Becoming a Boy 32

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I was on overload. I did NOT want to be one of the fags if it meant losing my cock or having it locked down. That was definitely NOT in my plans when I told Ian I would suck his dick. If it meant being like Danny or Bailey I couldn't do it. I just couldn't. What would it mean to be someone's fag like that? Why hadn't I known about this stuff before I had started sucking him off? I got the fact I had a Man crush on Ian. I thought he was like the biggest stud at the frat, the top guy on campus, but I didn't think I would end up being his fag. If it meant letting him do what he wanted to me like Ian's Dad had done to Danny, I didn't want any part of that! I couldn't believe that his Dad had pierced and locked his dick up like that, or that Bailey had given up the one thing that made him a guy, just so his Man could have another hole to fuck. I was not in that frame of mind. I was still trying to figure out a Man who would fuck his son and handle him the way Mr. McNeil had done to Danny.

I took off my shirt and the sweats and just lay down on the bed in Ian's room. I was worn out. The fags had showed me how to clean my ass and then told me all the crazy stuff. I needed to rest. I was tired and freaked out. I needed to think this through, figure out how to get out of this situation. If it was just sucking his cock or even letting him fuck me, I could get it. But I wasn't going to give him total control of my body so he could play around with it. No way. I couldn't do that. I had no interest in being a sissy fag staying at home and doing laundry all day. I was going to get my degree and do something. I didn't know what yet, but something. I was sure a degree was the way to go. Everyone seemed to get jobs after school with their degrees, and the fags didn't have them. I was not going to end up as a sissy doing the housework locked up while Ian was working all day. I had to stop telling Ian yes to everything he wanted. I needed to be more independent. If it hadn't always felt so good maybe I would have stopped already, but he seemed to know me and my body better than I did.

I tried focusing on something else. I thought about swimming and focusing on the race, visualizing a win, or at least a strong finish. I needed to chill out and sleep, not freak out.  Just calm down; think about the pool and relax. Focus on the goal, the end of the race. Just relax and think about the swimming. Get my motions smooth. Get my strokes right. Get my


I was vacuuming the frat house. I couldn't believe how dirty this place got. All the people in this house but none of them could be bothered to do any cleaning? Ugh, what a mess. Where was that housekeeping lady who did this job? As I was vacuuming a couple of frat brothers passed by me. They didn't say anything but they smiled and then they slapped my ass when the got behind me. Pigs! They were always doing that. I was hot doing this work so I was glad to be in shorts. I looked down and saw my shorts. Skimpy little Daisy Dukes. I barely squeezed into them and my butt seemed to take up most of the space in them. I wondered if I had on underwear because I couldn't imagine that any underwear I owned wouldn't stick out of these shorts, they were so small. I checked and I had a thong on, of course I forgot I only owned thongs now. Of course I had one on.

I didn't have a shirt on either and my chest seemed real big to me. I ran my hand absently over my chest as I moved the vacuum around. My chest seemed so fleshy, so rounded. I glanced down and didn't see anything unusual. My chest was big. I had big pecs and my waist was slim as always. My nipples were huge, but I knew that was normal. They must have stuck out at least a quarter inch from my chest. I was totally smooth, which made me happy. I knew that the hair removal appointments had been successful. I didn't have any hair left and no stubble from shaving made me happy. I knew that my body was pleasing to Ian and that was most important.

Donor spotted me and called out. He wanted me to go over where he was at and suck him off again. He knew I had work to do. Sometimes being the house fag was tiring. With all the cleaning I had to do for them, Ian expected me to put out for them whenever they wanted. Donor was worse than all of them. He treated me like it was his right to get a blowjob whenever he wanted. I knew I was dreaming but it seemed so real. I just shut the vacuum off and went over to where he was sitting. I didn't even think about it and was on my knees sucking him off. I didn't want to do it but here I was and I was enjoying it. It felt great taking his cock in my throat and him unloading down into my gut.

Then I was in Ian's room again. I was taking the sheets off his bed and putting new ones on. As I was bent over the bed Ian came in and started rubbing my ass. He let me finish the sheets but his hands were all over me interrupting my work. He was smacking my ass repeatedly until I finished. Then he yanked my shorts off and spread my cheeks. He ran his hand around to my crotch and he was fondling my pussy. I didn't have a dick anymore. That's why those tiny shorts looked so good on me, no junk in front interrupting the smoothness of the clothing. I wondered what happened to my dick but it hardly mattered because by that time Ian had two fingers in my cunt and his cock was half way in my ass.

It was Ian's right to fuck me. No one else could use my holes for fucking. He was calling me his girl and every time he stroked into me I felt an incredible rush. It was the best sex ever. His hand was working my clit and his cock was buried in my ass. I felt energy all over my body. It was as if I lived for taking his cock. I could feel it all over. My nipples were so sensitive. Ian stopped playing with my clit and had a hold of my tits as he fucked. And when he came I saw colors of all kind and could feel his cum changing me as it flooded my guts. It was magic cum and taking his load changed me more each time I knew it. It felt like my nipples grew as I felt his cum flowing throughout my body. My clit got hard and I had a mind bending orgasm and his seed flowed through me. My head got all warm feeling and the energy was intense. I got down on my knees and thanked him over and over for changing me. I cleaned his cock off and he went away when I finished.

I was cleaning again this time naked. I felt something at my ass. I guessed the cum was running out of my hole. It seemed to me this happened all the time. I tried to squeeze but the warmth and wetness was still there, I could feel something. I turned around and there was Horndog, the house dog, sniffing and licking at my hole. Damn dog always could tell if there was sex going on. His tongue was what was making me feel wet. The dog was licking my ass and I didn't care. I tried to shoo it away but every time I turned around I could feel that tongue back at me. Then I felt hands, spreading my cheeks. A dog doesn't have hands I thought and I tried to turn around and that tongue just kept licking

Ugh, I woke with a jump and was trying to stop what ever was going on at my ass. My hand knocked into something. I jumped again.

"Whoa cowboy. Watch it." He grabbed my arm and held it behind my back.

"Ian? What are you doing.?" Ian was on the bed and his head was down at my ass. He was licking my hole.

"Eating out your pussy," he said between lickings. "Go back to laying there. Don't freak out."

"I was having a dream, a nightmare. You startled me."

 "Well, it's over now, I'm getting your hole nice and wet before I fuck it."

I looked at him and he stuck his face back down to my ass. His hands spread my cheeks and he stuck his tongue out and I could feel his tongue poking and licking. He seemed to really be getting into this. He called it my pussy again. I hadn't imagined anyone licking my ass, ever; but it felt good, his tongue tickling at my hole. I could feel his tongue lapping around it then poking inside.

"I love eating pussy," he said. He pulled a hand away and smacked my cheek before he dove back in again and went to town licking, nibbling, and inserting his tongue. I had never felt anything like it before. Did he really think of my asshole as a pussy? Is this how it felt to a girl when I ate her out? Danny had said that was how he would think of it, but I had found it hard to believe. Maybe it was true. I still was thinking about that dream; that nightmare. I stuck my hand down underneath me and felt for my cock. It was there, hard of course, I should have guessed at that. Ian whacked my cheek harder.

"No touching. You know my rule on that."

"Yes, Sir, sorry. I had a nightmare where I didn't have a dick. It seemed so real, I had to check to see if it was there."

"Of course it's there. Where did you think it was?"

"I don't know. In the dream I didn't have a dick. I had a pussy. It seemed so real. I was freaking out."

Ian laughed. He had stopped licking my ass and was now pulling off his pants. He wanted sex. My hole was all wet now and he was gonna put that big dick inside me. I remembered the dream and how amazing it felt to get fucked by him and how I could feel his cum had somehow changed me. I turned around and was facing him

"I don't want to be like Danny or Bailey. I don't want to lose my dick."

"Jeezus, is that what this is about? You get a good look at the fags?"

"Yes, and I don't want to be like them. I want my dick." He just laughed and pulled at my legs, twisting me over again onto my stomach. "I don't want to have you pierce it or lock it or remove it." I tried to turn over again but he was too quick and was on top of me in a flash.

"Spread your legs," He stated it as an order.

"I'm serious, Ian." He smacked my ass again. "Sir, I'm serious."

"And I'm serious that you call me Sir. I'm also serious that I'm gonna fuck you now." He spit on his cock and I could see him slicking it up before he placed it at the entrance of my hole. "You have a great ass and I am making sure you know it belongs to me. It's my pussy now and I'm going to use it when I want, boy." He started pushing and I could feel the stretch as he slowly entered. I couldn't help it; a moan escaped my lips.

"Oooohhhh, fuck, your cock is huge." It was amazing to me that I already just accepted that he was going to fuck me. I asked for it, no I begged for it. I really did want to be the guy who took his cock. I didn't want another guy doing this. Ian was the guy and I wanted to be the one he chose to get off with. I tried to imagine what it would be like at the frat when we got back tomorrow. Would he just walk in to my room and tell me to bend over? Would he expect me to just show up regularly to put out? What was going to happen when the other guys figured out Ian was fucking me?

"Arch your back!" I tried to do what he said. I pushed back and arched my back so my ass stuck up more in the air. "That's it. If I fuck you like this, you arch that back and show me you need this dick inside your cunt." I added it to the mental list of things he wanted me to do in bed. How I should be positioned, what he wanted to see and feel. I clenched my fuck muscles around his cock and he sighed. "Fuck, you have a hot hole. I knew this was going to be worth waiting for," he said quietly.

I could only imagine that some of his family was hearing this. Maybe I was wrong, but if I made too much noise, who knows who might be outside the door listening to this? I swear I could feel every inch of his cock. When he pulled back, I could tell where his dick was at in the process. When he paused slightly, I relaxed and then could feel him slide back in. When the head of his dick got to the opening of my hole, I could feel the firmness of his dickhead, and as he sank back into me I could swear each vein on that cock stood out as it passed into me. It was on fire, I could feel the heat coming from him. It was as if what I was feeling now was like in my dream. Wait a sec, he said he had waited for my hole, Ian had waited for me to let him fuck me. Despite being in this spot I felt good hearing that he had waited and hadn't just raped me or forced me to do it. He waited until I told him I wanted it.

"You like my cock in your pussy?"

"Yes, Sir. I do." I did, fuck me, I liked this big muscle guy drilling my hole. I loved sucking it and fuck me, I loved it in my ass too. But hell, my ass was already sore from three fucks in the last day. Now he wanted more.

"Then don't worry about any other shit. You do what I say and you'll get my cock a lot," he told me.

"I just want to be a guy. I don't want to be a fag," I managed to say as he started long dicking me. It didn't seem to break his concentration. He put his hand on my head and pushed me into the pillow.

"Listen, Timmy. You're my fag. You suck my cock, you take it up the ass, and you do what I tell you. That seems like you are my fag. Do you agree?"

I could only mumble a reply. He stopped fucking for a moment and spoke to me.

"I thought so. Look, I'm not going to touch your dick, believe me. I'm not interested in it. It doesn't mean I want to get rid of it. In fact I like it that you get hard and cum when I fuck your face or ass. I like that sort of instant feedback that your little dick gives me on how much you are enjoying this. I like being able to tell you to cum and you do it. Getting rid of your dick or locking it up isn't really in my plans. But since I know now how terrified you are of that, I'll keep it all in mind in case I need to punish you at some point, boy. And maybe, just maybe, your dick will be useful to you at some point as a dick. I might let you fuck a girl with it or even another faggot. So just shut up about your dream and enjoy this. But know this, and know it good, your clit will never be useful as a dick when you are with me."

I wasn't sure if that was good or not. He MIGHT let me use it again? Shit. What if I wanted to fuck a girl? I don't think I wanted to fuck a guy, I hadn't ever thought about that, but I knew I would want to fuck a girl; sometime. Just seeing Bailey's pussy got me hot, even though he is a guy. Is he a guy? I was confused. Why would he want to punish me? What could I do to piss him off enough he would punish me? I was giving up everything to let Ian have his way with me. He wanted more control. I kept giving him more control. Why did I find that so hot?

Ian had a hold of my hips and was grinding away at my ass. He pulled my butt back in time with his thrusts into me. I tried to focus on squeezing and releasing, but I was letting out squeals each time his cock bottomed out deep inside.

"Bite the pillow," he told me. "Just keep it down, I don't care if it makes you squirm but my cousins don't need to hear you squawking every time I go good and deep." He grabbed my hair and pulled me up and back to him. He wrapped his arm around my neck and held me there, his head close to mine. "You know I don't care about noise. I LIKE it when you make noise, hell I know you've heard the girls making all sorts of noise at the frat when I fuck, but here is different. At the frat I am guessing you will make all sorts of noise, but keep it down today."

He pushed my head back into the bed. What if I did make a lot of noise at the frat? What would it be like being seen as Ian's regular fuck? I had seen how the guys treated Ian each time he conquered another girl. He got high fives, laughs, jokes. The girls didn't hang around much because he managed when and who was over. I would get managed too, I thought. The brothers didn't treat his conquests bad, they just talked about them like another notch for Ian. Some of the girls even found one of the other brothers as boyfriend material after Ian was done with them. Is that what would happen with me? He'd get tired of me and all the brothers would know I had been Ian's fucktoy for a while? Would one of them try to use me like a girl if Ian was done fucking me? Shit, I was really not thinking about any of this when I was thinking about doing what he wanted. I was pulled to do all of this by my own head, but I didn't seem to think long term on any of it.

He grabbed my hair again and pulled me back. "I don't know what you're thinking about in that jock brain, but pay attention to my cock. Get to working out those pussy muscles." Fuck, I was not paying enough attention to him. I was focusing on shit running through my head. I clenched and released as he had said last night.

"That's better. Stay focused. I'm here to enjoy this and therefore so are you." Right, I was supposed to make sure he would enjoy it. That was the crazy part though; I enjoyed it too. I had gotten to really love sucking him off. My dick got so hard when Ian would pull his cock out and when I had it in my mouth, when I got to swallow his whole dick in my throat, and now I was enjoying him fucking me. The second he shoved it in, I sprang a boner and it felt like a thousand sensations went on in my head and body. Every thrust of his cock into me seemed to send my brain and body rocketing. It felt good damn it. I loved the feeling of his cock pushing in and rubbing inside me. I could hear myself moaning. Especially when he would shove that last inch or so inside me deep. It was like an extra push just to remind me my ass was his now.


It seemed he was going to make so much noise everyone in the house would know he was getting fucked. This was going to be fun once I got him back to the frat house. If he thought he could keep this under his hat he was sadly mistaken. I would have to deal with that there, it was going to be a change for both of us, so I would have to think about how I played my story to the guys. It was definitely going to be Tim's begging me that I was going to use. If he hadn't begged for it, I wouldn't have started using him. Most of them would buy my story over what ever he came up with. Plus, I knew him well enough by now to know he would get quiet and embarrassed over thinking quick enough to give another story to deny mine.

This was going to have to be another quick fuck, I could tell. He was making way too much noise for a crowded house. I pulled my dick out and flipped him over on his back. I pushed his legs up to his chest and held them there. He had a look of confusion or fear something like that on his face.

"You want this back inside you?" I whispered. "You want more cock?"

"I'mÉI'm a little sore," he answered.

I teased his hole with the head of my cock. I swear he had opened up like a flower and now what had been his tight hole was like a taco shell spread and ready for meat.

"That's wasn't the question I asked, Timmy. I asked if you want this back inside you. Now answer the question I asked," I emphasized sharply while staring at him. "Do you want this back inside you?"

He stared back at me not moving his eyes, as if looking for further direction from my face. It was a look I completely enjoyed seeing. He nodded.

"Not good enough, Timmy. Give me an answer!" This whispering shit was going to wear thin. I wanted to get him back at the frat where I would be as loud as I wanted to be. I reached down with my hand and took ahold of his chin. "Do you want this back inside you?" His look was priceless. He looked afraid but also looked like he was forcing himself to say it.

"Yes. Yes.  Please fuck me, Sir!!" he whispered back. His eyes closed tight as he said it, maybe he was expecting me to ram it in, but finally it was the answer I wanted, a verbal one.

I slowly poked open his slit and began sliding back inside. He started out with a whimper and then built up to a quiet moan. I looked around to see what I could stuff in his pie-hole. This wasn't going to work at all here if he couldn't keep a little quiet. I found the t-shirt he had discarded when he came to take a nap. I wadded it up and stuffed it in his mouth. His eyes were wide open again.

"Now, I can drill you good," I told him, "with your mouth stuffed like that."

I grabbed his hips and began pumping his hole. I could still hear him whimpering, especially when I got deep and his sounds became a sharp sound. I was causing some pain I could tell, but I also could tell from his moans that he enjoyed my dick in there. Timmy was going to be a moaner. It made me smile. Nothing was hotter when a girl got noisy while I was fucking her. Thinking about Timmy doing the same thing just made me happy for some reason. That I could take a grown dude and make him moan like one of the girls I fucked was hot to me.

I was completely in to this, fucking Timmy roughly. He wasn't like the girls I fucked or even Danny. He was a jock who I had conquered and I was going to fuck to let him know he was now mine. I honestly didn't care if he was a little sore. There wasn't any blood so he was fine. He'd know who owned his ass after this weekend, and I was betting he'd be back begging for more after a couple days at the frat. He wanted my attention, and my attention now involved getting into his cunt.

I noticed his hands again. One had found its way to my chest and he was rubbing it and squeezing my pecs.

"You like my chest?" He nodded, and rubbed around my nips. "I'm going to keep you working out on your pecs," I told him. I moved my hands from his hips to his chest and grabbed one in each hand. "You're going to work on these until I tell you to stop. Do you understand? Do you want a big chest like me? You want to be a man like this?" He stared at me. He nodded agreement.

"Good boy," I reinforced his desire to please me. Of course, his chest wouldn't look like mine; I'd have his exercises focus on getting his pecs rounder and fuller. Not a broad, angular chest like me but a chest with nice rounded pecs, just like his full rounded ass. I twisted on his flat tiny nipples and he moaned into his gag. "You are going to work on these nipples for me too. I want them bigger, so I have something to play with. You got that? You want some nice nipples for your man, don't you?"

He shook his head no. His eyes showed some fear. I drove my dick home deep a couple times as I watched his eyes. They never left mine. I kept fucking. Because I was grabbing on to those tiny nipples, I had angled myself up more and was pumping his hole hard. His ass was elevated off the bed. I glanced and saw his dick jump as I twisted his tits. He was leaking his fluid again. I had learned by now he was beginning to feel like cumming. I pushed my cock in and my discussion forward.

"You didn't answer me Timmy, as I squeezed his nips again. You DO want these bigger don't you? You like doing what I want, don't you? You like pleasing me, I know that, and you want me to be pleased with you. I like my boys with big nipples Timmy. I like seeing them perk up. Yours are already sensitive, just think how much better it will feel when I touch them. He moaned as I twisted them. His dick leaked again. You love that. Look at you leaking, you want them bigger don't you?" His eyes said yes and said fear at the same time. He nodded yes again.

"Good boy, I knew you would see it my way. They are going to look so good on you."

The rush of getting Tim to agree with my ideas for him was hot. I could feel my nuts churning. I LOVED having the power and control over someone who would give it up. Danny was easy, so were the other fags I fucked. They had already been broken down and were under control, but now I had gotten Tim to where he was ready for me to be in total control and I could feel a surge of power in me.  My nuts were churning and I was going to fill his cunt with seed.


Damn, I wanted him to stop fucking me. My butt was getting sore. It felt dry and I could feel a scraping as he kept pulling out and shoving in. He was getting rougher twisting my nipples and telling me how he wanted them bigger. I agreed to it. I didn't really want that, I had seen how big Danny's nipples were, but I really wanted to have him stop fucking me right now. I agreed but it was to get the fuck over and done. Yet, when I agreed my dick got harder than ever and I was leaking pre-cum like crazy. Shit, maybe I wanted to have nipples like that. He was looking down at me and my butt was up in the air and he was grabbing my chest. He was standing on the bed, and leaning at a crazy angle. I was groaning each time he pummeled my hole.

"I'm gonna cum, Timmy," he said quietly. "I'm going to fill your pussy up with a huge load."

Thank god was my first thought. I shouldn't think like that I know. I had asked me to fuck me to start the whole thing and now he was just doing what I had begged him to do. He moved a hand off my chest and pulled the shirt out of my mouth.

"Oh, god," were my first words, "it's starting to hurt. I need to stop."

He just kept fucking. I was focusing on his cock as much as I could, squeezing and releasing. He had a hold of my legs now and was really see-sawing my ass for everything I had.

"You don't tell me when to stop," he said. "This is about me and my pleasure. I'll stop when I am finished." Then he just seemed to pick up the pace. I was going to say something else but the look in his eyes told me to shut up. I would have to take it until he finished. And then, then I could feel it. I could feel his dick harden even more if possible and then oh fuck me, I could feel his first shot inside me. Honestly! I felt his cum shooting. From the pulse in his cock to I swear where the load hit inside of me.

"Cumming, you little whiny jock, cumming deep inside you." He didn't need to tell me, but I understood why he did it. Just letting me know what was happening. I already knew. It was just like my dream. I could feel his heat. I could feel him. I felt warmth all over suddenly. His load was triggering thoughts of my dream and I realized I was feeling just like in my dream. I could hear Ian talking, telling me I was his faggot, saying how tight I was, but what I was feeling made his words hard to hear. It felt like the top of my head would open up, all I could feel was electricity from him. My hole no longer hurt, It was like I was coated in some silky liquid and his cock just pumped more of it inside me. I clenched down on his dick so I could get as much as possible out of his cock. I saw colors, orange and red and purple, and I felt warmth inside. It made no sense to me, but I knew it was good. I could feel how fucking great it was to take him, to take his load, to let it inside me.

Before I knew it he was finished and he was panting. He was looking at me kinda funny. I knew my mouth was hanging open and I was staring back. I reached down to feel his cock splitting open my ass. I ran a finger on either side of his cock, confirming he was there, and that I could feel some of his load. It seemed automatic to me, I brought my fingers up to my mouth and tasted his load.


"Jock faggot," I said. I had pounded him good and fuck it had been incredible. He had squeezed so tight I thought my dick was going to burst. He milked every drop out of me. Now he was sucking his fingers. I was hovering above him on the bed, my cock still impaling him. He was shaking as if he'd orgasmed but his dick was still hard and leaking.

"You need to know that it will hurt," I told him. He looked at me but something made me think his mind was elsewhere. "I'm going to do what I want to get off and I won't stop until I am finished. It will hurt sometimes, but nothing will ever make you cum harder or better. Now shoot your load, cum for me." I told him. I didn't think he was hearing me, but after a couple seconds his load shot out of his dick. He just groaned lightly as his comparatively small dick shot out its load and sprayed his chest and face.

"Fucking hot!" was all I could say. I really think I own his ass and more now.