Becoming a boy 5

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I started right away using the nipple pump that Daddy had gotten for me. I wanted to let him know I was serious about being his faggot; that I wanted to do as he told me. I didn't want to leave and didn't want him disappointed in me. The day I had cried in front of him was embarrassing to me. I knew now that he thought very little of me, and that until I met his standards for what he wanted, I would be nothing to him. I wanted to be something. I wanted him to make me his faggot. I wanted to be a good fag and have him proud that I was his fag. Silly right? But that is what I wanted and I was going to do whatever it took to follow his instructions.

At first I didn't really notice much of a change, but after a couple weeks, I thought maybe they were getting bigger. They were tender almost from the start. They would get big and huge immediately then when I took the cups off them they would go down in size over a couple hours, but they never ever returned to the flat nipples I had when I started this a month ago. Now that a month has gone by of pumping, I can definitely see that my nips are sticking out more and are really getting some shape to them. I look at them in the mirror and you can see them through a t-shirt now, but no one has said anything yet to me so maybe I am just imagining it. I thought I would be bothered a lot by this, but as time has gone on, I am fascinated by them. They poke out of my t-shirts and are starting to be noticeable when I wear a polo-style shirt. I am always finding myself playing with them. I can't seem to stop. Daddy even called me on it one day at the Dinner table, telling me to stop playing with my titties. I was completely embarrassed. Mom had gone off to get something from the kitchen so she didn't hear him, but oh my god. I kept my hands off them for a few days, but it was tough. How do girls do it though, they are so big and they stick out. I always seem to be bumping in to them and noticing them again and again. I can't even imagine what they will look like if I keep at this. They will poke though every piece of clothing I have and everyone will be able to see them.

Daddy smiled if he saw me pumping and he was always playing with them now when he would come into my room late at night or in his office during the day. He would grab them and pull and twist and he loved chewing on them. They were always rough and sore it seemed. I tried keeping them moisturized but they always were dry now. They made me feel slutty really. Daddy was right. I was a slut. The more he paid attention to them the more I wanted. The more of his cock he gave me the more I wanted. I was always trying to suck his cock, or to have Daddy fuck me good and hard. I know I was acting slutty because Dad told me I was.


Danny was much better behaved after our talk. I think he realized I was not kidding about this. He belonged to me. I was his Man now and he was becoming my little fag bitch. I was going to do what I liked to him, whether he wanted it or not. I knew what I wanted in a faggot.

His nipples were developing well. It wouldn't be long and I could get him some nice tattoos for a surprise. He was looking real faggy wearing the tight shorts and shirts I kept buying and supplying. Whether he wore his hair pulled back in a ponytail or let it hang lose it was hard to say from behind if he was a girl or not. His ass was such a bubble that really if you didn't look twice you might miss the fact his hips were a guys hips. The squats I had him doing only made his ass bigger if anything. Really I was enjoying the things I did to make him look more like that girly faggot he was becoming under my teaching. I have to say the talk I had with him did wonders. He never questioned anything now. He never even asked about what I was doing or what I wanted to do. He only did as I said and asked to do more if I had not told him enough to do.

He seemed to grow sluttier by the day, wanting more cock than I was going to give him and more cum that I could satisfy him with it seemed. He would come right out and beg now without prompting from me. It was nivec to have a girl around who wanted dick in her pussy all the time; not that Jan didn't enjoy it, but not as much as Danny did it seemed. He was becoming a real hot little bitch boy, the way he moved in a pair of jeans, the way he looked when I had him stripped down to his thong. Fuck, I was making a hot little fag out of Danny. I had stopped worrying about what I was doing to him or what it meant for me. I was enjoying the fact that I had a couple holes ready to use at any time and that he was looking prettier and girlier the more time went on. Danny seemed to want more dick and more control, the more I took. It made more sense to me that I should be his man the more time passed.

Danny was giving me a foot rub one day when I was working at home. He was kneeling in front of me as I sat on the sofa. He was working on my feet, making them feel good. No tongue, but plenty of pressure on the instep; felt really good. My mind was wandering a bit. I admit I had a tendency to get lazy if the he was there paying attention, but then I didn't really have any vital work that needed completing. I was looking at Danny as he rubbed. He fit his thongs well. His ass bubbled out behind him and he was as smooth as silk on his legs and arms. The summer had been good to him with a tan too. I had him out there in the yard either working on the garden or laying around tanning. He got at least a full hour in the sun every day and it showed. I made him go shirtless outside and I admit I liked the tanned fag look, him wandering around in those shorts that Johnson got me started with on Danny.

Thinking of Johnson brought my mind back to the time he had rented Danny's mouth on the golf course. I was considering doing that again with Danny. His brother Ian was going to be in town in a week and a half for most of the month of August when he had a break from school. It would make it tougher to schedule time for me to deal with Danny while he was here. They had separate bedrooms, but Ian kept no regular schedule like Jan did and Danny was going to need to get used regularly. If Danny didn't get enough cock, she got all moody and I wasn't ready to deal with the wife, Ian and a cranky fag at the house. Maybe it was time to turn Danny out and get the pleasure of seeing him bring me back some cash. He looked good, as I mentioned. I was sure that others would pay to use him and the thought of putting my son online for rent was too fucking hot to resist. But at the same time, I wasn't sure I wanted to share Danny. I had created him 19 years ago, raised him, then had to start raising him again this summer. I had become adjusted to having him putting out when I wanted.

"Danny, go get my camera," I told him. He immediately stood and headed out to where I kept in near the front door in a cabinet. When he returned he handed it to me. "I'm going to get some pictures of you Danny. I am going to place them on the Ônet and begin to see what kind of price I can get for you, for an evening of your services."

He looked shocked. He started to say something, but stopped and closed his mouth. He knew better than to argue. I had already told him this would happen during our talk, and he had agreed that day to go with whatever I said to do.

When I reminded him that Ian was going to be arriving, and the time I was going to spend with him would more than likely be cut, he nodded.

"Yes, Sir. IÉI know I can be a needy fag. I really hate it when I don't get your cock all the time, Sir. I realize this now. It's true, I need cock inside me." He hung his head and turned red. It was cute, but also the true mark of how low the kid had sunk since I outted him as a faggot at the beginning of summer.

"Nothing to be ashamed of Danny. You're a faggot. You need cock. I'm just here to see that you get it," I told him. "I wasn't initially interested in renting you out, but Johnson helped me see that it was a good thing to keep your holes filled if I was going to be too busy to do so, and I agree with him. I may not want you wandering around putting yourself out there to get used, but I sure as hell can do that myself if I want."

"Yes, Sir," he agreed quietly.

I took several pictures of Danny. Chest shot showing his growing nipples, the smooth legs, a few ass shots including a couple where he spread his cheeks displaying his tight smooth hole, His lips, full body from behind which displayed his ass again but also his hair. I did not take any full-face shots, or any full body shots from the front. Danny kept his thong on the whole time. I did not intend to rent him out to anyone who was interested at all in his dick, so no need to bother with a pic of it. Danny didn't get hard at all while I took pics, but I did wonder what he was thinking.

I sent Danny away to work on some minor bathroom repairs that a girl could handle and sat down to compose an ad for him. I searched around online and found a couple websites where "escorts" were listed and learned the lingo of the ads. Highly suggestive but not outright whoring came to mind for most of the ads. Pricing seemed not to be discussed but reviews were posted on both sites and some comments indicated what people had paid for an evening of being "escorted". They seemed legit as far as these things went. I posted 8 of the pics I had taken of Danny and wrote the following: Hi, I'm Danny. I'm 19 and new to this site but I am experienced in getting to know folks and making them comfortable. I enjoy doing whatever you want to do and believe you will have a good time if we go out for drinks (only soda for me!), go to a movie, or just hang out together. I am generally quiet and will follow your lead for the evening. Get in touch with me if you like my pics. I sure could use some company, especially on the weekends.

I looked at it a bit and it seemed to be as far as I wanted to go without saying that he was a whore and how much did someone want to pay to use him. I was going to be doing the screening of the messages so I created an email account for myself and filled in the physical description parts of the ad. It looked good to me, and I figured I knew what a man wanted to see if he were looking for a young fag like Danny.


Crap! Dad was putting an ad up so he could rent me out. I really just wanted to be with Dad. I didn't want to be with every man in town, but I knew Dad was right. Damn Ian was going to be in the middle of the house the whole month and I honestly had begun to feel like if I didn't get Daddy's cock I was cranky and pouting, wanting to get fucked, it was kinda embarrassing. Dad wouldn't put up with the attitude so I did my best not to show it, but I was always good so he would fuck me as often as he could. I knew Mom always came first for him.

When I saw the ad, it wasn't as bad as I thought. I mean the website looked nice and there were hot guys on there who were escorting and some that were just there to look for hook-ups I guess. Dad seemed real pleased with the whole thing, so I tried to be nice, but I was a bit scared to be honest. I had only ever been with Dad, well except that one time with Mr. Johnson. Dad said I was good, but what if I wasn't good? What if I only was good with Dad? What would guys want me to do? What would they do to me? I knew better than to argue, that would only hurt me and disappoint Daddy.


Damn if the ad didn't get responses right away. Three guys were interested in this upcoming weekend. One I wrote off right away. He was saying he didn't have a lot of money, blah blah blah. I wasn't doing this only for my amusement; I was doing it to see how much cash Danny could get. The amount they sadi they would pay might lean me toward going through with the whole thing. The second response didn't ask about the price at all. Just wanted to know what Danny would do with him. How far he would go, Whether Danny was completely submissive or not. The third one was much more direct. He made it clear what he wanted to do to Danny. He would discipline him as he would a son, telling him what a waste he had become selling himself online. He fully expected Danny to submit to punishment and to submit to pleasing him. That one sounded promising to me. It also had the added benefit of stuff Danny had already done with me. Plus he stated up front he would pay no more than 500 dollars for two hours.

I called Danny in and told him he had some responses. He blushed but it looked like he was interested to see who had responded. I told him he needed to write some responses to these men and I would coach him along so he got it right. I also explained that I would be approving or disapproving which men he would be going out to see.

"I will always approve of who you see and I will always approve of what price you get paid. You need to get the cash up front Danny, don't wait for it later. No cash, no service. You understand?"

"Yes, Sir, I understand," he responded.

"You're going to be a slut now Danny, and a slut always gets paid up front." He blushed when I said that. "Now write the first guy and tell him you are busy this weekend. You don't need to deal with some guy who wants a cheap fuck." Danny wrote him back a quick response blowing the guy off in a nice way.

"The second guy sounds promising, but keep him waiting a bit. Just tell him you are already busy this weekend. I want you to see the third guy this weekend. I want you to write him a note telling him you need to be punished and you need to see him so he can be the one to do it."

"But he wants to punish meÉwhat kind of punishment," Danny asked?

"Well, that's a good question. You can ask him more specifics. You also need to ask him what kind of payment you can expect for punishment. But I want you to frame the note so he knows you are open and available this weekend for him, Danny. No questions about it, you need to see this man."

He didn't seem happy about that but too bad. I wanted Danny to know that there were other guys out there that saw him for what he was, a fag that needed some punishment and use. Danny's note read: "Dear Sir. Yes I am available this weekend to meet with you. I know I have been bad, putting myself on this site, and you are right, I need to be punished for making myself a whore like this. I need to know, Sir, what type of punishment I can expect and how to be ready for you. There are some things that I will not do, Sir, so to be fair to you, please let me know up front what sort of things might happen if we meet." I thought that was a good start. I could see from the man's follow up just what Danny was going to be doing.

By late afternoon Danny had a response from the third man. I called Danny in from cooking to read and respond. "I'm glad that you will be available for your punishment this weekend, boy," the note started. "You will not be harmed in any way and I don't intend to be overly rough with you, but you will be expected to receive a good ass beating from me for your slutty behavior online. I expect that I will be able to make your ass redder than it has been in awhile given that you are slutting around on the net. I also will make use of both your holes thoroughly since you seem to need that and you will take whatever comes from my cock and swallow it, including my piss, you little faggot. I will pay you $500 for two hours of your time and expect you to wear that pink thong you have on in those pictures. I do not like to be disappointed boy, so I expect you to be on time and ready to take what you have coming to you." He listed his hotel that he would be at over the weekend and the time he wanted Danny there; 7pm.

Danny was blushing when he finished reading the message aloud to me. He looked over at me when he finished.

"IÉI've never, I can't drink his piss, Daddy. IÉI can't do thatÉcan I?" he seemed to be asking to get out of that part of the man's demands.

"Danny, the man is paying you $500 dollars. You damn well will do everything he asks of you. Your nothing but a slut to him. You will take whatever comes from his cock, just as he says. I won't send you out there to have you fail at being a faggot, Danny," I told him. I hadn't ever thought about pissing on Danny or making him drink my piss from my cock. I had seen some things on the net about it but it hadn't come up with Danny and frankly, it was something that didn't seem real to me. But here this man was saying he expected it. It got me semi-hard thinking of Danny being forced to drink piss. He was a faggot, why wouldn't he be expected to take it? Why hadn't I thought about this? Well, I guess because I'm a guy and to think another guy would drink my piss was just out of the realm of possibility. But Danny wasn't a guy any longer, he was clearly a fag, and did all sorts of disgusting things a man wouldn't do because I told him to do them. Danny needed to practice for the weekend and I was going to show him he could do it.

"You write that man back, Danny. Do it now. You tell him that you agree to everything he asked for, and that you will be there to meet him in the lobby at 7 pm," I directed him. Danny did, and even thanked the man for letting him know everything that would happen. Then I took a hold of Danny's hair, such a useful way to grab him, and pulled him out of the chair so he was facing me.

"Get on your knees Danny, NOW." He jumped when I said now, but got down quickly. "Take my cock out of my pants, Danny, Then, I want you to ask me nicely to piss in your mouth."

"DAD?!? IÉI can't" I smacked him across the face and his head jerked to the side.

"Don't tell me you can't, bitch. You will do as I say. Do you hear me?"

Danny reached his hand up to his cheek. I could see tears forming in his eyes. Poor little faggot didn't like it but he knew better than to say no to me, or he would get a real beating like I had given him before. He reached up to my zipper and pulled it down. He reached in and found my cock half hard and pulled it out. Then he paused. He looked up at me and I could see a tear running down his cheek. It actually was hot.

"PleaseÉwould you please piss in my mouth, Sir?"

I smiled at the thought. "That's better, Danny. No reason you can't ask for what you want. And by the time you meet this man on Saturday night, you will want his piss and ask just as nicely for it, as you did just now for mine," I told him. "Now open up. I'm going to start slow and give you some. Clearly I don't want to be pissing in my office floor, so you better swallow it when I say, when I give you the chance. You understand me?"

"Yes, Sir." He was sniffling, and his face was red from having to humiliate himself this way for me. I was trying not to get hard, because I can't piss nearly as well hard as I can when my dick is soft. Danny opened his mouth and I pointed my cock at it from close range. A small stream came from my cock and went directly into Danny's waiting mouth. I stopped after a bit, the piss steaming from his mouth.

"Swallow that Danny, do it."

Danny looked at me. He closed his mouth and I watched as his adam's apple bobbed and he swallowed. He made a face which made me laugh. "I guess the taste wasn't something you liked. Too bad, boy, we just got started. I have more to go."

We repeated this again twice more, Me pissing just a little, Danny closing his mouth and swallowing. By the third time he had stopped making faces when he swallowed. "Danny, I am going to place my cock in your mouth now, I am going to just start pissing and not stop. You are going to close your lips around my dick so you don't spill any, but you will swallow as often as you need to keep up with my stream. If you screw up, I'll beat your ass good, boy," I emphasized.

He looked up at me and nodded, "Yes Sir."

"Good boy, open up." He did, and I put my cock in his mouth and Danny closed his lips around it. I let loose with my piss and I didn't hold it back this time. I watched Danny's eyes bug as he realized I had been holding back earlier, allowing him to adjust to the taste and the feeling. Now he was going to have to swallow to keep up and I wasn't going to stop until I was empty. It seemed like an eternity as I watched him, watched the realization cross his face that he needed to swallow, watched him as he finally took the plunge and swallowed while I continued to fill his mouth again and again. It was fucking hot! I can't describe it any other way. He knew he couldn't spill and he knew he had to drink my piss. When I finally slowed down and the stream stopped, Danny had swallowed four or five times, only a minor amount had escaped his lips and it had only run down his chin and then on down his neck onto his shirt which soaked it up. I was getting hard now from the excitement of Danny's lips around my cock, from the sight of him sucking down my piss like it was water. I grabbed Danny hair and pulled him down onto my cock as it lengthened in his throat. I started to face fuck him. He moaned around my dick.

"You're a slut, Danny. You'll do whatever this man wants," I said as I pulled back letting Danny breathe, before settling back deep in his throat. "You're my faggot Danny and I will train you to do everything you need to learn to be a good one. Now keep sucking my cock. I want to fill your mouth with cum as well as my piss."

I tightened my grip on his hair. I was not gentle. I had gotten hot watching my son, my fag, drain my piss and swallow it all down. It wouldn't take me long to blow a load in his throat. Wouldn't take much, fuck, his tongue could do wonders on my cock. The way he flicked it around underneath my head as it slipped in and out. And when he would swallow on my cock, clenching it in his throat. Why couldn't a woman do this sort of thing when she sucked cock. I was pumping at Danny's face, pulling his head down my cock then pulling it off.

"Fucking little bitch. You drank all my piss and here you are, wanting the rest of what comes from my cock. Don't EVER tell me you can't do something again, Danny. You took all that pissÉ" awww fuck, I was gonna blow already, damn hot little faggot. "Unnnnggghhhh, take it faggot. Drink my cum now, FUCKING FAGGOT." I buried my cock deep as soon as I could feel it start. Danny was swallowing again. I was thinking how good it felt, and how maybe if I was hard I could just piss straight down his throat next time. Fuck he got me off so easy.

I had barely finished emptying my load when I heard the back door close and Jan hollered out that she was home. I yanked my cock out of Danny's face and stuffed it back in my pants. I wandered in to the kitchen area to give her a kiss and welcome her home.


Daddy left me there on the floor. I jumped up and wiped my face with my hand to make sure there was no cum left on me. I managed to sneak up the stairs before Mom went up to change after work. I had to change my shirt in case I smelled of Daddy's piss. Oh my god I drank Dad's piss! How gross was that? It tasted horrible at first but then I just kept doing it and then he made me do it as he kept pissing in my mouth. Okay, okay, it wasn't as bad as I thought. I got used to the taste after the third or fourth swallow but stillÉa man doesn't do thatÉa manÉI'm not a man. I'm a fag. I drank a man's piss right from his cock. I drank my Dad's piss. God, I was low. I could feel my face turn red just thinking about what I had done.

Plus, Dad had really gone through with putting me up on the escort site. He even made Mr. Johnson put a comment up on the site saying I had sucked him real good and was well worth the price of my time. Oh god, I was becoming more and more the faggot that Dad said I was, that he wanted me to be. I was scared about going to the hotel on Saturday, but I was also excited too. I didn't understand everything that was going on, but I was doing things I never planned on doing and Dad was making me do them, telling me I needed to do them.

I changed my shirt and headed back to the kitchen to finish up dinner. As I passed a mirror I noticed that this shirt was tighter than some of my others and my nipples really stuck out. I gave them a quick brush with my hand and made them pop up even more. I had pumped earlier but they had gone down by now. I was fascinated by them, now they had gotten big, but I was also embarrassed at times that they were so visible to everyone. Sometimes I felt as if people were staring at them when I was out because they were so visible now. When I got to the kitchen Mom was there tasting things.

"You are such a big help Danny. I have really enjoyed having you cook this summer," she told me.

"Thanks, Mom. I really do like doing it," I responded.

"Well, when you go shopping this week, remember that Ian will back Friday sometime. He will be here the next month before his classes start up again. That means another mouth to cook for and you know your brother loves to eat."

Wow, the summer had flown by. I was doing so many things and learning everything Dad needed and wanted me to do. I had forgotten that Ian would be here this week. "Thanks for reminding me Mom. I had forgotten completely that was this week." She smiled.

"Honey," she said looking at me. "Are you putting on weight? Your clothes seem so small lately. Maybe we should get some bigger ones."

Oh god I blushed. "Uhm, no Mom, I'm not putting on weight. These aren't old, it's just the style now. Lots of guys are wearing stuff like this," I told her.

"Well, they seem tight to me, but if you like them dear, I guess its fine," She headed on out of the room leaving me sighing relief that she hadn't asked any more about my clothes.

I had to make a note to myself to buy more food for Ian. It wouldn't change my cooking any. He didn't do any cooking I was sure. But he did a lot of eating and unlike Dad he ate everything. He was big, like my Dad 6'2" somewhere around 220 pounds of muscle. Ian's hair was lighter than Dad's but not by much. He was also hairy like Dad. He was really handsome I thought, but then I blushed realizing that I was thinking about my brother. He was in a frat at his college of course and he hung with all the jocks. He made fun of me constantly when we were growing up. I was glad to see him go off to college when I was a sophomore in high school. It gave me the house to myself basically when Mom and Dad were gone. But now that I was thinking about him, I thought of how hot he was, since he looked so much like Dad and well, Dad was everything to me now. I belonged to Dad and couldn't think about Ian like that. He was not interested in anything but girls and how much pussy he could get. If I was lucky he would be off hanging with his friends who were in town or hooking up with whatever girl would hang on his muscles and every word he said. I was hoping I wouldn't have to deal with him much. It also made me realize that school was going to start up soon. I wondered if I was supposed to head back to college or if Dad would make me stay here. I guess I knew the answer but wondered if he would let me go to classes at the local college


When I got back on Friday everyone was glad to see me. Dad was home and seemed glad to see me, Mom gave me a big kiss on the cheek and even my little bro had a big smile on his face. God, he looked as gay as ever. Hell I knew he was queer before he did, the way he would sneak locks at me or my buddies when we were growing up. I mean he was nice kid and all that, but jeez, he looked like some of the fags on campus that we would make come clean the frat house for us when we were having a party. Those guys would do anything to glimpse a dude wandering around the house half dressed or sniff a guy's jock when we made them do our laundry just so they could get an invite to one of our parties. I figured he must have been doing the same sort of thing at his school. What a fag. Anyway, it was nice to be home for a while and forget classes. I was almost done, another semester, two if I could convince Dad I needed some extra classes. That would stretch me till next spring. I was working the five year plan as much as I could. Who really wanted to get out and work the rest of their fucking lives? I was looking forward to having a break, doing nothing for a month except drinking some beer and getting laid.

Fuck, it had been a dry month as far as getting laid. I was glad to be getting home to see what I could score at home. No one was putting out at school, and most of the girls I could count on had gone home for the summer. I was going to have to take some drastic measures if I couldn't get something soon. I was sick and tired of my hand being my only means of getting off.


Man, the weekend came quickly. Before I knew it Friday was here and Ian was home. I had seen him at xmas when we were both home but that was the last time I had seen him. He looked good as always, I wondered briefly what it must be like to be him, then I realized I hadn't thought of stuff like that in awhile. Now I thought about what it meant to be a fag. I hadn't wished all summer about being a guy. It made me smile to realize that maybe this was what I had been searching for all my life. I felt good and safe and well, relaxed, even though all these changes seemed tough or humiliating IÉI was enjoying belonging to Dad and being his fag.


Damn, Danny was doing the cooking now. He made dinner Friday night and had cooked me breakfast on Saturday morning. It was good too. Maybe he wasn't so bad, even if he looked like a girl this summer. I wondered what the hell had gotten into him. I was heading out this afternoon. Hopefully I wouldn't be back until me and a couple buds had found some pussy to use. I was ready. And a weekend with the folks was not going to be the way I spent my time when I needed a good fuck.


Saturday was here. I had to be ready and at that man's hotel by 7pm. I had told Mom dinner would be early, I had an appointment with a friend, Dad told her something else. I think she wanted to do something but Dad said he wouldn't be late and he could drop me off if I wanted. I felt strange saying it but I knew I had to get ready. Mom could handle a couple hours by herself on a Saturday, Dad would be home for whatever they might do. I wanted to look good for this man. He was paying a lot of money it seemed to me. I couldn't believe all the things that were running through my mind. At first I didn't want to be doing this but then Daddy gave me no choice. If I wanted to be with him, then I had to do as he said. Now I was kind of excited about the whole thing. Meeting another man because Dad said so. I was really going to be a whore. I felt dirty but also felt that I was doing it for the right reasons, for my Dad. Daddy had made me practice the last few days drinking his piss too. He seemed to really like that now. I HATED itÉat first. It tasted strong and bitter, but Daddy kept making me do it. I swear every time he had to piss the last couple days he made me drink it, all because this guy wanted me to, and Daddy said I needed to be trained and ready for him. After like the second day I got to where I was used to the taste. It didn't bother me anymore. Maybe it was like coffee or beer, you got adjusted to the taste after awhile. IÉwell, I kind of liked it now. I'm embarrassed to say it but it seems right to take everything that comes out of Dad's cock. I hope that I liked it as much with this guy as I had gotten to with Dad.

I showered and washed my hair. I made sure everything was shaved smooth. I cleaned out my pussy. I put on moisturizer. Put on my pink thong some tight jeans and a tight t-shirt. I thought I looked a little slutty, but Dad said it was fine. He told me again to get the money up front. Dad said he was going to take me to the hotel this first time. He didn't want anything going wrong he said. Then he would be back in two hours to pick me up. He told me not to hang around after the two hours, the man hadn't paid to rent me beyond that. I could feel myself blush when Dad was talking about that. It made it clear that he was pimping me out and I still was adjusting to the idea of being Daddy's faggot whore. Even thinking those words made me get redder. I would never believe that I was doing this when the summer started, but here I was, about to get paid to let some man use me. It was exciting and scary at the same time, but it didn't matter how I tried to think about it, it always came back to having to do this because Dad told me I had to do it, said it was what a faggot did, and if I wanted to be a faggot, then I was going to be good at it.

"You need this, Danny. You need to know what a faggot is," Dad had been talking in the car but I had only been half listening because my mind was racing. "I expect you to do everything this man says, Danny. You are a faggot and a fag is there to make a man feel good."

"Yes, Sir," I answered.

"You are representing me now Danny. Just remember that when you are sucking his cock or some other fag activity, your behavior reflects on me and how I raised you, and that is why I expect you to be good at being a faggot."

"Yes, Daddy," I said. Wow, I hadn't thought of it that way. He wanted me to be good because he expected nothing less. I would have to pay attention so I could tell him what happened and how the man liked it.

After Dad dropped me off I went to the lobby as I had been instructed. I sat on the sofa out of sight of the front desk but near the elevators so I could see who was coming out of them and find the guy who wanted me.


Well, after I had pimped Danny out, I changed my mind. What can I say? You might think it was a cop out but, I'm in charge and I decided that I wasn't going to be selling him around town to the highest bidder this time. I wanted to do it as much to SEE if Danny would let me and he had passed that test. In fact he had done everything the john wanted to do to him, only he did it with me, and I got to use him. I knew now, he belonged to me and would follow my instructions. I might still loan him out to friends or drop him off at Johnson's farm some day, but he was mine.


Dad came inside the hotel and got me. He told me that he had changed his mind! He said that he had sent an email to the guy and said I wasn't available. Then used my email to arrange for Stacy, from Mr. Johnson's farm, to go in my place instead. He said Stacy was up there now, which was why the guy never came down and found me. I didn't know what to think at first.

"Danny, that man didn't want you specifically. He wanted a faggot. Any faggot will do for him," Dad said. "But, you belong to me, Danny. I know now that you will do whatever I want. You have respect for me and I see that now in the way you went through this right up to the moment I dropped you off here. I respect that you did everything I told you to Danny. You made me proud of you. Now let's get on back home. Your Mom will be happy to spend the evening with us."

I couldn't help it. I got all girly and teary-eyed again from what Dad said. He was proud of me and happy that I followed his rules. I was a good faggot.


It was late. Jan and I had a nice evening and we had fucked like rabbits for awhile, but I also owed Danny some cock too after all the preparation he had gone through for me to pimp him out. Once Jan was soundly asleep I snuck out and headed down the hall to Danny's room. I noticed Ian's door was open and he wasn't back yet, so no worries there. I opened the door to Danny's room. He was asleep naked on his stomach, breathing lightly, his ass sticking up looking so nice. I quickly shut the door and went to his bed. I dropped my pajama bottoms on the floor and then climbed on top of him. He stirred but didn't get startled at all.


"Yeah, it's me. I came to give you what you need Danny."

"mmmmm," he sighed.

I started running my cock up and down his crack, getting it hard. I would poke the head at his hole then pull back and slide the length up and down. Within a few strokes I could feel my pre-cum slicking his crack and entrance. I put my hands over Danny's hands, my chest on his back. He was covered by me, and he submitted to what I wanted. I kicked his legs further apart, spreading them with my knees. I wasn't going to be rough, but he would know I had fucked him.

I licked and nibbled at his ear and he turned his head. "You love it don't you, Danny? You love my cock. You love getting fucked by me."

"Yes, Sir. It's all I need. I love to feel you inside me and I love it when you cum in me."

"You little faggot bitch. That's what I love to hear. How much your Daddy's cock means to you." I poked at his hole, teasing it. Although I had stretched it to fit my big cock, he was always tight and he knew how to milk a cock. So thought it was easy to get inside him now, it was always tight around my dick and I loved the feel of sliding it in, only to have it grabbed by Danny's ass and milked as I pulled it back.

"Yes Sir, just yours, and you didn't want to share me at all tonight," he said. I heard some pride in his voice. He was really happy about not being whored out.

"You are still nothing but a faggot Danny. Whether I whore you out or not. You still are going to be used and fucked by me. I will still control your life and your existence. This is what you wanted and I want it now too."

"Yes, Sir. I know. I need it now. I need your cock, and your control. Please, fuck me? Please??"

Yeah, to hear the begging was one of the best things to hear from his mouth. No whining, no complaining, nothing but his need for dick. What more could a guy want than someone who wanted to get fucked and do what I said, no questions asked? "Yeah? This what you want, Danny?" I asked as I began entering his pussy. I did it in one slow long motion and he took it all, no stops until my balls banged against his ass. Fuck it felt good. Danny let out a long moan as I sank in.

"Yeeeesssss, oh god, it feels so good, Daddy."

I started pulling back as Danny grabbed at it with his pussy muscles. A slow fuck seemed like the thing to do tonight. I couldn't make too much noise. Jan was in the house and who knew when Ian would get back. I didn't care if he found out eventually, but on my terms, not his. Hell, I knew he fucked any girl that waved a set of tits in his face if she let him. He was used to the sluts so once he figured his brother was nothing more than one of those sluts he might be interested in Danny too.

"That's it," I whispered, "grab my cock you slut. Show me how you don't want it to leave your pussy." I pushed in slow and pulled back slow, giving him the full length.


Oh, god, Dad was fucking me and it felt so good. He was just going slow moving his hips back and forth nice n easy and I could feel his cock sliding in and out. It was so big, I couldn't imagine wanting anything else. Not Mr. Johnson or some guy from the net; I just wanted to feel Daddy's cock in me

"Yes, yes, fuck me," I told Dad. I started backing up trying to push up but he was holding me down flat of the bed.

"Your pussy feels so good, baby, You know I love that squeezing," he said. "You trying to back up, huh? You want it doggy style, you little bitch?"

"Oh, yes, please? Please will you fuck me like a dog?" I was sounding like a slut but I couldn't help it. This slow fuck was driving me crazy. His cock was like a large plug going in and out of my ass, I mean myÉmy pussy. Oh god, I was thinking like he wanted now, correcting myself when I didn't think of my body parts the way he referred to them.

Daddy pulled me up on my hands and knees, never pulling out fully. He kept pistoning slowly inside me. Now he reached around and began playing with my nipples. Twisting them and pulling on them. Making them get hard and firm in his hands. I moaned constantly when he did that. It was like they had become wired to my pussy ever since he started me pumping them. It was like one touch of his hands on them and I got hot and if he played with them my dick would start leaking after a bit. It all made me feel so good, whatever he did to me.

Then Dad grabbed my hair and pulled me up till my back was on his chest. I loved this position, with his cock buried deep and his hand wrapped in my hair, another on my hip thrusting, whispering in my ear.

"I'm going to keep changing you Danny. You're not a man anymore. No need to pretend with me, I know you are a girl in there, and I'm bringing it out for you," he told me, while chewing on my ear. Fuck, it felt so good, and I got all tingly and excited hearing him talk that way while he was buried inside me. If it made him happy and that was what he wanted, I would do whatever he said to do. I can't explain it other than it felt right to be Daddy's boy and I wanted to be the person he wanted me to be.

"Yes, Sir," I said, "I want to make you proud of me. I want to be a good faggot for you."

Daddy was pounding me harder now. He was making me moan more.

"Shut up, Danny. You don't want to wake up the whole house." I tried to keep more quiet, but it was hard when it felt so good and he was shoving so hard.

Daddy pulled his cock out and flipped me over onto my back. Now I could look up at him and see his face, his chest, and watch his cock slide in and out. This was soooo hot to watch him concentrate and enjoy himself, to see him fuck me and watch what he was thinking. "Fuck me, put it back in, fuck me hard, please," I begged again.


I got home late. Nothing was happening in town. No girls at all at the bar tonight. At least none that weren't already with some guy or ones I would touch with my 10 inch cock. They just weren't worth it, thinking I would have to wake up with looking at some of them, lol. I got some water in the kitchen and headed up to my room. Then I heard noise coming from Danny's room. Mom and Dad's door was shut. So was Danny's but he wasn't asleep that was for sure. I could hear the tell tale sounds of fucking going on, of a cock being driven home and the squishy sloppy sounds a good pussy can make when it gets fucked nice. Shit, what was I thinking, it was Danny's room. Holy crap!

Man, Mom and Dad had loosened up arrangements since I left. If Danny could have a boyfriend over while they were sleeping, man, it kinda pissed me off. I would never have brought a girl home to fuck while they were around, but here he had the balls to sneak some guy over while they slept. I admit it I listened for awhile. Then I heard Danny say "fuck me, put it back in, fuck me hard, please," like a slut would say. Damn. I hadn't really thought about Danny having sex, but duh, he was pretty gay looking. I shoulda guessed he was big on getting dick up his ass.

I have to admit it sounded kind of hot, hearing him beg for his boyfriend's dick. I got sorta hard listening. Then I got put off by it and went to my room. Damn, my brother is getting some and I can't get a thing. FUCK. I couldn't hear the sounds once I was in my room, but I jacked, thinking about fucking some chick, knowing Danny was taking a lowing from the sounds of it. I couldn't wait to hassle the punk the next day.


I was driving Danny wild. I had thrown his legs up on my shoulders and was basically in a push-up position, ramming into him. His pussy was making all sorts of sloppy sounds, and my balls were smacking his ass. I could feel them drawing up. It wouldn't be long before I filled him up with a load from them.

"Take it all, you little faggot," I whispered. "You need a man to make you what you are. You need cock to make you feel good, Danny."

"Yes, yes, you're right, Daddy. Fuck me, breed my hole. I need it."

Little punk was really getting into it. His hands were on my chest rubbing up and down, squeezing my arms. I could look and see his toes curling up from the moonlight as it came through the window. I took his hands and held them over his head. I was on my knees and his legs slid down and then wrapped around my back. He was holding on that way as I grunted and thrust laying on top of him.

His little dick was all of a sudden squirting jizz all over my stomach and his as it was caught between the two of us. I could feel Danny clenching down. I leaned over and started chewing his tits. He was moaning and thrashing.

"Ooo, owww, ooooo, god, no, no, oh, Daddy, fuck me," he carried on.

"Slut. You spilled that seed again. I'm going to have to do something about that one of these days. Lock that thing down somehow so it doesn't go off all the time," I told him. I was pounding still, not slowing down, building to my climax, thinking of taking away my son's dick. Not getting rid of it, just controlling it so I decided when he came. Those thoughts were enough. I felt my dick get harder and Danny squeal.

"Yes, yes. Do it. Fill me up, Daddy," he moaned.

"MMMMmm," I kept my sounds as low as possible, but it felt so damn good to give him what he needed. To breed his pussy, emptying my balls inside. I could feel his hole get real slick as I dumped my load and his hole got filled. To have a faggot and a wife to meet my needs.

"Little cunt. You shot that load all over me. Now get down here and clean it up," I instructed after I had finished. I rolled over on my back and Danny went right to work, licking and suctioning all his juice off my hairy stomach. He didn't need to be told twice to clean my dick either. He just went to work. When he finished I just got up and left. I knew he had already rolled over and was going back to sleep.


There may be a break between this and the next chapter. I will be busy with various projects at work and may not have sufficient time to get to the writing right away. No worries, there are more chapters to come when I can get to them.