Becoming a Boy 45

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Timmy got to my room late afternoon. He started picking up the place and cleaning the mess that somehow happens when you live in one room. You'd think it wouldn't get messy with so little space to work with but it did. Frankly, I no longer worried about it, Tim cleaned it up. I could tell he was moping about as he picked up my laundry and then went off to start a load. He looked so hot in the shorts someone had bought him. I still wasn't sure who it was but I appreciated the thought. He wasn't saying anything, just doing his work on remote it seemed. I figured I would have to bring him out of it.

"Come over here, Timmy," I said when he got back to the room from the washing machines. I patter the space in front of me on my chair. "Let's watch a video together."

"But I need to clean up and study for finals," he tried to explain to me.

"I know, but I want you watch this video with me I recorded."

"Video? What did you record, Sir?"

"Well come over here and sit down." He came to my desk and he sat at the edge of the chair between my legs. "I've got this video," I began telling him, "it's something that Jessa recorded of Donor a couple days ago. Let's watch it."

"Really? Donor in a sex video? That doesn't sound all that exciting," he responded glumly. At the core, that statement was true. I wasn't watching it to see Donor, that was for sure.

I clicked start and we watched as Donor lay on the bed all tied up. I hadn't seen it yet. "Afraid you might watch some straight sex?" I asked. He turned around and looked at me.

"Sort of. I mean not afraid, but it doesn't really interest me all that muchÉanymore."

Interesting I thought. Maybe he's accepting what I had figured out long ago, he really likes cock. "Oh yeah? Not thinking about pussy so much, huh?"

"No," he mumbled. "Not for a while."

"What do you think about now?" I asked. We needed a catch up conversation. I had been putting him through a lot and had been busy myself. He didn't respond right away.

"So, does anything happen in this video? Or is it only Donor tied up? Look at his dick and balls. They're all red, like someone smacked it around hard."

"So you think about cock now, Timmy?"

"Yeah, pretty much," he confirmed. "Too much," he added after a few seconds.

"Scoot back," I told him. "Get comfortable." He edged back until his ass was bumping up on my crotch. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him back into me. I could feel his muscles all tense. "Relax," I said, "just slow down and talk with me a bit. Don't be on edge." I could feel him relax a little as we continued to watch Donor do nothing. From time to time he would try to struggle and get his hands around the rope to try to pull on a knot but he wasn't going to be successful at it, it was pretty clear. I want you to relax around me, Timmy. You don't have to be scared around me."

"So, what do you mean that you think about cock too much? Don't you like cock?"

He had wrapped his arms on mine and seemed to enjoy being held this way. "Yeah, I do. I didn't know how much though."

"Keep going," I encouraged him.

"Well, first I only thought about your cock. Even when you had me do stuff like the Halloween party, I still thought about your dick. I just told myself I wasn't interested in all those other dicks. Now, it's like I go to the gym or the pool and all I can think about is what some guy has in his pants or what a particular cock would taste like." I looked at him and he was turning red telling me this. He was looking at the computer screen but wasn't really watching it. I decided not to mention that. I nuzzled at his neck and licked a little at it.

"I don't even have to know a guy now and I catch myself staring at his crotch," he continued. It's really tough at the pool. When we're all showering I know I am staring." That made me smile. It seemed Timmy was turning into a real fag in his own mind. Was this what was bothering him? "The first day of practice this week, one of the guys caught me, staring I mean. I couldn't even stop," he complained. "He was half hard and all I could think was I could suck on that and get him off so well, he'd want more. I shouldn't be thinking like that." By now he was slumped against me. His fingers were twiddling the hairs on my arm, like an automatic distraction.

I nibbled at his neck again, licked it a little here and there. I really did like Tim. I was still surprised I had grown so attached to the idea of keeping him around as my boy. It wasn't like me to keep a good fuck around too long, but I was fascinated by him and the dedication to doing what I told him to do, to allowing me to bend his will and accepting that I knew what was best. That was the key really. He would do just about anything if I motivated him to do it. It was a total high for me having this control. I could admit that to myself.

"You say he caught you? Did he say anything?" Timmy just kept staring at the screen and playing with my arm.

"Yeah, he wanted me to blow him. Asked if I was thirsty as he grabbed his cock. It was totally hard by then and I really would have done it."

"Why didn't you, Timmy? I mean why not blow him?"

"Because you said not to. Not to have any sex unless you approved of it. Plus, if I gave him a blow job, he would tell everyone and then the whole team would know I'm a cocksucker."

"There's nothing wrong with that, Timmy. We've talked about it before. It's perfectly natural and normal for you to want to look at cocks and men in general. It's who you are. You DO want to suck cock. You've held back all those things and now that you are learning what you like, you're on overload a bit, I bet. I know that you could get him off and he would enjoy it. You are great with your mouth." I moved my hand up to one of his nipples and began to play with it. I knew by now they were connected to his dick and his pussy. He didn't stop me so I continued.

"It just feels funny," he said. "I wanted to give him a blow job right then, but I also wanted to do like you said and not do it. I ended up telling him you told me I couldn't have sex with other guys."

"I appreciate you being honest with him, Timmy. He probably thinks more of you for being up front and telling him why you wouldn't suck him off. He could see in your eyes you wanted to obviously from what you're saying, so he knows you are being faithful to me. I really respect you for that Timmy." I licked his ear as I finished my thought to him. I knew what parts of Tim to touch or engage with to get him all horned up. It hadn't taken me all that long to get it figured out. My skills at knowing what to do with a person sexually translated to fags or girls. A few licks, rubs, and touches in the right spot were all it took. Donor was still just lying there in the vid. Tim squirmed a bit but didn't stop me playing with his nipple or licking and nibbling.

"Now he will probably tell everyone that I'm queer and have a boyfriend who keeps me in line."

"Is that what you've been moping around here about? Your teammates figuring this out?"

"Yes, Sir. I'm sorry. It just makes me wonder if I need to do swim team at all. If I can't be there and not stare at crotches all the time, what am I actually doing? If all I'm doing is staring or worse, if I did give him a blow, then it would just cascade and I would want to blow the next one and the next one. My mind has gone all crazy. I just think about cock now, not the swimming or the team. I feel slutty."

Poor kid. He was having his own little crisis it seemed. For me, it was good. He was keeping my rules, for him it was a struggle to do that and a struggle as he weighed what his service to me and his service to cock had taught him. He was weighing priorities. I liked that.

"But you still want to be obedient. You still want me to be the one calling the shots."

"Yeah," he admitted it. "I think if you hadn't set your rules I might be sucking off a lot more people than I already did. Knowing you have to give permission keeps me from being a real slut. I, well, I just really like cock a lot more than I imagined I ever could."

"But, I did set rules, so you are restraining yourself. Do you think those rules are tough?" I asked. I wanted to hear what he had to say to this. I prodded a little more. "Do you want to be a real slut and suck as many men as you can get?"

He snuggled up closer to me, my cock was hard now and Tim bumped up against it as he settled further in to my chair. As I continued to play with his nipples and gently licked his neck he started to squirm more against my cock. He sure seemed to want something the longer he sat here.

"Timmy, I asked you a question but you haven't answered. Do you want to be a real slut boy and suck as many men off as you can get?" I got a hold of his nipples and gave then a tighter pinch. He let out a low little moan. "Did you like being the shower slut the other day at the gym.

"Yes," was his answer. "I mean, I liked what you had me do at the shower. I didn't want to to do your friend, but I did like it. Especially after I had some time to think about it, it was so hot having those other people watch or fuck my face while he fucked my ass.

"Your pussy," I corrected him and he turned a bit red in the face.

"My pussy," he repeated. "And it made me think about how much fun it was and what it might be like to see how many guys I could suck off or how different cocks feel in my, in my pussy."

I moved my hands down to his little shorts and undid the button and the zipper, and he pushed them down before I had to do it.

"Looks like someone needs something," stated. "Tell me what you need, Timmy."

"Your cock, I need your cock."

"That's right, you need cock. Where do you need cock, Timmy?"

"In my pussy," he replied quietly.

"Good boy."

I moved the thong string over his bubble ass cheek and massaged his butt. He let out a little moan.

"Why don't you stand up for a minute boy?" I told him. When he got up I pulled my sweats down, pulling my hard cock out. I slid down in my chair some. "Okay, Timmy, just sit down on me. You can ride it today. Go at your own pace."

Tim turned around and looked at my cock standing up straight. I spit on my hand and rubbed it around my cock. He began lowering himself down and when his hole got to my cock, I spit again and got it at least a little damp. He reached to hold on to my pole and he began to wrap that pussy around my cock.

"Yeah, that's it boy, feed that cock into your hole. Show me how much you want it."

He backed up a couple times and lowered further each time, but honestly the kid needed no lube. His hole was a well-oiled machine at this point. He seemed to love it any way he could get it. "That's it, Timmy. Your pussy is so wet; you were made to take cock this way. No doubt about it." I let him do the adjusting and getting it inside him. I reached around and fiddled with his tits. He moaned a bit more and I flicked them around as he was feeding my cock to his pussy. Eventually after a few up and downs he had fully impaled himself on me.

"Just lay back Timmy. Relax and enjoy my cock inside you. How does it feel?"

"Ohhh, fuck yes, it feels so good. I just feel like I need a cock in me now. I'm so lucky to have your cock, I know that."

Timmy began squeezing at my cock. He didn't bounce on it, he just sat there as I slunk down into the chair and he lay back on me. He had it all and seemed happy for the moment to just know it was inside him.

"You do love cock," I emphasized. "Tell me what you can feel, boy."

He ground himself on my hips and squeezed tight on my dick. "I feel full. Your cock is big and when it's inside me I feel very full. I love the feeling as you stretch me open, I love feeling how far your cock stretches me," he said and he reached down to rub around my shaft that wasn't inside him. "I love how it just slides in me."

I flicked at his nipples and he groaned. "It feels like my nipples are so sensitive," he continued. Like when you play with them when your cock is in me, it sends shivers all through my body. This will sound funny, but when a cock is inside me I lose track of my own dick. It's like it isn't there. My, well my pussy," he whispered, "my pussy seems like it's all alive and I feel everything inside me. I can feel your cock way up in me. I can feel it throb, I can tell when you are going to cum. It's like your cock and my hole are where the feeling is all at. I mean I am hard and I cum but it's like its an extension of your cock, not mine."

"No, that sounds about right," I told him. "Your pussy is your primary sex organ now," I explained. "I wouldn't be surprised if eventually you just stop getting hard and learn to cum without even being hard. I hear that happens in boys like you who feel more intensely in their pussy."

"Really? You think so?"

"That's what Danny and other fags tell me. They just become more sensitized in their pussy and don't pay attention to their dick at all."

"You always say to not touch my dick when I am giving you head or getting fucked and it was tough at first. My first reaction was to grab it. Now it seems normal. At first it was weird, but now, I don't even think about it. I know I will cum, but I don't touch it at all."

"See? Another reason to pay attention to me."

"I know. You always are right, Sir. You knew, you know so much that I don't know, so I DO listen" He just lay there against me, most of my cock inside him. I wanted him to do the work on it. I have enough control of my dick that it stays hard even if I am not pumping it, or getting constant friction.

"LOOK!" Timmy nearly shouted, excitedly. "It's Zach! He's in the room with Donor."

Sure enough, there was Zach. He had made it to the room that night it seemed. Now what would he do?


I got Ian's text and headed home. I had ignored Jessica's texts because frankly, she was crazy. I didn't mind the one night, but I didn't want to be fucking her all the time, frankly. I was happy being gay and didn't need a chick around all the time. But when Ian texted, I thought I would go see what Donor wanted.

So when I walked in and saw him all tied up and just lying there, I burst out laughing. I looked around and didn't see Jess anywhere. I even checked the closet. Then as I turned back around, I picked up on the computer facing him and the camera light was on. I wandered over to check it out and saw that two people were following the video, Jessica and Ian. Cool. They wanted a show.

"So Donor, what brings you here tonight?"

"Jessica tied me up again," he said simply. "Then she turned on the cam and left me here after sending you a text." He said it without any emotion, as if he had been caught again with his little fetish and I just happened to walk in.

"And Ian stopped by too it seems. He work your ass over?"

"NO!" he said way too loudly. "No, he found me but left me here. He talked to me and invited himself to the cam session. Turn it off, will you? Please!"

"Oh no. Whatever happens, happens for them to see it. Why would I turn it off? I'm not really sure you want it off."

"Yes, I do!" he insisted. "I didn't know she planned this. I told her I didn't want anything weird going on tonight, just me and her."

"Oh, come on Donor. You had to know if you let her tie you up, she was going to do what she wanted, and she clearly wants to see you used by a man. You didn't figure that out the other day? Takes you two times to put the whole picture together?" He didn't say anything. Either it WAS something he wanted or he wasn't very bright. Both of those were possibilities. In fact, it was pretty interesting I could see the options, but Donor looked like he hadn't figured it out ahead of time.

"That was nice of Jess to invite me over. I have so many options now, Donor. What should I do?"

"Untie me?" he said sort of in between a question and a statement.

"Nah, that isn't one of my thoughts. I'm thinking that she left you here so I could make use of you. What kind of man would I be if I didn't make use of the opportunities given to me? I'd never get ahead in life."

"Dude, I'm just not into guys," he told me. He sounded honest about it even.

"Yeah, but you are into being tied up and getting yourself worked over, aren't you?" He didn't say anything at first. He may have turned a little red, it was hard to tell. "Hard for you to deny that isn't it Donor? I've watched what Jessica did to you."

"Please don't kick me again," he said urgently. "Don't grab my nuts. They're already sore."

"Ahhh, that's more of what I wanted to hear Donor. A little begging from the guy who knows he isn't in control." I paused for a moment just watching him. There were so many things I could do. There was the obvious, get him to suck me off, fuck his virgin hole, smack his nuts around. What would Ian do? Nothing. Ian had already said he wasn't interested in Donor, and if what Donor had said was true, Ian had already been in here and seen him tied up and done nothing.

I could use Donor, but what purpose did it serve? He said he wasn't into guys. I definitely wanted someone who was into me or at least into what I wanted to do to them. Using his mouth or ass would be a short term fun thing but it wouldn't give Donor a sense of what someone could do to him or for him. I wanted something he would have to think about. It dawned on me slowly. I had seen stuff on the net.

"Donor, just lay here. I'll be back within the hour," I told him.

"No, wait, just let me go," he whined. I smacked his nuts a couple times to shut him up. He yelped but stayed pretty quiet.

"You don't have any choice do you? I can go get one of the guys to watch you," I told him. He just vehemently shook his head no. With that I left him there and ran off to the local adult store in town to grab what I wanted.

When I returned Donor was just lying there as I had left him. I waved a sack in front of him.

"What is that?" he asked.

"Your surprise," I told him. I'm not going to do anything to you tonight, Donor, except give you the torture you seem to like."

I pulled out my gift from the bag and showed it to him.

"What the hell is that?" he demanded to know.

"Well, I will show you Donor." I open the package and looked at the parts. I began picking through the various ring sizes and selected one that looked good and moved to the bed. I opened the cock ring piece of the chastity device and placed it around Donor's cock and balls. It seemed a bit loose. I could get a finger in between his nuts and the ring. I went back to the pack and chose the next smaller ring. This time it was tight, nice.

I went back to the sack and got the rest of the pieces. I got spit on Donor's dick and rubbed it slick a couple times. Suddenly he seemed to catch on what was going to happen. He began struggling against the ropes.

"Too late Donor. It's happening."

"No, don't do it. NO! I don't want this."

"Yes you do, Donor. You let yourself get tied up and you let Jessica leave you here. You accepted whatever was happening." I placed the spacer over the pins and then slid Donor's dick into the plastic cage. He started getting hard and I had to go get a Q-tip from his bathroom supplies, but eventually I crammed his cock into the cage. Once it was in there and secure, despite his struggling, I put the little pin into the space where the ring met the cage portion and I screwed it shut. Donor's dick was locked into a chastity cage.

"FUCK YOU," Donor yelled. "FUCK YOU!"

"No, Donor, fuck you," I explained to him. "You screwed Tim over and you tried to screw over Ian. Fuck you. When you want out, you'll come beg me to let you out, and you'll beg me offering me anything I want. So I think that you are going to learn a lesson, and I am looking forward to you begging." I cleaned up the packaging, tossed it in his trash can and then I released one wrist and left the room. I had no interest in seeing Donor this evening. I figured in a couple days he'd be by to beg me to unlock him. If he tried to saw it off or cut if off, he'd be in pain in a lot more places that would scar him more than the fact he was locked up.


"Oh my god! Zach locked Donor's dick up. I can't believe it. He didn't even do anything to him."

"Did you want him to do something, Timmy?" I asked him.

"Sort of. I kinda wanted Zach to fuck him. I guess I wanted to see Donor know what that is like."

We had fast forwarded through the part where Zach was gone, only to see him return and lock up Donor's dick. Nothing else. I was curious as to why Zach had chosen it too, but I liked the way he thought. It essentially put Donor under Zach's control. He wouldn't be fucking Jessica or anything else in this arrangement.

"I guess that Zach has other things in mind."

"Do you ever think of putting me in one of those cages?" Timmy asked. He was still impaled on my cock. He had just settled in and I was actually enjoying it being buried fully and feeling him squeeze that pussy around my dick every so often.

"Yep," I admitted, "I think about it from time to time. You behave and I won't do it though," I told him. "I don't mind if you get hard, and I don't care if you cum. I like knowing that my cock is what gets you off."

"Thank you, Sir." It was nice to hear him appreciative of my decision. "I'm not sure it would be good for me.

"I'll decide if it becomes useful at some point, but don't worry for now."

Timmy started moving back and forth and grinding him butt up against my lap. "Get up," I said, "I want to fuck." We stood up together and my dick never left his cunt. "Turn around." Timmy turned around. "Get up on the chair, on your knees." Timmy obeyed without letting my dick out of that tight hole. He grabbed the back of my office chair.

I started plowing his cunt. It felt so damn good. It was different than a woman's vagina, I did enjoy that feeling too, but his hole was magical, really. Wet, warm, easy entry now, but tight from his muscle control.

"Oh fuck, Sir, fuck me. I love that feeling."

"Slut," I told him. "You'd say the same thing for any cock in your pussy. If I turned you out to the world I could earn some decent cash off this hole."

"What? No! I don't want to be a whore," he exclaimed.

I smacked his ass hard and he yelped. "You'll do it if I tell you to," I stated clearly, driving my cock deep into his pussy.

I was pulling all the way out and shoving all the way in. Not fast but firmly and deeply. Every time I pulled out his hole gaped open and stayed that way. He had been sitting on me quite a while as we had sat and watched the video.

"You have a wide open hole now Timmy. Hard to believe it was a tight pucker just a couple weeks ago."

"Oh god it feels so good."

I smacked those round bubble cheeks again, watching the flesh shake. I pulled out and spun him around in the chair. I shoved my cock into his mouth and slowly sank it all the down his throat.

"That feels good too," I told him. "Not sure which hole I want to cum in yet" I fucked his throat for a few strokes and then spun him around again, plunging my cock back in his ass.

"Oh, shit, I'm so full. God, I love your cock," he moaned.

"Listen to yourself Timmy. You just love cock. It seems a shame not to let other guys use your holes. Maybe I'm too selfish with them. Maybe I will let your teammates have a go at you."

"Ooohhhhhh, god, oh yeah, fuck me, Sir."

I wondered about that. I enjoyed knowing Tim was my boy, but I wondered if he got fucked by others regularly would he still come around to get some of my dick? What was the real attachment if he was getting plenty of cock somewhere else?

"Squeeze my cock, come on, milk that pole. Show me you want that load." I let him work his muscle around my cock and he squeezed in rhythm to my strokes. I reached up and pulled on his hair until he was kneeling on the chair, leaning back against me, and I took his nipples in my hands. I kneaded and squeezed them.

"Oh god, ooohhhhhh,"

"Your tits are getting nice, Timmy. I like how those nips are getting bigger. You better be pumping them every day."

"I am, ohhh, yeah, fuck, yes, that feels so good."

He really was pretty incoherent. Just moaning and gasping and squirming on my dick. I spun him around again, grabbing his hair and bringing his face onto my dick. He mumbled and gagged but swallowed it whole. I worked his face and felt his throat closing around my cock and the massaging feeling it gave. Being on my office chair had him wobbling around and frankly I kinda liked the office balance feeling as his mouth or ass swung randomly based on my pumping into his holes.

I spun him around again and slid into his pussy. He moaned again. Sometimes I wondered if he ever was quiet during sex. His sighs indicated his enjoyment and I don't think he was even conscious of his loud little moans or gasps as I plugged him. I kept it up, spinning the chair back and forth, satisfying both his throat and his ass. In his throat was quieter but he still purred as he worked on my dick. He looked so much like a jock most of the time but put him on his knees in front of my cock or on all fours getting fucked and he turned into a fiend for dick.

"I know you are getting close Timmy. Your dick is leaking like crazy." A long strand of precum had slipped out and stretched from the seat of my chair to his bouncing clit. "You're going to clean that up with your tongue after I'm done filling you up," I let him know. His pussy muscles were tightening and squeezing on my cock. He was backing up and down on my dick at the same time I was pumping forward.

"Ooohhhhhh, ffuuuuuuckkkkkkkk," Timmy moaned and his load spilled out of his dick. His cunt clamped down on my cock and I drove deep and grabbed his hips and held his ass down on my dick all the way grunting and releasing.

"Filling you up, boy. Breeding you with my babymakers," I told him.

"Yes, yessssssss, I want it." I could feel how tight his hole was as he came and milked my cock at the same time.

"You're going to take a lot of loads, Timmy. You need to realize you serve cock and live to take a load from a man."

"Yes, oh god, I'm a faggot. I love to take loads."

He held tight to the back of the chair and I ground my hips getting my load as deep inside as I could get it.

"That's right, Timmy. You've become a good fag this semester. We're going to keep working on it next semester. You're going to perfect your skills and show the campus just what a fag you are."

I pulled my cock out and spun the chair a final time. "Clean me up," I instructed. "Then clean up my chair. I need to finish a paper and you need to study."


I wouldn't say my sex life was improved exactly, but in all honestly it took on a different tone than it had before. Jan was more relaxed at times now; she didn't always need a full prep from me to be ready. Billy took care of those things now 2-3 times a week. Jan would emerge from the basement and be chilled out. If I wanted to plow her pussy good, she didn't need any real convincing. Billy had relaxed her, given her a good orgasm and she was ready to take my cock. There was a lot to be said to just get straight to the fucking. As a guy with a big dick I had always needed to prep Jan for it, now, that work was done for me.

Now I wanted Billy going a little further. I wanted to get Billy using more than his hands on Jan. I wanted him to use his tongue. If I okayed this, then it would be so much easier for Jan to simply encourage Billy to use his cock. Or Billy might actually be driven enough to want to please Jan in a way he hadn't already done. Once the cock was involved, they would both get their punishments. I had always drawn my line at the cock. My cock was going to be the only one Jan ever received.

My task was made easier by the fact that Jan usually received her massages at the end of the day. I could hear them and occasionally I spied on them. Just to see what was going on. It was never more than Billy's hands bringing Jan to her full release. She sometimes shared with me the ways Billy manipulated her with his fingers and hands. She talked longingly about it sometimes. I didn't care to hear about it really, but I had opened it up and so if I was going to encourage the next step I needed to hear how good he was at it.

Of course I knew how good he was because he was equally adept at manipulating my dick and getting orgasmic responses from me too. I even learned that with his ministrations he could get me to cum hard with his rubbing and massage of that area between my balls and asshole, the taint as Danni called it.

On my next massage with Billy I asked about his time with Jan. "Billy, this has been really amazing," I told him as he worked on my shoulders. "I can't thank you enough for these massages."

"You're welcome, Mr. McNeil, I really am happy to do it. It's so great seeing you and Mrs. McNeil happy and relaxed after them."

"I swear from how relaxed Jan is that you must be something special with that tongue of yours," I tossed out to get a reaction.

"Oh no," he was quick to say, "I don't use my tongue. I, well, it's just that you hadn't mentioned that. I wasn't sure. I mean I had thought about it but I haven't no."

"Oh, well, I'm sorry Billy. I just figured thatÉ"

"No, no no. I mean, I could of course, but I haven't."

"Well then your fingers are very good Billy, if that is all you need to get Jan to being so relaxed and happy," I let him know. When I flipped over onto my back my cock was already at full mast and laying against my abs. I looked over Billy and he was staring at my cock as he often did. I looked at him and for once I noticed Billy actually had what appeared to be a slight boner. He was chubbing up some. So he DID get some arousal out of this. "Do you enjoy this physically at all Billy? I know you've mentioned you consider yourself asexual."

"Oh, Mr. McNeil, I really do enjoy it. I can see how great both of you feel when I am massaging you and I like knowing I can get you both to release your tensions. It really pleases me to be able to do that."

"So sometimes you do enjoy it, physically I mean."

"Well, yes. I mean, I enjoy that YOU are enjoying it," he blushed as he confirmed what I wanted to know. "I sometimes get a little excited about the whole thing. I mean, knowing you guys are happy and that it makes you, you know, orgasm, is kinda exciting to me. I like seeing people happy."

"I know, Billy," I reassured him. "You feel most comfortable when you feel safe, and I think, from what I am seeing of late, you feel pretty safe here, Billy."

"Oh, yes Sir, Mr. McNeil. I really do love being here with you and Mrs. McNeil, the whole family even."

"That's good Billy, I'm pleased about that. I want you to feel safe. I want you to feel that we care about you. I wouldn't have you staying here so long if I didn't have intentions of you being here for a good long while."

"Thank you, Mr. McNeil," he said quietly. He continued working on my chest and eventually worked his way down to my cock. He hefted it in his hands and studied it as he seemed to in this situation.

"Go ahead, Billy, I think you want to use your tongue and mouth. I'm good with that. I don't have a problem with you pleasing me that way. I don't believe Jan will have any problem with that either. She has become quite happy with your attention. I want you to feel safe doing this, with doing as I tell you to do."

"Really? I can suck you? And, and, please Mrs. McNeil with my mouth too?"

"Sure, Billy. I have no problem with you pleasing Jan in the same ways I let you please me."

Yes, Sir. Thank you," he said enthusiastically. He might be ready for this, was my thought. Maybe he's ready to push forward and perhaps Jan was ready for it too. Perhaps he was waiting for me to take the lead, but I wanted him to feel at least somewhat secure in doing that himself. If he could give me a blow on his own, he might be able to give Jan some attention on his own.

Finally, he stuck his tongue out and licked around the head of my cock. He was looking at me and we kept eye contact for a moment. Then I sighed and closed my eyes and let him get to work. I wanted to see if he was any good on his own, without instruction.

He had some problems, he wasn't as good as some of the fags who had sucked me off, but he was doing pretty well. I encouraged him with sighs on enjoyment. When I wanted to grab his skull and force him down all the way on my dick I restrained myself. I wanted him to be used to it some, right? I couldn't just rough fuck his face to start, could I? I feared I would scare him off.

He had a hold of the base of my cock with one hand and his other cupped my nuts. He licked up and down my rod and occasionally he put more of it inside his mouth. Who was I to argue with his skills, such that they were? Someone had taught him how to give a pretty good blow. They just taught him to be gentle, which would go with the massage skills. I continued to resist the urge to grab his head.

Eventually he was able to get most of my cock inside his mouth. He struggled at first but I could see, when I opened my eyes on occasion, that he was dedicating himself to the task. His eyes caught mine regularly and he had a seriousness in his eyes that he was going to get me off with his mouth. His hand remained on my cock and he gagged from time to time as he tried to fit more cock inside his throat. He needed practice on that but his tongue work was good. He could move that tongue around my pole while it was in his mouth. After such a great massage this was just the ending I wanted.

"Billy, I'm going to cum," I announced. "Remove your hand from my dick."

I just couldn't keep my hand off his head. He'd done so well getting me to this point, I wanted him down to my nuts. He removed his hand but kept up the tongue work and gentle suction. But when I put my hand on his head I forced him down. I could feel him fight briefly, losing the control he usually had while I was on the table.

"Let me in, dammit," I told him. I could feel his throat open up on my command and finally I was in completely. I held his head all the way down on my cock. I could feel his throat spasming and that was what I needed to feel to get my rocks off. I grunted and thrust up while holding his head tight.

"Fuckin A, Billy, you did that well. I just wanted to finish it up properly. Give you the full load," I told him as I shot straight down his throat.

I watched his eyes as they were still in contact with mine. He looked surprised at first and then I think he began to wonder if I would let go. I eventually let up and he gasped as he backed off my dick. He didn't say anything but he did clean up my cock and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

Billy went back to his normal routine, cleaning up after a massage. I notice he isn't hard. He may have never been fully hard during this. I get up off the table and take a couple steps to where he is. I take his chin in my hand and turn his head up to mine.

"That was fantastic Billy. I really enjoyed it. You are quite good with your tongue."

"Thank you Mr. McNeil."

I put my around his shoulder.  "You did well, Billy, really."

"I haven't done that in a while, Sir. I can do better. I should have deep throated you sooner."

"It was fine, Billy. I just couldn't resist there at the end. I wanted to feel you on all of it. If it wasn't a good blow job, I wouldn't have cum."

"Really, Mr. McNeil?"

"Of course," I reassured him. "I can be demanding at times, I know. You just drove me crazy and I got a little rough."

"No, it was fine, Mr. McNeil. I'm glad you enjoyed it."

He was a compliant boy. I knew he would do whatever I wanted in order to please me.