Becoming a boy 6

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Damn town, I'd been back for a few days now and nothing. It was like I had never lived here. I could barely find any of my old buds in town. Half had jobs they were working and worn out from, the rest were not home for the summer. Hell, some were even married already. What was THAT about?

It was early (for me, anyway) on Sunday. I was still thinking about some bitch at the bar who wouldn't put out last night. Got my dick hard chatting with her then the next thing I know she is headed out the door with some other guy. Leaving me with another night of watching porn. Fuck, and listening to my gay bro getting in on in his room with some boyfriend.

When I got up I headed down to the kitchen to see what was available to eat. Mom was cleaning up from breakfast, but there were some eggs and some bacon left and I scammed it and headed downstairs to see what was on the tube. Just my luck Danny had already grabbed the sofa and was watching some old movie.

My first thought when I saw him sitting there was he looked like a girl. He had this long blonde-light brown hair, and it was pulled back in a ponytail. His legs were all tucked up under him on the ratty sofa we had down in the family room, while he sat there staring at the television. Fuck, he had even started shaving his legs sometime since I had last seen him. There wasn't a hair to be seen anywhere, barely enough to shave his face, I thought. He had on some of the shortest cut-off jeans I had seen, even on a girl. Then the shirt? He had on a tight t-shirt with short little arms on it like my ex-girlfriend used to wear. You could see his nipples for god's sake, and they were big looking. It was like he was trying to look like a girl.

It was enough to confuse a guy so early in the morning. I had to readjust my cock before it started poking out of my gym shorts that I slept in.


Ian came down about 11. I was watching a movie and didn't really pay much attention at first. I was hoping he'd like go away or something. I figured he was going to comment on the old movie I was watching or something. He always did. Plus I was still trying to figure out everything from yesterday. I still felt all warm and mushy from Dad making me get all ready for some guy to rent me, then him coming into my room last night and really fucking me good. I was like in heaven, being his fag. I knew that is what I was now. When I talked with Stacy online the stories we shared and the things we talked about made it clear, because he felt the same things and thought the same ways that Dad talked about. I was sure this was the best thing ever to happen to a fag like me, getting his own Dad to make me his and to make him feel good. Plus I got to feel good too, sucking his cock and having him screw me so well.

I looked over at Ian. He was staring at me funny, so I looked back to the television.

"Hey," he said.

"Hey, Ian," I replied.

"So, how long you had a boyfriend," he asked.

Without thinking I denied having a boyfriend. "Boyfriend? I don't have a boyfriend," I told him. Geez where did he get that idea?

"No? Well there sure was a lot of noise coming from your room last night when I came home," he smirked as he said it. Then his voice got higher pitched, like a bad imitation of me. "Fuck me. Put it back in, fuck me hard." He laughed. He thought he was so funny. I was warm all of a sudden. I could feel my face turning all shades of red listening to him and knowing he had heard Dad and me last night.

"Uhm...well....uhhh," I stuttered and stammered but didn't know what to say. Had he heard Dad at all? Did he know what was going on?

"Man, sounded like you were getting pounded hard, Danny. I should have guessed you were going to be getting some somewhere, but shit, how did you get away with having him over when Mom and Dad are sleeping up the hall? Fuck, Dad would have chased any girl out of the house I tried that with under their nose."

I still didn't know what to say. He clearly didn't know it was Dad that had been fucking me, but he was getting all up in my business now asking me questions. "uhm, I just snuck him in after they went to sleep. I didn't know we were so loud," I couldn't make eye contact, I was too humiliated having him ask about my sex life.

"So, you give it to him as good as you got it last night?" he asked.


"Oh, come on, you can tell me. I know you were doing it."

"Uhh, no," I said, not looking at him. I don't think I could ever do that. I...I just...I'm not a man like that. I have never done that with really isn't interesting to me..."

Ian looked at me like I was crazy or something. I could see his expression that he was thinking through a bunch of stuff?

"You telling me you never fucked a guy?" he asked as if I was crazy.

"No," I was blushing now, admitting that I hadn't. "Have you ever fucked a guy?" I asked back. I guess I asked cause it made me mad that he was assuming that I had fucked a bunch of guys or something. It had rarely occurred to me, and since summer started, I had no reason to even think about it.

"Hell, no!" he said loudly. "I'm not queer, why would I fuck a guy?"

I didn't say anything. I was thinking I had already said too much. I was hoping he would just go away now.

"So you mean to tell me that you only get fucked? Does your boyfriend ever blow you? Or do you only blow him?" he wanted to know

"I only blow him," I said quietly. I thought to myself, why would Daddy blow me? He's straight. I'm a faggot of course I blow him. It was funny how discussing something with Ian made sense as I was saying it, but I wouldn't have thought about it if he hadn't brought it up. I DIDN'T want a straight man giving me a blow job, or any man I guess, because I only wanted to be with Dad and he just wasn't going to do it.

Ian just continued looking at me. "You're fucked up, bro. You're like a little bitch to that guy," he declared. He had guessed the truth. I was Daddy's bitch and I liked it. "That's some weird shit, dude." He got up and left the room.


Holy shit, my brother is a fucking nut. He doesn't want to fuck any guys, or even get a blow job. He just wants to give them out! It never occurred to me that a gay guy would not want reciprocation. What the hell was up with that? Sheesh. I had to leave. I was getting a boner thinking about using him to give me a blow job and I wasn't going there, even if I hadn't gotten any in weeks now. 

I mean, what guy wouldn't want the opportunity to get a blow job and not have to do anything in return? I would love one of the girls I date to provide a free blow and not expect something in return one way or another. I'm not even into guys, but a free blow is a free blow, right? And I hadn't thought about it like that till just now. He wanted it like that. Nothing back, just giving out head. That is whacked, but useful to know.


I laughed when Danny told me how Ian had been asking about his boyfriend. I mean, sure I hadn't planned on Ian hearing Danny and me going at it, but knowing Ian had jumped to a conclusion that it was some other person was amusing. I told Danny he didn't need to worry about it. In fact as I thought about the possibilities, I decided that here was the perfect opportunity to get Danny used to being the faggot he needed to be while I didn't have to worry about who was doing it. I knew Ian would be rough enough on him if he actually used him, but not do anything too rough.

"In fact, Danny, if your brother wants to, he can make use of your talents too," I told him. That got a look of shock on Danny's face that I was looking for. "He's your brother, Danny. Don't you think you ought to make all the men in your family feel good?"

"Uhm, yes Sir, if you say so...I..I can do that."

"Your brother is a man Danny. He has the same needs as any man. He needs to get satisfaction and release tension, to empty his balls in a way that pleases him. I'm sure that you understand that now about men. If he wants to use you to do that, I think that is a perfectly acceptable use of you. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, Sir. If...if Ian wants to use me he can. Uhm...should I TRY to get him to do that, Daddy?"

Now, there was a question. Did I want Danny to act slutty and put the moves on Ian? Did I want him to practice seducing a man? "I think you should wear your tightest shorts and shirts while your brother is home this month, Danny. I think you need to make it clear to Ian that you are a faggot. That you love cock and think about it all the time," I explained. I believe if your brother gets that picture of you, he will know what to do with you. Understood, Danny?"

He turned red and lowered his eyes. "Yes, Sir. I will dress like a faggot and make it clear to him that I love cock."

"Good boy, Danny. For now, that is all you need to do. I don't want him to know that I'm "your boyfriend". We can just let that go for now. Eventually he will figure it out on his own, but at the present time, I'm good with him not knowing."

"Yes, Sir."


Oh, God. Daddy wanted me to act slutty and try to seduce Ian. He actually wanted me to put the moves on my brother!! I hadn't put any moves on anyone before really. Just when I had built up enough nerve and was going to start trying, Daddy had found me out and made me his, so this was all kind of new for me to think about. I was all nervous about trying to act faggy for Ian, but I was also excited that Daddy said I could do it and there was part of me that wanted to do it, to try to get Ian to let me suck his cock. Is that wrong? A guy trying to seduce his brother? But Dad kept saying I wasn't a guy any more and so maybe it wasn't so bad. He said I needed to learn to be a good fag so maybe this was a good way to practice, on someone I knew already, to see if I could get them to use me. Dad and Mr. Johnson said I was good at blow jobs, so maybe Ian would like it too. But he was straight, I thought, but then Daddy was straight too and he liked using me

It was late. Mom and Dad had already gone to bed when I heard Ian come in the house. He didn't come upstairs so I figured he was downstairs. Probably went to watch some tv or one of his porn vids. Mom had always left the basement for us guys. She said she didn't care what went on down there but she wasn't going to clean the room, we had to be responsible for it. Basically that meant I had to clean it now, Dad had told me this summer. He kept his sports stuff down there and Ian usually had some porn dvds laying around. Dad didn't care. Anyhow, I figured I would head downstairs and see what Ian was up to. Maybe I could build up the courage to offer him a blowjob like Dad wanted me to do. I was kinda scared. Ian was a big guy, what if he got mad when I offered to do that? I mean he was big like Dad. He could seriously hurt me if he got mad. He was always beating on me when we were kids. He might smack the crap outta me again for trying to get in his pants.

I put on some tight shorts and a tight French cut t-shirt. You know the kind? Those t-shirts with the real short, short-sleeves. Dad liked them on me. I checked the mirror and brushed my hair back into a lose ponytail. I thought I looked pretty good. I still wasn't used to seeing my nipples poking out of every shirt I owned, but I did think it looked nice. I thought it was pretty slutty looking but that was what Dad liked so maybe Ian would like it too.


Another night and no action, nothing whatsoever. I was so horny I would have fucked about any old whore, but I couldn't even find that in this town. I was about to pop a DVD into the player when I heard someone on the stairs. Danny, fuck. He was in some tiny ass shorts and a t-shirt that clung to him like it was wet. His outfit may as well have said "I'm queer" because there was no getting around it as far as I could tell. The kid was advertising himself like it was going out of style, and he wore that shit all the time, whether he was home or going out someplace. He was all tan, his body looked all shaved, hell if I had seen him out earlier tonight I might have thought he was a girl if he didn't speak. Hell, his nipples were even poking out through that t-shirt, looking like he had some small tits or something. I'm not queer at all and Danny is my brother but I got these weird feeling around him lately. Just watching him come into the room I was in tonight had given me a half hard boner from looking at him like he was a girl. It was weirding me out.

"What are you watching," he asked?

"Nothing, really," I told him. "Was thinking maybe some porn, till you came down. Now I'll wait I guess."

"Oh, well, you can go ahead if you want and watch that. I'll leave if I get bored," he said. It looked like he was blushing when he said it.

"Well, from what I can see you'd be bored pretty quickly," I laughed. It ain't gay porn and you don't look like you'd be interested in that at all." I knew he blushed at that.

"I know," he said. "I'm not dumb, I know you're straight."

"And you, little bro, are about as queer looking as they come." He really blushed and dropped his eyes from mine when I said it. I guess the beers I had earlier had loosened my tongue. Too bad for him I guess. I was going to be saying what was on my mind. "I mean, you are pushing the envelope looking pretty faggy in my opinion. Just letting you know, bro. You might think about toning it down some if you don't want everyone knowing your business."

"Oh...well thanks," he told me. "I kinda feel comfortable like this and boyfriend likes it when I dress this way."

I hadn't considered that. If his guy liked it then I guess that made sense. "I didn't say it was bad or anything, just real obvious, Danny."

Danny stood up and picked through the stack of DVDs sitting next to the tube. He found something he wanted and popped it into the player. Then he sat back down on the sofa next to me. Fuck, it was a good movie, one of my favorites. It always got me off because the chicks in it could swallow some big cock. I wasn't looking at the cock, fuck, mine was as big as any on the DVD but the girls in the movie were good at what they were doing. I'd never had a girl that could take all of my cock dep like that. It got me off thinking that some chick out there would be able to do it one of these days. Anyway, it wasn't long before I was stiffening up in my pants watching the action and Danny was still there.

"Sorry, dude, this one always gets me hard," I said as I noticed Danny watching me, and the tube.

"I don't care," he said. "That's normal. We're brothers you can beat off if you want, or uhm, I can uhm, even help you out, you know...if you want I mean."

What?!? Did he really just say what I thought he said? "Danny, I'm not queer, and you're my fucking brother. That is just wrong."

"Why," he asked? "It's not like I haven't done it before, and I can't get pregnant," he told me. "I only offered to help out. You said it had been awhile since you had any."

"I'm not fucking gay, dude," I said almost shouting. He didn't say anything for a couple minutes.

"I'm not gay either," he said. "I'm a faggot. I like getting men off. I don't want to get off, Ian, I just like, well, I like seeing guys get off," he said.

Fuck me, I was freaking out. My brother wanted to suck my cock. Telling me he liked doing that and he wanted to do it. I was not ready to be hearing all that tonight. He was sitting here looking all queer and asking to get me off.

"So, let me get this right," I said. "You'll suck me off and I don't have to do anything? Is that right," I wanted to know.  Danny was looking at my crotch or the sofa, not at me or the tube. He seemed pretty nervous to be asking it, so at least he had some modesty, even if he was throwing himself at me like this.

"Yes, I will give you a blow job if you want it Ian," he answered. "You don't have to do anything except enjoy it."

Fuck, I was too horny to be thinking about this stuff or even discussing it with my brother. The bitch on the DVD was really working the cock of some guy swallowing it whole and Danny was talking about being queer. I was trying my best to ignore what he was saying while still watching the movie and my dick was just throbbing in my pants.

"I can do the same thing she's doing," he said.

That was enough to break my attention and to look over at him again. "You mean to tell me you can deep throat like those chicks on the DVD? You think you are that good?" I asked. No way, I thought, in fact I smirked. He was too small. No way he could take a cock like those chicks, let alone mine, deep throat. Finally he looked over at me.

"Yes, I can take your cock like that," he said, pointing at the tv.

Fuck, here I was hard as hell, watching good porn on the tv, talking to my BROTHER about whether he can deep throat cock like on the screen. I moved my hand to my face, closed my eyes and rubbed them good. I couldn't believe I was having this discussion. Did I really want to go where this discussion was going? Did I want Danny swinging on my dick? When my head had cleared a little and I opened my eyes, Danny was on his knees in front of me, looking up at me.

"May I please suck your cock, Ian? Please let me show you that I can deep throat and get you off."

Jeezus. I didn't say anything. I just looked at him then I looked at the television, watching the movie play. I just watched for awhile, not thinking, Danny not moving, waiting for me to say something. Then I reached for my zipper and pulled it down. I unbuckled my belt and undid my pants. Danny reached up and slid them down and pulled them off my legs. He never left his spot on the floor in front of me. I didn't want to look at him. I focused on the movie. I reached in my boxers and pulled out my cock.

"Oh god, Ian, your huge," he said, stating the obvious to me, but hey it is always nice to hear from someone, even if it was my brother. Okay, I thought this is going to happen. He's going to do this, but he better do it my way, for it to go right, I thought.

"Rule one," I started telling him, "I don't want to hear you speak unless I ask you something directly. I'm going to imagine you are a girl giving me head and your voice is going to ruin that if I hear it," I told him. "You got it? No talking." Danny nodded in agreement. "Good. Rule two, if it gets too weird for me, I'm outta here, no complaints from you, got it?" He nodded again. "Rule three. I'm in charge and I am only going to do what I want to do. This is fucking weird enough for me as it is, so what I say goes." He nodded. "Finally, rule four. Just cause it happens tonight doesn't mean it ever happens again, got it?" Danny again agreed with what I told him. Crap here it goes, I thought, a blow from a guy, my brother no less.

"Go to it then, Danny. Show me what you got. I'm just gonna sit here and watch the tube and imagine a girl giving me head," I said to him. I leaned back on the sofa, slouched down and took my cock in my hand at the base. Danny went right to work.

He was like a whore in heat. I could feel his tongue working on my cockhead and it felt good. Then his hand wrapped around my cock pulling my cock down more. I dropped my hand from my own cock and let him move it where he wanted it to go. When he put his lips around the head of my cock I really began to get into it. Fuck, he knew at least how to start on a guy's cock. I should have known a fag would know what to do with a dick, but I just hadn't thought about it much before.


Ian's cock was about the same size as Daddy's cock. That made some sense to me since he looked so much like Dad and they were the same height and such. I had to tell him he was big, because it was true. He had a huge cock, just like Daddy. Maybe this would be okay after all. After I had begged him to let me suck it he had seemed to give in and I was looking forward to it. Seeing his cock made me want to suck him. I didn't have any trouble agreeing to his rules. They made sense when he told me what they were. Now I was going to show him I could do the same thing as the girls on the DVD he was watching.


Man, he was really going at it. I was watching the girls on the DVD hearing them slurp on cock and then it was like stereo hearing Danny slurping on mine. I was imagining the blonde on the tube working my cock and then finally I had to look at my own cock and there was a blonde with long hair slicking up MY pole. His long hair, his girly look..."Take your ponytail out, now," I said. He stopped sucking long enough to do it, then went back to work on my dick. Now he looked more like the chick on the tube, his long hair falling around his face and my cock. Fuck, that was better than the ponytail, as far as I was concerned.  He was working further and further down my pole. I was watching the tv and then looking back down at my own cock getting worked on. I found I was watching Danny more and more and watching less of the movie. Feeling his mouth on my dick and his tongue working the underside of my head. I could feel the back of his throat bumping up against my dick, but he was getting more and more inside him. Then I was just watching Danny. If he was actually able to get it all the way in I wanted to see it. I wanted to know what it looked like and feel to have someone deep throat me. I was listening to the DVD now, hearing the guys on the television tell the girls to suck on them, telling them to swallow him whole. And then I started saying the same shit to Danny.

"You really like that big cock, don't you?" he nodded frantically. "Come on, let's see you take it all. Stop teasing and swallow it all bitch," I said. "Take me all the way down your throat. Swallow my cock, I want to see you do it."

Well, I guess that was what he wanted to hear because a couple of slides up and down my cock later, Danny was swallowing my whole pole and the bitch was sniffing my pubes. I was moaning in pleasure and thinking, he did it, he fucking swallowed the whole thing! "God damn, Danny, you are a good cocksucker, " I admitted to him. Hell, it was the best feeling I had ever felt on my cock. Feeling it slide down a girl's throat. I mean...fuck, it was my brother but he looked like a girl from where I was, the long hair, the freakin tight skimpy clothes, how small he was. Who the fuck cared when it felt so damn good? Okay? My ideas of cock sucking changed right then. If he could swallow like this, I didn't need to be out looking around for a woman to be bouncing on my cock. I'd use Danny.

"Come on, bitch. Swallow that cock again," I told him as he came up for air. This time I held his head down as he went all the way. I grabbed the back of his head and held on to his hair. I ground my cock in as far as I could get it to go. Danny just responded by using his throat to massage it I swear. He was like swallowing around my cock while it was buried deep. Fuck, I was in cock sucking heaven. My brother was talented and here I had been ignoring what I could have been having since I got back to town. Fuck me.

"Why haven't you been doing this before now," I asked? "What are you doing holding out on me?" He didn't answer, but then I didn't care if he did or not. When I finally let go of his hair, he just backed up took a deep breath and went back to bobbing on my cock. Now that he had fit it down his throat he started alternating between sliding up and down it then swallowing the whole thing. He would look up at me every once in awhile, I guess to see if I was enjoying it. Hell, enjoying it? I was gonna have a hard time not blowing my load watching him. He looked like a real chick going up and down like that, and he looked like he was actually enjoying the hell out of it.

"You're boyfriend must have a big cock too if you can handle mine, bitch," I added. I had at least nine inches and he was buried to the hilt on my dick. The first time anyone had ever swallowed my cock and it's my faggy looking brother.  I can't describe how great it felt. He was giving me the best head I had ever received, and just the sight of my cock all the way inside his throat and the way he was massaging my cock with his throat, well I was getting into this WAY more than I thought I would. The more I watched Danny the less I thought about it being a guy giving me head. The more I watched his lips spread wide around my cock, not feeling his teeth at all, the tightness of his throat, and the lapping of his tongue, the more I thought about how great it was going to be when I came home and used my fag brother to get off this way. I pulled my cock back from his mouth and held his head back with my other hand. I smacked his face a bit with my cock, wanting to see how he would react. He just held his mouth open and let me smack him with my cock, on his cheek, his mouth. It was hot to be controlling his actions and to see him mouth open, tongue hanging out looking like he needed more dick.

"You really love this shit, don't you, Danny?" He nodded enthusiastically. "Probably swallow too, don't you. I expect a girl to swallow when I cum, you look just like a girl down there sucking my dick, I'm going to expect you to swallow my load when it comes," I warned him.  He blushed a little but nodded. He could follow directions too, no talking, just nodding. Whatever I said or did, he seemed to love it and I have to say, the feeling was great. No talk back, no arguing, just my big ole dick and his willingness to service it. FUCK! That got me more excited.

I lay back on the sofa again and let Danny go back to his work. He was making all sorts of sloppy sounds sliding up and down, licking, slurping, swallowing my dick whole. I closed my eyes and let the feelings take over. "Keep sucking, bitch, you'll get your load. It's a big one too, been awhile since I had a decent blowjob and I need to release. Bet you love that though, a big load to swallow. I want to feed it to you while you do that swallowing thing too. I have to tell you, I've never had anyone take my whole cock like that and I want to know what it feels like emptying right into your stomach. And you better do that swallowing thing around my cock too. I want the full treatment from you." I watcvhe das he looked at me and nodded. I reached out and held my hand at his throat. I could feel his throat opening and expanding as my dick went down. It was an incredible feeling knowing it was my cock stretching his throat open.

I could feel my balls pulling up tight to my body. All these thoughts running ni my brain, while watching my girly bro bobbing on my cock was too much. I started pulling his head down my shaft. I probably got a little rough on him. I couldn't help it. It felt so good, I just automatically grabbed the back of his head and started pulling him onto my cock and bucking my hips back and forth. He didn't struggle with me at all, he kinda just let me you know, fuck his face and then, just thinking about doing that, brought me to a point I couldn't stop from anymore.

"Gonna, blow, bitch. Gonna feed you a BIG load. Got me so hot, It''s coming...mmmMMMMNNNGGGHHHH." I could feel it heading out my cock and so I pulled Danny down all the way until he slammed into my crotch and I held his face there, grinding his head into my crotch. I loved the feel of holding his face there and emptying my balls down his throat. I could feel his throat clenching hard on my dick, milking the seed out of my balls, draining them. "God DAMN, Danny, take my load. Swallow it!!"

I just groaned for a good long while as it went on, my head jerking around on the sofa, holding his head in my crotch, till I finally let go. I could feel Danny pull back. I guess he needed air. He just kept at it, slurping. I opened my eyes and he was licking and cleaning up my cock, sucking out the last of my load. He let my cock go and looked up at me.

"Thank you, Ian," he said. "I really liked that."

Crap, Damn faggot brother. Now what was I going to do.