Becoming a Boy 28

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Thanksgiving was already here. I wasn't sure I could handle a big holiday here, all the people, and the running around, but Jan was insistent. She had invited the boys and told them to bring whomever they wanted home. Danny said he would bring some boy from the farm. Ian was bringing his friend Tim. Ian had spoken about Tim and I had my suspicions this was a fag that Ian had met at school. No hard proof yet but Ian was beating around the bush about something going on. I knew he was working at Johnson's farm, maybe he had taken one of the fags there as his toy.

In addition Jan had invited her Dad (her Mother had died a few years back), her sister Joan, Joan's husband Dave and their two kids Amy and Ashley; that was 5 more there. It was going to be a big group. When I asked Jan if she really felt like cooking for that many, we could always go out to a restaurant, she said absolutely not. She told me Billy had no place to be on the holiday and he would be helping her, thank you very much.

I had asked Billy if he wanted to be around so many people he wouldn't know for a family holiday. I mentioned he could still back out. He actually got a smirk on his face.

"Yeah, Mr. McNeil, I think it will be good. I can learn some more about Mrs. McNeil's family and get to know Danny and Ian better. I don't see them out at the farm a lot being here so much."

"Are you happy with the arrangement, boy?" I asked. "You're so quiet and I don't hear much from you," I added. I moved in close to him so I could see his reactions well.

"Well, Sir. I think you and Mrs. McNeil are great. I'm here a lot more than I thought I would be."

"Have you thought about coming to stay full time, Billy? The offer is open."

"Yes, Sir I understand. I'm still not sure. I know that you like your sex a lot. Mrs. McNeil has said a lot about her sex life with you. I'm just not that into sex really. We kinda talked about it once, in the car. I'm just more asexual, I think. I mean its okay, I just don't get much myself from it except to please the other person. I like being with you and Mrs. McNeil, but I haven't really thought about sex."

"Well, pleasing in sex goes both ways Billy. You ever think that the person you are having sex with likes pleasing you too?"

"Maybe. I thought so once, but it doesn't seem to work that way." He lowered his face towards the ground.

I moved in closer to Billy. I touched his chin and lifted his face back up to look at mine. "Tell me one thing that you enjoy physically in sex Billy. Come on; give me one thing to work with."

He looked me in the eyes and was quiet. "One thing, Billy."

"I like being held, you know, cuddling, Mr. McNeil." Maybe it wouldn't be as tough as I thought. The kid just wanted to be held a bit. Jan always enjoyed that.

"Come here, let's sit on the sofa. I'm going to take my shirt off, and I want you to take your shirt off too Billy. Then let's just sit there and you get comfortable. We can cuddle awhile. Jan's gone buying the grocery store out of food, she'll be gone for awhile." He looked hesitant. I took his hand and led him along. He might take more handholding than I first imagined, so to speak. "Come on, take your shirt off. I'm going to take mine off, then we'll just sit here and you can cuddle up with me." He reached for his t-shirt and pulled it off. He did have a nice slim body, and his long dark hair really got me going.

I sat on the sofa and lay back. "Come on, get up here next to me." He sat down. "Get comfortable. Curl up here, Billy." He kicked off his shoes, pulled his legs up on the sofa and reached over to me. "There ya go, wrap your arms around me. Get comfortable."

Billy moved around until he had his arms around me. I draped my arm over on his side as he leaned into my chest. He laid his head on me and just grabbed hard as he held me. I started rubbing his back a little. Not a muscular boy. Not out of shape in anyway, just not a built boy. Which was good. I didn't want a fag who was muscled. I liked the girly aspects of fags. He rubbed his face of my chest.

"You like the hair, Billy?"

"Yes, Mr. McNeil. I don't have any hair there and I really like seeing it on a guy. It's sexy"

"Go to it then. Rub your face around. Get used to it." He did, turning his head to feel it on both his cheeks. I brushed his long hair away from his face so I could see him more clearly. "I like that you don't have hair there, Billy. If you did, I would have you remove it, you know."

He looked up at me with his beautiful eyes, I swear his lashes were longer than anyone' else's I had seen before. "You'd make me do that?"

"Yes, of course. I'm not interested in a boy who has any hair on their body, Billy. I'm interested in boys like you, ones who are far more feminine than a man." I rubbed his nipple to try to answer his question of my interest. "And I am interested in a boy who will do what I want, not one who is going to fight me each day. I am old enough to know I don't have to put up with that shit from someone your age." He just looked at me and settled back in to cuddling. It was sweet actually. "So you do find some things sexy then, even if you say you don't like sex?"

"Well, yeah, there are some things I like about guys or women. I think some things are attractive, I just don't think I ever had that real urge to like, I don't know, to just get wild."

"Maybe you just haven't had the right person yet, Billy Maybe you haven't found some good cock or pussy to motivate you?" He looked back up at me.




"Tim, where are you?" I called as I headed towards his room. "We gotta go if we want to be there in time for dinner." When I knocked and went in he was sprawled on the bed pulling on jeans.

"I can't get into these jeans. None of my pants seem to fit anymore."

I couldn't help but laugh. Tim looked over at me and didn't grin.

"I told you I had put on weight, it's not funny. I can't be fat and be on the swim team"

"Stand up," I told him. "Stand in front of the mirror. Do you pay any attention to yourself?"

"Sometimes," he answered. He got up finally with his pants not fully on. His ass was getting big.

"Take the pants off," I told him. He looked at me funny. "Do it. Donor isn't here and most everyone else left," I reminded him. He took off the pants. "Get rid of the underwear and shirt too," I added. He pulled off the shirt and stood there. "Come on, stand in front of the mirror. Now look at yourself." He looked at the mirror and himself. "Do you see any fat there? You're not getting fat, Timmy." I moved my hand towards him and he tensed. "I'm just going to point out a few things. You've been following your exercises for about 3 months now. You're changing."

I touched his abs and pointed out he had abs now. "You had a flat stomach before, now you are getting some definition, flex again. See? You have a 4 pack already. Between your swimming and the routines, you are tightening up. Now, up here." I pointed to his chest, and then ran my hands across his nipples because I knew it would set him off. "Look at your chest. You are bigger through the chest than you were. I can tell. Since you didn't do a measurement before I don't know how much, but I can see it. Pay attention when you get your shirt back on. Now, turn to the side and look in the mirror. " He moved and turned his head to look at the mirror. This is your weight," I said grabbing his ass with the palms of my hands. He jumped a little. "No other place you have put as much on. Muscle weighs more than fat, so your abs have gained some weight, but this," I said squeezing to emphasize his butt, "this is where you have gained the most muscle and weight. Tell me you can't see why your jeans don't fit."

He looked at his butt and had a puzzled expression on his face. " I guess I hadn't been really looking at my butt." He craned his head around and tried to see directly behind his shoulder. "Do you really think so? I guess it looks bigger."

"Put the pants back on." He started moving and getting into the jeans. He didn't bother to put on the underwear because I didn't tell him to do it. Tim pretty much did everything I told him to do these days. Since I didn't mention the underwear he didn't think about them. I don't think he thought about it much on a day-to-day basis. He seemed to really fall into a routine and just stick with it. He let me give him the small directions without fighting me. He slipped in and out of it depending on who was around and what I said around others. He was still pretty sensitive that I had pictures of him, and he hadn't been able to do anything about them. When he got his pants pulled up he tried to close the button and zip up but it wasn't going to happen.

"Okay, now look in the mirror. I took ahold of the waist of the pants. "Look. See the gap? You haven't gotten a bigger waist; your waist would fit fine in these. These are a 32 waist, and yet you have an inch or so to spare in that area. But look back here. Your ass is going to bust the seam of these pants, Timmy. This why you can't get the pants up to your waist, your butt has outgrown your old jeans. We need to take you shopping." I pointed out the ass, not grabbing it, but simply waving my hand around the butt.


"Okay. Let me find another pair of pants. Maybe something else will fit. They are all getting tight." I didn't realize I had put so much weight on my butt. "Is that a bad thing? I mean my butt getting bigger? I'm just following the workout you suggested. I've been doing a lot more of the squats than the chest exercises. I thought it might help my kick in the water. Maybe I overdid it?"

Ian just laughed again. He always laughed. "No, it's great. I mean you're working the routine and you're getting the results you want, right?" he asked.

"Yeah. I guess. I just didn't figure my butt would be getting so big." I looked again at my ass while putting on a pair of corduroys. This pair used to be bigger than I wanted but now Ian was right, my backside more than filled them out and there was a gap between my waist and the waistline of the pants.

"See? Just what I said," he told me. He was always right on the money when talking about me. "Your butt is bigger than most guys. The standard pants aren't fitting. We'll go shopping while we're at my folks"

I had let Ian talk me into going to his parents place for Thanksgiving. I really was trying to avoid my folks. I was a little hesitant to go back and hear my Mom right now. Her phone calls were plenty. She was on me to study, to find a major, to keep up my swimming. It was a too much. And I didn't want to go home and not talk about stuff going on here. I knew somehow she would weasel me into talking about dating and stuff. No way. Christmas break would be soon enough, and I didn't see how I could get out of that, but I could skip this break at home.

On the other hand I was not real enthused about meeting Ian's family. I kinda felt odd going to his family when I wouldn't go to mine. I was curious to see Ian in action with his family. He could get pretty grabby with me at times lately, and he gave a lot of orders that I didn't want anyone hearing, but I wanted to see his family and how they acted around each other. I couldn't tell him no I wouldn't go, because it wasn't really an option. He said I was going, and I didn't say anything but he kept bringing it up and I just said yes eventually to get him to stop telling me I was going. I also knew he would want me to suck him off. He wanted it all the time. Barely a day went by that I didn't give up my throat to him and he would batter my face until he blew a load or two; on my face, in my mouth, or straight into my gullet.

"Where are we sleeping?" I asked. I was real hesitant about this part because I had never slept with a guy as an adult and I was kinda freaked about sleeping with Ian. I know I did a lot of things with him, but I had not slept with him and I wasn't sure that was what I wanted. I was a grown man. Did grown men share beds? Not that I knew about. What would his folks think about two grown men sharing a bed? What if he tried other stuff with me while I was asleep? It had become real obvious that Ian was making use of me like he did one of his girlfriends. I didn't want to get fucked, did I? I was pretty sure the answer was no. He still fucked girls. Not here because I hadn't seen them around the house lately, but I had sucked his dick enough to smell pussy and know he had been fucking someone. It did kinda annoy me that even though I was sucking him off all the time, he was still fucking girls. How much sex did he need? Especially since he didn't want me having any without his permission. He got to have plenty.

"My old bedroom. Don't sweat it. I'm sure it will be fine. I've told you not to sweat it, Tim. My family is pretty relaxed. No one is going to worry if you stay in my old room with me. It won't mean a thing."

I was slowly trusting Ian that he was right about this stuff. He had never showed anyone the pictures he took. No one in the frat seemed to know anything about me blowing him all the time. Even though he was grabby in public sometimes, he never got caught doing anything. He would grab my nipples and pull; grab at my crotch to see if something he said made me hard. No one ever asked me any thing about being a cocksucker. Maybe it was because it was Ian. I hadn't noticed any differences though. Donor seemed oblivious and he had finally stopped talking about the party where some chick blew everyone there. I was happy he finally stopped bringing up the party. I admit I was still a bundle of nerves around the whole set-up, but what was I going to do? I liked sucking Ian's dick. Fuck.

I liked being with Ian. I liked sucking his cock. I know it made me hard and I always came most times he was messing around with me. It was easiest on me when I just did the little things he told me to do and didn't think about it. He didn't yell, I didn't get smacked and I got to spend more time with him. Of course that meant sucking his cock a lot, but really it was okay. I mean I liked doing that for him. It was better than I had feared. I liked it a lot more than I had realized I would., and yeah, okay, sometimes I wondered if the girls were getting something out of the fucking. He got a lot of things from me but he wasn't getting the fucking. I wondered briefly what it would have meant if someone at high school had figured out I liked sucking dick.

"Come on," he repeated. Grab some pants that will fit and let's go. I don't want to get hassled by Dad for being late," he let me know. I couldn't imagine anyone hassling Ian.

It wouldn't have made a difference, I decided. No one in high school would have convinced me to do that for them. Only Ian had figured out whatever buttons to push to get me to do things I did.


Daddy was going to pick me up for Thanksgiving at home. I hadn't seen him in what seemed like ages. I know it wasn't that long, but it sure seemed to me that it was forever. I hoped of course he would fuck me stupid on the holiday, but I also knew he was trying to get me married off, and I may not even get a chance since so many people were going to be there.

I was doing my best at the farm. Thank god I didn't have to do too much in the barns. That work was left for some of the more muscular fags. I got off easy, especially after my beating for fucking up. Talk about changing my attitude. I did NOT want to go through that sort of punishment again. Daddy spanking me was one thing, having Mr. Johnson or Sasquatch do it was another. They were out for pain. I hurt for days afterwards and was doing everything I could to be good.

Thankfully Ian was here all the time. A lot of the fags I first met here were log gone. Bailey had gone back to his husband; Jerry was out too at a new boyfriend's place. I hadn't even heard form him. Then Stacey, well she was still around but I didn't want anything to do with her anymore. She was still tied down most of the time, and seemed pretty drugged to me, always sleeping when I went past her space. It wasn't even a room. Everyone could see her. I didn't want to end up like her, being punished so publicly like that.

If Ian wasn't here on weekends I don't know if I could be good or not. I loved getting fucked by him and Daddy. They had such big beautiful cocks and I had no problem getting off like a girl when they fucked me. It made waiting each week easier knowing he would be the one giving me some release.

Mom said I could bring someone a friend for the holiday, but I didn't really know who I would bring.

"Danny, come in here a minute," Mrs. Johnson called me from the front of the house. I put down the dishes and went to find her. "Look who's here!" I spotted her and went in to the front room. It was Bailey!

"I ran up and gave her a hug. "What are you doing here?" I mean, I'm glad you are here, but why aren't you with your husband?"

"Oh, he had some business failing in I don't know, some place far away, and said he would be gone for a week at least. I don't get to go with him often when he travels." He looked a little sad.

"Can you come home with me for the holiday?" I asked right away. Please say you'll come?"

"Really? To your parent's place? Will your brother be there?" I reached out to smack him. "Can I go Mrs. Johnson?"

"Is that all you can think about?" I laughed.

"Well, Bailey, you can call your husband and see if he will allow it. I can always vouch for the McNeil's so he knows you'll be safe," she said.

"Come on Danny, Let's go call him. It would be fun to see Ian again." We ran off for the bunkhouse to find him a room and call his man.



Daddy picked up Bailey and me and we headed off to the house. I was pretty excited to have someone I knew home for a holiday. Grandpa Sanders was coming and Aunt Joan, Uncle Dave and the twins, Amy and Ashley. Gosh they must be 15 by now, I thought. I didn't know them that well. I'm sure Mom had plans for Bailey and me to help her get extra beds ready and help in the kitchen. We were getting there before the rest of the people came tomorrow.

"So, Bailey, I don't think we've met before. You can call me Mr. McNeil," Daddy patted Bailey on the shoulder and gave his hair a ruffle. Bailey didn't have the long hair like I did. "How long have you and Danny been friends?"

"Nice to meet you Mr. McNeil," Bailey replied. "We met when Danny first got to the farm. I was on my yearly vacation to the farm."

"Yearly vacation?" Bailey giggled.

"Yeah, That's what I call it. My husband has me stay there at the farm when he is out of the country on business. Mostly it is just a month every year when he is checking on businesses he has overseas. I usually don't get to go with him for those trips. This time he has a business with troubles he says and he should only be gone for a week. At least I hope so."

"Nice. So he doesn't want you at home by yourself?"

"No, Sir. He prefers I am at the farm. It was where he met me and he knows I won't get in any terrible trouble there."

"I see," Daddy said. "But don't you want to have sex with all the stuff going on at the farm?" Boy, Daddy was in for a surprise while Bailey filled him in on his relationship.

"Oh, no Mr. McNeil, my man encourages me to fuck when he is gone. I know he does while he is away. He can't hold back waiting for me. He doesn't expect me to wait either. He knows I'm not leaving him, and I know the same. We're married and well,  he just wouldn't leave me, he has too much invested in me to do that."

"Interesting choice of words, Bailey, invested. So you are like a property to him? Do you think of him as your owner?" Dad sure was interested in this stuff. I wondered what he was trying to figure out? Bailey laughed again.

No, Mr. McNeil, not really, but he did spend a lot of money making some changes to me that would be considered an investment. He's just not a jealous sort. He'd be really mad if I ever thought of leaving him, but I have no interest in that. He loves me and we are officially married," Bailey leaned up to the front to show Daddy his wedding band. It had a nice diamond in the white gold band. It wasn't a small one either.

"Huh. I'm not sure I would be able to do that with my wife. I don't think I could share her with anyone else," Daddy told him. "Frankly it's tough trying to focus on anyone but her. She keeps me busy."

Bailey and I both laughed at Daddy's words. "Mom likes to keep you busy, Daddy." I told him.

"Good point, Danny. Oh, there are a lot of guests this weekend. Just call me Dad or Sir if you feel a need to be formal, but don't use Sir all the time, boys. I don't need everyone's attention on me or all the things going on."

"Yes, Sir," we both replied.

"Now Bailey, you said your husband made changes, what do you mean, he made changes?"

I could see Bailey blush a little, but he never had problems talking or showing people his changes.

"My husband had my dick changed into a pussy for him to use a couple years back," he told Dad. Dad's eyes looked up in the rearview mirror and he gave Bailey a good look. "I never used my dick, and we both decided another hole for him to fuck would make more sense than a big useless dick," he giggled a little.

"Okay, then. So you must have met my son, Ian," Daddy stated. I believe he mentioned to me he had met you."

"Oh, yes Sir, Mr. McNeil. I sure did meet Mr. Ian. I remember him well." I laughed at that. Bailey had told me how Ian had fucked both his holes and then made him clean off his cock.

"Well boys, both of you, just watch yourself this weekend. No fucking or sucking when the girls are around or where people can catch you. I expect both of you to mind your manners and keep that activity behind closed doors," Dad paused, "or at least out of eyesight of anyone not with you at the moment."

"Yes, Sir"

"So Bailey, back to your changes…do you miss your little dick?"

"Ha, it wasn't little Sir, It was pretty big. I mean, I'm not bragging, it was just big and I never used it for anything like a man would. So your answer is not really. I don't miss it. Most of it is still there, just rearranged differently. I'm still a boy, and I have by nuts placed up inside me. I don't need to take testosterone or anything. And believe me, my horniness hasn't changed at all. I just get to appreciate my dick in another way."

You hear that Danny?"

"Daaaadddy." I did not want to go into being locked down here in front of Bailey. Maybe he could deal, but I was still learning. "Can we please not talk about this here?"

It was Dad's turn to laugh. "No way, baby," he said. "Bailey seems perfectly comfortable talking, so you will be too." I rolled my eyes. "I want to hear about this, and you NEED to hear about it, understood?"

"Yes, Sir, Daddy," I told him.

"You are doing better than a month or so ago, but you can still learn a lot from this young boy. You still have your clit and you can cum no problem we know that, so pay attention and learn what he did to adjust."

Bailey flipped me off from the back seat and laughed. "I know, it's just hard." That made Bailey and Dad really laugh. "Really? You guys are laughing? I'm the one going through this. That's so mean!" They just laughed harder. I squirmed in my seat. I wanted to say more , but I knew Dad would punish me later if I smart talked to him in front of anyone.

"Danny. I just want you to find a good husband like Bailey has. Obviously Johnson can make that happen. He did for Bailey, he can do it for you too." I sighed. I still wasn't sure I wanted a husband. I wanted Dad. "Danny seems to be stuck on me as his future husband, Bailey. He doesn't want to let go of my initial training I had with him."

Well, being honest, Mr. McNeil, I can see why he wouldn't want to find someone else."

"You little tease," Daddy told him, "you trying to find out what Danny got?"

"Maybe," Bailey said.

"Well, I can't guarantee anything will happen. You may have to get over those dreams since so many people are coming this weekend," Dad told him. They laughed again at their flirting. I didn't like the flirting but I was happy to hear that it might be a quiet weekend. I still got sorta jealous knowing Dad was fucking other people, well, I mean other than Mom. I didn't care if he did that, but I didn't want him fucking other fags. I just didn't.

"Be sure and share with Danny anything you can about getting used to not having a dick, Bailey. He needs the support."

"Ugh, Daddy."

"No boy, you listen to me," he said suddenly seriously. "I want to see you find a good husband. I know we had a lot of fun, and we HAVE talked about his Danny, I just feel after thinking everything through, that it isn't right in the long run for me to be your Man. Now don't start crying," I hated this talk. I didn't want to hear it the first time, I didn't like it from Ian and I didn't want to hear it again from Dad. And why did he have to say that about crying, I didn't cry over everything, did I? "I just want you on the same page Danny. I fully intend to find you a good Man, or I expect Johnson to do that. You are a good boy, you have done everything I have asked you to do, so don't buck me on this one thing. I do know better than you. You KNOW that. You know all the troubles you got into before I took charge again. You remember that creep on the internet?"

Why did Dad have to bring all this up now? Why did he embarrass me in front of Bailey? Couldn't we just avoid all of this on the holiday? "Yes, Sir I remember him. And No, I don't want to go through all of that again. I know you know me real well, I just," I started to say but had to stop myself from getting tears in my eyes. "I just thought everything was perfect."

Dad sighed. "Well, It was fun," he said. "And it was real close to being perfect, but then I realized that I really see you as my girl now, Danny, my daughter. I want to see you find a good man and get married, just like Bailey did. I don't know if you need to get everything Bailey got in his marriage, but you know what I mean. I just want you to be happy with someone. Living life in my house with your mother and always hiding that? It isn't what I want for you or for her."

"Yes, Daddy," I sniffled.

"So yes, let's drop this for the weekend. My mind is made up and you can't change it."

Bailey patted me on the shoulder and I almost started really crying but I held it back. I wasn't going to do that again. If Dad was so damn sure, I was going to show him I could be just fine on my own, or getting married or whatever. If he didn't want me to be his boy, then fine, I wouldn't belong to him.


I was glad to be going home with Danny for the weekend. I t would be fun. Even after Mr. McNeil laid down the law for Danny. I would try to help him figure out everything. It wasn't easy at first not having access to your dick, but then on top losing your Dad as your lover must be tough. I didn't fully understand everything but maybe I would understand more after the weekend.

When we got to their house, it had been quiet in the car for awhile. So it was a change that when we pulled into the driveway, a lady came running out of the front door. I guessed it was his Mom.

"Danny! Oh honey, it's so good to see you." As soon as his car door was open, she was giving him a big hug and kissing him on the cheek. It was like a perfect welcome for him. "I'm so glad you could come home from your internship. It's going to be a fun weekend. Grandpa is coming and Aunt Joan and her family. Ian is coming and bringing a friend too. Oh, I forgot myself, Hi you must be Bailey. I'm Jan, Danny's mom."

 "Ian's bringing a friend too?" Danny asked.

"Oh yes, sweetheart, didn't your Dad tell you?"

She gave me a hug too, but it wasn't as big or as long as Danny's hug, She was clearly happy to have people here. "I'm so glad Danny invited you."

"Nice to meet you Mrs. McNeil," I told her.

"Oh no, please just call me Jan. We're not formal here, are we dear," she looked over at Mr. McNeil and gave him a kiss on the cheek. "I'm so glad you had a safe drive. Come on in, let's get you settled."

Mr. McNeil just looked at us and shrugged his shoulders. "Come on boys, she's on a roll. We don't want to interrupt her mood." Jan looked back and rolled her eyes at Mr. McNeil.

We took our stuff up to what Danny said had been his old room. There was a big bed and I saw we would be sharing. It didn't bother me at all. I was used to sharing a bed. I wondered if Danny was though. Mrs. McNeil didn't think twice about letting us know me know we'd share the bath with Ian and his friend. I wondered if Ian's friend was his boyfriend. He was a sexy guy, and okay, I was kinda hoping I might get to have some of that cock he gave me back at the end of summer.

"Just set your stuff down," Danny said. "Let's go down and see what Mom has planned for us. I'm sure she can use a hand with something."

"So your Mom thinks you are at an internship, Danny?" I laughed at the thought. I guess in a way it could be called that, but clearly she had no clue what was really going on.

"Yeah, can you believe my Dad told her that? She doesn't question anything Dad says, she believes everything."

"So she knows that what he says is right and that he knows best?" I asked.

"Yeah, I guess that's it."

"So no wonder that your Dad knows what is best for you," I told him. He sorta looked at me funny, but didn't say anything. If Danny was going to get fully behind what his Dad said, he needed to know to trust his Dad about everything.

We headed back down the stairs and Danny led me around a corner into a big kitchen. There was Mrs. McNeil working on cutting up some vegetables and someone else helping her with the job. I looked close because the person had hair down to their waist and didn't really look like a guy from behind, but he turned around as we entered and I saw it was Billy, another fag from Johnson's farm.

"Danny, Bailey, this is Billy," Mrs. McNeil told us. "He has been working for us for a couple months. He is the greatest helper let me tell you. I don't know what I would do without him, since you and Ian have left," Mrs. McNeil said.

"Uhm, Hi," Danny told him. Obviously they knew each other. It would be hard to miss another fag at Johnson's farm. There were always several boys around, but you always knew who they were.

"Hey, Billy," I added.

"Hi Bailey, Hi Danny," He replied. "Nice to meet you."

Billy was an unknown to me. He didn't really spend a lot of time at the farm, at least when I was there. He always seemed to be gone during the days and only around at night I didn't know his story, but seeing him here gave me a clue as to what he did every day. Maybe he had done this elsewhere before he came to the McNeil's.

Danny was not happy to see Billy here. I could tell from the look on his face. "So, how did you meet my family, Billy?" he asked right away.

"Oh your dad called a cleaning company and they sent Billy over one day. He's so much more than a cleaner, aren't you Billy? He has been a godsend, and your father was so happy to do it for me. Honestly, he handles everything I ask him to do," Mrs. McNeil exclaimed.

"I'm sure he does, Mom. I bet he helps Dad a lot too," wow, Danny was not happy. I was suddenly thinking this wasn't going to be as fun as I had hoped.

"Of course, Danny. He takes care of the mowing the lawn, he has washed the cars, oh he even has taken care of the pool, before we closed it up for the winter."

"Wow, he sounds like superboy." Danny definitely did not sound as enthusiastic as his words expressed. I wondered if I should intervene.

"Is there anything we can do to help, Mrs. McNeil?" I jumped into the conversation.

"Oh, not really, Bailey, you're a guest this weekend. Why don't you boys go play video games or watch tv and relax. Billy and I can handle it fine, can't we Billy?"

"Yes ma'am, we are doing okay." Mrs. McNeil leaned over and gave Billy a peck on the cheek.

"Come on Danny, let's get a game going then," I told him. Anything to get us out of the kitchen. This conversation was going worse than the one in the car on the way here. I grabbed his hand and drug him out of the kitchen.

"What the fuck is going on?" Danny said loudly.

"Come on Danny, where's the television at?"

"Why is HE here? I thought my Dad wanted to focus on Mom. I bet Dad is focusing on Billy. He's doing a lot of the stuff that I could be doing if I were here."

Danny found us the television and I plugged in a game. Hopefully it involved some random imaginary killing because Danny could use that to get out some aggression.

"I can't believe my Dad lied to me," he said. "He got rid of me just so he could get another fag in here. I bet he's fucking Billy every day."

"You don't know that yet, Danny. Your Mom seemed awfully sweet on him. Maybe he is just helping her?"

"Right, sure. Just like all of us out at the farm, we're not providing other services if we get the chance."

"Well Billy is a bit odd, Danny. He isn't around a whole lot of the time when I have seen him. He was even gone for a while and I didn't see him at all when I was there a couple times. Maybe he really does just do housework. He had a Johnson Cleaning apron on. I didn't know they even had that at the farm. Maybe he does just do housework?" I gave him a game pad and turned on the console. I figured out how to get it going and Danny just automatically began playing whatever it was. I tried to keep up but he kept killing off my character along with the bad guys.

"Who else is coming for the holiday Danny?" maybe if I moved the conversation to something else he would talk. He gave a big sigh.

"My grandpa, Mom's Dad is coming, and Mom's sister my Aunt Joan, Uncle Dave her husband and their twins, Amy and Ashley. I haven't seen grandpa in probably 6 months. I'm kinda looking forward to it. He's a nice guy. The twins are probably about 15 or 16 now. Not sure. It's been longer since I have seen them. They live a few hours away."

"Are they cute?"

"Oh my god, Bailey! Don't talk about my cousins that way." At least that made him smile. "They're girls. They probably have boys on the brain…well, I guess I might get along with them okay on that topic, but I have no idea if they are cute. Do you have a thing for girls too?

"No, just twins," I said as Danny laughed. "I probably have a lot in common with them too, like a pussy."

"hahahaha, okay, we'll talk to the girls when they get here. Probably have more to say to them than some of my other family members.

"Yeah, that's true. Maybe your grandpa will be interested in me?" That really got him laughing.

"Yeah, right"

"Where is everyone sleeping?" I asked.

"I guess the twins will be down here in the basement, the sofa is a hide-a-bed. My Aunt and Uncle will be in one guest room, and Grandpa in the other. Ian and whomever he is bringing will have to share his bed, like we are. I have no fuckin clue where they will put Billy, maybe on the sofa upstairs. At least he won't be getting any at night." Damn we were back to Billy. Why did I ask that question?

"Don't worry about him, Danny. We don't even know anything is going on. Let's just forget it and ask him later." Thankfully he agreed and we just played the x-box for a while.


We were having dinner that night. Tomorrow was the big day. Everyone would be showing up then. So I was more than a little uncomfortable with Billy siting at the table with us. He served everyone and cleared the dishes and took care of cleaning stuff up but he sat at the table with us. It was just weird to me. And Mom acted like he was some special thing to have around. Ugh. Later I caught Dad in his office alone and I went in and asked him some questions.

"Sir, why do you have Billy around the house? He's doing what I could be doing? Why can't I do those things?"

"Danny, stop pouting, okay? Billy is here doing housework, no more than that. As far as I know, he does a lot of the chores that the two of you used to do and your Mom finds him indispensible, as she keeps telling me.

"So you aren't having sex with him?"

"Boy, I don't need to answer that question." Daddy put down the papers he was reading and looked at me very sternly. "I would have sex with him if I wanted. You know that you don't have a right to ask me that. I'm your father, but I'll answer it anyway. No, we aren't having sex. Billy says he is asexual. He simply seems to like pleasing people. Johnson sent him out here to do the chores we needed done. It just happened he was around when I was talking to Johnson one day. He had been working for another family for a year or so before that. He's harmless Danny. He isn't taking your place, he is simply doing the work that you used to do.

Daddy made sense. I knew there were a lot of things to do around the house.  He looked serious and I believed him when he said he wasn't having sex with Billy, but I still didn't like that he was here. "It just is weird that you got a fag to do the housework, Daddy. Why not a woman? Why get someone who is like me, someone girly and stuff?"

"Because BOY, I don't think your mother would appreciate a woman working around the house. She can handle boys, she raised you and your brother. She can handle sissy boys because she dealt with you, if you remember correctly."

Daddy was right, as always. I had not thought about those aspects. It was always beyond my grasp until someone explained things to me.

"Danny come here," Daddy said. He patted his lap. "Come here and sit on my lap." I went over and sat on Daddy's lap. I felt like a kid again. "Danny, We don't love you any less, we just have to make the changes we need to keep living life the way we want to live it. We need the help for this big place and the chores. Billy seems good at it. He hasn't once asked for my dick."

Daddy patted my leg. He was looking me right in the eyes. "Danny you need to grow up and adjust. I'm not going to keep you as my boy. You need the experience of being married and meeting another man's expectations. Just like your Mom did meeting mine, just like her Mom did meeting Grandpa's expectations. You are a girl after your mom's side of the family. You want a strong Man in your life, and though I've been that for a long time, you need to realize there are other men who can do that for you as well."

I just looked at Daddy. It seemed final. I couldn't argue with him. I guess he really didn't want me as his fag. He had made up his mind and he had said the same stuff as last time. "Yes, Sir," I said dejectedly.

"Hey, Danny. You are still my girl, our son, you know that. I love you your Mom loves you. We want to see you happy, not down all the time. Try to enjoy the weekend. There are several men here this weekend that could provide you some release, you never know."

"What? Grandpa? Uncle Dave? Ian? His friend? Really? That isn't getting me a husband," I told him. "I can wait. I don't need another family member to fall in love with." I know I was harsh, but I needed to say it.

"You're a good boy, Danny. I'll let that comment go. You keep an open mind and see if anything happens. If not, then head back to the farm next week and start looking harder with Johnson for someone to be your husband."

With that, Daddy picked me up and set me back on my feet. He swatted my ass and pushed me away. I deserved it for being as outspoken as I had been. I walked off out of his office and went to look for Bailey.


We pulled into the drive about the same time my Aunt and Uncle got there. Grandpa was with them. They must have stopped by and picked him up. I introduced Tim around to everyone. I used Timmy as the name to introduce him. I could see him blush a little, but he didn't say anything. He had really adjusted to me calling him that. I got a chuckle out of it.

"Ian, you look good as always," Grandpa said.

"Thanks old man," I replied. I was always teasing him about his age, but for late 60s, grandpa looked pretty damn good. He played a lot of golf since he retired and was tan and he swam a lot at the Y. "This is my boy, Timmy,' I said, making it clear to Tim right then that I would introduce him as my boy to the family.

"Nice to meet you, Timmy," Grandpa said, shaking his hand. "You guys meet at school?" he asked.

"Nice to meet you Mr. Sanders. Yeah, Ian and I met at the frat we belong to."

"Then I'm sure you're a good kid. Always have respect for a guy who puts up living in a frat," he said. "I enjoyed it at school when I attended."

"Back in the middle of the last century," I reminded him.

"Listen pink," he started. "I can still show you whose boss. I will too if you keep that up." We both laughed.

"I gave Aunt Joan a hug and shook Uncle Dave's hand. Amy and Ashley both looked pretty good. "You ladies must get a lot of attention from the boys," I told them and flashed my smile.

"Hey Ian," Amy said as she gave me a hug. Or was it Ashley? I couldn't remember who was who. One had a small mole on her lower cheek. "Hi Timmy, I'm Ashley," she said as she shook Tim's hand. Then Amy came over and I gave her a hug too and Tim shook hands again.

"You'll forget which one of us is which soon," Ashley said. Everyone mixes us up, Don't worry about it. If we don't answer try the other name." Everyone laughed.


"Danny! Everyone is here." Mom was hollering upstairs at us. We were goofing around playing some dumb game on our phones. "Okay, we're coming," I let her know.

"Come on Bailey, Let's go meet everyone. It won't be as bad as I imagine, right?"

He laughed at me. "No, it could be worse," he said.



Everyone arrived at the same time. There were hugs and pats on the back; handshakes and acknowledgments. Ian introduced his "boy" Timmy as he put it. That set my brain off immediately. Did he mean what I thought he meant by calling him his boy? And who went by the name Timmy at 22 or 23. He was really built though and had an ass that wouldn't quit. I couldn't help but stare. His jeans barely went over the ass.

"Nice to meet you Sir," he told me and shook my hand. A good strong grip, maybe he wasn't a fag. His hair was longish but not like Danny's and certainly not like Billy's hair. But there was something about the way he said Sir that made me wonder more.

The twins were looking good. Dave and Joan were too. They had a nice set of girls there. Made me bone up a bit when I first took a look. Damn cock, always jumping these days at anything good looking, be it a boy's ass or a teenage girl.

"Dave, you're doing okay, I see. Don't look a day over 50," I ribbed him. He was a bit older than Joan and the rest of us. "Dad, you're still looking good," I said to Jan's dad. He had always insisted I call him Dad. I appreciated his informality because he appreciated my taking care of his girl, Jan. He clearly enjoyed being retired and working out. I know he missed his wife but he seemed to not let that stop his keeping in shape.

Let's all head inside," I said finally after all the hugging and kissing was done. "There is going to be plenty of food and drink to go around. But no service out here."

I made drinks for everyone that could drink. I made an exception for Danny and got him one too, but not the girls. I wasn't going to offer drinks to them yet. Billy made an appearance and was introduced too. He went back to the kitchen immediately with Jan and her sister. The rest of sat in the living room and several conversations started around the room.

It was going to be okay, I thought to myself. I could hear the girls in the kitchen, the twins were talking with Danny and Bailey, and Dad and Dave and I were turning on the tube to watch the football games. Ian and Timmy were watching too.

I noticed Ian sitting next to Timmy and he had his arm around the back of the sofa behind Timmy. He was definitely in a pose that said, "this is mine." He moved his hand up and tousled Timmy's hair, just running his hand around on the guy's head. Timmy looked over at him but didn't say anything. I wonder if anyone else saw this stuff or if my mind was just running wild? I know this kid wasn't at the farm; Ian had said he lived at the frat house with him. I'll have to keep my eye on them see if I can catch anything else happening.


Bailey and I helped Amy and Ashley to the room downstairs where the hide-a-bed was. They didn't seem that impressed that they would be stuck on the hide-a-bed.

"Where's the bathroom at down here," one of them asked. I showed her the bathroom. Admittedly it wasn't fancy, I mean it was the basement, but it had everything you needed. At least I thought so.

"There aren't enough plugs here. How can we dry our hair at the same time?" the other one asked. I didn't remember how to tell them apart. "Do we really have to stay down here? What if someone comes downstairs and we are still sleeping?"

"Uhm, I guess you can switch rooms with us," I said. "It's not much different upstairs. You have to share a bed, and the bathroom will be shared with Ian and Timmy."

"Okay, that sounds much better. At least it has a door," I think Amy said. "Yes, please, a girl needs some privacy, I can't possibly stay here for the weekend," echoed the other." My head hurt listening to them whining about where they were sleeping.

"Is that okay with you Bailey? You want to switch with them?" I checked to make sure he was good with it. He rolled his eyes at me as they were whispering to each other and pointing out the tv and x-box. It looked like he was just annoyed about the complaining. "This will actually give us opportunities for you know…stuff with the men maybe," I whispered to him.

"Yeah, that's fine," he jumped at that opportunity. "I don't care. Lets get our stuff and bring it down here. We can play games at night anyway if we are too stuffed with food."

"Ok, bring your stuff upstairs then," I said to them. "We have to go get our stuff and bring it down here." I think they wanted us to carry their bags up to the 2nd floor, but we didn't offer. We were going to have to switch sheets on the bed upstairs anyway I was sure since we had already been sleeping there. They could carry their own bags I figured. Hah, maybe I can tell Billy to do it, since he was the bitch in the house now, I caught myself before I laughed out loud.

I grabbed some clean sheets from the linen cabinet and Bailey started helping me strip the bed and put new sheets on. The girls were emptying their stuff in the bathroom.

"I think they wanted to be closer to Ian and his friend Timmy," he whispered. "I think they believe they can get a look at them easier that way." I had to laugh at that.

"Ian is too smart to try anything with a cousin or someone underage," I told him.

"Well, he fucked you, you told me," he fired back, grinning big.

"True, but he wouldn't touch anything underage. I know him." At least I thought I did. "What do you think of the guy who is with him, Timmy?" I wanted to get Bailey's take on that. I couldn't figure it out. I thought they were friends, but I wasn't sure.  Ian was kinda pushy with him, it seemed.

"I don't know, Danny. He looks straight, there is nothing prissy about him, but I also saw Ian following him into the house and Ian had his hand all over the guy's ass. It was kinda hot looking. Did you see his ass?"

"Oh my god, how could you miss it? That Timmy's ass is BIG. I'm going to have to watch them. Maybe Ian IS fucking him. Hah, that mean's none for you this weekend!" Bailey reached out and tried to punch my arm. "Missed me."

"I'll get you later," he laughed. "Right after I get Ian in bed again. "Just don't get in my way if I need to use the downstairs space this weekend." We both laughed. I guess we were both horny and hopeful.


I admit I was playing it pretty heavy. I was happy to have brought Timmy home to meet the family. I just hadn't figured initially it would be nearly everyone in the family. It was like I was showing off what I had captured. I called him my boy as I introduced him to a couple folks, I had called him Timmy to everyone and they were using that as his name as if it was what he preferred. I had been grabbing his ass or tousling his hair when the chance arose. I wanted them to get at ease with him and me hanging together. The talk with Johnson a while ago had made me realize I was investing time in this and if I was going to keep him around for whatever I wanted, they ought to be used to him and me together.

I was trying to figure out how exactly Billy fit into the family picture. I knew the face only vaguely from the farm. I didn't see him much and I figured now that this was the reason; he was here all the time. I figured Dad must have been laying some cock into him regularly. Not really my preferred type, a bit on the feminine side, especially the super long hair, but he was pleasant enough and didn't talk hardly at all. I thought Dad was done with fags when he let Danny go, but I couldn't imagine him NOT fucking Billy. He was exactly Dad's type, femme and twinky. Dad seemed to love that shit from what Danny had said.

We were sitting in the living room. It was a big space and in addition to the chairs right near the TV had a sofa and other chairs slightly away from the tube. Dad and Uncle Dave were near the tube. Tim and I were on the sofa a little away from the tube and Grandpa say down near us. It gave us a reasonably private conversation. Dad and Uncle Dave were focused on the game and talking about the local teams as usual.

"Hey. Ian," Grandpa said only a bit above a whisper. I guess he figured what with the football game on, and Dad and Uncle Dave talking, he could speak and not be overheard. "Who's that girl in the kitchen with Jan and Joan?"

Timmy looked over at me, so I knew he had heard the question. I actually laughed at him. "Well, his name is Billy, Grandpa, so I think that makes him a boy."

"Ian, he may have a boy's name but that's no boy. The hair on that one is down to his waist. Plus you can see how he prances when he walks. That's what we used to call a sissy boy in my time. What's he doing here?" I laughed more at Grandpa summing up Billy's looks than anything else. Tim smiled too. Grandpa was not dumb.

"I'm guessing he is just here helping Mom and Dad with stuff, kinda like a maid or housekeeper or whatever."

"Huh," he snorted. "If Jan wasn't always working, she could do all of those things."

"Well Dad said he does the lawn and deals with the pool too, so I think he does a lot more than the housework," I told him.

"They both work too much," he stated. " We didn't need a servant at my house, even after the girls left. Your grandma and I handled all of the work. Chuck is getting a little soft I guess," He laughed at his statement. Tim smiled trying to be nice. "Is Danny still saying he's a sissy too?" Tim squirmed a bit in his seat.

"Well, Grandpa I know Danny still says he is gay, if that's what you mean." I wasn't going to spill any information that Dad or Danny didn't want spilled, and I wasn't going to spell anything out to Grandpa. He would need to figure things out on his own, if he got that far.

"You know that's what I mean, Ian. Don't get into particulars. He's as light in his loafers as the one in the kitchen. Do you think that friend of his is Danny's boyfriend? He didn't seem as girly as the one in the kitchen I can't imagine those two sissies being boyfriends."

"Well, Danny said that Bailey was a friend. I think if Danny had a boyfriend he would tell us. He hasn't ever hidden anything," I added and rubbed Tim's head playfully with my hand. He tried to squirm out of reach and nearly knocked his head on a table lamp next to him. "You can always ask him," I added.

"Probably the only way I will learn what is what," he said. "What about you Timmy?" Tim almost jumped. I think he believed Grandpa was wondering if he was a sissy too. "What are you studying at college?"

"Oh, well, I'm just in my second year, Mr. Sanders. I am mostly finishing up my required classes this year. I will choose a major before the end of the year I guess."

"No idea yet?" he asked Tim.

"Well, I like the English courses pretty well and I also like the Environmental Science stuff, but that requires a lot of math and that isn't my best subject," he told Grandpa. "I'm trying to see if I can get through the required math stuff this year. If I can the maybe I can choose the environmental science major."

"Well, choose something you like. It may take some work, but you won't spend your life regretting not taking a tough course because you were too scared to do it. Stick to your guns, if you want something reach out and grab it, don't pussy foot around waiting for that job or major to choose you. If you choose something you don't like you'll be years trying to change it."

"Timmy's on the swim team, Grandpa, he's used to some hard work," I reached in to try to help with the conversation.

"That's right, Mr. Sanders I'm up early most days to workout or swim," Tim added. "I'm on a regular schedule most of the time. What free time I have is spent studying mostly." He glanced over at me to confirm what he said. I just smiled back at him. My arm was draped over the sofa behind him.

"Well, that's motivation. That's good to hear, Timmy. I was glad to hear that Danny stopped that foolishness with college. This community college business program seems more like to fit him. He's on an internship of some kind, right?"

"Uhm, yeah, Grandpa. He is learning some basic accounting skills and some office management stuff, from what I hear."

"Well that will be good for him. He needs to find a boyfriend though. He won't support himself on a office manager salary." I had to laugh at Grandpa's statement. He seemed to know everything already and had opinions on it all.

"It's nice that you are supportive Gramps. Not everyone understands, you know, all that gay stuff, Danny deals with," I told him.

"Oh hell, Ian. It isn't like they invented sissy boys in the last decade. They have always been around. We talked about it when I was young, we just didn't have the media or Internet that you have now to keep talking about it all the time. I grew up around boys like Danny and that Billy."

"Seriously? You knew girly acting guys growing up? I never heard you mention anything before," I said, trying to encourage him to talk a bit more.

"I wasn't born in the Dark Ages, Ian. It wasn't that long ago," he said turning a bit more toward us and moving in closer. He glanced around over at Dad and looked toward the kitchen. "Now don't go repeating this, but I fucked a couple of those sissies before I married your grandmother. I was in the Army and women were few and far between. A man fucked what he could get sometimes," he whispered. Tim's mouth was hanging open and he was turning a nice shade of red. I must have looked a bit surprised myself, Grandpa had always talked about everything openly but I hadn't heard him ever mention this before. "Oh, don't look so shocked, either of you. We had sex the same as you do now. Things work the same way. When you're young and horny, you want to get off. That's what we did. Everyone knew the boys who weren't getting girls, the ones who would give a guy some assistance if you know what I mean. We just didn't make a big deal about it."

"Go Grandpa! I'm surprised. I never heard you talk about this before," I told him. I was surprised. "

"Well who the hell was I going to tell, your grandma? Jan or Joan? Give me a break. I kept my mouth shut. Wouldn't have said anything probably but with Danny being that way, I just thought I would put it out there. Those sissy boys worked hard to find a good man to keep them honest in those days. I guess now with the Internet it's a lot easier for Danny to find a boyfriend. I still think that other kid is his boyfriend."

I laughed out loud. I knew Bailey was NOT Danny's boyfriend. There wasn't any sex going on there. "Well if you say so, Grandpa, but I don't think either one of them is suited to be the man in that kind of relationship."

Tim got up off the sofa. "Excuse me, I gotta find the bathroom." He didn't even wait for directions but headed off down the hallway. He would figure it out.

"So, That your boyfriend?" Grandpa asked, leaning in closer.


"Well, I know you aren't a sissy, Ian, but you got your hands all over that boy since we showed up. I can see he has a nice ass on him, but he doesn't appear to be a sissy at all. I'm not dense so I can see what is going on though. He lets you pat his ass and rub his head, so I'm guessing you are more than friendly with him." He had a big shit-eating grin on his face. It caught me off-guard.

"Well, yeah. I wouldn't call him my boyfriend. I'd call him my boy. He knows what he enjoys and I know what feels good." I paused a moment, I wanted this conversation somewhere else. I didn't need Uncle Dave hearing this. I was being open with the touching of Tim but Discussion with the whole family was not what I had anticipated. "Lets go refill our drinks Grandpa," I suggested standing up. He didn't disagree and stood up too. We headed toward the bar area, away from the game.

"What was I just saying? That's exactly it, Ian. Your boy doesn't act like a sissy. He looks like a regular guy, but I knew the way you were handling him, you were doing something. Just because I'm older than anyone here doesn't make me dumb. I guess I will leave him alone, not pick on him. I think he got uncomfortable and left," he laughed. We refilled our drinks and stood at the bar.

"Yeah, he still is dealing with figuring out what it means to be taking care of my needs," I told Grandpa. "I don't think he had done anything like it before I came along." I felt pretty proud saying that. Hadn't really talked about it to anyone other than Johnson.

"So is he like the woman in the relationship? I know they don't call it that, but I'm guessing."

"Well, that's sort of how I think of it. He's adjusting to it. And no, I'm not gay, just if I want to get off when I want, the way I want, I figured out a guy does that better without the hassle than a girl. I don't put a label on it, I just enjoy having the control and he seems to like giving it up, to me anyway."

"So you aren't doing the same things to him that he does for you? Is that what you're telling me?"

"Right, I told Timmy up front I wasn't interested in any of that, and the expectations I have. If he wanted to be my boy, I was good with that. So, that's how it's worked out."

"Good, don't do stuff you don't want to be doing. Just like I told him earlier about work. Don't get caught doing what you don't like….So you convinced him to cswitch teams for you? That's a new one to me. I haven't heard that before."

"Well, yeah, you can say that. I'm pretty sure he didn't do anything with guys before me, but I'm also pretty sure he had been waiting to do it. It just took someone who was willing to set the rules down for him. He used to go with girls, but I told him I didn't play that game, if he wants to be taking care of me, he needs to focus on me, and no one else, so he's pretty much mine now." I admit I took some pleasure saying that out loud.

"Makes sense to me, Ian. I come from the day where a Man ruled the roost. I have nothing against modern families, but I like what I like. I want to be the head of the home."

"Grandpa," I started. I needed to make this clear; "I haven't discussed this with Mom or Dad at this point. Can you let me do that? I've been open with you, and I would appreciate if you let me handle talking with them at some point. Dad won't be an issue, but you know Mom."

"No problem. Your Mom and your Aunt are my girls, they were raised to be the sort of gals that are obedient, like your grandmother. They can understand someone like Danny, but I will leave you to handle anything you tell them. Just like I never mentioned anything I did. By the way, don't tell your Dad that stuff. He may be a good guy, but I don't need my business all over either, Ian. I just figured from what I saw you wouldn't have a problem. And another thing, you might lay off the constant touching if you don't want Dave or Joan or those girls to start talking at the table. Someone else might figure out that Timmy is more than your friend."

We started walking back to the living room. "Thanks Grandpa," I put my arm around him in a side hug. "I feel better knowing you understand."

"Well stop touching me then, I'm not your boy!" he said loudly. We both cracked up over that.