Becoming a Boy 25

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I opened the door from Ian's room and stuck my head out to see if anyone was around. I didn't see anyone so I stepped out of his room. I started to turn around to say something to Ian, but his door closed as soon as I stepped out. I heard the lock click into place. I took off running to my room, covering my cum-soaked crotch with one hand. I got to my room before anyone saw me. I pulled off Ian's underwear and wiped my cock off. I stopped and put the underwear up to my nose and smelled it. They smelled like Ian, but my load was on them. My dick was hard again, or still, I wasn't sure which. I climbed into bed and started beating off furiously as I sniffed the underwear, then I stuck the patch of cum-soaked fabric in my mouth and I sucked the remains of my own seed out of the underwear. It was kinda gross, but so hot knowing Ian had made me cum like that, just telling me to cum and I had shot a load. He could make me do anything, it seemed.

He had convinced me to dress up and suck off guys at the party. He said he knew I wanted to be a slutty boy. Did I want that? Or was that what he wanted? Did it really make a difference? It was pretty hot thinking about it now. I had sucked 20 cocks tonight. Swallowed 21 loads and fuck, it was hot guys not knowing it was me sucking them off. My lips still were humming from all of the dick that had been sliding back and forth over them. The hottest part of the night was watching Ian fucking Jimmy. He kept staring at me. I tried watching him fuck but really I ended up watching him only, not seeing the fucking really, but just Ian. He just kept staring at me like it was my ass he was fucking. I wondered what it could be like to have Ian inside my ass. No, wait a minute, I didn't really think that, did I? Fuck, I never think about butt sex except if I am doing it to a girl. Hell, I know that isn't right, I just hadn't thought about it at all really. I had enough thoughts about trying to get inside a pussy, let alone her ass. But I really wanted to watch Ian fuck Jimmy. Jimmy just moaned and squirmed as if he was enjoying the whole thing. Could you enjoy taking something that big up your butt?

Why the hell was I even thinking about it? Ian's look was just so intense. He really was enjoying it and maybe Jimmy was too. I kept furiously stroking my dick thinking about the scene I had watched, almost participated in, while I chewed on the cum soaked underwear. I didn't want Donor walking in while I was doing this. Crap, I had almost forgotten I had sucked my roomie off tonight. It was all overload on my brain. I couldn't hold it back, I moaned and shot my load. It cleared my head on the first shot and hit my face on the second. Fuck I was so boned by the whole thing. The second I finished though I was wiped out. I barely had the energy to wipe up and toss the underwear in my laundry bin before falling asleep.

When I woke up the next day the first thing in my consciousness was Donor's snoring. He was splayed on his bed naked, as usual. He hardly bothered to throw a sheet over himself. It was nothing new. My throat was sore from all the battering that the frats guys had given it last night. Not scratchy sore, but like a sore muscle. I reached up to feel it to make sure that was what it was. I couldn't see the clock and didn't really know what time it was, but I wanted to get up and out of here to the store and buy some nail polish remover. I didn't want to keep the damn nail polish on my toes. I threw my legs over the side of the bed and stood up. I caught myself looking at Donor's cock. I looked for pants and ran a brush through my hair. I tried not to think of sucking Donor off last night. It was as if he new I was looking at him in his sleep. His snoring continued but his cock had gone to full mast while I was getting dressed.

In the course of one evening I had gone from thinking about Ian's cock to now thinking about Donor's cock. I drifted for a few seconds thinking about all of the cocks from last night. I didn't turn any away. I couldn't, Ian wouldn't let me, and I didn't want to be discovered under the costume. Still it had been strangely exciting, sucking all those cocks and not getting caught. It's why throat felt used this morning. I stopped and threw on some pants. My dick was boned up all of a sudden thinking about sucking any cock put in front of me. I needed to get out of here and hit the town. I was quiet and left Donor there with his thick boner raging. The last thought I had as I left the room was I could take care of that dick for him.

I headed straight for the closest drug store of course. I need to get some damn nail polish remover. I may be a cocksucker, I think to myself, but I am not a woman. I pass a couple guys on the street on my walk to the store and the first thing I catch myself doing is looking at their crotch. Have I always done that? Am I just catching myself now because Ian says I am a faggot? Did I always do it but not notice it? I know I looked some, sure who doesn't? But today it is all I see. I would think I saw and sucked enough last night not to stare at them today. What's in those guy's pants? How big is it? Could I suck him off like I did all those guys last night? Would he let me?

I get to the store and hunt up the makeup aisle and then find the nail polish area and the remover. Who knew there were so many? I look around to see if anyone is nearby and I don't see anybody. I am nervous, buying girl things, but I knew that Ian didn't care whether I left the polish on or not. He wasn't going to come get any for me, so I needed to do that myself. Just as I am deciding on what kind to get, because they must all do the same thing, remove polish, some guy comes walking down the aisle and spots me. I stand up a little quicker than I had intended.  He startled me. I look up and my eyes catch his. He grins, I can feel myself blush some. I notice movement lower down and I see he is grabbing his crotch. Crap, he looks big down there. I look back up and he is still grinning. He rubs his crotch again and does a quick nod of his head towards the front of the store.

Instinctively I follow him where he nodded his head. He pays for what he has and then I pay for what I have. When I leave the store he is barely outside the door. Is he waiting for me? He turns around and heads to the parking lot. I think about heading back to the frat but he turns around, looks at me, and jerks his head again toward something. I am scared as all get-out but for some reason I follow him. What does he want? He was grabbing his crotch; does he think I am a cocksucker? Can he tell? Why do I want to follow him? I got enough cock last night for a semester. When we get to a car parked a bit away from the store, he stops and turns around. He grabs his crotch again. His cock is hard now, I can see it clearly through the fabric of his pants.

I'm never wrong," he says matter of factly. "You want this? Then get in the car."

I look around and this early there aren't many people around here. He gets in the back seat and I follow him on the other side. The windows are dark tinted, no one can see inside there. By the time I get in he has pulled his cock out of his pants and it is hard. Not as big as some I have seen but not as small as others, just a nice, hard, fat, cock. I am comparing it to the ones last night. Crap, I am going to blow this guy in the parking lot in his car. I WANT to blow him in his car. I want to suck more cock.

"Come on, I don't have all day," he tells me. "I knew you wanted it when I saw you shopping in the make-up aisle. Probably buying for your girlfriend, but I can tell who's willing to suck cock."

I look at him and he stares at me. He shakes his cock, smacks its hardness into the palm of his hand. I find myself slowly bending over toward him and then my lips are on it. I'm licking his cock, getting it wet so I can swallow it. I know what I am doing. That thought scares me a little but doesn't stop me.  He lets out a satisfying sigh as my mouth envelops his dick. I am running my lips up and down the shaft. How can he tell I would suck his cock? Is it written on my face now? Was I staring at him too much? I don't know, but I can't speak right now. I am silent like last night, just sucking, paying attention to his dick and my mouth and tongue. After a couple of up and downs, I slide all the way down to his pubes as they tickle my nose.

"Jeezus, your good," he tells me. "Keep doing what you're doing and I'll fill that mouth soon."

His hand is now on the back of my head and he leaves it there. He gently follows my head up and down. He isn't forceful, just keeping ahold of my head, fingers in my hair. The realization hits me that I wanted his cock. I wanted more cock. That's how I ended up here in his car. I knew where this was heading when he nodded, but didn't want to accept it, but now I see that I wanted to suck his cock. I wondered what was in his pants and now I know. Now I want to know what he tastes like. I want him to flood my mouth with his seed. I am working his cock with my lips and tongue, just like Ian taught me.  I am watching that my teeth don't scrape his dick. I deep throat him to hear him gasp again. I swallow down on his dick when it is lodged in my throat. I hear him breathing deeper, and faster. I honestly don't know how long I was in his car, with my lips locked on his cock. It doesn't seem all that long, but it may have been 15 minutes as well. I can feel his nuts tightening up.

"Fuck, you're so good. I'm going to cum," he lets me know. I keep up with the steady motions on his meat. "I hope you swallow," he moans as he starts shooting his load. He forces my head down on his dick. I get a brief taste of a sweet and salt before the rest is deposited in my gullet, his cockhead spasming in my throat. When he releases my hair, I pull up from his cock. I clean his dick off of all the slime and look up at him. I say the only thing I have said to him since I saw him.

"Thank you, Sir." I say, meaning each word. I open the door and leave his car.


"Ian, good to see you," Johnson exclaimed as he walked into the front room of his house. Today was the day I was due to head out to Johnson's Farm to start seeing what Johnson had in mind as far as work for me. I had amazingly arranged an internship at his farm. I wasn't sure how it was approved, but who was I to argue? I was a little nervous, but I figured I could handle whatever happened. I really just wanted two things out of the internship; one was the sex, and two was the knowledge of how he kept the place going. If I was going to run a similar place or take over Johnson's farm when he retied, I wanted to know what was going on.

"Thanks, Mr. Johnson," I told him. "It's good to se you again too. I really pretty stoked to learn as much as I can about the business while I have the opportunity."

"Well that's the plan. I don't want to be doing this forever, and if I can get a young buck who knows what he is doing in here, the sooner I can retire with the Mrs. to a nice Caribbean beach somewhere." I smiled as big as he did. "Why don't you follow me around today, and we can visit the whole farm, do a walk around. I can show you more than what you saw the last time you were here."

"Sure that sounds good," I replied.

"What is gonna work best," he said, "Is if you can spend full days and some overnights here. You can get used to how the boys spend their time as well as get to know the men who do the heavy work. Plus I have clients and visitors who come by in the evening that you will want to get to know too. Be sure and ask questions about any of the operation. I know you have basic business skills from the university, but this place is different in that we have several sides to the books ad the operations. It won't look exactly the same I'm guessing from textbook examples."

I grinned at the thought. "Plus there is plenty of sex," I added.

"Well, there is that too Ian, but that is really just a secondary part most of the time. Honestly there is the actual farm portion of the work, and then there are the boys who are here. I use the term boys generally, though you will notice from time to time they can be of any age.  The word just helps separate them from the Men, who are the overseers. The boys are here either because they need to be watched while their owner is occupied with other things, or they need some sort of training specific to what their Man wants, or at times word has gotten to one of the boys and they come here on their own for one reason or another. It takes some skill to keep the boys focused. They will screw around with each other or skip their jobs if they aren't watched regularly."

"Okay," I responded. "Do they get a lot of punishment?" I wondered if spanking or something was going to be needed to keep them in line.

"Of course. Some boys just don't learn without it, Ian. You need to be able to spot what tactics work best with each boy. The overseers can help, and they are often the ones who will give the punishment, but I have the final say on any of it when it comes down to it. If I am out of the home or out of town, then one of the overseers or even the wife can make some decisions about punishments."

"So your wife helps too? I remember now one of the fags telling me you had a wife when I first visited. Sorry, I don't mean to sound dumb. I guess I just figured you were, gay, ya know?"

Johnson laughed. "Of course I have a wife, and she helps out a lot. She handles most of the accounting for the place and handles feeding these workers and boys. Why don't we go meet her?"

"Sure, I'm up for that." I figured she must be a very liberal lady to put up with Johnson and all these boys, plus to do the books and cook and clean. Shit she was busy. I wondered just what she looked like. I mean, Johnson was no pretty face, maybe he looked better when he was my age. Or I guess he could be hung. I hadn't thought of that, maybe that was it.

We came into the kitchen area. There was also a decent sized office just before we got to the kitchen. Clearly this was where the finances were handled. There was someone at the stove in tight little shorts and a sleeveless collared shirt. Her hair was long, nearly to the waist. "Lynn honey," said Johnson. "I want you to meat Ian McNeil, Chuck's oldest son, Danny's brother."

She turned around and I realized that she wasn't a she when she spoke, I mean when he spoke, whatever. "Nice to meet you Mr. Ian," he said. "Would you like something to drink?" His button-up shirt was tied at the shirttail near the waist and only a couple buttons were closed. The rest of her chest was showing. She had the biggest nipples and areolas I had ever seen on a guy. I mean it was a guy, the chest said so, kinda muscled but at the same time, damn feminine. My dick twitched a little at the sight of Lynn.

"Nice to meet you to Mrs. Johnson."

"Oh, call me Lynn, Sir, everyone does." She smiled brightly.

"Johnson grinned as I looked over at him. "We'll just have some water sweetie," he told her. "Ian is going to be getting some college credit for learning about the business here. He seems like a real good choice to potentially be added to staff once he graduates.

"Oh, thank god. I didn't think you would ever get me some help," she said with a smirk. Johnson swatted her on the ass as she went to get some bottled water from a counter in the corner.

"Watch your language around guests, dear," Johnson said with a snarky tone in his voice. Clearly these two had been together for a while. "Wouldn't want to give them the impression I let you get away with mouthing off, now would we?"

"No, Sir," she replied quickly and returned with the water. She was still smiling. "It's very nice of you to take some interest in the farm, Mr. Ian. Of course, I know your Father and Danny have a lot invested here, so I am glad you are able to find a spot to fit in too. Some day I hope to get to meet your Mother," she added.

"I don't know about that Ma'am. That will be up to my Dad, I guess." I wondered if Mom would ever be able to handle something like this. I wasn't sure on that account at all.

"Ian will be staying the night, Lynn. If you could make up one of the guest rooms upstairs that would be great," Johnson told her and turned away heading out the door.

"Sure thing, Sir," she replied as I followed Johnson.

"Wow. I was thinking wife there for a minute, but she's a fag, right?" I wanted confirmation from Johnson.

"Of course, but more woman than man," he said. "She just prefers it that way."

"Are all fags, uhm boys, the same way? Do they want to be women?" I wasn't so sure about some things still. I mean I had to at least show Tim I knew what I was doing but I really just went along with what felt right to be doing at that moment. All I had to go on were the fags I new like Danny or Jimmy, who I could definitely see as more women, and then Tim, who I was pretty sure would never be a girl at all. I was pretty forceful and direct with Tim because I knew in order for him to follow I needed to make him feel I knew what I was doing. Most of the time I felt like it, but with Johnson around, I kinda felt out of my league.

"No, of course not," he told me. "Some guys are just very submissive. They can be muscular as all get out, more than you even, but all they want is to please a Man who can tell them what to do and keep them in line," he explained. "Still a bit confused?"

"Yeah," I admitted, "Can you tell? I only ever started thinking about this stuff this past summer when I figured out what was going on with Danny and my Dad." I paused for a bit. "I have this guy at school. A buddy in the frat who I persuaded to start sucking my cock, well really any cock I tell him to suck," I explained. "I've been going pretty methodical on taking him from being what I think was a straight guy to being my cocksucker. I can't imagine him being as fem as Danny or your wife. Pretty sure that isn't what I want"

"He probably isn't then," Johnson replied with a clear voice. "He's just realizing that submitting to you, to a Man, is something that motivates him more than getting some pussy. From the little you've just said you've already shown him that someone else's cock is what he really wants."

"Oh yeah, after last night especially," I added. "He was a busy fag," I said laughing a little.

Johnson grinned as we walked toward some bard like structures. "Yeah? Sounds like you had some fun with him."

"It was a Halloween frat party. He and another fag I know were dressed up as Afghan women. No one could tell who they were. I had them in the back yard area sucking cock for most of the party," I told him.

"Very nice, Ian. Sounds like you are exercising control over both of them pretty well."

"Well, I am focusing on my buddy mostly. The other fag was just convenient for me to help the process. Found him at the costume store and he wanted in on the deal. He knew what was going to happen, my buddy didn't."

"You're still thinking about him as your buddy?" Johnson asked.

"Uhm, yeah, I guess. I mean, I have been calling him my fag to his face, using the name Timmy, instead of Tim. Trying to teach him to call me Sir. He's getting the hang of it. I want it clear that to be my buddy he needs to do as I say. Then he will get the cock I am showing him he wants. I'm pretty sure it's working. Just when I see your layout and all, I wanted to check. I don't want to look bad in his eyes, or fuck this up. I'm getting to like the control and…well and the attention I am getting from him. Hell, it's a big ego kick," I admitted. "Plus, I don't need to go hunting girls when he is around and wanting to suck me off."

"Your buddy, well your ex-buddy now, sounds like he was just waiting to find someone like you. He seems like he's happy to have you telling him how to act now. Don't forget he isn't your buddy anymore. He's in a position of submission to you, it pretty much replaces the buddy relationship. Make sure you are changing your own mindset at the same time you are adjusting his. Let me ask you something. If you are creating an unequal relationship between the two of you, remember to keep it that way. It's rough on a sub if you are allowing them freedom to be your friend one minute and your bitch the next. There are things friends and buddies say and do that a sub should never be allowed to do. You showed him the difference in the shower from what you said. Just remember to take that through all of the interactions. He needs to treat you with respect all of the time. When he is doing that, Ian, it will be natural for him to do it openly and then the two of you will need to discuss publicly what goes on between the two of you."

 "So don't let him have any freedom?" I asked.

"No, that isn't what I'm saying. Lynn and I haven't always been as easygoing and mild with each other. He was a wild boy and didn't initially accept my control. He said he wanted it, but in reality he was playing around. I consistently put him in his place and made it clear what the expectations and punishments would be. Eventually she became quite a good wife. Is Tim someone you think you can turn into your long term fag, as Lynn is the top fag in my life?"

"Uhhmmmm," I paused, not sure what to think. "I hadn't really thought about it." I really hadn't thought that much ahead. "I was just working on getting him to the point where he wants to beg for me to open up that ass for the first time," I told Johnson honestly. "I want to see if I can get a regular guy to give up their ass to me, like I've gotten girls to give up their cunt. I really hadn't thought about settling down or anything. If I could make a fag from someone I knew then I could get some sex when I wanted it. It started more as a challenge in my head to myself to get him to suck cock, and I kinda kept going since I got that accomplished.."

Johnson laughed. "No problem. Just thought since you have been investing the time in training this boy, you might want to think about how long you keep up with him. So let me ask, what made you choose that boy to make into a fag? Why not another one?"

"Well, the opportunity presented itself."

"Well, you had already fucked, Danny. You knew what that was like, Why not find a girly fag?" Johnson asked. "There are always opportunities."

I thought for a few seconds. "I guess really because he's a swim stud at school, he's in the frat, and I wanted some pussy that would be close by. We were tag teaming this girl and, well, I just got to thinking he would be a good cocksucker. She couldn't swallow it and I wondered if he could. It's been my challenge since then."

"Don't forget that you are breaking this boy down, Ian. It is going to be tough as he gives in to your direction and gives up his own. Don't lead him along a path to serving you totally and drop him once he's there. You've put a lot of effort into it, and so has he. He's already changed a lot to do what you want. He may not turn out to be the person you spend your life with, but he will always be useful to you once he admits he needs to serve. It's always your decision what he does, but just know that he will always need to serve someone after you've changed him. True submission must be met with true dominance to work well together. And yes, there are times when it becomes clear to both people that the sub can't give everything, and then it is time to let them go. Knowing when to stop the dominance is as important as knowing when to make it permanent."

"That's the first lesson," Johnson explained. "Was that too much?"

"No, That makes sense. I just hadn't run through all the steps or future of it. I mostly was doing it as a day by day thing. I guess in everything there is a time to cut your losses and there is a time for reinvestment," I told him. Johnson laughed. "But do you think that if I want him to get nipples like Mrs. Johnson or Danny, that eventually I can do that?" I asked. "I think that is so fucking hot, dude. I mean Mr. Johnson."

"Possibly," Johnson said. "Have you given him other things to do besides suck your cock?"

"Uhm, yeah. I put him on a workout schedule, to tone and shape him up a bit. According to his roomie, he I doing the work all the time. And I did tell him to keep his hair off like he does in swim season. He went with that direction and started getting it lasered off," I laughed thinking about it.

"Ian, if the fag is really the one who wants to be yours and you want to own, then that person will do what you want. It seesm this boy looks to you for direction already. Just make sure what you tell him is what you want, not some odd thing just to amuse yourself that you don't like later. Be consistent with what you want as if this fag were one you were going to keep."

"As far the day-to-day stuff, that is one of the things you'll need to watch with the subs. They are not buddies, not dudes. As much as I said some guys are big, muscle fags, they are never dudes or buddies, they are subs and long to be treated like that. They will automatically call you Mr. or Sir here, simply because you are staying at the house. Don't lose that respect with the fags here and don't let it slip with ones you create on your own time."

"Cool! I can get used to that," I told him, my head swelling with the idea of being more powerful than the rest of people here. So what? I have as big an ego as most top guys.

"If you can get that mindset of total submission to you then if you want him to get big nipples, then he will do it. If you want him to lock his dick up for a while, he will agree it is best. He will want what you want, as long as he knows he is safe with you and you aren't going to just leave or drop him when he gets to that point, Ian."

I nodded. I had to think about some of this stuff. How much was I willing to commit to with Ian? Johnson made it seem more committed than I had been thinking about it as. We wandered through the first couple of structures. I saw birthing stables for the pigs. Johnson said he had to help the sows at time with the piglets birthing. He said they could get caught up inside just like a breech baby in a woman. "You have to stick your hand up the sow's passage," he told me. "Don't worry, there are gloves," he said laughing at the face I made I guess.

We entered a third barn a slightly smaller one with a lot of different equipment hanging on the walls and laying in the straw or just lying in the dirt. "This is the building we use for keeping some of the fags in line," he said. In fact, as he was saying that, I saw that one kid was tied down to a mattress along one of the walls. His hands and feet were bound and anchored to the walls or floor. He had a metal cage of some kind around his dick. "This one fucked up one too many times," he said directly. The boy looked over at us really scared. "See? He is afraid we are here to do something. But the punishment for this one is going to wait. I have time and so does she. I will get to her when I am ready. In the meantime, some of the other fags are assigned to feed her on occasion, unlock her, take her to the bathroom. She knows better than to try and escape. I won't treat them terribly, whatever they do. Most all of them learn their lessons more easily than this little faggot," he said rather emphatically. "He was an especially good friend of your brother's for a while." The kid's eyes grew big with what I took as fear, when Johnson said that. "He's just waiting for a good beating. The tension of waiting is often more effective than anything else." We kept walking but I had a couple questions.

"What is it with the whole locked dick, that whole chastity stuff? I mean I don't care if a guy gets off while I'm fucking him or whatever."

"Well again, it's a personal preference, but a very powerful tool, Ian. It demonstrates control, who has it and who does not. The first thing is it denies the sub the pleasure of its own orgasm. Chastity shows the fag that pleasure is for the dominant man, and pain and discomfort is for the submissive. It can bring humiliation or embarrassment to the submissive, trying to explain the denial to people who see it. The only hard cock a fag will see belongs to its master, and the fag can focus on his master's cock since his own is not available. Once the fag is trained that its dick is useless and irrelevant, then the only pleasure physically it gets is through the use of its throat or ass. Those holes then become the focus of its own pleasure as well as the pleasure of the dominant that controls him. So, your Dad felt Danny needed to learn that. He wanted Danny focusing on giving pleasure to a man, not himself. I think you met another fag here, Bailey. He was so well trained on providing pleasure to his man and receiving pleasure from getting his holes used that he gave up his dick altogether to get another hole to please his man. That isn't for everybody, but it shows the length you can take a fag if you want."


My own dick was stiffening up listening to Johnson talk about Danny and Bailey. It was totally hot thinking I could create so much submission in a guy and use it for my own pleasure. I wasn't sure I would ever take a guy's dick away from him, but I could see trying to make him think it was useless for pleasure.

"Tim usually cums when I am using his throat. He doesn't touch his cock at all, but he cums when he is being used. I tell him when it happens so that he associates cumming with serving my cock."

"Another sign that you have a real fag there, Ian. He already subconsciously knows, even if he isn't thinking about it, that your cock brings him pleasure. Your cock equals pleasure for his cock. If you locked his up, then he would learn that giving your cock pleasure is what he should focus on, not his own dick. It's just another tool to think about, though if he isn't touching himself, you may not even need to lock it up"

"I'll keep that in mind," I said. I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep Tim from shooting his load, but it was pretty hot to think about not letting him shoot it unless he was providing me release. Maybe I could lock him up unless I was using him. Or start by making it clear he wasn't allowed to cum without me around. The idea I could probably take him to a place I chose and directed him to was getting me hard.


Billy came by to help with the house about 3 times a week. He and Jan seemed to be hitting it off pretty well when they were in the home at the same time. I had sent Johnson some money to get the kid a cycle of some kind and he rode that back and forth to the farm after the first week of getting dropped off and picked up.

Mostly I tried to ignore Billy. It wasn't because I didn't fid him attractive, he was a good-looking fag don't get me wrong. I liked his long straight hair. Usually he had it tied back when he was at the house, and I saw him putting his helmet on and he wrapped it up and tucked it into the helmet. I guess he cared enough to not want it flying all over the place as he rode the small cycle back and forth. Interesting. I knew from his own words and Johnson's that he didn't think about sex much. He liked pleasing people. There were times I wanted him to please me bent over the washing machine or kitchen counter, but I was trying to restrain myself until I could figure out how to get Jan involved in this whole thing.

I wanted Jan in a more vulnerable spot and I wanted her to see that I was going to be much more directive and physical not just with her, but with whomever I wanted to be physical with at that moment. Jan needed to understand clearly that I loved her, but I intended to have sex with other people, mainly fags. I mean, she should be able to understand that I could handle more than just her, I had more than enough cock, money, and time to go around. Nothing wrong with Jan, but I had learned more about myself this past year and I intended to keep learning, I just wanted to bring her along too.

When I got home that week from a trip, I got a nice surprise. Jan and Billy were in the kitchen. He was cooking but Jan was brushing his hair. I mean, she was like fondling his hair, brushing it out and touching it and really seemed to be enjoying herself. It made me smile. Maybe I could swing this crazy idea floating in my head after all.  I had not pulled into the garage, I had come in the front of the house. Jan's car and Billy's scooter had blocked the garage. I watched for a while. Jan brushed it until it was all untangled I guess, then began braiding it. Billy's hair was long, longer than I had seen on anyone of late these days. Even girls didn't usually have their hair as long as he did. When Jan finished the braid it reached his lower back.

It was then I announced myself. "Hi honey," I said sweeping into the kitchen as if I had just got home. I moved in to give her a big kiss. I patted Billy on the ass as I gave Jan her kiss and we exchanged "I missed you," greetings.

"I wasn't sure when you would be home, Chuck," Jan said as I stepped back from kissing her. "I hope it's okay that Billy is cooking something for us all."

"Sure. Are you staying for dinner too, Billy?"

"Well, Mrs. McNeil asked if I would stay. I mean, if you want me to I can do that," he added.

"Of course Billy. You cooked dinner, there is no reason you can't stay and enjoy it."

"Thank you Mr. McNeil."

"No need to thank me Billy. Jan wants you to stay, so thank her," I instructed him.

"Thank you Mrs. McNeil."

Jan giggled. "Chuck, he doesn't need to thank anyone."

"He's a polite young man, Jan. I'm okay with his politeness," I told her smiling.

"Chuck, you're just being silly. Let me go get out of these work clothes, it was a long day and I'm hungry." She headed off to our room.

I reached over to Billy's braid and put my hand on it then I pulled down on it gently. He made a little noise but followed my lead and his head went back as I tugged on his hair. "I like that Jan is doing your hair, Billy. You are very sexy you know," I whispered in his ear. I stuck my tongue out and licked in and around his ear. I could feel him shiver. It was nice to know he reacted to my touch. "Are you doing the exercises I gave you?"

"Yes, Mr. McNeil," he responded sighing.

"I thought so. I think I see some definition coming in," I let him know. I released his braid and he raised his head back up. "I want you to encourage Jan to do more things with you, like she was doing just now with your hair. I want her to know it is okay to touch you." I nuzzled at Billy's neck and fondled his ass as he went back to the food prep. This was more than I had done with him physically to this point. "You are going to encourage her, Billy. I want Jan to see you believing it is good for her, if you touch her too." I rubbed his ass with the palm of my hand. "I want you to encourage her, Billy. I want to see you take it further each time."

He turned to look at me, a questioning look on his face. I knew this was an area that would stretch what he did for me. Hit his fears and the effects of the last relationship he had. He continued to look at me. "I'm not going to do anything to you Billy that will hurt you. I know what will move Jan, and I know what will move you. I want you here for a long time Billy. I want to be able to work over your tight little ass, as much as I work over Jan's pussy, but I want to do it with Jan's acceptance." I moved in closer to him. My cock was hard in my pants and I stepped up to move it against the crack of his ass. "I want this inside you." His eyes widened a bit. I don't think he knew the size of my cock until then. "But, I won't do that until Jan also wants this inside you. Do you understand Billy? I won't hurt you purposefully in this regard. I may hurt you physically later, if I want, but I won't do it emotionally."

He looked at me still, searching for proof I guess. My words were what I had to offer. I took his face in my hand and held him while I moved in and probed his lips with my tongue. He parted his lips and actually sighed a little. I didn't keep it up very long, as I didn't want Jan to see this yet. I stepped back and said, "Now get back to the meal, and remember what I said, Billy." I left to go change out of my travel clothes before we all sat down to what I hoped would become a nice regular family dinner before too long.