Becoming a Boy 26

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I was holding Danny in a big hug. Stupid kid was a mess. His back side looked painful but I am sure whatever the hell he did, he probably earned his spanking. I knew Danny and I knew he could be a handful. He'd only do what even Dad told him to do while Dad was watching, then he would be off doing his own thing again.

"What the fuck were you doing Danny? I asked him. He sniffled. Thank god he had about stopped crying. I did NOT like people crying, whether they were boys or girls, what a mess to deal with.

"I screwed up," he told me.

"Tell me something new, Danny. Seriously. Explain what happened. How did your ass get this worked over? It wouldn't look like this if you hadn't screwed something up." His ass was a mass of red. There were a few welts, only a couple spots where the skin was broken, but all over he was red, pink, and purple. This ass wouldn't be sat on for a couple days at least. I did actually think it was kinda hot looking. I tried to imagine how someone had accomplished this.

"I didn'tÉI didn't follow Daddy's rules. He locked my dick down to my taint so I can't jack off. I got so horny after a couple weeks I figured out how to get out of it one time, but I couldn't get the rings locked back together after I came. Then Stacy, my friend here, he caught me, that one time, and he had a key that would lock or unlock my rings. He started making me unlock and cum for him. He started fucking me. He tried to be in charge of my cumming. I..IÉ" little guy, started bawling again. Johnson said it was fine to see Danny, but I wish he had mentioned what a mess he would be. I might have skipped it.

"So, I finally realized after Daddy was here last time that Stacy was wrong. I had no business cumming all the time, like he said I could do. I needed to dfollow Daddy's rules, Mr. Johnson's rules," he continued. "I knew I had screwed up but I was scared at first to tell him. I knew something would happen to me."

"Of course, Danny, you can't just disobey an order given to you. You're Dad's little boy. You're his fag. You need to do what he says, or what Johnson says in Dad's place."

"IÉI knowÉI know. It was stupid. So I ratted Stacy out. I told Mr. Johnson what was happening, and I got my ass beat a couple days ago. I can barely lay on it, it hurts so bad, Ian." He pulled back and looked me in the eyes. "I am so stupid sometimes. Why can't I just listen to what a Man tells me to do?"

I had to laugh. I thought about Tim and what I was telling him to do. I tried imagining stopping a guy who had been mostly straight from cumming. Hell, eve came even when I humiliated him without touching his dick. I decided then I wouldn't screw with him cumming. Hell, I didn't care if he came or not, but he damn well better do other things I told him to do.

"Danny, I am glad you told Johnson. I am sure he told Dad and they decided what your punishment would be. Do you know what happened to Stacy?" I thought about the locked up kid I saw earlier today walking around the place with Johnson.

"Some of the other boys told me he was locked up, but I don't know what else is going on. I haven't left here in a couple days. I'm too scared and it still hurts," he told me staring me in the eyes. "I'm so glad you came to see me, Ian."

Awww, the little fucker thought I was here to see him. How cute. I wouldn't tell him differently, even if I had no idea what had happened earlier in the week.

"I'm glad I came to see you too, Danny. You're my little bro, I like seeing you from time to time. We're family" I ran my hand over his sore ass. He moaned and whined. I liked seeing him from time to time to fuck his hot little ass.

"Please, Ian, it hurts so bad."

"Oh, come on, Danny. It's just a little spanking. You used to get those all the time from Dad. I pulled my hand back and stuck my finger on Danny's lips. He instinctively opened his mouth and sucked on my finger. I pulled it back out and then slowly inserted it into his ass.

"Oooooh, god. No, I don't think I can do this today."

"I'm not asking you, Danny. I'm just starting. You need a good fuck so you know that I still love you, so you know I love that hole. You know that telling Johnson about what happened is the right thing," I cooed in his ear. He nodded. "You know you want some cock, and this is me, your big bro, talking to you."

"Ian, I'm so sore," he whispered.

"Yeah, but your pussy isn't what's sore, Danny, Your ass is sore, your pussy is just hot," I replied.

"MMmmmmm, I don't know. Even that movement of my cheeks makes my ass hurt," he told me, yet he also licked my neck and began rubbing himself against me as I continued to hold him.

"Danny, I came to visit you. That means I also came to get my dick wet in your pussy. It's nice seeing you, but I also came here to fuck. You think I can get nice hot pussy like yours all the time at school? I love that you are my brother and will put out for me, Danny. I'm so glad you showed me what a nice fag pussy can feel like." I knew damn well I was sweet-talking the kid.

"No, Ian, please, it will hurt so much today," he whined, but kept nuzzling, his tears all dried up.

"Little cock tease," I mumbled to him. "You DO want my cock. I knew you would if I came out here. Get on your all fours, Danny. I want to eat that pussy of yoursÉ now."

He kept looking at me and slowly turned around and got on his hands and knees. He arched his back and his nice bubble ass stuck up in the air. Yeah, it was red and tender and looked sore as hell, but I really didn't care right now. Him holding and nuzzling had gotten me hot and horny instead of the sympathetic and kind older brother I had been a few minutes ago, I grabbed his ass cheeks and he moaned sharply. I knew that part was going to hurt him. I lowered my face to his slit. It wasn't a pucker it was a slit. A well used hole. That thought just made me think how hot this was, eating out my brother's pussy before I fucked it good.

"You have such a nice little cunt, Danny. I'm going to fuck it so well right now." He groaned as I spread his cheeks and moved my face into his ass. I stuck my tongue out and began wetting his hole. I needed to get it ready for my cock. I was in charge, but I wasn't going to hurt him anymore than he was already hurtÉmostly. I wasn't going to intentionally hurt him. I was going to fuck him well and hard. Just like I would fuck Tim good and hard some day soon. Tim would open up his ass at my prompting just like Danny did now.

"Ian, oh god, Ian, it feels good, but your hands hurt my ass at the same time. Fuck, your beard stubble scrapes"

I laughed. My cock hardened-up fully listening to Danny narrate what I was doing.

"Don't worry little brother, we both know I'm going to make you feel better You need some good dick just like I need some pussy," I said.

I kept on eating his hole out. I thought of Danny's hole as a pussy, just like I thought of that fag Jimmy's hole as a pussy. It dawned on me that I didn't think of Tim's hole as a pussyÉyet, but I did want to fuck him. I had only ever eaten Danny's pussy out, but I already knew when Tim begged, I would eat his tight little hole too. He wasn't anything like Danny, but I was making him to be something. Not Danny, not Jimmy, but I wanted Tim to kneel and worship me just the same. How could I get Tim to the point where he wanted to get fucked, to where he wanted me to eat his pussy? How did I get to a point where I saw Tim as a fag, and as pussy? Up until now, fags were fags, and guys were guys. I was making a guy into a fag, or at least making a guy as obedient as a fag.

Danny was whimpering and squirming. I had opened his cunt enough to easily get my cock inside him. I spit 2 or 3 times onto my dick and lubed it up, positioning it at the entrance to Danny's pussy. "Ready, little bro? I asked. "Ready to feel this inside you?"

"Yes, I mean no, I mean yes, I want it, but no, it is going to hurt, Ian." I slapped his sore, red ass hard. A bit harder than I had intended. He yelped, I smiled.

"Shut up, Danny, here it comes." I pushed and his well-used cunt opened and accepted my cock. I just kept pushing and there was no resistance. I slid all the way in, balls deep, into that hot fleshy tube that immediately wrapped around my cock. "Shit bitch, you're the best little brother a guy could have. I love how you are always so hot and ready for my dick."

"Oh, fuck, Ian. Your dick is so big," he whimpered. He knew just what to tell me. Knew I liked to hear that stuff. "My ass is so sore."

"Not fucking your ass, baby bro," I told him. "I'm fucking your pussy, your ass is sure red and sore, but your pussy is just red and hot." I laughed at my own words. "Fuck, its been a while Danny. I love your loosened up cunt. You can squeeze and make it tight, and you can relax and open up wide," I commented to him.

"Shiit, oh god Ian. You always feel so good."

"Oh yeah? How good, Danny?"

"Fuck, so, so good."

"Better that Dad?" I asked wondering. "Better than the cock that broke your cunt in?"


I smacked his ass hard again, just to get a reaction."

Ooowwww, yes, yes Ian, Please don't spank me. Yes, your cock feels better than Dad's dick. Don't tell him, please promise me, ooohhhhh fuck. This hurts so much. You are pounding my cheeks at the same time as you pound my hole. They are so sore, Ian. I love it but it hurts"

I laughed harder." Good boy, Danny. I like knowing I fuck better than Dad. I'm not saying shit about it to him," I pumped his ass as I spoke. "We both know it, so why say it to him. Arch that back, bitch, I love it when you do that."

I screwed to my heart's content. Danny meant nothing at the moment except a hole to fuck. H had confirmed what I had hoped; my cock was better than my old man's dick. LOL, fuck I loved hearing that from Danny. My head swelled and I am talking both heads. My brain swelled hearing Danny tell me how good I was, and my cock swelled ready to empty my balls into his pussy.

"Oh fuck Danny. FUCK. I'm gonna cum. Gonna empty my nuts in your cunt." I looked at Danny' s ass as I said it. His dick was locked down to his taint, but I watched as he started leaking, then dribbling, then oozing a load out of his useless, tiny, locked dick. It made me laugh. I laughed and that was it. I started unloading in his hole.

"Milk it boy. Milk my cock. Take it all." His ass had already clamped down on my cock and him squeezing me really set me off. I must have spurted 8 or 9 times in his pussy. I could feel my cock making slurping sounds as I pumped in and out of Danny. Man, I missed having him around after last summer. I rolled over onto his bed and brought him with me. Now I was on my back and Danny was lying on my chest. I could put my arms around him and he was still impaled on my cock.

"See, Danny? You can cum just fine without unlocking that little dick of yours. Why would you even go and try unlocking your dick. It isn't like you can't get some please, like you cant cum at all?" I questioned him.

"It'sÉIt's hard to explain. I'm embarrassed, Ian."

"Tell me, Danny. Who can you tell if it isn't me?"

He sighed and rolled his eyes at me. "I just don't get off very easy unless it's a big cock like you or Daddy have. Once or twice here, MAYBE, someone hits the right spot but with you or Daddy, your dicks are so big, I can cum every time, Ian." He did blush though somehow this bothered him. Didn't bother me of course. It was nice to hear my cock was a big one from the girly boy I had fucked more than anyone. "It just feels better and its easier to get those feelings inside me that make me, you know, that make me cum. I have to be made to cum since I can't get hard or play with it."


I laughed. Danny really made me feel joy and made me laugh. If the little fuck weren't my brother I would think about making HIM my bitch. "Danny, if you need a big cock then tell Johnson. There is nothing, and I mean this, nothing that makes that wrong. You know what you need and want. Let Johnson know so he can help you find that. Johnson isn't just here to amuse himself; he is here to train you to know yourself and to get you to where you are in a good place." Dumb little shit cant think this through.

"Ian, I just wanted Daddy. I didn't want to have to think about someone else. Once it happened the first time, I didn't want anyone else" He started tearing up again.

"Danny, Turn off the water works. It isn't important to me. I'm not impressed. We both like Dad for who he is to us, but he isn't going to be there forever for you. He told me he wants to focus on Mom and not us. He wants his own life now.  He told me he thinks the world of us, but he wants us out of the house and on our own, doing what we need to do to be happy."

"He told you that?" Danny asked looking at me in a confused way.

"Hell yeah. You think after raising us for 18 years, he wants us to hang around? God, No. He and Mom planned for us to be out. They figured we would be gone to college, and not come home again. It isn't bad, it's just the way it is, Danny."

Danny sighed and lay down on my chest for a bit. Then he sat up again. "Do you really think it's okay if I find a husband and leave home?"

"Oh yeah." I pulled him tight and hugged him again. "Danny you need to start looking, to see what Johnson can find you. You know that college sucked for you. You said that yourself. You want to see who is out there, find a man who can meet your needs and give you what you want. But I don't see you or Dad wanting to send you out there where just anyone can get ahold of you. You are WAY to easily influenced by strong men." The whole conversation made me think of Tim. What did I want from him? What did he want from me? GODDAMMIT. What the hell was I doing? I needed to have these talks with Tim, I should realize he and I are both in the same situation. It wasn't just a game, as Johnson had told me earlier today. It was real and I needed to see that.

I was having a real good time messing with him and seeing how far I could push him. If I did want that sort of thing to last, then I needed to pay more attention and make sure I was being as strong as he needed. I know I was going about breaking him down, I needed to go about building up what I wanted. I needed to be doing shit that was clear in purpose and clear to me what the benefit was long term for me and what I wanted in life.

"Ian, I'm scared. I only ever wanted Daddy after he figured out what a fag I am."

"Hmmm? Sorry, I was blanking there."

 "It's scary, Ian. What if I don't find someone like Daddy? What if I end up with a creep like Mr. Wolf, the guy who raped me?"

"Dumb fag," I chuckled. "What do you think you are here for? Dad knows Johnson will find you someone good. Plus Dad has final say. He's not going to take care of you this long in life then just get you married off to someone who is a bum. Plus Danny, you know more than you did then. You get smarter too."

"Ian, how come Dad just can't let me stay home? I still don't get it."

"Danny, Dad is changing too. Can't you tell by watching him? Don't you think it was freaky for him to suddenly realize that he could have a different life than the one he had been happily living? He always has been in charge. Now though he can see that it means being more in charge over more things than he was in the past. He is going to make sure you get taken care of by someone and he can move forward with Mom and do whatever he wants. I'm sure things are changing for Mom too. With you and me mostly gone, Dad is going to have a lot of time getting Mom to do what he wants, and I think he knows that now."

He looked more relaxed and happy. Maybe I had helped in some way. I wasn't sure. I had known Danny all of his life but I still wasn't sure on how fags thoughts all of the time. Whatever I had done, Danny had kept my dick hard up inside him. He probably didn't even know he was squeezing and massaging my cock as we were talking. Someone was going to get a real good little fag if Danny could learn to behave. "Now, I'm going to fuck you hard again, Danny. Start by moving up and down on my pole." He smiled and lifted himself up a bit and then slid back down. He was wincing and moaning, taking the pleasure and the pain.

"Come on fag bro, move faster. If you're going to get me off like this you have to work harder at it."

"I'm still so sore."

"Whiny bitch. Your hole isn't sore, it your ass that is sore. If you want your hole sore, than I can do that too," I reminded him.

I got tired of Danny trying to lead this along. I picked him up and deposited him on his back, and I climbed on top of him. I spread his legs wide and drove my cock in deep. He whimpered and moaned. "Shut up Danny. If you don't stay quiet I will shove some of your panties in your mouth."

I started jackhammering away on his cunt again. I started imagining it was Tim's pussy again. Like I had when I fucked Jimmy after the party. I had to admit I wanted to plow Tim's hole. When I stared at him and drilled Jimmy, I really had been fantasizing about Tim's hole, taking it and making it into a pussy I could fuck anytime I wanted. I wanted him to beg for it, but hell I was ready to do it. Something told me it would be better if I could wait him out and fuck him when he could beg for it, but damn he was hot, and I was making him hotter. His ass was looking bigger since he started the routine I gave him. Donor had talked about his ass when he was dressed up on Halloween. See, that was what I had not been doing, paying enough attention, treating it as a once a week thing, when in reality, he was letting me mold him to what I wanted. I was creating my own bitch and I was too busy or stupid to pay enough attention to the important details. Fuck me. Why wasn't I paying more attention? This wasn't school. Sorry Tim. I'll do more to pay attention, Tim.

"What are you talking about, Ian?" Danny asked. "Who's Tim?"

"What? What do you mean?" I stopped fucking and looked at him.

"You were saying something about Tim. Is he another fag you have fucked?"

Was I really talking about him? Fuck me, I was screwed up. I was drilling Danny's hole and thinking about Tim. I guess I was talking about him too. "Seriously? Was I saying something about Tim?"

"Please fuck me some more Ian," Danny whined.

I smacked his ass and he groaned. I smacked it again to grab his attention further. "I asked you a question. This isn't about you, Danny."

"Clearly, it isn't about me, Ian. It's about someone named Tim," he said with a bitchy tone in his voice. I drove my cock in and reached over to his face and smacked him hard. His head snapped to my left. He looked at me with a shocked look on his face.

"Bitch, I asked a question." I could feel my anger rising. My face was flush with heat, I knew I had surprised him by the gaping look on his face. "Answer me, and lose that tone, you're a submissive boy, not a bitchy girl."

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, Ian. I didn't mean to be bitchy," Danny bleated.  "Yes, you were calling me Tim and said something about Tim's butt.  I'm sorry I mentioned it, Ian, don't hit me again."

Damn fag brother was going to cry again, it looked like. Shit, I hated crying. At least Tim had never cried with everything I had done to him. "No, its okay Danny. You hit a sore point. Ignore what I said."

"No, no I won't Ian. You were talking about him. Just pretend I'm Tim and tell me what you want to say to whoever he is."

Stupid little fag. How dare he try to tell me what I needed to do? I smacked him again across the face. "I know you want my cock, Tim," I said. "Stop fighting it. You want to feel this cock up your pussy."

I could see Danny but I was thinking Tim. Danny held his cheek. "You're right, I'm sorry, Ian. I do want you cock, Ian. I need it. Fuck me. Fuck me HARD," he screamed the last word.

I hated that I had let my self be so exposed. I was paying attention to my head, not my cock and I had fucked up. I was sharing things I didn't normally share with anyone. I didn't want any one to know this stuff. Fuck, clearly even I didn't know what was going on between my head and my mouth.

I really started pounding his hole. I fucked hard. He was moaning and crying out but it didn't matter, I was going to fuck his hole up like his ass cheeks were fucked over. I was going to empty my nuts in him again, in his sloppy hole. I got crazy. I'm not proud of it really, but I did it anyway. "Open up, Tim. You need to get used to this dick. You are going to be taking it the rest of your life so better shut up and adjust now." I needed this release. I needed to breed and seed Tim before more time passed.

"Ian, oh god. I've wanted your cock for a long time. I'll do whatever you say. Just keep fucking me always," I heard Danny's voice, but it was Tim in my head I was screwing.

I was being rough on Danny for something he had not done. I can't tell you how fucking good it feels to take out some aggression from one situation in life on someone else. I knew it wasn't really Danny that was making me so rough, it was Tim, and I wanted to do this to his hole.

"Bust my hole open, Ian. Make me your bitch." I knew Danny was talking but it almost sounded like something Tim would say. Part of me wanted to stop and go find Tim now. "Yeah, fuck me dude." Danny was pretty good at this. Tim could definitely say that. "I wanted this for a long time. I want you to wreck my hole."

I finally worked his cunt enough that I blew a second load in Danny. I pulled out immediately and grabbed his head and shoved my cock in his mouth. "Clean it off. Clean it off now." Danny swallowed and squeezed on my dick with his throat, by the time I pulled it back out of his face it was just damp with saliva. All my cum, his ass juice, the loads I had sprayed in him, all of it was gone.

Danny looked scared. I felt a little bad for being so rough on him. I collapsed on him, having worn myself out fucking him so hard. "Damn it Danny," I told him. "I'm not ready to talk about it yet. Don't tell anyone about Tim. I'll come back here and beat the crap out of you. You hear me?" I put my arms around him and gave him a big hug. I felt mad and thankful at the same time if that makes any sense. "And for god's sake be good and do what Johnson says.

"Ian. I don't know what's going on, but you can come fuck me and call me whatever you want. Just let me know when you are ready." It was probably the most mature thing I had heard Danny say in a long time. Damn fag, he started this whole thing this summer, begging to blow me.

I had thought I wanted a fag, wanted someone to suck me off regularly at school if I couldn't find regular pussy. Now I was all wrapped up turning this guy who was a buddy into my bitch, my fag. My brother could tell something was up but I was just now realizing this wasn't as much paly as I thought.



I had no idea where Ian was. He hadn't said a thing to me about him leaving. Not that he had to tell me, but I was interested anyway. I looked a couple times the next couple days and didn't see him and no one seemed to know where he had gone.

I was being crazy anyway. It was better that he didn't see too much of me. I had turned into a real cocksucker, and I wasn't sure if that was okay by him or not. I wasn't sure it was okay by me. I couldn't believe I had blown the guy in the parking lot of the CVS. I hadn't said anything but "thank you Sir", the whole time. He assumed I would suck his dick and I did. I had sucked 21 loads out of guys the past weekend. I was a cocksucker. I wanted to suck Ian again and it had only been a couple days. I even thought about sucking Donor's dick. I had never even found him attractive, but that didn't seem to matter to my head, just that he had a cock and I knew I could suck him and get him off. I had done it before. I found myself staring at guy's crotches all the time now, wondering what their dicks were like. Big and fat, long and lean, I wanted to suck more cock. I wanted to suck more cock. Holy crap my head had changed the last couple months.

Ian had been pretty clear nearly from the first time that I was a cocksucker. I had hated that word when he used it the first time. I had not seen it coming, but he knew it. He was pretty good at knowing people I figured. He knew me better than I knew me. I needed to get to the gym. I shouldn't be just hanging around here all day doing nothing but studying. I needed to go work out, bring some other types of distraction so I didn't think of dick all day. I wasn't sure yet how I felt about being a cocksucker.

Once I got to the gym, I fell into the routine Ian had suggested. It felt good most days now. It had stopped hurting so much after the first week. I mean my ass was still a bit sore on some days, but not like the first week. This routine kept changing every few days and worked different muscles Ian said. The same was true with my chest. I was sore some days but not others. My midsection was often sore. He had me working a lot of those muscles. He said it would help my swimming. I knew it would because the guys who did the best on the team had those rock hard abs. Mine were okay, but not like the top guys. I wanted it in my head sometimes but not enough I guess. I wondered if this routine had made any difference. When I finished I went to the locker room and got on a scale. Wow, I was actually surprised. I had put on 5 pounds. I had no idea where, because I didn't feel like I had changed weight at all, nothing looked different to me. I checked my weight again. I had never weighed more than 170 pounds. Now I was at 175. Where the heck did the weight go? I looked in the mirror when no one was around. My chest didn't seem bigger my legs didn't seem bigger. My waist if anything seemed smaller. Where the hell was the weight going? I couldn't find it.

I got back to the frat and Donor was there. He was still talking about the party the other night and I was completely embarrassed by the discussion. I am sure if he paid any attention he could tell I was uncomfortable discussing it. He wanted to talk about the bitches in the Afghani garb, how well they sucked cock, how wasted he had been, did I get sucked off by them, and on and on. I tried to keep my answers as brief as possible and not give too many details about the night since I just made up shit about where I was and what I had done.

"Oh, man, those girls sucked cock like it was a special meal. They were savoring the dick that the guys laid out for them." Leave it to Donor to relate sucking dick to food. "I wish I had gotten into their skirts because one had an ass you couldn't believe. I grabbed it and it was rock hard and fleshy at the same time. I so wanted to feel that pussy on my dick."

Holy crap, he was talking about me. Donor had grabbed my ass at the party and given it a squeeze. He thought that ass was nice. I could feel myself blush. I only hoped he didn't pay any attention, that he wasn't as aware of stuff as Ian orÉor like that guy at CVS the other day. I was no way ready to have the guys at the house know I was sucking cock all the time. I was not going to be the frat dicksucker. I could feel my own dick getting hard in my pants. Fuck me. My own fears were turning me on. No, I did NOT want to suck Donor's cock again. No, I kept telling myself, as I got harder. I turned around and did something else for a while. Anything so Donor couldn't tell I was excited.

"uhm, yeah," I said. "Those girls had hot mouths. That party was the best so far this year."

"Best in a couple years," Donor stated. "You get anymore than the head from those girls?"

"uhhmmm, no, just some face from some chick. Nothing else like what was outside." I wanted this conversation to end. I headed off to the shower down the hall. I needed to get away from the room.

F course once I got to the shower I was happy to see no one else was there. At least I was able to jack off in the shower. The curtain gave me enough privacy to do it quickly and release some of the tension I had thinking about Ian, Donor, and all the other dicks I had sucked.


"This is probably my least favorite part of the job, Ian," Johnson was saying. He handed me a piece of paper.  It looked legal. I read through it and was a bit startled. It gave Johnson complete control over that Stacy kid. It was signed by both of them as well as a lawyer and a witness, Dr. Jablonsky. Stacy had no legal right to stop any punishment for misbehavior, and signed away medical rights to Johnson in case of need or want by Johnson.

"Wow," was all I could say. "So, you mean, Stacy gave up all rights to his body to you when he signed this?"

"Yep. I told him, last time he came back here, I wouldn't put up with any shit like he had pulled other times. He has always been a little bitch, disruptive to the farm, disruptive in the community, as far as I can tell disruptive to his own emotional growth. Regular punishments don't seem to work with him. He can be nice for a while but his conniving and double-crossing behavior is too much. I have worked too hard to put up with his problems without some way to correct them permanently if necessary," he explained. "Still, the little fucker pulled that shit with your brother. This time was the last break he had. He knows it. So, this is where I need to be aware enough about him and his issues to decide a good solution," Johnson continued. "What will solve the problem?"

"You're asking me? I mean, I don't know what the possibilities are?" I couldn't begin to think what would solve the problem. "You mean like Danny and locking his dick down? Or maybe taking him to the Doc for other stuff?" I asked.

"Yeah. He needs to have things permanently corrected. It's a tough decision, Ian. I don't make it lightly. I will be responsible now for him. He can't be responsible for himself. There is too much testosterone in this fag. It can be debilitating to some fags. Leaves them thinking they can be part man. Here this boy goes around dressing like a slut, keeps her hair and nails done, and then just uses her nature to manipulate and hurt others, not for pleasing others, so much as for pleasing himself. It isn't what we train them for here. He knows that. Its almost as if he is daring me to do something, so I need to do just that, to stay in charge, to show the other Men and fags here that I won't be challenged by a little fag nor will I let others be hurt by his behavior. What's the worst thing you can imagine for a fag?"

"Hell, I can't imagine Johnson. I'm not a fag." We laughed.

"No seriously, Ian. If you had to make this decision, how would you handle it?"

I thought for a bit, rubbing my head, trying to figure this out like a test question in a class. "I don't really know. I sometimes think I get fag psychology, but I know I am still new at this."

"I appreciate the honestly, Ian. Its part of what you can only learn by doing it, going through it. I could do nothing, turn him loose back out on the street. He would probably end up in jail or using drugs within a few months. Doesn't seem quite right, since I essentially took ownership of him, his choice of course. I hate tossing what I own out into the street."

"Yeah, I can understand that. Doesn't seem really a good move for anyone to find him and have him talk about a contract for responsibility to you."

"Yep. That is the down side to me for one of these contracts. I'm responsible. The down side for him, obviously is I can do what I want to him physically. Do I castrate him? Let him get chubby and be a eunuch? Still not an optimal choice but it does remove the testosterone and most of the problems."

"Doesn't he have a dick that he would use still?"

"Not really possible, but potentially if he got ahold of some T patches."

"What if you had him pussified? One kid here had that. I saw it."

"Yeah, that is a more likely option.  It gets rid of the testosterone and the instrument of manhood. But again he could get ahold of testosterone and be a real pain."

"Isn't that possible with anything you do with him?" I asked. "He could always try to get the feeling back again.

"Which is why the best option is often to have the full change done to boys like this," Johnson said. "By going the full route, changing hormones, prepping him for full surgery, adding some boobs if the hormones don't induce enough growth there. Essentially making him a her, and seeing what happens. Most of the time he presents about as feminine as can be, but it is those testosterone issues that stand in this one's way of settling down and accepting his place as a submissive creature."

"That's not an easy choice, Mr. Johnson. I'm glad it isn't my call."

"Well, you think about it, Ian. You're here another day or two before you go back to campus. See if you can make any headway with him, see what your impressions are. Let me know before you go, I need to do something soon."

"You sure, Mr. Johnson? I'm just a college guy, I don't know if I can tell in just a couple days."

"Nope, probably can't Ian, but I still want to hand it to you, and see what you come up with for him."

At the end of the day, I had learned a lot, but I was still thinking about the Stacy kid and what Johnson wanted to hear from me. I decided to go back to Danny and see what he thought.

"Ian!! You `re back already? Want to fuck and call me Tim?"

"Bitch, I will slap you so hard if you don't drop that for a while. I'm not talking about him right now." Danny had a smirk on his face, and yeah I smiled too. "I'm here to talk about Stacy."

"Well, I don't want to talk about Stacy. He got me in trouble and my ass still hurts from the spanking, even after you worked it over," he told me loudly. "She can rot for all I care. As log as they don't let her lose I am okay."

"Well, Johnson has decided to do something with him, I just don't know what. He wants me to think about some options and give him my thoughts. I guess it is part of my internship here. Worst part of school is always homework," I said to no one really.

"Hurt him bad!" Danny exclaimed. I laughed at that and he got a pouty look on his face. "I mean it Ian, I hate him right now."

"Seems like it, but you don't come off very well hating him. Johnson isn't too fond of him either, though. Seems he creates trouble wherever he goes. He's thinking of castrating him, or changing him into a girl permanently."

Danny's eyes got big and round. "Wow, really? That would be, well it would be crazy. He's a guy. A fag, yeah, but a guy."

"A bitchy, trouble-making, double-crosser, according to Johnson. You aren't the first boy here he has gotten in trouble. He signed authority for his life and medical care to Jonson. Mr. Johnson can do pretty much anything to him because Stacy signed all of those rights over to him."

"Shit, "Danny said, then covered his mouth. "Sorry, Ian, didn't mean to curse."

"So, anyway, Danny. I wondered if you had any thoughts on the matter? Would Stacy react well to being a girl? Would he want a vagina and tits? I'm not asking what you would do, I don't care to hear that really, but what you would think of say waking up a girl?" I couldn't imagine being forced into becoming a woman, but then, I enjoyed being a Man. Stacy, or Danny for that matter, didn't seem to have Man in them. They were fags, sub boys who were supposed to be obedient.

"Wow. No, well, I can say something but it might just come off mean. I don't want that on my conscience."

"Not on your conscience. I'm asking as your brother, just trying to understand you sub boys better, Danny."

"Stacy isn't very butch. He usually tried to come off more girl than guy. Dad said he was nice but didn't really like him that much. I don't know why. I can't see leaving him part of a guy. I wouldn't want to be half a guy. I want to be a guy, but a submissive one. I want to marry a Man but not be a woman. But I also want to be his wife, not his husband. I'm not making much sense, sorry."

"Stop saying you're sorry, Danny. It isn't a good thing to do. Apologize only when you have to, otherwise do what you are supposed to do and don't apologize. When you constantly apologize, it just is annoying for someone like me. I want you to be a guy who submits to me, not apologizes to me. You get that part?"

"Oh, sort of. I thought part of it was to always say I was sorry for everything."

No, I told him. You say you are sorry when you fuck up. If you say it all the time, you're just telling yourself and me that you are a fuck-up. See the difference?"

He seemed to think about that for a bit. "Wow, ok, I hadn't thought of it like that. I was trying to be, well I was trying to do what the other boys here do. Maybe I wasn't getting it right."

"Probably not. It takes you a while to learn things." I laughed and he reached out as if he wanted to hit me. A brotherly reaction I guess. I caught his hand before he started and twisted it behind him.

"Ow, ow, ow. Okay I get it. Please stop." I dropped his hand and he sat down. "I think if I were Stacy, I would want to be a girl. He will like it better than having no balls or a pussy but no tits. Take his boy stuff away and replace it. Let him start over."

"Thanks Danny. That helps me understand you fags better." I stood and left him there. I didn't want to spend too much more time there. He would just start asking me questions I didn't want to answer.

When I left late the next day Johnson asked if I had any thoughts. I did. I wasn't sure expressing them like I was going to do would be the right answer though.

"Yes, Mr. Johnson, I do. I asked my brother, Danny. He said to make him a girl. No in betweens. That would be too much for him. It seems the fags like being a little bit of a boy, or all girl, but not much n between. I guess that Bailey must really be aware of who he is to be in that middle ground, a guy with a pussy. So, my answer is have him go through the transformation. It is what seems like he might have the best shot at being successful at."

"Thank you, Ian. I was hoping you would check with your brother. Just for your own curiosity, most all of the situations like this, and there aren't many, I have decided the same way. Make the boy a girl and see what happens. Again, nearly all of them are very happy today. Those who aren't happy are still struggling with other issues, not their gender or orientation. My decision will be do take Stacy in that same direction."

"How do you do that Mr. Johnson, since I am thinking he may not be cooperative."

"He won't be, I'm afraid. He hasn't been cooperative in much he has done here, unless he saw an advantage for himself in some way. Well, drugs first. Keep him slightly drugged and make sure he starts the hormones. After a couple of months of that, I will get the doctor involved and the operation will happen. His attitude may be good enough then to keep him off the drugs, except for some pain meds. What with the testosterone gone and estrogen flowing, most people in that situation are really changed. It is always an experiment."

"Wow, I hadn't thought about this stuff. Thanks, I think, it has been interesting."

"Well, when you are around he next few months, make sure you check in and see what is going on with him. You will find it interesting, Ian.

We shook hands and I headed back to school. I had gained a new knowledge of parts of Johnson's farm that I had not thought about before. Now it was back to Tim to see if I could handle his changes.