Becoming a Boy 24

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I don't know how many guys I sucked off all together. I lost track after Donor. I think he went and got a second blow from Jimmy. I know that by the time the last guy inline finished blowing his load in my mouth, my jaw ached. That doesn't even begin to discuss my knees. My knees hurt, my back hurt, my face hurt. The face guard of my outfit was wet. I had slobbered, drooled, and dribbled saliva and cum all over myself. I am sure I looked like a mess. The whole face thing was damp and sticky on my face. The party seemed to be almost over. Jimmy was being helped off her knees, and then Ian came over and did the same for me.

"You did well, real well, baby," he told me. He had a big grin on his face. "I can't believe you were such a slut. You never slowed down. I think you liked getting all that dick and cum"

I hadn't thought much about whether I liked it I guess. I thought about not getting found out, not upsetting Ian, not doing a few things. Ok, I admit, I stopped thinking I hated it after 3 or 4 cocks. Then I seemed to just settle in and tried to follow what the guys said to do. Some liked me whirling my tongue on their cockheads. Some guys liked me licking their nuts as they buried their cock in my throat. Some guys seemed to just get off on the motion of me going up and down on their dick. It was kinda hot, really, I guess. I remember thinking I was trying to figure out what each man liked by the way they pulled their cock out or sauntered up to me, kneeling there in front of them. I couldn't speak so I couldn't ask them. I had to figure out by the way they walked, talked, or grabbed my head. Some seemed to be pretty shy. They checked around to see what was going on around them. One guy was hard when he pulled his cock out and blew his load only about 30 seconds after I started sucking him. I was kinda disappointed, now that I thought about it, he had a nice cock. I could have sucked him for a lot longer. Then there were the ones who sort of expected that this is what I wanted, like Donor. That was sorta hot too. He expected me to want his cock. His drinking had made him cocky, and he assumed I would be desperate for his dick, as if there weren't dozens of guys standing around behind him at that point.

Okay, I could say that after the first few loads, it became easier. I don't know, it was like it became a challenge after that. How many cocks could I suck? Would I beat Jimmy? What sort of thinking was that? It was like all the loads I had already swallowed were making me want to get more loads. I wanted to make the guys happy and get their cock to spit another load out for me to swallow. Yes, that was it, I wanted to swallow another load each time a guy stepped up. I wanted cum. This was too freaky to think about. I had lived all my life without this until a few weeks ago, why was I suddenly thinking about this shit? It was like each time I swallowed a load I wanted more. I wondered if cum did something to you inside, like made you want more?

Jimmy had wandered over to where I stood. No one was around except us and Ian and a group a few feet away. "Fuck, I am worn out," he told me in a husky whisper. "I didn't think they would ever stop showing up." He was looking at me. If I looked anything like he did, I looked like a mess. His head covering was wet and messy looking. There was even some dark, wet, staining on parts of his face and head. "You look like a sloppy whore," he told me.

"It's not like you look any better," I whispered back surprised at my own voice. It felt scratchy and I sounded hoarse to myself. "Crap, I can hardly speak." My throat hurt.

"Well, no kidding, Miss Thing, you were sucking cock the last couple hours." A couple hours? It hadn't seemed that long. It wasn't like I had any way to check time. "I don't know about you, but I had myself 23 different cocks, and a couple of those were repeat customers."

"IÉI don't know," I told him. "I have no idea how manyÉhow many I blew." I said. How did he count? What was he doing that he had enough time to think about counting? "I have no idea."

"I'm sure Ian knows," he said matter of factly. "Men count that stuff. Ian will want you to know how many. I learned to count too."

Who knew? I wouldn't have been able to count. They just kept coming, and cumming. "I don't know," I repeated. "I lost track."

Jimmy laughed at me. It was a hoarse throaty laugh. "You didn't seem to have any troubles swallowing all that cum. You know that all that cum does things to you? All that DNA you swallow, it changes things. How do you feel now? Drunk?"

"No, I said." I'm not drunk anymore. I could use something to drink though."

"Calm? Relaxed?"

"I guess," I told him. "I hadn't really thought about it." What was he getting at?

"I feel great," he continued. "I may look like crap in this outfit, but I feel drunk on cum."

Drunk on cum? What was he talking about? "I don't feel anything like that," I said. "I just feel worn out."

Jimmy rolled his eyes and looked away. Ian waved us over to where he was standing. The other guys were walking away. He threw his arms around our waists when we got there. "Come on girls, we are going home. Jimmy, you did well. 23 cocks sucked. A few repeats, but 23 individual loads I counted." Ian was facing me now. "And you, my little girl, you had 19 loads." 19, I couldn't believe it. I sucked that much cock? I drank up all that semen? "Hard to believe you hadn't sucked a cock until this semester," he told me. "Keep it up and you will be as good a whore as your girlfriend here."

I was amazed at the thought. I tried to imagine the amount of cum that was. Did you get sick if you swallowed all that cum? How did all that cum affect you? Was I slower at sucking dick than Jimmy? Why did a little thought in my head wonder how he had gotten more loads than me?



I lay on the bed, cum leaking out of my hole. Stacey had been to my room again and fucked me, left his load inside me. He had undone my dick from the locking rings and made me jack off while he fucked me. After he made sure I came, he had left. I felt dirty. I didn't want to cum as much as Stacey said I needed to cum. Daddy didn't want me cumming. I wanted to cum sometimes, of course, but not at other times. I knew that when I came when my dick was soft, when it was locked down it felt best. I loved that feeling, it was a feeling all over my body. When Stacey made me cum, it was just my dick that felt the orgasm. Plus Stacey did not have any interest in me, or my life outside of getting off. He said he did but it was only as a game to hide from Mr. Johnson.

There wasn't really anyone to talk to about it. Bailey had gone back home after his stay here. A couple of the other boys that I had gotten to know quickly when I first arrived had also left. Both had gone off to their new owners. Owner, they had OWNERS, what a concept. I didn't belong to Daddy really anymore. He had said he wants to see me married. How could I get married sitting here on the farm? The only people I saw were the other fags like me, or the hired help. I mean they were nice, Mr. Sasquatch was a good guy, but it wasn't like he talked all that much to me. He would slap my ass and tell me to be good and do what Mr. Johnson said to do, but his talk was usually between fucking me, or about something I was helping him with on the farm. I wasn't going to be marrying him, or any of the hired help. Daddy wouldn't want that I didn't figure.

I knew what Stacey was doing with me wasn't right. I was under the control of a fag, like me. That didn't even make sense as I thought about it. Why would I want a fag to control my cumming? I needed to talk to Mr. Johnson, I finally decided. It scared me because I knew I was partly to blame. i should never have cum the first time and Stacy wouldn't have caught me. I should have told Mr. Johnson right away, instead of letting Stacy get away with this but it seemed okay when I really needed it. Now, it was all the time and I didn't need to cum that much. I figured I was going to get a beating at the least. My ass would be sore for days from the spanking I thought I would be getting.

"Well, Danny, I'm surprised," Mr. Johnson told me. "I thought you had grown a lot more than that. All that your Daddy has told you and taught you, and all you have learned by being locked down is just thrown out the window with your weakness." I couldn't look at Mr. Johnson as he spoke. My face was reddening with embarrassment and shame at failing. "It doesn't for a minute excuse Stacey or what she did. Frankly that doesn't surprise me at all. She always manages to overstep her bounds with me and other men eventually. She will get her own punishment, which will be more suited for the number and severity of this act. There is no way I am going to go easy on her, going around my specific rules. He needs to finally learn I am in charge and he is going to obey."

Mr. Johnson sounded very stern, I looked up to see his face red with some anger. "I..I don't want Stacey to be hurt because of my decision, Mr. Johnson," I tried to explain. "It was my decision to try to get out of my locking ring."

"Yes, I realize that Danny, and you are going to get a severe spanking. My only decision to make is who delivers that spanking. I might do it, or I may have someone else do it. I would call your Daddy, but I don't believe this has anything to do with him. Maybe Sasquatch will want to have a go at that ass in a new way," Mr. Johnson smiled as he said that. "But, Stacey has tried shit like this before, thinking she can control more than just herself. She somehow can't get it out of her head that she is a little faggot, not a Man. I will take care of that now, she has done this sort of thing one too many times, and I have been too lenient."

"What's going to happen to Stacey?"

"That's not your business, Danny.  You will find out if Stacey tells you, otherwise, just know his punishment will make yours pale in comparison."

Then Mr. Johnson dismissed me, told me to leave. I went back to my room wondering when or where I would get spanked, or whipped, and who might be doing it. I didn't have to wait long. I had only sat down when Mr. Sasquatch opened the door and walked in. "Get rid of those shorts! No clothes for this," he told me. Then he demanded I come out to the main area. There were already some of the boys gathering and I could hear people calling others to come watch. Word had spread quickly.

"Okay, you boy, get his hands and tie him up on the cross," Mr. Sasquatch pointed and ordered one of the boys to do the work. I was limp and didn't fight it. I knew I had earned, had screwed up, and deserved the punishment. One boy tied one of my wrists to the left part of the giant X that was always visible along one wall of the main room.  Another one took some rope and tied the other one on the right. Then they spread my legs and tied each ankle to the lower parts of the X. All the room could see of me was my backside. All I could see was the wall.

I felt the first crack of a belt of some kind after what seemed like an eternity of staring at the wall. Even though I was tied down well, I still jumped some and I heard myself let out a yell. It stung like flame across my left ass cheek. I squirmed my head to see what was going on.

"Face the wall, faggot," Mr Sasquatch told me as he let lose with a mighty swing of the belt. I saw it coming and still jumped as it connected to my ass.

"Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow, ow" Another crack and my ass was already feeling as if it were on fire. He was strong and he was delivering my ass a full on belting. "It hurts, it hurts," I screamed as another lash struck my left cheek. Each strike seemed to go over the same spot while also increasing the area he was striking. I could almost feel the redness of the belt marks spread across that side of me. It was unlike anything I had felt in a long time. Daddy had spanked me before but not with this fierceness.

"Who do you belong to?" Mr. Sasquatch asked as another blow struck my ass. "Answer me you little faggot!" Thwack! The belt came down hard on my ass.

"Daddy!! I belong to my Daddy!" I squealed again.

"Why don't you follow his rules then?" asked Mr. Johnson. I hadn't heard him come in the room, I was so terrified now as Mr. Sasquatch was beating my backside. Answer me!"

"I don't know. (thwack!) Ow! Because it seemed exciting to disobey him. (thwack,) ow! I'm sorry, Ow! Because once I did it, I knew it was wrong but then Stacy had the key and Ow! And he let me"

"You should know Danny that if you willingly disobey you get punished."

"Yes, I know, Sir, ow! Please I..I wont do it again. Ow!"

"Damn right you wont. You'll be supervised much more closely now. And Stacy will have her own punishment. Why did your daddy lock you up to begin with, boy?"

Twack! `Ow!, ow it hurts, please." I had started sounding desperate even to myself. I knew I would start blubbering soon. "Because he wanted me to know I didn't need to play with it to cum. He, Ow! He doesn't think it is important for me to use it. Ow! Please stop, I will be good. Ow!" I couldn't see my ass but it felt like it was on fire. This wasn't like Daddy spanking me where I got excited, this hurt a hell of a lot more."

"You already had cum with no hands like that, but you couldn't help yourself, eh?"

"Yes, yes, I'm sorry. Ow! I'm sorryÉ" I started crying tears were running down by cheeks. I would look like a mess soon enough. My ass was on fire and was spreading to my legs. Some of the belt thrashes were hitting the back of my thighs.

"That's it Danny, get it out. Give us a good cry. You need to accept that this is what is best, boy. Self acceptance and you growth can not happen until you realize that the junk between your legs is not how you were meant to achieve pleasure. You ass whooping is to remind you that your little clit is simply a mistake in body parts and that your real sexual pleasure comes from elsewhere. Until you reject that means of pleasure completely you will never be the best faggot you can be. You won't be fulfilled in your submissive nature until you fully accept your pussy is your route to happiness in sex and in life."

I was sobbing, my ass hurt so much. The stings of the belt felt like they were ripping my skin. I felt as if blood were running down my thighs.

"Your daddy, Mr Sasquatch, me, We've all seen you cum without playing with that clit. It's why your Daddy locked it up. He knew it would play no role in your life moving on. You need to grow and accept the truth now. You don't need it and you are almost to that point of acceptance, yet you took steps backwards in this last couple weeks."

"I'mÉI'm so so sorry," I blubbered. "Please I won't ever do it again."

Finally the sound of the belt hitting my ass stopped. I couldn't tell for a few seconds because the pain was so intense that it felt as if the belt could still be hitting me.

"Any more stupidity from you and we'll repeat this, only worse. You understand, boy?"

"Yes, Sir" I continued crying and sniffling, tears and snot running down my face.

"Take him down. A couple of you boys untie him and put some ointment on his ass. Then put him to bed. He won't be sitting or laying on it for a few days."



When we got back to the frat, I started inside and headed to my room. Tim was hesitant. "Come on," I said to him. "You've already been seen like this. It isn't like you didn't suck some of these guys off already." I laughed as I thought about it. "Including your roommate. Donor had a good time with you."

I could feel him cringe a bit at the thought of sucking Donor off. Hell, I was more than a little hard at the idea of Tim being such a slut tonight. I really wanted to fuck that tight little virgin hole of his. I was tired of waiting for it all of a sudden. I'd have to put a damper on that, I thought. I wasn't sure he was ready. This other bitch though. I bet she'd be a decent fuck to take the edge off my cock and re-filling balls.

We got into the room and I looked at Tim. "Go clean up, you're a mess," I let him know.

"But I can't go to the shower like this. Someone's gonna see my feet, see the toenails." He looked at his painted toes.

I chuckled. "Too bad. You could stay like this I guess, but you smell like a damp jock with all that sweat and cum on you. You go now, you might beat some of the guys back from all the parties they went to." He pulled the head off his costume. He seemed happy to be out of it. His lips looked red and puffy. I laughed out loud. "You've got pretty little cocksucking lips," I told him. All puffy from cocks rubbing all over them all night." He didn't react to that statement.

Can I have some socks and underwear?" he asked. "So I can at least cover up on the way back?"

Call me a softie. I gave him some old socks and a pair of underwear I no longer used. "Come back here when you are done. Don't go to your room yet." I looked dead in the eye. He nodded and headed back out the door, naked and running to the shower.

I grabbed the other burqa boy and pushed him on the bed. I lifted that long dress of his and pulled down the panties he had been wearing all night. I didn't wet my cock other than to spit on it a couple times. I lined my dick up at his hole and began pushing into it. I heard him moan and whisper, "oh, fuck, its so big." I grinned and kept pushing, spitting on it as I watched his hole slowly swallow it up until my nuts were rubbing up against his ass.

"I knew you wanted that. Took it all the way in one stroke. I like that," I told him. "Now you're get a good fuck, and show Tim how good this cock is in your pussy."

"Fuck, it's big. You could have used lube," he whined.

I smacked him on the back of his head. "If I wanted your opinion, bitch, I would have asked for it. Your job is to take it. I know you've wanted it since I let you blow me in that library toilet.

He didn't say anymore and I kept up the pummeling of his ass. After a few strokes he was whining and grunting in pleasure. Almost too much. I was thinking about stuffing some clothing in his pie hole when Tim got back from his shower. He had on the underwear and the socks. Almost made me laugh. Looked so modest for a fag who just sucked off nearly 20 guys at a party.

He just stared for a little bit before saying anything. By then I was pulling nearly all the way out and sliding it back in hard to the fag, who was moaning loudly. "Hey, do me a favor and stuff her mouth with that damn headdress of hers. She's making too much noise and I'm tired of hearing it." He looked at me like I was crazy, but he wadded up some of he cum soaked headdress and stuffed it in Jimmy's mouth. "Suck that cum out of the fabric that you missed earlier, bitch." His moans turned to muffled sounds.

I immediately saw that Tim had a boner in that underwear. I wasn't going to let it go unmentioned. "You're enjoying the fucking aren't you?" Tim looked at me with his head tilted a bit like a dog does. "I can see you are hard. You like watching this?"

"Yeah, it looks good. Can I fuck his mouth," he asked me. He didn't just go over and use the fag. Tim had to check with me first. I got a good feeling when I heard that. Tim, my boy feels like he has to ask me for how he can behave. Tim didn't even think of going to use this guy's mouth. He wanted permission.

"Nah, I'm about done with her and then she can leave. Hang out for a moment till I'm done."

"Okay, sure," he sounded a bit disappointed. I had already spent too much time breaking him slowly down to be the sub, I wasn't going to encourage him to use his cock like a man did. He backed up, not stopping his watching. He sat on the sofa and started to play with himself through the fabric. As long as he didn't pull it out I was okay with that for the moment.

I turned my attention back to the fag. I wanted to finish it up roughly, so I climbed up on the bed to get a higher approach to his hole. "Squeeze that pussy tight, faggot." He immediately gave my cock a good massaging. "Yeah, keep that up and I will fill your pussy up nicely." He squeezed tight on the out stroke, and then relaxed on the in stroke. I was slamming my hips into his ass now. He was making all sorts of moaning sounds but you could hardly hear him.

"ugh, yeah, gonna, pound, THAT, PUSSY." I was really trying to make the bitch moan now, so Tim could hear how much the kid liked it. This wasn't fun really, right now it was work. I kept an eye on Tim. We made eye contact and I just stared at him as I fucked Jimmy. Tim didn't take his eyes off me. He watched my eyes as I fucked the fag. He stopped playing with his dick and just kept eye contact with me and I was pounding pussy. I know he knew what I was thinking. I wasn't going to say it. Tim was going to have to ask for it if he wanted it, but I could make it pretty clear to him that I was thinking of his ass by staring at him while I fucked this other one. If he asked tonight I'd give it to him, but if he doesn't then he can suck my cum and the pussy juice from this fag's ass off my dick. I could at least have him do that. He had already sucked 19 guys, he sure as hell wasn't going to balk at one more cock.

Thinking about that while staring at Tim and fucking this fag, was enough to pull me close to the edge. My cock was feeling pretty good and staring at Tim was damn hot. I started shooting. "Take, my, load, FUCK, TAKE IT! Suck that cum out of my cock with that pussy, Timmy," I sneered as I dumped the load in Jimmy. Tim heard his name, kept eye contact, and seemed to like it. He was spotting the underwear. I pulled my cock out of the bitch letting my load stay in that ass. The fag clenched at my cock not wanting it to leave its momentary home.

When I slid out of his ass, I stood back on the floor and threw the fag's long dress back over his ass. Then I pulled him back by the head, and unstuffed his mouth. "What do you say, boy?"

"Thank you for your load," he hissed.

"You're welcome, faggot. Now get out!"

Jimmy stood and moved to the door. She was straitening her outfit to look as presentable as possible. If he were lucky, he would get out of the house before the guys he blew earlier raped him. He closed the door behind him and left. He moved quickly when given an order.

I turned back to Tim. "Come here," I said. He didn't hesitate. He stood and walked over, my cock still bouncing hard between us. "Get on your knees and suck." I said. He didn't move fast enough. I pulled my hand back as if I would slap him and he dropped to his knees. He was looking in my eyes again. "Suck it."

"But it was in Jimmy's ass," he whispered.

"Do It Now, boy. You think you had enough cock tonight already? Well, I want to take this full circle. The first cock you sucked tonight was mine and now the last one you suck will be mine. An even 20 dicks, Timmy."

He continued staring after I stopped talking. He looked at me for awhile, then he simply answered, "Yes Sir." He leaned forward and took the head of my cock in his mouth.

"Taste good, Timmy?" He nodded despite making a face. "Good. Remember I am your man, Timmy. You don't want to say no to this cock now that you have it. Do you?" He shook his head no. "I just fucked your new fag friend Jimmy. I filled his ass with my load and got it all mixed up with his pussy juice and now you get to clean it up, Tim. What more could you ask for cleaning your man's cock off after he used it." He went a little further down on my cock. "You get to finish tonight with the best cock you've had. The others didn't compare did they?" A head shake no and he moved further down on my dick, bumping up against the back of his throat. "You like this cock best, don't you? You love the taste of it. You're cramming more and more of my cock into your throat. You're real good at this, Timmy." And he was too, running his tongue under my cock as he swallowed more and more of it. Ramming his lips up and down the shaft. I wanted to put my hands on his head but he was doing so well I let him work his own pace for a bit.

"Come on, Get it all in," I said as he moved along my cock. "You want it all don't you? You missed that cock in your throat, isn't that right?" He nodded again before getting it into his throat. "You can admit you love cock, can't you? You know that now. You know cock is good, swallowing all that cum is so freakin hot. You have 19 loads in your belly, well I guess technically you're eating number 20 now. Once you make me cum again, you'll have 21 loads. Oh well, not so even after all."

I wanted to tell Tim what he was thinking. He was a blank really. I was breaking him in. He was becoming a real good boy. He did real well tonight, sucking cock for me. "You looked so pretty tonight, Timmy. Down on your knees, sucking cock. I really enjoyed watching you blow all those men. You even sucked off your roomie, Didn't you, boy?" He paused to look up and let me know the answer before he nodded then went back to sucking dick. "It was pretty good wasn't it? All that cock standing in line to use your mouth. I know that had you hard, just like you are now." He glanced down to check his dick. He was hard in that underwear. "Yes, I can see you are enjoying it, so stop wasting time and get my full cock in your throat. Just think how hard you will be then. Think how hard my cock will be in your throat and how hard you'll be in your underwear, Timmy. Come on, swallow it all."

So he did. He finally got all the way down on my dick, back buried in his throat. Then I reached out finally and grabbed his head holding it down firmly on my crotch. I might let go eventually but it felt so good. I looked down at Tim and he was beginning to get uncomfortable, so I released him and he slid off my cock. He breathed deeply and then moved back to my cock, sliding back on to my cock and backing off. Tim was really working for this load, I thought. I loosely held his head he was doing the work.

"Timmy, that feels good. Keep doing that. I can feel another load building in my nuts. I know you want to taste it again. After all those earlier loads you want a nice, sweet tasting one from me. You cleaned up my cock real nice, Timmy. Got all that cum and ass on your breath and working towards a sweet load. No wonder your dripping from your dick. It has you hot, kneeling here. You really wanted this cock too! You are fucking yourself on it because it feels so good to you now. I knew that you would learn that. I could tell from when we met you were just waiting for an invite. Good thing I figured that out and helped you."

I wanted Tim to cum, to imprint this further in his mind. "You little slut. Taking all that cock today. You did so well. I'm proud that if I take out my bitch that she can entertain my friends during the party. We can do that again soon, Timmy. Find you more cock. No, don't touch your cock. You don't need to touch it to cum. You know that. You cum when I tell you to cum. You cum when you have my cock in your mouth." His dick jumped. "You know I am right. I saw your little dick jump when I said that, because it's true. I want you to cum Timmy. I want you to cum. I love to see you cum from my instructions. You're going to cum soon, aren't you, Timmy. You're humping air thinking the little rubbing of the head in that old underwear will help get you off. I can see that. You're going to shoot soon Timmy, while you deep throat my cock. Having that cock in there deep gets you off. I barely said get on your knees and you were there. I saw you watching the fuck I threw at Jimmy. You've been waiting till he left to clean my cock up. You thought about it since you came in the room. When I tell you to cum, Timmy you will cum. I know you hear me. When you get ready to cum, I want you to go all the way down on me, boy. I want you to be ready to shoot that load and swallow a cock."

His hips were moving back and forth and he was humping thin air to get that rubbing. He franticly bobbed on my cock. "Okay, Timmy. Time to cum for me. Time to shoot that load while I bury your nose in my pubes. Do it boy." I could see his legs quivering a little. "Do it Timmy. When I say now, you will shoot. Obedient cocksucker. Good boy. Now! Do it Timmy, cum for me." He got a little rigid and I could tell he was going to shoot. I grabbed his head and drove him on to my cock. His goo oozed through the underwear, he was cumming at my direction. He gagged a bit, but his throat clenched so hard and tight repeatedly swallowing on my head and shaft that I was quick to shoot my own load.

I pulled back after the first shot went right into his belly. I wanted him to taste my load as he shot. His fists were clenched tight to his sides. He wanted to pull on his dick as he shot, I could see that. I tilted his head up to look at me as my cock pulsed in his mouth. "So good. I just love your mouth on my dick. You cleaned me up good, Timmy and got your reward." I smiled big at him so he could see how much I was enjoying this.

"Don't swallow it yet hold it there." I pulled my cock out of his full mouth. "Show me, open up and show me it's all there." He struggled not to lose any as he opened his mouth and displayed my load. Pretty good for my third load of the night, I thought. "Okay, boy, swallow it down." He closed his lips and swallowed. I watched his Adam's apple bob up and down. "Good, now clean up my cock. Rinse it off with your tongue. Get it all." When he finished I pulled him up to his feet. "You've made a mess in my underwear, Tim. I don't want them back now. You keep them. Go on, get out. You need to rest after your long day.

He looked a bit stung by my words. Tough shit. "Hey, you got what you wanted tonight, a lesson on what a big, slutty, boy you can be. You were safe. I took care of that, and you got to service a lot of men.

"What if someone sees me like this leaving your room, Sir?"

"What if?" I repeated. "Not going to bother me. I'm not ashamed of using your mouth to get off. You need to get over the fact that this is who you are, Timmy. You'll be much happier accepting what I am showing you than you would be pretending it isn't true. Besides, I'm sure Donor isn't back yet. He loves to stay out late."

I pointed to the door and he turned around and headed in that direction. "Oh, wait." I added. "What do you say, boy?" He stopped and paused before he turned around.

"Thank you Sir, for your load."

"Good bitch. You're a good boy to have around."