Becoming a Boy 47

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Holy shit! Oh fuck me, Ian was here. I was getting my pussy pounded by Manuel and I hadn't told Ian, hadn't asked permission, he hadn't agreed to it.

"Yeah, this is some nice pussy, Ian," Manuel said. He had seen Ian come in, or knew he was coming back; I didn't know which.

"I know it's nice pussy. It's MY pussy," Ian growled the words. His voice was rising in anger.

"Damn nice of you to let me fuck it," Manuel continued.

"Respectful of you to ask before you did it too," Ian replied staring at me. I could see his rage was barely being held back. "BUT MY FAGGOT DIDN'T BOTHER TO ASK ME PERMISSION TO GET FUCKED," he said at the top of his voice.

"Stop, stop fucking me please," I said to Manuel. "Oh fuck, I'm so sorry Ian."

"FINISH YOUR BREEDING," Ian shouted to Manuel. "Then I'll deal with my bitch."

I was so scared I actually came. I shot my load from a combination of Manuel pounding my hole and Ian's voice saying he would deal with me after. I was so turned on by getting fucked and by the look of anger in Ian's eyes, and my own fear that I came. I couldn't believe it. My back arched, I squeezed down on Manuel's cock so hard that he stopped his pistoning of my hole. I shot and it hit my face. Then he shoved hard and managed to bury his rod.

"Fucking tight cunt," he moaned and I could feel the contractions of his dick and I knew he was emptying his load in me. "Take it bitch," he said. "Knocking you up!"

When I had finished my own cumming, Manuel went back to stroking slow strokes as he finished his own unloading.  He jerked his body a few times and shoved deep a couple more times.

"Now, gonna watch your man fuck you up, Timmy. You shouldn't be giving that pussy up without asking permission. Every puta knows she got to ask her man first," he said as he pulled his dick out and I felt my hole close tight as he slid out. It was my reflexive reaction to try to keep a load from running out of my hole.

It was as if they had planned it together. As if Ian knew I would be disobedient, that I would screw up. That he had arranged for Manuel to fuck me, to see if I would get his okay before I did it and I had failed him. If only I hadn't been so cock crazy the last few days. Ian was the reason. He had made me cock crazy and now he looked completely mad. I was so ashamed of my actions. I knew I had fucked up. Why couldn't I just say no when I was supposed to say no?

Ian reached out and grabbed me by my hair. He pulled me to my feet before letting go of my hair.

"What were you trying to pull, Timmy? I've made it abundantly clear to you that I OWN YOUR PUSSY," his voice rising as he continued. "I've said over and over that you belong to me and you will only have sex with my permission. DIDN"T I?"

"Yes, Sir."

"So, what made you think it was perfectly fine to DISOBEY ME, FAGGOT?"

I looked at him and his eyes were glowing almost. His tone was completely filled with anger and displeasure. I had no reason to think it was okay to disobey him. He had been very clear on his expectations.

"I'm sorry, Sir. I …I had no reason to not follow orders," I tried to explain.

He swatted me across the face. It wasn't hard but it was clear that wasn't what he wanted to hear. I didn't know what I was supposed to say. Maybe if I tried to explain myself better. I glanced at Manuel. He was grinning ear to ear. He had managed to pull up his pants and stuff his cock back in them.

"I've been so horny, Sir. I don't know why. All I can think about is cock anymore. I never used to think of this stuff. Now it seems all I want is to suck cock or get fucked. It's practically all I think about. You've made me some kind of crazy fag for dick. I don't understand it. I'm sorry I didn't follow your rules and ask for permission."

"FINALLY! You finally admit it. You're a faggot, but being a faggot doesn't mean you get to decide those things for yourself, Timmy. A faggot belongs to a Man and you belong to me. You owe me your attention and obedience. I will decide those things for you. If you had only stopped to think first and not just go giving out MY PUSSY then perhaps you'd realize I will take care of your needs or see that someone else does, bitch! And one final clarification, Timmy. I didn't MAKE you a crazy fag for dick, I showed you what you were already. I just encouraged you to be yourself. You've always been a faggot who needs cock, it's normal for you."

I've always been a fag for cock. There he said it. He'd said it before, but it hit home now. I was out stuffing cocks in every hole because it was who I was. It is normal for me. Ian took a hold of my hair. He pulled me around to a chair and pushed me backwards letting go of my hair. I fell back heavily.

"Get your fucking legs in the air, faggot. Get them up and hold them up. Show me your ass!" he demanded.

I pulled my legs up and essentially was on my back in the chair, legs up over my head holding them there. My ass was exposed. My dick no longer hard since I had shot a load. I watched as Ian undid the buckle on his belt. I thought he was going to yank off his pants and fuck me good but I was definitely wrong. He pulled his belt off and held it.

"You better keep those legs up faggot. It will keep those nuts and your clit out of the way as I beat your ass for disobeying my direct orders. I will beat your ass until I am satisfied you understand who is in charge. I'm going to beat your ass to work out my anger and disappointment in you. I'm going to beat your ass because I am your Man and you WILL RESPECT ME AND FOLLOW MY ORDERS! Do you understand this Timmy?"

"Yes, SIR!" I said loudly back at him. I had my ass beaten for disobeying my parents as a kid but it hadn't happened in years. Yet, I knew I had it coming to me. I had fucked up. "I'm sorry, Sir. I'm so sorry."

"Shut up, Timmy. I KNOW you are sorry. You already told me that, yet you went and got yourself fucked by Manuel anyway. How many other times have you been fucked lately that I don't know about?" Ian folded his belt in two, holding the two ends together. He pulled his arm back and brought it forward the belt snapping on my big ass. "HOW MANY OTHER TIMES?" he demanded to know. The belt made a loud smack as it connected on me. My body jerked and began to feel the sharp sting of my flesh spread.

"NONE, SIR!" I hollered. The belt connected again and I squirmed. The pain was intense. I let go my legs and they dropped some as I grabbed my ass trying to protect it.

"Move your fucking hands, boy!" Ian told me. "Manuel, go help Timmy. Hold his legs and arms above his head." Manuel move behind the chair and as I raised my arms up to my calves, he grabbed my ankles and pulled them back, exposing my ass again to Ian's anger. His belt connected to my ass again and I yelped.

"That's it, Ian, spank that boy. Make sure he knows who's in charge," Manuel encouraged him.

"HOW MANY, TIMMY?" he shouted and connected a couple more times.

"OW! OW! Okay, I sucked off Jared this morning," I confessed. Ian stopped and looked at me. He seemed to be thinking.

"So you sucked off the man at your salon, Timmy?" he asked as he started in again on my ass.

"Yes, Sir! OW! Yes, but that was it. No one else OW!"

Ian continued beating my ass with his belt.


Stupid faggot. Going around offering up his ass or mouth without checking with me to see if it was okay with me. Pissed me off royally. I actually wanted Timmy to recognize he was a cock hungry whore, but I wanted him to do it only with my permission. I knew at some point he would fuck up. Fags always fucked up, then they needed that corrective punishment so they understood the seriousness of their actions and the seriousness of the Man controlling them. Dad had explained that about Danny and Johnson had said it in general to me.

"How many times have I told you that you belong to me? How many times have I said only I give your holes away?"

Timmy looked at me but didn't say anything. I used the belt two times quickly and he jumped and yelped.

"Answer me faggot!"

"I don't know, Sir. Lots! OW!"

I belted him again. His ass was beginning to show straps of my belt that were reddening up. Nothing serious, yet. I definitely intended to send a message about his behavior to him. I wanted him to be sore when he sat down.

"Exactly, Timmy. I've told you repeatedly that ass belongs to me, that you are my faggot, that I will approve or not approve the use of your holes."

<crack> "OW!" <crack> "OW!"

"Fuck that ass UP, Ian!" Manuel told me.

"I'm not going to injure him, Manuel," I responded. "I'm punishing him for being out of line. If I own him, he needs to understand I will punish him for screwing up. This isn't about fucking him up, it's about discipline," I explained.

"Sure looks like your blasting that ass with that belt," he countered.

"I am," I said. "But I am doing it with a purpose and I am doing it knowing I will stop when he has had enough."

He didn't say anything else so I went back to spanking Timmy for the lack of judgment he had displayed in his behavior. I continued to pull my arm back and watch as the belt made a satisfying crack on his ass. The marks on his ass were beginning to meld into large red spots from the leather belt. I didn't want to break skin or cause his ass to bruise up but I wanted him to have trouble sitting for a while. I moved the belt around and increased the size of the redness on his pale cheeks. He continued to wail but not cry.

"OW, SHIT, OWWWW, please stop, Sir. PLEASE," Timmy begged.

"Give me a reason to stop, bitch," I instructed him. "Cry for me and I will think about stopping." I suddenly wanted to see Timmy cry for a good reason, from me beating that perfect ass. My dick was harder than a rock and I was already thinking about fucking his ass right here in the living area as Manuel had done to him. Add a load to his already used faggot ass. MY faggot's ass, I thought to myself.

"Please, stop Sir, I'm sorry," he whined. I continued to belt his bare cheeks. He moved his hand around to cover a cheek. I belted his hand and he snatched it back and held his ankle again.

"I'll beat that hand just as I am beating your ass," I said. "It doesn't matter to me what I am beating right now, Timmy."

"OW, I'm so sorry, Sir, OW"

"Yes, you are, but it still doesn't change what you did, boy."


I continued to beat his ass hard for several minutes. I could see that his clit was semi-hard through most of it. Finally, after what seemed like several minutes, I saw tears start to roll down his cheeks, out of the corner of his eyes. Then it was a flood. He didn't make much of a sound, just tears rolling down his face. I slowed my pace with the belt and then stopped. It fucking got me hard seeing those tears and that ass red with belt marks I had made.

Timmy's ass was red, REAL red. He had belt marks covering all parts of his ass. It looked like it was going to be real sore. I had lost a bit of control, I will admit, but I wanted my point made to him. I didn't care so much that he had been used by Manuel or the guy at the salon, but I was mad about the fact he did it without permission. I knew he was a slut now, but he was MY slut and he wasn't going to go around whoring himself out, I would do that for him.

"What do you need, Timmy?" I asked him. "What do you want now?"

The waterworks had dried up almost as soon as I stopped belting his ass. He sniffed and gave the proper answer. "I want your cock," he said quietly. I looked at the welt marks on his ass. I knew I had gone to town on his flesh from the evidence. It got me throbbing knowing that Tim just pretty much lay there and allowed me to whip his ass. He hadn't struggled, he took it like the man-bitch he was.

Even after the stretching and fucking he had endured over the last month, Tim's hole was still tight looking. I reached out a finger and played with his hole. I ran my fingertip around and over his pucker.

"Come on boy, open that hole up. Show me you're ready for my dick." I tapped at his cunt with my finger, encouraging his reaction. "Come on, push that last load out," I instructed. I pushed a finger into his pussy as he relaxed it. "Give me something to lube my cock with, boy." I pulled my finger back and a glob of Manuel's cum slid out. I pulled it up off his ass and undid my pants. They slid to the floor and my dick popped out and up. I worked Manuel's load onto my rigid pole.

"Holy shit!" Manuel said. His eyes had a look of astonishment in them. "You're fucking huge. Can he really take all that?" he asked.

"He can and he will," I told him as I aimed my cock up at Timmy's hole and smeared some more of the cum that had leaked out of Tim's pussy on it. Once I had what I thought was sufficient lube on it, I aimed my dick at his hole and spoke again.

"What do you need, Timmy? Tell me what it is you need."

"Your cock, Sir, I need YOUR cock." Timmy's ass opened up as he spoke. Now it resembled a hole that had been used and abused over the last month. More cum and pussy juice slid out of him.

"That's it baby, open up that pussy, let me inside." I aimed my dick at the opening and I sank it all in with one push. He yelped a little but then moaned.

"Oh, fuck. I love your cock, Sir."

"I know you do, faggot. You need this cock don't you?"

"Yes, Sir," was his reply.

"Oh my god," Manuel added, "He took it all in one shove."

"He's well trained," I said, then added "usually."

"Why did you give your ass and mouth out Timmy? What made you do that? You knew the rules."

"I was so horny," he said. "I'm sorry Sir, I just thought it seemed okay. I wanted cock and…and they wanted me."

I pulled my dick back and shoved hard, making him grunt again. I started a slow pistoning, my hips doing most of the work as I used them to push forward, then pulling back to repeat the process. I could feel my glutes tightening up and releasing as I moved back and forth in him.

"You wanted cock, Timmy. Really, such a shock, right? I've been telling you what a cock hound you are for a while now. Been letting you know you'd be begging for any cock soon enough. We talked about it the other day. But you didn't follow the rules, did you faggot?"

"No, Sir. I'm sorry," I fucked up."

I slapped his ass with my hand and he squealed. "Yep, you fucked up. You're supposed to beg me to let you do other people, Timmy. Not beg them for their dicks until you've begged me first. I don't like seeing you cry, faggot. I like it when you're happy and obedient, but I will beat your ass when you don't follow the rules. Do you understand me?"

"Yes, Sir, thank you for teaching me Ian, Sir," he said in between the moaning.

I went back to fucking, lecture over. I had to admit I liked seeing his ass red, knowing I had caused the welts there. I wasn't going to tell him that, not yet. If I did tell him, it would be long after he got to where he enjoyed having his ass spanked as punishment. I ran my hands on his ass and he groaned. I'm sure it hurt. This wasn't going to be a long fuck, but I was going to go fast. I picked up speed. I grabbed his hips and I began to punish his hole too. He was whimpering and occasionally jumping a little as I drove again and again into him.

"Beg, Timmy," I told him. "Beg me for what you need."

"Please, Sir. Please fuck me and breed my hole. Please Sir, give me your load."

"Good boy," I told him. "That's proper begging for what you need."

I was really pounding. I could barely feel the friction, what with his stretched pussy and Manuel's previous load smoothing the way for me. Timmy was trying to clench and release his hole in time to my pounding but I was too quick for him right now. I could feel him just give up and let me pound away. I saw his dick erupt with his own load and I knew he was enjoying the hell out of this as much as I was.

"Take my load Timmy! Take it!" I buried deep in him and could feel my seed flooding his guts. Manuel's seed being replaced with my own. If anyone got this bitch pregnant it would be me.

Manuel let out a wolf whistle as I collapsed on top of Timmy. I had almost forgotten he was there.

"Fuckin A," he said. "He took your dick like it was nothing, That's a deep hole."

"I've trained him to take it all," I replied. "No sense me having a regular faggot who can't take my dick."

I pushed up off Timmy's thighs and pulled my cock out. His hole made a sloppy queefing sound and some of my load slid out of him.

"Close your hole," I spoke sharply and his pucker squeezed tightly closed. "Keep that load in there!"

I moved around to the side of the sofa and shoved my cock in his mouth, telling him to clean it all up.

"Get that dick clean, boy. I don't want to put my pants back on while my dick is covered in Manuel's load and your pussy juice."

Timmy just automatically opened up and swallowed it all as I fed it to him.

"Fuck, he can swallow your dick too?" Manuel said startled.

"He's a talented fag, Manuel. Its why I don't let him get used by just anyone. Consider yourself lucky," I said to him. "Timmy will have to beg in the future to put out for you again."

"Yeah, I, well, I bought him those shorts and hell…I got carried away him prancing around in those faggy shorts. I asked though if it was okay"

"Don't worry about it…this time. Consider it a freebie. I said it was okay."

When Timmy had finished cleaning my cock I pulled my boxers and pants back on. I looked at Timmy's ass, his legs still being held up by his and Manuel's hands.

"I'm going to go get some salve," I told them. "Keep his ass up like that until I get back."

When I returned neither of them had moved. I squeezed some ointment out of the tube and began to rub it on to Timmy's ass. He moaned a little as I did so.

"It's going to be sore for a few days Timmy. You'll remember the lesson every time you sit down. It should make for an interesting visit when we get to your folks place," I smiled at him as I said it.

"You…you're going home with me? At Christmas?" He seemed shocked.

"Well, I can't let you out of my sight obviously, fag. You need a lot of supervision it seems. I see no reason not to go home and meet your parents. I'm sure they will want to know who is fucking their little boy."

I finished soothing Timmy's ass and told him to put his panties and shorts back on. "You will not need the shorts for the Christmas trip, Timmy, but I want your new pants we bought at thanksgiving in your bag. I want you dressed so everyone can see that ass and I can enjoy it too."

Manuel laughed.

"But…but I didn't tell my Mom anyone was coming home," he stuttered.

"Well you better let her know boy. I'm going to take you home and were only staying a couple days. There's no reason I should have to go without your holes for my break. You'll be with me for the holidays."


Donor was standing in front of me again whining.

"You HAVE to let me out of this fucking thing," he kept trying to threaten me in different ways. "I'm leaving for home tomorrow and I'm not coming back until the new year," he continued. "THAT'S TWO WEEKS!"

It had barely been three days and he was whining about that cock-cage I put on him. It was pretty clear he didn't enjoy it, especially at night.

"Donor, what don't you understand?" I began to explain again. "It was my decision to lock you up and it will be my decision when to unlock you. You're not ready to be unlocked. You aren't the least bit sorry for the shit you pulled around here, you don't seem to show me any respect, and I don't see any reason to do it." The look of anger on his face was priceless. "Look boy," I added, "you haven't even begged me yet. I told you if you wanted out to beg. Tell me what you'll do for me and I'll consider it."

"Fuck you,' he replied. "I'm not your faggot."

"Might not be my faggot, Donor, but you'll be begging for me soon enough."

 "I can't go home like this!"

"Well, you know what to do then, start begging. Beg forgiveness for acting like an ass in the house and then beg me to cunt you. That should be a good start to getting out of that cage."

Donor just looked at me. This was the second time he had come to find me today. He was already getting to where he wanted to do what I said, but seemed to be thinking it through in his thick brain. I could see it in his eyes, he was going to turn away again, wander off to think some more. I got a fucking rush just watching the thoughts run around in his head. I had him by the balls and he was finally beginning to see that.

"You can stay locked up the whole break, Donor," I started to explain it to him. "I don't give a damn. In fact, I love the idea. You going home and Mommy or Daddy finding out you turned your dick over to someone else and then you needing to tell them who. I OWN that useless dick, Donor. I'm happy to keep it locked up like that."

The look in his eyes was priceless. I fucking LOVED it! He stood there and was wavering, thinking through the scenarios. If he went home someone was sure to find out his dick was locked up. I wasn't sure I really wanted Donor as my fag, but I was enjoying his problem immensely, I really enjoyed the control.

"You have brothers, don't you Donor? You think you can make it through 2 weeks of break without them spotting your locked nub?"

More thinking. Just standing there. His hands were at his sides and he was rubbing his fingertips together anxiously.

"You know you love it too, Donor. You love giving up that control. You let your crazy girlfriend tie you up and take control. Now it's just gone another step, don't tell me you don't like this. You WANT me to keep control of your dick, to make it useless, to own it. You WANT to see what it's like to have a real Man keep you under control. You probably are looking forward to being locked up for two weeks."

Donor just stood there. He was looking at me but he was staring off into space, as if he was looking inside himself to decide what to do. It was my will against his and I could see he was close to breaking.

"I can't go home like this," he finally said in a calm voice. "I just can't."

"It would be tough," I told him. "Think of how long that is, think of who might find out."

"Please, please let me out," he said. It was almost forlorn. I didn't say anything. I just looked at him. He already knew what he needed to do. "Please, I'm sorry I said the shit I did to Tim and Ian. I'm sorry I ever opened my mouth."

"Do you understand, Donor, what it means to be a faggot? What Timmy has decided is best for himself? He didn't choose to be Ian's fag; he was born to that. He NEEDS Ian. Ian just happened to be the Man who showed Timmy who he is. Ian showed him what it is he needed in life."

"I don't get it," Donor said. "Why did he choose Tim? Why?"

That took me a few seconds to think through. Why did Ian choose Tim? What did he mean. Then it dawned on me that Donor wanted Ian. He was actually jealous of Tim. Tim was getting what Donor wanted.

"Let me get this straight Donor. You're jealous of Tim? This is why you made yourself obnoxious over the last couple weeks? Because YOU want Ian to make you his bitch? YOU want to be Ian's fag?"

NO!!…yes…I don't know. Okay? I don't get it. I've done everything Ian wants to do for the last couple years," Donor began explaining himself. "I never knew what it was I wanted, I don't know if I want ANYthing, but I like hanging with Ian. I want him to like me. I want to be as popular as him, to be as good as him. Why did he go and decide Tim was…waswas good enough? Why can't I be good enough?"

Donor was staring at me pleading his case for why he should have been Ian's bitch.

"So really you are telling me, you would let Ian lock you up. You'd let Ian send you home for two weeks. Is that what you are telling me?  Do you even know what being a fag means? You understand it means you give up your freedom in all areas? It means your holes are Ian's to use. You ever been fucked Donor? You even think you can handle it?"

This was not the discussion I had figured to be having with him. I figured we would discuss his way to freedom. He wasn't winning me over with this discussion. I understood his pathetic nature now, he was jealous of what Tim had. He seemed hurt now that Ian had come out as a fag master. He somehow figured he would be the person Ian would choose to make into his bitch once he saw that Tim had that role.  It didn't increase his chances of getting out if he was going to spend all his time whining about Ian, not begging ME.

"I just don't get it."

"Donor!" I said loudly. He looked more focused after I said it. "I accept your apology for your past behavior. I get now why you acted that way. Yet, the situation remains the same. I have the way to unlock you. I have the opening to you being free at home. What does that mean?"

"It means…it means," he paused and looked as if he was thinking. "It means I am begging you to let me go. Please, please let me out of this plastic cage. Please let me go home unlocked." I looked at him as if he was crazy, which I wasn't sure he was not crazy after hearing his whiny rant about Tim and not getting to be Ian's fag. "Please unlock me…Sir," he finally said as I kept staring at him.

"On your knees," I replied.

He dropped to his knees and I stood from my chair. My dick was almost hard. He would have to keep working to get it hard enough for me to let him have it, I thought.

"I'm not Ian," I stated clearly. I wanted him to get that. Ian wasn't here, Ian didn't own his dick.

"No, you're not Ian," he said quietly.

"Do you want to be a faggot, Donor? Do you want to get your throat stretched out so you can take a cock properly? Do you want your ass opened up and used like a woman's pussy? Do you think this is what you were created for?"

"I don't know anymore, I never thought it was even possible," he didn't answer the question. "I never knew Ian would do that. I'm not gay, I swear, but it made me mad Ian…"

I reached over and grabbed Donor buy the hair. I yanked his head back so he was looking at me.

"Ouch, that hurts," he said.

"Don't care, Donor. I don't want to hear about Ian right now. I get it, in some twisted way, you somehow feel that if Ian is going to fuck guys, he should want to fuck you. I heard you. I'm a little surprised but why should I be? A lot of things are changing with the way Ian conducts himself here lately. Kinda opens up everyone else to learn more it seems."

For once he didn't say anything. I pulled his head further back and his mouth opened up. I yanked open my jeans and pulled them down. My boxers slid down too. I stepped forward out of my clothes and placed my dick in his mouth.

"Now suck, Donor. I want a better blow job than the last time. You weren't paying enough attention to me then, but you will now." I used the grip on his hair to move his head around and my hips to thrust in and out. Donor wasn't putting up a fight. "Use your tongue. Roll it around my cockhead."

He needed practice. Maybe I'd let him continue that with me. I wasn't sure yet. I was sure as hell going to go into his throat today. He needed to learn quickly that deep throating a man was a requirement, not an option.

"Show some energy, faggot," I barked at him. "Suck like you live for this. You want to know what it's like serving a Man like Timmy does, then get to work. Serve this cock. Worship it, Donor."

He seemed to hear me. I released his hair and he continued to suck. "Wrap that tongue around the head of my cock. Swirl it. Get some saliva on my cock. Slick it up." He glanced up as I spoke and seemed to try a bit harder.

I took a hold of his chin with my other hand. Between his hair and his chin, I could move his head around as I wanted. I wanted to drive my cock into his mouth. I started thrusting my hips forward more and pulling his head toward me. I could hear him gag every few thrusts. I could even feel him gag as my cockhead moved toward the back of his throat. I wanted in deep. I wanted to feel my dick breaking through that throat, stretching it open wider than it had been stretched before.

"Watch your teeth," I told him. "Open up wider and keep your teeth off my dick. You have what some would call a dick so you should know what feels good, so do it."

I brought Donor's face forward and could feel him clench his throat. "Open up!" I said. I continued to push at the back of his throat. He began struggling. I held his chin and hair tighter. "It's going in Donor, so relax and let me slide all the way in, don't make me get rougher." He gagged again and brought up a glob of throat lube. I pulled back and let it slide all over my knob. I even helped slick my dick by spreading it around. I took his head again and turned it up to face me. He was red in the face. Not surprising as I was trying to force my way inside him.

"I'm going to go in Donor. You can relax and let it happen or you can fight it. If you want to learn what a faggot does or how it feels to be a fag, for me or for Ian, then you'll relax and let my cock in deep. Just relax, open up and focus on letting me down that throat."

Then I positioned his face and began again to attempt an entry. I could feel the block at the back of his throat. I thought back to other guys I had face fucked. It was a matter of pressure and insistence I thought. I gripped his head firmly and I pushed at that self-created block.

"Breathe Donor. Say ahhhhh, like at the doctor's office," I instructed.

"Uuhhhhh," he made a low throaty sound. It worked. His tongue came forward some and I could feel a slight opening so I used that to push further. He gagged and tried to pull back, but I held tight with both hands on the back of his head and I pushed forward.

"That's it! I know you want to feel this," I tried encouraging him. "I know you can do it, Donor."

It felt great. It seemed to go slow, but I know in reality it didn't take but a few seconds. His throat opened up and was oh so tight around the head of my cock. Then as I pushed further, I could feel it give way completely and my dick slid through and into that incredibly soft and warm throat.

"Oohhhhhh, fuuuucckkkkkk. Fuck that feels good." He was still struggling and making noises, so I kept my hands clamped on his head for a few seconds. Long enough to feel his throat spasm on my dick and how he tried to swallow to clear what his mind thought of as a blockage.

"That's fucking great Donor. Keep swallowing like that!" I didn't hold him there for long. I let go of his head and he backed up, slime drooling from my dickhead to his tongue and down his chin. It looked fucking great!

"It hurts!" he gasped.

"Of course. I stretched out your throat."

"No, my dick hurts in the cage," he stated.

I laughed at that. Maybe he was a faggot. He was trying to get hard while getting his throat opened up, and it hurt. "Awww, poor baby. Your dick is the perfect size now. Locked up so it doesn't bother anyone. Stop thinking about it and think about the only cock that is hard right now," I explained.

I grabbed his hair again and moved his head toward my crotch. He stuck his tongue out and started lapping at my nuts. He tongued them really good and even sucked them into his mouth but I wasn't looking for a nut bath, I wanted back in the throat I had forced open.

"Breathe, boy because I'm going deep," I told him as I held the base of my cock with one hand and his hair with the other. "I want to get your throat used to taking dick. It felt incredible as I hit the back of his mouth and then I could feel the opening stretch around my cock and give enough to let me in. Donor had said "aaahhhhhh" again as I spread his throat and I slid back until his face was tight against my crotch.

I held his head with both hands and I started a few quick thrusts, banging his head against me and never leaving his throat before pulling back to let him breathe. It was incredible to hear him gasp for air as I pulled back and then make noises as I moved back in to pump hard in his gullet. I did this five or six times in a row and then he finally put his hands on my thighs and tried to push away. I allowed him to do that and I was rewarded with long streams of saliva running from my dick to his face when I pulled it all the way out.

"Too much?" I asked. He nodded. "Tough, we're working on getting your throat used to being used. Can't be a proper fag if you can't take cock properly," I explained.

"But if you let me do it at my pace I think I can do it," Donor tried to explain to me.

"This isn't about you, Donor. You're on your knees, your dick is locked up and shrunken down, and you are sucking what?"

"Your cock," he answered correctly.

"That's right. So it's about me, and my cock. If I want it slow and gentle, I would use you slow and gentle. But right now, I want it hard and deep, so you get over what you think you can do and you do what I say you will do." I stared down at him as I said it and he looked up and listened as if he had never thought it all through. He somehow thought if Ian wanted to get off, Ian would just choose him because he was his buddy, and he might be able to get him off.

"If you want to serve a man's cock, a man like Ian, a man like me, you don't get to choose how you serve it, Donor. If you are gay, sure, you can do the whole mutual cock sucking, gentle vanilla stuff, maybe even a 69. I've done that before, but it isn't the same thing. Ian isn't gay Donor, he's a straight man. He uses a fag throat to do what he wants, to get off. This is what I have learned Donor. A fag is for use, if you want to be a fag, then you get over your own ideas and adjust to my ideas. I want to use you to get off, to pleasure myself, because it feels good. I can go find any old gay guy to exchange mutually pleasurable sex, but right now I want to please myself and work your body over. It isn't love, its sex. Raw, rough, enjoyable sex, for me. And if it turns out that you like it too, then that should confirm in your head that you are a fag."

I shoved back inside his mouth and right down his gullet. No slow speed allowing him to adjust, just punching back through his tight throat. And you know? It felt damn good to use a fag properly. I had been too gentle with Timmy, I was learing. He was Ian's property and I didn't want to hurt him. But Donor? Well, for better or for worse right now he belonged to me. This was MY fag and I would use him how I wanted to use him.

I yanked my dick back out of Donor's mouth and pulled him up by his hair.

"Ow, ow ow," he repeated as I pulled and he followed eventually. I forcefully pushed him toward my bed.

"Bend over," I instructed. "I'm going to break open that hole and make it into a pussy!"

"What? NO!" he yelped and turned around to look at me.

"You want unlocked?" I asked. He nodded and I slapped his face.

"Yes, Sir," he responded after a quick look of shock. Better, I thought.

"Then bend over the bed!" I grabbed his arm and brought it around behind him and held it high. He grunted in pain again but followed instructions.

"I'm looking forward to busting open your hole, Donor. Never taken a cherry before. Never thought much about how fun it could be, but Ian got me thinking and when I saw what he could do, I wanted some of that for myself."

I was as hard as a rock now. The idea of being the first person inside someone else was really driving me. It really didn't matter if it was Donor, or another frat brother, or some guy I could find at a bar, I wanted to be in the power role. I wanted to make a guy into my fag. I wanted to fuck a new hole, a brand new hole.

I reached around to the front of Donor's track pants and yanked them down around his ankles.

"I can't believe you're going to fuck me. I can't believe I'm going to let you," he bemoaned his fate.

"You want it, Donor. You've said as much. You need to find out what it's like. To see what you're missing and what Timmy is getting."

"I don't know…I don't know what's right…what's going on."

I slapped his ass a couple times and ran my hand around his fat butt. It really didn't look bad. Not the best looking ass, no one could beat Timmy's ass for looks. Ian had him showing that off to everyone at the house. I'd definitely fucked worse looking asses than Donor's. And knowing I'd be the first cock inside him made it look even better.

"You ever been fucked, Donor? Ever had anything inside your ass?"

He turned his head around and his face was red. He was blushing. Maybe someone else had beaten me to his cherry.

"Jessica used one of her dildos on me," he confessed. She said she wanted to know what it was like to fuck a guy," the words tumbled out of his mouth. "I can't believe I let her do it."

"Yeah, that bitch has gotten you in all sorts of trouble, hasn't she?"

He blushed more. I smacked his ass then grabbed onto his tightie whities and ripped then open exposing his crack and hole.

"Hey! You ripped my underwear," he mentioned as if I didn't know what I had done.

"Wow, good observation. I wanted access NOW. I don't care about your underwear and I don't need to see your locked up dick. This way I have the access I want and don't have to see anything else if I don't want to," I told him.

"Now, let me see that hole," I said as I spread his cheeks. My cock was bouncing in front of me, pointing towards that hole that would be mine soon enough. It wasn't a complete tight little bud. Obviously something had been in there before but it sure looked like it wasn't broken in. She must not have done it more than once or twice. "Did you enjoy it Donor? Don't lie, tell me the truth," I told him as I licked my index finger and then ran it around that hole.

"No, not really. felt fake." I couldn't help but laugh.

"It felt fake?" I said as a question. I wanted to hear more about this. "What do you mean?" I spit on his ass and he flinched a little. I continued to run my finger around his hole, what would soon be my personally created cunt that perfectly fit my cock.

"It was a girl, with a strap-on. It was rubber or latex or something, I don't know. It wasn't like…like now," he insisted. "She didn't…it didn't look right. I wasn't in to it." I just kept laughing. He wasn't into it, too funny.

Donor's hole had relaxed a little. I just kept running my finger around it, tapping it, teasing it.

"So now you want to see what it's all about? Want to get some real cock in that pussy?"

"It's not a pussy," he insisted. "It's my asshole." I slapped his ass hard with my other hand while I continued to play with his hole.

"When I get done with it later, it will be your cunt," I informed him. "You'll have enjoyed it and you'll be back for more after the break."

"I doubt it," he replied. "I just want out of this fucking cage," he whined. "I can't believe I'm even here. I can't believe I told you this shit, dude" He was really funny. He just kept me laughing.

"Don't forget, Donor, you asked to see what being a fag is like. I'm going to show you." I pushed my finger at his little hole and it slid it then his ass grabbed it.

"At least warn me!" he cried out.

"Yeah, whoops. My finger is going in," I said sarcastically. "So is a second one," I added as I forced another inside him.

"Shit!" he yelped.

"Better to loosen up now before my cock goes in," I told him. "Jess must have used a tiny little strap-on if two fingers make you jump.

"Compared to your cock, it was tiny," Donor said as he turned his head back to look at my dick. It was hot hearing him say something about my cock.

"You looking forward to this big dick, boy?"

"No! I don't know if I want this, it seems wrong."

"Too late to change your mind now, Donor. I've already heard you say you want it. You need to find out for yourself if you want what Timmy gets, if you want to learn to worship cock like a good faggot.

I could feel Donor's ass clench around my fingers as I spoke. The fingers weren't going to do it for me though. I pulled my fingers out. I stepped up and slapped his crack with my cock.

"Shit, this is going to hurt," Donor whined.

"Shut up, Donor. Just relax. If you don't relax it might hurt, but I doubt it. I think at heart you want it and want it bad."

I ran my cock up and down his crack. I grabbed some lube and spread it over my dick then on his hole. I lined up and started to push into his tight hole. I could feel him tighten up despite my warning. My dick was rigid though and bound to win this. I grabbed the base to give it even more firmness and continued to push at his entrance.

"Open up, Donor!" I slapped his ass hard a couple times. He tried to pull away but I let go of my dick and  grabbed his hips. I continued to just push at his hole until finally I felt it give a little and then my head was inside that tunnel.

"FUCK!" we both said at the same time.

"Goddamn that burns. You ripped me up!" he claimed.

"Fuck, you are tight, bitch," I told him. I looked for only a second to see if I had ripped him, but no, he was just a virgin.

"Take it out, take it out!" he whined. He tried pulling away but I just held his hips. I grabbed one of his arms and twisted it up behind his back and held it there.

"Not going anywhere, bitch. You need to learn about this." I pushed again and more of my cock disappeared. "You haven't even gotten to the thickest part," I warned him. "You'll really enjoy that.

"It's too big. I can't handle it."

"Yes, you can. Yes, you will," I repeated a couple times. I snagged his hair with my free hand and pulled his head back. It forced him into a position where his back was arched. It would probably be easier on him than me pushing down right now. "Breathe, Donor, relax. I'm not stopping until it's inside you all the way.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, it burns."

"You're fine. There's no blood. You're just learning what it's like to lose your virginity." I pushed more in. "Here's the thick part," I teased him and shoved again. "You're so fucking tight, just relax and let me in, you'll enjoy it as much as I am."

I could hear Donor huffing, sucking air, trying to focus on something besides his hole on fire. I pushed again and the rest of my dick slid in as he had cleared the thickest part near the middle of my cock.

"All in, bitch. How's that feel?"

"Like hell."

"Enjoy it then. It will feel really good soon enough, it already feels incredible to me."

Donor's hole was tight, real tight. When I pulled back to start a steady fuck, I thought he would squeeze me out of the pussy I had just claimed. It took effort to pull back and shove in. I let go of his hair and grabbed his hips again. Slowly the strokes became easier. He stopped clenching so hard and began to relax.

"Fuck! Your dick is huge," Donor said. "I can't take you fucking me, you're stretching me too much."

"You need a man to fuck you Donor, not a little lady with a plastic toy. It's no wonder you're still tight. You haven't had anything close to a real cock until now." I reached around and felt the front of Donor's briefs. Locked up tight and I could feel his own dick straining the plastic. "That can't feel good Donor. Seems real tight."

"Fuck, that hurts too."

"I'll let you out soon enough. Once I finish enjoying this pussy."

"Uughhhh," Donor moaned as I started the actual fuck. I was rock hard still and enjoying the hell out of this. I was really fucking Donor, a supposedly straight guy, who was at best bi now and if I figured his words out earlier a fag just waiting for a good cock. Shit I would have to pump this ass good and hard for a while to not cum right away. I had no interest in blowing my load too soon.

"Fuck Donor, this is better than I thought it would be. Your pussy is tight and hot. I can't believe you been holding out on the house with an ass this nice." I started moving faster. I grabbed his shoulders now and began a pumping. Well at least as much as his clenched hole would allow. I was watching my cock disappear and reappear from his hole. Thinking how hot it looked opening up this fag.

"Fuck, oh fuck. GO slow, your too big." I moved a hand and smacked the side of his face. I went back to the fuck.

"I'm going slow enough. I'm just starting. You'll find out what a fuck is soon enough, ya whining bitch."

"Geezus, it hurts"

"Well, shut up and take it like a man, if you still think you are one," I told him.

I reached up and shoved his head down into the mattress. I was tired of listening to him for a while. This was my fuck. My opportunity to bust him open. I kept my hand on the back of his head and my weight on top of Donor. I was pushing him down on the bed while pushing my cock as far as it would go inside. He was so damn wet from the lube and probably his own juices. I checked again and there was no blood, just his juices. He fought me some initially but not a lot. He knew in order to get out he had to give me something. I was actually getting more, well taking more, than I had thought possible. Donor was well-respected here at the house. If not for his general attitude, then for the money he had. No one would have pegged him for a fag, maybe he wouldn't react like that, but after he started talking today, I thought I might have a chance to change how he saw things in life.

Then I sorta lost track of shit. I really got to focusing on my dick and how much I was enjoying the actual fucking. I got to looking at the fat ass and began to imagine how much like a woman's ass it looked like from this angle. I'd never thought about it this way before. A couple times I had fucked with girls I had needed to imagine they were guys in order to stay hard enough to do what was expected. Now, I was imagining this was a chick from the look of his ass, and the idea didn't bother me. He had a wide and big butt. Hips that were bigger than most guys.

"Got a nice tight pussy, bitch," I told him. "I'm really beginning to enjoy this fuck." He moaned into the sheets as I screwed him good.

Before I knew it I was moving at a good pace. I was pumping hard and good and then I noticed that Donor was backing his ass up more to meet my strokes down.

"Arch that back, bitch, get that hole up there so I can fuck it good." You know what? He did it. He arched his back more and his ass was up in the air. I let go of his head and grabbed those globes and stared as my dick was long stroking into him. Donor was moaning now with what sounded like some pleasure, not his painful whine of a few moments ago.

"You like it don't you? It feels good, boy?"

"Shit, stopped hurting."

"Of course it stopped hurting. My cock only brings pleasure, Donor."

His sudden admittance of pleasure felt good to me. I could get an alleged straight guy to enjoy getting fucked! I could make him a fag. I slowed down and then pulled my cock out of his hole. When I did so I could see his hole was gaping a bit and it slowly closed after I let it go empty. I pulled Donor's ankles and stretched him out straight before I then flipped him over using his legs to direct what I wanted.

I decided to pull off what was left of his underwear. I intended to fold donor in half and I wanted him to see his locked dick. I wanted him to stare at that and at me while I pounded him from above. If for some reason he was paying enough attention, he might even leak some of his juice out of his locked clit and on to his face. Once the briefs were off I pushed up at his ankles and exposed his pussy again.

I smacked his hole with my rigid cock. I teased the now looser opening with my dickhead.

"You want this back inside your pussy?" I asked him. He nodded. "Not good enough boy. You need to speak, to say you want it back inside you."

He looked up at me and thought about it. I poked at the entrance waiting for a response. Staring at him gave me much greater control in some ways, I thought.

"Tell me you want it, boy. Tell me you want my cock in there."

"I want your cock in me."

"Really? That's the best you can do, boy? I think you can ask a bit better than that." He looked at me again. He knew damn well what I wanted him to say. I wanted him to beg, to beg at least a little. I wanted to hear a fag ask for a fuck.

I continued to smack his hole and admire my work. He'd never have a totally tight hole again and he would always know I was the one who had opened it up and given him a ride. I was the first to use that place and he'd be sure to remember it. I would push in just enough of my dickhead that his hole gave in and opened some but then I'd pull back out and dick slap it again.

"Put it in me all the way," he whispered barely."

"Do what?" I said loud enough to make it clear I couldn't hear him.

"Please put it back in me," he said louder. He stared directly at my eyes. I looked at him very directly too. I did no such thing yet. "Please fuck me, just go on and fuck me." That was closer to what I wanted to hear. It was enough to get me to smile.

"Yeaahhh. Damn that sounded good to me, Donor. Think I'll do just that."

I shoved and buried it all in one stroke. I watched as his face scrunched up as if he expected pain but he let out only a brief sigh as my cock reached balls deep.

"Once you go Zach, you'll always come back," I told him. I wanted him to understand he would ask for more. "You'll come back after break ready for more cock, even if I do unlock you."

His eyes got real large. "You, you have to unlock me. You said you'd do it." The brief look of horror was enough to get me smiling.

"Yeah, Donor. I'll unlock you, but not until I'm done with you." I threw myself into the fuck now. I climbed up on the bed. I placed my hands on his thighs and began drilling. Full length, pound it home, slamming my nuts up against his ass. He started moaning again. Moaning that took on a higher pitched tone. Before I knew it I was bouncing off that fat ass of his. Pulling all the way out of his cunt and then pile-driving back in and bouncing off that cushioned butt. Every time I drove home he squealed and he gasped for breath. The rhythm was one I couldn't keep up forever. I could feel my nuts start to churn. I wanted to make it last longer. The feeling was incredible. The control I had exerted, the power I had demonstrated, they got me fucking hard as a rock in my head as well as my dick.

"I'm going to bust my nut, faggot. I'm going to breed your hole now. If you were a girl this load would get you knocked up," I told him. My breathing was ragged.

"Ugh, yes, ugh, shit," Donor tried to get out the words as I fucked. "Do it. Fill me up, ugh."

"Fucking faggot. Want my load, don't you?"

"Yes! Yes, fuck my hole, oh god, yes, fuck me. Give it to me."

I grabbed his throat and pounded, supporting my weight on his ass and throat. He gasped at first. His hand went up to my hand and he held it there. He didn't pull it away, but he seemed to want to know he could fight if my grip was too tight. I wasn't going to choke him out, but I wanted him to feel me, to understand my control ad power right now. I only slammed a few more strokes when I could feel the tightening in my groin.

"Cumming bitch, I'm cumming! Gonna breed your new pussy." I continued to pound his hole, balancing on my toes and my hand around his neck, pounding my load in him.

"Fuck, fuck, ugh,  I can feel it, ugh, fuck me, I'm a faggot, ugh"

"AARRRRGGHHHHH," I erupted inside Donor's ass. "Squeeze my cock bitch, take it al!," I ordered him. He clamped down somehow and made that hole tighter. I jammed my dick in all the way and just felt my load emptying inside him. I kept rutting and pushing it as dep as I could get it.

I shook my head and grunted repeatedly. I eventually released Donor's throat and collapsed on him. His legs were still up in the air and I used them to support myself, pushing them to his chest.

"Fuck! Your hole is so damn tight, Donor," I gasped. I looked at his face for the first time in a few minutes. He had this stupid look on his face. Not grinning but like he was happy. Stupid fag, I thought. I finally pushed up on his legs and got on my knees. I grabbed the base of my dick and began to slowly pull it out of Donor's ass. I hadn't deflated at all, but I was done for now.

Donor reached around and as I pulled out he poked his fingers in and around his hole.

"Shit," he mumbled, "you stretched out my asshole. It's like gaping now."

"Better clamp it shut boy. You don't want to lose my seed. It's just starting to soak into you. You want to keep as much as you can inside you."

"I do?" he asked.

"You do," I stated simply. "I want to know you're absorbing part of me, and you want that too. You need that part of my DNA as part of you now."

His hole suddenly sprang shut and he moved his fingers away from his hole. I look as he put his legs down and lowered them to the bed. There was liquid on his stomach. Not much.

"Looks like your dick leaked while I fucked you, faggot. Drooled out as much as it could while locked up. Just shows how much you enjoyed it."

He looked as his belly, the only way to describe his slight excess weight. "Shit. I couldn't even tell," he said.

"Because you were too into getting drilled. I told you that hole is a pussy."

I stood up off the bed. My dck was still rock hard and bounced in front of me.

"Fuck," Donor muttered staring at my cock. "I can't believe I took all of that inside me."

I chuckled. I went over to a box on my desk, opened it and took out a key, the key Donor wanted to see. I walked back to the bed and reached over to his dick. I grabbed ahold of his cage and the lock. I inserted the key and turned it, opening the lock. I removed the lock, then the cock cage, and finally the cockring piece. Donor didn't say anything, just watched me as I removed his cage. It was actually a struggle to get the plastic piece off his dick he was so hard still. I didn't show any mercy though and pulled it off. His dick had some serious swell marks from the openings in the plastic cage.

"Fuck!" he exclaimed. "That feels good."

"Well remember that. If you forget I'll lock it up again. Remember why you were locked up and that your dick belongs to me, now."

He touched himself and started to stroke. I smacked his hand away.

"Go do that in your own room. Not here. If you're here, it's my dick that cums. You can play with that on your own time." He let go of his tool. Then he sat up as I stood there.

"Go on," I told him. "Get out. We're done for now." He stood up and gathered his pants and the ripped up briefs. He looked at me only once, I guess just to confirm I wanted him out. As he got to the door I called out.

"Donor. Have a good break," I told him. "Think about how much you enjoyed that while you're home." I smiled big and he dropped his head and left.