Becoming a boy 9

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I lay on the floor. I knew I had to get up but I wanted to go to sleep for a long time. I was exhausted. Not only had I been my brother's faggot for the day, then my Dad and my brother had double fucked me. On top of it, then Ian had used his fist to fuck me. My pussy had taken a beating and it felt like it. I wondered if it would ever close again. I felt my "hole" and found that it had almost closed up again. I didn't want to leak all that cum that Daddy and Ian had put there, all over the kitchen floor. I squeezed my pussy tight and slowly got up off the floor. I made a quick cleaning of the kitchen floor and wiped myself up. I tossed the paper towels directly into the trashcan in the garage so I didn't have to think about Mom finding them.

Oh hell, Mom. What was I going to tell her to make it sound like it was all my responsibility? The fact was that she found Ian fucking me on the kitchen floor. I REALLY did not want to have to tell her anything. Why had I screwed up and done it right there where anyone could walk in. I felt so dumb, so blonde. My mind was only on getting a cock inside me at the time. I guess I would have to tell her the truth mostly. I would tell her how I just felt I needed a man to fill me up and how I HAD teased Ian until he had done what I wanted.

I was humiliated. Not just from being found by Mom, but by Dad and Ian sharing me, by their both fucking me at once. Then there was Ian's finale. He got me off, but he did so by shoving his fist in me. By making me his puppet, as he said. I could feel my face get red just thinking about it. But I had loved it all. I had not stopped any of it. I didn't want Ian to do that but I had loved the way it felt. No control, acceptance of his fist and his decision to make me cum. I had wanted to cum, I wanted to feel that pleasure and it was only intensified when he had his whole hand and arm inside me. I needed to remember to thank Ian for letting me do that. Fuck, I was a real slut, a faggot, just like I had dreamed of at the start of summer. Now, I was there. I felt SO not a man any longer, I was Dad and Ian's boy now, no...their faggot. It felt right but still was humiliating to think about. Then the way they talked about me was another thing. They just ignored me and what I said. I didn't want to get double fucked, but they just ignored what I had said and did what they wanted. It showed me truly how much they thought of my words or how important I was compared to their needs or wishes. It was hot, but I still felt they could at least listen to me; not talk about me like I wasn't there as they were buried inside my pussy, fucking me.

I trudged up the stairs and went to the bathroom. Ian was finishing up in there. I could here Dad on the phone talking to Mom, telling her everything was fine, no worries. I knew I needed to hurry and get cleaned up; get the smell of Dad and Ian off me, for her sake. I soaped up and felt my pussy again. I could slip all my fingers inside easily. I figured if Ian could fit HIS hand inside me it shouldn't be any stretch of the imagination to know that my hand, small compared to his, would fit in there too. I pulled my fingers out and finished rinsing off. The shower made me feel better but I was still exhausted. When I was finished Dad came into my room.

"Your Mother is a bit drunk, Danny. I'm going to go pick her up. I don't imagine we'll be having dinner here. Why don't you just cook something for Ian and you." You can talk with her later if she is up to it." he said.

"Okay, Sir. I'm...I'm really sorry about all of this," I repeated.

"Can't worry about what happened now," he told me. "You screwed up, Danny. I thought you had enough sense to be discrete about things. It just shows me that I can't leave a faggot in charge of things like that. You need more constant supervision. Unfortunately your brother is still at a stage where he thinks with his dick, and he wasn't any better at supervising the two of you either. I will deal with him later.  In the meantime just hang around and leave your mother to me this evening."

"Yes, Sir" I said, my head hanging. Daddy slapped my ass as he left the room.


When I picked Jan up at her friend's house it was still in the afternoon. I guess they had been drinking since I sent her over here earlier. She wasn't so far gone she couldn't function but it looked like she had a nice buzz going. Jan didn't drink a lot so it probably wasn't much alcohol to begin with.

"Oh, Chuck," she started as soon as she saw me at the door. "I'm sorry I made you go deal with the boys." I could hear in her tone that she was not as worried anymore. I could also hear the alcohol as she spoke a bit slower than usual. "I just was shocked to find them, you know...screwing on the floor." When she said that her friend Susan giggled.

"Oh stop it Susan," Jan turned and looked at her, then laughed too. "It's not funny," she added when she had stopped.

"It is, Jan!" Susan insisted. "I can just imagine you walking into the kitchen and seeing two guys going at it on the floor of your house." She giggled again. Obviously whatever they had talked about had gotten Jan out of her initial shock of finding the boys. Susan was clearly also drinking with Jan.

"Well, when I got home," I started explaining, "whatever HAD been going on was finished. The guys were there but they weren't doing anything. I talked to them together though and let them know we knew what happened. They were pretty embarrassed; I think they were pretty shocked to hear that you had seen them. They said it wouldn't happen again."

"Too bad," Susan said. "I might have liked to watch that," she burst out laughing before she even finished her sentence.

"You're horrible, Susan," Jan shot back at her. She didn't mean it though as she smiled at her.

"What?! I'm just saying, there are worse things to find on the kitchen floor than two guys having sex," Susan added.

I laughed at that statement. I was glad Jan had come over here it had helped. I figured Susan would be the person to make light of the incident and I was right.

"Well, I'm glad I didn't find them there," I said. "I may have beat them senseless. I don't think that sort of thing needs to be going on in the middle of the house, especially between brothers. As it was, I made it clear that they scared the crap out of you, Jan. But I don't think it was what either of them thought would happen."

Jan looked at me. "Is Ian gay too? I mean...I don't care but I never thought he was gay. With Danny, I guess I always knew from real early."

"He says he isn't Jan, I think we have to believe him," I told her.

"I told you," Susan added. "Not gay."

"From what they said, it was Danny that started something, and eventually wore Ian's will down and well, I don't need to tell you about that kids hormones," I said.

"Yeah," Susan piped in. "Like his father, always horny and looking for some." Jan blushed when Susan said it but I laughed.

"Well, thank you Susan. I'm glad to know Jan shares stories with her friends,"  I told her. It never hurt to know that your wife told her friends how horny you were. It was better than complaining to them. Plus it kept me out of the picture in both their minds.

"But," Jan continued, changing the subject. "I mean, I saw them there, they were, doing it."

"Oh, Jan," Susan interjected. "Ian was screwing his brother. It happens. I know that a couple of my brothers were diddling each other when we were growing up. It didn't affect them at all. They all ended up married with kids. I think guys hormones just get the better of them."

"I think it is safe to say that is what happened," I added. "Come on honey, let's  go get something to eat before we head back."

"Oh, that sounds good, Chuck. I just don't want to face them tonight. I think I will be more embarrassed then they are. I'm just going to freshen up, I'll be back in a couple minutes." With that she headed off to the bathroom and left Susan and I there.

"She's fine, Chuck," Susan said. "Just, you know, she was shocked."

"Well, understandable," I replied. "I think that Danny just got out of control."

"Well, he is a bit, you know, fem, Chuck. He looks more like a girl every time I see him. It's not surprising really that he tried seducing Ian. Ian is handsome, and a he-man type. Just what most of my fem gay boys like," she laughed.

"I guess," I told her. "I never did any of that stuff at that age, but I guess it's different now," I added. "Less restrictions, less condemnation."

"Well, don't come down too hard on Danny," she said. "He's just going through a hard time."

"Thanks for the advice, but he needs to learn a lesson," I said. "He may be an adult, but he's in my house, and I'm not having him chasing dick in my house, especially his brothers. Thank god Ian leaves to go back to school this weekend."

Jan returned and said he good byes. We got in the car and headed towards the restaurant.

"Chuck, don't be too hard on Danny. I know what he did was wrong, talking his brother into this, but he's you know, different."

"He's a girl, you mean," I replied.

"No, he's a guy," she told me. "Same hormones that his brother has, but just switched around a little, I think, maybe. Anyway, I'm going to talk to him tomorrow. I want to make sure he knows I'm not mad."

"Well, Jan, he's just getting more girly all the time. He even acted like a girl today, seducing Ian, flaunting his, well, whatever," I said. "He can't be doing that to all the guys. I'm not having that in my house." I think Jan was buying the story. I think she had already accepted the fact that Danny was the one responsible for this. He was, in a way. He had been out on the Net seducing guys when I caught him at the beginning of summer. I had put a top to it, just in a different way than Jan imagined.

"I think it's a phase," she said. "I don't know though, he is going a bit far. I just don't want him to be something he's not, you know? I want him to be what makes him happy...well, except for when it involves his brother."

I smiled at her slip. It was the alcohol still talking. "I know what you mean," I replied. "I don't think that will be a problem. Ian seemed pretty embarrassed. He said it was only the one time, they hadn't done any thing else and he wasn't interested enough to do it again. Plus he's leaving to go back to school again this weekend."

We talked through dinner, quietly of course. We didn't need the whole city knowing our family issues. Susan knowing was enough to get it around to some folks, but we could handle that if any one asked. Jan was looking beautiful tonight, maybe it was the alcohol that brought out her color or the fact we were discussing sex for most of the time, but as we headed out of the restaurant, she took my hand and leaned in to kiss me. I really gave her a kiss back, and it seemed to get her worked up. She giggled a bit and we went to the car and headed home.


"Ian," I called out to wherever he was at. "Dinner's ready."

He showed up after a couple of minutes and sat down. "Hey, thanks," he said.

We ate quietly for a few minutes, then he spoke. "So, how long really has Dad been fucking you?"

I probably turned three shades of red right there. "Uhmmm, just this summer," I told him honestly.

"Everything he say was true," he asked?


"Cool," was his only response. "You like the way he's making you into a real faggot? Making you all girly like?"

I looked up at Ian. I didn't know what he wanted me to say.

"I mean, I don't care," he started saying. "Just wondered. Well, it's pretty fucking hot, actually. The way he's making you do all this stuff and making you into what he wants to use. You do kinda look like Mom when she was young...I mean I can see the her old pictures..."

"I get it," I told him cutting him off. "I don't know. I just well, it feels like I need a guy to be in charge, I needed someone to tell me what to do and I REALLY didn't mean to make him get turned on, but he caught me on the computer doing stuff and then like the next thing I know, he's fucking me, telling me that if someone was going to teach me how to be a good faggot, it was going to be him," I tried explaining to Ian. "It just happened so fast and I think he was as surprised as me when we finished the first time." I know I remained red in my face. It seemed awfully warm in the kitchen, but I guess I felt I had to explain everything to Ian at this point. "He likes me better now than he ever has Ian. You always had his attention growing up and I never did. You were a guy, an athlete, you know, like him, and I well, I wasn't those things, ever. Now, well, I'm doing things that make him happy and he makes me feel good."

Ian laughed at that. "Yeah, I can tell that," he said. I never would stop turning red or getting embarrassed I guessed. Both he and Daddy could do it easily to me. "So you don't mind him making you like a girl? Making you into uhm, a faggot?"

I paused thinking it through. "No, it feels right. I don't have to pretend I'm a guy. He says I'm not. He says faggots are different than guys, so, well I believe him because it feels okay to me."

"What happens if he doesn't stop," Ian asked. "What if he decides to make you completely into a girl? Into his daughter?"

I know I looked shocked because Ian immediately said he didn't think it would happen, but he just was pointing out that I had changed a lot this summer.

"Mom would freak," I told him. "I'm pretty sure he won't go that far. I guess I better ask him though. I think after today, he is going to not be doing as much. I mean, Mom seeing us and all."

"That's true," he said.

We had finished eating and I got up to start clearing the plates. Ian stood up and came over to help me put them in the sink. I had started running some water to clean them and he came up behind me and grabbed my ass. "Come on," he said. "Finish that later. Mom and Dad are out eating. Let's go downstairs."

I knew what he wanted. I could feel his cock hard in his pants. It was hard to believe after everything we did today that he wanted more, but he did. "Are you sure? What if they come home?"

"I'll listen for them this time," he said reassuringly. "Besides, I'm not fucking you tonight. Your pussy is probably worn out enough already." I followed him to the basement, where we had started this whole thing not so many days ago.

"Do you really think of it as a pussy," I asked as he led me down the stairs?

"You tell me, Danny. You always keep it clean, you are always ready to get fucked, you LOVE getting cock inside you. You have nipples bigger than most women I know. Your hair is longer than any man I know. You wear that tight skimpy clothing to show off your butt and nipples." He paused and looked at me. "You tell me, is it a pussy?"

"Yes," I answered quietly.

"Exactly. You ARE a faggot Danny. Not really a guy anymore. What Dad says makes sense to me. You ARE more like a girl, and if you are okay with that, then there is no reason to think of it as anything but a pussy. I already told you that I can't think of you as my brother any longer. You aren't the same person I had in my mind when I got home a month ago. You're different than that.  It's not bad, just different, and clearly I can see the benefits of that difference. I LIKE having a faggot around to put out. I would never have said that a month ago, because I thought a faggot was a guy, was you know, gay, but I don't feel gay with you. It's strange, but I think of you as looking like a girl, but no girl would ever let herself get used the way you do. You're like a real slutty that isn't right. Close but not right. I'll figure it out. Guess it doesn't matter really, I just want to get off again, and I know you' want to help me do it."

I know what he said ought to have made me feel weird, right? But instead it just made me blush a bit and then feel strangely good inside. He saw me as someone different now. Not his brother any more but as something else, and someone that would get him off. I enjoyed helping a man get off, I knew that too. When we got downstairs, he pushed me to my knees. We stopped talking and I unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. It still smelled clean from his shower. He was already hard, he had been waiting for this, I guess. It felt good to know he enjoyed it.

"Yeah, come on, faggot. Suck it. Suck my cock, make me feel good." I looked up at Ian and wet my lips. I opened wide and began to take him in my mouth. He immediately placed his hands on the back of my head. "See, Danny. You want it too. You love being my cock-bitch."

He was right. I loved it. Loved servicing him, loved knowing my brother could control me and use me to get off. Just thinking about it got me hard. I could feel my dick bulging in my thong.

It was like Ian wanted to tear up my throat now, just as he had helped tear up my pussy earlier. He was jamming and shoving it to the back of my throat. He had no troubles getting it in me deep and went to work fucking my face and throat.

"Bitch, you love that cock deep. Love it in your throat. Fuck, I love knowing you want it there too. Slut."

He would fuck hard for a few seconds then back off to let me breathe. He had a hold of my head tightly so I couldn't get away from his cock. He never took it out of my mouth fully and went repeatedly back into my throat where he would hold it deep, his hips bumping up against my face, feeling like he was going to bruise me just from his thrusting. He would hold me down on his cock until I started gagging then pull back, letting me breathe. Deep inside me and hold with short little thrusts then I would gag and he would pull back. If you haven't had this done to you, you probably don't know how good it feels. Let me tell you, I loved it. It got my little dick so hard and leaking, feeling his cock moving back and forth in my throat. Ian seemed to love the gagging most.

"FUCK! I love it when you choke on it, faggot! Feels so good all the way in and then knowing it is big enough to gag you makes it feel even better," he added. "Plus it feels fucking great as your throat clamps down and gags." Ian would pull out and smack my face hard with his dick. Slapping my lips and the side of my cheeks with his big tool. I would try to catch his cock with my lips, but he would hold it just out of reach and then smack me again and again, before letting me capture it in my mouth and then he would shove and it was deep inside me again for more throat battering.

"No teeth, bitch," he told me smacking on the face. "I hate teeth, and I know you can do better." He was really fucking hard and it was tough to focus on breathing and keeping my teeth off his cock while he was holding my head and fucking hard. "I know you love it, Danny, I can see your dick poking through, small as it is, I can still see it poking and leaking," he said. My dick was always ready it seemed, to show whether I liked something or not, I couldn't seem to control it. "I don't care if it is under control or not," Ian said reading my mind. "I kinda like knowing how hot I make you, how you get off on my cock or my fist, like earlier." I blushed at that statement.

Get ready, Danny. I'm gonna empty in you. Gonna seed your belly with my load," His pace picked up and his thrusts into my throat lengthened. "Feed you my load, baby. Make you gag on it all. mmmMMMMMMAARRRGGJHHH. FUCK IT."

Ian's cock grew and I saw his balls draw up, Then I felt his load sliding down the back of my throat and into my belly. I never got to taste this one, but he made me feel it, battering my throat and face on his way to unloading. It was hot to watch his face as he emptied his balls inside me. He was so sexy!

Ian pulled out and I cleaned him off. I headed upstairs for bed basically, leaving Ian downstairs.


By the time I got Jan home after dinner, it was about 8:30. I could hear the tv going in the basement. On the way to our bedroom, I saw that Danny's door was shut. I didn't hear anything coming from it. Maybe we had worn him out earlier today. It brought a smile to my face.

Jan was all lovey in the car on the way home. I could tell she wanted some when we got home, which I had counted on actually. Keep her mind off other things that had occurred earlier.

"Come on Chuck," she had a hold of my hand pulling me up the stairs. "Let's just go to bed early. I'm tired today."

"Tired? I kinda was hoping we'd have a little fun, Jan."

"Fun? What do you mean, Chuck," but she knew. She turned around once we were in the bedroom and planted her nice lips on mine her tongue darting out and licking mine.

"Mmm, You naughty girl. A couple drinks in you and you know just what I like." She giggled.

"Bet you'll like this too," she said as she took her top off showing me her breasts. She turned around and had me unhook her bra. When she turned back she was displaying her still firm tits, with those big beautiful nipples. The kind I was going to get on Danny once of these days. I reached out and placed my hands on he breasts, gently rubbing my thumbs over her nipples. It brought out a sigh from her.

"Mmmm yess that feels nice, Chuck. I love your touch."

"Yeah," I told her. "You always know how to make me feel good too, baby." She smiled she loved it when I called her that. So much so tonight I guess that she began sliding down my body to her knees.

"I know what I want," she stated. "And it's all zipped up in here." She unbuckled my belt and then unzipped my pants, pulling them down to my ankles. Then she reached inside my tight whities and pulled out my cock. Definitely the alcohol had made her a bit horny. I should do this a bit more often with her. Now it was my turn to sigh, as Jan started licking my cock, working it up so it was getting hard.

"How did I get sooo lucky," she asked?

"You just were persistent in chasing me and letting me know what you'd like," I teased her back. "MMMmmmmm, that's nice," I told her as she slipped the head into her mouth. I ran my fingers through her hair and let her get to work. I didn't force it like I could with Danny. It would be a gentle blow.

Her tongue ran over the head of my cock, flicking around, teasing my cock to hardness, to where it was filling her mouth. It looked so good there. I looked down. Jan was beautiful, always had been. She had kept herself looking good through raising two boys...well one boy and one faggot I thought, and smiled. She couldn't swallow it all, never had been able to but she gave it her usual try, making little gagging noises that did get me as stiff as was going to happen in her mouth. After awhile of enjoying this I grabbed her by the arms and pulled her up. Then I picked her up and carried her over to the bed, setting her down on the edge. I pulled off her skirt and removed her panties, sniffing them visibly so she knew I was interested in her scent. I got on my knees and raised her legs exposing her pussy.

"Oh, god, Oh Chuck," she moaned as I went to work getting her juices flowing. Working my tongue into her pussy as well as flicking it rapidly over her clit. My hand spread her lips and I used long lapping strokes at her opening. She was always juicy it seemed when she wanted it. Her little moans just encouraged me to continue. I would work my tongue in slowly, then roll it around lapping up her taste and opening her slit. Then I would spend some time gently working over her clit, bring her to moaning louder and louder. She loved this stuff.

"Oh, oh, oh god, yes oh. Yes, lick it. Lick me, Chuck. Eat me out. Oh god, I love it."

"Dirty talk will get you anything, Jan, you know that."

"Oh, god, Chuck it feel so good, I can't help it." Some of it was the booze, but I was complaining. It was going to get me a nice fuck out of it. Let her know that I was interested in her, not in anyone else. "Oh, shit, oh god, oh, oh, ooooooooooOOOOOOOOO." Well that was a surprise. I guess that tongue work was doing what it needed to this evening, I thought to myself.

"Yeah, baby, Let me hear how much you love that," I told her flicking my tongue on and around her clit, lightly nibbling at it, lapping in between and inserting my tongue into her slit.

"OOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOoooo, oh oh, I'm cumming, MMM, MMMM , MMMMMM." Her juices flowed more heavily as she shook, her legs trembling and her voice wavering and jumping as she made those girly noises she could get carried away making. When she calmed down, I stood up and removed my shirt and stepped out of my pants around my ankles. I moved back towards her so she could see how hard I was and how much I wanted her.

"I want you Jan. I want to be inside you."

"Oh, god, yes, oh yes, Chuck, please, please fuck me, please."

"I love hearing you say that Jan. I love knowing you still want it."

"Oh fuck, yes, I love that cock, you know that,"

I stood next to her ata the foot of the bed, and she watched as I stroked myself a few times. This would start very missionary like, but it didn't matter, she loved feeling it slide in her fully. She had no troubles taking all of me in her pussy.

"Yes, yes, please," she continued to beg. After all these years together I can't tell you how nice it is to hear your wife beg for it.

"Here it comes baby. Here it is." I started slowly at her opening, spreading it with one hand, guiding it in with my other. No rough shoving for her. I wanted to treat her properly. Not like a faggot you could just roughly shove a cock into in one stroke. This was my wife, not my faggot bitch Danny. Slowly I entered her, spreading her lips as I went, watching my cock slide in until I had reached bottom.

"Ohhh, oh Chuck, I love it when you are inside me. I love your cock." She wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into her. Our lips locked and we exchanged kisses and our tongues intertwined while I ground into Jan. She moaned lightly and I did too. I loved being inside her as much as she loved me being there. It made me realize how lucky I was to have this woman.

Jan raised her legs and wrapped them around my back. I raised myself up on my hands and began to make love to her, slowly pulling back and sliding in, building up a little speed. It felt good moving in her, feeling her tighten and loosen her pussy as I moved inside. Hearing her moan as I reached her G-spot and brushed against it.  I admit one of the great things about having a cock like mine was being about to stimulate both her inner and her outer spots to bring about her orgasm when I wanted to. Okay, so I'm bragging, live with it. I knew where her G-spot was and how to use it for her pleasure and my fun. I knew by angling my cock going in to Jan that I had enough cock to also brush her clit with it and stimulate her that way too. She loved it. Of course she had a big enough clit that allowed for that to happen too. It made me think of Danny and how perhaps his dick was just an oversized clit that functioned the same way.

Jan and I went at it for quite awhile. We switched to several positions, all the time her moaning and me controlling her pleasure and mine. Manipulating her clit, stimulating her G-spot, feeding her my cock deep inside her. I bit at her neck, her back. I licked at her nipples, played with them, and she got into it completely. She clawed at my back with her nails, ran her hands over my chest and grabbed on to the hair there. She squeezed at my cock to keep it inside her.

"Yes, yes, oh, oh god, oh Chuck, fuck me, fuck me," she kept moaning. I didn't care if the kids heard it or not. They knew their mother and I enjoyed ourselves in bed. If anything, Danny appreciated how I could make her feel just as I made him feel. When time came that I could hold back no longer I started building up speed. Jan was just as much of a beggar as Danny was.

"Yes, yes, give it to me," she pleaded. Her own orgasms rolling through her, moistening her for me to continue the fucking, giving her pleasure. One touch of my fingers on her clit and she rolled her head around on the bed and squealed more loudly, letting the boys know exactly what was going on. My balls were tightening up, I was going to release.

"MMMMmmmmmAarrrrghhhh, I roared. I was pretty well slamming into her by this point, the point where a guy just loses control and fucks to get that release. She was moaning and I was moaning, It was all good.

"Mmmm, that was great, Chuck. Thank you for everything today."

"No problems, baby. The boys will be fine."

"I know, I..I just over reacted," she told me as she snuggled her hand on my abs and lay her head on my chest. "I'll talk with Danny tomorrow," she noted before she drifted off to sleep.


I was up early. I wanted breakfast to be good. I still wasn't sure what I was going to say to Mom. I heard her and Daddy going at it loudly last night. It was amazing to me how much noise they made, I wondered if I got that loud?

"Hi Danny," it was Mom. Coming in to the kitchen and grabbing a coffee cup from the cabinet.

I blushed without her saying any more than that. "Oh, uhm, hi Mom." I paused and then just dove right in. "Look Mom, I'm sorry about yesterday. I...I had no business doing that with Ian., I..I"

"Oh, Danny," she interrupted. "Don't apologize. I'm not dumb, you know." She looked me in the eyes to make sure I heard her. "It wasn't that many years ago that I was your age, and I wanted a man to do those same things to me," she said. "I know you're gay, we had that talk, and I can tell this summer has been tough for you. You are trying to figure out who and what you want to be. You just need to find the right man. Your brother isn't that person, Danny."

"No, Maam," I answered. "I just feel like you guys have been so supportive of me through all this. I'm not a big butch guy like Dad or Ian, and I...I guess...I guess I just let my horniness get the better of me. It was my fault Mom, I...I came onto to Ian pretty strong," I told her.

"Honey, I've known for years you were different. When you told me you were gay, I wasn't surprised. I've known gay men all my life. In school, in college, at the office. Then this summer when you started acting on some of it all, I knew what was going on. You were dressing different, carrying yourself different. I figured that you had a boyfriend or something. I didn't guess that you were, well were looking to find one. It's been awhile, and I feel bad that you haven't gotten out more to do that.  I should have known you needed that. All this work around here that you've taken on, well, it isn't surprising I guess that you tried to interested your brother, you haven't been around any other men."

Mom was really thinking about this. She was buying the story I was giving her. It wasn't really lying, was it? I had been busy there, and I did tease Ian, but it was because Daddy had said to do it.

"When I was your age, I teased the guys too. I wanted a big strong man, much like your brother. Don't tell your brother I said this, but I know how horny he is too. Word travels, Danny. I know your brother is basically interested in any girl that moves his way. I am sure when you started teasing him, you hadn't really thought he would take you up on it, I mean, Ian is straight, but he wasn't getting anything here in town so what you were doing just got him going. I thought about it a lot yesterday. I overreacted. I should have just come in and told the two of you to stop it, but I didn't. It shocked me to hear Ian calling you those names and hear you carrying on the way you were. Are you sure he wasn't hurting you?"

I blushed bright red. I could feel the heat in my face. Mom was really covering everything here in her usual style. Just talking non-stop. "No, he didn't hurt me. I...I enjoyed it once I got over the shock that he was willing to do something. But...but believe me, I teased him into it. He wouldn't have done anything if I hadn't been acting all you know, gay, and telling him all sorts of things, and uhm, dressing like I have been"

"Danny, I know how it works. A girl can tease a boy only so far though, then you have to either get out quick, and be known as a tease, or you have to put out. It sounds like your brother had enough of your teasing and decided to make you put up or shut up," she said. "I guess you are more like a girl, Danny, in that way. Teasing the boys. I just don't think you knew what would happen if you didn't stop, honey. Men are like animals at times, dear. You need to be careful, they WILL take advantage of a girl...well, I mean, of you. I think maybe you know that now. I know you have needs too Danny, but your borther isn't the best way to well, you know, take care of them."

"Yes, Mom. I know that now. I feel bad that I teased Ian. It won't happen again."

"Well, I hope not Danny. There are times you can get away with teasing and there are times when it is best to not do that. I had asked you about your clothing earlier this summer. I knew you were trying to figure things out. I hold myself responsible for not saying something to you. I just didn't figure you would try out teasing on your brother, and even knowing him the way I do, I didn't figure he would be interested." I tried to interrupt Mom, but she just held her hand up and I knew not to stop her when she was on a roll. "Danny, you have become more, well more, girly this summer. I don't know how else to say it. There is nothing wrong with that in the least. I mean, I know you are a boy and you like other guys, but the look you are carrying says things to people, honey. You just need to be prepared for that, and I don't think you were. If you are going to be so open and well, you know, Danny, obvious to some people, then you have to be prepared for their reactions and know how to stop them."

I just stood there. Mom gave me a hug. I was amazed that she seemed so understanding. If she knew that Daddy had been the one making me into a teasing, slutty looking, more girly, person would she have been as accepting? I guess I didn't want to find out. I didn't know yet what any of this meant for Daddy and me, but she was definite that Ian was off limits in her mind. At least she didn't want to see him and me on the floor again.

"Danny, I like some of the gay men at my office and that I have know through the years. Some are very manly and you would hardly know they were gay. Others have been more well, more feminine. It doesn't make a difference to me as long as they are happy and good people. If you feel good with yourself, that is fine by me, but remember there are still rules to follow about what is acceptable or what is frowned on for a girl, I mean for a boy like you. One of them is that you leave the straight men alone. Their wives or girlfriends can be unpleasant to deal with, I can assure you. I know women too, honey. Oh, am I making any sense Danny? I just want to see you happy, and your brother is NOT the way for that to happen. You need a man who is going to be good to you. Ian needs to find a girl."

"Yes Mom. You make sense, and I should have known better than to try and hide what was going on with me. You always know what I am thinking," I told her.

"Of course, honey. I raised you. I know you better than anyone," she told me. Although I did think briefly that Daddy probably knew more after this summer, but I wasn't going to go there.

Later Ian told me Mom had a talk with him too. He said she told him that he should have had enough sense to not let me get him all worked up like that. That she knew I was teasing him, but that he needed to have enough will power to leave me alone. She told him I wasn't as experienced as he was in these areas and that she understood why I did it, that he was a safe person, his brother and all, to try it out, but that was enough. She didn't plan on him using her boy for fun and games. He said she was pretty stern but understood that it was me teasing and that he had no control over his hormones. She told him that she knew I looked and acted girly, but that it was no reason for him to treat me the way he had been doing when she walked in on us. He needed to learn more respect for girls and for guys like me. He laughed it off mostly, I think. He knew that I loved everything he had done, and he also knew that I wouldn't stop him if he were going to do it again. I HAD teased him and convinced him in the beginning, but it wouldn't be like that in the future. From now on, he knew what the story was and he would be the one teasing me, or rather, using me because he knew he could.

The last couple days of Ian visiting went by quickly. We stayed quiet so as not to let Mom find out anything more. In fact, Ian only took one more blowjob from me before he left town to go back to school. He gave me a hug before he took off and told me to do what Dad said to do. I blushed, but agreed. He also told me he looked forward to being home at Christmas time, and I better be ready for him then.


I had planned on Danny going to Johnson's Farm for the days this fall, but after Jan found he and Ian in the kitchen going at each other, I decided Danny needed more supervision than just the days, at least until Jan had forgotten about the incident in the kitchen for awhile. I didn't need her catching on to anything at all at this point. She seemed to fully accept Danny's story, and certainly understood his need to tease men and find a good man. It pissed me off to think Danny wasn't going to be available when I wanted it, but at least he would be getting some training. The most important training was going to be that dicklet of his and I had plans for that before he went to the farm.

When Ian had taken off and we were to ourselves I told Danny we needed to talk.

"Danny, you need to spend time at the farm for awhile. I'm not going to have you around here where your mother can find out any more than need be at the moment. She's knows how slutty you can be and she'll have her eye on you if you were here."

"Yes, Sir, I understand."

"Good boy. Now before I take you out to the farm we need to go visit that piercing friend of yours."

"What? I mean, what are we going to do there?"

"WE are going to get you some nice earrings and maybe a couple other piercings to make you look more like a proper fag, Danny."

He smiled at the thought. ÔReally? Earrings? Wow, thanks, Daddy."

"Well, you belong to me Danny. You know that. I am going get you some nice jewelry that I want you to have. Some earrings and other piercings."

"You mean like my tongue or something?"

"No, I don't care for those tongue piercings, but I do like to see a girl with her belly button pierced, So you'll be getting that done to," I said.

"Wow. Okay. Let me go get cleaned up," he said.

I called the piercing place and confirmed that Bernie was there. I had found the place eventually that Danny had gone to and had already spoken to Bernie. He said he'd be ready for us. By the time that was done Danny was ready to go, all excited and unaware of everything that was going to happen.

When we got there, the place was empty except for the guy I took to be Bernie.

"Well," he said as he got up when we entered. "Look who's here," he said looking at Danny.  "You brought your Daddy with you this time, I see." Danny blushed, which made me smile. "You must be Chuck," he looked over to me his hand extended to shake. "I'm Bernie."

"Nice to meet you Bernie." Danny looked at me and at Bernie with a look on confusion.

"How did you know his name," Danny asked?

"We've spoken on the phone, Danny. I had to call to arrange the appointment," I told him. "Tell him what you want Danny," I nudged Danny on the shoulders.

He looked back at me, but spoke eventually. "My Dad says I can get my ears and bellybutton pierced."

"Nice choice," Bernie told him. "I'm glad you're checking with him now about these things." Danny blushed. "Well get on the table boy, let's get started." Bernie made a couple marks on Danny's ears and had me look at them to approve their location. They looked good to me. Danny winced a bit each time Bernie punched the hole through the lobes, but Danny had some nice diamond studs now. It looked good with his long hair. I was pleased with the results.

"Wow, those look nice," Danny said as he looked in the mirror. "Thanks Dad."

"Okay, boy, lay back on the table. I need to make sure I get the right place for the bellybutton," Bernie told him. Again I watched as Bernie marked the locations, this time a spot where the piercing would enter and then where it would leave. I chose a bent bar style and it had another diamond on the end at the top of his bellybutton.

"That looks nice, Danny. I like that " I told him when it was finished. He blushed.  He started to get up."

"Not so fast, boy," Bernie told him. "We're not done yet.

"Those were just the start, Danny. I have a couple more in mind," I said. He looked at me and turned his head a bit like a puppy might when you talk to it.

"What...what do you mean, Daddy? Where?"

"Get back on the table, Danny," I told him.  Danny looked at Bernie and he was grinning. I just stared at him and Danny got the message. He went back to the table.


What did Daddy have in mind? My nose? Eyebrow? Those didn't seem like things he would want me to have. He was looking at me sternly so I knew he was serious, so I headed back to the table.

"Drop your pants and your thong Danny," Dad said. I knew better than to argue with him, especially in front of other people. Bernie just grinned and I pulled my pants off and my thong. Then Bernie laughed.

"You were up front about that, Chuck. Not much there at all," Bernie said to Daddy. "Shouldn't be a problem though. I'll just do a PA and then a perineum. With the locking segment rings we talked about it should hold him fine."

"what? What are you talking about," I said a bit loudly. I didn't understand what they were talking about. What was a PA, what was a per...pernium?

"Don't get that tone with me Danny. We've discussed this already. Your body is mine and I intend to do what is feel is best for you. I know that you need to get better control over your clit, and this is how it going to happen. "

"What? What are you talking about, Daddy," my voice was cracking, Wha was he doing this?

"Let me spell it out for you Danny. I want your dick pierced and Bernie is going to do it. Then he's going to pierce your taint, what he called your perineum. Then he will use the segmented rings we mentioned to join the two together, so that your dick is essentially held in place, locked down so that the head is down near your pussy.

"But," I squeaked...but that's"

"Yes, that's what I want Danny, So deep down I know that is what you want too, isn't it, baby?" he said looking at me. "This will make it impossible to get hard, Danny. It will allow you to focus on my cock and on the pleasure that it gives you. It will allow you to focus on the pleasure in your pussy, when my dick in inside you. It will keep you from focusing of your little clit. It will make your lil dick effectively useless, Danny, which since you don't use it as a man would use it will make no difference to you. Will it boy?"

"But, but, Ill never cum that way. It won't get hard," I whined. I could feel the fear in what I was saying was clear on my face

It's what I want, Danny, so I know that is what you want too, isn't it," he said looking at me. "Yes, the point is for you not to cum. You can't seem to control that at anytime I have seen, and I want that brought under control. I see this as the way to do it, Danny. This will force your attention elsewhere, won't it boy? " Daddy was trying to convince me, saying things he knew would make me think about everything I wanted. He looked at me sternly.

It was true, I didn't use my dick like a man. I hadn't used it to beat off hardly at all since the summer started and I NEVER has used it to fuck anything, a man or a woman. He wanted to make it so I never could cum, or, ohmygod, I would have to sit to pee all the time now. He wanted to make it a real clit, just an oversized one, so that it was good for nothing except that.

Daddy continued, "You know it's what you need Danny. You're my faggot. This is what I want and it is what you need to do to serve me properly, to serve your man. You said you wanted me to be in charge Danny and to do what I wanted. Is that true? Or are you such a big pussy that you cant handle making those statements real when it comes down to it?"

I looked at Daddy for a few seconds then dropped my eyes. "Yes, Sir. This is your body. You made it and you have every right to do what you want to with it," I told Daddy. I meant it. Daddy had showed me how much a man's cock meant to me. He was always stern but he was fair and made me know I was loved and useful. He had made me both mentally and physically better than I had been before. What he made me do made me feel better, it felt right doing it, like he knew what he was doing and that he knew what was right for me. I realized that if he felt this was best for me, it must be best and he knew what I needed and was showing me. I wanted him to be pleased. I wanted to do what he said because he had been right in everything else so far.

Bernie waved his release form in front of me and I signed my name, saying I wanted this and knew what I was doing. "Fucking Hot! Bernie exclaimed. "He really is your little bitch. Daddy smiled but I turned red.

"Yes, I'm his bitch," I said to Bernie. "What he says is best for me, I know that." I hung my head. I knew it was true. I would do what ever Daddy wanted.  I needed the control and he knew what was best, from making me serve him to school to me needing cock, he knew me and he knew what I needed.

I lay back on the table and raised my legs. I could feel Bernie marking two points on my taint where the ring would go. He and Daddy spoke about how to best arrange my dick to the piercing and they measured and pulled my dick around until they seemed happy with the marks and then I could feel the cold steel of the piercing equipment. Then there was a sharp pain and I had a partial ring installed. That one hurt more than the one in my ears or my bellybutton. I was confused, but I knew I had to do it. I wondered if I had to wear it forever? I wondered if Daddy would ever let me cum again? I wondered if I was gonna actually be a boy anymore, I couldn't pee like one with Daddy's plans. I couldn't get hard any more. I was really going to be Daddy's faggot. Wherever I was or he was, I would be his faggot. The idea that my dick was next began to get me worked up. I was nervous, I could feel my heart racing as Bernie made a mark on my little dick and he and Daddy talking about the size of the ring, the piercing. I felt the cold steel on me, on my dick, no not anymore, oh god....


"Ha," was Bernie's reaction as we heard a sharp intake of air by Danny. "The boy passed out. Too funny," he added.

""Yeah, guess so," I added. "The pain and the knowledge it was done was too much for her." We had a chuckle. Bernie seemed like a nice enough guy, too many tattoos for my taste, but pleasant and above all he had assured me he was discrete and the story being empty was a good sign of that. I watched as he placed the ring in what had been Danny's dick. Then he used a tool to snap the locking piece on the taint piercing and then he joined the two rings together with the other locking piece. Danny's dick was now locked down to his taint, pointing toward his pussy. It was a stretch, his dick wasn't big to begin with, but Bernie had measured everything well and it didn't look uncomfortable and his little dick wasn't stretched too far. We both noticed though that Danny's balls were looking a bit mashed. He didn't have much in the way of balls either. They were small, and usually up tight against his body when I had seen them anyhow. I looked over at Bernie, then gave each of them a slight push and they receded into Danny's body. It gave more space to his dick and they stayed there after I had put them there.

"Nice," Bernie complimented me. "They aren't serving any purpose anyway. Might as well tuck them away," he laughed. "He'll come around shortly, they always do, but it is interesting how many of them pass out when they see a ring in their dick. Even some of the macho ones," he added.

I had a fat hard on waiting for Danny in the car. Seeing how he reacted, watching him submit to my decisions about his body, his life, and watching him get the piercings was fucking hot, what can I tell you? I had changed my son from a guy into faggot girl in just a few seconds. I wanted to thank Danny properly with a load from the only dick that mattered to him now, MINE.

Bernie gave me some instructions for Danny to keep his piercings clean and told me, "No fucking him for a month, longer if those piercings haven't healed."

"No problem," I said. "He's got an internship for a couple months and I won't be around. Between that and these piercings, it will keep her horny and ready for me when she's finished." I thought for a second. I was a bit confused still, I laughed to myself. "Half the time I call Danny a girl, the other half a guy," I admitted to Bernie.

"Well, I've done this a few times, he said, and he'll be confused for a bit too. I'm sure eventually he'll let you know what feels better to her, but in all honesty, she's got a big clit now, and with those nipples, well, she's turning into a fine piece of faggot girl."

I grinned. "Thanks, Bernie. It's a lot of work, when you learn your kids a faggot and need to change all your child rearing skills into making him a good one. I just want him to be the best fag he can be."

"No doubt," He smiled in reply. "I'd do the same with mine if he needs it." We shook hands again. He gave me some painkillers for Danny. "He might want a couple later, but you didn't get them from me," he said. "Oh, hey, he might bleed a little from his clit until that healing takes place. Just have him keep it clean. Pissing isn't going to hurt it at all, but he is going to learn quickly that getting hard is painful, and I expect that he will soon be able to keep it from getting hard at all, considering he will associate it with pain for over the next few weeks."

By then Danny was coming around. When he sat up he looked at his new piercings. He pushed at his dick, I guess to se if it would move much, it didn't. He looked at it with a funny look on his face, and he winced when he pushed at it. Then he looked for his balls, and he found them up inside. It was kinda cute, watching him discover his new features. He seemed satisfied where his balls were, because he left them there and got off the table to get dressed.

"Hey, baby," I spoke up. He looked up at me, "You feeling okay? You thinking you're ready to go?"

"Uhm, sorry Sir, I guess I fainted," he said brushing his hair behind his ears, stopping to feel his new earrings.

"Not for long," I reassured him. "I guess it must have hurt a little."

"Yes, Sir, it did. It kinda throbs every place I got pierced."

"I guess it would baby." Danny pulled on his thong. We both paused to notice how smooth it looked now with his balls pushed up inside and his dick tucked back now and held in place near his pussy opening. He ran his hand over his thong, and actually smiled as he smoothed out the thong. Then he pulled his pants on and put his shirt on last.

"Ready, Daddy," he told me as he slipped his flip flops on his feet. I swear I saw him point his feet like a woman would slip into her heels. He really was a little faggot. It just made me fucking harder in my pants, knowing what a good blow he was going to give me.

"I paid Bernie and we hot the car. I turned to Danny and spoke. "I'm proud Danny. You did what I wanted with no problems. You're a good girl, baby," I told him, rubbing my hand through his long blonde hair. "But, I do have a problem, Danny..."

"What, Daddy?" he looked at me surprised.

"I reached down with my hands and framed my cock through the leg of my jerans. Danny smiled real big at me.

"Yes, Sir. I can help with that, Daddy...if you want me to...please?"

"I expect you to Danny," I said, pulling his head down toward my lap. We sat there in the parking lot behind the piercing joint, Danny doing what he does best and serving my cock, his cock. He unzipped me and pulled it out after a few seconds of fumbling around. He didn't waste any time once he wrapped his hands around it, starting at the base. He went right to moaning to himself and sucking my pole. Bobbing up and down. I kept my hand firmly on the back of his head, pushing him down and gently pulling his head back up again.

"Yeah! That's it Danny. Thank me properly for taking care of you. For making sure you learn how to be a good fag."

He was slobbering all over my cock working his way to the base, when he started squirming. Finally he stopped and looked up.

"Daddy, it hurts."

It took me a few seconds for his words to dawn on me and figure out what he meant.

"Of course it hurts Danny. Your clit is trying to get hard. It's pulling and straining," I told him. "It's part of what you need to learn, baby." I pushed his head further down my cock, feeling my own cock straining in his throat. Holding his head down until I felt him need air. "That's why I did it Danny. I don't care whether your dick is hard or not," I said honestly. "A faggot needs to learn to focus on their man's cock, not their own. I don't want your cock hard, it isn't what is important between a man and a faggot, Danny." I pulled his head up and allowed him to breathe. He had saliva from deep in his throat drooling out of his mouth but he didn't stop his sucking. "That's where your greatest pleasure is now Danny, my cock, a man's cock. Knowing you pleased me through your mouth or your pussy is going to make you feel best, when you learn that your pleasure comes through your man's cock, not the useless clit between your legs. I shoved him back down again emphasizing the point. "If it hurts, then learn to control it. This is the only cock you have now, Danny. The piercing is just a way for you to learn the truth of that."

Fuck I was really making myself close to cumming laying it all out there for him. What with his mouth and throat on my cock and hearing myself talk about what I was doing to Danny, I was ready to blow down his throat.

"Forget you ever had a dick Danny," I told him breathing heavily. "The sooner you do, the less pain there will be and the better you will feel. Especially when a man shoots his load down your throat or inside that pussy. You will know the feeling of it sliding down your throat or spraying inside you. Those feelings will bring you your satisfaction and you will learn what it means to be your man's faggot."

"Fuck, you have a hot mouth, I'm, I'm gonna cum, Danny. Swallow my load and enjoy it. Feel it, boy. Feel it NOW!!" I was nearly shouting at him, grabbing his hair, thrusting down into his throat. I heard him moaning around my cock and felt his throat constrict as he gagged and swallowed my seed.

As he cleaned my cock up and zipped me back up, I finished my speaking to him on the topic. "By the time your internship is finished, Danny, you'll be happy I did this. You will know I was right to take the focus off your dick and put it into the parts of you that are important for a man."