the way," he said looking around. So I did as he said ad swallowed his cock. "Fucking A, all the way down in one swallow. She knows what she is doing."

Ian laughed at the guy and was slowly fucking Jimmy's face. I could almost see them out of the corner of my eye. I was down in this guy's pubes, doing what Ian had said to do to him, licking the guys nuts while his cock was buried in my mouth. It didn't reach nearly as far as Ian's cock did. Maybe it wouldn't be as bad as I had thought. I wouldn't choke on this dick at all. "Jesus, she can lick my nuts and swallow my cock at the same time. Where have you been all my life," he breathed out. Ian just laughed.

I went to work on his cock. It was definitely different than Ian's. It was nowhere near the size and I could more easily do some of the things he had said he liked. I licked around the head of the dick, I licked the nuts, I swallowed it whole. I shut my eyes and tried to imagine it was Ian, but that didn't work very well because I knew from the size it wasn't. And this guy didn't say much, just pumped his hips and thrust in my mouth. Pretty soon he was breathing heavy and before I had time to prep he was cumming, and I was swallowing. His taste was definitely different from Ian, saltier, not as thick. Huh, I hadn't really thought about a guy's cum before except Ian's load. "Shhiiiiitttt, yeah! Emptied my nuts in there." He exclaimed. He pulled out and tucked it away. "Thanks," he said politely, then strolled off without any further discussion, as if he expected it to happen. I didn't even clean it off properly.

When I glanced up, another guy was standing there. This one was tall. Fuck, I looked over behind him and there was an actual sort of line of a few guys milling around. About the same time Ian looked behind him and saw the line. I noticed he pulled out of Jimmy and stood back. "Hey, didn't mean to hold up the fun. I'm done with her," he said to the next person. Whoever it was stepped forward and opened his costume and flopped out his dick. I would have watched more but my head was spun to face the cock in front of me. The guy's hand was still on my head. He guided me onto his dick and let out a moan. "Nice to get in here before you get worn out," he said. "This crowd will be standing around until you finish them all." I guess with a few more guys standing around there was less chance of the whole party seeing me on my knees. I wasn't going to say anything though. Just suck.

Part of me couldn't believe I was doing this. I mean I had only ever sucked Ian until a few moments ago. Now I was on to the third cock tonight that was being stuffed in my mouth. I was learning that each tasted different. It hadn't occurred to me that was the case. I guess I just didn't think about dick that much. Just Ian's and this was where that had landed me. This guy was similar in length and girth to the last one. Not a problem swallowing or swirling my tongue around his cockhead or on the underneath of his dick. He seemed to be enjoying it. I got him hard quick and then he put a little more pressure on my head, keeping me moving back and forth. "Don't waste time," he told me. "There's a line waiting."

I stopped with the fancy stuff and went to town bobbing up and down. If these two guys were the measure of a blowjob, then I guess I could handle it. They seemed to just want to get off. "Don't know who is in there, and I don't really care," he said. "Just get me off and I will be done." At that point I could feel his balls pulling up and he shot a load. Not a big one at all. Hardly seemed like any was on my tongue. I swallowed and he stepped away. "Thanks, bitch," were his words as he left to head back inside.

I could see Ian talking with someone. I looked over and it was Donor. Fuck me. Did I want to blow my roommate? I wasn't sure about it at all. I didn't want the chance he would figure out I was a guy. However, when he started walking in my direction I saw him wobble quite a bit. He was drunk. At least I had that going for me. "You," he said loudly. "That's the one for me. Nice ass girly," he told me. I'm glad Ian changed his mind and let us have a chance at you. I can tell you liked me when we talked earlier." I didn't recall it happening that way but whatever. I wasn't going to argue with him. I was beginning to calm down in some sense. I wasn't a nervous, heart pounding wreck I was when Ian got me on my knees. Already I knew all of these guys had stood there watching me blow other guys. It didn't bother them at all seemingly that they couldn't see me. I didn't think like these guys for some reason. I wanted to know who was blowing me. I don't think I would have done this if I had been on their side.

Donor stood in front and undid the pants. His cock flopped out and I almost said something. Holy Christ his cock was fat. I don't guess I had seen Donor's dick, or at least paid any attention to it. It was in proportion to Donor himself, bigger around in the middle and tapered up to his cockhead. He just stood there, so I reached out with a gloved hand and gently began to lick his cock. I was nervous again immediately. The last person was Donor that needed to find out about me. He already said earlier that he thought I was gay anyway. I didn't need to confirm it. His dick was uncut and smelled stronger than Ian's dick. As Donor's cock grew in my mouth I let go of it with my hand and just used my head to work around it getting it wet. He was going to be a mouthful. Not lengthwise, but around, I thought to myself. I couldn't believe I was blowing my roommate. Christ I was a slut. I could see that now. I put up no fight at all with Ian. Just agreed to blow whoever showed up. My jaw was beginning to get tired. I didn't think I was going to get a break anytime soon either.

"Open up," he said gently. I complied and stretched wide. Of course I don't think he could see my lips or anything. All he could see was the facehole that all cocks were coming through the fabric in. "Can't believe Ian has you out here. Not that I mind." Of course it was Donor. He always talked no matter what he did. "Guess I happened by at the right time. Couldn't figure out what was going on when I saw people standing around out here. I'm glad I came over." I had his cock wet so I started to slide more of it in my mouth. He was nearly as big around as Ian, but not as long by a good bit. Bigger than the last two, geez, here I was thinking and comparing dick size. I was fast becoming a cock connoisseur. What was I doing?

"Oh yeah, that's nice. I knew when I saw that plump ass of yours, your lips would feel good too, baby. I bet you wondered about my cock since I saw you earlier, didn't you?" Seriously? Did Donor think that was what girl's thought about? His dick? "You don't have to say yes, just nod." What the hell, I nodded. If it got him off and on his way then I guessed it was okay to lead him on. "Yeah, I figured. You saw what I was packing and knew it was better than what you would see here." Geez he thought highly of himself. And he was talking about my ass again. Did my ass look that good? Really? Howe come I never knew what guys thought of me when I was dressed as a guy? How come I was suddenly concerned? And how many cocks had I already sucked tonight?

Donor was hammering away at my mouth. His hand was on my head, holding me still while he powered in and out. He was not paying any attention to me at all really. I was just a wet mouth. A woman's wet mouth. "Shit, that's it. You feel so good baby. Gonna give you my load soon. Work that tongue around my cock." I began paying more attention to his cock, swirling my tongue around as he wanted. If a guy said to do something, I was just doing it. It was a fear of being discovered, but maybe some bit of wanting to please the guy, wanting to please Ian. I kept sucking at Donor's cock; one hand clutching his drink he kept pounding. "Can't imagine a better party. So glad you showed up with Ian. Suck it, come on, get my load."

Donor was not talking loud but he was narrating the whole time. None of these guys was taking their time like Ian seemed to do; they only hammered away until they shot a load. Thank god no one had sprayed it on me. I couldn't imagine going back to the party with a load on my outfit. It would be easy to see what happened. "Come on, there are people waiting. I'm almost there." Jeezus, he was a pig. It wasn't like I knew totally what I was doing. Up until now my experience was limited to one well-hung guy on a couple of occasions. "Yeah, yeah, that's it baby." I worked my tongue around the knob of his cock before he slammed back inside again. I kept repeating it as best I could. "Yeah, gonna, gonna cumÉ.fuck yeah, yeah." Donor got harder and fatter in my mouth and he plugged my throat and I could feel his dick pulsing, spewing his seed right into the back of my throat. I didn't even get to taste it. When he pulled out, he took my chin in his hand and turned my covered face up towards him. "Next time I will go slower, baby. You're good." I know I was blushing but he couldn't see it thank god. Then he was gone, tucking his cock and stepping away. Another guy stepped up.