Becoming a Boy 51

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I admit that I was very sheepish when my parents, Ian, and I got back together to finish the little xmas gathering. They knew everything about me now and knew I was locked up tight. Yet it wasn't discussed at all, it just was. I tried to get in with the conversation but I kept drifting off into my own head space. I belonged to Ian and to whomever he let use me. My folks were okay with that. I had a pussy and it needed to be filled. I no longer had a dick, just a locked clit.


"Earth to Timmy. Timmy! I'm talking to you," Mom said.


I shook my head to clear the cobwebs out. "Sorry Mom, I was thinking. I didn't hear what you said."


"Obviously," she laughed at me. "I said let's go shopping. You got to go with your Dad yesterday for gifts. Now I want to go and get you some new clothes. I know you've put on some muscle weight and I want to get you some outfits that will show it off. Some of your old stuff was just too loose."


I blushed when Ian and my Dad laughed. The idea of Mom getting me tight fitting clothes was new, but I was adjusting to it. It's what Ian liked so yeah, as long as Mom was paying I'd go and let her spend.


"Sure, Mom. That's like a good idea."


It might get me out of my headspace too. I needed something else to think about besides how weird things were turning out on this trip. So, Mom got her purse and car keys and we headed off. I grabbed Dad and Ian a couple beers apiece so they wouldn't have to get up anytime soon while we were gone. They were hanging on the couch watching the TV. I also remembered to use the bathroom before I left. I didn't want to get trapped out in public being forced to use a urinal with my cage on, so I sat down and peed. The only thing my dick was good for now, that and trying to get hard and ache.




Once Timmy and Peg were gone it was just Bob and me. I wanted to hear more about Bob's life and with the wife gone it seemed likely he'd open up some more. I wanted to get him talking about sex and see where it might go. For some reason, I had it in my brain that I could get Bob to put out. That would be hot, I thought to myself. Then I'd have fucked the whole family, given them all something to think about until the next time I visit. Timmy had been thoughtful enough to bring some beer out and that ought to get conversation flowing too.


"When did you first come out, Bob? I mean, when did you tell yourself you were bi?" I started it out.


"Oh, gosh Ian that seems so long ago. It was college. I must have been about your age. Let's see, I was a junior, so a year younger than you are now. Timmy said you're graduating this year, right?"


"Yep, be done in May. Finishing up an internship this semester and a couple other classes that aren't tough. I should have a pretty easy semester," I added.


"Yeah, I was dating Peg, but she was not going to let me into her skirt until we were married. She was pretty straight laced as you can imagine." I laughed. "I think that has changed now. Anyway, I was studying one night at the library and was doing my best NOT to think about pussy because I wasn't getting any. I got up to use the bathroom cause I had to piss. Well, I was there pissing away and some guy comes up to the urinal next to mine and he makes like he is going to piss but I realize he's just staring at me pissing and playing with his dick."


Bob's story sounded familiar. I imagined libraries must be a standard place to find cock if you wanted one.


"I finished pissing and this guy motioned for me to go to a stall with him. I was so horny I did. It was the first blowjob I'd ever gotten from a guy. He didn't want any reciprocation. Once I came he was gone. I had thought about a guy doing that before, I had just never gone looking for it or set about trying to make it happen. After that, I went back a few times. It didn't freak me out at all and it was easy to find a guy to do it, so yeah. Eventually I told Peg, but not before I had been doing it for a few months."


"Yeah, I hear that. When you're horny, a mouth is a mouth," I said.


"So true," he replied.


He continued to watch the game and didn't continue the discussion so I tried a different angle.


"When I first had a guy suck me off, I knew it was going to be a different world. No more chasing women's tail all the time. Just find a fag to do the work and get me off."


"It helped me get along with Peg," he said. "I got by not getting any from her with those guys at the library."


"You ever suck any of them off?" I asked. "I mean, hanging in the bathroom at a library, you must have seen a cock or two that interested you over the years. I mean you say you're bi, do you do that?" Bob glanced over at me then turned back to the TV.


"Not really," he said. After I got married and settled down, I tried to not do that anymore. I wasn't at school and I really didn't think about it initially. Peg and I had sex with some regularity, not like the last few years anyway. But it wasn't enough eventually and I told her I was going to go find a guy. By that time, I guess is when I started to call myself bi. Before that it was more like it was just a way to get off. At least that is what I told Peg when I first told her. She was really the one who called me bi."


"What about you, Ian? How do you define your sexuality?" Bob asked.


"I don't," I told him honestly. "Why define it? If it feels good, then go with it. I'm mostly straight and always the one fucking."


"Times are different from I was your age. We were always defining ourselves, especially in terms around sexuality."


"When did you start sucking other guys." I asked him directly. "I mean if you are defining yourself as bi, you must have started that at some point."


I figured Bob had sucked dick before. People who said they were bi usually had participated in going both ways with a guy, otherwise why call yourself that? I may have sex with people of a variety of gender configurations but I was still straight. If I was doing the fucking, it seemed silly to call myself anything else if pressed.


"Well, sometime after Peg started putting out regularly," Bob admitted.


He got up and wandered to the kitchen coming back with two more beers. I hadn't noticed him drinking so quickly but noted it now. He handed me one but I declined. I still had plenty from what Timmy had given me.


"A guy at work was gay and I figured I could get him to get me off without much trouble. He seemed interested. But he had other expectations if he was going to have an affair with a married man. It didn't last very long in the scope of things, a few months. But I blew him a few times."


"And he fucked you," I added, finishing his train of thought. "But then he realized you weren't leaving Peg."


"Pretty much, something like that," he confessed.


"Hard to call yourself straight once you've had a cock in your mouth or in your ass," I said while staring at the TV. I could see him glance over at me but I feigned indifference.


"You've never sucked a cock, have you?" he asked.


"Nope, never wanted to do that."


"Even with Timmy?"


"Nope. Not interested. Never needed to do it to get him to put out. Don't plan on starting anytime either." I laughed. "Going to be tough to do that now anyway, as I locked it up."


Bob managed to laugh at that too.


"So, getting fuckedÉ"


"Only thing that has been near my ass has been your son's tongue," I told him.


"No interest?"


"None," I replied.


We sat quietly for a bit. I had gotten hard thinking about how I had taken Timmy down the path to sucking cock, being my fag. Bob seemed interested in that. Bob had already said he'd done it before. I was going to make sure he'd do it again. My cock bulged against my jeans as I sat there on the sofa. Bob continued to glance over from time to time. I could see him in my peripheral vision. He wanted it. My job was to get him to take it.


"Timmy tell you how he first sucked me off?" I asked.


"Yeah, more or less. You were having a three way," he replied clearing his throat.


"Something like that. Timmy was fucking an old flame of mine. She was trashed that night at a frat party. He came looking for me, said she wouldn't put out unless he could get me to come fuck her too. Seems I made an impression on her." I chuckled. "So Timmy needed me to get the drunk girl he was chasing that night. Then she said it turned her one to see two guys making out. So we made out then she taught Timmy that sucking cock was easy. She convinced him to suck me off as he was fucking her. He hasn't been near a pussy since," I told him.


I saw Bob rearrange his own junk as I told him the story. I looked at him as I told the rest.


"Next time we were out together, he got all worked up when a girl made a pass at me. He begged me to let him suck me off instead of her. It was cute. He was a little drunk, and I think the liquor was talking. He's been bobbing on the knob ever since then." I laughed at my own pun using Bob's name. He just rearranged himself again.


"That's not exactly how he told it," Bob said as he stared at my dick, laying out along my leg.


Boxers were great underwear. Why wear briefs that constrained you? With boxers, my cock could float free and hand where it was comfortable. Plus, when I got hard like this, it showed anyone who wanted to look what I was packing.


"I don't imagine he did, Bob. He didn't want to tell you everything, You didn't exactly discuss sex with him."


"Yeah, that was a mistake. One I feel bad about," he said. "Peg just was adamant about it. I had to let her wine that one, since I had run her life on so many other issues."


"You let Peg make the call on that. How many other things did you let Peg make the call on, Bob?" I wondered aloud.


"What are you saying?" he replied quickly.


"I'm just wondering how much of your life you gave up, to keep Peg happy. Seems like not discussing sex at all was a big decision you turned over to her. Did it affect your decisions about sex outside the home?"


I knew I had hit Bob pretty low, questioning his life and decisions. But I also knew it would make him vulnerable to any further discussion of the topic at hand; my cock and his throat. I could almost feel his lips wrapped around it now. Not much longer and he'd be asking to suck me off.


"I resent that Ian. I love Peggy more than you can imagine."


He was looking at me directly now, which I appreciated. A discussion where he could look at me and I could look him right back.


"I don't doubt you do, Bob. I never questioned your love for her. I just questioned how much you personally gave up to keep the relationship strong."


He didn't say anything immediately, but didn't break eye contact either. His mind was whirling I imagined. Thinking about dick he didn't suck, men he didn't fuck or get fucked by in all those years.


"I gave up some things, yes," he finally admitted. "It wasn't much. I don't regret it." His eyes finally dropped away from my gaze, but they fell on my dick before he looked back to the TV. I changed topics again.


"I love pussy too,' I said bluntly. "I love the way a woman will do about anything to get my dick. Like the way that girl at the frat party needed my cock. What was her name? I can't think of it right now, Jessica? Angie? Anyway, I just love the need they have. I'm sure it was what kept Peg coming back for more."


He didn't say anything. Just seemed lost in thought.


"It's the same thing that keeps Timmy coming back. Big hard cock, the feeling he gets going down on it, feeling it enter his ass. It's a turn on for me. I admit that, the need some folks have for what I can give them."


Bob looked over at me and looked at my leg again. He saw my dick hard. He knew I saw him because he looked up at my face and I grinned. He glanced back and then away to the TV.


"It's okay, Bob," I told him. "I can see you want the same thing. The cock that Timmy has, the cock that Peg wanted. It's okay to tell yourself that you want it too. I'm okay with you wanting to give it a ride., if you can handle it."


The last part was the challenge to Bob. His wife had taken my dick. He knew it. He'd fucked her after I had left my load dep inside her, He fucked her knowing I'd lubed her cunt with my load. He had fucked his son's face after knowing I owned that mouth with this cock. Bob was facing a reality that hadn't hit him in his 50 odd years. He wanted to suck a cock because other people had done it before him. I figured he was usually in control, but that wasn't the case this time. I watched as he adjusted his crotch another time. He was hard or at least mostly hard. The thought of him kneeling before me was clearly in his head now.


"You want to suck my dick don't you, Bob," I stated. "I can see it in your eyes. I can see you staring. I've been watching you eye it. Why don't you get down here in front of me and ask me if that is okay? You need to ask for some things in life, Bob. You can't just expect them to happen."


He looked over at my cock again, then glanced up to my eyes. He knew exactly what he was going to do, even if he hadn't given himself permission yet.


"I brought your son to the realization that he loved sucking cock, Bob. I brought your wife to the realization that she actually enjoys sex, if you can find the right spots to reach her. Why don't you crawl over here and ask me to show you the same thing? Why don't you get down here and worship my cock the way everyone else in your family does, Bob?"


That last question was what did it. Bob slid off the couch and crawled on hands and knees to face me. He looked at my cock, sitting hard along my leg, showing obviously in my jeans. He stared at my dick and then up at me. He looked confused a bit, but he still had enough sense in him to speak.


"May I suck your cock, Ian? I'd like to know what it's like to have it in my throat."


I reached out and gave him a rub on the head.


"You're a good boy at heart, Bob," I told him. "What makes you think you have earned the pleasure of sucking my cock?"


"I want to know what Timmy and Peg know," he said quickly. I want to know what it's like to get you off."


"Good boy," I said as I stroked his face.


It hit me then, that not all boys were young and that not all men really the head of the household. Bob was no more a man than his son. Sure, he headed the household here but that didn't make him a man. In some ways, Peg was more the head of the household here.


"Open my pants up, Bob. Take my cock out. Worship it like your wife and son have."


Fuck, that was hot to say. I wanted to fuck Bob more for who he is than anything else. I didn't care if he was young or old, married or single, I wanted to fuck him because he was my boy's Dad. I had fucked his son, his wife, and now I wanted to fuck him for good measure.


Bob reached up slowly and unzipped my zipper. He stroked my cock through my underwear for a few seconds before he pulled down my boxers and removed all my lower clothing, pulling my legs out of the pants and tossing the clothes aside. Now I was sitting in a button up shirt on his couch, his eyes glued to my dick as it bounced around in front of him.


"Get to work, boy I want to see you slobber over this dick. I want to know you appreciate what it has done for your family and for you."


"Yes Sir," he replied.


I laughed. I didn't need to tell him to call me Sir. It was natural for him.


"Thank you for letting me do this," he said, as he began licking up and down my shaft.


"You're welcome, Bob. You do realize that this will not be fun at times?" He nodded and lapped at my cock. "I'm going to open your throat and I will go all the way in. I want to see if you swallow as well as Timmy does."


"I don't know if I can do that," he said stopping his attention to my cock. "I've never seen anything this big before."


"Then what are you doing talking, Bob? Get back to work."


Bob wasn't very good at this. He had a hand at the base of my cock and another midway up it. His mouth was working furiously on the head while he was moving his hands up and down the shaft. I took his hands off my dick and told him to use his mouth. He wrapped his lips around the head and tried to suckle at it. You don't improve a cocksucker by criticizing though, you give instructions, you take the lead and you tell them what you want.


"Use your tongue. Lick the underside of my dick, stick your tongue under the foreskin. There is more to cocksucking than just sucking," I told him.


He began following instructions. He started using his tongue instead of just suctioning away on my dick. He was remarkably good at avoiding any teeth. He had sucked dick before obviously. He may not be good at it yet, but at least his teeth didn't scrape my cock. I pulled my dick out of his mouth and smacked his face a few times, teasing him waving it in front of him then smacking his cheek. His tongue hung out waiting for more of it.


I let him take it back in his mouth and I shoved to the back of his mouth, to the opening of that throat. He gagged and some nice flem was covering my dick. Now we were getting somewhere. I did this a few times. I had ahold of his head with both hands now. I was going deep and poking, poking at the entry to his throat.


"You WILL open up Bob. I'm going to go all the way in. Timmy takes it all the way every time. Hell he craves feeling my cock deep inside him. You want to do the same as Timmy, don't you?"


"Uuhhmmmhhuuuhhh," he gargled


"Good boy."


I began pressing the issue. Holding his head steady and pushing, feeling the little stretches of his throat, feeling it fight my dick. He gagged repeatedly. It was a sound I enjoyed hearing. Watching the tears form in his eyes and the flem come out of his throat and coat my dick, just easing the next attempt at entrance. I nearly had it one time I could feel the stretch and was almost tickling his tonsils but he pulled back.


"Too big," he gasped. "Don't think I can do it."


"What kind of talk is that, Bob? It's negative. You won't accomplish anything if you start out negative Bob. I have confidence you can do this. Timmy struggled the first time too, but he kept on until it was all the way down his gullet."


I wiped my dick across his face a couple times. Saliva strands trailed across his cheek to my dick.


"Open up, Bob. Breathe, relax and just let me guide you down all the way. You CAN do this, you WILL do it. My cocksuckers always learn how to do it. You want to be my cocksucker, don't you Bob?"


"Yes. Yes, please let me try again," he pleaded.


Nice, no arguing, just begging. He wanted to suck me off. I slapped my cock on his hanging tongue.


"Open wide, Bob. There will be stretching and it might sting at first, but it will go in. If Timmy can do this, so can you. He got his throat from you. I can tell already that you can do this."


I slowly moved my cock forward down his tongue.


"Open wide and say ahhh, Bob, just like at the doctor's"


Then I got to the back of his throat. He started saying `aaaaahhhhh' and I slid further and allowed him to breathe then I pushed. I grabbed his head so he couldn't pull away again. I pushed harder and little by little his throat opened. He tried to pull away, but I wouldn't allow it. I pushed more and then I could feel the pop of his throat expanding and grabbing at my dick. The rest was easy. Once the head was in, the rest slid in rather easily. As I slid my dick all the way in, Bob moaned loud and gutturally. It felt like heaven on my dick.


"Awww, fuck, Bob, you did it. I knew you could." I smacked his face gently. "Now, just relax a moment. Get the feel of it. Moan again. That feels damn good when you do that. Remember that, think about it and do it, and you'll make a good cocksucker too, just like Timmy."


He moaned again, it was a sound I could tell meant he was enjoying the cock inside him. I pulled back after a few more seconds. I knew he would need to breathe. He gasped for air, but he never took the cock fully out of his mouth. I had just busted open his throat and I didn't want to give him an opportunity to think too much about it. I wanted to get off.


I shoved in again and received much less problem getting past the back of his throat. He moaned again remembering instructions. I started a nice slow fuck of his throat. Working in and out, feeling that slight pop in the back of his throat. I was stretching his throat for any future use it got.


"I don't think you had ever deep-throated anyone before, Bob. I'm thinking I'm the first to show you what a face fuck involves. It's dedication on my part and on the part of the cocksucker." I pulled back to let him shake his head in agreement, to breathe. "You'll be a pro by the time were finished. Someone else may want to use this throat in the future."


I allowed Bob to breathe and pumped around his mouth. He managed to work his tongue around my dick and keep up with the pace pretty well. When he seemed to have rested enough, in my view, I would plunge back into his throat listening to him gag and sputter. I loved hearing that sound sometimes. Knowing I was causing it. I kept one hand at the back of Bob's head and one on top, allowing me to completely control it and keep him focused on my dick.


I'd broken down Bob's throat barrier and I wanted to work on that ass next, but not before I dumped a load in his face. I was pumping hard and he was groaning and moaning and sputtering as I plugged his throat and pulled back. I was fucking Timmy's Dad's face and it felt great. Bob's face was a mess. Slobber running down his chin, tears running down his cheeks from the gagging. He looked better now than sitting calmly on the sofa. He'd realize after this, that on his knees was a more natural position for him with me.


My nuts were tightening up and I was gonna blow my load soon. I jammed in one last time. Bob moaned. He tried to pull back but I was so close I held tight and I felt that first blast coat his gullet.


"FUCK, fuck that's nice" I pulled back a little so he could breathe and blew a couple more shots on his tongue. The rest shot as I pulled out, finishing with a big splat on his face.


"Damn, Bob, you're better at that then you let on. Now let's get you out of the pants so I can get at that ass of yours."


"What??" Bob's voice sounded all ragged. I guess from the beating I had given it.


"Do it," I told him. "You need to see and feel everything that Timmy and Peg got to feel. You need to be one big happy family full of my load, Bob."


"But you just came," he whimpered. "IÉI haven't done that in years. You'll tear me up,"


"You see my dick getting soft?" I asked and he shook his head no. "I'll go slow to start, Bob. I'm not going to rape you. You've been thinking about it since you heard Timmy moaning the other night, admit it. It stirred thoughts of those other men you've been with."


"Maybe, a little," he admitted. "Okay, I thought about it."


"You're wasting time, do I need to rip your pants off myself?" I looked down at him and swung my still wet dick in his face. "You'll regret it if I need to get those pants off you," I threatened a bit.


He stood and undid the belt and pulled his pants down and stepped out of them. Then Bob pulled off his tightie whities.


"Nice ass," I said. "Now bend over that couch and hold on to something."


"You've got to go slow. I don't think I can take it."


"Tell me you want it Bob. I want to hear exactly what you want."


"Oh god, I want to get fucked like Timmy. Like Peg. I want to see what it's like."


"Nice, good job, boy."


I ran my slick dick up his crack a few times. Poking at his hole, and he was right, it looked tight. Maybe those things close up after a while of not getting used.


"Remember to push out while I push in," I told him. "Just know that it is going in."


I started in, not wasting anytime. His hole gave a little and I could actually feel him trying to push out, but I was going in yet. Bob groaned. I held the base of my cock and pushed harder, placing my other hand on the small of his back. He had a patch of hair there which annoyed me. I didn't care for hairy boys personally. I'd make sure he cleaned up that issue if I returned to fuck here again.


"Oh, god, you're too big. Too big," he groaned. "Stop, stop," he pleaded. He tried pulling away but I grabbed his hips and held him in place.


"Shut up, Bob. You begged me to do this. You want me to fuck you."


Bob wasn't strong enough to get away. He might try to struggle. My dick was quickly drying up and I was sure I wasn't going to get into his ass without some lube. I stood up and headed towards the kitchen.


"Don't move Bob. Stay right there if you know what is good for you. I'm going to grab something to slick you up."


There by the stove was a jar of coconut oil. Perfect. Heading back, I saw Bob had not moved. He had some sense, and it meant he wanted this too. I took some of the coconut oil and smeared it on Bob's hole then on my cock. My pole glistened. It was a nice-looking cock. Long, thick, straight, and I knew it brought pleasure to whoever I fucked with it. They loved it as much as I loved it. I plunged a finger into Bob's hole, greasing up the hole well.


"Ugh, go easy," he said as my finger, then two plunged in and out. "Jeezus, I haven't done this in a while."


I smacked his ass hard and continued to lube his butt for a good fuck.  I grabbed my cock again at the base and aimed for that tight hole. This time things went a little easier. At least for me.


"Oh GGODDDDDDD! You're splitting me open."


"Yep," was my response. "Going to wreck that asshole, Bob. You'll be thanking me in a few minutes."


Progress was slow for a bit. Just making very slow progress as my head spread open his tight hole a bit at a time until finally his hole gave way and the head of my cock slid in and it was followed by a couple inches of my dick.


"Oh shit! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh god that burns."


Bob whined and tried to pull away. I grabbed his hips and held on. He wasn't going anywhere.


"Just relax, boy. Just chill for a moment while you get adjusted to taking cock again. If you hadn't stopped in the first place, you wouldn't be here now."


"Oh, fuuuuuucckkkkkk. I must be bleeding."


Bob reached around and felt his hole. He ran his fingers around my shaft and he explored with his fingers the fact that he was now impaled on my dick. He lingered there only long enough to then pull his hand back and look for blood.


"You're fine, Bob. A bit tight, but we're going to work on that part now."


"I can't believe I'm not bleeding. Shit, that stung."


"Man up, Bob. Soon you'll have a pussy just like Peg and Timmy."


"Oh, god"


"As close as you'll get Bob," I replied.


I pushed more into him and he groaned again. I saw his hand reach for his dick. I wasn't going to look at it, nor touch it. I'd let him get off if he wanted. He wasn't Timmy. I didn't own him. I'd let him get away with it this time.


"Yes, your dick is hard, Bob. Yes, you already want to cum. Just grabbing ahold of your dick says so much about you. You can't let go of it, you need to grab it to think about your manhood. Yet, who's the one fucking you, Bob? What are you doing bent over taking my cock up your ass?"


"Oh god, it still stretching me out," he moaned.


I shoved a couple more inches inside him and listened to him moan. I pulled back a bit and started to fuck. I'd get the rest in soon enough, but I wanted to start some motion. The boy was tight and his chute felt damn good.


"Oh, yeaahhhhh, so tight. I gotta loosen this up a little Bob. I need to get it where you can take all of me."


He just moaned. He was holding on tight to the couch and just staying still. I had ahold of his hips and was starting the slow in and out. It was fairly easy given the oil I had used to lube myself and his hole. As I began fucking Bob began to loosen up some. Maybe memories of times he had been fucked before and the realization I wasn't going to stop until I seeded his hole.


"How's that feeling Bob? You enjoying that?"


"Noooo, it's too big," he moaned.


"You don't even have it all yet, Bob. Wait until I get it all inside you to complain," I laughed as I said it.


Slowly I was picking up the tempo. As I picked up speed, more of my dick would go into that hole. Each time more went in, Bob, squirmed and moaned. Within about 5 minutes after I started the motion, I was balls deep in Bob. I just paused. Let him feel my nuts resting against his hole. He let go of the sofa and reached around to feel it, as if he couldn't believe it either.


"That's it Bob, you have it all. How's that feel now, knowing you took it all?"


"Oh god, I'm so full. I can't believe you stuffed it all inside me. My hole feels torn apart already," he said.


"Yeah, just imagine how you feel when I get finished. Imagine how Timmy feels now after a month of this every day," I planted the thoughts in his mind.


He just groaned again. I pulled halfway out and pounded in. Not heavy, not like I had done with his son yesterday. I would need to break Bob in, not rip him up. I kept up a steady fuck. In and out, Bob moaning, me laughing on occasion at his sounds, in and out. I was nowhere close to cumming yet. I'd just left a load in his throat. It would take a bit for him to pull a load out of me again.


"Squeeze my dick, Bob, squeeze it with the muscles in your hole. Relax your hole as I push in and squeeze my cock as I pull back."


"Okay, I'll try," he said. He had stopped whining.


I slapped his ass hard. "You WILL do it," I insisted. "You need to learn how to please a man when he fucks you Bob. You need to learn how to please ME, when I want to fuck you."


"Oh god, you're Timmy's man, why are you fucking me? I shouldn't be doing this."


"First, I'm fucking you because I can, Bob. Second, I'm fucking you because you pleaded with me to fuck you. Don't worry about Timmy, he'll get plenty of this dick."


"What if he finds out?"


"He will someday, don't worry about it though, I'll handle it," I told him.


As I continued fucking I realized at some point that Bob had stopped grabbing the couch so hard, stopped groaning, and was now closer to moaning. He seemed to be enjoying it. I admit I had drifted off for a bit, thinking about how I'd now fucked the whole Holder family. That was cool. I'd screwed a couple sisters at school over a few months' time but had never done parents before, let alone a seemingly straight couple. I was thinking I'd tell Zach about it when we got back to campus. He'd hate that I had out manned him. Maybe I'd try to get into his ass too. Why not make use of my abilities to make life nice all around for me?


"Oh, god, it feels good," Bob said. "I can't believe how good it feels now."


"See, Bob? See how you like my cock? I knew it was something you wanted to try. Something you needed to experience."


"Yessss, fuck me. Show me how you treat Timmy," he stated.


Sure, I thought. Just remember you asked for it. I don't think Bob had any idea what he was asking for honestly, but he'd gone and asked. I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back. He was standing now, with his back arched.


"Okay, Bob, you asked for it. I'll show you how this works for Timmy."


I let go of his hair and wrapped my arm around Bob's throat. I held on to him that way. He reached his arms up to grab on to my arm.


"Don't pull away, Bob. I'm too strong, plus I'm not going to hurt you, much anyway."


I smacked his ass hard a couple times. Then I pulled out of his hole. I spun him around and pushed him backwards. He stumbled as be backed into the couch. As he sat down hard, I grabbed his legs and threw them up in the air, exposing his hole to me. I stepped forward, lined up and shoved all my dick back inside him. He had no problem taking it now. He did gasp, but it was only from the excitement of watching it disappear inside him. I held his ankles in my hands and began using long strokes to fuck. He could see his ass and my dick and watch himself get fucked in this position.


"You like seeing that going in and out? This is what Timmy sees all the time. He can see what a fag he is and he loves to watch his cunt as my dick penetrates it. Loves to watch his lips spread open and accept a Man's dick."


"Oh fuck, look at that. I can see your cock going in and out. It's so big." he mumbled. "Oh damn, it feels good."


"That's right, Bob. It feels good. Now you know what keeps Timmy happy."


"Oh, god, how does he do it?"


"Play with your nipples, Bob," I instructed. He started twisting and rubbing them.


"Ooohhhhhh, god."


"That's not enough," I said.


I swung his legs on my shoulders and reached up to his nips. I gave them hard twists and he gasped sharply.


"Ow, ow, ow."


"Timmy is working on getting his nipples bigger. He pumps them with suction cups every day for me. His were flat like yours. Now they stick out a good bit from his chest. I like it that way."


"Oh, shit," he gasped again as I gave them a hard twist and pull.


"He's changing other things too, to get them the way I like it."


"Oh, god, you're altering my boy," he looked shocked. Stared at me as I kept fucking.


"You forgot already, Bob, he's my boy. He's locked up now, he has had his body hair removed. I'd do the same to you, if I owned you, Bob."


"Ooohhhhhh," he moaned grabbing his dick. It was decent size, bigger than Timmy's dick.


He started pulling on it. masturbating himself as I fucked his hole and told him how I had fucked his boy's mind.


"That's it. Get off on how I'm changing your son around to be my pleasure boy. He's turned about everything over to me, Bob. The next couple months as he realizes he can't get off on his own, he give over whatever he hasn't given yet. I haven't taken a thing really, Bob, he's offered it up to me, just as you offered up your throat and ass. I'm guessing you'll offer it up again, next time I stop by, won't you?"


Ohhhhhh, god, oh shit, oh god yes, I will, I will offer it. Yesssssss, yessssss," Bob started cumming. Fags were all the same, you could talk them in to shooting once they had their hand on their dicks. It was a reason to lock them all up. He moaned and blasted himself in the face. His hole tightened down on my cock.


I fucked him good. That's about the only way to describe it. I blasted my load deep inside Bob. Told him I was breeding and seeding him just as I had done to Peg and did all the time to Timmy. He watched me carefully. Didn't take his eyes off mine as I emptied my nuts there, shoving the last few times so deep he grunted, as I ended my rut.


Before I pulled out I told him, "You're going to clean my dick off, Bob. I expect any boy I fuck to clean my dick off when I'm done. You ARE going to do it, aren't you, boy?"


"Yes, Ian, yes I'll do it."


"Good boy. You may be Timmy's Dad, Bob, but to me, from here on out, you're just another boy to me. I'll let you call me Ian for now, but you'll do as I say, if I want access to this hole again, won't you?"


"Yes, yes of course, Ian. I'd be stupid to not be fucked again by you."


"You'd also let me fuck Peggy again wouldn't you?" I asked/informed him.


Yes, yes it's true, I would, Ian,' he admitted still looking directly at me.


"That would make you my cuckhold now wouldn't it, Bob." I grinned a huge grin and Bob blushed a little.  "Maybe you'd like that." The blush spread across his cheeks.


Bob slid off the sofa as I pulled out. My dick was a little tired and had deflated a bit. Bob licked and sucked and got all his ass juice off and cleaned up any leftover cum from my cock. No need for Timmy to know anything at this point. He'd learn when he was ready. I shoved my dick all the way in so he could reach the base of my cock. I was just thinking how convenient it would be if I did that for him.


"Now, I also expect you'll want to clean up any trace of this happening. I'm not sure Peggy would care at this point, but still, you don't want a mess that Timmy can see."