Becoming a boy 3

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Jan got a good fuck that night. After forcing Danny to his knees and leaving him there, I was feeling like his god. I was horny and wanted some release, and Jan was the natural choice. Just because I was turning Danny into my bitch didn't mean I would be giving up sex with Jan. In fact the past week had provided more sex between us than we had been having for years. I was feeling like a new man so to speak, as far as that went. This new change in my relationship with Danny had seemed to spur my general libido, not just in relation to him.

I don't think Jan was complaining. She knew not to say no if I wanted to have sex. It might mean none for a while if I got turned down. I have never liked being told no, and she knew it. Of course, one of the reasons we were married to begin with was she enjoyed the frequent sex when we first met. She was the first girl I had met and spent a lot of time with who liked the constant attention to that part of our relationship. I wouldn't say she was the least bit slutty when we met, but she sure was ready anytime I was ready back then. That night I am sure Danny heard us going at it. Jan was particularly loud in her moaning and I admit that I was particularly ready to give her a good hard fuck. Not that I was anywhere near as rough with her as I had been that time with Danny, but thinking about it did get me going at a pace that I didn't often get to with her. She seemed to really be into it tonight and was asking me to give it to her, blushing when she said it, but asking nonetheless. When we finished and I had given her a nice load of seed she promptly rolled over on her side and went to sleep. Ah, married life.


Gosh, my parents were loud tonight. I was actually kind of embarrassed to be listening to them go at it. It didn't happen very often. I could only remember once or twice hearing that much noise coming from their bedroom. Maybe, they did it after us boys had fallen asleep or maybe they just didn't do it very often. I couldn't see that being the case but I didn't know. I didn't know what the noise was initially, but then it became clear what I was hearing was my Mom, moaning and carrying on. After I heard her asking my Dad to give it to her hard, I plugged my iPod in and tried to drown out the noise. But it didn't really help because by that time I was cheering Mom on and thinking that she was getting a good fuck like Dad had done to me not so long ago, and hopefully would get again soon. It was a little strange for me to be thinking that I was glad Mom was getting a good ride on Dad's cock, because I really wanted that cock too, but I understood that she was there first and I was, well I was not. I didn't really understand all of the dynamics and I am not sure that I would, but I did know that Dad had taken over my life as the man in control and I was going to try to do what he wanted. What I wanted.

I fell asleep after I had been reading awhile with my iPod still playing. I guess that was why I didn't hear the door to my room open. I was asleep, not dreaming or anything but out completely, and then next thing I know, I am being woke up by my Dad. I was startled. He was standing over me, slapping my face with his dick. It was hard already and he was smacking me with it around my lips. Dad's a big guy compared to me and when I opened my eyes and blinked, he stood tall over me and his cock seemed extra long hanging down at me from his crotch.

"Wake up, Danny, you need to provide some service tonight," he stated. I looked at him and he had a crooked grin on his face. I caught a whiff of his cock and it didn't smell like Dad. Well it sorta smelled like Dad, but there was another scent there too. Suddenly in my hazy awakening it dawned on me that the scent was my mother's pussy on Dad's cock. I could smell her murky odor on top of Dad's male smell. Oh, fuck, I thought Dad's never cleaned his cock off after he fucked Mom! I sniffed one too many times though and Dad figured out what I was doing.

"Yeah, get a deep smell of that pussy on there, Danny. Something you wouldn't know anything about obviously. That's what one smells like. Not just anyone, but your Mom's pussy Danny." He just kept his cock right there under my nose bumping up against my lips, ready to part them the second I opened my mouth. "Bet you want a taste of that too, don't you, Danny? Want to see what your mother tastes like, plus get a lick of the load I left in her an hour ago." Oh my god, Dad was saying shit I had not even thought about. Here he was pointing out the obvious and I had neglected to even think about that. I have to say, it got me very hard almost immediately. I mean, I wasn't the least bit interested in Mom'sÉwell, you know, Mom's pussy, but to think I was going to suck Dad's cock and he had been fucking her was wild. I admit it, my tongue came out of my mouth quickly. I had to lick Dad's cock now, just to, well just to do it, and to see, well to see what the taste was like, The taste of my own Mom. I probably should have been grossed out but I wasn't, I wanted to taste it. My dick got very hard under the covers.


The little fag threw a boner the second I told him to suck my cock. When I added that I had just fucked his mother, he tented the sheets completely. I was amused and cracked a big smile, I think, knowing he was really ready to suck my cock no matter where it had been, even in his own mother's pussy. He was as horny for my dick as I was for another release. I had thought about doing this while I was with Jan, but hadn't thought about it happening so quickly. She was lights out after the ride I gave her and I figured what the hell! Danny belonged to me now, and I may as well make use of it when I wanted it. I had decided that I liked having a fag for a son. He was ready to serve a cock when I told him to, and there didn't seem to be a question that he would do it. Here I had just woke him up and he was horny and licking his lips.

"Open up, Danny. You know this is what you need," I said. He did too. Opened up his lips and I slid my engorged cock head inside that warm mouth. "Fuuucckk," I whispered loudly. "You are such a slut, boy. You think any other sons on the block are sucking their Daddy's dick after their Mom's just been fucked?" Danny looked up at me and shook his head no, working on my cock kept him quiet but he was listening to what I said.

"Hell no," I told him, "you are the only slut son I know about. You seem to like knowing your mom's juices are on my cock" Of course I didn't really know any other fags, but hell, he had a hot mouth and I was going to say what came to my mind. I wondered if other guys used their sons like this. Did anyone else I know have a fag son? A couple guys had said their kid was gay, but none of them even hinted that they were getting any head from them.

"Come on Danny," I pulled my cock, back from his mouth and smacked him with it pretty hard. "Open your throat, I want to feel my balls slapping your chin." Considering that Jan had NEVER been able to deep throat me, I was quickly beginning to enjoy knowing his throat could take all of my cock. He took my nine inches like a pro and I was going to enjoy it. He must have relaxed his throat because I could feel my cock sliding into his gullet. Fuck this was nice; pussy earlier from the wife and now a deep throat job from my kid.

The kid was going crazy on my dick. He was backing off it and going down on it like no tomorrow. He had his hands on my hips and was pulling me into him and then pushing back till I was nearly out of his mouth before he would pull me back down into his throat. This was what a guy dreamed about in a blow job! I wrapped my hands around Danny's head and began to take over the pumping. I wanted to fuck his throat and see how much he would take.

"That's it Danny. Open up, let your Dad inside. Take all of it you little fag. You've been wanting it all day. I've seen you looking at me like you needed something."

His eyes looked up at me and I smiled back at him. A smile that said he was mine and I was enjoying this. Looking down at the kid I raised and was now going to raise again. I had a second chance to get this right, I thought A chance to make him into what I wanted again, only this time I wouldn't think about him, but just my wants and needs, which seemed to be his now too.


Dad had me start slowly but by the time a few seconds had gone by, he was pumping into me deep. I wanted to make him happy. I wanted this to be a good blow job. Plus I was turned on that he had come in to my room after he had fucked my Mom. How hot was that? Tasting my Mom on my Dad's cock. It was not bad, just different from the other times he had made me take his cock, somehow a sweeter taste, not the same musky male smell, but like something on top of it. It was amazing what I could think while I had his cock in my mouth.

I was running my tongue under his cock head, right where I had read it was the hottest place for a guy, then I would go back down the whole length of his cock, feeling it squeeze into my throat and go right past the spot where I would sometimes gag on it. His cock was so big. I don't think I could ever imagine anything like it. My little 4 and half inches was half the size of this I was sure, not just in length but around too.

Dad started going at me harder. He was grunting and had both hands around my head forcing me onto his dick. I didn't have time now for fancy stuff with my tongue, he was just using my mouth.

"Give it up, Danny," he said. " It belongs to me."

I looked up my him as best I could as he was burying his dick in me. He looked so sexy. I grabbed a hold of my dick. It was so hard and I felt so good, I just automatically wanted to play with myself and boy was that the wrong thing to do. Dad kicked my hand away from my dick.

"Don't you dare touch your dick, boy. I never gave you permission."

I couldn't answer back, my mouth was full. I didn't understand really what I had done wrong, but I must have forgot because a couple minutes later my hand was back on my dick again and dad was mad.

"I told you, no touching your dick, you faggot. I don't need to see you jerking yourself off. This isn't about you. This is about my cock and my wanting to drop a load in you." He pulled his cock out of my mouth and went over to my closet and rummaged around until he found one of the like two or three ties I owned. He came back to me and pulled my arms roughly behind my back.

"If you can't follow my directions the first time, you don't get a second time." He said. He always had said that when I was a kid. It usually meant I was going to get a spanking but that didn't happen this time. Dad just used my tie to secure my hands behind my back.

"I'm sorry Daddy," I tried to tell him. "I won't do it again, you don't have to tie me up. I'll be good."

"Too late Danny you didn't listen the first time and now I don't have to repeat my self, it's taken care of. You'll be paying attention to my cock and not yours."

It was a lesson for me. Don't touch my dick when Dad is around me. Why did I always have to learn the hard way, I wondered? He came back around when my wrists were secure and shoved his cock back in again. I gagged this time as he wasn't gentle. I had made him angry I guess. When he came back out of my throat this time, he was covered in slime from my throat. It was thick and strands clung to his cock from my lips before he drove it down inside me again. I gagged again.

"Fuck yeah, faggot. Choke on my cock, Danny. This is what you wanted online. Now you're getting it. You like being treated like this?

I didn't know. I mean I did love his cock and I loved his power, but..but it was still so new to me and so much more than I had thought about.

"You don't need to answer, Danny. Your cock tells me you like it. What there is of it, is hard and you even leak when I am rough with you. You got off the other day when I spanked your ass. You got off when I fucked you the first time. You love it."

I guess he was right. I was super hard and I wanted to cum so bad, but now I was wanting him to cum so bad too.

I nodded. I couldn't speak. I did want this. His cock made me tear up, water running from my eyes. His thrusts picked up speed and I gagged less often as he went at my throat hard. He never completely stopped me from breathing, but I felt out of breath nearly the whole time he was working my throat.

"Fuck. I'mÉI'm going to shoot Danny. Going to give you a load now."

I could feel Dad's balls tighten up and feel his cock get even bigger, stretching my throat wider to fit in on his down strokes. Then I could suddenly feel heat and his cock pulsing in my throat. Dad left it deep and I could feel him shooting two or three blasts strait into me, then he pulled my head back and blew the rest of his load in my mouth, fulling me up and forcing me to swallow two or three times to keep up with his load. His hoarse whisper was loud.

"Take it all, Danny. You are my faggot and I love feeding you my cock." Dad was shaking. His legs were buckling but he was emptying into me. He LOVED it I heard him say it. God that felt great to hear Daddy tell me he loved it. That was all I needed. I blew my little load right then, hearing Dad tell me he was enjoying it. Just those words did it. I hadn't realized how close I was until then. I moaned gently around his cock and emptied my own load onto his foot and the floor of my room.

Too soon, Dad noticed I had covered his foot. "Clean it up bitch." He pulled my mouth off his cock and grabbed me by the hair. He pushed me down to his foot until my lips touched him. "Lick it all up. You spilled it, now clean it up, faggot." I stuck out my tongue and started licking. I had never eaten my own load until right then. I had no choice, Dad was going to make me do it. I started slowly then picked up speed. I was cleaning my Dad's foot with my tongue! I didn't care if it was covered in my own jizz, I was licking Dad's foot. When I finished He pulled me back up on my knees by my hair roughly.

"Didn't even need to touch your little dick, Danny, did you?"

"No, Sir," I told him breathlessly.

"I'm enough to make you shoot just by feeding you my load, aren't I, boy?"

"Yes Sir," I told him truthfully.

"Then don't go touching your dick again, when I'm fucking your face or pussy. I'll put an end to it more permanently the next time, faggot." He told me. Dad went around and untied my wrists, tossed my tie back towards the closet and started to leave.

"Clean up the rest of this mess you made," he said. "And don't forget, I want that other nip pierced the next time I see you." With that he left, closing my door quietly.

I cleaned up like he said and then went straight to bed. I was still hard but had blown my load already and didn't jack again. I didn't want to ruin the memory of the big load I blew while sucking my Dad tonight.


When I got up the next morning, Dad was already gone to work. I went down to grab some breakfast and Mom was in the kitchen. She had a big smile on her face, and my guess was it was from last night. She was kind of dreamy off in space looking. She said good morning but went off to watch the tube leaving me there to get my own coffee and stuff.

I hurried through breakfast. I knew I had to get to the piercing place when they opened in a bit because I didn't want Dad coming home at some point and finding me there with my nipple not pierced. My nipples were both kinda still sore from Dad twisting and pinching them so hard last night, but I knew I didn't want to not get it done because he might go ballistic on me. I had always respected my Dad and avoided getting him mad, now I had double the reasons to not get him upset. Not only would he likely beat my ass, as he had always done, he might do other stuff that I couldn't even begin to think about, because he knew he could do it to me.

When I got to the place I had gone for the first nipple, the same guy was there. He was a tall skinny guy with lots of tattoos on his arms. He just had some jeans and a wife-beater T on and I was a bit afraid of him. He hadn't been mean or anything when I was there, but he just looked intimidating with all those tats and his tough look. He had this long goatee type facial hair and it all gave him a wild look. He grinned at me as soon as I came in.

"So, you're back already," he asked?

Crap, he, like, remembered me. How could he do that? I was only here once and that was over a month ago now.

"What will it be today," he wanted to know?

"Uhmmm, I..I need to get my other uhmmm nipple pierced, so it matches the first one you did," I told him. He just kept grinning.

"Shoulda guessed. One was not enough, huh?"

"uhm, no, I need to get the other one done now," I repeated. I could feel myself getting red. He seemed to enjoy the small talk, getting me embarrassed about doing this. I was just glad no one else was around to hear him.

"Need to, huh? Interesting. Sounds like someone sent you get it done. That true?"

Now I KNEW I was red. I wasn't paying attention to what I said and I had let it slip that I had to do this. Why was he being so nosy? I kinda looked away and didn't answer right off.

"Hey! I'm asking you a question. Answer me! I don't have to do this. I can turn down any customer I don't feel compelled to provide service to for any reason."

That startled me. I must have looked at him with shock or something because he chuckled when I made eye contact. I HAD to get this done, and I didn't really know any other piercing place in town. It had taken me awhile to get the courage up to come here the first time, now I was back. I didn't want to have to go looking again for some place in the next town over or something. I had to do it today, so it was done when Dad got home.

"Yes, Sir. I have to get it done," I told him. "I have to get it done today before my Dad gets home from work." Now why had I said it was my Dad? Why didn't I just agree it was someone who had told me to do it? On top of that, my dick was hard, telling this man I had only ever seen once before, that my Dad had told me to go do this.

"Seriously? Your Dad?" The man laughed. "So when you talk about your Daddy, you really mean he's your Daddy? Your old man got that much control over you?" he wanted to know.

I probably turned all shades of red and just got harder. I hoped I didn't start leaking precum, making a mess. That was the last thing I needed. Why did this get me off so much? What made me get so hard talking about this with some guy? I mean, I got that it happened now, this sort of thing. But, why him? I didn't even think he was all that attractive. "Y...yes, Sir. My Dad is making me do this. HeÉhe wanted to know that IÉhe wanted me to do this one for himÉto make me do this one for him." Okay? I said it, I thought. Can we just get this done before someone comes in?

"Well," he paused. "At least you can follow directions," he stated. "Some wannabe boys can't even do that. At least you know you better follow his orders. Come on, let's go in back." He turned and headed toward the rear of the store, to where there were private cubicles. I came around behind the counter and followed him.

"Never met a boy, who's Daddy was really his Daddy. That's pretty hot, kid," he said. I didn't know what to say to him. I was lost in being embarrassed over the whole thing. Trying not to focus on it, so I didn't blow a load. He had me take my shirt off and he got the tools ready.

"Still hard, huh?" Oh crap, he had noticed. "No problem, lots of folks get excited about a little pain," he added. "The other one healed up nicely. Keep cleaning them daily, " he told me. "Don't let your old man get too carried away on them for awhile, boy. They need time for healing." God, I was really getting humiliated and could feel color returning to my face. He just chuckled. "Yeah, I figured as much. He's going to play with them as much as he wants, I'm just letting you know, boy, they need time to heal."

"Yes, Sir. I understand."

"Good. Lay back. You know the routine." I did know it. I lay back on the table, he got his equipment ready and tweaked my nipple to get it firmed up. He said he had to do that the last time in order to get a good grasp on it for the equipment. But now he kept tweaking it. It was still a bit sore from last night. I let a moan escape my lips. I didn't mean to do it, but it happened.

"Yeah, I knew you'd like that."

" it's sore from last night. I didn't like it, really." The guy just looked at me until I looked away. He was right, I guess. I did like it when my Dad did it, even though it hurt.

"Lying isn't good for you, boy. Don't you know that? Your dick is still hard too boy, Can't tell me you aren't enjoying this whole thing."

Why did he have to keep saying and doing this stuff? His hand and arm were brushing my cock. Even through my pants and thong it felt good. He was teasing me and he knew it! What was I supposed to do? I had to get the piercing, I had to put up with his groping. Everytime he grabbed his piercing equipment he was purposefully brushing my cock.

"Please, just give me the piercing," I suggested.

"I am, boy. You don't have a choice do you? You need it done so you have to put up with me. I'm not going to do anything to you. I don't need your old man after me, but I can toy with you a bit. Nope, I never play with another Man's boy, but I sure can tease them while I have them on my table." He leered at me.

Finally, he seemed to have the right pieces. He had swabbed my nipple a couple times. Marked the spot, that reflected the piercing in my other nipple. Each movement of his was purposefully done to rub my crotch with his hand or arm. I was going crazy. Between watching him get his equipment ready, and the anticipation of the hole being driven through my nipple I was already hard. Okay? So I admit it. The whole scene was exciting to me, plus the man was rubbing my dick on purpose.

"Okay, ready," he asked?

"Yes, please, do it," I told him.

He said, on three, okay? Then he counted 1, 2, 3. The whole time, he was rubbing his elbow around on my dick. And I waited. Nothing happened. I had closed my eyes. When nothing happened I opened them. He was grinning.

"Okay, okay. Ready?" he repeated. "One, twoÉ" Again the rubbing on my dick, driving me crazy. It felt good, and it shouldn't feel good. I didn't know this guy at all, and this wasn't a time for me to be hard. But his arm, his elbow, what he was rubbing me with felt good, but I was expecting a hole to be punched through my nipple! "threeÉ" Squinting, expecting a sharp painÉ.nothing. I almost was going to blow a load if he kept rubbing my dick through my pants. I had squeezed all my muscles so hard in anticipation and then nothing. I opened my eyes and looked again at him. This time he was laughing.

"You're easy," was all he said. "Okay, this time it's happening. I can't play all day with you." He told me.

Finally! I was getting tired of the anticipation and then nothing, his rubbing. He continued rubbing my cock back and forth with his arm, his elbow. I was rubbing back at this point. It felt good, but it made me feel slutty, okay? I admit it was nice, but I wanted to get out of here at the same time.

His elbow continued rubbing my dick. His hands moved back into place by my nipples. He started counting again. One. My dick was hard as a rock. I took a deep breath. Two. I held my breath and tensed my muscles, his elbow rubbing my dick back and forth; the fabric brushing my hard cockhead. Three. I tensed hard, shut my eyes and nothing. Then as I relaxed and opened my eyes again, ready to curse this man, he caught my eyes and as soon as he did, pushed the needle through and the pain was quickly sharp. I drew a sharp breath while looking in his eyes. His vaguely mean look, the control he was demonstrating, the fabric running over my dick, pressed by his elbow., thinking that I was doing this for Daddy, I shot. Blew a big load into my thong. I moaned loudly just after the intense pain of the piercing. I collapsed back on the table, wishing it would swallow me up. How humiliating! My nipple hurt like hell and I was blowing a wad, feeling an intense pleasure at the same time that I felt a sharp pain. What was wrong with me?

The piercer had amused himself and brought about my orgasm. He had orchestrated it, but it was my body that betrayed me. My face was red, humiliated by shooting a load while a man I didn't know drove a big needle through my nipple. He affixed the ring in me as I came down from my orgasm. Wiped my nipple clean and the spoke.

"Not going to thank me?"

Thank him? He humiliated me. HeÉhe MADE me cum. How embarrassing. Like I had no control over my own body. But, my mouth had the words "thank you" spilling out before my brain checked them. I dropped my eyes closed again.

"There ya go, faggot. All done. Get on back home to Daddy. Don't forget to tell him just how much you enjoyed the pain today." He laughed then got up and left me. I gathered myself together put my shirt back on and headed out front to pay him. I got out as soon as I could. I couldn't look him in the eye.

I didn't want to think about it. Why did I get off at the moment of pain? Why did I let him do that to me?


I couldn't wait to see if Danny had gotten his nipple pierced as I had told him to do. It had been years since I had taken such pleasure in telling him to do things and seeing that he followed through. I mean, I had always given directions, and as his Dad I expected to be listened to, but this was different. This was not telling him to mow the lawn, or to study for his test. This was telling him to alter his body because I had said so. He had shaved his legs, shaved his ass, shaved his pits, but now I was asking him to go get a hole punched through his tit. He had done it for some freak on the net, he had damn well better do it for me.

Actually I had no doubt he would do it, but I was waiting throughout the day thinking what I would say, what I would do when I saw that. He had generally been a good kid, and obedient one, so I really didn't plan on him disobeying this order. To think another guy would do that sort of thing just because a man told him to. All of this was new thinking to me. Things I hadn't thought about before in such a manner until a couple of weeks ago when I read Danny's chatting online. It got me freaking HOT to think about it all, doubly so that the guy I was controlling was my own kid!

When I got home I spent a few minutes calming down. I wanted this to go my way. I knew I was going to fuck him again today, but I didn't want to come off excited and out of control. I wanted him to be the one that was begging. I didn't want to seem like I wanted this as much as he did. Jan was still at work this afternoon. Luckily after a few minutes in my office Danny came down on his own. He must have heard me come in.

"Hi, uhm, Sir. I wanted to show you my new piercing," he simply said. I liked that nothing fancy. He was looking at me as he told me, though he did blush as bit and drop his head as he finished speaking. He just stood there. Waiting I guess for permission to take his shirt off.

"Go ahead then, Danny. Take your shirt off.," I told him, trying to look as disinterested as possible. I watched as he took his shirt off. His hair catching on the collar of his t-shirt, his arms pulling the t over his head. Fuck, he was a hot little fag. A few days ago, I wouldn't have thought about it, but now, here he was taking his shirt off for me. When he finished he held his shirt. Dropping his arms to his side, kinda looking around trying not to look at me. I liked the matched pair. It looked good. I was glad I had decided to have him do it. I didn't think about jewelry for nipples but I liked those rings he had now.

"Nice, Danny. I'm glad that you saw the importance of following my directions. It looks a bit sore," I added. He blushed. I stood and moved to where he was standing.

"Yes, Sir."

I reached out and brushed up against his nipple with my fingers. He breathed a bit heavy but let me touch it. I looked closely. Just to see what I propelled him to do.

"That's nice Danny. I like it better with both of them done," I said. I compared the two. They looked like a matched set. The one nipple slightly swollen but, the hole in the same location. That was good. I hated mismatched items like that. I ran my fingers over them and gave them a squeeze. He moaned.

"The new one is pretty sore, Sir," was all he said.

"I'm sure it is Danny. I won't be any rougher on it for awhile than I am now." I continued playing with them, rolling them between my fingers, squeezing, tugging. "Did you enjoy having it done, Danny?" It was such a simple question, I didn't figure it would be a tough answer. However, as soon as I asked it, he looked me in the eyes and he paused. I knew something was up.

"Uhm, uhhh," Danny was hemming and hawing. I gave his nipple a twist harder, not the one he had done today, I could save that for later. "ohhhh, ow, yes, Sir. IÉI enjoyed it. I got confused about it, but I did enjoy it."

"Confused? I need to hear more Danny. Why don't you sit down and start talking," I stared directly into his eyes and caught a glimmer of fear, but I couldn't imagine what it was. But he did go on over to a chair and sit. He looked up and paused a bit before he began speaking.

"It was embarrassing, Dad. I..I got all hard just going in to the place." He was looking me in the eyes so I figured I was getting the truth here. He could never look me in the eye and lie. It was an advantage I figured I had over some other man with Danny. I knew him so well. "Then the guy who runs it, I guess, he said he remembered me from when I had the first one done. I was kinda happy it was the same guy at first but then he mentioned it and said it wasn't surprising to see me back. That was kinda embarrassing. He knew right off that I was hard and mentioned it." I had to smile at that. I could see Danny tenting his khaki shorts now. I reached down to check if he had on a thong. My hand slipped inside his waistband and I felt the string in back, nice.

"Just like you are now, Danny," I added. He blushed but continued.

"Yes, Sir. I can't seem to help it. But, then this guy like started the prep work, got his equipment out but he wasÉhe was like rubbing my dick through my pants, just brushing up against it with his elbow or his arm. He never grabbed it or really felt it through my pants but just rubbed against it. And he did it a lot. And I was thinking about so much. Getting the piercing cuz you had said so, and his rubbing and, andÉ"

He stopped and seemed hesitant to go on. I stood behind him and was rubbing his shoulders. Occasionally moving my hands around in front to cup his chest and rub my fingers over his nipples. Danny moaned a bit. "Come on, Danny, I need to know what happened."

"Yes, Sir. So when he was ready to do the piercing I was so hard, and he was brushing up against my dick, and then the second that he put the needle through, it was like all of a sudden I just blew my load, there in my pants on his table that I was lying on. I was thinking about doing it for you, and how much you wanted it done and how I wanted to do it for you and how he was rubbing me through my pants and..andÉI'm sorry I did it. I don't know why it happened. I don't understand it all, why the thoughts and the pain and everythingÉ" Danny seemed genuinely confused.

I had to admit, it was pretty hot. The kid got off while getting a needle driven into his nipple. I was kinda hard listening to him talk about it and he was hard reliving it, I could see that. The kid got off on some interesting stuff. He was like some of the fags I had been reading about online, definitely.

"It's okay, Danny. I'm glad you could tell me about it. I'm not mad. You did what I told you to do, and that is important to me, that you did that. I am also pleased that you are following directions and wearing your new underwear. I'm intrigued to learn more about you so I expect you to tell me things like this. I don't want to have to find out things later. You know that I prefer you to be honest and tell me things rather than hiding them and me finding out later."

"mmmm," I was puncturing my talk with my fingers playing with Danny's nipples. "Yes, Daddy. I know that," He said. I rolled his nips in my fingers. I had seen something online about how a guy's nipples could be stretched and made bigger. I wanted to feel big nipples on Danny, just like his mother's that stuck out a good ¾ of an inch from her breasts. Thinking about those little nubs I was rubbing now, as a set of big tit nipples, got me kinda excited. I would have to figure out how to do that, but I had seen some pictures now of men with huge pencil eraser size nips. Danny was going to have those. I had already decided. He would find out soon enough.

Just touching his body like this brought me to arousal. I was grinding my hips into Danny's back, he was already moaning with me playing with his nipples.

"I..I felt so humiliated cumming like that," Danny continued. I didn't want to do it but, but I was thinking about, about doing this for you, and how I was submitting myself to youÉand how you were doing this to show me you were in charge. IÉI liked the feeling Sir, of letting myself do that for you. I wanted to do what you want, and to be the way you want me, Daddy. I want to submit to you."

Fuck I loved hearing that. Talk about ready to blow. The little bitch had me hot and didn't even have his mouth around my cock. I wrapped my hand around Danny's long hair and pulled back on it so he was looking at me behind him. "And what does that do for you, Danny? What does my being in charge mean to you?" He was looking up at me yet he managed to twist himself around and fall on his knees in front of me.

"It means that I want to serve you, Sir. I want to do what you ask me to do, Dad. I want to be yours. I want to please you and I want to serve your cock. I need to serve a man and I need it to be you."


I told him. I think I said what he wanted to hear. I meant it. I wanted to serve my Daddy's cock, and I wanted to belong to him fully. I would do whatever he said, whatever he asked. I was looking up at him. He had a hold of my hair, pulling on it with one hand. With his other hand he was unzipping his pants. He reached in and pulled out his already firm cock. I couldn't get over how big it was. How come I had never noticed it growing up?

"Open up Danny. Open wide and take me inside," he told me.

I did the best I could. He was dry and I hadn't been able to get any of it wet, but he just guided it inside my mouth and he kept going, and when he got to the back of my throat he just pushed and went right inside me until my nose was buried in his hairy crotch. I let out a guttural sound from my throat. It felt good to have his cock back inside me. It had just been since last night and already I was craving to have his cock in me.

"That is so good, Danny. You are a really good cocksucker," he told me. I felt good when he said that. I figured that Dad had gotten a lot of blow jobs from Mom or I guess other girls before her, but he thought I was good! He was holding my head tight to his body. I could feel his cock getting harder. Finally he pulled back and I gasped for air. He began pumping his dick in my mouth, sometimes alternating it deep and other times just the head would go back and forth. That let me run my lips and tongue over it more easily. I could lick at the frenulum and run my tongue over the head. It felt so good in my mouth. It filled it up and made me feel full inside. I looked up and saw my Dad staring back at me.

"You look like you really enjoy that, Danny." I nodded at him. "I sure do enjoy it. Looking down at you swallow me whole. "

Daddy pulled his cock out and pulled me up off the floor. He took me over to the sofa in his office and told me to lay down. I did. He climbed up on the sofa and straddled my face. He slipped his cock back in my mouth and then began humping my face. He was moving in and out quickly and forcing as much of his cock in as possible. I admit I was grunting and gagging. He hadn't even undressed and he was riding me hard.

"Open up, Come on Danny. Keep it open. No teeth." Daddy was telling me all sorts of things. I really liked hearing him talk as he was doing this because I got feedback right away from him. I wanted to do this right and so it helped to hear these things. At the angle he was at, his cock didn't always go down my throat, but he was always bumping up against the back and trying to get it in. He didn't seem the least bit concerned that it hurt sometimes, but just kept at it, occasionally getting deep and making me gag. But he knew what he was doing and kept at it.

Suddenly he pulled out and got off the sofa. He started undressing. I watched as he took his shirt off. He has a beautiful chest. He has such a muscled chest and it is covered if fur. He isn't super hairy, I mean some guys I've seen or chatted to online had hair on their shoulders and backs, but Dad just has it on his chest and then running down his stomach to his cock. His abs are nice and firm. He looks like a guy. They are lightly washboard like, not super cut but wow, way more than me and sure more than anyone his age I had seen online. He was always using the gym equipment in the basement. He took off his pants and it just made his cock stand out more. Dad grabbed my legs when he was naked and swung them up on to the back of the sofa.

"Get your pants off, then get those legs up there Danny. I want better access to your throat."

I did as he said so that my head was on the seat cushions and my legs were laying over the back of the sofa. His cock was now right above me and was pointing towards my mouth. I opened up and Dad sank all the way in one stroke and his balls were resting on my face. I couldn't see much in this position but Dad didn't seem to care. He put his hand on my throat, not roughly, but just feeling his dick going in and out I guess.

"FUCK, that feels so damn good. Your throat was made for dick, Danny. If I had known you were meant to be a fag earlier, I would have been doing this for years now. You wasted all that time, Danny; time I could have been using your face."

He punctuated his talk by thrusting deep repeatedly. I would gag occasionally which he just enjoyed, and I could feel his cock getting slippery and covered in slime from way back in my throat. Dad would laugh sometimes when he heard me, but it didn't stop him. Then, he surprised me. He grabbed my legs, and pulled them apart. I was almost bent in half. He still had his cock in my mouth but then he started playing with my hole. Oh, god, maybe he was going to fuck me again. I hoped so.


I wanted to check his hole, see if he was shaving like I had told him. I lifted Danny's legs and propped him on his shoulders. It decreased my access to his throat, but I wanted to explore his ass. I had every intention of burying my cock in his hole today. I had enjoyed it so much, when I had fucked him that first time, I wanted back at it again.

"Keep sucking," I told him. "I'm checking out your pussy. Making sure you are shaving."

His hole was smooth. He must have just done it today, I thought. Nice, Danny was doing everything I had told him. His legs were smooth too.

"Nice, I like your legs smooth. I want you to know that you aren't a man, and I want others to see that too Danny." I guess I said it as I was thinking it. No sense in pretending he was a guy anymore. He wanted to be owned and serve, and that wasn't a man, that was a faggot. I needed to remember that as much as he did. Folks were going to be seeing him as a fag and I would have to start dealing with that too since he belonged to me.

I stuck a finger in my mouth and got it wet, then started playing around with his tight little pucker. I moved his thong string over one of his cheeks and exposed his hole. I wet it two or three times smearing saliva around his hole. I was surprised at how it looked almost as tight as the other day when I first looked at it. Not all stretched out like it had after I broke it in. But when I slid a finger in, it gave way much easier than the other day, his asslips spreading open and taking my finger.

"ummmmm, Daddy," Danny moaned immediately. "Yes, oh god, that feels good."

"Faggot, I haven't even started yet, and you can't help but moan." I stuck a second finger in too and dipped them till they disappeared.. His moaning continued. I started spreading his hole open. I spit on it and used a finger from each hand to open his hole. Nice and pink inside, and warm. Danny was very clean too. I hadn't eaten much ass before. Jan wasn't into me screwing her ass and I had to beg hard the few times I had gotten there, but this was nice. I started thinking about diving in like it was a pussy. I was really motivated and the way Danny was moaning, I knew he would like it. I thought I might have more trouble doing it, but I wasn't thinking of him so much as Danny my son, but as Danny a faggot, who happened to belong to me. I wanted to eat that fag's pussy before I fucked it. I loved eating pussy and I just kept thinking about how it got me worked up with Jan everytime and Danny looked so much like her.

"Ohhh, god, Sir. Yeah, stick your tongue in there, please, pleeeeassse?"

Well that was it. I did. Went right to lapping and spitting and nipping at that fag pussy. Nibbling with my lips, spreading it open with my tongue, and slicking it up nice and wet for future use. It wasn't anything like I had figured. It was simply like eating pussy. Sure the taste was different but what can I say. I was finding out new things everyday with Danny. He was my own flesh and blood so to speak and if I wanted to eat his asspussy, then I was going to do it.


Oh fuck, Dad was eating me out. It felt soooo good. I don't know why but it did. I had read about this online but never had it done to me and never in my thinking about my Dad in the last week had this come into my mind. I just didn't see him doing this ever.

"That's just like eating a girl's pussy," Dad said and then stuck his tongue back in me. He had his fingers in there too, spreading my hole open and diving in. All it did was drive me crazy, whatever he did. I was squirming around. Trying to keep sucking on his big dick but it was hard in this position and with Dad prying open my hole and diving in with his tongue. This was like an upside down 69 position, with me on my shoulders and Dad on his feet.

"Oh, god. Oh your tongue feels so good. Mmmmm." I heard myself moaning. I couldn't help it. He was driving me crazy with what he was doing. I was making whimpering sounds.

"That get you hot, Danny? You're whimpering like a little bitch in heat. Daddy, playing with your pussy get you worked up?"

"Ohhhhh, god, yes Sir, oooooo, it feels so good."

"You're a little slut Danny. This comes naturally to you. All this time all bottled up, and now I'm letting it out."

Oh god he was right. I was acting like a slut, moaning and carrying on, but it felt so good. I didn't care. Maybe I had been this way all along. Daddy would know best I guess. He had seen me growing up. It felt like he was opening me up, with his tonguing me, his fingers. I wanted his cock in there so bad. I wanted to feel him split me open again, like the other day.

"Oh god, Daddy, please, please fuck me. I want your cock in me. Please," I begged. I repeated it. "Please, I need you to fuck me. Please fuck me."

Dad finally heard me I guess. He let me get off my shoulders and put me on my back. He stood over me. His cock was bouncing up and down on its own it looked immense. I couldn't believe how much bigger his was than mine. It made me wonder about Ian, my brother. Was he hung like Dad just as he was built like him? Dad pushed my legs up over my head, folding me in half . He leaned down over the sofa and aimed his cock at my well-tongued hole.

"Tell me again, Danny. What do you need?"

Even though I had already said it, Hearing Dad and realizing what I said made me red with humiliation. I had been begging my own dad to fuck me. I needed him to do it badly.

"Please," I heard myself whisper now. "Please fuck me, Daddy," I said a little louder. "Please give me your cock, now, I need it"


Talk about HOT, the little slut was begging now. And my dick was so hard from eating his pussy out and him sucking on it, well I would like to say I drove it right home then and there, but it didn't happen that way. Instead hearing Danny, my kid, begging for cock, begging for me to fuck him set me off like I had never imagined. It had been years since my dick just exploded like that on its own accord. It was like it had its own mind at that point.

"FUUUCCKKK. You little slut. Begging me like that is going to make me SHOOT! uuuGGGHHHHH."

My cock jumped from pointing at Danny's hole and shot a volley up in the air. It landed on Danny's chin. Then several more followed, landing on his chest, stomach and then, finally drooling out and down my cock. Danny was licking his tongue around lapping up what fell on his face while my dick bounced untouched spewing my jizz all over him. He watched, a look of amazement over his face as cum flew and Danny tried to gather it up with his fingers. When I stopped spewing, I settled into breathing regularly. I was shaking.

"Now, I can fuck you a good long time," I told him. I aimed my rigid dick at his hole again, and slid in. The warm cum that had eventually run down my cock served as all the lube I needed to get inside his pussy. I had worked his hole open with my tongue and fingers and now I was going to really work it with my dick. I leaned in close as Danny moaned.

"That what you wanted, boy? You feel better now that you have my cock in you?" I whispered in his ear.

"Oh fuck, yes, Sir. It felt so good going in. It's so big and I feel so full, " he told me.

"But your cunt opened right up Danny, it needed this cock. This is only the second time you've ever been fucked, Danny. Seems to me this hole was meant to be used for fucking." He moaned as if in agreement.

"Oh goddddd. Yes Sir. just feels so good. I don't know why. I just knew it would," he acknowledged.

Did some guys get born to need cock? I wondered about it. If they did, then Danny was one of them. I couldn't believe how fantastic his, wellÉ his cunt felt wrapped around my cock. He had opened up just like a woman did when my dick entered her. His hole just responded when I played with it, and when I was eating him out. Kind of made me wonder if he got all wet and moist like a woman did when you were having foreplay with her. Nah, I couldn't imagine that, but still, he hole responded just like a pussy, I'm not lying. I started pulling back and pushing forward. I was in no hurry, I had just dumped a huge load but was still hard as a rock. I was enjoying this and was going to teach him how I could enjoy it more.

"Danny, I want you to grab on to my cock with your pussy. Squeeze it, boy"

He looked at me and I could feel him squeeze tight. God the kid's ass muscles were nice. Yeahhhh, that's it bitch." I thought for a few seconds. "I want you to do that so that every time I am pulling my cock out, you are squeezing as if you never wanted to let go. Then when I go back to shoving in, you release so I can pound in as fast and as hard as I want. You got that, boy?"

"Uhmm, yes Sir. I think I can," he looked as thought he would follow instructions. I bit at his nipple to impress the seriousness of my insructions. He yelped.

"OWW, that still sore, yes Sir. I can do that."

"Good boy," I told him. "But, I don't care if its is sore or not, I'll make my point." I started slow so he could feel everything. He could feel me pulling back and when to squeeze and then so he could open up and let me in easily. I was just pumping. Alternating long strokes with shorter strokes. Pulling back all the way until I almost popped out of his tight hole and just pulling back a little so I could keep it in him, it felt sooo, fucking great, I have to tell you. He got the hang of it right away.

"That's good. Feels like your Mom's pussy Danny, only tighter." I hoped he never lost that tightness. I'd have to keep him doing this regularly to keep that tightness and muscle tone. The thought amused me. I was getting up a good speed and Danny was keeping up, squeezing down hard and the releasing. A couple times I pulled out far enough that I swear I heard his hole making a popping sound as I pulled out but when I shoved back in, there was no fight from his pussy, it let me in nice and easy and I slid balls deep before pulling back out, Danny squeezing the whole time.

"Oooohhh. Ugghhhh." Danny was squealing. It brought a another smile to my face, only making me drive deeper in him. "You're so big. Unngghhh."

"Shut up. You wanted it. I heard you beg for it. Learn to deal with it," I said. The little fag had asked for it this time. I wasn't going to go slow or light on him just because it hurt a little. He'd learn to adjust to my size; just like his mother had done. She used to squeal more too, but she had gotten used to it. I didn't hear her complaining.

Danny's thong was getting wet. I could see the spot spreading in it. His dick though covered up, was bouncing around. I was glad I didn't have to see it, plus the leaking was stopped from spraying all over by the thong. It seemed like it was working well, as far as I was concerned. It didn't get in the way either, the string in back just went over his cheek and gave me access.

"Your little dick is leaking, Danny, so even though you are complaining, I know you like it." He looked in my eyes. He reached for his dick in his thong and felt the slickness building. He was surprised I think. I took his hand and moved it away from his thong. "No touching. You don't play with yourself now. He moved his hands up to my chest and began rubbing them around, playing with my nipples, running his hands through the hair on my chest. He was saying something so quietly it took a few seconds for me to hear him. I realized that I don't think he meant for me to hear or even if he knew he was speaking out loud.

"So sexy. So hot. He's fucking me. So big." He repeated stuff like that as I kept fucking, almost as if it were a mantra or something. I have to tell you, it was hot to hear him mumbling. His hands kept grabbing at me, pulling me into him, taking me out of my pile driving position, to one where I was right on top, my chest on his chest. His legs were thrown up on my shoulders. His hands were clawing at my back.

"Fuck me. Unghhh. Harder, ungh. Yes, unnghhh. Fuck me, unngghh" Each time I bottomed out he made a noise, and each time I pulled back he said something else to encourage me to continue. I began whispering in his ear again.

"You like that, you little faggot? You like big cock up your pussy? "

"Yes, unnghh. Please, unnggghh"

"Who owns your pussy?"

"You do, unnggh"

"That's right. I own it, Danny. Your Father owns that hole. You need my cock, don't you?"

"Yes, unnghhh. Need it, unngghhh"

"Faggot." I wanted it clear to him who ran his life now. I wanted it clear what he was to me and what I wanted. "I'm going to use you however I want Danny. I'm going to make you become that faggot. Going to make you into what ever I want." I licked as his ear. Teased him with my tongue as I fucked his hole hard.

"Yes Sir, unnghh.

"You want that don't you Danny? You want me to run your life?"

"Oh god, unngghh. Yes, Sir, unnggh"

"I'll play with you however I want, faggot. Use you till you beg me to stop." I bit his ear, chewed on it.

"Oh Daddy, unngghh. Oh god, ungghhh"

"You wanted to be a man's sex toy, Danny. Now you're my toy. You were trying to give yourself away on the net, till I found out, you little slut."

Sorry unngghhhh. Sorry Daddy, ooooohhhh"

"Yes, it was sorry, Danny. But now I know, and now you serve a purpose. What's your purpose? What good are you now?

"Unnghh, your toy. Unnghhh, yours."

"That's right, Danny. My toy. My hole to fuck. My little faggot." Well I guess that did the trick. He started clenching down hard. I knew he was going to start cumming. He was squirming, his head was rolling back and forth on the couch. Right there in my office. It was going to be great having "work hours" at home now that I had a toy to play with. Danny was mumbling again.

"Your faggot. I'm your faggot. Belong to you. Don't stop. Fuck me. Unnghhh." Little bitch was in heat no doubt. The stain in his thong suddenly got very dark and some even began leaking out. He was clenching so tight, I was no longer deep pistoning, just shoving short little strokes into him. He was alternately moaning and mumbling. "Yours, Daddy. I'm your bitch. Unngghh, ooohhhhhh. Your faggot."

Soon he slowed down and was laying there looking exhausted. But I really was just getting going.


Oh god, I had shot my load. I looked down at my dick and saw the thong filled with my cum, some was leaking out. I reached down and rubbed it off the thong. I stuck my fingers in my mouth and then repeated that. I think I got most of it. I didn't want any getting on the sofa. Daddy had said all sorts of things to me andÉand I had said all sorts of things again too.

"You done, bitch," Dad asked? "Because I'm just getting started."

I was worn out, or so I thought. I had blown and Dad hadn't cum. Well he came earlier, but I guess that didn't count. I was totally unprepared for what came next. He just picked me up off the sofa while I still had his dick buried in me and then he stood up.

"Wrap your legs around my waist Danny."

I did what he said. We were face to face. He was so much bigger than me; about a foot taller and much more muscular and strong. I felt like a little kid in his arms. I just took after Mom and was more her size. Dad was using that size difference to his advantage now. He started lifting me off his dick and then slamming me down onto it. He wanted me to bounce on his dick like this! I started trying to move with him but decided that I was just getting the rhythm wrong. I just let Dad move me around like his toy and he seemed fine with that.

"Little slut. You can't get enough. Bouncing on my cock like that." He just kept at it, picking me up and pushing me down on his dick. It was so big. I kept trying to squeeze like he wanted but he was wearing my hole out. We must have fucked like that for five minutes, a growl coming out of Dad's throat as he spent energy lifting me up and pulling me down on his dick. His chest was so tight, and his arms so big. I started running my hands over his chest, on his arms. I felt so powerless in his arms this way, watching his muscles stiffen and tighten up as he kept powering me up and down his cock. I think I got hard just watching him do this.

But he couldn't last long doing that, soon he was sitting me back on the sofa and pulling out. "Turn over, lift that ass up and show me that pussy," he ordered. My arms were on the back of the sofa, my knees on the cushions and Dad was standing behind me. He slid back in and started pounding again.

"Nothing left of that pussy now," he stated. "I've forced it open Danny, and it's loose now. I can slip in and out no problem." I was grabbing at his cock like he told me to, but I don't think I had much control at this point. He was right, he had worn it down and all I could do was listen at the slurping sound of his cock moving in and out and the smack of his balls on my skin as he bottomed out. He was pulling all the way out and slamming back in. Daddy grabbed my hair and pulled my head back towards him. He started whispering to me again.

"Slutty faggot. You've got a pussy now don't you?"

"Yes, Sir. It's your pussy, now."

"Yeah, and I'll fuck it as often as I want, Danny. I'll treat you as my toy. I'm going to make sure you know it too. Your sole focus is me now, keeping me happy, doing as I tell you."

"Yes, Daddy," I whispered back. "I know it is." I meant it too. When he fucked me it made me sure that he was right. He shoved in hard to make a point. "uunngghh"

"You're going to be my second wife Danny."

Oh god, His talking was getting me so hard again. "Uunnghh, oh Daddy. Fuck me harder." He moved his arm around in front and pulled me back to his chest. He took my chin in his hand and held it tight.

"That's right Danny. My little faggot wife."

"oh, god, Daddy, I'm gonna shoot again." The thought of being Daddy's wife made me lose control. I had all sorts of images running in my brain. My thong was already soaked and now he was push me to overflowing it.

"MMMMMm," Daddy was moaning loudly too. "Your cunt is so tight. Going to empty my nuts in you Danny. Going to breed you like the girl you are now."

Fuck, that did it, hearing my Dad call me a girl as he was fucking me. I didn't understand it, but I knew it got me hot. "Dadddddyyyyy, uunngghhhhh." I squeezed down hard as I shot my load again, but I could feel him still pumping at me. Then his cock grew harder, and battered my hole more forcefully.

"Take it. Take it all faggot. AARRRRRGGHhhh, ungh, unngh,"

Daddy was filling me up. His cock was throbbing inside me, and whether you believe it or not I could feel it inside me. Feel his cum hitting my insides, feel it slicking up my hole. When Daddy finished cumming, he grabbed me by my hair and turned me around.

"Clean my cock off, Danny. Clean up all that cum. Clean up your pussy juice."

I slobbered all over Dad's cock. I swallowed it whole and sucked the last bits from inside it and cleaned off everything I could find. He held my head steady and fed me his cock to finish it.

"Go on Danny. Get up." I stood. Dad took my chin in his hand again and looked down at me. "You're a hot little fag, Danny. Never forget that. Now clean this room up and get dressed. Your mother will be home shortly."