Becoming a boy 7

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Ian had taken off real quick after he came. I guess he was kinda shocked about what happened, but he seemed to be getting into it after awhile. He had taken my head, like Dad always did, and used it to get better force into getting his cock in my throat. He also had started saying some of the same stuff that the guys on the video had been saying, so I thought he liked that part. I shut the tv off and went upstairs. I lay in bed and thought about Ian and how I had blown him. My little dick was hard and I blew a load thinking about what he had said and how much I had enjoyed feeling his cock in my throat. I knew it would feel good in my pussy too. I knew I had to get Ian to fuck me. I wanted to know what it felt like inside me. He was as big as Dad and I wanted to feel if he fucked like Dad too. Is that crazy or what? I mean I felt like a real slut trying to bed Ian, wanting his cock, but it was soooo good when I was sucking on him, that I just knew I had to have it inside me. I would have to tell Dad tomorrow that I had given Ian a blowjob. That would be a discussion that would embarrass me. I still got all red and quiet mostly when I talked about sex, but I knew he would want to hear about it.


Fuck that blowjob was great, but it was a guy doing it, not a girl! What was that about? I wasn't queer, I knew that. Danny looked like a fucking girl when he was down there blowing me, but he was a guy, right? It was strange thinking I's let a guy blow me, but I couldn't argue with how great it felt or how it ended. I blew a big load down the fag's throat. I mean Danny's throat. Hell, I wasn't sure. Danny called himself a fag, so I guess that was okay by him. Plus he didn't try anything else, he just blew me like he said he would, and the fucker could deep throat me too! He even thanked me for doing it, so he must have enjoyed it too, right? Half of me wanted to go get another blow from him right now and the other half of my mind was thinking about just forgetting it happened. I fell asleep thinking about my cock disappearing down Danny's throat.


"That's good Danny. I'm glad you were able to let your brother know more about you. No sense in hiding it. It only makes sense that once he knew, he would get off with your throat," I told him. "I know that YOU enjoyed it, didn't you?" He blushed before he answered so I knew it was true.

"Yes, Sir. I...I did enjoy it. His cock's BIG, like yours, Sir," he told me. I wasn't surprised really. I hadn't seen Ian naked since he was a kid, but he did resemble me and so I figured at least one of my kids got my dick genes. I laughed.

"I know that made it even better for you, didn't it, faggot?"

"Yes, Sir." Danny answered.

"Did you manage to not play with yourself while he was using your throat?"

"Yes, Daddy," He blushed deeply while answering. "I didn't cum until I got to my room. Then I played with myself. I was so hard but I waited cause I didn't want to gross him out or anything."


"I think he enjoyed, it Sir, but he left so fast, I...I don't know for sure."

"Well, the first time you blew your load in front of me, you left quickly too, Danny," I reminded him. I figured Ian would be back once he rationalized that his brother loved giving head. He would probably end up getting more than that too, if he had any sense in him. "You just keep yourself ready for your brother, Danny. I have a feeling he'll be back for more and might want more than just a blow." Danny blushed, and dropped his eyes from contact with me. "You just keep offering it up to him. Let him know he can have whatever he wants."


"Yes, Sir, I...I will," I told Daddy. Oh my god, he wanted me to keep after Ian and offer myself up to him. As much as my brother had bugged me as a kid, now I had to admit he was very sexy and I DID want him to use me and hopefully fuck me, if he was up for it. I didn't want to seem TOO excited about it in front of Daddy but deep down I wanted Ian to do all that and more to me.

It was early still. Ian was still sleeping but Dad had me up early doing some chores and then he was out for the day on some sales calls. I had a lot to do. Mow the lawn, laundry, make dinner cause Mom was working today, and I'm sure Dad had a list of stuff he expected done this week if I made a dent in the other things. He didn't like me being idle. Even if there weren't chores, I had things like exercises and tanning that he wanted me to devote time to each day. He definitely kept me busy. It was worth it though knowing that Dad liked me the way he was making me. I had set out to be someone's boy this summer and ended up becoming a boy for Daddy...well okay, his faggot. I wasn't sure what that meant completely but I know that I didn't really feel like a boy anymore, so if Dad said I was a faggot, then that was the word I would sue to describe myself too. I felt better about myself and who I was when he was deciding what I did, so being more girly for him and letting him run my life was what was best I think. Maybe it was who I was all along, and Dad was just forcing me to see it, to recognize the truth about myself. Maybe I wasn't really gay but just a faggot.

I put some shorts on and went outside to deal with the lawn. After I got going around the lawn I realized how hot it was today. I pulled off my shirt and tossed it over on one of the chairs by the pool. I was just in my tight shorts and my sandals. Something caught my eye and I glanced over to the house. There was Ian staring at me through the patio doors. I hadn't thought about him being up already. Maybe I shouldn't have started mowing the lawn. I wonder if I woke him up?


Damn, Danny had his nipples pierced! I should have figured. He said he was a faggot, and the only guys I had ever seen pictures of with nipples pierced were queer. Plus his nipples were freaking HUGE! No wonder you could see them through his shirts. Plus he had on those damn tight little shorts. That was it. My cock was getting hard watching him. I didn't get that. I shouldn't be getting a boner watching my brother mowing the lawn. I guess my dick was thinking on it's own after that blow job last night. I didn't want to think about my brother like he was some girl, but my dick sure did.


While I was driving that day I spent some time thinking about Danny. I was pretty tired of him not controlling his dick. When he blew his load on me the last fuck session, I made him clean it off, but still. I'm not gay and I don't need some guy, even Danny, cumming all over me. It was pretty disgusting as far as I was concerned. It was one of the reasons I generally kept him in thongs and made him keep his hands off his dick. It kept him from cumming as much. I know, you're thinking this guy is having sex with another guy, his son no less. That makes him gay, or at least bi, but I stopped thinking of Danny as a guy shortly after all this started. No guy would let himself get used like this, submit to another man so willingly, like Danny did. I honestly saw him now as a faggot, something between a guy and a girl. I was straight. Danny was a faggot, a person who was meant to submit, serve, and be used as a way for a man to get off for those men who knew what to do with a faggot. I mean, I don't look at guys, never had done so before Danny. Now though, I did notice some of the fags. Those girly looking guys, wearing tight clothes, with a bubble ass tucked into their jeans, but believe me, there was nothing manly about these fags that I could spot on the street now. They were not men. More like a guy with a woman's thoughts running through their mind. Anyway, there is a difference, believe me.

So anyway when Danny went and told me he had jacked himself off after his brother had used him last night, it made me think again that I needed to gain more control over that dick of his. It had to be something to reinforce his faggot nature and to reinforce my control over him; something that would keep his dick under control even when I wasn't around. He didn't need to be jerking off all the time, didn't need to focus on anything, except the man's dick he was serving. I had talked to Johnson about it before. He advocated a chastity device. I looked at those online but they just seemed to be bulky, and would only emphasize to folks looking that Danny had a dick. I wanted to emphasize that he didn't have a dick. That what he had was controlled and incapable of functioning like a man's dick would function. I wanted to keep his dick from reacting the way a man's cock would react, you know, get hard and shoot a load. I rejected the chastity device idea. I wanted control of his dick, I didn't want him thinking the device was his control. I wanted him to know I owned his clit, as I had started calling it, to make it useless to him except as I decided. I was getting hard thinking about it.

As it was now, he could still stand to piss, he could still beat off. I was going to see to it that he always sat to pee, like a woman did. I wanted him to be aware that he wasn't like other guys, that he was more of a woman, that he was a faggot. Surgery was out of the question. If he was made completely into a girl, then all the benefits of using him as a faggot went out the window. I would start being gentle with him and treating him like a woman. I wanted him to know he was a faggot, a guy with a useless dick, a guy who responded to a man and served to satisfy a man's needs, not his own needs. I thought I had figured out a way to do it. I just needed to talk to that guy who had pierced Danny's nipples, see if he agreed.


Danny finished mowing and came inside. He kinda stood there while I was eating some breakfast I had found in the kitchen.

"Looking slutty out there, Danny," I told him. "Nice nipple rings, by the way." I laughed. He blushed. "I don't know any guys that have those so I guess you are pretty queer. And those nipples? I don't see any that big on women most of the time. No wonder you can see them through your shirts." He looked at me like I was crazy, but I was just saying the stuff that had come to my mind after looking at him the last few days, and now that I knew he could provide a damn good blow job.

"Uhm...thanks, uhhh, I...I didn't think you would be up so early," he said.

"I'm just letting you know, from my standpoint at least, that you look pretty slutty out there for everyone to see. Your tight shorts, big nipples showing with the rings in them."

"What.." he stammered blushing. "What do you mean? I go out like this all the time...its...its comfortable."

"Well, don't be surprised if folks are staring," I told him. "The neighbors aren't blind. They can see you tramping around out there looking like that. Looking all well, like I said, slutty, and well kinda sexy," I admitted to him. "I don't pretend to understand why, but my dick got hard looking at you out there." I grabbed my stiff cock through my sweats to show him what I meant. "After last night, I guess I don't care why it got hard, it liked what you did and so I guess it got hard thinking about it. Just letting you know that if I'm staring and getting hard, the neighbors might be too." He dropped his eyes and was turning red again.

"Uhmmm, thanks, Ian. I mean, yeah, thanks. If...if you want me to do it again, just let me know, ok? I...uhmm, I really liked it." He turned and left the room. I could hear the shower start up. I had found myself staring at his ass as he left the room and headed for the stairs. Fuck, he had a nice ass, built for fucking, I thought to myself. His boyfriend has it all broken in too, no squealing and crying like some of the girls I had tried that with, saying it was too big for them. He had already handled my dick with his throat, I was kinda wondering now what it would feel like to get inside his ass. I mean I had heard him begging his boyfriend, right? Shit, I had never done anything with a queer guy and here I was thinking of my brother's ass and how tight it would feel around my cock. Maybe I was queer too I thought. Who knew? Who cared at this point? My dick was hard thinking about it, okay? It was good last night and I never turn away from something that was good like that. If it was a guy, my brother then, well, I could rationalize it because it felt fucking great. He wasn't going to tell anyone anyway. Who could he tell? I went upstairs and waited for him in his room.


Ian was sitting on my bed when I finished showering. I was a bit startled but you know, kinda excited too. I mean, he was HOT, for being my brother and all.

"Come over here Danny, I need your assistance with this," he said, grabbing at his cock. I used to wonder why some guys had such big dicks and I didn't. I had stopped wondering about that this summer. Those cocks were to make guys like me, you know, faggots, understand what pleasure is, feeling those cocks inside. I walked over to where Ian was sitting on my bed.

"Take your towel off Danny," he directed. So I tossed my towel over on the chair at my desk. I stood there naked and covered up my little cock almost automatically.  Ian made a whistling noise.

"Hah, guess you came up short on some things besides your height," he said laughing. I could feel myself blush. "Well, it isn't like I want to suck on it anyway. I'm not queer but I decided my dick likes what you did and I want some more of it," he said clearly. "On your knees," he pointed at the floor in front of him. I knelt and Ian stood up and dropped his sweats. His already hard cock popped out and pointed right at me. I reached out with my hands and took hold of it, wrapping them around the base. I started my licking his balls. I wrapped my tongue around them, first one then the other, eventually getting them both in my mouth. I could hear Ian making soft moans of pleasure as I did this. I could feel my own dick getting hard knowing that I was making him feel good and that he wanted me to be doing this.

"That's nice Danny, I like that, but get to my cock. I'm horny as hell this morning and I want to drop a load...or two," he added after a short pause.

I was ready to suck his cock too! I wanted Ian now. He had a beautiful piece of meat. It definitely stretched my throat last night, but I loved that feeling of knowing I could handle it. That I could fit all of my brother's cock in me all the way, whichever hole he wanted to use. I started licking the big cockhead in front of me slowly getting it wet. I was licking the underside where I knew a guy really liked it. Ian was moaning again.

"Yeah, that's it. You really know how to suck a cock." I looked up at him. His eyes were closed and he had his head tilted back. He moved his hand onto my head and palmed it just resting it there I guess. I continued moving up and down his pole pulling back to breather and then down getting my nose closer to his crotch. I wanted to make him wait for me to go down the whole length of it but that was hard for me too. I wanted to feel it all inside me. Ian wasn't taking the lead so I was taking my time, enjoying the taste of my brother's cock. He continued to run his hand through my hair. "You know, I like your hair, Danny. It's soft, like a girl's and I like it long on you. It fits you well," he said.

"Thanks, Ian," I said to him between mouthfuls of cock. Eventually I reached a point where I had to swallow to go any further and Ian knew it too.

"Come on, Danny, no more teasing, swallow it. I want to feel you do it again." So I did. I took a deep breath and felt his cock bump up against my throat, then I pushed forward and felt it slide past and down into my gullet. I slid forward the rest of the way on his cock. I let out a guttural moan feeling it go all the way down.

"You really like that don't you," he asked

"mmmm," was all I could say.

"Good. I do too." He held my head in place, and then pulled it back letting me breathe again. "Fuck, I love watching my cock disappear into your throat," he told me. He reached down with his other hand and grabbed my throat and thrust forward with his hips, making me swallow all of it again. "Damn, that's hot, feeling my cock open your throat up and slide down." He did this two or three times before he let go of my throat and returning to thrusting back and forth.

"That's it, cocksucker. Take it all. You're my personal cocksucker now Danny," he said. He kept talking to me now, I guess telling me some of the stuff he had been thinking about since last night. "I'm just letting you know, bro. When I'm home now, you are going to be providing my dick some relief every day. I don't know why I hadn't thought of it earlier. You love cock and I have a big one, so it only makes sense that you are here giving me what I want. "

It made me kinda happy and warm feeling knowing that I was doing it well enough for him to want to keep doing this. Just hearing him say it though made me start dripping from my own dick. I moaned, feeling it leak a bit.

"Yeah? That gets you horny, huh? You drip like that all the time?"

I could feel myself blush when he said it. He had seen my dick bouncing and dripping. I know Daddy hated it and usually kept me in my thongs so he didn't see it. I nodded in reply to Ian.

"Good. I like knowing that I can turn a girl on," he added. "I, I guess that I can turn a faggot on. Whatever..." he added. "It's nice to know that my dick gets you going."

Ian sat down on the bed. He let me go back to working his cock, but he reached over and started playing with my nipples, rubbing them between his fingers and pulling on them. His hands were rough on them. I mean, like his hands felt callused. They felt like a man's hands. I don't know if I expected that or not, but it felt good. I moaned my appreciation.

"Oh, god, ohhh, Ian that feels good," before I went back to his cock and balls.

"Slut! you like your titties played with, just like some of the chicks that love my cock." He kept twisting them. "Look at that," he said. "I can make your lil dick jump around playing with them." I could feel another string of precum slide from my cock. "Damn, you do leak a lot," he noted. I don't leak much pre-cum," he said. "That feel good, Danny? You like it when I make your dick jump like that?"


"You can answer me today," he said. If I ask you something today, I want an answer, got it?"

"Yessssss. Oh god, yes, it feels so good, Ian"

"Maybe your titties are wired to your dick, who knows? Some girls seem to really get wet when I play with their nipples like this," he told me. "You seem to get wet too, only like in a different way," he laughed. "Never thought about any of this before, kinda funny," he seemed to be talking to himself more than me. "I wonder if you like other shit that I would do to the girls."

Suddenly he pulled me up off my knees and I was standing in front of him. Ian stood up and stepped out of his sweats and pulled his t-shirt off. I watched his arms and chest muscles flex as he removed his shirt. I reached out without thinking, touching his chest. There was a good amount of hair there. Not as much as Daddy, but still it was very sexy and covered his pecs nicely. Then it ran down his abdomen into his crotch area.

"Oops," I suddenly realized what I was doing. "I'm...I'm sorry." I didn't know whether I should touch him or not. "I should have asked." I looked at the floor, embarrassed I had done it.

"Hey, if it gets you going," he said, not seeming nearly as shy about this as he had last night. He actually flexed his arms then and they were big, bigger than Daddy's arms.

"Wow, you're really built," I told him. "More than the last time I saw you, I think."

"Yeah? Cool," he said. "Go on, touch em if you want." I reached out hesitantly but ran my hands over his chest and then his arms. Before he changed his mind I leaned in and looked close, then stuck my tongue out, licking his bicep, then going further and licking his pit.

"What?" he asked. "You like that shit? Hell go for it," he added. "Girls don't like that at all."

"I do," I confided to him. I know I must have been red, I could feel my face burn when he asked but I didn't care. I started licking at his pit with a lot of energy. Sucking up the aroma and the sweat. I started licking at his right pit. He was sooo hairy there. It was dark too, not like the little blonde hairs I had, I mean before I started shaving and all. He lifted up my arms.

"Your hairless," he stated. "All over, pretty much."

"Uhmm, yeah, I agreed, looking down. "That's the way my boyfriend likes it," I told him honestly.

"Huh. Well I can see why," he said right back. "Looks good on you. Makes you look, well, like a girl, I guess. Makes sense, you being a fag and all." I blushed. He grabbed my nipples and twisted them, making me moan.

"Yeah, that's it. Tell me you like me playing with your nipples, baby."

Baby? Where did that come from? Was he thinking I was one of his girls now? It was a hot thought for me for some reason. Being one of the girls that he would use to get off.  "Yesss, I like that Ian," I said. "Please keep playing with them." I licked his pits, his chest, and his neck while he twisted and pulled on my nipples. Then his hands moved and travelled down my sides to my ass. He cupped my ass cheeks in his palms and started kneading them.  He bent forward and started licking at my neck and biting my ears. Then he whispered to me.

"You're just teasing me so far, baby. You gonna let me fuck you, now? I want inside you. Just wanna fuck you and make you feel good, baby."

Holy cow! My brother wanted to fuck me. I didn't think about that at all. I didn't figure he would be interested, but here he was telling me that he wanted it! He spun me around and kept playing with my nipples from behind, cupping them in his hands, squeezing. His cock was now rubbing up and down my ass crack, back and forth. I could feel his cockhead pushing at my hole while he rubbed back and forth.

"I want it Danny. I want to feel inside you. Don't you feel how hard I am Danny," he asked? He didn't wait for an answer. "I don't care if you are a guy, or my brother," he said. "I want inside your ass, bad." He kept whispering in my ear, licking them when he wasn't talking, nibbling my neck. I kept thinking this must be how he talks to his girls. This was how he must get them to put out, teasing, talking, and tickling them this way. It was a lot of sweet talk mixed with his dirty talk too.

"Don't you fags like getting fucked too," he asked? "Don't you want to feel my cock up inside you, Danny?" he pulled me close and rubbed his cock along my crack.

"Oh my god, Ian, you're so hard," I told him. "I...I do want to feel you in me." I didn't know if that was what he wanted to hear or not. I wasn't sure if he wanted me to say anything at all.

"Yeah, just think how that is going to feel going inside you," he said. I had thought about it. But I wanted HIM to want it. I wanted HIM to want to take it from me. Now he wanted it too, and he had said so. God, I was so ready for him. I wanted him to shove his cock in me NOW.


Damn I wanted in Danny's ass seriously. It was like as bad, no worse, than when I was with some chicks. I had to have a piece of it. I wanted to know what it felt like to bury my cock in my brother. It was like calling my name out. I was getting harder than I had been, I could feel my dick straining itself, searching out a tight dark space. I wanted to bury it deep, just shove it in and listen to him scream, but I was afraid of hurting him, afraid of what might happen if I did that. I figured I needed to talk myself into his hole slowly. Let him know it WAS going to happen, that I WAS going to fuck him good.  Just like I would do with one of the chicks I was trying to fuck, go slow and let them beg for it before I slid it in.

"I AM going to fuck you, Danny. I'll go slow, but your ass is so hot looking, and so hot feeling on my cock, I have to have some of it, baby," I told him. He was putty in my hands really. He was moving and squirming around. I played some more with his tits and his ass, running my cock up and down the crack in his cheeks. He reached behind him with his arm and brought his hand to my face. Next thing I knew he had turned my head towards him and he was kissing me on the lips and then, we were on a full lip lock. Well, okay I thought, it's my brother and all, plus if it got me inside him, then I could do it. It wasn't like he was really a guy. I mean he looked like a girl, he reacted like all the girls I had fucked. Hell, he was smoother than some of the girls I had fucked. It wasn't like kissing a guy at all, I thought. It's tough to explain because believe me, I never figured I would ever be kissing a guy. Dudes are rough, hairy and all, you know? And Danny wasn't. You get it? He wasn't like a guy at all when it came down to it.

"You want me to fuck you, don't you," I asked realizing he was teasing me again.

"Yes! Yes please Ian, please fuck me. I want your cock in me. I need to feel you, please."

"Little begging slut," I answered. "You probably planned this all out. Figured how you could get me to fuck you."

"No, no honestly, Ian, I didn't" he said. "But now I want it."

Well, that was the best news I had heard all morning. Best offer I had received since I got to town. It didn't take me any time at all before I was agreeing with his request. Then it dawned on me that guys used lube, that you didn't just start fucking them. It wasn't like a girl after all, it seemed to me. I had read about lube but really never thought about it until now. "You got some lube, Danny. I should grease this up a bit before I start," I told him

"NO!," he nearly shouted. No, I can't wait. Just spit on it and get it wet again. I want you in me." I thought okay, this is gonna split you open but hell I was hot too, and I wanted inside his hole. You know what? He was right too, All I did was spit a couple times, rub it around my head, then I started pushing into him. It was like he was waiting for it. He opened up and I started sliding inside him.

"Oh fucking hell, Danny. This feels so goddamn good. Your hole is so hot!" He just moaned as I was sliding in he kept saying "yes, yes" the whole time I was splitting him open and moving in towards a good fuck.

"Looks like you needed some cock, Danny," I said. "Been awhile since your boyfriend's been over, huh?" I laughed as I said it.

"Yes, yes. Give it to me Ian." It was so fucking hot, I backed up a bit and then fed the rest of it to him, sliding my cock all the way in until my balls were up against his ass and I could get no more inside him.

"Oh fuck," he whined. "Give it all to me, Ian, I want it all." The little slut was begging. Constantly asking for more, wanting it all up in his hole.

"Yeah? You need that cock, Danny? You need to get fucked?"

"Please, Ian, please fuck me, fuck me hard."

Well I didn't need to be asked for that more than once. I pushed hard, making sure he knew I was all the way in. Then I pulled back and shoved back inside again. He let out a long guttural moan as I ground my hips into him. I watched my cock slide all the way in my brother's hole and was amazed as his ass just opened up and swallowed it all. I had never fucked any girls ass like this before. They had all whined or complained as I tried to fuck em there. Here he was taking it all and it felt fantastic. I pulled Danny up towards me, held him tight to my chest as I buried myself deep inside him.

"You like that cock, slut? You like it buried in you?"

I ground deep in him. I twisted his nipples and Danny ground back against me. I started to pull my dick back out and his ass grabbed onto my cock and didn't want to let it go! Fuck, let me tell you that felt damn good. But then the second I started pushing back in, he just opened up and let me shove in as hard as I wanted to. It was like having my cock massaged. He didn't want it leaving and was welcoming it back in. "Yeah, bitch, you DO want that dick. Don't want your hole empty." I let go of his nipples and grabbed his hips. I started a regular fuck on his hole, in and out, giving him what he wanted. It felt great to me let me tell you. He just seemed to like it however I gave it to him. Long strokes, short strokes, his ass was always grabbing at my cock and releasing it. Every time I bottomed out in his ass Danny would moan, till soon I was pounding him hard and his moans just became one long whining sound.

"Hot little fucker! You needed some big cock."

"Yes, oh god, yes. Fuck me, fuck me hard, Ian."

"Slut!" I told him the truth. "I should have known you wanted it bad. Looking like you do. My brother the fag slut and I didn't see it before this week." I grabbed his hair and pulled his head back towards me, so he was standing upright again. I turned his head towards me and forced my tongue into his mouth. I roughly kissed him while I drove into his ass with my cock. Danny sucked on my tongue and grunted as I drilled his ass from behind. His mouth was just as hungry as his ass, grabbing at my tongue, grunting as I pounded him from behind.

"You're going to be taking my cock now every time I want it Danny. Now that I know what a little cock pig you are, you'll be taking my big cock and won't get any rest until I head back to school. If your boyfriend isn't pounding your ass, I will be," I told him. Fuck, I'd gone from being a completely straight guy to one ready to fuck his brother regularly in only a couple of days. I decided it didn't matter to me. If the ass was available I'd fuck it from now on. It didn't mean I would be doing anything else, but I knew now I'd have no trouble fucking a fag before I ever went back to jacking myself again.

I pulled my dick out of Danny and pushed him onto the bed. I flipped him over on his back and threw his legs up in the air. He was so small compared to me, it made me wonder where the hell all my cock went when I shoved it in him. I might have thought about it more but Danny was soon begging again, wanting cock back inside him.

"Please, Ian, please put your cock back in me, please. I want to feel you fuck my pussy hard"

"Is that what you call this," I asked as I smacked hi hole with my cock. "You don't even think of it as your asshole?"

"Uunnggghhh, no," he moaned as I slipped back inside him,  "Men fuck pussy, so that is what I have. Please fuck my pussy, Ian."

"Damn, faggot. That's right isn't it? No wonder it feels so good. It's just a fag's pussy." It made sense when he said it. Something else registered in my brain when he said it too. "No wonder you need it so bad, Danny. You're no different than some of chicks that are begging me to fuck them. I pulled out then lined up my cock at his pussy and drive it home, making him moan loudly. I held his legs up over his body and watched as I pounded his hole, his pussy. Danny was moving around moaning, his hands were running over my arms and chest. He was staring into my eyes. It was so fucking hot, taking my brother like this, treating him like a slut.

"What am I fucking, Danny," I asked.

"My cunt," was his answer.

"And why am I fucking your cunt, Danny?"

"Because you wanted to."

"Damn right I wanted it. You've been dressing slutty and acting like a big fag the whole time teasing me since I got home haven't you, bitch?"

"Yes, yes its true. I have. I wanted your cock so bad, Ian. Now I know how good your girls feel when you fuck them," he told me.

"Damn straight, faggot. They beg just like you are doing."

"Yes, yes, fuck me, Ian, fuck me."

Damn bitch was in heat, grabbing at my cock as I pulled back and letting go as I slid in it. I could feel my balls tightening up, my cock getting harder before I blew my load. Then he just turned it on more with his talking.

"Cum in my pussy, please shoot your seed in me, Ian, I want your load."

Well, fuck I did just that. With a fag begging me to plow him and seed him. I had never had a girl talk like that to me. Just a few seconds after he said that I was going over the edge, pumping my load into my brother's...well, into my brother's pussy.

"AARRRRGGGGGGHHHh, Take it, faggot. Take my load Danny."

Damn if the faggot didn't cum at the same time too, clamping down on my cock to where I could barely thrust in and out, milking my dick dry while he was spurting his little dick load all over himself. I was driving deep emptying into him and he was spraying up to his chin, grabbing at my cock, and moaning like it was the best fuck he had ever had. And he was about as good a fuck as I had ever had. I had to let go of his legs when I finished. I was done for awhile. I fell on top of him, still buried inside. I didn't care if I got his load on me.


Oh god, Ian was so hot, so sexy, so much like Daddy. He made me feel so good. I blew my load as he unloaded into me. I could feel his cock pulsing in my pussy. It got so hard and even bigger just before he blew his load. He moaned as I squeezed his cock, spraying my own load all over myself. Then he was laying on top of me, breathing heavy, talking in my ear.

"Best fuck I've had in a good long time. You are a hot little faggot. Why didn't I do that sooner," he seemed to be talking to me and to himself. Then next thing I knew he has started breathing deeply and he was asleep, still buried inside me.

How can men fall asleep like that I wondered? Daddy had done that too. I just felt too good to drift off like that, but it seemed that didn't bother a guy at all. He had made me soooo hot and so horny, I loved every second of his fucking me.

A few minutes later I felt him stirring again. He moved me around and slid behind me. He started thrusting again. "Not done yet, Danny. It takes more than that to wear my dick out,"' he said. "Besides, you didn't do anything to get my cock out of your pussy, did you?"

"No," I answered, feeling myself blush. "I...I liked it Ian. You're okay? You don't think its weird or anything now?"

"As long as I know you are a faggot, Danny and it feels this good to fuck you, then believe me, I'm fine using your pussy to get off." I smiled to myself. I don't think Ian had ever gotten soft, but I could feel him stiffening and filling me again with his full size.

"Now, that I have your pussy all lubed up, I might as well make some good use of it," he said. He lifted up my leg and got better access to my hole.

"You're cock is so big Ian, you can fuck me as much as you want. It feels so good when you are inside me like this."

"I can't believe you took it all Danny. No girl has ever deep throated me let alone taken all of it in her ass. You're a talented fag, Danny."

I know I blushed at that. It made me feel good to hear him say it too. "Uhm, thanks, Ian, that's like really nice to hear from you. I'm glad you liked it."

"Hell yeah, I liked it," he added. "That was pretty hot the way you blew your wad without even touching yourself. Does that happen all the time? I mean, It's not like I ever done anything like this before, I don't know what is normal," he laughed.

Uhm ,yeah," I told him. "I can't help it. just feels so good, like now, and I just want to cum. Not all the time, but a lot. My boyfriend doesn't like me playing with my self while he's fucking. He says it is a distraction to me focusing on his cock. So I try real hard not to touch my dick and somehow I just shoot without touching it."

"Whatever gets him going, I guess," Ian said beginning to hammer me from behind. "Get on your knees," he ordered.

I got on my knees. He was pumping me from behind. I was grabbing his cock as he pulled back and letting go and he slammed it home. He was getting me hard again. I was going to start moaning. He was pushing all the right buttons in me again. His big cock stretching me out and making me feel so good. Then for some reason he started smacking my ass.

"Such a fucking pretty ass." <smack> "Bet you love getting it smacked." <smack> "Nice to see my hand print on an ass." <smack>

"Oh, ow, Oh god, ow, yeah, spank me."

"Slut. I bet a fag like you needs a spanking every once in awhile" <smack> " I bet you used to love it when Dad spanked you, didn't you, you little bitch." <smack>

Oh my god! Did he know? I was so hot with Ian fucking me hard and him slapping my ass, but I was still totally red and humiliated with his guessing or knowing that I loved it when Dad spanked me. I wondered if he had heard Dad doing that to me at some point recently.

"Yeah, I can tell that you did, Danny. Your face is so red it gives it away. What a fag. I should tell Dad how much you loved his spankings."

"No! No, don't do that please," I told him.

"Bet that gets your pussy wet just thinking about that doesn't it?" <smack>

"Ow, Okay, okay. I admit it. Sometimes I liked it when he spanked me, but don't tell him that, Ian."

"What if I did, Danny?" <smack> "Not like you could stop me. Not a little fag girl like you."

Ian had made his point correctly. I couldn't have stopped him from doing anything if he wanted to do it. I was too small, and he was too big. He could easily control me in any number of ways. I was bound to be as submissive to him as I was to Daddy. Oh god the thought of that alone got me so hot. My little dick was jumping around as he fucked and smacked my ass. My pussy was twitching around Ian's big cock as he slid it in and out. Then he pulled out and flipped me over. He climbed up on the bed and mounted me like he owned me. Throwing my legs up over my head, exposing my hole to his huge hard rod. He started shoving all the way in and then puling all the way out, leaving me empty until he plugged me again.

"Don't touch your dick, Danny. I want to make you shoot your wad again. I like knowing that I can make you blow just fucking your pussy."

I was holding my legs over my head. Ian was on his toes and his hands now fucking me hard. His face above mine. He looked like Daddy hovering over me like this. He was snarling at me, then he cleared his throat and spit at me. I reached up to clean it off, but he growled.

"Don't touch it, Danny. I put it there because I wanted it there. If I give you something, then thank me for it, you faggot," he said to me.

Fuck he was really getting into it now. Spanking me, spitting on me. I know I blushed but I managed to thank him.

"Open your mouth, bitch," he told me. When I hesitated, Ian raised a hand off the bed and smacked me on the cheek. "Didn't hear me? I said open up, bitch!"

I automatically clenched when he smacked my face, grabbing his cock tight and squeezing. "Yeeah, that's nice Danny. You're a nasty faggot, letting me spit on you, letting me use you like this. I think I like this stuff," he said. Ian growled and spit again, this time planting it right in my mouth. "Now swallow it faggot, and thank me again."

I swallowed. I had thought Ian was going to be real gentle but he was turning out to really like this power over me. "Thank you, Ian." I heard Ian moan.

"Fuck, your easy, Danny, and nasty too," he added.

I WAS easy, and I knew I had gotten used to Daddy doing all sorts of things to me, and that I loved it more and more whatever he did to me. I knew Ian was right. I had wanted it to happen and Daddy had made sure it did. Now Ian was figuring out that I loved it all. That I loved whatever a man did to me. I was a whore for a real Man like Dad or Ian.

"Fuck me hard, Ian," I begged. "Please, please fuck me real hard. I need it." I wanted his cock to pound into me. He responded by pinning my legs up to my shoulders with his chest. He started really fucking hard, raising his hips up and slamming down hard as his cock bumped up against something inside me. He was fucking hard, harder than I had been pounded before. "Oh god. Oh yes. I love your cock," I told him. "I love being your faggot. Fuck me, I need it Sir."

"Slut! You better like it. I'll be using your ass like this the rest of the month so you better enjoy it."

"Oh, god, yes. I love it. Please pound my cunt, I want your load in me deep, Ian."

"You're such a faggot Danny. Begging for a man's load. You're nothing but a slut. You'll want my cock everyday now that I've given it to you. You'll be missing my cock when I go back to school."

Ian was right. I would want his cock all the time now. I WOULD miss his cock when he left again. "Yeah, feed me your cock, give it to me, please," I listened to myself beg. It was true. I was a fag. I needed cock now. I needed it hard from a man that knew how bad I needed it. I had become nothing but a slut for cock.

Ian continued pounding. I was aware of my moaning then I also heard the sounds of his cock slapping into me. The squishy sounds of my pussy taking a pounding from him. It was making all sorts of wet sloppy sounds as he pulled out and slammed back in.

"Your little pussy's not so tight now, is it, faggot? I've broken it in good today," Ian commented. By then I was just trying to remain attentive to his cock, Trying to squeeze as he pulled back, but I was losing myself in how good it felt, how much I felt he had control over me and my body. I was moaning and rocking as he pummeled me.

"Fuck, Danny, I'm gonna cum," Ian managed to say. He was sweating and concentrating trying not to cum I could tell. "Your pussy is so hot, I don't want to stop. Oh...shit. Fuck, YES, yessssssssssss, aauuuunnnggggghhhh. You better cum you little faggot. Better shoot your damn load now."

Well just feeling him get bigger and harder again inside me, Feeling him slam home and grind into me, and then having him order me to cum, so I did. It just happened. I clamped down hard on his cock and squeezed it tight when I felt myself start to shoot. I was moaning and so was Ian. He collapsed again when he finished, but this time he rolled off and I could feel his cock slide out of me, his cum dribbling out of my hole. I couldn't stand the thought of his cock not inside me. I rolled over and immediately slipped his cock in my mouth, cleaning all the cum and pussy juices off it.

"Nasty faggot. That's it, clean my cock off," he told me. "Get all that slop off of it." I licked, sucked, and slurped at his cock, which had become smaller but was not soft yet. "Okay" he said, "that's enough, you can stop." I didn't want to I wanted to keep going. "Hey, I have to piss, Danny. Let me go so I can take care of that."

"Please," I heard myself beg to him. "Please just piss in my mouth. I'll drink it all, I promise, let me have your piss, Ian."

He looked at me and after I had finished I turned red, realizing what I had done. I was so overcome with lust and horniess that I had just blurted out about drinking his piss. I was begging a man to piss in me. I was such a faggot, I was embarrassed.

"Seriously? You are that low, Danny? You want a man to piss in you?"

I had already asked for it, there was nothing to do but repeat it. "Yes, I want it please. I know I am disgusting," I told him, "but I do want it."

"Fuck. Then go for it bitch. Drink up." He lay back on his elbows watching me. I stuck his cock in my mouth and waited. Slowly a stream started and then I had to start swallowing. His piss stream grew strong. His taste was bitter and strong, but I craved it. I wanted it inside me. I didn't let a drop go to waste. I wanted it all and I took it. I thanked him when I finished drinking.

"Thank you Ian. Thank you for fucking me, for making me your bitch today."

He laughed at me, then he stood up off my bed and headed towards my door. He turned around and looked at me. "Your ass is mine when I am home, Danny. I don't care if you have a boyfriend or not. When I'm home, it belongs to me. I'm your brother, and I have first call on your faggot pussy. You understand me?" He was pointing at me when he said it, making clear I understood what he said.

"Yes, Sir," I told him.

As he left my room all he said was, "Good."