Becoming a Boy 42

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I was at the laser hair removal place. Ian wanted my facial hair gone. I had been so busy doing other stuff I had forgot to ask him if he wanted my crack and sack hair gone too. Zach had said I should ask. As I headed to the door, I texted Ian and asked him if I should get the hair around my crotch removed too?

His response was an evil smiley face and simply one word, yes.

I sighed. I was going to be hairless, going to have to live with the fact I would look like a boy forever. No hair anywhere. Maybe a few strays but that was it. I already knew from my legs and arms, there was not much of anything left behind. It saved shaving time, but really looked smooth and well I thought it looked sorta hot, but now it was going to be my face and crotch. I had only been shaving since high school and never could grow more than a goatee at best, but I still remembered the first time I shaved and thinking I was a man. Now I was going to give it up. No more shaving. No more being a man, I thought to myself.

--I'm glad you asked, Timmy. It shows your respect. I may not have wanted it, but I do.-- He texted back to me. So that was the decision. No hair.

The ladies at the place were always nice. Sometimes a bit nosy, asking questions, commenting on things. It's embarrassing sometimes but I guess practice for things other people might ask me. Like how they comment on how smooth my legs are looking, or how good I look in a particular pair of pants. I guess because I'm there a couple times a week, they feel they know me when really I try to say as little as possible.

Today, was different though, I had to ask for two different packages, the crack and sack, as they called it, and then the face. I had no idea if they did many of these or not. By the time I got inside and said hello to the receptionist, I was already feeling the heat on my face. I knew it must show.

"Uhm, yes, I have an appointment this morning, to check my ongoing work, but I also need to set up work for other areas," I told the woman. I had glanced around and only one other person was in the waiting area, but still this totally sucked as far as asking for this. How many guys went in and asked for removal of their facial hair? "I need to remove the rest of my body hair."

"Wonderful," she said thinking of the sale I am sure. "Let's step into the office and we can go over the different packages." Thankfully, at least it would be just the two of us, and not random people in the lobby area.

She asked lots of questions about the crack and sack. She explained that I would need to help the technician on this area. "The technician will need to have you pull and stretch the testicle area so the laser can cover it properly," she explained. "Otherwise, there are areas the light won't reach. "You will also need to spread your cheeks, if you catch my meaning," she said. "The technician will need to work with the laser and you will need to help them get access to the area more efficiently."

"Of course," I nodded in agreement. How embarrassing. I would be on the table pulling on my dick and balls and spreading my cheeks. The technician would see my well fucked ass that no longer was a tight little pucker, but was quickly becoming shaped to fit Ian's monster cock.

"Now, on your face, you do realize that there will be times that your skin reacts and you will have the laser spots on your face."

"Yes, Ma'am," I told her.

"Good. I am required to say that. Some folks get upset when they get home and see those spots on occasion on their face. They will go away quickly but you might want to use a cover crème for a day or so after if this happens." I blushed. I was not going to use make-up, no way. I'd live with it, I figured.

"You don't seem to be, well never mind," she stopped.

"I don't seem what?" I wondered out loud. I wanted to know what she was going to say.

"You don't seem to be transitioning, you know, uhm, changing sex," she further explained.

"No, I'm not," I told her. My face felt newly enflamed. "My," I paused for a moment thinking what to call Ian, "my boyfriend doesn't like the rough hair on my face when...well when we are intimate," I explained. How embarrassing. I guess I didn't have to say anything but what was I supposed to do? Just stare at her and pretend I don't speak American?

"Oh, totally understand," she said. "My boyfriend said the same thing about my legs. He hated the stubble when we were in bed. Men are so finicky!" she exclaimed.

I smiled and nodded yes, hoping she would shut up and just get my credit card swiped and I could go to one of the treatment rooms and not talk about this with whatever girl was available.

Don't worry, honey," she told me, "I know you will be happy with the facial package. It will take care of the rough stuff he hates," she finished with her sales smile.

Once I was in the room, I took off my pants and shirt and lay down on the treatment table. I was just waiting for the technician to come in. I was happy to be away from the lobby area. I closed my eyes and tried to think of other stuff than the fact I was going to be hairless the rest of my life. I heard the door to the room open so I opened my eyes and turned to see which technician it was today. I was stunned. Holy crap. It was a guy and he was huge! He must have been 6'4" and weighed 230 pounds. He was built. I had never seen him before. He was going to be doing my face?

"Let's see," he said looking at the information he had. "You're Tim and I'm going to work on your face and your crotch." He looked up from the clipboard and smiled. "My name is Jared."

"Hi," was all I could manage.

"Nervous?" he asked.

"Yeah, kind of. I mean, I've been here before obviously but not for those areas." He ran his hand over my face.

"Yeah, that's a lot of stubble," he said. "Shaving can be a pain." He handed me a towel. Take the undoes off too. You can cover up with the towel." I sat up and scooted out of my briefs, quickly putting the towel over my crotch. "Okay, let me check that area too," he said lifting the towel as soon as I lay back down. He took a hold of my balls and dick and began moving them around looking at the hair I guess. "Good shave job, so you know the routine, keep the hair short for your visits. "Put your knees up, I need to check the crack too since that is part of the package you bought." He had latex gloves on but still, this was weird, having some guy holding my junk and spreading my cheeks to look at my ass.

"No need to blush," he said. "I'm used to seeing things. You aren't the first guy in here going for the full smooth look."

That only made me blush more. I could feel the heat on my face. I didn't want to talk and had no idea of what to say to his direct statements.

"Cat got your tongue?" he asked.

"Yeah, sorry," I responded. "I'm a little embarrassed."

"Part of the process," he said.

"What do you mean?" What process was he talking about?

"Well, you're here to get your hair removed from places that most men don't remove hair from," he explained. "So it says a few things about you. Part of the process of getting your face and crotch free of hair is going to be to accept you'll be a bit embarrassed by it. It marks you as different from most guys. So you have to learn to adjust to it. Embarrassment is natural when you are adjusting to being a different sort of guy. I'm sure your boyfriend finds it fun, so you should try to also."

Holy crap, this guy seemed to know a lot about me just from what I was doing here in his treatment room. How did he know so much? I had no idea what to say or what to think.

"Look, it's fine to talk about it. It will help you in the long run."

"But what do I say? I don't even know how you can tell I have a boyfriend or that he finds it fun to have me doing this?"

"Well, let's start slow as I work on you. You have to help with the crotch area," he said. "I can't move your nuts and dick around at the same time I am using the laser."

"So how long you been submitting to this guy?" he asked. "And yes, I know you submit to him because one man doesn't do these sorts of things unless he is full on submitting to the wishes or desires of another man," he paused for a moment. "Unless of course the man is transitioning and I'm guessing you aren't doing that."

"No!" I said a little too quickly. "I mean, no, I'm not doing that. I don't have anything against people who are trans, but it just isn't me." He smiled. He did made sense. I would never be doing this unless Ian had said to do it. It wouldn't have occurred to me. "About 4 months," I confessed. "He's really a great guy. He's so sexy," I said, words beginning to spill out. "He doesn't want my face stubble interfering with giving him a blow job," I said which made me blush again. I didn't usually talk with people about this. The brothers were the first to ask me questions the other night.

"Makes sense," he said. "A guy wants to have a smooth face bumping up against his crotch. Some men like a soft hairy face, others want a totally smooth one, not hairy, and stubble is just uncomfortable."

"Some guys like hairy faces?" I asked. "I had no idea."

"Some do, but yours doesn't, given that you are going to change your face to fit your current man, any future man you meet will need to be one who approves of your hairless nature."

"Oh." I hadn't thought about that. I was only interested in doing what Ian wanted. "Really some guys want another guy with a fuzzy face?"

"Sure. Lots of gay men like other men with beards. I'm thinking your boyfriend isn't gay though, or if he is, you aren't in a position to say no, are you?" He put some of the gel they used to keep the heat of the laser down on my nuts and spread it around. "Last chance to decide otherwise, I'm going to start removal," he said nonchalantly.

Did I want to lose the hair totally? Around my nuts, I didn't care so much. I had shaved it close before I fell under Ian's spell, it wasn't THAT important. I hated shaving around my crotch anyway. It was heavy growth and often I ended up with ingrown hairs and it itched like hell when it was growing back.

"Here, hold your nuts to one side, let me start. Just a few treatments should do it, the hair is dark here and that makes it easier."

I heard the machine start up and the telltale beep as the he pushed the button on the handheld device that connected to the machine. Usually I felt little to nothing during the sessions, but clearly on my nuts it was a little different. A few sharp tingles as the roots of the hair were sizzled and killed. Hairless balls for me, I thought. I can live with it. It wasn't much for Ian to ask, or me to give up. No one saw my balls except me, or Ian. Not even Zach had ever seen my crotch."

"It's better hairless anyway," Jared said. "Reminds your boyfriend who's in charge when he sees you hairless. Let's other guys know that too."

"But no one sees me naked except him," I said. This guy was saying all sort of stuff as if he knew my relationship. "Well, and you I guess."

"They will at some point. No one goes through life clothed all the time. Okay, move your nuts to the other side so I can get in that area." I did as he instructed. "Does your boyfriend shave his crotch?"

"No," I told him. "At least not that I have ever seen."

"Well, you are the one getting an up close look all the time," he laughed. Okay, that was sorta funny. I managed a smile. I did get plenty of looks at his dick.

"He's doing this to emphasize your difference from him and other guys. He's probably hairy like most guys, and soon, you won't be. That will mark you as different, as not fully a man. How many men you know have zero hair on their body or face?" He continued moving the laser around my crotch area. "Hold your nuts tight," he instructed so I have good access to them and the folds are not there. We want to get them as smooth as possible for him."

He was right, I didn't know any guy who had zero hair on their body, but that was going to be me soon. According to him, it meant I wasn't a guy. Even the way he said it made it clearer to me I was doing this for Ian, not for me. I had nothing to do with this, except submit to it, submit to losing a piece of my masculinity.

"What else is he doing to emphasize your difference from other guys?" he asked. I had to think and it dawned on me.

"He's having me pump on my nipples with these suction devices. He wants my nipples to be bigger, to stick out more." The technician stopped for a second to glance up and my chest. Why was I feeling so open talking to this guy? I guess just because he ws asking and no one had really asked before.

"Oh yeah, I missed that. They don't look too big right now, you just start?"

"Within the last week or so, yeah. I guess I hadn't thought about how it would make me look different from other guys. I had only thought about it from the stand point of what he liked and wanted, until just now."

"Okay, turn over and spread your cheeks so I can get at your crack," he said. I did what he said and he whistled. "Your boyfriend has a big cock," he stated.

"How do you know?" I wondered.

"Because your hole looks like it has been stretched open by something big," he said. "A small dick wouldn't create the same look." He smeared the gel on my ass and started the laser. "Doesn't look like you have much hair back here."

"No, I don't, but he wants it gone. It's tough shaving back there anyway," I told him. "I won't miss that."

"I wouldn't think so," he said.

"How come you know so much about me or about this stuff?" I wondered aloud.

"Well, I get to do all the male sacks and cracks. The ladies here prefer me doing it. So I know the types of guys who come in wanting this. They are guys like you, have boyfriends, really you can say it, Masters, who have expectations for their boys to get this taken care of. So I just pick up on all of that now. It's convenient. Let's say I get some benefits from knowing who the boys are around here. The other group are the femme boys who are transitioning to looking more like a girl."

"Really, I'm not transitioning," I said again.

"I can see that. You're too muscular for someone who is transitioning. You wouldn't be so built up if you were trying to look softer and more femme."

"So, he bareback you?" Jared asked.

"Uhm, yeah. He doesn't like condoms."

"Nice, so he is pumping you full of his cum. That will change you too."

"What do you mean? How does his cum change me?"

"You're pretty naïve. Look, he's pumping his load into you. You're either swallowing it or you are taking it in your pussy. I call it that because that's how he's using it. He's breeding you. His cum has his DNA, and it's going inside you. You are absorbing his DNA into your system. When you take an alpha man's cum inside you, he is becoming part of you. Not to mention his high load of testosterone he is donating to you probably gives you a rush and feeling you can't get anywhere else. Think about it, you aren't an alpha and the only way you are getting as much testosterone as he has is through his donating some to you. Then there are all the studies that show after someone takes a load of cum from a man, their brain is triggered to release chemicals that trigger feelings of relaxation and calmness."

"Seriously? I questioned him. I had never heard of any of this. I would have to look this stuff up, I thought.

"Yep, check it out. You're getting a lot of benefits from his load, even if you can't get pregnant," he laughed. "Read up on it for yourself," he added.

I couldn't imagine I was getting any benefit from Ian's cum, or anyone else's for that matter. I would have to check that. But, it made some sense anyway. Ian must have way more testosterone than me. I just didn't think sex as often as he did. Nor did I ever shoot a load as often, as much, or as intensely as he seemed to. I wondered if or how having that extra testosterone in me might affect me. I guess maybe that part about chemicals being released was true. And I could say I DID feel better after sex with him. I felt like everything was good. I never felt tense or stressed. Maybe I should read more.

"Face time," Jared told me. I was sort of freaked by this, losing my facial hair. "You're going to be happy you did it," he continued. "No need for razors any more. You won't go gray on the face. Even though you have some stubble, it doesn't look like you could grow a decent beard anyway."

Fuck, that was a short summation. He was right, but it hurt a little to hear another guy sum up my facial hair that way. I had enough on my chin to grow sorta a goatee, maybe. No wonder Ian just said get rid of it. If this guy could say authoritatively It wasn't worth having, then it made it clear I wasn't in the same league. Fuck me, I could be read so easily like a kid's book, but I couldn't figure this shit out on my own.

After that there wasn't much discussion. He went through the process of doing my face and then he checked the rest of my body to make sure there was no hair growth from the other places the salon had already worked on.

"Make sure to schedule an appointment again in a few days," he told me. "I'm here 4 days a week, make sure you tell the receptionist you need to see me."

I thanked him, though I blushed when I did so. It was clearer to me I had never really been anywhere near being a man as Ian is, or this guy either.


My phone was ringing. As if I didn't have enough going on already. Finals, managing my boy Timmy, keeping my schedule constant so Timmy could learn to deal with it. Who would actually call me? The number displayed but it wasn't one my phone knew...ignore it or's 10 pm, I figured I would answer. Not prime sales call time.


"McNeil?" a male voice asked.

"Yeah, who's this?"

"Your brother Donor tells me that one of the harem honeys at the Halloween party was a dude. Donor says the dude is your bitch. Gotta say, McNeil, that was some of the best head I've ever had. I'm down for a repeat, if you're willing to share the goods. I've been letting fags swing on my meat since high school. All on the DL, bro, and it's all good. Got some wicked weed, happy to trade some of it for a go at your bitch boy."

What the fuck? Fucking Donor was telling people about my fag? "First off, who the hell is this? Secondly Donor is always full of shit, you should know that if you know him." I'd speak to Donor later. In fact, I's probably punch the fucker in the nuts, without speaking to him. If what Zach showed me was true, Donor would get off on that. What the fuck? Only I would decide when to out Timmy or who might get to use his mouth. I still wasn't sure I even wanted anyone else using his pussy.

"Jack Gialamas here, McNeil. I know you from the weight room. Your fag is the one who follows you around there, with the bodacious ass, right? I see him with you from time to time there. I was dressed as Captain Kidd at the Halloween party. Got in line for seconds with the bitch." He laughed loudly as he retold the story. "Mad throat skills on that one, dude! You think about my 420 offer? I can bring a sample, and we could talk it over. Now that wrestling season is over, I lift pretty much every morning, at 11. What do you say? Tomorrow is good for me."

I wasn't all that impressed with his attitude, but the weed offer was interesting. I could supply the house with some fun times, increase my hold on the brothers, all for perhaps a couple blowjobs or a good fuck offered up by Timmy. This was a whole new business angle on owning a fag. I liked the possibilities, even if I didn't necessarily like this guy's attitude.

"Okay," I told him, "I remember you now. Tall, dark hair, you wrestle at the heavyweight division, right?"

"That's me," he exclaimed loudly.

"You know, I'm open to a possible trade, I told him. "See you at 11 tomorrow morning. Bring the goods. You flake, you lose."

"No problem, McNeil. I'm going through a dry spell and your fag will work just great to end that problem. I'm telling you, he was good at the party." Jack hung up after that and I considered the possibilities. I wondered how much or what I could get from Jack for Timmy's mouth or ass.

I texted Timmy right away. --Timmy, get over here. I need to speak to you--.

He was in my room in a few seconds. He had his tiny shorts on and a tight t-shirt. He had been working his nipples, I could see through the shirt. I really liked his dedication to my tasks I had given him.

"Timmy, we're gonna go lift tomorrow, at 11 a.m.

"But, Sir, I have chemistry class," he told me.

"What part of an order don't you understand boy?" I told him. "We've been through this, Timmy. You want my cock, right?" I looked down at my crotch, and saw my cock bouncing and bulging in my sweats. I loved the fact telling him what to do got me so fucking hard. "You've agreed to let me make the decisions for you, right?" Timmy was staring at my crotch too, he barely kept his eyes off it these days.

"Yes, Sir," he replied I moved my hand inside my sweats, and kept squeezing, emphasizing what he knew we were talking about. Timmy licked his lips

"C'mere." He hesitated. I said, "Come here."

He came in close, and my put my free arm around his shoulder in a squeeze. I didn't want Tim to be completely afraid of me, but he had to learn obedience. That was Fag Rule #1, according to Johnson. I pulled my hand from my sweaty junk, and put my musky fingers up to his nose. He inhaled and closed his eyes, while I whispered into his ear. "You need to do what I tell you to do. We're going to the gym tomorrow. Understand? At 11 o'clock. Be here in my room at 10:30. Get in touch with someone in your class and get the assignment so you don't fall behind."

With that I put two fingers between Tim's lips. "Now show me you understand." He started to suck on my fingers slowly and worshipfully, never breaking eye contact. "Good boy. Now I got something to do, so go back to your room. And I'm glad you are in the proper uniform for the house, boy. I don't wanna see you around the house unless you're wearing those shorts. Your nipples are starting to get big," I said encouragingly. "I wanna see your nips huge before we go lift tomorrow."

Timmy arrived at 10:30 sharp the next morning. "First things first. Get on all fours. Your pussy is clean and ready, right?" He scrambled out of his sweats, and into position. "Keep the jock on." I dropped my sweats, lined up my cock with his hole, and sank it to the base with one smooth push. Timmy groaned. "Arch your back, bitch," I ordered and he complied. I reached around and grabbed his nipples. They were the biggest he'd gotten them yet. "Niiiiice," I told him, squeezing and twisting.

Timmy moaned with pain and tried to pull away. I smacked the back of his head. "What are you doing? I want big nipples so I can grab `em like this. That's the point." giving them an extra squeeze. I didn't want to be late, so I wrapped one arm around his waist and started a hard jackhammer rabbit-like fuck.

"Oh God, Ian. I mean, Sir. Ohhh, God....." After 30 seconds, I rammed in one last time and blew a huge load deep inside him.

"Your pussy feel that? You wanna come, you can." And he did. I felt him shudder and grip my cock and then collapse. My dick pulsed inside him knowing he would cum simply on my command. I had to check something, and reached inside his jock. Sure enough, just a little wetness around his now shrinking little dick. Must be a fag thing, those tiny cums. Why even bother shooting if you only shot a little?

"Okay, we gotta go. No shower. I want you to hold my load inside you at the gym. Lemme see what you're gonna wear." He pulled out some standard lifting togs. "No fucking way," I told him. I started looking through my drawers and found a pair of running shorts left by some chick I'd banged. Powder blue, slit up the sides. "Put these on." They barely covered the bottom of his cheeks. Perfect.

"But, Sir."

"You're a fag, right? You need to work on accepting that, Timmy. Your life is changing, I'm making sure that it's safe, so do what I say, boy. I have your best interest in mind." I watched as he pulled up the shorts. "Now you look like a fag, and that's what I want people to see. That's what'll make me happy. That's what you're wearing at the gym, so don't argue." I found a muscle T that left the pecs exposed, and tossed it to him. "Put this on too." It looked really good, with his nipples swollen, red, and practically spotlighted for everyone to see. He was blushing and clearly uncomfortable.

We got to the gym just after 11. I told Tim to put my stuff in a locker, and his in the one below it. "I'll explain later." When Tim was in the locker room, I spotted Jack right away. A muscle beast, Italian, with a five o'clock shadow. We nodded from across the floor.

"You brought your boy? Sweet!," he said when we closed the distance and shook hands.

"Today's his glute day," I said, winking, "so we're gonna work out and you and me can talk after. Enjoy the show. You got the stuff?"

"Fuck, yes. You think I'd mess up a chance with that one?" he asked, grabbing his crotch and tilting his head in the direction of the locker room.

I was unusually directive with Tim that day, constantly touching his ass, guiding him around with a hand on his neck or arm, correcting his position. During his squats, I watched Jack position himself on the opposite side of the room, frequently kneading his junk while he watched Tim squat deep. Hell, it was obscene: those little shorts, riding up on Timmy's big bubble asscheeks. Then I noticed some sniffling, as if Tim was crying.

"Timmy, do I smell what I think I smell?" He blushed deeply, and let loose some sniffled tears.

"I can't hold it in, Sir. There's just too much. It's so embarrassing to be here in public and have your load running down my legs. I'm sorry I didn't mean to cry, it's just humiliating." I turned him around, and felt the inside of his legs. Sure enough, a thin trail of my sperm had started down his leg.

"It's okay, boy, I get it. We'll wrap it up now." I swung my arm around his shoulder and he wiped away the tears that had rolled down his cheeks. "No worries, Timmy. It's okay, you did great, baby." From across the weight room, Jack hadn't missed a beat of what passed, he was grinning this huge toothy grin.

In the locker room, Tim took us to our lockers, and knelt down to open his. Above him, I shucked my sweats and jock, my cock and balls swinging soft just inches from his face. He looked up, on sensory overload. I think he wanted to suck me, but the public nature of the locker room was what kept him in check. "Stay right there, boy. I want your face at crotch level, every time we're here at the gym from now on, in fact even if I'm not here, I want you at that level." He nodded his acceptance of that and I smiled at him, which got him to smile back. I was really getting attached to how damn obedient he was, how he did everything I wanted him to do.

Jack had followed us into the locker room, shucked his own sweats, and confidently sauntered across to us, a big piece of meat swinging freely as he strutted. He was hairy all over, his back looked like a carpet. He was widely muscled, maybe 5'11", but stacked. He closed to within a foot, which put his growing cock about a foot from Tim's face. Gotta say, Jack knew what he was doing, and started casually pulling on his dick, in front of a panicked, red-faced and aroused Tim, all the while refusing to look at or acknowledge the boy.

"McNeil, how's it going?"

"Gialamas, right?" I asked. "Pleasure to see you again," I told him and gave him a firm fist bump.

"That's me. I hear good things about you, McNeil. That was a kick-ass party you had. Amazing head from your harem babes." Jack was smiling and winking at me, while Tim was wide eyed with terror when I glanced down now. I placed a firm hand on Tim's shoulder to keep him from getting up and bolting.

"Yeah, I found some local talent." Now Jack and I were both hard, bobbing our cocks in front of Tim's face. Jack looked to be a bit under eight inches, but a real fat cock, with two low hangers underneath a forest of black pubes.

"Talent is an understatement, dude. The one I had was a natural. Took me to the root. Took two of my loads, and I'm famous for big loads. That one musta grown up on cock. I'll tell ya, I'd give a lot for an introduction to that one."

"You brought the stuff?" I asked. "How much?"

"Almost two ounces, in my bag, primo Guatemalan." He nodded over to his locker. "You'll fuck like a beast on that stuff. But maybe you already fuck like a beast."

I grinned. "I do. Timmy here knows that. Don't you, Timmy?" I looked down and Tim was staring at two hard cocks bouncing away in front of his face. "Timmy, stand up and meet Jack Gialamas. He's on the wrestling team. You probably know him better as Captain Kidd from the Halloween party."

Tim managed to stand without bumping into our cocks. He put out his hand to shake, attempting to cover his junk with the other. "Pleased to meet you..."

"Pleased to meet you, Sir, is what you say, Timmy," I told him. "Jack's a man, Timmy, and you address men as `Sir.'

"Pleased to meet you, Sir."

Jack ignored the hand, putting his hand on Timmy's head and ruffling the hair. "So Donor wasn't lying." Tim gave me a startled look at that. "You trained him well. Can I touch?," he asked, pointing to the jutting nipples. I nodded my acceptance.

"Gently, Jack. They got their own workout this morning," I joked, chuckling. Jack brushed the hairy backs of his hands gently against each one in turn, as Tim reddened and bristled. His nipples were fully aroused, and so was his small dick. Jack took hold of each nipple and twisted. I'm sure it was `gentle' because Timmy made a face that said they were tender and Jack was putting a good amount of pressure on them.

"Do you remember Captain Kidd from the party, TImmy?" Timmy shook his head yes. "I think you two are gonna relive some good memories," I said, mock seriously, as I steered them both to the shower room.


I can't believe Ian would make me do all this at the gym. I already was humiliated and scared that Ian's load was running out of my ass and down my leg. Now he was taking me into the shower with a guy so hairy I could hardly see his skin.

"So a couple ounces, huh?" Ian confirmed with this Jack guy.

"Yup, good stuff too."

"You want a crack at his pussy?" Ian asked him. "It's already lubed up from this morning."

I looked back at Ian but he was paying no attention to me, just looking over at Jack. He was going to let this guy fuck me too? He had said he didn't want others using my hole. What was he doing? The only lube I had was his load from earlier, or what had not yet run down my leg.

"One load in his mouth and another in his cunt," Jack stated. "Seems a bit pricey, but I know he's good. Deal," he stated and they fist bumped to seal the deal of trading my holes for some weed. I couldn't do this in the gym shower. Someone was bound to come in and see me. What the hell was he doing? We arrived in the shower area and Jack grabbed me by the arm and swung me around to face him. He pointed at the floor.

"On your knees, faggot," he ordered. I looked over at Ian. He smiled at me.

"Do as he says, Timmy. Get on your knees," Ian repeated Jack's order.

I couldn't believe I was going to do this. I didn't know this guy. I mean, sure I had sucked him off a couple times I guess, but I had never seen him before or after that damn party. I went to my knees and was faced with his massive cock again. It seemed bigger than Ian's but maybe that was the thickness, or maybe it was because the guy was so hairy that all of him seemed bigger. Ian had chest hair, but no back hair or the extent of hair this guy had. He had two huge balls that swung from underneath his pole.

Jack looked down at me. "I am looking forward to this," he said as he took his fat cock and smacked my face with it a couple times. "I've been letting fags like you suck me off since high school," he stated. "But by god, you gave the best head I've had from a fag. Hell from anyone."

"Tell the man thank you, Timmy. He's giving you a compliment," Ian instructed.

"Thank you, Sir," I replied as I looked up.

"Beg me for it, faggot. I want to hear how much you want my cock in your throat."

I glanced at Ian but he was actually showering. He wasn't even watching now. I wasn't going to get anymore guidance from Ian, he had traded my holes and he considered it final.

"Please, may I suck your cock, Sir? I'd really like to suck you again," I told him. I tried to sound sincere. I didn't really want to suck anyone but Ian to be honest, but he had traded me to Zach for a place to sleep and now to Jack for some weed.

"Good boy," he told me. "Open up and get it wet. I'm going in that throat." He placed his cockhead in my mouth and I began licking.

I must have been crazy that night at the party. I had sucked so many dicks I couldn't rally recall one this fat. I know I had done it, so I could do it again. I started licking around the fat head. It was big and he was already hard. I wondered what his cum tasted like. What a thought. I guess my brain had switched to thinking differently. Maybe I WAS a faggot. That made my own dick start swelling.

I moved to licking up and down the shaft. It needed to be wet so it would fit, but when I was doing that I saw those balls and I wanted to taste those too. His scent was one of sweat and odor. He had been working out and he smelled of it. I sniffed his nuts and then slowly sucked one into my mouth and savored his taste. I continued sniffing while lapping my tongue round his huge nut.

"Yeah, that's it, get a good smell, bitch. You fags are all alike, can't get enough of my sweaty aroma." I popped the other ball in my mouth and gave it the same treatment. I'd like to say I put both in my mouth at once but I can't. I tried to suck them both in but they wouldn't fit. "Back on my cock, faggot. I didn't pay to have you make love to my nuts."

"Yes, Sir," I mumbled as I went back to his cock. I started bobbing a little on his shaft. Getting a little more each time, feeling my lips stretch as I went further down his thick shaft. Then all of a sudden he grabbed my head and pulled me all the way down his cock until my lips were mashed against his hairy crotch. I gagged a little as he forced me down and there was plenty of stretching of my throat, but there was nowhere else for it to go and my gag reflex was no longer what it once was.

"Taking too damn long," he announced. I looked up at him the best I could and he was grinning. "I wanted to feel that again, fag. It's just how I remember, a damn good throat pussy. Can't wait to try out your ass pussy. Now, get me off!"

I glanced over to see what Ian was doing and got a smack to my face. "Pay attention to my cock, not your boyfriend's dick," he said. I stopped looking around and started bobbing on his meat. I backed off his meat and noticed how slimy it was as it left my mouth. I went to work bobbing on it and going in and out of my throat. He had removed his hands from my head and let me do the work. He played with his nipples. I tried to maintain as much eye contact as possible so I could see if he was enjoying it.

"Oh, fuck, yeah. You really are a good cocksucker. Ian's got to be happy with you, fag. If you didn't belong to him, I sure as hell would be claiming you as my bitch." That made me feel good actually. I could feel my little dick bounce around as he said that, like it was responding to his words. I use to think I had a decent sized cock. None of the girls I had been with in high school or college had complained about it, but I was really not in the same league as the guys I now found myself sucking off. I have begun to realize I just don't have much in the dick department.

I could feel Jack's nuts tighten up on my face and knew for sure my bobbing and tongue action was getting to him when he grabbed my head with one big hand and forced me down completely on his dick.

"Fucking coming...blowing my nut faggot...Ughhhhhh...yessssss...uughhhhhh." He held me tight and I didn't get to taste any of his first few shots as they went directly into my stomach. He was gasping and twisting. He finally let go of my head and I pulled back to breathe, but also to get a taste of the rest of his load as it dribbled out of his dick onto my tongue. He had the sweet-salty taste I had grown to enjoy, but his was stronger. I don't know why, but it was different than Ian's cum. Why the hell was I fascinated by how guy's tasted?

He yanked his cock out and pulled me up, then spun me around. "Hands on the wall, fag. Your pussy is next." His dick hadn't deflated at all. He lifted each of my arms and put them on them wall. I could see Ian standing there, done with his shower and now watching me. His towel hung around his shoulders and I thought he looked so fucking sexy. But Jack was pushing and prodding, smacking his slick dick at my ass, and so I had to pay attention to his hands, cock, and words and not Ian so much.

"Ready, bitch? Here it comes," he warned me. He barely even lined it up properly before he started shoving it in me.

"Fffuuucccckkk," I heard myself moan. He was thick and I was stretched more than I normally was with Ian's cock. "Oh, fuck me, you're thick," I said. He just laughed at me.

"Stupid faggot, you just sucked me, you know I've got a fat cock. You just noticing it now that it's in your pussy?" Jack laughed again. "McNeil," he called out to Ian, "your bitch is whining about my dick in her pussy."

"She'll get over it," was all Ian said. He stood there stroking his cock as he watched me getting pounded by Jack. I stayed there, hands on the wall, ass backed up against Jack. Then I noticed someone else in the shower area. Shit. At least it wasn't anyone I knew. He was a skinny kid, not very tall. He was staring open mouthed at what was happening to me. Just kinda standing there, pulling on his dick and watching.

I watched as Ian looked over at him. He looked around. He looked terrified and amazed at the same time. Does that even make sense? He didn't leave but he kept away from what was happening.

"Push back, bitch. Fuck yourself on my dick!" I was ordered by Jack. I started humping back on his cock, moving up and down on it, twisting my ass and hole around his cock. It felt so fucking good. I was thinking, why had I waited so long to get fucked by a guy? All those fake sorta friendships I had with buddies in high school, this was what I had wanted the whole time. Nothing more than a man's cock inside me. I had done stupid shit with them, doing homework for them, being their wingman, it was because I couldn't tell myself I wanted cock.

Jack grabbed my hair and pulled me up. After I was upright, he grabbed my nipples and twisted them making me moan. "That's it bitch, tell me you love it."

"I love it, Sir. Oh fuck, that hurts."

He just laughed and twisted my nips again. I began to wonder if Ian would do this as they got bigger? I wanted to not like this. I wanted to think that It was ONLY Ian's dick that got me hard or got me acting slutty but it wasn't true. I had done this too much now with Ian, I loved the feel of cock in my holes and the fact Ian was watching this made it somehow okay. I even enjoyed it when Jack had grabbed my nipples and twisted. They were sore and tender, but it felt good and my dick jumped each time he manhandled them. It was like my nips were connected to my dick.

Jack was all sweaty and hairy. It was rubbing all over my back and his hairy arms surrounded me and he manhandled my chest, twisting and pulling and grabbing at my nipples. He pulled me tight and whispered things in my ear that were disgusting to think about and yet exactly what I wanted to hear.

"You're just a toy, Timmy, like a blow up sex doll. Nice bubble ass made for fucking. How's it feel to have your boyfriend trade you for some smoke and then watch as I get off?"

It felt embarrassing, is how it felt. Why had Ian done this? I didn't get it. Yet at the same time it felt good. I loved feeling Jack's fat cock splitting me open. I loved how he knew just how to manhandle me like Ian did.

"You like watching your stud jack off while I get the use of your holes?

"Yes, Sir," I responded.

"Good fag. You like knowing what a slut for cock you are? You enjoy being whored out?"

"Oh god, it's so humiliating," I admitted. I don't know why but I wanted to cry. Today was turning into a real long day of humiliation and it was only around noon.

"Seems to me, McNeil loves watching you get fucked," he continued whispering. "Maybe he loves knowing what a slutty faggot you are." All I could do was moan as he continued spreading my hole wider with his pole. I would never be able to keep Ian's load inside me for long if this guy was going to fuck me all the time. He chewed my ear and continued talking as he hammered away.

"You've got a tight little cunt. He's made you a real cockhound though."

He was right, Ian had made me appreciate cock. I loved it. my dick was bouncing around. I glanced down and saw my dick leaking as usual. I was enjoying this. I looked around and it was still Ian watching and the skinny kid had moved closer. He was stroking himself too.

"Hey, kid," Jack suddenly said rather loudly. He was looking at the skinny guy. "You want to fuck his face?" The kid looked startled, but nodded his head yes. "Then get over here and put it in his face hole."

Ian said nothing when I glanced at him. He was going to let it happen. Jack pulled me away from the wall and then bent me over again, facing the kid. I put my hands on my knees to support myself. Jack reached around and stuck both hands on my face and shoved his fingers in my mouth, spreading my lips wide. "Come on kid, shove it in, he loves it."

The kid stepped forward and I was able to see his cock. It was nothing to be ashamed of, bigger than mine, which I was beginning to realize was normal, mine wasn't as big as I thought. He did as Jack said and shoved it in my mouth making me gag a bit. Jack pulled his fingers out of my mouth and I closed my lips around the cock being fed to me.

"Now' fuck him good," Jack told the kid. "We can spit roast him. Don't be afraid to really pound him, he loves it. A real slut for a man's cock."

The kid never said anything really. He shoved his dick in then grabbed my head and he did start fucking my mouth and throat. It took me awhile to find a rhythm. One man pounding my back hole, one pounding my front hole. I looked up at the kid, he seemed to be more relaxed right now. The only things he said were about how fucking good it felt and for me to use my tongue.

Ian was suddenly standing closer. He was stroking his big cock and then he unleashed a big load across my face. Suddenly, the kid said he was cumming and he dumped his load straight down my throat. He held my head tight for a few seconds then released me so I could catch my breath. It was happening so quickly. As he stepped back away, some other guy I hadn't seen come in sprayed my face with a third load. Then it was Jack.

"Bitch, I'm going to empty my nuts in your pussy," and he roared loudly as he did it. I could feel his cock flexing inside me and what felt like a lot of cum filling my hole. I tightened my hole and pulled out his load. When he finished he came around and I had to clean off his dick. I don't even know if I came or not. I was exhausted and so humiliated. I had been spit-roasted in the gym shower. People I didn't know had used me and cum on me, cum in me. I watched the other guys shower quickly and leave. I had slunk to the floor and was propped against the wall. I didn't want to move. I was too embarrassed to be seen back at the lockers, too exhausted to stand. I had so many things in my head going on.

Ian moved closer to me. "You need to shower," he stated simply. "You're covered in cum. Let me help you get started, then you better get your ass clean and meet me at the lockers." Then he proceeded to point his cock at me and he pissed! He starting pissing on me. He started at my face. It was warm, almost hot. I watched as he smiled and pissed. I watched the stream emerge from his cock and followed it as he pissed no my chest and then further down till he was pissing on my dick. That was when I came. I might have cum before but I came then too. My fucking little dick spurted out a load and Ian laughed as he emptied his bladder on me, showering my body with his piss. Then he shook his dick off. "Get your ass up and clean up," he said. No one else was there now. They hadn't seen him pissing on me at least. I wanted to cry, but I knew it wouldn't do any good. I stood and showered, grabbed my towel and went back to the locker area.