Becoming a Boy 29

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Somehow I got turned around and headed into the kitchen after my trip to the can. I just couldn't sit and listen to Ian's grandpa talk about sex anymore I was out of my comfort zone. I didn't want to know he had fucked guys as a young man. I didn't want to hear about Danny and Bailey and if they were boyfriends. Was everyone in the family bisexual? So there I was, suddenly in the kitchen with Ian's Mom, aunt, and Billy, whoever he was.

"Oh, Timmy," his mom exclaimed, "You're just in time. Could you grab that bowl behind you and help fill it up with the potatoes?"

"Uhm, sure, Mrs. McNeil," I replied. I looked for a bowl and found one on the counter. Hopefully this was the one. "From the pan here?"

"That's it. Thanks so much, dear."

I moved the potatoes from the pan into the bowl. Everyone seemed real busy in the kitchen. I wasn't sure what they were all doing, but somehow I spent the rest of the time before the meal in the kitchen helping the women. Well, and Billy. Every time I finished stuff they gave me something else to do. Stir the gravy; pour it in the gravy bowl. Slice the turkey; toss the salad, etc. etc. Billy wasn't saying anything to me. Ian's Mom and his aunt just gave me directions; they were pretty involved in making it happen so I just did what they said. I'm sure they could have done it without me but I didn't want to be back in the room with the men at the moment, too uncomfortable.

I had no idea that Ian's brother was a fag. His grandpa called him a sissy, and called Billy one too. Billy was pretty… well, pretty. I mean he wasn't someone I would go for, but he was pretty, and it wasn't difficult to tell he was gay. I mean he just acted gay. Is that the wrong thing to think? Did I act gay? Did people look at me and Billy or Danny in the same way? He just carried himself more like a woman than a man

Eventually the women went to find everyone for dinner and Billy and I were in the kitchen. I decided to speak to him.

"So, I'm Tim, I know we met briefly. Just wanted to say thanks for inviting me for the dinner."

Billy turned to look at me. He smiled. "Oh, that's Mrs. McNeil. I'm just help, not part of the family."

"Oh, I guess I just figured…sorry, guess I don't know all the relationships yet."

"It's okay, he replied. I don't know all of them yet either," he replied. "What about yours?

"My what," I answered.

"Your relationship…with Ian," he said clearly.

"Oh," I could feel my face heat up. "Uhmmm."

"No worry," he said. "I just figured you must be close to Ian."

"I mean, yeah, we're good friends," I started to say, then paused. I may as well ask someone, I didn't know this guy from Adam, when would I get the chance again? "Is it real obvious? Sometimes he has his hands all over me." I couldn't' believe I just said that to a stranger. "I haven't talked about it with anyone. I didn't know he was going to be so obvious. I wasn't…"

"Hey, it isn't a problem here…obviously," he interrupted. "Don't sweat it. Those that can see it will get it. Those that don't, like his mom, won't see it."

"You think?"

"Oh, yeah. He's doing it to show you off to his Dad I think."

"Mr. McNeil? Really? Ian wants to show me off?"

"Oh yeah. Mr. McNeil can appreciate a good body," he said and I saw him blush a little.

"Oh, thanks. I mean, yeah, thanks. You really think so? And can you really tell that I'm like WITH Ian?"

"Yeah, you have a nice body. And I can only tell because you let him touch you all over and don't even try to stop it." he said. "If you tried to stop it, I wouldn't have guessed. But something about it says you kinda like him doing it."

Shit he nailed me right away. "Wow, I guess I better pay more attention in the future. Other people might figure it out."

"So what if they do?" he asked. Then the women were back, moving more stuff out of the kitchen and into the dining area.

"Come on Billy, take the apron off. Timmy grab that last serving spoon there, its time to eat. Everyone is at the table."

We were herded into the dining area and sure enough everyone was at the table. It was clear I had been helping in the kitchen and I know I felt attention on me as I moved into the dining room.

"Billy sit there," Mrs. McNeil pointed at a pair of empty chairs, and Timmy, sit next to Ian. That put Billy on the other side of me. We obediently followed directions and everyone was seated and the eating started right away. It was back to small talk. Sure there were stories about Ian or his brother growing up, stuff like that, but I didn't get any more information and I was nervous I had said too much with Billy. He knew that Ian and I had a relationship of some sort! He figured it our right away. It made me dizzy thinking about what that meant. Did the guys at the Frat know too?  Did everyone in the family here think I was Ian's boyfriend? And Ian wasn't bothered by that idea? Ugh, I can't believe with all the time I spent with Ian, we never talked about this is any way other than I was his boy, his cocksucker. Is that the sort of way to discuss what we did and then take me home to meet his family?

I realized I had drifted off during eating and was brought back to reality when I felt a hand on my leg. I glanced over at Ian and he was smiling. His hand was rubbing my thigh. Squeezing it and then it was gone.

After dinner, I had to get up.  I had eaten too much and was going to fall asleep there if I just sat. The guys were just going to sit there and do that too it looked like, but I was too nervous. I got up and Danny got up at the same time.

"Just sit there, Mom," Danny told her. "Timmy and Bailey and I can clean up. You worked cooking everything, let us clean up."

"Well, Billy can help too," she said, but Danny just told her no, that we would handle it. So that was how the three of us started picking up dishes and glasses and I was set to washing some of them. A lot of stuff went in the dishwasher but that was soon full and there were still a lot to clean so I volunteered for that.

"Oh, good," Danny told me. "I didn't want to ruin my manicure, so I am glad you are soaking in the water," he told me almost lisping the words. He was so gay! Bailey laughed at him.

"You are such a sissy," he said to Danny.

"Well I can't be expected to ruin my nails just for the dishes," he announced like a queen. Bailey slapped his ass and told him to go get more of the plates then. I looked at Danny's nails and he did have clear polish on them, I hadn't noticed it earlier for some reason. Bailey started putting away some of the food, or rearranging stuff on other plates.

They were really gay, I thought to myself. Bailey less so, but he could act it right along with Danny. I had noticed it but I wasn't sure until Billy had spoken to me, and it dawned on me that they were all gay. It was like seeing lots of that guy Jimmy from school.

"Are you guys boyfriends?" I asked. Just as Danny came back into the kitchen with a tray of turkey.

"Us?" Bailey asked. He laughed loudly.

"You've got to be kidding," said Danny. "She's not my type." They both laughed at that.

"No, I'm married to someone else," Bailey announced. "But he's out of the country this week, so Danny just asked me to visit with everyone," he explained breezily.

"And I am single and looking," Danny said. "I'd ask you if you needed a twinky boyfriend, but I think Ian has already claimed you as the twink." Again they laughed but I was a bit freaked out.

"What do you mean?" I asked. "I'm not Ian's boyfriend," I said quickly.

"You're right," Danny shot back, "I forgot, Ian has girlfriends….Are you his girlfriend?" They were cracking themselves up at my expense. I could feel the heat rising in my face. What was it with this whole house? They acted as if nothing was odd with two guys being together. They all just assumed I belonged to Ian. What was I gonna say?

"What are you talking about?" I asked.

"Oh, please," Danny started. "We all know Ian will fuck anything, and he has his hands all over you, but he is all MAN," he added. "He doesn't go down on guys, he calls everyone he dates his girlfriend."

"Just the way I like `em," Bailey agreed. "A man who knows how to treat a fag."

"Amen, sister," Danny crowed.

"How do you know that?" I asked.

"Well, Bailey has some experience with Ian," Danny made it sound like a confession. They looked over at each other and grinned.

"It's true," he said. "I'm one of the lucky ones. He blessed me with that big cock over the summer. I've never been the same since," they kept laughing. I just kept getting redder. Had Ian fucked him? Really? Ian was more in to guys than I thought. Or maybe he did just fuck everyone.

"So don't be afraid to talk, Timmy. You aren't going to say anything we don't already know. Plus we can see how much attention he is giving you. You like being pawed like that?" They both laughed again. I was really getting embarrassed and I couldn't figure out how everyone here seemed to notice that and no one at the frat seemed to notice. Were they blind or was the family more attentive?

"He just touches me all the time, some days," I started to tell them. "But no one has ever said anything about it until today. I guess I've just adjusted to it I tried to stop it at first, but he told me he was going to do it anyway. I…I don't think about it. I didn't think anyone could tell." I can't believe I was having this conversation. I wasn't saying I was Ian's boyfriend, but I was admitting to him touching me. "Ian said no one noticed that stuff."

"He must be extra horny today," Bailey added. "Can't keep his big paws off you."

They thought that was funny too. "So, you aren't out at school?" Danny asked.

"I'm not even gay," I told him. I meant it. I wasn't gay, well except for Ian. "I've never done anything with any guy, except Ian," I admitted. "I fuck girls. Well, I did until he told me to stop." Jeezus why did I say that? It sounded funny.

"Oh, so you are a fag," Danny smiled at me.

"What do you mean?" Why did that make me a fag? Why was everyone here so interested in fags? Did I say more than I wanted?

"Well, you just said, Ian told you to stop fucking girls," Danny started. "Plus you said you had done that. You followed his order. I'm just putting two and two together, Timmy. Ian's fucking you, and you're following his orders. Sounds like a fag to me. What do you think, Bailey?"

"I have to agree, Timmy. If you are doing what he says and he's making use of your body, as his paws are showing anyone who can see that he is, then yeah, you are doing exactly as he wants. That's what a fag does. Follows order like a puppy. Nothing wrong with it," he continued, "it describes Danny and I perfectly." He smiled at me.

I stopped doing the dishes. I couldn't focus on that and the conversation. "What do you mean?" I wondered. "You think of yourself as a fag? Don't you hate that word?"

"No, I like the word," Danny told us. "I feel best when I am following a Man's direction. I admit I am a submissive fag. Don't be afraid to say it."

"I'm not a fag," I said.

"Are you submissive?" Danny asked.


"Are you submissive?" I asked him. He turned real red. I was clearly embarrassing Timmy. I enjoyed it mostly, seeing some guy turn red from what I was saying, but I didn't want to upset him. He wasn't saying anything, just sorta staring as if his brain were processing a million miles a second. I couldn't help myself though, sometimes I was a bitch. "You are putting out for Ian. You've stopped seeing girls. Walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, it's a duck," Danny stated.

"Don't be so rough on him, Danny," Bailey told me. "I don't think he's adjusted to life with Ian yet."

"You guys act like I'm his bitch or something," Timmy said. He sounded like he was trying to convince himself he wasn't. "I'm not gay. I don't think. I don't know what I am, okay? I'm bi. That's it. I'm bisexual. I just do this with Ian. I've never done this with anyone else," he told us. "I'm not out to anyone. I don't know much…." He kinda stopped talking and just looked down at the floor.

"Hey," I told him. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to go over the top. It's just that its pretty clear that Ian likes you because he's touching you all over and its real clear that you like it or you would stop him," I added. "It doesn't mean anything else." He didn't say anything. It almost seemed like he might cry or have a meltdown right here. "Ian wouldn't be manhandling you if he wasn't interested," I told him. "He's not that attentive to most of his girls."

"I know," Timmy said simply. "I know. You're right. He calls me his bitch sometimes. He introduced me to your dad as his boy. I didn't know what to say. He's never done that with anyone before. I'm really confused. I don't talk about it with anyone. I don't know what I am doing. I can't talk about it. All my friends know I'm straight, but he made me suck his cock…" his voiced trailed off again. "I wanted to do it. I don't know why. I do a lot of things because people want me to do them."

"Hey," Bailey said walking over to him. He put his arm around Timmy "Don't sweat it. We all learn these things differently."

"What do you mean?" Timmy asked.

"Look I'm completely submissive. It's who I am," he told him. "I have always been that way. When I got a boyfriend the first time, all I wanted to do was make him happy, I worshipped every bit of that man."

"Me too," I said. "I learned the hard way though. But, yeah, I'm totally a fag. I do what guys tell me to do, even if it isn't what I should do," I told him. "We know what it's like, Bailey is right though, don't let it bug you thinking about it. Just be yourself and do what feels right."

Timmy looked at us and his mouth was sorta hanging open. He turned back around and started doing dishes again. He didn't say anything for a while. I went back to putting food away, Bailey started scraping pots and pans again.

"Look," I finally said, "I didn't mean to be so rude. I guess I just figured you were out and had talked about it with people. I didn't realize you were confused. I'm sorry if I freaked you out too much," I told him.

"It's okay," Timmy told me. "It isn't like I haven't thought all of this stuff in my head," he continued. "I just didn't do it out loud, okay? Its different when someone else says the things you are thinking in your head." He turned around again. "I know I have been doing everything he says. I guess that makes me submissive and I guess I'm his bitch because I put out for him. It's just that I haven't said it to anyone, and I didn't think anyone could tell, he said no one could tell. But now he is making it obvious for everyone." Then he turned around again and didn't say anymore. We didn't really talk about much after that. It was pretty quiet.


I had drifted off to sleep early downstairs but now I was awake. I could hear Danny breathing heavily and clearly out. I lay there a bit then decided I would get up and see if there was any pie left. Maybe a little something else sweet would put me back to sleep. I got up to the kitchen and was fumbling around looking for the lights when Mr. Sanders came around the corner and we spooked each other.

"Geezus, you scared me kid," he exclaimed. He had pajama bottoms on but no shirt. He didn't need one. He was in great shape for anyone they called gramps.

"Sorry, Mr. Sanders."

"So, you couldn't sleep either?" he asked.

"Oh, I slept well to start but woke up a while ago, and figured I should get out of bed and move instead of just lying there awake," I explained. He really was an attractive guy. He had seemed friendly today.

"So, I was curious," he started, "no one tells me anything around here, so I usually just ask right out. Are you Danny's boyfriend?"

I chuckled. "Me? No, Mr. Sanders, we are just good friends. I'm married."

"Married? To who? How come they aren't here? Or better, why aren't you with them?"

"Wow, uhmm ok, well, I'm married to a man. He is overseas right now working on one of the companies he owns that is having financial issues, and so that's why I am not with him. When Danny learned I wasn't at home he asked me to come hang out with him and the family for the holiday weekend," I explained. "Does that clear up anything for you?"

"No, I always have more questions. I'm nosy that way," he said. His eyes were light colored and he was almost leering at me I could swear. "Married, huh? To a guy even. That changes a lot of things these days doesn't it?" His eyes seemed to stop staring so intensely. He wandered over to where the pie was at and started slicing. "So where did you meet Danny? How long you know him for?"

These were tougher questions than I had anticipated for 1a.m. I wasn't really sure what anyone knew here about anybody else. Although some stuff was blatantly open in nature, like Danny being gay, other stuff was seemingly ignored like any existence of the farm or what Danny was doing there.  I waited too long thinking about my response and Mr. Sanders took another tack.

"I know Danny is gay, I know he is a bit of a sissy in fact." he stated. I know he has some sort of "internship," though from my working knowledge of internships, living at the internship is a bit strange. Why don't you tell me about what you know? Don't worry, I'm not going to go talking, I'm just interested," he told me.

"Oh, uhmmm, well, I met Danny at his internship. It's uhm, a farm not too far outside of town. It's a working pig farm. They raise pork for the market. Danny is really learning about the business. He helps with the accounting, payroll, that sort of basic business stuff. He also helps cook food for the people who work and stay on the farm."

"Hmmm, so if you are married and have a wealthy husband, what are you doing at the farm? Is this one of your husband's businesses?" Geez, this guy had lots of questions. He handed me a plate with a piece of pie on it. "Sit," he said pointing at a table in the kitchen. He got forks from the dish drainer and sat down next to me. "Now talk," he told me, "I have plenty of time to listen.

So I told Mr. Sanders how I ended up at the farm as a dropout teenager. I told him how the Johnson's also used the farm to help fags, or as he kept saying sissies, and gave them some experience in areas that could find them jobs. I told him how I had found a decent small job and I was able to meet my husband a few years ago from that job. I told him how I went back to the farm when he was out of the country because it was a safe place and I stayed out of trouble, as my husband said. I told him I had met Danny there after Mr. McNeil had brought Danny out there in the summer. I mentioned Danny had gotten involved with a guy who was a bad influence and when Mr. McNeil learned about it he intervened and then we had stayed in touch while I was back at home. I did NOT tell him anything about sex in the McNeil home only to say Danny had begun to run into trouble here and Mr. McNeil took him to the farm to correct that problem.

"Wow," he said at first. "That was more interesting that I thought it would be. You tell a good story kid," his nonchalant attitude had me smiling. He picked our now empty plates up and took them to the sink. "I'm glad Chuck took action. You can't let your kid screw up too bad," he said. "If a fag farm is what works then I have no problem with Danny being there. Is that where this other kid, Billy comes from too?" He turned to face me from the sink. I could see his grey haired chest and his firm tummy.

"Uhm, yeah, Mr. Sanders, but I don't really know anything about that. I don't know Billy other than I have seen him a couple times when I go stay out there."

"I'll figure it out soon enough," he told me and grinned. "So with everything that goes on out at this place, all the fags and all the working men, I'm guessing that sex is part of the routine out there."

"Yeah," I admitted a little sheepishly. "There is plenty of sex going on."

"Doesn't your husband worry about that?"

"No, he encourages it. He says as long as we are committed to each other, if we play around some it isn't a bad thing." I looked at Mr. Sanders. I glanced down to his crotch and I could see he was springing a boner. Holy cow! Did I really want to go there? I stood up and found a water glass on the way to the sink. I brushed up against Mr. Sanders as I filled my glass from the tap. I turned to him and drank the water in one continuous drink. A little dribbled out of my mouth at the end and down my chin. I smiled at him and reached out to touch him through his pajamas. "How do you feel about that, Mr. Sanders? What do you think about married men playing around on the side?" He let out a big breath as I grabbed his dick and began stroking it to full hardness.

"How long has it been since you have had any, Mr. Sanders?" I continued my questions now, looking him in the eyes.

"Oooohhhh, yeah," he breathed. "Since I had sex with someone like you, a fag, as you call them? Getting close to 50 years."

"And the last time you had any sex?" I asked. I pulled my t-shirt out of my sweat pants and ran my hand around my abs. I was showing off now, seeing what he would do.

"Been a while. Not many opportunities ya know?" he continued to look at me and watch me play with his now stiff cock.

"Well, then I'm glad I got to meet you at the holiday dinner," I said. I reached up and took one of his hands and placed it on my stomach. I moved it around and watched his face. I began to move it down towards my crotch, and he pulled it away.

"I don't want to touch your dick," he said quickly.

"Trust me," I told him, you won't be." I took his hand again and ran it into my sweatpants. I pushed him a little but he figured it out as his hand got close. His fingers began playing over my cunt. It was my turn to let out a gasp. "yesssss, that's it."

"Holy shit," he said pretty loudly. "You've got a pussy!"

"Mmmmhmmmm, and you are making it feel real nice too," I told him. His other hand came up to my chest and he ran it around under my t-shirt.

"But no tits!" he exclaimed.

"Nope, I'm a guy, sorta." I said. "Do you want to go back to your room, Sir?" I asked politely.

"Yes," he said very clearly. "He grabbed my hand from his cock and drug me behind him quickly through the house to the room where he was staying. "Keep it quiet," he said. "I don't need everyone knowing my business," he told me as he closed the door quietly.

"Mmmmm," I wrapped my arm around his neck and I pulled him into a kiss. I was surprised how quickly he kissed right back. He wasn't inexperienced that was for sure. I wrapped my hand around his cock again, but he soon started moving his hands on to my shoulders and began pushing me down to my knees. I sank slowly, nibbling at his nipples and tummy. Then I was down on my knees and I looked up at him.

"Don't just look at me, suck while you are doing it," he said. I think I was in heat right then. I pulled his pajama bottoms down and I looked at his cock. It was nothing to laugh about. He had a stiff, thick 7 inches that was staring me in the face. "mmmm, my favorite midnight snack," I said before engulfing it in my tongue and then my mouth.

"Oohhhhh," He moaned. Mr. Sanders was going to enjoy this, I could tell. "So wet and warm," he moaned. His hand found its' way to the back of my head and he began to put pressure on me to swallow the big thing. "Yeah, that's it, go all the way down." Who was I to refuse his pleasure? That is what I enjoyed most!

I looked up at him and his eyes were closed and his head was tilted back. He was really enjoying it. I was so happy to have started this. This night was going to be fun.

His dick was all slick now after he had shoved it in my throat. I had no problem, despite the thickness swallowing it. I was doing as much as I could with it, my hand wrapped around the base. I paused from time to time to lick and suck his nuts. I swear if he were a young boy he would have shot a long time ago.

"I'm not shooting until I get in that pussy," he said quietly. "I can't believe you have a pussy."

"mmmm, yeah, but I do, and it's already wet for you," I told him as I went back to sucking his cock. I slipped a finger or two inside my pussy and stretched it open some. I could feel my boy juice starting to run way up inside my pussy, getting me ready for his thick cock.

Mr. Sanders' hand was on the back of my head and he was thrusting forward and puling back. He was beginning to get into this. "Don't know why I didn't think about using a sissy earlier. I already knew you boys could swallow dick better than a woman," he confessed as he began to really batter my throat with his dick. He grabbed harder on the back of myhead and held me down as he thrust forward I stuck my tongue out and began licking at his balls as he kept my head tight against his crotch. He moaned lowly. "Holy shit. You know what you are doing." I swallowed a couple times to give him a good massage on the head of his dick in my throat.

"Okay, okay, I am going to cum if you keep this up." He pulled out and pulled me up from my armpits. "Take off your clothes and get on the bed," he directed. I pulled off my shirt then slowly removed my sweatpants, turning around slowly so he could see all of me. "Wow." Was all he said. He ran his hands over my body, tweaking at my nipples. He lifted my arms. "You don't have any hair anywhere," he stated.

"No Sir, I don't. Most Men don't like hair on their fags. It's been removed so I don't need to shave."

"Makes sense. I hadn't thought about it like that." He pushed me down on the bed and grabbed my legs. He spread them wide with his arms. "Let me check out that pussy. He got down on his knees at the side of the bed and used his hands to open me up. He sniffed my cunt, and then he began exploring with his fingers. Roughly at first then a bit less so. "Looks good to me," he announced and then he dove in with his tongue hanging out and lapping at my pussy.

"Oh, Mr. Sanders. Ooohhhhh, god, that feels good." He was good. He immediately went to my clit that was sensitive and I loved it. "Oh shit, oohhh, god, Yeah, lick it. Fuck, oh yeah."

"Keep it down girl," he said. "You want everyone to know I'm gonna fuck you?"

"I can't help it, you… you're good at this." He was too. I wasn't going to make this up. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled his face into me. My legs started to shake some. I was clenching my toes and unclenching but I wanted him to continue. I could feel my ass coming up off the bed and then I let go. "Fuckkkkkk, oh yeahhhhh." I was shuddering. I could feel my cum flow out way up inside my cunt. I didn't fully understand the biology even after a couple years, I just knew I could cum from getting off when a man ate my pussy and licked the clit enough. Mr Sanders had been lapping at my cunt and flicking his tongue around my clit non-stop since he started. I don't know how long it was going on, but I sure as hell enjoyed it. I grabbed tight to the sheets and let the feeling wash over me.

Finally he pulled his face up and looked at me. He was grinning big. "Haven't lost my talent," he announced happily. "Now get ready for a fuck. His cock was still hard. He was impressively thick. I put my hand down at my pussy and spread open my lips and he pointed at pussy. "I'm hoping you can't get pregnant girl, because I don't have any condoms."

"Just put it in," I panted. "I want to feel you inside. Please stick it in and fuck me."

"No problem there," he replied. He aimed it and soon he had parted my pussy and was sliding in. "That's nice, hot and sloppy. So you get all juicy somehow?"

What a conversation to have as the old man starting sliding in. "I'm going to be polite, so shut up and stick it in. I need a good fuck," I told him. He had no problem hearing me.

He lifted my legs and then was inside. He didn't push them anywhere in particular, just held on to them and started fucking. God, it always seemed forever since I had last been fucked. I could never get enough cock after I was changed. It was like when I had a cock and a man would rub his cock against my own, which always turned me on for some reason. Now it was the same thing, just my cock was inside out and looked like a pussy.

"Do it," I got kind of demanding. "Fuck me, fuck me good and hard," I told him. I hoped his heart could handle it. I had never been with a guy this old. I liked them older than me, but still he was close to 40 years older than I am. And he was gorgeous. I reached up and started to rub his chest. It was firm, and his nipples stuck out from his chest. I tweaked on them and he moaned a little. His grey chest hair was sexy. Just enough fur to look good, not too much.

"Demanding little bitch," he said and smiled at me. "At least I know you like it." He began right away with a nice steady pounding. My butt was jiggling as he slammed in and then pulled out. He did seem to like that finishing thrust and slamming his whole weight in to me.  He was really giving me a pounding. "Hope you like this you tease. I don't know whether you are a man or a woman but I don't give a damn, your cunt feels good."

"Your cock feels good too, Mr. Sanders," I managed to say in between grunting from his weight slamming into me. He wasn't going to slow down it seemed until he shot his load. I was going to have to just adjust and enjoy it. I got into my fucking mind set and focused on his cock. I began really feeling it inside me. I started worked those muscles I had learned to use after my change and began to gently squeeze his cock as he was deep inside.

"Oh, jeezus, you tighten that up well. I'm going to want more of this before I head back home. Can't believe your man let's you fuck around. If this were mine, you'd be kept at home where you belong."

That made me smile. I was happy being at home most all of the time, but I was equally happy to get out and have my own fun when my man was away.

"Gonna cum soon," he breathed heavily. "You want this inside you?"

"Oh hell yeah," I told him. "I want to feel it inside me. I want to know you filled me up."

His pumping accelerated and I felt his cock stiffen more inside me. I was running my hands around his chest and tweaking his nipples. I touched his face with the palm of my hand and smiled as his concentration became clear. He had brought me off with his tongue; I wanted to bring him off with my pussy. I increased my squeezing on his dick as I felt it stiffen.

"Fuck, here it cums. I'm…I'm cumming. Oh fuck this feels so good!" he said in a shouted whisper. He was serious about keeping the noise down, but I wished he had screamed it. There is nothing quite like the look on a man's face as he is emptying his nuts inside you. I could feel his cock pulsing as he clenched his jaw and buried his cock fully inside me. "Take it, squeeze out all that load, sissy!" I grabbed his hips and pulled him into me. I ground back against his hips and kept him there as tight as possible.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck," his body was jerking as he stopped pumping and just filled me. "So damn good." He finished and collapsed on me. He ran his head along my neck and just held me as he finished his orgasm. He was warm and sweaty to hold and I had really enjoyed it. I loved knowing I could get a man off with my body.

I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him tight. "Thank you so much," I said. "I can't believe how good that felt."


"Ian, why were you touching me so much today? You made me feel…well, you made it look like I was your girlfriend or something. I just felt like I was on display sorta when you had your hand on my ass, or you were rubbing my head. I swear your dad saw you do that. What if he thinks that?"


"Think's what, Tim?"


"It's totally different than at the frat house. Here it's like we're like boyfriends or something.


"You already know how I feel about that, Timmy. I've already told you a few times, haven't I?"


"Yeah, you say you don't care if people know I'm sucking your cock.


"Well these are my family, Timmy. I'm especially unconcerned if Dad knows you're sucking me off. What better group to show that to than my family."


"Did you bring me here to show me off to your family?" I couldn't believe I was hearing this. I couldn't put Ian's personality together with bringing me to his home to his family. But all of the other gays at the house didn't seem to think it was out of the ordinary. Everyone here seemed to either fuck guys or be a fag, as they called each other.


"Well Timmy, I'm adjusting to you being my cocksucker just as much as you have been adjusting. I may as well show you off. Why wouldn't I want to show you off? You are prime fag meat. You are a swim stud who I turned into a cocksucker." I could feel my face turn red. It was like I was a prize or something. I couldn't believe he was talking about me like this. It got to where I was adjusting to him saying this to my face, but having it displayed was completely new. "It's easier to be myself around family, Timmy. They aren't going to judge anyone, not that I care."


"But all these other people?" I knew he was right. None of the boys had judged me. No one except them had said anything that was out of line.


"Seriously? Most of them won't be able to tell. You don't think that Dad cares, do you? Look at Danny, Tim; he's as big a fag as they come. And his friends? Please, you can't tell that they are fags too? Mom and Dad know that Danny is sucking dick. They know Danny takes it up the ass. Guys fuck Danny regularly my folks know that. They aren't going to care if you are sucking me."


"But we're like friends. I suck your cock and all, but we're like college friends. You help me out with stuff and I, well you know, I help you out by sucking your cock." I wasn't convincing myself, how could I convince Ian? I must have sounded dumb.


"We've talked about this too, Tim. I know you aren't dumb. You know that buddies don't suck cock. You suck my cock. That inherently changes things."


Ian went across the hall to use the bathroom. I thought about that for a couple minutes. Of course it did. What was I thinking all this time? That I was his friend? I wasn't. He called me his cocksucker because that's what I did regularly. It did hange things. I didn't suck other guys cocks; well unless he told me to do it. Ian came back. I took my turn brushing my teeth and went back to the bedroom. Did he think of me as his girlfriend too? His boyfriend? He had only called me his faggot or his bitch or cocksucker. How did his touching me so much today figure into this? I wasn't his girlfriend. He fucked his girlfriends. Oh hell, did he want to fuck me? Was he waiting to fuck me all this time? Ian never waited; he usually got into a girl's pants within a date or two tops. Was he expecting me to put out the same way? All the guys here thought he was already fucking me.


"Its all very different for me. I didn't know anything about your family. I had no idea that your brother was so, well so queer. Let alone know your grandpa fucked guys either."


Ian just laughed. "I didn't know about grandpa either," he told me. "But Danny you can't miss it. He'd suck about anything placed in front of him. Kinda like you, huh?" I had nothing to say to that. I know I blushed again. Ian was being very direct and suddenly I was feeling very much like a girlfriend. He was referring to the Halloween party again.


"Okay, let's get some rest, I'm bushed," Ian said. I looked at the double bed. It looked like I would be sleeping in the bed with Ian. I was hesitant but surprisingly less scared after meeting the family and seeing how folks interacted. He didn't seem interested in sex. I kinda thought he would want a blowjob tonight. I had actually thought about how it would happen here at this house.


When I got into bed, Ian turned away and faced the wall. I faced the other direction. I lay there just a moment, and then I had to ask, "Sir, do you like my ass? Is that why you are touching it?"


I felt movement in the bed. I guessed Ian was facing me now. "Like it, Timmy? Your ass is beautiful," he whispered as he ran his hand along it. He didn't pull it away. I was freaking out a bit.  Danny and Bailey had talked about my ass. It crossed my mind that I was not so slowly deciding to let Ian fuck me if he wanted to. I wanted to do this now. Like the time I decided in the bar to suck his cock. I wanted him to do this now. His family all thought we were doing this anyway, the way he had his hands all over me today. The way Billy, Danny, and Bailey spoke to me.


"Ian," remembering how he liked me to address him, "Sir, do you want to fuck me?" I barely whispered it. It sounded strange coming from my lips. His hand continued to feel my ass, squeezing it gently and rubbing it through my boxers.


"I didn't quite hear you, Tim. Did you ask me something?"


It dawned on me that he had made me beg to suck his cock when I was at the bar. It occurred to me that I needed to beg again. He would want me to beg to get fucked. "Sir, please fuck me." I tried to say with some assertion that I didn't really feel. It came out sounding funny, barely a whisper. "Ian, Sir," I said in what seemed like a scream to me, "fuck me, please fuck my ass. Please!"


"That's better, Timmy. I like it when you beg. You should know that." He moved quickly and yanked my boxers down my legs. "There, let me get a picture of that ass planted in my mind," he said. His hand continued to rub my ass but he moved his hand closer to my hole. He got to where I could feel his finger at my hole and he tapped it with a finger. This was it. I had gone and begged him. He was going to fuck me like a girl. Is this what all the last couple months had been about? Him getting into my pants? What was I thinking? He continued to rub at my hole and tap it with his finger as he began biting at my shoulder. He was treating me as I imagined he treated the girls he fucked.


"This is going to be your cunt after tonight, Timmy. It may be tight right now but it won't be later. Are you ready to see what it is like to get fucked?"


Was I ready? I had no idea. I can't believe I asked him to do this. All these fags around here and they seemed to think I was already his boyfriend. That we were already doing it, that he had already fucked me. It felt different here than at the frat. No one seemed to care if I was his boy. They seemed to think I was his boy. "Please, I think I'm ready," I responded finally. "Please fuck me, I want to know what it feels like. Please?" I begged again. I could hear myself saying it but I still did not really believe it. This would make me a complete fag, just like Danny had said. If I hadn't already been sucking him off for most of the semester, I wouldn't have agreed to this. I can't believe so much had changed. I had gone from fucking a chick with Ian, to now he was going to fuck me. His family didn't care and they already assumed it, I might as well see what it was like. Seemed a dumb thought as it crossed my mind, but it suddenly mattered a whole lot less what they thought if they already thought it.


There was movement from his side of the bed, Suddenly his hand was pulled away and I heard him digging around in something, maybe the bedside table? I couldn't look, what was he doing?"


"I never thought you would ask, Timmy," he finally said. "Just stay like that on your side. Lift your leg up a bit and hold it there. I want to see your hole." I pulled the boxers the rest of the way off and lifted my leg as he said. "I am going to use some lube since this is your first time. I'm going to put some on your hole and my fingers. I am going to open you up a bit before I fuck you. I want you to focus on my fingers and to relax. I want you to adjust to my fingers playing with your hole."

I jumped a bit. The lube was cold. "Wow, that's cold," I stated obviously. He chuckled.

"Yeah, but you'll warm it up."

He ran his finger along my asshole. I was amazed he kept lube in his bedsie table. Did he use it fucking girls? Somehow I knew this would hurt like hell. I expected to have it burn as he pushed his finger in, but surprisingly it didn't hurt. I mean there was some obvious give. I had never put anything in my ass before. "That's it, just stay relaxed, baby." He slowly pushed his finger in and it was feeling all slippery. He pulled it out and got more lube because I could feel the coolness of it again. It felt funny to have my asshole slippery and something moving around inside me. He teased with his finger, running it around the edges of my hole, then sliding it in again. He twisted it around and around. I could feel him pushing and pulling at my hole with his finger, then I could feel him stretching it more, he must have put a second finger inside. "That's it, see? No pain, right?"

"No," I whispered, "it isn't hurting."

"Good. Maybe you were made for cock, we'll see."

What did that mean? Made for cock. How could a guy's butt be made for cock? I thought back to Jimmy getting fucked by Ian. He took the cock okay, so maybe I could do the same. Ian kept fingering my butt. I would sometimes catch myself clenching so I could feel his fingers stretching me out. "Remember to do that when my dick is inside you. Squeeze like that." I squeezed again. It seemed huge to me, to feel his two fingers.

"You're as ready as you'll ever be," he announced. I didn't feel ready Why had I asked for this? I could feel his fingers slip out of my ass. They had only been in there a little while. Was I really ready for this? I could hear him putting lube on his dick. I hadn't been looking at my butt yet as soon as I realized he was going to do this, I wanted to see what was happening.

I could see his cock all slick with the lube. It glistened in the low light of the bedroom. Suddenly I could feel him pushing his cock at my hole.

"Look at me, Timmy. I want to see your face as I break open your hole. I want you to see me as I take your hole and make it mine."

I turned further to look at Ian. He was intense looking I thought. He was concentrating, yet he wasn't looking at my hole, he was staring me in the eyes. Like the night he fucked Jimmy, only now, it was me taking that big dick. I didn't feel like I could blink, but I could feel my eyes start to water and he kept pushing at the entrance to my ass.

"Give it up, Timmy. Relax."

"I'm trying to, Ian. Fuck it's starting to hurt I don't think I was made for this."

He grinned big at that statement just staring at me. "Oh, you'll take it, don't worry. I'll make your hole open so it is made for fucking." We were whispering. I know I sure as hell didn't want to wake anyone who was asleep or give any of the people a noise to hear in the night.

I swear it was like someone was trying to shove a bat up my ass. How could it take so long? Fuck I was going to scream. Finally, when I thought I was going to reach back and push his cock away, I felt almost a pop, and his cock was inside me. I moaned; fuck the pain got worse.

"Shut up Timmy."

"Oh fuck, Ian, fuck it hurts, pull it out!" He clamped his hand over my mouth and grinned at me again. I know my eyes had closed because I remember opening them to see him grinning like a madman and clamping his hand over my mouth. It felt like something was ripping me open, it burned like hell.

"No way, Timmy. I've waited too long to get in there. I'm not taking it out now. Just chill for a minute. It will ease up. Keep looking at me."

Fuck, I hoped so. If this is what getting fucked felt like every time, there was no way I was going to do it again. I don't care what it meant as far as Ian fucking girls. How the hell did they take this cock? How did Jimmy take his cock? "oowwwwwwwww," I moaned, but it was quiet since his hand was over my mouth. What was I thinking that I could handle this? It felt like forever before the pain started to go down. He must have seen it in my eyes, because I sure as hell couldn't tell from my ass, it still felt stretched beyond all possible means.

"I'm going to start putting more in now Timmy. I'm going to go as slow as I can, but I am not stopping until you have it all in there. I'm just letting you know."

And so it started. I kept looking at him and he kept pushing more in. I had all sorts of crazy thoughts. What if I had to shit? What if I couldn't take it all? What if I was ripped up and bleeding? Every time he moved more into me I felt like that giant baseball bat was ripping me again. I knew from sucking him off that he was widest at the base of his cock. I didn't look forward to that at all. His head was big enough, how could I handle the base of it? How was all 10 inches going to fit inside? I felt Ian's hand go to my nipple. He began playing with it. He twisted it and flipped at it with his fingers. I let out a little sound. I had gotten used to him playing with them sometimes when I sucked him off.

"Oh, fuck, Sir."

"Yeah that's right, finally going to get to fuck you. It's been a good long while to get you into the sack." As he said that I could feel more slowly going in. He would let up a little every once in a while but he just kept pushing. I was biting my lip, trying to keep eye contact like he said. "Just think Timmy, soon you will be taking my cock like a pro. A little practice and you will have a nice pussy, shaped exactly for my dick." More slid in and I gasped. It was slow but if he went any faster I swore I would scream. "A little at a time and soon I'll be buried inside you. We are about halfway there," he told me and then slipped some more in. I really felt full already. I didn't think it was possible.

"Just wait, please, please wait." Some more slid in. "Oowwwwww, shit, Ian," he pulled on my nipple and stared harder if possible at me. A little more went in. He wasn't going to listen to me.

"You don't want to make any noise, Timmy. What if someone hears us? What if they come in and watch?"

I didn't imagine anyone would come in but who knew? There were a lot of gay boys here. I was becoming one of them. I couldn't believe how stretched out I felt. How did they do this all the time? I was trying to be quiet simply because I didn't want anyone to hear, but if they all knew I was his, his, whatever I was, what difference did it make? "oh fuck, Ian. You're so goddamn big."

"Yeah. I know, and you only have a little bit more to go." Ian slid around so that he was on top of me now. I was still on my side with my leg hiked up but He was on top now hovering over me and staring at me. "Look at me Tim. Almost done. Almost got all of me. Just a little more." I let out another groan.

"I cant believe this is fitting inside me. Are you sure I'm not bleeding?"

He laughed at me. "If you were I might go slower, but you aren't so I'll just keep going," he chuckled. He was clearly happy. He hadn't stopped grinning the whole time.

Then, then it was over. I felt his thighs bump up against my ass. I think he was done. He held my leg up now and he broke contact with my eyes to look at my ass.

"It's in Timmy. You took it all. How's that feel baby? How's your man's cock feel now?" He moved his eyes back up to mine. I know my mouth was open I could barely breathe it felt like to me. I didn't know what to think. I had no idea what would happen now. I mean, that is stupid to think. I know how fucking works, but that is what I thought. Then it dawned on me he would start the real fucking. Everything up until now was just the opening me up. Now he would fuck. "I'm going to wait a bit Timmy. I want you to get ready, because I a going to enjoy myself now, and unless I have guessed wrong this whole time, I'm pretty sure you will enjoy it too."

"Oh god, Ian.  Sir. I can't believe it all fit. Your cock is huge. Where does it all go?"

"You can swallow it all Timmy, you know that. There is no reason you cant take it all in this end. You just need a little practice and training. Soon you'll want it all the time."

Somehow at this moment that seemed highly unlikely. Although it was feeling less painful at the moment, I still felt stuffed.

"Pick your leg up Timmy, I want you on your back. I know it's the missionary position and a little old fashioned of me, but I want to see your face tonight, and I want you to see mine."

I stretched my leg up and moved it over to the other side of Ian. Now I was flat on my back and my feet were planted on the bed. Ian kneeled in front of me and his cock was inside me. He then picked up my legs and brought them to my chest. He spread them a bit. "Now lean forward, Timmy. I want you to see that my cock is buried in your pussy. Come on."

I craned my neck forward and stared down at my ass. There was his crotch bumped up against my ass. He pulled his cock back just a little and I could see the thick base of it emerging from my butt. "Oh, fuck, I took it all. Fuck." My head fell back on the bed and I looked up at Ian. He was still grinning.

"Yep, a regular little faggot now, taking my cock all the way to the base, Timmy. You know, there usually isn't room in a girl's pussy for my entire dick. I can't get it inside all the way, but not a problem with you fags. You all love my cock." I guess that was Ian's way of saying he had fucked other guys besides Jimmy. It made me wonder if I was just another notch on his bedpost, like Bailey. I didn't do this to become a mark for his ego. I did it because I liked him, and I liked hanging with him. He pushed the little bit he had pulled out back inside and I groaned.

"I'm gonna start fucking Timmy. I'm going to show you a real good time. I show all my fucks a good time. You know Tressa loved it, you know Jimmy loved it. He even thanked me for it." He pulled back a bit and thrust in. I couldn't help but gasp and moan. I didn't want to make noise; I tried to keep it quiet. "Its okay to make noise, Timmy. I don't care if anyone knows I'm fucking you. It's up to you. Hell I like hearing you have a good time."


I had finally gotten my cock up inside Tim. Couldn't believe it. He finally begged for it, and of course I gave it to him. How can you turn down someone who begs you for your dick? Then he started whining it about it right away. Damn bitch was tight too, even using lube he was tighter than anything I'd fucked before. Now he was going to get a good slow fuck to start with so he adjusted to me, then I hoped I could get up a good speed and show him what would be standard for him soon.

I hadn't even bothered to get off my knees at this point. I was just going to rock him back and forth a bit and see how it went. I slid it back a bit and slid it inside again. Back and forth, just rocking him on his back with his legs pulled up. I could see his hole, he couldn't. Which was too bad because I thought it was damn pretty. When I pulled back some, I could see his cunt lips stretch out, and when I went back in, they collapsed and disappeared. I know I was grinning big, but hell, I had waited for a long time for this longer than anyone else that was for damn sure.

"Looks just like a pussy," I whispered to him. "You've already got that hole opening and closing real nice, Timmy. Give me a squeeze." It looked like he was focusing on some new muscle group, which I had to think probably was new for him. Then I felt him squeeze on my dick. "Oh, hell yeah, Timmy. Good job. See. that's what you do with a man's cock inside you. You give it a good squeeze. Now every time I start to pull my dick out, you squeeze tight like you never want it to leave your cunt. When I go to push back in, you loosen up, and let me in real easy. Practice it now, so you can learn what feels good for me."

I started slowly pulling back and Tim grabbed right tight on my cock. Surprised me really how tight, considering I had just wrenched the hole open. "Yeah, that's it." Now then I…yeah, that's it baby, he loosened up and I slid more dick back inside. "Squeeze…release…squeeze….release" I stopped talking and let him practice. His mouth was still hanging open and he looked at me like a surprised little kid, wanting approval. "Good boy. See you can handle this just fine," I told him. I kept up a slow pace of pulling back and pushing forward. Not really putting any exertion into it. It felt damn sweet, let me tell you. He had some muscle in that ass that he would learn to work real well over the coming weeks.

He moaned. "It feels good doesn't it Timmy. Feels good moving back and forth in your pussy." He didn't say yes but he didn't say no, so I took it as yes for the moment. I pulled a good way out, until I was almost out of his hole and he squeezed the whole way, then I slid it back almost all the way and he let me in real easy. I got up on my hands and started moving a little more back and forth now. I wanted him to feel the long strokes and see how he handled it. He still had not got hard and I wanted his dick hard. Given that he was always hard sucking me, I was a little surprised, but thought I would give him more time to adjust to it.

"Oh shit, oh fuck, Sir. Your dick is so long." His eyes said he was no longer in pain. I hoped it was only a little time before he started feeling good. The fags I fucked always enjoyed this. I had no reason to suspect Tim would feel any different. "I'm opening it up Timmy. You're starting to enjoy it I can see in your eyes. He had his hands at his sides. He was clenching the bed covers tight. "Just relax boy, loosen up, and unclench those hands." Slowly I saw his fingers release the sheets. I don't think he was aware he was grabbing on so tight. "Don't forget to breathe boy. Take a deep breath and keep working those pussy muscles. Feels so damn good on my cock. You're tighter than any girl's pussy ever, Timmy."

He didn't smile but I wondered what he was thinking. "Who begged me to fuck him?" I asked. "Come on, answer me boy, who begged me to fuck him?"

"Oh god. I did, Sir. I begged you to fuck me."

"Why, Timmy, why did you beg me?"

"I wanted… I wanted to know what it felt like. I wanted to know what it was that everyone already thought I was getting." That thought made me smile again. "I like being with you and if, if this is what it takes I wanted to try it."

"That's right, boy. You wanted it. You begged for it because you want to be my bitch boy. You want to know what taking my cock is like, don't you"

"Yes, ugh, oh god. I wanted you to fuck me"

I was beginning to work up a regular pace now. So far Tim had managed to keep squeezing and relaxing. He caught on real well, followed those instructions. "Don't worry about that Timmy. Now that I know you want it, I will give it to you all the time. I'll be using your pussy all the time. That's what it is to me, Timmy. A pussy. Men fuck pussy, Timmy, so from now on, this is my pussy, and I'm going to fuck it. You gave it up to me tonight, by the time we finish it will belong to me."


Oh jeezus, his cock was moving inside of me, back and forth. See-sawing away, sliding in and out. I was trying to remember to squeeze when he pulled back and release when he started shoving in. It was tough to focus when he was beginning to hammer away at me. I had begged him. I had told him I wanted it because I wanted to be with him. How faggy was that? Was I really a big fag like everyone had told me today? How could I argue? I had been sucking his cock for a while now and here he was fucking me, like I was a girl, calling my asshole his pussy.

He leaned down to where he was real close to my face. "Don't look now Timmy, but your little dick is hard. Just like usual. You can't deny you love this. Look at your hard little dick." I broke eye contact again to look at my dick. I don't know why I bothered. He had already told me I was hard. I just hadn't been paying attention yet to that, too much was going on with my butt. My dick bounced on my abs as he fucked me.

"You have the sweetest pussy, Timmy. The sweetest hole I've ever drilled. Don't let anyone tell you different. Not that I'm going to let anyone else near it," he whispered. "Not anymore. It's mine. I'm the only one going to be getting this pussy."

I reached down and felt around my hole. I put a finger on each side of his cock. I felt the length of his cock as he slid it inside and felt the thickness a he pulled back out. My fingers were touching his cock and I could feel my hole stretched out and accepting his cock. It was really amazing to feel it with my own hand. I looked down and Ian then moved my legs further forward. He put his hands on my thighs, and pressed them to my chest. That pushed my ass up in the air more. I could see it now. I could see his cock fucking me. I just watched his cock moving in and out and something changed. I realized I was enjoying it. The pain had disappeared. I was damn well enjoying it as Ian fucked me slowly. I heard a moan escape from deep inside me.

"Ooooooohhhhhhh, fuck. That feels so good Ian." I didn't feel the pain I had felt earlier. Now I felt pleasure from it. Pleasure! I could feel his cock moving back and forth. I looked back up to his eyes and he was still staring at me and grinning. Something inside me felt amazing as he shoved his cock in me. "Fuck, there is a spot where it feels really good." Ian just grinned. He picked up speed. Soon he was going faster and the strokes were becoming shorter.

"Damn right! Feels good to me too, being all the way inside you," he shoved another time just to see if more could fit I guess. I groaned and moaned at the same time if that is possible…I guess it was, I just did it. I just kept watching and feeling stuff. I don't know how else to describe it. I couldn't believe I was getting fucked… and I was enjoying it! I watched Ian as he was on top of me. I reached out to touch his arms. His arms looked so big. I knew I wasn't a small guy, but he was big. I reached up and ran my hands over his chest. I had wanted to do this for a while, feel his muscles, but I had been afraid to touch him. Now he was hovering over me fucking me and I could do it. Fuck, he was gorgeous, and he was fucking me. Is this what girls thought about during sex? He has hair all over his chest, I thought to myself. I just wanted to rub that. His arms were hairy too. I could see his abs all tight as he pulled out and pushed back in. Fuck, I was letting a muscle stud fuck me. I begged him to fuck me. My head was running in overdrive.

"Keep squeezing," Ian said. I must have forgotten to do that while I was daydreaming. "I want that ingrained in your brain," he continued. "I like it best when you are clenching and releasing. Especially when it's a good slow fuck like this." I wondered what a fast fuck was like if this was slow. But he said it was a good fuck, that was good right? Would he do it again? Shit. I was screwed up. I was still in the middle of my first fuck and I was already wondering if he would do it again. That thought made me feel like a fag, as if I wasn't already feeling that way. I reached down to touch my dick, I could feel it bouncing on my stomach, and I wanted to feel its hardness. Of course if I had been thinking clearly I wouldn't have done that. Ian slapped my hand away immediately. He moves quickly when he is focused.

"Don't touch that," he directed me. "You know I don't want you touching that when we are busy. You don't touch it when you suck me off, there's no reason for you to touch it now." That made sense. Same rule for me whatever I am doing with him. "You don't need to touch it to cum, you already know that, don't you?"

I nodded and agreed, "yes Sir."

I continued looking at his eyes as he fucked me.  He continued talking to me. "I think of you now as my girl, Timmy. Men fuck girls; girls have pussies. You have a pussy, Timmy and now it belongs to me. I'm breaking that pussy in, and it belongs only to me," he said very seriously. I was overwhelmed by thoughts that I couldn't express, but they seemed to translate to my body. "I want you to enjoy your pussy, Timmy. Feel everything inside you pussy. When you pay attention to your pussy and my cock, you will cum. The same way you cum when you pay attention to me and my cock in your throat."

Oh fuck, I thought. I could feel my dick leak as he said these things. I could feel his cock inside me. I could feel my ass, wait my pussy, squeeze and manipulate his cock with the muscles I was now using. He was right. I already knew that stuff. I responded to him and his cock in my face, why wouldn't I respond the same way if he was fucking me? I WAS a fag, I would do what he said to please him totally. Maybe I WAS meant to have cock inside me. I honestly had shivered when he told me I was his girl. He knew me and my body so well, I was honestly overwhelmed with thoughts.

"Your clit is just bigger than most girls I have fucked. It works the same way though. I can stimulate it with my fingers or I can be stimulate it as I fuck you. You should know that." I leaked more fluid. Fuck, it felt so damn good. I could here myself moan. It sounded higher than I wanted it to sound, as if some girly part of me was being stimulated.

"Oh god, oh shit, this feels so good," I couldn't think of anything else to say. Listening to him call me a girl and talk about me as if I was one set off something in my brain. It made me feel comfortable, damn it. I was making him happy, and I was feeling so damn good. Ian hovering over me, his hands on my thighs, my ass exposed and his cock going in and out. His grin and his muscles so taut, he was a STUD, and he was fucking me. It was the way it should be happening, I though to myself. "Oh, ohh shit. Ian. Sir. I think…I think I'm cumming."

"That's it baby. Go on and cum for me. My dick is making your cunt feel so good. Your clit is going to explode." Oh fuck he was right. I could feel my dick, my clit, tighten up and I looked at my feet and my toes were tightened and curled up. I grabbed on to his butt and pulled him close and his cock was buried all the way deep in m e and I let loose. I couldn't control it. I just shot. The first load hit me in my face.

"Oh fuck, Timmy. You're squeezing so damn tight. I can't even move my dick," he told me. Feels fucking great. I'm going to breed your pussy right now." I heard Ian moan and I could actually feel his cock throbbing and shooting. His pulsing dick set off something else inside me and I began to twitch. My dick continued spasming out cum but my brain and body were twitching and twirling around. I shook and I jerked.

"Fuck, yeah!" Ian whispered, leaning in close to me. "Yeah, pull that load from my cock," I heard him tell me. I was lost though to something I had never felt before. I really didn't know what it was but it felt amazing. My body kept twitching involuntarily as I felt his cock pulse inside me. Finally I stopped jerking around and I looked up at Ian and he was still grinning. I knew I was doing something probably wrong but I grabbed his face and I kissed him then I just pulled him tight and squeezed him in a hug. My legs were pulled tight up against my chest and I was tired from that position but I didn't care, I wanted to feel all of him on me, held tight to me. I was acting like a girl. Maybe I had a real orgasm just now, I thought. Maybe I was a fag. Maybe I was in love.  Maybe I was just oblivious and didn't know what was going on.