Becoming a Boy 40

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"Chuck, I have something I need to tell you," Jan said. "I, I'm not sure how to start really. I'm, I'm so sorry first off. I feel just terrible." We were in bed. A quiet evening, and she was watching the tube and I was looking at the computer, trying to catch up on scores from the games.

"Jan? What is it? What happened?"

"Well, you KNOW I have never done anything, with ANYONE, you know, physically, nothing, with anyone."

"Of course, I know that babe," I told her, setting the laptop over to the bedside table, then taking her in my arms. She lay her head on my chest.

"Well, Billy gave me a massage today, and, wellÉ."FINALLY, I thought. Maybe Billy was able to get her relaxed and finally, maybe, Jan would be open to some other things in our marriage.

"Oh, yeah," I replied quickly. "Don't you love how great his hands are. I never figured he would be as strong as he is getting the knots out of my shoulders. Getting that massage table was a good idea, don't you think?"

She glanced up at me and just stared. "Well, yes, I mean he really seems to know what he is doing. I just didn't realize he was trained to do everything he did."

"What do you mean? Did it hurt?"

No, oh no. No, it didn't hurt at all. But Chuck he, he, I'm so sorry," she repeated and I saw tears in her eyes.

"Jan, what's wrong? What are you trying to say? Just spit it out."

"Oh, Chuck he massaged me so well, I was so relaxed, the music, the candles." Wow, sounds like he really went all out to give her a great massage, I thought. "I never should have let him tell me to be naked for it, never, I'm so sorry." Even better. I was surprised he managed to get her naked. "He just kept his hands on me the whole time. He touched me so many places that only you touched. I tried to stop him but he just kept telling me to relax and be quiet, and it felt so good." She was clearly ashamed that Billy had given her such a good massage. The kid must be really great to convince Jan to let him do that. "He slid his fingers inside me and and then I had an orgasm." She shivered a little and the tears started rolling down her cheeks again. I held her tighter and began running my hands over her face. I shifted down in the bed and fully wrapped my arms around her as she cried a little.

"It's okay. It's okay, honey. There's nothing to be ashamed about. A good massage can do that. It can let you release all that tension and the body just responds to the touch of someone who knows what they are doing," I told her. "Did he do anything else? I mean he didn't put hisÉ"

"No, Oh no, Chuck, never. That didn't happen, it was just his hands were touching me. I could never have imagined hands feeling so good that I just let him do that to me."

"Don't worry about it, Jan, honestly. Billy is a good kid. He would never do anything to hurt you or us. I think he really enjoys being here and he is always looking for new ways to make things easier for us and please us. He is always talking about that, you know that." I tried to reassure her it was fine by me that Billy did this for her. "He simply was doing what he took classes in and putting it to good use, I think. He really likes you Jan, I can tell, I'm sure he just wanted to make you happy."

She held me tight. I wanted this to seem natural and perfectly fine, but I also wanted to get her over that fear of Billy touching her. Billy was going to be doing a lot more touching of her and me, no two ways about it in my mind.

"Has, has Billy done the same thing in your massages," she asked.

"No, he hasn't," I lied. I didn't enjoy lying to Jan, but this was a case where I needed to so I could get to my final goal of having both Jan and Billy to use as freely as possible, no guilt for anyone. "I will talk to him about it though. If he is going to do this sort of thing for you, then I think it is only reasonable that he be told he will do it for me too, Jan. Don't you think? I'm not going to let him touch my wife in that way unless he is also doing the same thing for me. I want to be treated equally."

She looked at me, we were face to face and holding each other. "Do you think Billy would do that? I guess that would be okay. It wouldn't bother you to have a guy doing that?"

"I don't know, Jan, it's not something I've done before, but I have really enjoyed his massages so far."

"I just felt so guilty Chuck. It felt so good, but then after it happened, I felt guilty about letting it happen. I should have just gotten off that table."

"Honey, don't worry. I am not upset. He didn't make love to you. He didn't sneak around behind my back; I knew he was going to give you a massage. I'm guessing he probably didn't even think of what he was doing in that way at all. It's a job skill he learned. Total body relaxation and release massage. Would it bother you Jan, if Billy did something like that to me?""

"Well, no, I guess not, he is just giving a massage. I guess it's just I felt so bad."

"Well, if it makes you feel better," I told her, "I'll say it makes me very upset you didn't ask first Jan." I wasn't sure if this was going to work, and I really hadn't planned on doing this but once the idea came to my head, I thought why not. She seemed to be feeling guilty and sorry. I knew her Dad used to punish her when she was little. I rolled her more on top of me where her butt was in the air. I raised my hand and brought it down on her ass cheek quite hard. She yelped.

"You've been a very bad, girl, Jan McNeil," I said sharply. I brought my hand back again and swatted her harder this time. It made quite a sharp cracking sound. She squealed. "I am very upset that you didn't ask permission to let someone else touch you there first before it happened." I swatted hard a third time.

"I'm sorry, oh, Chuck," she yelped. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry"

I laughed. And held her tighter. "Just be sure to not get so upset the next time it happens. I want you to enjoy how good it made you feel. Does that help honey?" I smacked her again and kissed her firmly.

"Are you sure Chuck?" I smacked her ass again told her not to worry about it, then screwed her silly until she moaned for me to stop. I was very happy with the way the evening went.


When I saw Billy the next day after Jan was gone, I told him how proud I was of him. How he had done just as I asked and how well it had worked out.

"Billy, I can't tell you how scared she was that I would be mad. And how well she took it that I wasn't upset. You did just as I had told you to do and it worked just as I thought it would." I had my arm around his shoulder and was hugging him to me. He turned and hugged me back.

"I so relieved, Mr. McNeil. I was so nervous the whole time. I wanted Mrs. McNeil to enjoy it but I didn't want to scare her. I thought maybe I had done too much."

"Not at all, boy. It went well. I can tell you, we had a lovely night in bed after our discussion. Tonight I will tell her that you did the same thing for me. I expect she won't feel as bad the next time it occurs."

He looked up at me and smiled. Another smile. He did look happy when he did that. I did want him to be happy. Especially for the changes that I would eventually put in place. Billy had said he wanted to please, that sex was not that interesting but pleasing and service was enjoyable. I intended to take him at his word and see how happy he could be, pleasing and serving me, well, Jan too at times.

"Billy I need a massage today," I said. "Let's go downstairs."


I was wearing a nice outfit. It was a navy blue skirt, white blouse (not tucked in) and a grey jacket over it. It was cut to emphasize my hips you know, make them look bigger. I also wore stockings and then shoes I found in Stacy's closet that were black and only had an inch heel, almost flats. I could manage them. I had been working at Mishra Industries for barely a week and I was getting a new job and I was getting it as a girl. I was super excited.

Riding a scooter in a skirt was definitely different. I tried keeping my legs together as much as possible but It was difficult. Wind kept blowing up my skirt and tingling my clit. I was going to have to figure some other transportation before winter fully set in. When I got to the main office, Mrs. Drake was already there.

"Good Morning, Danni! Mt, don't you look nice. You really went all out for your first day here. I'm so happy to see that."

"Thank you, Mrs. Drake, I hoped this outfit would be okay."

"Okay? Of course its okay, you look fine, dear."

After she gave me a few things to do, I just sat down at the front and began working on paperwork she sent to me or answering and transferring calls around the office and company. I was busy but it wasn't overwhelming, which was good. I still couldn't get over how femme my hands looked when the manicurist finished. She complimented me on my hands. She said she liked my long fingers and how my nails were vertically long. I hadn't thought much about that before. She also commented how strong they were. She gave them a square finish. She said that would be better for using a keyboard, once I had told her about my new job. Then she chose the maroon color polish and I was amazed. They just really made my hands look great I thought. I was definitely going to need to talk to Mom about this soon. If I was always going to be dressed as a girl most of the time, then she would need to know.

I glanced up and I saw Mr. Mishra coming into the office. I smoothed my blouse and my hair quickly and greeted him as he entered the room.

"Good morning, Sir."

"Well, good morning, Danni. This is quite a change already for you, moving here from the mailroom."

He remembered my name. Wow, I was impressed. "Yes, Mr. Mishra. I'm so happy to be here."

"Well, you look stunning today, Danni. Am I allowed to say that? I don't want to be charged with harassment." He smiled big and I felt both comfortable and totally embarrassed. I could feel the heat on my face. "Well, it seems you blush very nicely too," he noted.

"Sorry, Sir. I just sometimes get embarrassed."

"No, no," he said. "I find it quite charming, Danni." That only made me blush more. "Is Mrs. Drake in the office?"

"Oh, yes, Sir. Let me call her and let her know you are here."

"No need dear, I'll just head back there," he told me.

He called me dear! Is that what bosses called their employees sometimes? Was he harassing me? Frankly I didn't care. He was so handsome I decided that he could call me whatever he wanted. His smile was so big and genuine and his dark skin was beautiful. OMG, I better be careful, I could fall for him, I decided. I would have to watch myself.

In a few minutes I was called back to Mrs. Drake's office. I forwarded the phone as I had been instructed to another line and went back.

"There you are, Danni. Can you please take notes for us at the meeting?" There were several people around the table. I didn't know all of them so it might be difficult I thought.

"Of course ma'am." There was an iPad with keyboard attached and I sat down at that spot. The meeting was terribly boring and I didn't understand much of what they were talking about, but no one really said much except Mrs. Drake and Mr. Mishra. It was all stuff about personnel rules, company policies. I did the best I could and figured I could check the notes later with Mrs. Drake.

I glanced up and Mr. Mishra was staring at me, smiling. I blushed a little, I don't know why. This was work. I should maintain some distance, right? I tried to focus on my note taking but every time I looked up Mr. Mishra seemed to be looking my way. Before I knew it the meeting was done and I went back to my desk. I started working on the notes for Mrs. Drake. A few minutes before noon, the phone rang and I answered it.

"Danni, this is Mr. Mishra. Are you doing anything at lunch? Would you care to join me?"

Oh my god, Mr. Mishra wanted me to have lunch with him. I wanted more than anything to say yes, but I wanted to be processional too. He was so good looking, that won out for me.

"Me, Sir? Uhm, I didn't have anything planned. I brought my lunch with me."

"Yes, that isn't a problem, Danni. We can meet at a local restaurant. But would you like to do join me there?"

"Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't answer you. Of course Mr. Mishra I would be happy to have lunch," I told him. How embarrassing. I needed to pay attention and answer questions.

"Wonderful, Danni. I am interested in learning more about you. You seem quite fascinating."

Me? He found me interesting? My heart started racing thinking about being seen at a restaurant with him.

"Why don't you come to my office? We will leave from here. I will make sure you get back to your desk on time, do not worry about that."

"Yes, Sir," I replied. "I will be there shortly." I thanked him and hung up. I thought I recalled where his office was when I had been led around on the mailroom deliveries. I put my phone on forward and let Mrs. Drake know I was headed out to eat today. I promised if I was late in returning I would simply stay later and she okayed that.

I did remember where his office was and when I arrived a woman at a desk in that area asked my name and did I have an appointment. I explained I was to meet Mr. Mishra for lunch. She looked over her glasses at me then used an intercom to let Mr. Mishra know I was there. She pushed a button at her desk and I heard a click from the door letting me know it was unlocked. I guess he had said to let me in, so I went in.

His office was huge and there was a large wooden desk, very modern. He sat behind it. There were windows all around and he had a pleasant view of the area, though it wasn't all that amazing to look at the industrial park.

"Please, come in, Danni," he said as he stood. "This is where I work when I am here in the country."

"It's very nice Mr. Mishra."

"Come. Let's not waste any time, Danni. My car is out back. We'll use this entrance," he said pointing to another door I hadn't noticed.

He opened the door for me and we went down a flight of stairs and out a door to a small parking lot I had not seen before. There was only one other car in the lot. He had a fancy car. I think it was a Jaguar but I really don't know cars very well. He opened the door for me though, no one had ever done that. I had no idea what to say to him, so I just remained quiet.

"I know a nice simple American place to go, Danni. Nothing fancy, but a good meal and we will have some quiet so we can chat."

"That sounds wonderful, Mr. Mishra. I, well I, uhm, well thank you for asking me to lunch. I just started and I, well I'm surprised you would have lunch with me." Oh geez, I sounded dumb. I was stumbling over my words. I looked over at him and he was smiling again. He seemed so relaxed. How did he do it?

"Yes, I know, it is not customary here to go for lunch with the big boss, Danni. Don't worry about it. I just can't keep my eyes off you. I am going to be up front; I find you very attractive."

"Me? I mean really?"

He laughed gently. "Yes, Danni, don't be so surprised. You are quite a beautiful young lady. I am not that blind that I can't see beauty."

I know I blushed completely. I was staring at him as we exited a private gate and he turned the car toward town. "Oh, well, thank you, Sir. I, I don't know what to say, I don't usually get all that much attention," I said. He found me beautiful? Really? Holy cow, I needed to be careful. I was dressed up as a girl and my boss, I mean the big boss, the owner, thought I was a girl and I was going on a lunch date with him. I was suddenly very nervous.

"I'm sure you get plenty of attention, Danni. You don't need to be so modest."

I didn't know what to say in return. I wanted to be doing this but it also seemed like I should let him know I'm not really a girl.

"Well, I will try to talk a bit and let you feel relaxed, Danni. I can tell I am making you nervous for some reason. There's no need to feel that way. I won't bite youÉat least not today," he smiled as he said that. It just made me blush more.

Mr. Mishra told me about growing up in India, a city in the south, he said. I can't remember the name; I didn't know much about the place. Just that it was far away. He told me about his mother and his family. He said his father had died last year and he had inherited the company from him as the eldest son.

We arrived at the restaurant and it wasn't a fancy place, Mr. Mishra was right. His car was the fanciest one in the lot. I felt so special going to lunch with him. He clearly found me attractive, he said so. He also clearly had a lot of money. He owned a huge international company. I was just nervous about telling him I'm really a boy.

He opened the door to the restaurant and held it for me. As I went in he touched me on my lower back. I almost jumped but I let it happen. I didn't say anything and I didn't stop it. He had his hand there when we stepped up to the host station. She showed us to a table and he kept his hand at my lower back guiding me to the table where he wanted us. We took our menus and as there wasn't much to choose from I decided rather quickly that a salad with chicken breast would be plenty for me. Mr. Mishra ordered an eggplant dish.

"So Danni, the issue at hand is that in order to fully inherit my business and my father's estate, I must marry within a year of his death, which was this past summer. I have about 6 months left before this date arrives. So you can see that I am somewhat rushed in the need to find a girl and be married. It is something that must happen."

"Wow," was all I could say. I had no idea that people could do things like that. I guess maybe it was India, they could do things differently. "So your mother agrees you must marry someone too? She can't just change things?"

He smiled at me, he had such a beautiful smile. "Well, my mother is not as traditional as most mothers in India. She has decided against living with me, thankfully. It is a traditional expectation that a widow lives with her oldest son after her husband's death, that would be me. She did not wish to do that. However, she is very clear that I must marry. She also was clear that I must bring my choice of bride to her so she can approve of my choice. Otherwise, she will make a choice for me."

"Really? She will arrange your marriage?"

"Oh, yes, it is still quite common, but that isn't what I want and my mother is modern enough to allow me to choose my bride, as long as my bride will meet her inspection."

"What sort of inspection?" I wondered. This was fascinating to me.

"Well, she will want to see how my bride will cook, to make sure I am being taken care of properly, and she will want to be sure my bride looks pretty enough yet conservative enough to suit her. She wants me to marry a traditional girl who understands her role as wife at home. She also wants to be sure the girl is not too American. She doesn't want me marrying a stereotype she sees on television programs she watches that come from America."

"Oh," I said. "I guess I understand." Mr. Mishra's situation seemed tough, but he didn't think I would be the girl did he?

"I am always interested in getting to know young women better, Danni. I am in the midst of looking for the perfect girl to be my wife."

"Me?" I squeaked. "You think I might be good enough to be a wife?" I must have looked at him real dumbly. I couldn't believe he would consider me. "I mean there must be thousands of girls who would love to marry you, Mr. Mishra." After I said it I heard how awful it must have sounded. He looked a little hurt.

"Well of course I believe you are a potential choice, Danni. What would make you think I would not make a good husband?"

"Oh, no Mr. Mishra I didn't mean it like that. I meant, there are lots of pretty girls out there and well, and you hardly know me so I didn't think you would think of me that way."

"Well I brought you out here to get to know you Danni. Tell me more about yourself."

Our food arrived right then and I dove in. I was really nervous. I would love to date him but be his wife? That sounded so quick. In just a few months I could be living in India or wherever he was at, doing who knows what?

I made small talk. I told him I grew up in the area and about Mom and Dad, I said my older brother Ian was in school and what a jock he was. I said Ian had gone to college but after a year I had decided that college wasn't really for me. I mentioned nearly everything but the important stuff, like how I was a faggot and I had a tiny penis that was locked down, not a vagina like a wife would have.

We finished eating and again after he paid for lunch, when we got up to leave he placed his hand at the small of my back and guided me back out to the car and opened the door for me. I felt so special on this lunch date.

"Do you find me attractive, Danni," he asked directly once we were in the car. "Would you like to go out again? An evening soon perhaps?"

"Yes," I said. I looked at him then dropped my eyes away from his face.

"You seem very hesitant, Danni. "Am I not attractive enough for you?"

I looked up at him quickly. "Oh, no Mr. Mishra. You're really sexy, I mean yes, I think you are very handsome." I felt the heat rush to my face. He smiled.

"But I sense some hesitation." He put his hand on my leg.

"Mr. Mishra I have to tell you. I'm I'm not who you think. I'm not, not a girl." I blurted out. Then I got ready for the worst. I was sure he would smack me or call me all sorts of names. I kind of scrunched my face up. He raised his hand to my face and touched me softly.

"I know very well who you are Danni. I am the person who spoke to Mr. Johnson about hiring you. I have very specific tastes that I am looking for in a girl."



I came around the corner from one of the bathrooms. I had showered and was heading to my room when I nearly bumped into her, Donor's girlfriend. She startled me so much I dropped my towel.

"Nice," she grinned, "but grab your towel and come here. I need your help."

I picked up my towel and wrapped it around my waist again and followed her. What the hell? This might work out better than I had imagined, getting her into a room alone. "What's going on?" I asked.

"Don and I were uhm, playing and well, I think he passed out. Not sure. I need you to check and confirm it for me so I don't freak out."

She opened the door and as we entered Donor's room I saw him sprawled out on the floor. He was naked except for being tied up. A blindfold that used to be a necktie was tied tight around his eyes, rope bound him at the knees, and ankles, his wrists were bound behind his back and he had some rope around his dick and balls.

"What the fuck?" came spilling out of my mouth before I could stop it. I closed the door.

"Hey keep it down okay? I don't need everyone in here.  It just happened and I freaked a bit. Will you double check that he's breathing?"

I bent over and put a couple fingers to his neck. I felt his pulse. I leaned closer and could feel his breath lightly. "I think he's fine. How long as he been out?"

"Just a bit, maybe a minute?"

"You got your phone?" I asked her. She pulled it off the dresser. "Open it," I told her. "Get some pictures. She giggled but followed directions.

"Okay, I'm going to smack him and try to get him back awake. What were you doing?"

"We were playing. He was stoned and we just started you know, playing. I put the neck tie around his eyes, bound his wrists and legs and told him I had a surprise. Once he couldn't see, I sat on his face and he was eating me out, I told him I was going to ties his nuts off and smack his dick around. And the next thing I knew he just went limp." I laughed at her unintended pun. She swung her hand at me and punched me in the arm.

I started smacking Donor lightly on the cheeks, back and forth, to get him to come around.

"Keep your phone going," I said. "Plenty of pics will be a good thing."

"Donor, hey, wake up." He seemed to be coming around. "Come on, wake up," I said and smacked him harder.

"Shit, stop hitting me, who is that," he mumbled.

"It's me. Zach. You passed out."

He suddenly seemed to remember what he had been doing when he lost consciousness. He sat up quickly nearly knocking heads with me.

"The fuck? What the hell are you doing in here?"

"Jessica found me and had me come in here and check on you. She was kinda freaked." I undid the tie around his head so he could see. "I guess you passed out while eating her out. I had no idea you were into bondage stuff." She and I both laughed.

"Not funny, dude. Get the hell out."

"Donor, I'm just trying to help," I insisted. "Here let me help you up." I tried to offer him a lift up but he struggled against it. "Fine, get your own ass up." Jessica handed me her phone and went over and helped him up and he sat on the bed. I went to work emailing the pics to my address.

"I said, get the hell out," Donor repeated himself.

"No," Jessica told him, "he's staying. I wanted a man to fuck me and you're in no condition to do that if you keep passing out." Donor looked slack-jawed at her. "I think Zach will do just fine. He helped me out when I needed it and I'm going to thank him." She reached over and pulled the towel from around my waist.

"Crazy bitch," Donor called her. "I said we could play rough. I didn't say you could cut my air off."

"Yeah, well you don't make all the decisions, do you?" she smirked after her announcement. "In fact you're really not in a position to stop me, you're all tied up." Donor stood up but Jessica pushed him back down on the bed. "Lay down. Head off the side of the bed. You need to continue eating me out. I was enjoying that when you rudely passed out."

"But, Zach is here and I don't want to have sex while he's in here."

"You know the rules, Don," she told him. "We agreed I was in charge today."

"Arrrghh, but it didn't include other people here," he complained while actually laying down with his head near the edge of the bed.

"We said anything I wanted, if you remember."

I listened to all this fascinated of course. I took a few more pics as Jessica moved forward and straddled Donor's face and he began licking and mouthing her pussy. I hadn't been with a chick since high school but I had no problem watching straight porn from time to time. I was pulling on my dick and I was soon hard watching Donor try to pleasure his girlfriend only with his tongue.

"That's it, keep working your tongue inside more. DO IT!" she said louder. Donor worked harder at her pussy. "You tied me up last week, so it was only fair in return that it's your turn to be tied up today. Zach, make sure he's secure. I don't want him going anywhere quickly," she told me.

"No, don't tie my ankles any tighter." Donor stopped licking her and started squirming but I was a little quicker and tied his ankles together pretty securely using the rope.

"You just keep eating me out," she told Donor. "This is fun for me and I want to do this. Zach, come over here closer." She took ahold of my cock with her hands and began giving it a nice rubbing and we began kissing.

"Nooo," Donor stopped his task and started complaining about her kissing me. "You're MY girlfriend."

Jessica stopped kissing me and turned around. She reached forward and smacked his dick that was tied up as well as his nuts. "Shut up, Don. You are unable to fully please me tonight. I'm disappointed that you passed out and got me worried. I need a man who isn't going to go limp at the wrong time."

Ouch, I thought. She was hitting low. I liked her talking to Donor. I could see his dick straining hard being roped off. I took a couple pics and then changed her settings on the phone so it wouldn't shut off after a few seconds. It looked a little painful. I'm sure it hurt when she smacked it a couple times. She stayed turned around so I moved forward. I set the phone down temporarily and moved my arms around her and began massaging her breasts gently.

"Mmmmm, that's nice, Zach. Yeah."

My dick was boned fully, looking at Zach lying below us and lapping at her cunt. I ran it along her ass crack as she turned and we shared another kiss. Not as good a kiss as with a guy but it was a kiss nonetheless. Her lips were moist and warm, her tongue darting in and out of my mouth. Her eyes were closed but mine were open and I watched Donor as she and I kissed. His eyes were wide open and he wasn't happy, but he didn't stop eating at her pussy. We broke the kiss and she bent forward, grabbing Donor's tied off dick.

"I can't be satisfied with this anymore Don, we've talked about it before. It may be nice and fat but if you can't stay hard you just aren't any good using it properly with me. I want a dick that makes me feel good, baby. I know you understand." Man she was being verbally rough on him, I loved it.

He started to protest but she just shoved herself down harder on his face and his words were muffled as he tried to complain. I held her hips a bit too, I admit pushing her down as much as possible to shut Donor up.

"You didn't take my suggestions as to how to fuck me properly, so Zach is going to help me show you how to do it right. You are going to watch. You're going to be my little cuckhold boyfriend tonight and get a lesson in how a man uses his cock to make me happy."

"Mmmmuummpphhh," was all we heard from Donor. I wasn't having to do anything and Donor was being put in his place. The pics I was getting were going to help keep him quiet, if indeed he didn't like this. I didn't figure he'd be bugging Ian or Tim anytime soon after tonight.

When she let up on his face I could hear him gasp for air and he tried to move his face but she just stayed put. She had some nice thighs to do it with too, I thought to myself.

"Come on Zach, I'm so wet now. Don's done what he could. His useless dick isn't going to help me feel a cock deep inside. Give me some of yours please." She stayed like that in a doggie position, her pussy indeed looked wet and hovering above Donor's mouth.

"Sure thing, babe,' I told her. I moved in close and positioned my dick near her entrance. "You ready to feel a real cock? To know what a real man can do for you?"

"Yesssssss, fuck me stud. Slide it in real slow, Don needs to learn to take his time if he's ever going to get to fuck me again."

"No, no, no , no, no" Donor kept repeating. Jessica smacked his cock each time he whined another no. I slowly entered her and she let out a little muffled breathy sigh. I took the camera and positioned it so I could get a decent shot or two of Donor's face watching me enter his girlfriend. Then I set phone down again so I could enjoy the fuck.

"Like that, baby? That good and slow for you?" I did indeed slide slowly and completely inside her. She was deep.

"Oh, yeah," she sighed. Oh, that feels so good Zach. Don't stop, I can handle it."

I started moving back and forth slowly inside her. I had forgotten that a pussy, when properly prepped could feel nice on my dick, and Donor had done all the prep work, which was something I could definitely skip and let him do.

"Oh, I'm so glad Donor got you ready, baby. You're so wet tonight," I told her. Does he look like he is watching? Is he paying attention?" I asked her. This time she took up the phone and snapped a couple pics.

"Yeah, he's watching, aren't you Don?" She smacked his dick.

"Yesss, please don't hit my dick, it hurts already." She and I both laughed at his situation.

I wrapped my hand around her and began rubbing around her clit area as I continued to pump my cock in her slowly. "Like this, Jess? Do you like to be massaged while I fuck you?"

"Mmmmmhhhmmmmm, that feels so good. Don never does that. He's always in a hurry to get off."

"I'm guessing he'll remember some of this," I added as a dig. I started pulling more of my cock out and pushing back in lengthening my strokes and she responded well. Her juices were flowing and my dick had no troubles sliding in and out.

"Oh, god, that's so good. It's been so long since I've had good dick." I couldn't help but laugh. I was sure Donor was hating every minute of it, but he couldn't say a thing. Every time he started to complain she smacked his hard, tied-off dick and he would moan for her to stop. Finally, I slid fully out of her pussy and some juice slid out of it and hit Donor square in the mouth. He bitched about it but all he got for his troubles was Jessica sitting down on his face so he had to lick her again.

"That's it. Get in there and lick up some of my juice. Do it!" He squirmed but stopped when she smacked his nuts. "You do much better when you don't complain, Don," she told him. She pulled back up and I slid forward and inside her again.

"I have to tell you, Donor, that this is fucking hot. I'm so glad you wanted me to fuck your girl," I told him. "I've always wanted to do this, you know, fuck a woman while her boyfriend watches." I heard him try to tell me to fuck off, but it was muffled.

"Oohhhhhh, yeah. I love your cock, Zach," Jessica added. I continued rubbing around her clit making sure she was eventually going to orgasm. I wanted to feel her tighten down on my dick before I got off. "Oh and your fingers. I hope he's paying attention," she swatted at his dick nearly continuously now. It looked almost purple it was hard but was bulging from the rope tied around it

"I'm watching, I'm watching," he grunted. "Please stop hitting my nuts."

"You love it," she countered. "I've seen you cum from me smacking your nuts."

"Shut up, Jess. I don't want everyone to know my business."

"Too late, I think he already knows it," she told him with a giggle, a smack, and another grunt from Donor.

He wasn't bad looking, I thought to myself. A little chubby around the middle, but he had muscles and a decent build. He just was bigger around than someone who is in total shape.

"Get that phone ready," I said. I'm going to pull out and I bet he gets a face of juice again." Sure enough, she was dripping and some more fell off onto Donor and Jessica took a couple pictures. I started picking up the pace after that. I held her hips with one hand and went to work on her clit with the other while I began to fuck a little harder. She began grunting and moaning pleasurably.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me. Oh god, fuck me while Don watches! Show him how to do it. Oh damn."

I wasn't quite done though. I had a couple things I wanted to do yet. I slid out of her again and rubbed my cock on Donor's face. He told me to fuck off and to get my dick off his face. I laughed at him. Jessica though grabbed onto his dick and gave it a sharp tug and twist, grabbing his nuts tight. Donor let out a string of cursing.

"Open your mouth," she told him. "Do it or I twist your nuts tighter," she said. Donor opened his mouth. I slid my dick inside as I had wanted to do. This girl was crazy and clearly enjoyed being the sadist to Donor's masochist. "Suck Zach's cock. You little cuckhold bitch. Do it." and she twisted harder. Donor sucked. He wasn't any good but he knew to do as he was told when she had him by the balls.

"Oh, yeah, that's nice Donor, I told him. I like that." I thought I'd encourage him at it anyway, for the hell of it. I bumped the back of his throat and he gagged. "Come on, work on my dick. Get all of her juice off me. I'm putting it right back in her to get some more for you, buddy." And I did just that, shoving back into Jessica a couple times and having Donor clean my cock a couple times. Jessica took several pics of Donor sucking dick.

"Fuck, I want to cum," I told them. Their whole S&M trip was bringing me quickly to the point where I would cum whether I planned it or not, so now was action time. I began to work on Jessica's clit and pump her good and hard. She was moaning and gasping about how good I was. Truly, she was rubbing it in his face as I pumped in and out of her cunt.

Then it happened. She started repeating herself. "I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum." She clamped down tight and then I was holding her as she shook and shivered. I was cumming too delivering a fresh load right inside her. It was then I briefly thought about whether she was using birth control. But right then it didn't matter. I exploded inside her and the thought was lost on me. Donor's eyes were closed I noticed. I chuckled. He must not want a fresh load in the face. I leaned forward and held her as we both shook from the nice fuck I had delivered.

I took the phone from Jessica. I whispered in her ear that I was going to pull out and get some pics of my load running out of her pussy into Donor's face. She gave a hard twist to his nuts and started smacking them. Donor opened his mouth and eyes and he watched when I slid out and watched my load began spilling out of her pussy and on to him.

"Keeps that mouth open," she told him. He did. He also started groaning. "Yeah, that's it my little cuck bitch, you're cumming. You're cumming while taking that load right from my pussy." Whether it was Donor's humiliation, his obvious pain, or the fact he was eating my load out of her, he shot his wad. She sat down on his mouth. "Clean it all up. Clean that freshly fucked pussy," she repeated several times.  When she was satisfied, and after I had a nice set of pictures, she climbed off Donor. We had a nice kiss and she stood there hugging me.

"Thank you so much Zach! I was really freaked there for a minutes when he passed out, but this turned out so well."

"Not a problem," I told her. "Honestly, it was the best fuck I've had in a long time. And Donor sucks pretty good dick too," I added. We both laughed.

"I had a lot of fun," she cooed. I may decide to keep him tied up awhile.

I walked over to Donor. "Thanks, bitch," I said to him. "I appreciate the generosity you showed in letting me do that. Maybe we'll get to do that again soon."

He turned away from me, he didn't say anything, but he was red in the face, not just his dick. I got a couple more pics of him. His nuts were red and looked sore. His own load had spread across his stomach and groin. His face was a mess from Jessica repeatedly sitting on it and from the load he had eaten out of her. I forwarded a few more of the pics from her phone to my account.

"Give me a call sometime soon, Jess. I think we can have some more fun together while Donor watches." She smiled an evil sort of grin.

"Now that I know where to find some good cock, I'm sure Don will understand if I want to get more of it regularly."

I left the room feeling totally relaxed and on this huge high. No more problems with Donor for the guys, I thought to myself. He won't mention a thing if he has any sense.