Becoming a boy 8

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"I'm not sending you back to school this semester, Danny," I told him. "I spoke to the people at the university and told them you needed a semester off for family reasons." Danny smiled when I gave him the news.

"Thank you, Sir. I would really rather be here at home with you," he seemed pleased with my decision.

"Or perhaps at school with your brother," I replied. He blushed at my comment but he knew it was true. I had heard all about his activities with Ian. Danny could not keep something like that from me. I had encouraged it. I wanted Danny to understand he was a slut, the family faggot. Having Ian use him only reinforced this fact to him that he needed to serve the cocks in the family. Ian had not figured out yet that I was the "boyfriend" that Danny referred to, but he had quickly adjusted to being Danny's top. It gave me a break for a while, and allowed Danny to get used to serving other men.

"I'm going to be gone on and off this fall, Danny. I'm going to call Johnson at the farm and see about you getting some work out there for a while. It will keep you busy and out of trouble while I am traveling. I don't want you back online getting into trouble and I don't want you off at school again where I can't keep an eye on you. You've gotten adjusted to getting fucked regularly and I don't intend to have you slutting around with everyone. At the farm, I'll be able to know you are safe and learning what you really need to learn anyway." He blushed again and started to protest what I had said.

"Daddy! I...I won't be a slut."

"I smacked him across the face. "Don't talk back, boy." It wasn't hard, but enough for him to know I didn't care for that attitude. "I know, and you know too, Danny, what a slut you've become this summer. To think you can just stop suddenly when no one is supervising you is ridiculous. You would be off hunting dick the minute your brother or I were out of touch for a couple days. You need supervision at this point." He rubbed his cheek and hung his head.

"Yes, Sir," he answered.

"A faggot needs that kind of supervision until he can be trusted to not just go after any cock available. You belong to me, and I am not going to have any faggot of mine running around simply being the campus slut. Do you understand this, Danny?" he needed to know that I was in charge and he was going to be following my rules, whether I was there all the time or not.

"Yes, Sir," he hung his head and looked a bit sheepish that I had called him on his slutty behavior this summer. He had already started behaving that way when I discovered it and I had since tried to direct that in a more positive way, like any father would do for his kid.

"Besides, I'm not sure that my money was being spent well, with you at school," I said.

He looked up at me with a questioning expression.

"I'm not saying you didn't work hard, Danny. Your grades show that you can pay attention in class, but my point is you haven't chosen any major and you don't seem like you know what you were there to do. Your brother always knew he was studying business, now I'm not comparing him to you, we KNOW that the two of you are very different," he blushed as I said that to him. "But maybe you need to think about the community college until you can figure out what would be a good fit. You seem to have learned some things this summer that might give you an idea what you need to be studying."

He looked at me and then he suddenly seemed to get what I was saying. "Oh...ok, Daddy. I guess that makes some sense. I...I didn't really know what to take last year. It was all kinda interesting but I didn't really know what it was all for..."

"Exactly," I told him. "Maybe looking around at the local school can give you an idea of what is out there and you can stay here where you have me supervising you. Plus you can get some credit working at Johnson's farm this semester anyway. It would be like an internship in a business. I checked into it and they grant credit for such work experiences. You just need some paperwork filled out. I want you to spend some of your time this week arranging that for the fall here. You hear me?"

"Yes, Sir, I'll look at that option this year." He seemed to be okay with the decision and it is always better to have a boy agree and want to do the same thing you know he needs to do.

"Good boy, Danny. Now, as far as your brother is concerned, you follow his lead, just as you would with any man. He seems to know what he wants, so I am sure you can learn something about how to keep him happy. Plus, it keeps him from chasing pussy all over town. You giving it up for him keeps him outta trouble too. I have some meetings to get to today so just follow through on the stuff we talked about and your regular chores. I rubbed my hand through his hair and left the room. I figured things would be good for a while.


Daddy was right. I hadn't really done much thinking about what I wanted out of college. I am glad he thought it through and decided what I would be doing. It was a relief to have him telling me what I needed to do. I wandered into the kitchen to get some breakfast. Mom had left a note before she headed into her job. I wondered if I could do what she did, work in a business, be a secretary. It seemed like a lot of work and responsibility, but maybe I could do that. Maybe the farm could help me figure that out. It made sense to get some experience there and get credit for it too. Dad had thought of everything. He was very practical. It made me feel safe having him in charge.

The next week had gone by very quickly. Ian was going to be heading back to school in the next couple days. Daddy said I needed to get ready for going to the farm for a while. Mom was busy making sure I had what she called work clothes for my new "internship" at the farm. She wanted me to make a good impression and was buying me all these nice pants and shirts, even some guys underwear, which Dad promptly took and put away somewhere. She seemed really happy that I was going to be doing something that might eventually lead me to a job. I don't think she got the fact that it was a farm though. The only clothes I knew I would need were tight shorts or tight jeans in the winter, not much else was allowed out there from what Stacy had been telling me. We had been in email contact since my trip out there. He helped me understand more and more about all the things I would be doing and learning out there at the farm and to listen when I discussed all the stuff I was learning about myself.

I was shaving one day in the mirror and was looking at myself. I think I looked pretty good. My hair had not been cut all summer. I thought I should trim it up some, but Dad said not yet. The ends were looking frizzy to me but he said he was more interested in letting it get long over worrying about any split ends. I was shaving my pits, my legs, the little hair on my arms and of course my crotch area, getting as smooth as I could. I really enjoyed it. It gave me time to think about things and to focus on me, making myself nice for Dad, and I guess for Ian too. I spread my cheeks and gently removed the few hairs from my crack, making sure not to cut myself. I usually managed that with out any problems, though you never knew when a razor would nick you, I told myself. When I stood up I brushed my nipples and heard myself make a little noise. They were so sensitive all the time. Ian was constantly twisting them and pulling on them. Even when Mom or Dad were around, if they turned their back, he would reach out when I wasn't expecting it and gave them a twist. They were big. No way around it anymore. You could see them through a sweatshirt or a sweater these days. Daddy was happy with them so far but again he told me to keep pumping them. I didn't mind, I kinda liked them big, I had decided. It made me feel, I guess more girly and the men in my life really enjoyed playing, chewing or twisting them. Plus, the nipple rings were nice. I could tug on them and stretch them more, or just flick them and send shivers through my body playing with them. I had been so scared to have them pierced but I really liked the way it looked now. I put on a small t-shirt and some the shorts Daddy bought me, and a thong of course. I knew I looked slutty but that is what Daddy liked.

I made it down to the kitchen mid-morning and was looking through the cupboards to see what was here in the kitchen. I had gotten so used to cooking most of the time I knew what I needed or had on hand and was planning for dinner already.

"Hey, bitch," it was Ian. He actually startled me. I guess I was thinking too much and not paying attention. I hadn't heard him come in.

"Hi, Ian, you want some breakfast," I asked?

"Maybe. Rather have you down on your knees. I need to piss bad," he told me. I kinda looked at him funny I guess because he pointed at the floor in front of him. "Now! Do it."

Jeez, he had gotten demanding fast. I got on my knees in front of him. He had learned quickly that I would submit to most anything he wanted me to do for him. He never needed to ASK for anything, he just TOLD me what I would be doing and I did it. It WAS what I wanted. I needed to be told what to do and I needed to submit to him. He was my brother and a true man who easily took charge of me and reminded me again and again that my place was to serve Men like him.

"Go on, take it out," He was lazy too. I reached up and pulled his cock out of his sweats. I barely had opened my mouth and piss was streaming out of his cock. "Don't be slow when I tell you I gotta piss," he told me. I drank for a good long while before his stream slowed. He pulled his cock out of my mouth and scratched his balls. "Okay, now, I'm hungry," he announced. "What are you making?"

"Uhm, what do you want," I asked.

"Bacon, some eggs, toast." He plopped himself down in a chair at the table. "How long is it gonna take?"

"Not too long." I started the bacon cooking while I went to find the eggs.

"Good," he stated. "So, how long you been putting out for this boyfriend of yours," Ian asked.

"Uhm, since summer started," I told him.

"So, not that long huh,"

"Well I've known him a long time, it just got serious this summer."

"Yeah? Where's he been the last week or so? I've been using your holes the last week and I have never seen you go out to meet him and I haven't seen him back here since that night he fucked your pussy and I heard everything that was going on."

Crap, what was I supposed to say to that. Ian was paying more attention than I had been to the stories I was telling. "He's been busy this week," I told him. "He had to spend time with his family." It wasn't a lie. I wasn't any good with lying; I knew it would show if I said something that was an outright lie.

"Uh, huh. Whatever. Just surprised he hasn't been over to get any of you. Not that I mind. Be sure and thank him for me though. Tell him I appreciate getting to use your holes while he's been busy," Ian thought that was pretty funny, he was laughing. I could feel myself blush.

Next thing I knew Ian was behind me while I was at the stove while I was cooking. His already hard cock was rubbing through his shorts against my clothing. He pulled my hair to force my head back in his direction. He covered my mouth with his and inserted his tongue deep in my mouth.

"Mmmmmpphh," was all I could manage as his tongue probed my mouth. He released my hair but I didn't pull away right away. I enjoyed his attention, I admit it. His then began roaming over my body, rubbing my nipples, cupping my ass, he finally settled one on my right nipple and one on my left hip, holding me in place.

"Yeah," he finally said when he broke tongue contact and spoke. "You need a man around all the time to keep that pussy moist and filled."

"Ian!" I replied half in jest, "what if Mom or Dad showed up while you are doing that?"

"I guess, I might have a lot to explain," he replied as if he was unconcerned. "I would just tell them that you had seduced me and I couldn't do anything once you had started trying to force me to have sex."

I looked at him like he was crazy. I didn't think Mom would buy that story, given the fact Ian was so much bigger than me and that he was the one obviously groping and pawing at me. Not that I minded of course, I enjoyed knowing that my brother liked what he was getting now.

"Look at how you are dressed. You can't tell me Mom hasn't figured out how you are acting and what is probably going on with you. She would have no trouble believing that you put the moves on me the way you have been dressing and acting slutty around the house. I mean, in the time I've been home your outfits just get sluttier everyday. She'd have no trouble putting together the pieces, Danny. She may not be the brightest woman, but she was your age and she managed to get Dad, so she knows how the game is played."

Oh my god, I couldn't believe what Ian was saying about Mom. I was about to say something to him, but I guess it made some sense too. She knew how to keep Dad happy and had managed to run a house and keep a job at the same time. She could see how I had changed over the summer. I wondered now what she thought I was doing and whom she thought I was doing it for.

"Just sayin' Danny, she's not dumb." His hands still were poking and running over my body, while I was trying to make his breakfast. I thought about what he said and I knew he was right, but I couldn't really do anything about it now. Dad wanted me in these outfits. He knew what they were for too, just like Ian did. They were made to make me look slutty and more like a girly faggot, as Dad said. I guess I had just assumed that Mom would not understand, but that was my problem, I was trying to think and I was beginning to learn that I didn't do that as well as I once thought I did. It was better to let Dad or Ian do the thinking and me the listening.

"Well, if you want breakfast," I responded, "go back and sit down or I am going to burn the bacon and your eggs."

Ian managed to remove his hands from me but not before giving my nipples one last pull and twist, making me moan loud enough for him to hear and laugh about.

I finished up his breakfast and brought it to him at the table. Ian slapped my ass. "Thanks, fag. Now why don't you be useful and entertain me while I eat."

"What...what do you mean," I asked him?

"Show me how you get those nipples that big.," he stated.

I looked at Ian and he seemed genuinely interested, so I went and got my pump and nipple cups from my room and brought them downstairs. I took my shirt off and placed the cups on my nipple one at a time, hooked the tube up and pumped two or three times on each nipple. They responded as they always did, blowing up to two or three times their regular size. I was kinda embarrassed to be doing it in front of him, but he wanted to know.

"Holy shit," Ian exclaimed. "That's all it takes?"

"Well I do this for at least an hour every day" I told him.  "I have to keep it regular. If I stop then they will get a bit smaller but yeah, this is it and they will always be bigger than when I started," I told him. I want to get them sticking out at least ¾ inch so I will need to go bigger than that before I stop."

He looked at me like I was crazy. Here I was getting into describing how I wanted to stretch my nipples and make them really big, I guess it must have sounded strange to him.

"Doesn't that hurt," he asked?

"No, it did at first, but then I got used to it, now it feels normal to stretch them out and get them bigger." I could feel myself blush as I admitted that. Ian made me come closer and he stared at my nipples as they inflated and got huge when I reattached the tube and pumped out more air.

"You ever do that to your dick, too," he asked.

"NO! I mean, why would I want to?" I hadn't even thought of that. I mean I knew that some guys did that, but it had never occurred to me to do that. After spending the summer being Dad's boy toy I didn't even find it necessary. It made me think about how I wanted to please him, not think about something that seemed silly like pumping my dick. I didn't use it for anything much where I would ever have to worry about it. He seemed happy with the way it was so I was too.

Well, it seems to me that you might want to be a man," he said. "Make use of your equipment."

I didn't know what to say really. "Uhm, I guess it just isn't important to me." It was a bad answer but all I could think to say.

"Guess not," he echoed. "So you really like being so submissive, huh? I just wondered if maybe you ever thought about being a man."

I dropped my eyes to the floor and shook my head. "No, not after this summer. This is what I need to do," I whispered.

"Fine by me, faggot. Just don't expect me to ever treat you the way I did before this summer," he said. "You'll always be a faggot to me now, Danny, whatever else you do or whenever we meet I'm gonna be there to remind you. You'll be putting out for me the rest of your life. I know the truth now and I am going to want your lips wrapped around my cock."

It was final. I could hear it in his voice. I couldn't look up at him. "Yes, Ian. I know," I said. Hearing him say it just made it seem complete. He reached out to my nipples and yanked the suction cups off. I jumped and squealed more from the popping sound they made than from any pain. He set them down on the table then roughly grabbed my nipples, twisting them sharply.

"Fuck those are big, I like that," he noted as I sucked air and squirmed. I think you need to keep pumping those. Don't stop until they are at least an inch long, you hear me? I want those things big enough to hole up a clothes hanger."

Dang, he wanted them even bigger than Dad. He stood up and turned me around. He was twiddling with my titties and rubbing his crotch up against my ass again. I was already letting out little moans from his manipulating them. It was making my ass automatically grind against his big cock.

"That's it. Just like one of my girls, wanting that cock. Yeah, show me how much you like it," he started telling me.

"Mmmmm, oh god, my nipples are sensitive when they are so big," I confessed.

"Yeah, you respond just like a girl too. What are you going to do if I do this," he asked. He reached around and undid the snap on my cutoffs. They slid down my legs and gave him access to my backside. He slid his hand back and started fingering my pucker. "Come on, you like that too, don't you?"

"Ooohhhhhh, yessss, yes, Ian, I like that." I was grinding back, trying to get his finger inside me deep.

"Yeah, you love something filling your pussy. You're a slut, Danny."

"I know...I can't..can't stop. I love cock," I admitted. "I need a Man inside me."

"Bitch," was all Ian said. He bent me over the counter and pulled my thong over one cheek. I could hear him spitting on his cock and then feel it aimed at me, pushing at my opening. He spit a couple more times on my hole and then started sliding in.

"Uuuughghhhhh," I groaned out. "Oh, shit, you're so big.

"Fuuuuccccckkk, you're so tight, faggot," he replied. Ian pulled my leg up and put it on the counter so that I was standing on one leg and he was spitting me in half with his cock. He had a hold of my hips and was beginning to push in and pull back, starting up his fuck motions. It felt so good, but we were in the kitchen. I knew we shouldn't be here doing this, we should downstairs or to my bedroom.

"We should go downstairs," I managed to tell Ian in between his cock starting to pummel me.

"Why? No one is here. Just you, me and my need to breed."

"But, what if someone comes home. What if Mom comes in?"

"Mom and Dad are working, get over it. I want it here, so you do too," he said. I knew better than to argue with direction like that. I tried, but couldn't get him to pull out of me long enough to change rooms. Then he was pulling my leg down and shoving me onto my knees there on the kitchen floor. Forcing me down by pushing on my back, throwing his weight on me. I collapsed onto my knees, Ian's cock never leaving my pussy. "Besides, the kitchen is your room now. Your like a girl, big titty nipples, useless dick, you may as well stay in the kitchen cooking and fucking. If you're lucky, you'll learn how to get pregnant too," he added.

"Ooohhh, goddddd, yes. Yes, it's true. I'm for fucking and cooking," I told him. He started in pounding me hard from behind. I could swear I heard noises in the house , but I was too lost in his cock and the feelings it was giving me. My dick was stretching the front of my thong, and I could feel myself leaking as Ian kept jamming his cock deep rubbing my P-spot.

"Faggot, I know you love this. Just opened right up and let me in and clamped down on it right away. "

"Ummmph, ughhh, yeah, ohhh," my words were failing me, all I could do was moan and groan as he pounded. I didn't hear any more noises, so I figured it was just my imagination.


"Little bitch is in heat. Tell me how much you love my cock."

"Love it, ughhh, yessss, I love it, fuck me, Ian fuck me hard."

So I did what he wanted. I shoved his ass all the way down to the floor and climbed all the way on top, shoving deep on each thrust. I planted one hand on his shoulders, holding him to the kitchen floor.

"ummph, uhhh, yeah."

His little wines were driving me crazy. I could always count on him whining and moaning. He gave feedback to a guy's fuck. Some women were too quiet, just laying there. Of course I hadn't met many who could take a pounding like I was giving Danny. He just asked for more the harder I gave it to him.

"This is what you are good at Danny. Taking my cock. I think you know it too. That is why you dress the way you do, teasing men, teasing so you can get them to fuck you," I told him. I have to admit, I really enjoyed talking to Danny like that. It got me harder than ever and really made it clear who was in charge. He seemed to really get off on it, which just made me realize what a fucktoy he was. "You are a slutty faggot Danny, running around the house showing off your ass and your titties like that. You should expect to get fucked hard dressing like that. Bet the neighbors are fucking your pussy too, aren't they?"

", honest, they aren't, ugnnh, mmmmph," he managed to say between me driving deep. "I don't even see them."

"Right. Well, you dress like this and fag out around here, it's only a matter of time before they start in on you, bitch. No different than a street corner whore, showing her self off to get business. You'll have plenty of customers if you keep this up." He seemed shocked at the thought, from the look on his face. As if he hadn't thought about it at all. "Don't look all surprised, Danny. If your boyfriend is having you do all this stuff, wear those clothes and pump your girly nipples up, then he knows what he is doing to you. He KNOWS the reactions you are going to get, faggot."

I was pounding his hole, emphasizing to him what a fag he was and what a slut he looked like to me. He needed to hear it. He seemed to not really get it at all, that this boyfriend was dressing him up like a girl, to be a girl, and he didn't seem to quite get the reaction it would cause a Man to have. Stupid of him, I know, but that was what I thought anyway. He should at least be aware of it all. Dress like a whore, get treated like a whore, was how I saw it.

His hole was clenching at my cock, squeezing and pulling my load. "You want my cum don't you, bitch?"

"Yes! Oh god yes! Please give me your seed, Ian." What a begging cunt he was. I had to admit it was damn hot to hear him carry on. Once I had fucked him a couple times it had become clear he loved getting fed my babymakers. It was like he craved it. Whatever, I just loved dumping my load inside him. I was going to do that several times today. I would be leaving soon and wanted him to remember how I used him. How he had teased me and begged from nearly the day I arrived to get me to give him some cock.

"Ow, oohhhhh, The floor's hard, Ian," he was whining again. "Can't we go downstairs?"

"No, bitch, I'm happy here, get over it. Your ass is soft enough for me when I pound it, " I told him.

"Ugh, ooohhh god, owww."

"Shut up. You seem to like it enough inside you. I don't care if it's uncomfortable for you."

Little fag. He's the one that wanted it. He could take it where he was. I continued to hold him down and fuck hard. It felt good to be able to fuck as hard as I wanted, no concern if I was being gentle enough. Not like the chicks back at school, he took it good and hard.

"Ummph, ooohhh, sooo good, ummpphhh. Ahhhh."

"Yeah, see? It's good as long as it's inside your pussy."

"Yes, oohhh god. Yessss, ummphhhh.



When Jan called I knew right away she was upset. You know those things after 25 years together. I was actually heading out to my car when I got her call. I had wrapped things at the office and was going to get a head start on the weekend. Her breathing was ragged and whatever she was trying to say was coming out funny sounding, as if she was having a hard time saying what was on her mind.

"They...Ian...Danny...they were, it was..."

"Okay, ok, Jan," I told her. "Slow down, get it out. I'm listening."

"Oh god, Chuck it was, I never thought..."

"What are you trying to say, honey?"

"I was going home. I left early today. The boss said I could leave, it was slow at the office. Then...oh my...I saw them."

"Saw who, Jan," This was taking awhile, but I knew better than to rush her."

"Saw Danny...Ian...oh god, they  were...they were....Ian was..."

"I pretty much had an idea of where this was going.

"Ian was holding Danny down. He was RAPING him. I mean, oh Chuck I don't know what I mean. I KNOW Danny is you know, gay, but I never knew Ian was TOO. They were doing IT on the kitchen floor. I had come inside and all I could hear was moaning and grunting and Ian calling Danny all sorts of names and when I peaked around the corner...I mean...I never expected, He was was rough looking."

"WHAT?!?" I tried to sound as shocked and surprised as Jan seemed to be. "Ian was what?"

"Oh, Chuck it was awful. I mean, not awful, I mean I don't care if Ian is gay too, I love him anyway, but he was...I can't even describe it. I never thought I would see that. They are brothers, Chuck, it doesn't seem right and Ian was so angry sounding, calling Danny all sorts of names and REALLY being rough on him. I'm so confused."

It was actually kinda funny sounding as she tried to describe it. She didn't seem to be in tears or anything, just confused over finding our sons fucking in the kitchen.

"Ian?" I repeated to make sure she heard my feigned confusion. "Ian was doing it with Danny?"

"Oh, god, I know. I...I thought he was, was, well you know like us, like you, interested in girls. I just couldn't stay. I felt like I was intruding, oh, Chuck...I ...I just left. I couldn't watch. I'm in the car, I can't go back," she sounded a bit like she might cry having gotten it all off her chest. "I didn't want to call you and get you upset, but I had to call, I didn't know what to do."

"" I tried to be as confused as Jan was, though I had no problems of course as I knew they had been screwing around while we were out of the house. I was, of course, more than a bit pissed at the two of them for not bothering to take it to the basement or their rooms. They ought to have known enough not to fuck in the middle of the house. Danny would need a ass-beating for that. As far as Ian, well, I wasn't sure what to do with him. Maybe the embarrassment of knowing his mother had seen him fucking his brother would be enough. I nearly laughed at that thought.

"Jan, where are you going? You probably shouldn't be driving around as confused and upset as you sound," I told her. Why don't you call Susan and see if you can visit her this afternoon. I'm going to the house to see what is going on and talk to them both. I want an explanation." Susan and Jan had been friends for ages. Somehow Susan had managed to stay single all this time. She was a bit on the wild side and I imagined she loved her single status. She had made more than one pass at me over the years, but I wasn't interested. You just didn't have a fling with your wife's best friend. If anyone could help Jan get calmed down or explain what she had seen it would be Susan.

"Oh god, this is so terrible," she said again. "I didn't want to see that. I mean, I don't want them in trouble."

"Please, Jan, call me when you get to Susan's place. Tell her you need a drink."

"Oh, okay, that sounds good. I'll do that. I'll call you back when I get there. Oh, and Chuck, don't be mad at them, I mean, Danny can't help it, Ian...oh I don't know what I mean."

"I'll get to the bottom of it, honey, but call me and let me know you are at Susan's," I repeated. "Don't go back home until I call you."

"Okay, I will, dear. Thank you for handling this, I...I just couldn't go back in again...not right now."

This was more than I could have hoped for actually, I thought to myself. Ian and Danny caught in the act by Jan. She had seen the two of them going at it, and it lessened the chance she would think of me doing the same thing to Danny. It may have confused her but she would eventually "get" it. Now I could walk in on them hopefully, and catch Ian doing just what I had been doing with Danny all summer. I had wanted to see them, and this was the perfect opportunity.

The phone rang again just as I was pulling into the drive. I wasn't going to open the garage. I wouldn't give them the opportunity to  hear me, though if they hadn't heard Jan, my guess is they were making enough noise screwing that I wouldn't be heard but I didn't want to take the chance.

"Chuck, it's me," Jan stated the obvious. "I'm...I'm at Susan's place. We're gonna chat for awhile. Please don't be hard on them, but it was just, oh god, why were they doing it?"

"Just relax, Jan," I tried to calm her. "I'll call you soon. Just wait until you hear from me. I need to find out what is going on."

"Okay, okay. Thank you honey, I love you," she sounded delicate and shaken at the thought of her sons going at it in front of her.

"I love you too, baby," I told her. She seemed calmer at that and we hung up.

When I opened the front door, I could hear them still going at in the kitchen. I crept slowly toward the room. I wanted to watch if I could before I walked in. I wanted to see the best way to approach them. As I got closer I could se them on the floor, Danny was on his back with his legs over his head, Ian of top of him, pounding into him. Jan was right, Ian was being rough and saying all sorts of things to Danny. No wonder she thought he was getting raped. It made me smile, knowing that Danny loved it that way, and knowing Ian was man enough to give it to him. It was actually kinda hot watching my sons fucking. I was quickly boning up and was getting ideas in my head of joining in, using Danny WITH Ian, making him serve us both at the same time.


I dumped my load in his pussy and kept pounding. The little fucker barely knew, he was just moaning and squirming around on the floor. I had really fucking gave it to him too, slamming my whole length into him there on the floor, pumping him full of my jizz. I collapsed on top of him and mashed him into the floor for a bit, just slowly grinding into him.

"You're such a slut, Danny, begging and squealing, moaning and pleading," I whispered in his ear. "I'm surprised all the men in the neighborhood aren't stopping by, the way you look working around the house." He just moaned and pushed back. I pulled out hearing his cunt slurp at my cock before I yanked it out. He pleaded with me.

"Please, Ian, don't stop."

"Who said I was done faggot. Turn over." He did and I threw his legs up pinning them to his chest. I aimed my still hard cock at his pussy and rammed it back in, listening to it squish, now that he was full of my cum.

"Oohhhhh, yesssss, thank you, thank you," he said.

"Shut up. Just shut up and take my fuck, bitch. I don't need to hear you. I know it's good. Otherwise you wouldn't be begging for it everyday now." I no longer cared what he thought, I was just into the fuck, getting off again and again. Making sure he knew I was in charge, and I was going to use him until I was worn out. Danny was staring at me, his mouth slightly open. I reached around and shoved a couple fingers into his hole he moaned but I got some of my load on them and then shoved them into his open mouth.

"Yeah, suck that jizz off, bitch. Taste what my seed is like. You taste your cunt juice too?"

"mmmm, yes,"

"Good. I've torn up that pussy, Danny," I told him. "Spread it so it's only good for my cock now. Your boyfriend is going to know someone else has been using this hole."

"Oh, fuck, Ian," he moaned again. I was working up to spraying another load in him. Hearing him squeal was too fucking hot to keep me from unloading. "Oh, fuck, Ian. Fuck. FUCK! Holy FUCK!"

Danny's eyes had gotten big. For a second or two I thought I had busted his gut or really torn him up or something. Then I noticed his eyes looking behind me. I turned around and...


I backhanded Ian across the face. Stupid kid. Talking like he was the one that had stretched Danny out. Danny had been opened up long before his dick had been inside Danny. I had taken off my clothes while watching them fuck for awhile. Then at what seemed like a good time, I walked in behind Ian. When Danny saw me his eyes got all big and he started in trying to warn his brother.

My swollen cock was inches from Ian's face. I grabbed his hair and as he started to make some noise I shoved my dick in his mouth.

"What the fuck," he started to say but I just shoved in a bit further and he shut up, then I started talking.

"Just who the hell do you think you are, talking about me that way?" I asked him. His eyes got all bugged out as he tried to back off the head of my dick. "You listen and listen good, Ian. First off, I came home because your mother walked into the house earlier and saw you fucking the hell out of your brother here on the kitchen floor."

"Oh no, oh my god," Danny moaned. "I'm so sorry Daddy, I'm sorry."

"Shut up, faggot," I looked at him as I gave my order. "I'll deal with you in a second."

"She called me all worked up telling me you were raping your brother, and wanting to know why both of her sons were queer. Now, I don't care if you were fucking him or not. Yes, I'm Danny's "boyfriend" that he has been talking about. You heard ME fucking him one night that you came home early. I'm the one who told Danny to put out for you, to offer up his holes so you could use them, so don't be talking about how you stretched his hole out so I couldn't use it. It's my hole to begin with, I'm just letting you use it while you're here, I hope you can appreciate that Ian. Remember that I'm your Father, and as long as you are living here or getting me to pay for things, you follow my rules." He nodded but I wasn't through quite yet.

 "As you can see from the dick that is in your mouth, boy, that my cock is more than enough to stretch a few holes out. I could stretch your holes out just as easily since I'm pissed off at you. You have some talking to do with your mother at some point. Your stupidity and your brain in your dick got the better of you. Now, you've put me at risk and it will be awhile before I get to use my faggot again, thanks to you. Not to even mention your brother who is going to have to explain to your mother just how and why he talked you into screwing him in the first place. I hope you understand the seriousness of this Ian. I have no intention of hurting your mother, but I had no intention of giving up fucking Danny either. Now, you are forcing me to take a break from that tight hole." I laid it out for him. His eyes grew big as I explained it all right there, as the head of my cock bobbed in his mouth. The thought of shoving it all down Ian's throat was more than a passing idea, but I restrained myself, that wasn't my goal. I pulled it out and turned towards Danny. Ian started talking immediately.

"Oh shit. Oh, fuck. I'm sorry Dad. I...I had NO idea. I, it never occurred to me, I didn't know I was taking your, uhm, your, I mean Danny from you."

"Of course not, you idiot, that's because you aren't thinking with your head, but with your dick."

"But, are you gay?"

I nearly smacked him again. He wasn't nearly as bright as I once thought.

"No you stupid fuck, and neither are you is my guess. If I thought for a minute you were, I would already have shoved my cock down your throat." He looked at me with disgust for a second. "I like a tight hole, and when I figured out your brother was nothing but a faggot, I just started making use of his. Besides, Ian, if you were gay, your dick would be hard from mine in your mouth and looking at you right now, I would say excitement is the farthest thing from your mind." He looked down and saw that his cock had shrunk up enough to fall from Danny's pussy and hang half limp.

"It's all true, Ian," Danny added.

"Danny, you are taking the fall for this. You KNEW enough to not be doing this out in the open. You KNOW your brother thinks with his dick. As the girl here you should have enough sense to take this to the basement or your bedroom. You were thinking with your pussy, about how it was going to get filled and you couldn't even be bothered to take it out of the kitchen."

"I'm sorry Daddy. I'm so sorry."

"Little bitch. I ought to have known that thinking was too much for you, once a man has a dick in front of you." I was really not happy with the situation but I WAS also very turned on. I needed to get the action going again, because I intended to get off before Jan came home later.

"You will be sorry, Danny. I'm going to have to do something to get you better focused on your priorities," He looked afraid of what that might mean. "In the meantime, if you hadn't noticed, my cock is hard as a rock and I think you know enough what to do when that happens."

"Yes, Sir," he replied and scrambled to his knees. He reached out and grabbed my cock by the base, slipping it between his lips.

"That's better, faggot. Keep working on that while I finish talking to your brother."

"mmmppphhh," he mumbled something but I couldn't make anything out since his mouth was full.

"You," I said directing my attention back to Ian, "need to come up with your story about why you decided to give into your fag brother's wishes to get fucked."

"What if I just decide to tell Mom about you," he asked?

It was then I did haul off and knock him in the side of his head.


"You try something like that you little shit and you never see any money from the family again. Plus you lose the use of your brother when you're home. You think I did any of this without thinking it through? Your brother was ready to whore himself out via the Internet and I caught him. I had a little conversation with his online friend and figured out what was going on, figured out what a true faggot was and how much of one your brother was. Then I decided that what Danny needed was to be trained and taught just as he was looking for online, and I would be doing it." Ian looked up at me strangely. "I'm his father, just like I am yours," I told him. "I wasn't going to let my kid be a slut for every man in town. If he wanted lessons on sucking or getting fucked by a man, I could teach him. If he WANTED to know what being a faggot was like, it would be ME teaching him, raising him properly. When I decided to let you in on the fun, I did so in order to keep you from whoring around with the trash women in town. Last thing you or I need is you getting some bitch pregnant before you finish school. You just showed how much thinking you did on the subject because you were fucking your brother nearly non-stop the last couple weeks. If I had let you go off and screw some of the girls around here, I know you would have been pushing your luck. Probably don't even have any condoms on you, do you?"

"Oh," he said. "Uhmmmm, no, I guess not."

"No, of course not, jeez. Tell me you haven't liked your brother's pussy. Tell me you haven't gotten off on the fag. Now, you still gonna tell your mother anything other than your brother convinced you to do it? You want to screw something else up," I asked?

"uhhh, no, Dad. I didn't know all of that other stuff. I'll tell her. I'll say that he was just being all queer, all the time on me, touching me and stuff, making passes. "

"Better," I said.

"That he was wearing next to nothing today and he looks so girly these days," He sneered at Danny while he said it.

"Exactly. It's like Danny asked for it, flouncing around, fagging out on you."

"Yeah, and I just let my dick get to thinking for me."

"Your mother won't have a hard time believing that at all," I added.

"Plus, I mean, it isn't like I could get him pregnant, and he was wanting it." he continued. I noticed his dick was getting hard again as he was telling me his story. "He knew what he was asking for, and okay, so I probably shouldn't have done it, but he's my little brother, so you know, I let him talk me into it. It's better than having him go out and look for it on the street"

"I think that will work, Ian. Now, you want to finish what you two had started?"

"You mean, go back to fucking? Now?"

"Uh, yeah. What did you think I meant. No reason you and I, two normal guys, can't use a faggot to get off. You know Danny loves it."

"Fuck yeah," He agreed, a stupid grin on his face. He got up and moved around behind Danny. He got on his knees and aimed his cock down at Danny's cunt, and sunk it inside him. Danny's eyes bugged out. He was getting it at both ends now.


This was crazy. My Dad had been fucking Danny too. In fact he was the one who had broke Danny in. No wonder, given Dad's cock size, that Danny had never had any problems taking mine when he started asking for it. It was kinda hot actually. Watching Dad's cock go in and out of Danny's mouth had gotten me hard again. Plus Dad was right, Danny was looking like he had wanted it and he was the one who had offered it up to start.

I had the shit scared out of me for a while there. I mean, who fucks their brother and gets caught? By their mother AND their father? Geez, why did I do it in the kitchen? I was going to have to tell Mom a big story. Then Dad is all, go back to fucking your bro. I mean, this was crazy! But I was hard and Danny's pussy was just there going unused at the moment. Dad even said to do it, so yeah, okay? I did. I slipped it back inside Danny, and of course he was ready, squeezing it and not wanting it to leave his hole.


OMG! Dad walked in and scared the crap outta me, and Ian too for that matter. He even stuck his cock in Ian's mouth. That was HOT, watching Ian's face all scrunch up when Dad put his cock in it. He didn't fuck Ian's face or anything, but still, it was pretty hot when you think about it. The two hottest guys you know, with one of them sucking on the other's dick? It made me horny looking at it.

But Dad was pissed. I guess he was right though. We fucked up and Mom had seen us. I KNEW I had heard something earlier, I knew it. What the heck was I thinking, letting him do me in the kitchen. I knew Dad was going to do something to me, but I didn't know what. I was scared but at the same time, now that Dad's cock was in my mouth and Ian's dick was in my ass, I mean my pussy, I had kinda started focusing on them, and not what I would have to do when Mom got home. Crap, how could I have been so dumb?


I held the back of Danny's head and pulled him all the down on my cock. He had no problems swallowing all of it, no catch in the back of his throat like when I had first used it. In fact, he was moaning around my dick, most likely because his brother was filling his other end with cock too. I heard Ian sigh, as Danny must have been milking his cock.

"So, you like that pussy, Ian"

"Oh, fuck, Dad. It's like he was built for screwing. It's like it really is a pussy," he said.

"Yeah, he was," I told him.  "He's nothing but a faggot, a good one, but still a faggot. Needs a man's cock buried in his face or his pussy."

Ian chuckled.

"If you learned nothing else from your trip home this summer, Ian, I hope you learned that a faggot is not a man and they are really only here to serve as a way for a man to get off. It's what they do best and its what they WERE made for.  You think a guy his size could handle such a big cock if it weren't true? So, what else did you learn about faggots?"

"Well, I sure can pound Danny's hole a hella lot harder than any girl I've ever fucked, and he loves it too," he told me.

My turn to laugh. "Yeah, hard enough to make your Mom think you were raping her."

"Her? You mean Danny, Dad?"

"I told you, Ian, Danny is not a guy. He's a faggot, faggots are closer to being girls, than men. So I call it as I see it. She's got a pussy and a clit, so Danny is a she. Just made for cock." He laughed again. I could see Danny blush around my cock, as I fucked her face and Ian plowed her other hole.

"Let me have some of that pussy, Ian. Why don't we trade spots?"

"Yeah! I could use my cock cleaned off."

I moved around to Danny's backside. I looked at it and Ian had opened it nicely. Danny's hole was gaping a bit, a small dark open space that looked inviting. I pushed her over so she was on all fours, then I aimed and slid right into her hole. "Yeaahhhh, that's nice. Hey, you already blow a load in here," I asked Ian.

"Oh yeah," he grinned, proud of his work. "I guess it was a few minutes before you came in. Must have been after Mom was watching though. " Ian knelt and grabbed Danny's hair, using it to pull himself down Danny's throat. "Clean it up, faggot," he told Danny.

"You know the other nice thing about a faggot? They never complain," I told Ian.

"No kidding, Dad. Danny lets me do just about anything and only seems to love it. Look he's even blushing now, while we're talking about him."

I glanced up from working on Danny's hole to see he was right. "Hah, bitch knows we're talking about her but she isn't stopping us, is she?" Ian laughed and held his hand up for a high five. I felt a bit silly but I slapped his palm and he yelled, "Yeah!"

We continued to stretch Danny at both ends, me jamming Danny Ôs backside while Ian was filling his front. He reached under Danny to play with her titties. I think he did it to make her moan, because as soon as he started twisting at them Danny did just that and Ian sighed loudly, saying how good it felt. I was having a good time, watching Ian manipulate Danny like I would do, all the while getting my own rocks off fucking.

"Hey," I said. "This floor is a little rough on my knees. "Let me lay on my back and Danny can climb on top of me.

We pulled out, Danny not saying a word. I lay down on the floor and Danny climbed up on top of me. He grabbed my cock and aimed it for his hole and sank down on me.

"Yeah, you missed that cock for a minute, didn't you, baby?" He blushed but nodded. I pulled him down into a bear hug and held him tight as I slid in and out easily. This is where I wanted Danny from the start. On my cock, his hole stretching, him laying on me. I held him so he wouldn't move.

"Hey Dad, I can't get at his mouth like that. What am I supposed to do?" Ian noted the obvious."

"Why don't you just slide your cock in along side mine? She not gonna stop you."

"Whoa? Really?" Ian sounded unsure.

"Daddy! No, I can't take both of you!" Danny tried squirming away. "You'll tear me up, I can't."

I slapped his ass hard. "Shut up. If its what I want, you WILL do it. You've already caused enough trouble for the day, letting your brother fuck you in the kitchen where your Mom found you. You're a slut Danny, there is no reason you can't handle both men in your family at the same time."

He whimpered and was still squirming, but I held him tight. "Now, if you want to really rape him, like your mother thinks anyway, Ian, start working your cock into his hole."

"Oh, man, this is gonna be so cool!" he said. I could see him squat behind Danny and over my legs, then I could feel him lining up his cock along side mine. "Here it comes bitch," he placed his hand on Danny's shoulder, then I could feel him begin to push. I could feel Danny's hole tightening up to try to keep him out, but I knew that wouldn't last long. Oh, yeah. I could also hear Danny whimpering.


Daddy told him to go ahead and he did. He started to try and fit his cock inside me at the same time. Daddy was rubbing my shoulders and telling me, ordering me to loosen up, to let Ian in. I was trying, but it hurt like hell. The only good thing was that Ian wasn't just ramming it in like he usually did. He seemed to be giving me some time to adjust. I moaned.

"Little bitch seems to like it Dad," Ian was saying. "Listen to her moaning."

"She loves it," was Daddy's reply. "Keep going. You'll have it in soon."

"If I could get the head in..." he started to say, but then he did, it slipped in and I groaned out loud as it stretched me further than I had ever thought of stretching. "Fuck, yeah!! I got it in. Shouldn't be any trouble getting the rest in now," He said.

"Oh god, oh shit, ohhhhh it hurts like hell," I wailed. I thought I was going to pass out it felt like a baseball bat was being shoved into me.

"Shut up, Danny," Dad told me. "You want the neighbors to hear you too? Maybe you'd like to explain to them as well as your mother what a faggot you are." I went back to whimpering.

Daddy and Ian were skewering me at the same time. They didn't seem to care if they were going to fit or not, they were going to make their cocks fit inside me together. I could feel tears forming and I thought I would cry from the pain. It was soooo intense, the stretching, the pain. Ian pulled on my hair. Now that they had me where they wanted me, Daddy let go and Ian pulled me up some. Daddy reached up and used his thumbs to wipe away my tears that had rolled down my cheeks. He stuck his thumbs in my mouth and I sucked on them. Meanwhile Ian continued to slide more of his cock inside me a little at a time.

"Breathe, Danny," Daddy said. I had forgotten I guess. I took a deep breath and then exhaled, breathing in again. "If you relax, it is gonna feel so good baby. I promise." I thought he was crazy but I also knew I wasn't being given a chance to disagree, He had said I was going to do it.

"Maybe it is hurting him, Dad, ya think?" Finally Ian was getting the hint. Then he reached around to feel my crotch through my thong. "Nah, scratch that," he said. "His dick is as hard as ever. He loves it." Both he and Daddy laughed a little to loud, if you ask me. I was the one being drilled, being stretched. The pain was searing my ass. These are not small dicks. Daddy and Ian have huge cocks, and to take both at once was more than I thought I could handle.

"Oh, fuck, oh god, it hurts soooo much," I wailed. But if it hurt so much why was I hard?

"You need this Danny," Daddy said. "You need to know what its like to have both your men in your pussy. We all know you love cock Danny. What could be better than to get it two at the same time for a faggot?"

Oh, god, Daddy was right. I HAD thought about both of them fucking me at the same time. I had wondered what it would be like, but now that it was happening, I didn't want it. I wanted this to end. Ian kept going. His cock, like Daddy's cock was bigger at the base than at the head. Although every inch of it hurt, he kept up the pushing. Finally he announced he had it all in.

"He's got it. It's all in, fuck. Oh, man, that is amazing," Ian couldn't seem to believe he had fit it all in me. I couldn't either except that I felt every bit of both of them. Then as soon as he had got it in, he started pulling back out. He was going to fuck me like this.

"Oh, man, oh, fuck. This feels soo good, Dad. It like his hole just opened up and took it. There is no space or anything." I could feel him pushing his fingers around my hole. "It's like his hole just molded itself around my cock.

"Yeahhhh, feel her grabbing at it? Her pussy just automatically started in, doesn't want it to leave."

"Yeah, yeah I feel it. Whoaahhhh,"

Ian wasn't going very fast or hard, but he was sliding back and forth. Dad started too. They were both slowly putting some motion into their cocks. It wasn't just that I was filled, now they were going to batter me with their dicks too.

"Oh god, oh god," I couldn't help it. The pain was big and their cocks were just increasing it now. "oh god, it still hurts."

"Yeah," Dad started in on me. "I'm you Dad and your god, Danny. You just let us fuck for a while the pain will go away. You were meant to be taking all of this cock. You know it and so do I."

Oh god. Deep down I knew he was right. I did want it. I had a pussy and I needed to serve the men in my life. I was hard the whole time this was going on and it never went down. I couldn't seem to control it and even now, as Ian was beginning to piston ins and out, I knew it was feeling better and better, hurting less and less, just like Daddy said it would. Why was he always right about this? I guess because he was a man and I...I was a faggot.


Danny was still moaning still carrying on, but it was quieter now, less squalling and beginning to get more like he was enjoying it. I knew he would get off on it. Get off on having his hole stretched out by two men's dicks. I was thrusting up at his pussy from underneath him and Ian was close to pounding at this point at the hole from above.

"Yeah, Danny. That pussy feels nice. You needed to get both of using you today to get that pussy scratched properly," Ian was telling him. He had grabbed Danny by the hair and had pulled his head back towards him. He licked at Danny's ear and was whispering to him. "Come on, Danny. Tell us how much you like it. Tell us that you needed this."

I moved my hands up to his titties and started twisting on them lightly. Just rubbing them back and forth. They were big these days. He had been working them real well. The boy followed instructions like a pro, I had to give it to him.

"Oh, godddd. Ian. Ohhhh. Your cocks feel good. Oh, yeah. I feel so full. Oh god, Daddy, don't play with those. I'll shoot my clit off," he said. Ian laughed at that.

"You got him calling it his clit. I thought that was so funny when he told me the first time, but he never uses it like a dick so I guess that makes sense," he said as he drove it home again. Danny was beginning to moan and whimper, letting out little "ohs" and high-pitched moans, just as he did when it was just me fucking him.

"Yeah," Ian was talking again. "He makes those noises all the time with me. He do that with you too?"

"Oh, yeah," I told him. "She loves it." I kept playing with Danny's nipples. "You like that baby? You like Daddy playing with those bitch tits?"

"Ohhhhh, please. I am so close Daddy. I don't want to cum. I know you hate it." I looked at his lil dicklet, he was leaking.

"That's right," I told him. "I don't want you cumming, baby. You hold that shit back, you hear me?"

"How come you don't want Danny cumming, Dad? I mean," Ian continued, "he cums all the time when I'm fucking him. Blows his load without even touching his dick."

"No need for it, Ian," I explained. "She gets off from her pussy, just like a girl would. She needs to get used to focusing on the cock inside her and her pussy or tits, not her clit. That shouldn't be the focus here. You get what I'm saying? She's not a man, and her dick doesn't need to blow like a man's does, like you or me."

"Ohhh," he seemed to get it. "Got it. yeah, I can see that. That makes sense. Hot!"

"Well, we just need to train Danny properly, Ian. A faggot needs to learn from a man how best to serve them. Danny will learn this way or I will make sure he gets it one way or the other."

"Please, please stop playing with them Daddy. Ohhhhhh. Your cocks feel so good."

"You have to get used to it, Danny. Men are going to play with these. They look like a girl's now, so they are going to get played with," I told him.

"I..I'm trying, but it feels so good now. I...I'm taking both your cocks and you're making me feel so good. Oohhhhhhh, yeah, oooohhhhh, please..."

"Please what Danny? Say what you want," I said.

 "Ohhhh, god, please fuck me. Please, just fuck me."

"Damn, Danny," Ian started speaking. "You were just saying you didn't want this a few minutes ago. Now you're begging for it. Let me see if I can get going any harder."

I could feel Ian start pulling out more and more. I could feel his cock rubbing and down my shaft, feel Danny's pussy stretch and collapse each time Ian would pull back and shove forward. Danny was trying to squeeze but thee was too much dick and we had stretched him wide open.

Then I felt Ian pull out all the way and then slam back in. He was back to rough fucking Danny, like he had been when I interrupted them.

"There ya go bitch," he told Danny. "You like that? You like feeling me slamming into your cunt like that?"

"Mmmmpphh, ooohhhhhh, uunnghhhh, oooohhhhh," was all Danny could manage. His little high pitched moaning was hot. So was feeling Ian's dick sliding along my cock as I was still humping from below. I was getting close.

"Fuck, I'm gonna blow soon. This feels too good," I told my sons.

"Yeah! Me too, Gonna fill this bitch up good, Dad. He loves his pussy full of my load.  Now he's gonna get two at once."

"Oh, Yes, yessss. Please fill it up. Let me feel you cum in me, please," Danny moaned.

"Couple...more....thrusts..."Ian was pounding hard and I couldn't stop, my nuts were pulling up and gonna empty soon. It had been a couple weeks since I had fucked Danny.

I pulled back as far as I could being on the floor, and pumped hard a couple times. When combined with my son's cock rubbing the length of my shaft and my faggot's cunt wrapped around the rest, I soon forced myself in as deep as I could and could feel my balls pumping Danny full of seed.

"Take it Danny. FUCK, TAKE MY SEED! arrrrggHHHHH"

"Damn, damn, Dad, that feels freaky. I can feel your cock spewing. I can feel your load up there. I...It''s gonna make me blow too," Ian started grunting and shoved in deep too, one final thrust. He was right. It was a freaky feeling, his cock spasming against mine, his hot load spraying Danny's inside, and my cock with it. He had his head thrown back and he was still sort of sitting and holding onto Danny's back while shoving in as far as he could. Danny was just moaning and whining. Although he made a lot of noise, he just leaked from his thong. He didn't blow his load.

"Fuck, Danny that...that was nice," Ian said.

"Oh, hell yeah," I added. Best fuck I've gotten out of her in a couple weeks, since you've been around," I told Ian.

Danny was just breathing heavy. I felt Ian pull out and Danny let a sigh of relief as the cock was pulled from him. Ian stood there his cock dripping.

"Okay, Danny. Get up and clean your brother's cock. Then mine."

"Yes...yes, Daddy," he replied catching his breath.

Danny got back on his knees and licked and sucked Ian's cock. Then he returned to mine and cleaned it off too, getting all the jizz that had slid out of his hole on our cocks. He was making all sorts of slurping noises, and satisfied, "mmmmm" sounds. When he finished he lay on the floor again. I guess he was worn out.

"I'm going to shower Ian. You guys need to get cleaned up soon too. I am going to call your mother and she will be coming home. I'll wait until you are clean and have the kitchen back in shape," I told them.

"Sure Dad. Oh, and Dad? Thanks for letting me use Danny, the last couple weeks. I...I really appreciate the chance to learn stuff from you," Ian told me smiling. Kinda made me feel warm, ya know? Teaching my son something at his age, sharing stuff with him. I smiled back and headed towards my shower.


"Danny?" I asked.

"Yeah, Ian?

"That's cool that you are Dad's faggot. It's hot," I told him. I sat down next to him and took his little dick in my hand.

"Hey, hey, what are you doing," he asked.

"Going to jack you off, bitch. You held it until we finished. I figured you might want it."

Danny smiled at me. "Wow, really? Okay, thanks Ian."

I started moving my hand slowly up and down his dick. It wasn't big at all, barely half the size of mine. Of course I was going to have some fun too. I had heard that fags like a guy really working their hole with his fingers. I started sliding my other hand around Danny's ass. He started moaning. I ran a couple fingers around his hole, wiped up the load that had leaked out and fed it to his lips. He looked at me and licked them clean. I did it a couple times. Then I let my fingers slide inside him...then a couple more...I thought I could get my whole hand in if I wanted. So I started putting more and more inside. Danny started moaning again, started bucking back towards my hand, while I slowly jacked his little dick. His dicklet, as Dad called it.

"I'm gonna fist you Danny. I heard you fags like that. I wanna see what you look like on my arm. I want to see you looking like a fag puppet on my arm."

"Nooo, please, don't Ian," he said softly. I don't think he meant it, his ass was squirming as I kept sliding my fingers in, all four of them. Then I slid my thumb around and in too, moving my whole hand in a ways then back out. It wouldn't take much, we had stretched him out already.

"You don't mean it Danny, not really," I said. "You're squirming around like it feels good. I think you want it in there."

"Mmmmm, oohhhhh,"

I pushed a bit more and within a couple times I could feel what was left of his pussy give in and my hand slid all the way in, pushing past the little resistance he could muster. At that point, I just started pulling it back and forth, slowly then building up a steady rhythm, nothing fast. It was about Danny right now, getting him to blow. Of course, I might blow again too I thought, watching my brother take more and more of my forearm.

"Faggot. You took it all. It's all in you Danny." He started shaking. His head was rolling on the floor. He was moaning and squealing those high-pitched noises, like a girl. "Come on, girl," I told him. "Let's see that clit shoot, come on, baby," using the name Dad had used. "Take my fist, you faggot, Take it. Your hole is mine too, Danny. It belongs on my fist now. You'll be back for more of this, one of these days. Now show me how good it feels. Shoot that load for me. I'm giving you permission."

That was all it took really. A couple more rubs on his clit and a couple more thrusts in him with my fist and Danny blew a wad onto his stomach. It oozed a good long while and he rolled around on his back on the floor. I let go of his dicklet and fed him his cum. Then I slowly pulled my fist out of Danny's pussy. It closed slowly, never fully closing, leaving a little opening. I wondered if it would always be that way now. I needed to figure out more of this faggot stuff.

"Better shower, bitch. Dad wants you cleaned up, and the kitchen needs cleaning too," I told him as I left the room.