Becoming a boy 4

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I made Danny come along on my Wednesday golf outings. It was just a bunch of guys I knew through my business. Danny was going to be my caddy. I knew he wouldn't enjoy it particularly but he needed the exercise. It was part of my routine for him. Get him out doing some heavy lifting of my clubs and walking around. Jan could cook today and Danny and I would be back later for dinner when we were through the 18.

Things were going well as far as Danny. He was definitely mine after the last month. I had fucked him 2-3 times a week and fed his throat at other times in between that. He was a faggot that couldn't seem to get enough of his old man's dick. Made me feel good too, running the little bitch around. I had to admit, when I first chatted to that Wolf character online and learned about Danny's preferences I was more than put off, but then once I realized that I was put off because I wasn't the one being Danny's master, his man, things settled out well. I was getting the hang of keeping him in line, figuring out what I was going to do with him, and of course getting some of the best damn fucking I had ever had.

The guys were on time as usual, and we got started. Most knew Danny, but hadn't seen him in a few years. He had been out before doing this but back when he was 13 or 14, Now he was 19 and if he were a man would be playing golf, but he wasn't. I chuckled at my own thoughts. We were playing fairly slowly this evening. The foursome in front of us seemed to be taking forever on the course. It may just have been slow all around. For whatever reason, it left more time to talk, and I was slicing away at the ball a lot this afternoon. I was making Danny run off with my clubs after shots and finding the balls then waiting up for us. He gave me a look when I told him he would be running, but he knew better than to argue. He was working hard. He was sweaty, burning some calories, it would do him good. His hair was getting longer, I noticed as he was running. Definitely made him look more girly. I liked it. Since I was slicing today, I was spending more time than usual yacking with Johnson, the other pro at slicing his ball.  I sold him supplies. He ran a farm somewhere out north of town, I wasn't exactly sure where. As long as his supplies were delivered, he seemed pleased and I had known him through business and these golf outings for a few years. The thing about selling hooks, and that is what I served as distributor for, hooks of all kinds, clasps, fasteners, hasps, anything that held things in place or fastened things together. Customers were easy to find and sales rarely ever nose-dived. Anyway, Johnson had been a customer for years. Tonight was new though. I could see him watching Danny, looking at him funny like, and I wondered if he knew more than I thought. We talked about business awhile, the wives, though I had never met Johnson's wife, he talked about one. He was a tall guy, almost as tall as me, broad shouldered, but not a gym built body of equal proportions, It looked like a guy who did farm work, which was what he did. You know, bigger through the shoulders and arms, a bit of a gut. He was a bit older, probably in his late 40s but nonetheless handsome, I figured, was the way a woman might see him.

"Say, Chuck," Johnson paused looking at me directly. "How long that kid of yours been a faggot?" He didn't look away, just stared at me, seemingly knowing everything I had just been learning. I looked back at him before answering, studying his reactions.

"Well, I don't honestly know, Johnson," Everyone called him Johnson. I could remember his first name if I tried, but no one ever used it. "I guess a faggot is born that way, but I figured it out a few months ago." He laughed.

"Yeah, they come that way. Can't do anything but hope to train them to do what you need them to do, once you figure it out." Now I laughed. He didn't seem put off by the fact I was acknowledging my son was a faggot. I wondered what else Johnson might know. "I'm just gonna ask, Chuck, because there isn't a polite way to say this, but he putting out for you? No sense having a faggot around if he isn't putting out."

I was a bit taken back by his directness but also a bit relieved I didn't have to pretend there was anything to hide from him. "Well, and to be up front with you Johnson, yes, He is putting out regularly now. I wasn't going to have him running around town putting out for some trash he found on the net, which is how I discovered he was a fag. He had been trying to do just that. I've been keeping him busy since that time." Johnson smiled at me.

"Good. That's good, Chuck. A father needs to get a firm hand on a fag, to keep them honest and teach them properly, he added.

Here I had known Johnson for years and never had a conversation like this before with him. We had talked all sorts of shit before, but not at this topic. I wondered just what Johnson knew about it, or what he might want to know.

"Why don't you come out to the farm soon, Chuck. I think you'd enjoy seeing the place. I don't have many people out there to visit, but I think you'd find it interesting. I need to go over the orders with you more closely. " We set a day early next week and agreed that I would come out. He encouraged me to bring Danny too, so I said I would.  We continued a bit of general chatting when the other two guys were near us but when we were wandering the course, the next couple holes he talked further about how he had pegged Danny, how he could spot a fag. It was nothing that I hadn't guessed at, but it was interesting to hear another man talking about it. A few holes later Johnson shanked his drive off into a dense wooded area. We all ragged on him about his lack of driving skills as usual.  But as we headed of to find our drives, Johnson said something I hadn't expected.

"Chuck, I need to find my ball, and I need to find some relief for my balls. Why don't I give your boy a test drive on how good he is at retrieving my ball and relieving my balls." He paused waiting for a response from me. I thought about it. Danny was mine and I wasn't in much of a mind to share him. He was my son. I was a bit put off to tell the truth. I think Johnson could see I was not right with it completely, but the thought of giving Danny away was also interesting to me. "Here," Johnson said, holding out a 50 dollar bill he pulled out of his pocket. "If he is worth it, you can keep it for me renting him briefly. Its only reasonable I pay to use your property."

Fuck if that didn't get me hard, actually. The idea of whoring Danny out for 50 bucks was interesting. "Yeah, sure, go on then," I told him. "Just don't slow the game down any," I smiled.

"It may take a bit longer than usual to find that ball. Give me some time to locate it so the others don't come looking for me," he responded.

I stuffed the bill in my pocket, rearranging my dick at the same time, as it had become uncomfortable suddenly. Wow, that hadn't taken much convincing on my part. Fifty dollars and Danny was rented to Johnson.  I hollered at Danny to help Mr. Johnson find his ball, and he set my bag down where my ball had landed and he ran off in the direction of the wooded area. Johnson smiled and set off that way too. Fuck, if Danny was a whore now, I guess that made me his pimp. Extra cash was never a bad thing.


I went off to help Mr. Johnson look for his ball. I really hated being Dad's caddy other than I got to be with him. He had me running all over the place lugging his bag, doing whatever he told me to do. I was going to get in shape if Dad ran me into the ground I guess. I beat Mr. Johnson there of course cause I was running. I started looking around where I thought it landed but didn't immediately see anything. I could hear Mr. Johnson crashing through the woods somewhere behind me.

"Hey, boy, I think it went over here," he said. I got up and headed over to where I could see him standing. I didn't think he was right but once a ball got in the tress, it could go most any direction. When I got over to where Mr. Johnson was standing, he turned around and my mouth fell open. He was standing there with his pants open and his cock and balls hanging out. He was huge, thick. Thicker than Daddy's cock, not as long by any means but thick, with these huge balls hanging way down in their sack.

"Like what you see faggot? I know that you do, the way you are staring. Now get down on your knees and service me, faggot. We don't have a lot of time, but I intend to get my money's worth from your mouth."

I was shocked. He had never talked to me like this before. I didn't know him well, but I had met him several times with Dad. I guess I was hesitating, because Mr. Johnson grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me closer, shoving me down onto my knees.

"Yeah, I paid your Daddy 50 dollars for this, bitch. It makes you a whore, so get to work, whore, I need some release."

I looked up at Mr. Johnson. He stared back at me, I hesitated again and it brought a slap to my cheek.

"I told you to get busy, bitch, now do it. "

That woke me out of my stupor and I grabbed his cock, and began running my hand up and down that shaft. It was a cut cock and fat. I didn't figure I could swallow it; it was too fat. I slicked up the shaft with my tongue, slobbering on it the best I could, thinking about the fact Daddy had rented me out to Mr. Johnson. Fifty dollars? That was a lot of money, if Mr. Johnson wasn't making it all up. But I learned he was going to smack me around if I didn't do it, so I had started. He didn't take his time either. He started shoving his cock in and seemed to be trying to cram it all into my mouth. He grabbed the back of my head and wrapped his fingers in my hair holding my head still.

"Yeah, now that's better. Watch the teeth, bitch." He smacked me again. I guess I must have scraped him, but it didn't slow him down. He was pummeling my mouth and jabbing at the back of my throat. I think he realized that it wasn't going to fit all the way. I let him do it at his pace and I drop my hands to my side. I was gagging and choking and spitting. If anyone was around they sure would have heard a lot of noise.

"Not bad, bitch, but we don't have all day. Get your hand up there and stroke my shaft as I fuck your face," Mr. Johnson told me. I did as he said. My hand looked small on his cock. I couldn't wrap it around the base, how he thought it would ever fit in my throat I don't know.

I was working my hand on his shaft and Mr. Johnson was pumping my mouth, fitting about half his fat cock in and out. I was drooling all sorts of saliva from my mouth as he sawed his way in and out.

"You are a real pretty faggot, Danny. Your Daddy is a lucky man to have decided to keep you as his own. I like a man that knows what he wants and takes it. If I had seen you first before your daddy had figured you out I'd have taken you to my farm and made you part of my boys, you little cocksucker. Been awhile since we have seen each other boy and you got real pretty and real swishy. It didn't take me 5 minutes to watch you and know your story, faggot. Bet, your ass is real nice too. Your Daddy fuck you good, boy?

Mr. Johnson was talking all sorts of things. How could he know all that? Everything he said was true and I could feel myself blush as he said it to my face. "Yes, Sir," I managed to tell him when he gave me a few seconds to breathe, then he went back to pummeling my mouth. He was breathing heavy, his cock was getting harder and I could tell he was working up to the climax. We hadn't been here that long, but long enough I guess for people to start to wonder what happened to us. Mr. Johnson's huge balls barely tightened up though, and that caught me by surprise, I was waiting for them to pull up tighter to his body but they just hung there like big eggs below his fat dick. Then my mouth was flooded with cum. Suddenly it was spurting everywhere.  Mr. Johnson was grunting quietly and kept pumping my face. With the thickness of his cock and the cum shooting, there was room for only so much in my mouth and his cum slid down my throat, ran down my chin and splattered as he kept fucking my face.

When he finished cumming, Mr. Johnson held his cock and told me to clean it up. I slurped up the slime from his cock and the seed that had run down his to his balls.

"That was nice faggot. Tell your Daddy thanks. I'll see the two of you next week at my place." Mr. Johnson tucked his monster Johnson back in his pants, zipped up and tossed a ball back in to the fairway. "Clean your face up boy, you got cum all over the place." He tossed his golf towel at me and strode off toward the fairway, leaving me wiping up and running out to find my Dad.

Dad looked at me and grinned. I could feel myself turning red. I know I was looking funny, my hair all messed up from Mr. Johnson grabbing onto it. My lips felt all stretched out from his big dick. Dad laughed. He pointed at me. "Got something on your left ear, Danny." I reached up and wiped. How did cum get way up there, I wondered. "You're a whore, Danny. I want you to know I rented your mouth out. I kinda enjoyed doing it too. I can tell that you had no problem following through. I'll keep that in mind the next time I need any extra pocket change."

Dad turned and headed down the fairway. I ignored how red my face felt and grabbed his clubs and ran up to catch him.



When we got to Johnson's place on Tuesday I was in for a surprise. There was the sign over the drive, Johnson's Pig Farm, and there were a good number of porkers in pens around, but the surprise was the number of guys that were around the house and farm. Johnson had all number of guys helping at the place and hardly a one of them had a shirt on. I looked over at Danny and his mouth was open.

"Close your mouth Danny, we just got here," I told him. "And behave yourself too. Show some respect for me and don't do anything unless you ask me first. You hear me?"

"Yes, Sir," he responded. "Dad, these guys all have their nipples pierced."

I looked closer as we pulled up and parked in the parking area. One of the thinner guys with both nipples pierced, like Danny, came up, opened my door, and greeted me.

"Good morning, Mr. McNeil. Welcome to Johnson's," he said.

"Thank you," I told the twinky looking guy. He was tan, about 6 foot tall, and was wearing some skimpy daisy duke style shorts that sure showed off his ass well, I thought.

No one opened Danny's door though and he had to get himself out and over to my side. I could see Johnson coming out of the main house and heading over to us.

"Chuck, nice to see you. I'm glad you could make it," he stuck out his hand and we shook.

"Nice to be invited Jack," I had refreshed my memory on his first name.

"Just Johnson is fine. Everyone calls me that. I'm sure Danny told you why," He laughed. I looked over at Danny who blushed. Some of the other guys giggled.

"Okay boys, why don't you show Danny around. Chuck and I will do our business talk in the office," Johnson directed a guy to take Danny with them. "We'll come find you when we're done."

"Stay outta trouble, boy," I told him. He responded with an acceptable yes sir in response. He was a good fag I had decided. I was getting used to the idea that Danny was my fag, and I could do some of the things I wanted to with him and he didn't complain or question me. Unlike he did before I started fucking him, before he knew he belonged to me.

"Quite a place Johnson. All these guys..." Johnson interrupted before I could finish what I was thinking.

"Faggots, more or less. I have a few studs around who keep them busy. I can't handle them all, Chuck," he laughed. I run a pig farm, Chuck, just that there is more than one kind of pig, and I raise both kinds here. Some of them I find, some hear about the place and come looking for work, others are only here short term while their main man is out of town or he has sent the fag here to get trained for work and obedience. Some stay awhile, others are sent to their owners, to men who, well, we don't need to discuss all of the details," he said.

I understood enough. Johnson ran a training ground for fags, or as he joking called them his pigs.  I'm sure it kept away the people who might be troubled by the thought of selling a fag. I wasn't sure I understood that either, but I understood what he was doing now.

"It's like a finishing school, boarding kennel, training ground for the fags, Chuck. I hadn't known you were interested or I would have had you out to visit before now."

"Well, to tell you the truth, I didn't know I was interested, at least until I found Danny on the net one day, seeking out some sleaze who was going to do all sorts of things to him. Really pissed me off, I let things get me worked up then I finally figured out that it was because I could be doing that to the kid and enjoying myself. No reason to get worked up, just work it out on the fag. I wasn't happy about it, but if he's a fag, he's going to be a good one." Johnson laughed.

"I wondered how it happened. Does the wife know?"

"Oh god no," I said. "She wouldn't know what to think. "We have been able to keep it quiet. But, what about your wife?" I wondered. Johnson laughed again. He pushed an intercom button.

"Lynn, honey? You can bring the coffee in now," he paused and released the intercom button. " My wife will be here in just a minute Chuck, you can meet her."

He had no sooner finished talking than around the door came this, this person with a tray of coffee and some snacks. Lynn was obviously a guy but had silky brown hair down to his ass, His ears and nipples were pierced and he had the largest nipples, wait, not only were the nipples large and pointy like a woman's but he had areolas bigger than the size of silver dollars around them. If they weren't solid muscle I would have sworn they belonged on a girl. He had on no shirt and tight little jean cutoffs like some of the other boys I had seen around the farm before we came in. You couldn't have guessed there was a dick inside the pants, who knew, I thought, maybe there isn't. I put Lynn at about 30, maybe 35 years old. He set the tray down and spoke in a bartone voice.

"Is there anything else that you or Mr. McNeil need Sir?"

"No, baby, you get back to lunch. You know the boys will be hungry today."

Lynn smiled, "Don't I know it Sir, they are regular pigs when it comes to food." Lynn departed the office back to wherever he had come from.

"You can close your mouth now Chuck," Johnson told me.

"Oh, sorry, It's just..."

"No worries. Lynn has been my wife for awhile. She came here a long time ago now. Turned out to be the best fag I ever had through here. I love her more than anything really. She keeps the place going."

"But, she's a guy, right?"

"Well, biologically sure, Chuck, but a faggot is really just a submissive girl in a man's body. You must have figured that out already." He said matter of factly.

Actually I had begun to wonder about that seriously. Danny seemed more like a submissive girl than a guy. He reacted well to being treated and spoken to like one anyway. I had told him I was going to change him into my second wife, but I really hadn't figured just how close that could be to the truth.  "Her nipples?"

"You like those? That can take a few months of working them out properly. We can get you the equipment. The areolas are done by a good tattoo artist I know in the area. They look real don't they?"

"Hell, yes, they do," I told him. I wouldn't have known." Johnson laughed again. "And does she still have, uhm, her dick?" I had to ask.

"Yeah, but Lynn's dick is small and can easily be managed to look like it isn't there." Some poor fags are given huge cocks that they don't know what to do with. Those are some tough choices when that is the case, but usually it all works out while the fag is here learning things. Anyway, let's talk business, then I can show you around."


The guy that opened Dad's car door put his arm around my shoulders when Dad headed towards the house. "Come on, I'll show you around the farm. My name is Stacy," he added.

"Hi, I'm Danny." I stuck out my hand to shake but he laughed. I was nervous. Here he had his arm around me and I was offering to shake.

"So how long have you been with Mr. McNeil," he asked?

"Uhm," I paused I didn't know what to say, but decided from what I had seen it really didn't matter here. I mean he was my Dad and in some places that wasn't kosher at all, but here I had the feeling no one would care.  "All my life," I told him. He's my Dad."

Stacy looked at me kinda funny. "You mean he's your real Daddy?"

"Yeah, but he just started, uhm, taking control the last couple months." I could feel myself blush as I told him the truth. Stacy was pretty sexy looking I thought. He was taller than me, and tan. Plus he had shoulder length hair, his nips were pierced like mine but he was more muscled, more toned than me. Stacy just smiled real big at me.

"Oh my god, that is soooo fucking hot," he told me. "Your real Dad is your Daddy?" Wait till some of the boys hear that!"

"I'm not sure I'm supposed to say anything," I quickly told him, "can you just keep that to yourself until my Dad tells me it's okay?"

"Sure, I promise," he said. I believed him for some reason. Maybe the tone of his voice, I wasn't sure why.

"Let's go see the pigs first." So we headed off to se the pigs, but my eyes were on all the guys that were there and not the pigs. There were at least a dozen guys doing all sorts of things. Some of them smiled at me, some of them looked surly. The ones doing the most work were usually skinny like me and they had their nipples pierced. None of them had any hair on their bodies. Their legs were shaved and if they had any hair on their chests I wouldn't have known, as smooth as they looked. They were all dressed in skimpy cutoff shorts and didn't wear a shirt at all. A few of the guys were big and muscular and their bodies were different. They had hair. Some of them had a piercing or two but not all of them and none of them had both nipples pierced.

" you work here?" I am sure that came out sounding stupid, but what did I know I was trying to figure out everything I was seeing.

"Work here, live here. I pretty much stay here all the time. Some of us stay here full time, some are here only on weeks or weekends. Some are only here for a short time. It just depends on...well, it depends on different things." Stacy looked at me seriously. "It depends on whether they have been sent here by their man or showed up because they heard of the place or for some other reason. I'm here because I really needed a place to go and I heard about Mr. Johnson's farm," he told me. Things weren't so good with my folks and I really didn't know what I was going to do or where I was going to stay. They didn't understand, well, you know, faggots like us." He looked me in the eye just so I knew he was telling me the truth. "Here we can learn to be ourselves and no one bothers us really. We have to work hard, but I don't mind that. Mr. Johnson knows what we need and he, you know, helps us find a man to take us in when we are ready, if we need that. We can learn cooking, cleaning, learn about taking care of a guy's needs. I have learned a lot here. Mr. Johnson says that I'll have no trouble finding a man soon." He blushed when he said that. Stacy brushed his hair over his ear and we kept walking.

"Who are the guys in charge," I asked? They looked big.

"They are the studs. They are men. You can tell because of the hair. The boys are not allowed to have any hair except on their heads. The men have it anywhere. The studs keep us in line and you know, tell us what to do so that we don't have to think too much about all the management stuff" He looked at my legs. "Your Daddy has you shaving already, right? Do you shave it all?"

"Yeah," I admitted. "He wants it kept all off. He says he likes me looking girly, like a fag should he says." Admitting it to Stacy felt good. I was still embarrassed to talk about it but it felt good for me to say some of what Dad had been talking about to me. I was definitely feeling better seeing all these guys who were like me, and they seemed happy being under the control of Mr. Johnson. Stacy nodded and didn't seem to find it strange at all.

Stacy nodded. "A lot of men like that. But, don't you like it too?" he asked. I blushed but I nodded. "It's okay, we all do. We all feel like that, well, most of us. Some don't admit it right away, but once they see everyone else is doing it here, they mostly follow the rules." That made sense to me.

"So, some guys are sent here by their Man?"

"Oh, yeah, definitely. Sometimes a Man has to go away for awhile like on business, or to deal with other things from wherever they live and need a place to send a boy. Some of the boys are sent for training because they need to learn to listen better, or work harder. Mr. Johnson can be very firm, but he is fair too. Their man is paying for the training so they learn to listen one way or the other. Mr. Johnson has ways of getting across to a boy that a man is in charge. He is very convincing and Men will pay to have their boy trained here when they cant do it or when they think the boy needs a firmer hand.

"But everyone here seems free to leave, no one is forced to be here are they?" I didn't like the idea of someone being forced to be here if they didn't want to be. I couldn't understand that at all. Stacy didn't say anything but just nodded along to what I was saying.

Then I saw a guy who didn't have on any clothes, well, he had on something, but not anything I had ever seen before. "Holy...what's that?" I pointed at the guy who was busy shoveling corn stalks and ears into a trough where pigs were waiting to eat. Stacy laughed when he saw what I was pointing at.

"Oh, that's Sammy. He's here because he can't stop touching his dick. That why it's locked up, hahahahaha. He isn't allowed near it and it keeps his hand off it. His Man sent him here to learn not to touch it."

"Whoa, seriously?" I couldn't believe that he wasn't allowed to touch it at all. Dad had told me not to touch mine but I sometimes did and I sure did still if he wasn't around. I had no idea something like that existed till right then. "But...but how does he get hard?" I wondered.

"He can't, silly. That chastity device keeps it locked away. It lets him pee, but he can't get hard."

"Doesn't that, like hurt?"

"Of course it hurts. Sammy says it hurts a lot, if he tries to get hard, but he knows he has to learn not to get hard so he can go back to his Man. Some guys don't like you touching or playing with yourself," Stacy said as if it were a given, like he knew all about that. "You need to follow the rules a man sets for you and he is learning that. Eventually he won't get hard at all, unless his man wants him to do that. You have to learn to control your dick," he told me.

"So, you can really learn that? Not to get hard?"

"Oh, yeah. You can do it, if you want to keep your Man, or if you don't have a choice. Sammy needs to learn or his man won't take him back, so he is plenty motivated to get his problem under control."


I was completely blown away by both the number of faggots- Johnson said he had about 15 there at the moment- and the different ways that Johnson showed me that he had to keep the more reluctant learners as he called them, in line. I had a better idea what some of the hooks, clasps, and connectors I sold were being used for after seeing some of the places Johnson could hook up some bitch if he needed to do so.

But more than anything I was really blown away by some of the ways the fags were decorated. Some had piercings in their naval, nose, tongue, ears, nipples, anywhere you could think nearly one of the boys has some jewelry in it. Some had beautiful tattoos decorating their body. I was hot and hard most of the time I was walking around the place. Of course Johnson had real pigs too, not just the fag pigs he was making. Being a bit na•ve on the whole subject, this was definitely a way to learn about what was possible to do with Danny, and what I wanted to do to him. I also began to think that I knew what to do with Danny when I had to go on my sales trips or meetings. Drop him off here at Johnson's boarding school. Might do Danny good just to be with some other faggots and learn something from them. Course, after meeting Lynn, Johnson's wife, I knew pretty much I was going to give Danny some tits like she had, they were incredible.

By lunchtime, I was ready to go. I had seen enough and we had settled business. I shook Johnson's hand and agreed to come back again soon. He called for one of the fags and he and Danny came out of one of the barns together. It was the one who had opened my door first thing when we arrived. They seemed to be chatting. We said our goodbyes and got in the car to go. Johnson and the faggot waved at us as we pulled down the drive.


"What did you show Danny, Stacy?"

"Nothing rough, Sir. We just looked around. He saw Sammy and a few of the other boys."

"Good. They'll be back most likely. I think Chuck has plans for Danny."

"That would be fun, Sir. He seems real nice, definitely already very obedient. I gave him my email, I hope that is okay, Sir."

"Oh, yeah, good idea. I know he can suck a cock well, so Chuck is doing something right with him. I imagine Danny will visit us sooner rather than later."


We both were quiet as we started the trip back. I think we had a lot to think about. We hadn't gone very far and I reached my right arm out and rubbed Danny's head, patted him then decided what the hell. I was horny. That place had made me real horny. I wrapped my fingers in Danny's blonde hair and began pulling his head down, across the center console into my lap. He didn't fight me at all, and didn't say anything. He got the message. He started licking at my cock through my pants, then managed to get the pants unzipped and my cock out. He went right to work. I kept one hand on the wheel and one wrapped in Danny's hair, moving his head up and down my cock.

"That's it, suck it Danny. You need it." He moaned as I talked. My mind went back to Johnson's "wife" Lynn. That fag was HOT. After seeing what Johnson had done with her, I knew that was what I was going to do with Danny. I wasn't going to mention it yet, but I had the nipple pump already, had gotten it from Johnson before I left. I would have Danny get to work soon on his nipples, then I would see about him getting some areolas tattooed on when his nips were ready for it. I wanted my fag, my boy, to look like he had big girl titties. "Suck it Danny. Get my cock in your throat." I shoved on his head using his hair as my grasp. Although I had learned a lot from walking around Johnson's place, I also learned I had it right. Those fags were all shaved, they were obedient, they wore skimpy girly clothing or nothing. "You liked the farm didn't you? You liked what you saw there."

"mmmmmgghm, yes, Sir, mmmggfffff," he said as I continued to shove his face onto my cock. Damn it felt good to control a faggot like this, to get a blow from my son the fag whenever I wanted one. I didn't need a whole farm full of them when I had one good son who was my personal fag.

"Suck it, faggot. I'm gonna shoot straight down your throat, let you gag on it." I rented Danny out the other day for fifty bucks. For ten minutes of work, tops. I wondered if I could get more for other things, or if I wanted to do that with him.  I could feel his throat constrict on my cock each time he reached the base of it. "Choke on it, boy." I ran his life now, fuck I owned his pussy ass. That was enough thinking, I was ready to blow. I was paying only enough attention to driving to keep me on the road. I had a hold of Danny's hair and my mind was wandering to thoughts of how to use him and I was suddenly erupting down his throat. I shoved him down one last time and held him there. I ground his face in my crotch and thrust up some to get as deep as I could. It was tough to keep my eyes on the road.

"Swallow, bitch. Take it all. Better not miss any." I held him there as I finished shooting, only letting up when I had finished. He pulled back and sucked in air, like he was out of breath.

"Thank you, Sir," he told me as he gasped.

"Your little dick shoot a wad," I asked?

"No, Sir, it didn't."

"Good," I told him, "it wasn't about you, it was about my dick. Now clean me up and put my cock away." I continued driving home in silence.


Wow! I think Mr. Johnson's farm really got Dad turned on. So much had changed in my mind about Dad in the last couple months since I got home from school for the summer. So much had changed about me in that time. I was really excited to have met Stacy and seen the farm. I could hardly wait to email him, I had already thought of lots more questions to ask him about life there and what he liked about it and well, compare notes I guess. I had never met another guy like me and there were like a dozen guys like me there at Mr. Johnson's farm. But Dad was really horny on the drive home. He nearly made me pass out sucking his cock. I thought I would, but he finally let me up from his lap after he had finished emptying his balls down my throat. That was so hot! I didn't even have time to think or get hard, Daddy just used my mouth to get off and god, it was great to have him in charge of everything like that now. He made me suck him or he fucked me whenever he wanted. Knowing that now he ran everything in my life was so much better.  I kept thinking about some of the guys at the farm and wondered if Dad was going to do things like that to me. Lock my dick up or make me wear skimpy shorts. I think I would do it if he wanted it I guess. Not knowing what he was thinking was hard sometimes. I guess I needed to pay more attention and listen to what he was saying so I might get a clue. I got a clue the next day, cuz he called me down to his office in the afternoon.

He hadn't gotten up from his desk so I just sat on the couch there when I came in, thinking about how he had royally screwed me here last week.

"Danny, shirt off," he said, so I removed my t shirt. "Good. Now stand up and come over here."

I stood and walked over to his desk. Dad reached into my pants with his hand and felt around. I guess cause Mom was around somewhere he didn't have me strip. Dad had gotten to where he checked me regularly to see if I was shaving and if I was wearing the thongs he had bought for me. I had adjusted to the thongs. I kind of liked them now.

"Good. I'm glad you are wearing your thong. You're shaved, that is good too. You follow directions well, Danny. I am happy with that. I may not say it much but I do like that you follow my instructions." That made me feel good. It seems silly but when Dad complimented me I knew things were good and I felt pleased that he was happy. He grabbed at my nipples with his fingers and pulled on them, twisted them sharply, causing me to make some noise. They had pretty much healed up, but still they were sensitive. I guess they always would be. The piercing had only made them more so I think.

"You're becoming a good little faggot. You can go back and sit down. I have something for you."

Dad reached into his desk drawer and pulled out a brown paper sack. He brought it over to me and stood there. I was looking up at him and he was staring back down at me. He handed me the bag. I took it and looked inside, then pulled out two small tubes, a short hose and what looked like a pumping device guys used on their cocks. I had seen pics online, but never had used one.

"This is to pump your nipples with. It suctions the air out of the tube that you place around your nipple. I want your nipples bigger. I want you to get your nipples big so that I can play with them like I do a woman's. I want to see nipples like a girl has, only on you, Danny. I have an image of you with nipples poking through your shirts, that will make any man look at you and think that boy is a faggot, look at those girly nipples. This is what I want, Danny. Do you have a problem with that?"

Fuck, The way Dad was talking was wild. I had seen a couple guys at Mr. Johnson's farm with big pointy nipples like pencil erasers. I wondered how they had done it. But now Dad wanted me to do it. He knew I had to say yes, because he knew he was in charge. I couldn't imagine saying no to him, but he was wanting to change my body.

"I am serious, Danny. When I am screwing your tight hole, all I can think about is making you look more like a girl. I know you are a guy, but damn if you don't already look girly with your shaved body and your hair getting longer. I know you say you want to be my faggot, but I want to hear that from your mouth. I am hard just thinking and talking about it now. You have done what I said so far, but I want to start changing some other things, and I want to start here and I want to start now, and I want to hear that this is what you need, Danny."

The tone in his voice made it very clear he was serious. I was a little hesitant. What if I said no? I can't say I hadn't thought about what Dad might want to do with me, but this would change me so a lot of folks would know right away that I wasn't like most guys. Men didn't have big girly nipples. Plus, if Dad planned to make me look like a girl, what else would he change?

"Uhm, Dad, Sir," I started speaking hesitantly. "May I ask a few questions?" I wanted to know more, but I wanted to do this right so he didn't think I was automatically saying no or yes.

"Go on ask, we are just talking right now, Danny. Ask your questions. I want to hear from you too on this. I want to know how much control I can take and how much you are willing to give up. Once we finish the talk, I may not ask again for awhile whether you want me to so something or not. I am going to assume you will do it. Understood?"

Wow, okay, so I guess I could ask anything then. I had a lot of questions. Where should I start? What did I really want to know?

"Yes, Dad I understand," I told him. "When you say you want to make me look more like a girl, how far do you plan to go? What do you plan to do to me" What else did he have in mind? What else might he want to do?

"I'm not completely sure yet, Danny. That's the best answer I can give you right now. I am seeing you very differently now than I did a few months ago, and I am learning a lot of things about me and about you. I know I find it very satisfying to see you looking more like a girly boy, based on what I have already told you to do and see you doing for me." I could feel myself getting warm, a flush spreading across my face. "I know that you are enjoying it too, Danny or you would be fighting me more on this. You seem to need this from me, and I am enjoying being the man who controls you." How did he know this about me, did it show? Did I want to look more like a girl?

"Yes, Sir. I--I do like it when you are telling me what to do. More than I imagined liking it at first. I didn't know I would like it as much as I do. I want to make you happy, and if that means dressing or looking like you want, then I--I do want to do that. Pleasing you is what I have always tried to do." Dad smiled at me, which made me relax some.

"What if other people start seeing things, start noticing me looking more like a girl? What if Mom starts saying something about me?"

"I honestly don't care, Danny. If someone sees you and gets confused about whether you are a boy or a girl, then I am doing well, I've decided. You aren't a man anymore Danny. You told me you wanted to be my bitch, to be my faggot, and this is what I have decided I want. From here on out I make not just the rules as I've told you, but I make the decisions that will run your life. I seriously doubt your mother will figure anything out. I intend to be discrete in using you while she is around. If she asks about your nipples getting bigger or anything for that matter, what you tell her is up to you as long as you don't add me into the story at all." He really wanted complete control. No more thinking from me at all. It seemed so hot to me, but what did it all mean?

"Will I have to suck off Mr. Johnson again or...or other men," I asked? I didn't really mind doing that. I really wanted to suck Dad, but if he said to suck other men or even let them fuck me, well I guess he was making the rules, I would do it for him.

"Yes," he told me. "I don't know when or what the circumstances will be, Danny, but I enjoyed knowing another man wanted what I had and was willing to pay for it. I found it very hot that I could rent you out and get cash for doing so. Face it Danny, you're a fag and I know it now. There's no reason for me to NOT rent out your mouth or pussy and make some money. You aren't a man so it isn't going to hurt any reputation you need to maintain. A faggot in my mind is a slut Danny. You aren't even gay for god's sake. You enjoy getting fucked and used by men. I'm your Dad and I can see it now. Johnson saw it.  Now I know others can see it too."

Oh my god. I hadn't realized how much Dad had changed in thinking about me. He really thought I was trash. I had become nothing but a slut in his eyes. A girly slut. I was humiliated, I could feel my face burning. I was confused. I kinda thought maybe he thought more of me now since I was being what he wanted, but maybe he didn't!

"I've always tried to do what you wanted, even if I got it wrong. If I didn't do something it was because I wanted you to notice. That is why I am trying so hard now to do what you want," I started to explain. I could feel tears coming, I didn't want to be emotional for god's sake. "What if I am no good at this? What happens if I don't make a good faggot?"

"Ha! Wouldn't that be funny," Dad chuckled. "A failure at being a faggot. You failed at being a man, so my guess is you were always meant to be a good faggot, Danny. If not, then my guess is you aren't trying hard enough. You do as I say and then you'll do fine. It can't be that hard to do what I tell you to do."

He had a point there, just do as he said and I would be okay. I wasn't sure I felt better though. I was a failure as a man in his eyes. Worthless as anything but a faggot to him. I had to be a good faggot or I didn't know what he might do then. I could tell I was going to cry. I thought I had wanted to give up control and let Dad be in charge but I hadn't thought about the potential results, I was thinking about the sex aspect for me, not what might happen to my body or the big effect on my life.

"What happens to me if you make all these changes? What..what am I to you? What happens to me?" I could feel tears running down my cheeks. I didn't want to cry, but I had gotten all wrapped up in the discussion. I wasn't asking the right questions or maybe I was because it got me all worked up like this. Suddenly it felt like this wasn't just some exciting game but now Dad was talking real stuff, things that would really make me his toy, his property, I guess.

"Danny, I spent twenty years trying to raise an independent man. If you think I was not disappointed in how you turned out, you would be wrong. I didn't ask for a faggot, I could put up with gay independent man, but asking me to put up with faggot is different. So as this has gone along I have decided that I can put up with a faggot for a kid, but it is going to me my way. My choices, my decisions, and I will make sure you turn out to be a proper faggot, just as I tried to turn out a proper man. Since you made it clear that you wanted this life, this slutty girly behavior, this submission to men, that is what I am going to teach you and you are going to learn. If that isn't what you want, if it isn't what you asked for then you can get out now. Out of the house, out of my life, out of town for all I care, but you will get out."

I was all out crying now. Daddy was telling me I had a choice. Submit completely to whatever he wanted or give it all up and never be accepted by him. That was what hurt, what I wanted. I wanted to belong to Daddy. I wanted him to take me as I was.

"Don't even think about going to Johnson's either," he told me. "If you show up there, I will tell Johnson to put you back on the street. It's either here in this house, doing what I say, or you will be out of this area for good, Danny. Now, dry your fucking faggot face off and tell me your answer. I've had enough questions for now. Fags really are like women in a guy's body," he mumbled. "Turning on the tears to see if it will make me change my mind."

I wiped my face with my shirt and eventually stopped crying. I looked at the pump thing he had given me. I placed one of the cylinders over my nipple and connected the hose and pump. I started squeezing the pump. With a couple of squeezes my nipple had inflated to twice the size it had been. Wow. So I did the other one too. Both the cylinders were now hanging from my nipples. It hurt. Not like a sharp pain but a pain like they were being pulled tight. I sniffed and looked at Dad. "Like this, Sir?"

"Yeah, that's a start bitch. You need to do this for an hour each day, in small increments of time, increasing the size all the time, making your nipples into big girly ones. I want you to study some pics of women's nipples Danny. See what they look like and that is what I want yours to resemble."

"Yes, Sir. I--I will. I want to make you proud, even though I am a faggot. Even though I am nothing right now, I want to be a good faggot, Daddy." A couple more tears ran down my cheek. "I need you Daddy. I want to be your fag. I'll do whatever you say Daddy, but please don't ever put me out.

"You will be a good faggot, Danny. I will make you into something that all faggots want to be." he told me, "I will make you mine."