Becoming a Boy 27

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I had been to the gym today but hadn't done much else. I was still reeling from the fact I had sucked off so many guys at the party. Then I had been convinced to suck cock in a car by a guy I never met before. What a fag I had become. I didn't even speak to the guy except to tell him thank you and move on home. It was crazy. I just accepted that he needed to get off and I went and took care of it for him. At the same time I was so relaxed and I thought about what Jimmy had said, that when you eat all that cum from men you get a high of some sort and I wondered if I was on some kind of extended high. I didn't know anything about what I was doing. I didn't think I needed to suck more cock right now, but it wasn't like I thought about much else the past few days. I had been staring at guy's crotches anytime I could get away with it since the party. I knew I was in a way different place than when I got to school this fall.

My phone pinged. When I checked the messages I could see it was Ian. He was back. I had texted him a couple times, but got no response from him. I didn't want to blow up his phone with messages from me, but I wanted to text him all the time and let him know what I was doing. I had no idea where he was or what he was doing. I hated it having the urge to know what he was doing or where he was all the time. I'm his buddy, not his girlfriend, geez, I thought to myself. Okay, that made me strange I know, but I wanted to be around him and be friends. I had always looked up to guys who were, well, guys who were bigger, stronger, more popular than me. They all seemed to know where they were going and what they were doing. I wanted to be around them. I wanted to learn how to know where I was and what I needed to do to get somewhere, like they did. Plus, I knew I would do a lot to be their friend. Ian had shown me how much I would do. I knew I wanted to be around him. I just hadn't intended to become his cocksucker.

He texted and said to get to his room, he wanted to talk. Cool. I wanted to tell him I had put on 5 pounds. I wanted him to know my new routine was working somehow. I wanted to let him know I had been regular in getting to the gym and following his workout suggestions. He like knew right away what would help me tone up and add muscle. I also pretty much figured that if I was going to Ian's room, he would try to make me suck his cock. I just hoped he didn't make me do it around other people or with other people again. I didn't like the fact I had done it with the guy in the car. I didn't hate it, I thanked the guy, but it wasn't the same as with Ian. What the hell was I doing wandering over and giving that guy a blowjob? I guess I wanted to know more about what I was doing, I couldn't come up with a real reason.

I thought the first time it happened I would only ever suck Ian's cock that one time. I hadn't even set out to suck it, He had convinced me as part of the three-way, but the Halloween party had changed that. I knew I could suck cock well. Donor had said it to me when he thought I was a girl and he said it again telling me how well that girl had sucked him. Ian had made me do it but I was doing pretty well adjusting to that I thought. At the same time all of this seemed pretty gay still in my head. I couldn't put the two together. I liked girls, I liked screwing girls, but I was good at sucking Ian's cock and I had done it with a lot of other people now too. Why was the one thing I was good at had to be sucking cock? I had thrown on my sweats and an old t-shirt. I knocked on his door.

"Yeah, come in," he said loud enough I could hear him.

"Hey, Ian!" I replied as I entered. "What's going on? Where you been?"

"Oh, yeah, meant to tell you. I got this great internship at a farm business," he said. A farm didn't sound all that great to me, but what did I know? "I am going to be going out there pretty regularly now, on most weekends. It's going to keep me busy. But it will definitely be a place where I can learn business stuff. To put into action the plan for when I'm done here"

"Well, that's good, right?" D'uh that sounded stupid. He just grinned.

"Hey, that t-shirt looks a little tight on you. You still working out with those exercises I gave you?"

I looked at my shirtsleeves. Maybe it was a little tighter. I was happy he asked, I mean I wanted to talk about the gym. I hadn't paid too much attention to my clothes though. Maybe I had put some of that extra weight on in my arms. There was still space between the sleeve and my arm, so I don't know how Ian thought it was tighter. I realized I had been quiet. "Uhm, I guess. I hadn't really noticed, but I have put on five pounds. Not sure where, maybe that's why you think my shirt is tighter. I can't tell."

"You can't tell what, Timmy? We had a conversation a couple times on how to speak to me when no one else is around."

Crap, I had forgotten about that again. He wanted me to address him as Sir. "Sorry, Sir. I will try to remember." I dropped my head from looking at him directly. He could make me feel bad for the smallest things. "But yeah, Sir I have been hitting the gym regularly. I want to be in good shape for the swim season, so I hope it helps some. I have been following the exercises, because you were pretty sure what I needed to be doing."

"Good boy, Timmy. I know you want to do it right." I don't know why, but hearing I was good from Ian was a great feeling.

"So, Timmy. A lot happened a few days ago at the party. I had to take off for my internship and I didn't get to check back in with you. Why don't you sit down here," he motioned to his sofa against the near wall, "and tell me what you thought about the party." He sat down and I sat down on the sofa too. Not too close, I didn't want to be so close he could grab me and force me to suck cock right away.

I could feel myself blushing. How embarrassing. He knew everything that happened. What could I say that he had not already seen? He mad me get all dressed up. He stood there, kinda forced me to get on my knees,  and then watched me suck all those guys off. Then he brought me back here, I watched him fuck Jimmy, and then he had me suck him off again. That's what happened. "Well, you saw everything that happened, Sir. I'm not sure what else to tell you." I looked up to see his face again.

"Well, let's see then. If you want me to ask questions, I can do that," Ian smiled as he spoke. "So, did you enjoy all your cock-sucking? Sure looked like you had fun."

Fuck, maybe I didn't want him to ask questions. He continued to stare and smile. It was really silent. Finally I spoke. "Not really, Sir." It came out quieter than I had wanted. "I didn't want to do it. I was really scared at first ok? But, I didn't really have an option not to do it. You made it so I didn't have an option. You talked me into dressing up and then I had no idea you planned to make me suck anyone off that wanted a blowjob when I was dressed like a girl. I know I CAN do it, but it isn't something I think about doing all the time. I'm not gay." He held up his hand for me to stop. I shut up.

"I've told you before, Timmy, I don't care whether you believe you are gay or bi or straight. It's not important, Tim. You suck cock, and you do it well. So I'll ask again, did you like getting all that cock, Tim?"

I sighed. "I know you believe I'm a cocksucker. So what if you are right, okay? You knew it before I did. I am still freaked out some, okay, Ian? But, yeah, I know that I am good at it. It's all Donor can talk about, how great a cocksucker I was that night. I'm just glad he doesn't know it was me under that outfit. But, yeah, I like knowing I am good at it. I like knowing that, okay? I'm just not sure that I like doing it, even if I am good at it."

Ian just laughed. I guess it was what he wanted to hear. "Yeah, I knew it. I figured you were going to be good at it, after that first time with Tressa. You just needed practice. You'll be out there sucking a lot of cock soon, I mean I'm just guessing." He reached out and patted me on the head.

"But I date women, Ian. Before you had me suck your cock, I didn't ever do that with anyone. I didn't think about that as something I would do, really. I don't think about guys in my head the same way as I do girls, well at least I never used to. Now I think all sorts of shit."

"Now that you can tell yourself you are a good cocksucker more folks will figure that out too," he stated. "Just like I spotted you, other Men will too, Timmy."

"They already have," I admitted.

"Really? Who figured that out already? One of the brothers?"

"No, god no, Sir. I hope not." I dropped my eye contact. "This guy at the CVS the day after the party. I went early to grab some nail polish remover. To get the polish off my toes, you know? I felt really queer with it on there. And he saw me and kept nodding his head towards the door, then to his car. I should have known what he wanted, but I didn't say anything I just followed him. When we got to his car he said he wanted me to suck him off, so I just got in his car andÉand I did. I blew him in his car. Then I left."

Ian didn't look all that happy about this. "I can't believe you already blew some guy in a parking lot. You really ARE a big cocksucker. Shit, I can't believe I am saying this, he continued, "but some of that is my fault," he said. "I should have told you I don't want you doing that sort of shit unless I give you permission. You hear me?" He reached across the sofa and turned my head to face him. "You don't blow anyone else or have any other sex unless it is with me around, or unless I give you permission. Do you understand that?"

I must have gaped at him too long. He pulled his hand back from my head and slapped me. Not hard but it stung. "Yes. Yes Sir, I understand. No sex unless you say so." I snapped my response quickly. It was fine by me. I didn't really want to suck other cocks. I wanted to hang with him, not go around sucking dicks. I mean it was interesting to see how my dick compared to other guys, but did I need to suck them all? Really I did it because he wanted me to. I did all of those things at the party because he wanted. Because I wanted to be his buddy and so he knew I wouldÉ because he wanted me to do them. Fuck I was messed up.

"Good boy. I want you doing what I say. I like having that control, Timmy. I don't want you out just doing what you want all the time. That goes for girls too, especially girls. Some of those women would be happy to get their claws into you and make use of your willingness to do what they tell you to do. That isn't good for you, and I don't want it to happen."

Somehow that didn't make me feel good, knowing Ian didn't want me out screwing around with girls. I mean he did stuff all the time with girls. Even if I believed I was a cocksucker how come he got to tell me what I could or couldn't do? I still didn't know the whole gay or bi or whatever about me. And I think Ian was saying it didn't matter to him as long as I did what he said. I was going to be doing stuff with him.

"Look, Timmy, Its win-win for you. You get to hang with me, you get to receive my knowledge about working out, the extras of beer and fun, and you get to suck my cock. You get a lot out of the deal. I'm gonna make you more confidant and give you some direction. You know you're my boy and I know you'll put out."

I wasn't sure that sounded like win-win, but I saw the upside, sure. What could I say at this point. I DID like the fact he had already shown me how to improve my workouts, and that I was good at some stuff. It just wasn't the stuff I had imagined being good at. "Yes, Sir. I know you can tell stuff about me better than I can."

"Damn right I can, Timmy. I pay attention to things, to what you are doing. Don't forget that."

"So, you said no other sex unless you say so, so does that include jacking off? Do you expect me to ask you about that?"

"No, if you jack off, that is on your own time," he told me. "I already told you not to play with it if you are blowing me, but if you want to jack off later to thoughts of sucking me that's okay. I just don't need to see it," he said. "Plus if you do the frat party again, you don't need to be jacking when you're dressed up as a girl, probably wouldn't go over too well." He burst out laughing. I couldn't believe he said that. "Besides, you don't need to jack off when you are with me," he added, "you already shoot your load. Every time, you shoot your load Timmy. I'm taking care of that for you."

I could feel my face turn red. He had to bring that up. It was part of why I was embarrassed about all the dick sucking; I always came. Some of it was doing exactly what Ian said, he could make me cum, some of it I think may have been that I liked sucking the cock, I don't know. How do you argue with yourself when you get off sucking another guy's cock? "I just was trying to be your buddy, Ian. I didn't know all of this would happen like this."

 "Timmy, I am not your buddy. Do you suck your buddy's cock? Do you call your buddies, Sir?"

"No, Sir."

"Exactly. I'm not your buddy. I'm your Man. I'm your Master, maybe even your god, Timmy, but not your buddy. You're my cocksucker. You're my boy. You're my faggot." I winced. I didn't like that word. "You like doing what I tell you to do. I like having you do that. If you remember that much, you'll be good with me."

"But that's like you're in charge of everything. That's not exactly fair."

"Don't whine, Timmy. If I wanted whining there are hundreds of chicks out there I can get that from. We already went over this; you want my cock you do as I say. What's so hard to understand? Stick with obedience and not whining." He moved closer and was sitting next to me now. "I'm in charge because that is the way I am, Timmy. You just said I know more about you than even you know yourself. Does it make sense for you to be in charge when I know more?"

"Uhm, no, Sir?"

"Exactly. Do you think you need to be in charge when I have your best interest at heart?"

"Uh, I guess not, Sir."

"Good Boy"


Tim was slowly agreeing to everything I said tonight. It meant of course that he had missed me while I was gone, which was sweet actually. He had also clearly been changed by all that cock and cum the other night. I had heard that a man's cum could make a woman calmer and delivered needed chemical agents to the brain. I figured if they measured fags they would find the same thing. Timmy needed cock now, so much so he had to go get some more right away after the party. Since he hadn't mentioned anyone else, he must be hungry again. I knew faggots needed to feed regularly, just like I needed to empty my nuts frequently.

"Did you do anything sexual with anyone else while I was gone, Timmy? Other than the man at the drugstore?"

"No, Sir. I didn't." He shook his head vigorously. Not lying.

"Then why don't you get what you really came here for tonight," I told him.

"You mean your cock?"

"Yes, I mean my cock. That's really why you came here."

"I wasn't really sure that we would do that again"

"Timmy, I said to come over. You could have said no, but you didn't. I like it when you do as I say, you like it when you do what I say. But what was really the thought in your head when I texted and said to come over? You think I'm NOT going to use your throat to get off?"

"I figured I would probably suck your cock tonight if I came over," I told him. "It crossed my mind, but I wanted to hang with you too, and like you said talk."

"So we talked, now go ahead, get to work" I barely had the words out of my mouth and his hands were moving on to my zipper and then pulling my pants down around my ankles. Then he grabbed my boxers and pulled them down too. He leaned forward and took my cock in his mouth. I didn't even need to encourage him he slid it down his throat as soon as he had it in his lips. He maneuvered himself onto his knees on the floor in front of me. He seemed to get that he was my cocksucker now. The talk was good for him, and for my plans too.

"Oh, fuck, Timmy. You did need some dick, didn't you?"


"Don't know why you hate the word faggot, Tim. It describes who you are.  It's just a word. Same as cocksucker." He looked up from my dick. I smiled at him. He kept looking but also was sucking up and down, swallowing my cock on every few motions along the shaft. "You look so good with my cock in your throat. Don't let anyone tell you different." He changed shades to a bit more red on his cheeks. "I love it when I can say something and make you blush Timmy. It means I am hitting home with my words. It's true, isn't it? You've probably thought that very thing even if you won't say it yet. `I look better with Ian's cock in my mouth.' I was making myself laugh. It was making Tim turn redder.

He kept looking at me, so I knew he was paying attention. He wasn't doing too badly on working my cock either. Whatever hitch in his gag reflex had been there before was gone. There wasn't any block today. Maybe it was the fact he had really been worked over by the guys at the party. Maybe he was relaxed, giving in to his new situation, knowing and accepting he was a cocksucker. Not a faggot yet, he would agree to that later. He didn't complain or show emotion when I called him boy, maybe I could work with that word.

"You're becoming a boy, Timmy, my boy. I am in charge, and you are on your knees. You are asking for guidance and I am giving you direction. We both like that Timmy, and there is no reason for you to worry about it. I'll take care of that. You worry about taking care of my cock and doing what I say. The rest will be easy. You handled the party great and nothing happened that I didn't want to happen. No one knows about your need to suck cock except me."

He sucked, I enjoyed. He worked extra hard to get my load, and I delayed it as long as I could. My next goal was his cunt, he just needed to be aware of that and beg for it. I didn't ever want to be in a situation where someone didn't give himself or herself up to me. I could force them sure, and I might enjoy that a time or two when it was cool and not frightening, but if I was going to play this long term, like Johnson told me, I wanted someone to submit. I didn't want to subjugate them until they asked specifically for that. Coerce, sure, I could strongly encourage Tim to do a lot of things, but it all came back to him wanting to do them and giving in my words, to what he knew I could force on him anyway.

I reached down to my pants and pulled out my camera again. "Smile Timmy, I want pictures to show you off to my buddies." He gagged and choked. I laughed at him. I grabbed his head and put my dick down his throat again. "Oh, jeezus, I'm not showing them to anyone. I just want to have some pics to remind me of you, Timmy. I need to remember every day how much I like looking down there and seeing you doing what you are doing right now. This way, I can watch you suck my cock even if you aren't around. Its pretty fucking amazing watching a swim stud like you sucking dick like a pro."

Tim never needed to know how many pictures I really had of him. I had pics of him dressing up as a girl for the party, pics of him at the party, pics of him on his knees outside the first day he handed himself over to me, and other great pics too. I wasn't sure if I would ever need them but you never knew what might be useful to have.

"Whose boy are you, Timmy?" I asked. "Tell me, whose throat is that?" He looked at me but didn't stop sucking.  I smacked him lightly on the cheek. "Come on, I want to hear it. Whose boy are you?"

He pulled my cock out of his mouth. "Your boy, your throat, Sir"

"Yeah, that's right, now get back on my cock."

The idea that a couple months ago I would have a swim stud swinging on my dick telling me he's my boy made my head swim. He didn't hesitate once I made it clear he was going to tell me whose boy he was. I appreciated that. Maybe my training was as good as Johnson's training. I wanted to know Tim belonged to me and he confirmed it.


"Watch the teeth bitch," Ian said loudly. At least if someone was outside the room, they wouldn't know that he was getting some from me, because he called me the same words he called all the people I ever heard come through his room. I took his cock out long enough to apologize for scraping his cock with my teeth. I looked up and he smiled and took a picture. I wasn't happy with the pics but if he didn't show them I was okay with that. Ian didn't do that stuff. He was pretty discreet considering. He hadn't shown the other pics of me I knew he had. Sure he dragged his girls through the house parading them around if he felt like it. Thankfully he wouldn't do that with me. I was a guy and I didn't figure he would want all the brothers seeing him parade me around. I was pretty safe I thought.

I admit it, It was so much better sucking his dick than the ones I didn't know at the party or that guy in the car. This was real, and I don't know, those were just different. I did those for Ian because he told me to, not because I was gay. He called me his boy and he said if I took care of his cock, then we would spend time together so I was cool. It made sense that there was some trade offs. I got to hang with him and I got to suck him so he is happy.

I was also happy to hear that he didn't want me sucking everyone who asked. I was a bit confused about why he had me go to the party and give blowjobs if he didn't want me to blow everyone. I didn't really want to be everyone's cocksucker. I was only doing this with Ian because he was such a great guy. He was a stud and I wanted to be like him and just hang out with him. If I was his boy instead of his buddy, I could work with that, I thought to myself.

Ian stood up. He kept taking pics as I slid my up and down his dick. I could taste his precum so I knew he was somewhere close to firing a load, but his balls were still not pulling up tight so I knew it wasn't immediate. If he hadn't kept telling me to look up I would have forgotten he was using the phone to take pics. I studied everything I could from here; his legs, his bushy crotch, his belly button, his feet. I was trying to memorize him so I knew everything about him. He was a stud, every inch of him, from the size thirteen feet to his big thighs. I know I looked at him a lot but it was because I thought he was great. I loved touching him because it made it so real. He was the big man on campus and I was his boy. He was going to teach me and guide me. He had just said so. He could help me figure stuff out that I couldn't figure out on my own.

"You're really doing well today, Timmy. No problems at all with swallowing my whole cock. I think you like it. All that practice at the party did some good. That hitch in your throat is gone."

It really did make me feel good to know he was enjoying this. It wasn't tough to do, once I got the hang of it. If it made him happy then I was good with it, he was a good friend and I could be his boy if this is all it took.

"You should be proud Timmy." He moved his hand to my throat and rubbed it. "I took you from afraid of my dick to where it feels good and fits perfectly there." He jammed it down fully making my head bounce back a little then settle my nose down into his crotch. It sorta felt good for me too. "I can see it feels good to you Timmy. You always get hard when your throat is wrapped around my cock. Your sweats aren't hiding anything. No need to feel ashamed of it. That's the reaction I get when someone is enjoying my dick. I have to say I like that reaction. I don't care if you get hard or blow a load as long as you don't play with it."

Fuck, I was hard again while blowing him. Why did I always do that? I don't remember being hard at the party so much. Maybe with Donor, I don't remember. I didn't want to think about that shit.


"Who asked to suck my cock?" I reached out and smacked his face again. I probably didn't need to, but I wanted to do it.

"I did," he told me when he backed off swallowing it. "Sir."

"Good boy. That's right. You told me in the bar you could do whatever-that-chick's-name-was could do for me that night. I don't forget that stuff Timmy." I ground my cock in his face, holding his head with both hands. Damn if I didn't want to fuck his cunt right now. He better get me off soon or I would. Then I would be pushing him I know, but fuck I wanted his pussy to be mine like his throat. What was that girl's name? Why couldn't I remember that shit when I needed it?

"Who sucked off 19 guys at a frat party while dressed as a woman?" He didn't give me answer quick enough. I smacked his face again. He yelped and rubbed it.

"I did," he said again.

"Who then went and sucked off some fuckin stranger in a parking lot?" I said loudly. I waited, no response. He paused, but no response.

"I did," he finally said, backing off my dick to speak. He stopped and stared at me. "I did, Sir. I sucked your cock outside a bar, I sucked your friends cocks at a party, and I am sucking you now,"

That made me so happy. Little guy was getting the hang of responding to me. "That's right, bitch. You're mine now.  I own this mouth, I'm going to use it all the time," I let him know. "I saw what a slut you were at the party. You love cock, don't lie to me about it again. You love it. Probably need a load or two each day to get yourself off and get enough man seed inside you."

I was really pounding his face. Even though he was swallowing my dick with no problem, the force had to have been bothering him. I got that thought answered when he started making noises as I slammed his head. "You loved sucking all that cock didn't you?" I stopped fucking face long enough to get his answer. He shook his head no. Stupid kid. I started fucking harder.  He started gagging and choking, making all sorts of noises. I repeated my question, "You loved sucking all that frat cock, didn't you?" demanding an answer.

He spit my cock out while sputtering, "yes, okay, yes, I liked sucking all that cock."

I smiled down at him. He didn't appear to be as happy as I wanted to see, but I was still pleased he said what I wanted to hear. "I know you did, Timmy, I know you did. You'll know it soon enough too. Now finish me off."

I didn't pound him quite as hard as I had a minute ago to get his answer. He let me pound. He didn't care if I used his throat, but I went easier on him. I was so close after he admitted he enjoyed sucking all those cocks. I shot in a few seconds of slamming his head into my hands that supported it. I roared and shot my load in his mouth, then pulled back and painted his face with the last of it. I couldn't say anything. I was spent. I patted him on his head as he nursed on my dick. I don't care if he was unsure, I was sure he was a cocksucker. Didn't even need to be told to clean my entire load up.

He moaned while he was cleaning my dick, slurping up the excess seed and his own throat slime. I brought my head back up from being bent back to the ceiling, glanced at him ad saw his dick jerking around. Timmy was cumming again. "I'm so proud of you boy. You did enjoy that. I could tell." When I started speaking his eyes opened and he looked at me. "You just shot a nice little load. Probably dribbled onto the floor though your pants. You know you need to clean that up."

He started to move away from me. "Whoa, whoa, we're you going boy?"

"To go get a cloth, Sir."

I took his chin in my hand and said, "No you aren't. You're going to use your tongue, like a good boy. Now get your tongue out and lap that up. NOW!" He continued to look at me, then he leaned forward and lowered his head to the floor. He started lapping at the hardwood, slowly at first, then quickly. Maybe he wanted it while it was still warm? Who knew? I was just real satisfied. Made me want to give Tim something else. But I could wait a bit longer.


I was Ian's cocksucker. His boy. I did what he said and I sucked cock when he told me to do it. Fuck, I was getting deeper and deeper into this and I couldn't see any way out at all. I was freaking out inside. What did this mean moving forward? He fucking made me his cocksucking boy and now what? What if he graduated and I never saw him again? What if he decided to tell everyone I was a cocksucker? Shit, I was hoping all of this would just go away and not happen again. Sorta. Mostly. Okay, I liked sucking cock, so what? I was doing it for him, and then he went and says all those things making me feel like something dirty. He's the one who had me suck off half that party.

I can't believe I just licked up my own cum off his floor. I licked it up. How humiliating, just because he told me to do it. But the look in his eyes had been very serious. I didn't want to get gut punched again, so I did it. That just made it real clear to him I would do just about anything, if he told me to do it. I can't believe I let him put me in that spot. Now he has even more pictures of me. I don't even know how to get those back. No way I can get his phone away from him. He told me to be proud, proud of what? Proud of being talked into sucking his dick, proud that I was good at it? I didn't feel proud licking my load off his floor, but I had done it anyway. What if he had pictures of that? Fuck me.

Could straight guys be cocksuckers? If I was his cocksucker, like he keeps saying, am I even straight?  Clearly it doesn't matter to him. He said so, but it matters to me, why do I have to be the cocksucker? Why can't we just be buddies? And why was I freaking out about this now? Why didn't I do something 15 minutes ago? I just let him do whatever he wanted and agreed to it. It's like there is some sort of spell on me when he is next to me. The only person I react to like this is Mom, ugh. If she says do something I do it. I know Ian and Mom are not anything alike, so what makes me do this stuff?